4/12: Propelled by Love

4/12: Propelled by Love

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Listen to a live-streamed lecture with Josh Niles this Sunday, April 14th, 12noon EDT delivered from The Mother Church Sunday School.  Click HERE for more info.

  1. Thank you Josh for this spiritual perspective highlighted in your Lift. When our physical activities are done to express the qualities that come from God our whole life becomes more God-centered. We see the physicality give way to spirituality. These activities are not dependent on the action of the heart and lungs but rather on the grace, beauty strength and power that are eternally ours through reflection and maintained through demonstration. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 490," Christian Science reveals Truth and Love as the motive-powers of man."

  2. Great message accompanied by really great music.

  3. Though I don't run marathons - the truth of your comments is so applicable to so many situations. Thanks for these useful ideas.

  4. Propelled by Divine Love... What an awesome concept to begin my day. Thank you so much Josh for your lift today.

  5. Thank you Josh for reminding me that I am actually demonstrating the perfection of what is there already. Mrs Eddy tells us to:

    393:10 Take

    possession of your body, and govern its feeling and action.

    12 Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike
    good. God has made man capable of this, and nothing
    can vitiate the ability and power divinely bestowed on
    15 man.

    I have found that any task appears to be more difficult when I base my efforts on trying to improve matter. It is when I base my preparation on the fact that the perfect model is there in Spirit waiting for me to experience it that I have a solid foundation for progress and Mrs Eddy's words again apply because:


    This is an element of

    6 progress, and progress is the law of God, whose law de-
    mands of us only what we can certainly fulfil.

  6. Thanks so much. Your great message just popped up at the end of a very challenging day, and it brought me right back to the most important thing, Love!

  7. Thank you so much for this message Josh, I love the line of the Hy at the end too. One of many personal favourites and the one I use when taking off in an aeroplane!

    I am sending this one to my son who has taken up Muay Thai Boxing and is frequently sore and bruised from trying so hard :-)


  8. what a beautiful video and commentary; particularly the ending statement.

    I live in peace, love and harmony and I have no human history to haunt me.

    Blessings on your day...it is raining here and the garden of good will be lovely.

  9. Thank you, thank you! Just what was needed, again a prayer answered, Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need ....

  10. Beautiful! I like your message!
    Thank you!

  11. Thanks Niles for reminding me of why I am studying Christian Science . Yes the material methods have failed in the past ,and I must acknowledge that" spirit is the real and eternal " ,and there is room for nothing else . INdeed there is nothing else !

  12. I love to translate between English and Spanish, I do it with love, I am also in the habit of translating everything from mater to Spirit, really, everything has its spiritual side, its real side.
    Take running, for example. If you think on running as one of God’s freeing activities, you’ll feel propelled by divine Love, and the goal will feel a lot closer.
    “I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13
    Did you notice that when you do something with love it just go goes smooth?
    “In atmosphere of Love divine, we live, and move, and breath” CS Hymn 145

    Me encanta traducir entre Inglés y Español, lo hago con amor, también tengo la costumbre de traducir todo de la materia al Espíritu, en serio, todo tiene su lado espiritual, su lado real.
    Correr, por ejemplo. Si piensas en correr como una de las actividades liberadoras de Dios, te sentirás impulsado por el amor divino, y la meta se sentirá mucho más cerca.
    “Todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.” Filipenses 4:13
    ¿Han notado que cuando hacen algo con amor parece que el camino se allana?
    “ Ambiente de divino Amor respira nuestro ser” Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 145

  13. Thank you Josh for this lovely message today, looking forward to the Lecture.

  14. Thank you for this lift.

  15. Thank you for this inspiring Lift. I hope to be able to listen to the lecture Sunday. Thanks again.

  16. Wonderful... thank you for this amazing lift today!

  17. What a powerful lesson - thanks very much. My husband and I are feeling a bit overwhelmed right now with the responsibilities we have - our children, our parents, our jobs, home, church duties, and so on. I really appreciate your showing us how to conquer this kind of daily marathon!

  18. Great "lift"; thanks Josh.

  19. Thanks so much, Josh.

  20. Love touching every heart and propelling each of us forward......yes. thanks Amen. AND thanks to the early bird lifters. God is speaking to each of us in ways we can each understand. Thanks Josh.

  21. Thank you.

  22. Thank you Josh, for the strengthening tho'ts for today. It seems like we are running a marathon each day here at the farm....always trying to keep ahead of dawn and darkness...which is in reality...doesn't exist. God's everpresent light enables us to accomplish whatever needs doing. What a great and good God we worships and love. Thanks for the big lift!!

  23. Beautiful and inspiring Lift. Thanks Josh!

  24. Thanks for the great lift, Josh. a wonderful thought to carry me through His days plan for me...with Love as my power and my inspiration...all will be well...!

  25. Thanks so much, Josh, for this reminder of being propelled by Love ~ much better way to start the day than getting bogged down with worry about how to get everything done on my "to do" list.
    Now my heart is singing, "I will listen for Thy voice, lest my footsteps stray."

    Daily Lift Team:
    The quote is from a poem by Mary Baker Eddy. Here's the first verse:

    "Feed My Sheep"

    Shepherd, show me how to go
    O'er the hillside steep,
    How to gather, how to sow, —
    How to feed Thy sheep;
    I will listen for Thy voice,
    Lest my footsteps stray;
    I will follow and rejoice
    All the rugged way.

  26. Thank you Josh for these sweet thoughts. I have loved ones flying today in potentially bad weather. This Lift freed my heart from any concern. I know they are propelled by Love divine and are always safe.

  27. Yes. "In atmosphere of Love divine, /We live, and move, and breathe;" (Christian Science Hymnal #144). This is what we were all knowing last week while we (my daughter, son-in law, and two beautiful granddaughters) were all hiking together around parts of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. A slight physical injury and an upset stomach condition were both healed in the process, so our joy together could not be lost during this wonderful experience.

  28. Josh, thanks for prompting me to change my thought today to reach for the spiritual perspective of whatever I do and know that I am effortlessly God's reflection, not a human prone to the thoughts and morays of the material world. I feel lighter already!

  29. Toda actividad para que sea real e inspiradora, ineludiblemente tiene que hacerse con amor, otro camino no hay. Cuando nos apoyamos en los ejersicios físicos u otra expresión para el desarrollo de la salud o el bienestar. La actividad física por ejemplo: Si la hacemos en esceso nos agotamos, podemos desgarrarnos, hasta lesionarnos seriamente, si es escasa no sirve de nada, si no empezamos de jovenes, las articulaciones estan ya duras y apenas podemos movernos y así con el resto de las actividades que según dicen nos dan salud y bienestar.
    Pero veamos otro ejemplo: El Amor... no tiene medida cuanto más lo practicamos más se desarrolla, no nos lesionamos porque el sentir no se leciona, no se endurece ni se limita por efecto de la edad, es más cada día de ejercicio se fortalece tamopoco importa, a que edad empezamos a practicarlo,
    pero sí importa el ejercicio en la practica permanente de amar, para correr y no cansanse y lograr sí el bienestar duradero, que no esta sujeto a ninguna necesidad física y sí al cuidado y amparo de la Ciencia divina, donde se conjuga el Amor.

    Muchas gracias Josh, un mensaje inspirativo que nos muestra que la actividad espiritual es la máxima expresion.

  30. Beautiful Lift. Reminds me of the joy our family had in watching our son run in the Boston Marathon a few years back and attending The Mother Church service. What a blessing for all to understand we live, move, and breath in the atmosphere of Love divine. Thanks Josh and also to all the commentators.

  31. Thanks, Josh, for your inspiring lift and the views of Boston so different from the last time I was there many, many years ago. Hymn 145 is one of my favorites and especially the last verse: "For God, immortal Principle, Is with us everywhere; He holds us perfect in His love, And we His image bear."

    How comforting to know God "holds us perfect in His love" and we can't slip out of his grasp.

  32. Thank you Josh. Blessings.

  33. Wow. What a keeper!!!!

  34. How wonderful to feel like I am back in Boston this morning! Thank you for the refreshing message. I can never be reminded too many times to put God first in every situation and listen for His guidance. It works every time.

  35. Thanks Josh!
    Goes right along with one of my favorite remarks this week from Eleanor #11 on Tuesday (The Heart of Divinity) “God isn't struggling to express me today.”

    I never ran (that’s what horses are for), but I did enjoy swimming laps in the off-season, winter. Knowing that God is the very fiber of our being (not muscles) takes us away from clock watching and challenges the commonly accepted ideas about limitations.

    ‘Limitations are put off in proportion as the fleshly nature disappears and man is found in the reflection of Spirit.” MBE in speaking about “Personality” in Ret 73:6

    Yep, God isn’t struggling to express and propel you at mile 20 or me at lap 50!
    Have a great weekend all.

  36. Exciting! Thank you!

  37. Thanks, Josh! You are so cute and sincere - your message comes across with such sweetness and sincerety! I will definitely try what you recommend - running with Love along the Way! What is Love? Where is Love? All around, beneath, above! Breath it in - let it flow out - sing a song - give a shout! Happy Friday and Marathon and all the Best for a Great Lecture on Sunday at The Mother Church! Much Love to You, all the Lifters, the BOL, the Daily Lift team and that little girl at the end of the Lifts this week!

  38. Thank you for this lovely and very practical Lift. I listened to it twice and then went out and planted some potatoes, rejoicing in my activity. The suggestion of a stiff back vanished when I thought of my strength as coming from God and not the muscles in a material back. The whole concept of movement which is propelled involves lift as well as forward motion. No wonder turning to God to move us and enable us to progress feels more efficient than trying to drive ourselves forward and running out of steam (human will).

  39. WOW! Josh! - I ran my marathon in Melbourne when I was 58, and there were a couple of training runs on our property just as you described them. Effortless and boundless joy! What a gift when we simply hand it over to God, and He shows us how it should be done. This also happened on my bicycle east of Perth, when it felt as though the hand of God on my back was just sweeping me along! But it's never too late, and I'm going to stick with "acknowledging the fact that God is speaking with me in a way I can understand." And I know it will be a joy! Thank you Josh, and Nate and the production team; the lecturers - who pour out their wealth of spiritual understanding so unselfishly, and the Lift Family - here and everywhere - overflowing with love.

  40. Wow Josh. I was beginning my day feeling weighted down by a marathon of work I need to accomplish and it only took me a couple minutes, the duration of your lift, to shift my viewpoint complete. I'm so thankful for the spiritual understanding. Propelled by love and the idea that God is speaking to me in a way that I understand and really touching my heart. Boy! It just doesn't get any better than that! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And thanks to all the other lifters who shared their valuable insights. Today is big with blessings after all. I know it always was, but now I can see it and experience it. :-)

  41. Thank you.

  42. I love this. And I will be running my 6th Boston Monday and will listen and be propelled!

  43. I used to feel so pushed and rushed all the time because I felt so responsible for the personal doing of things. Now I'm in God's pocket, and She is the Thinker, the Doer, the Maker, the Teacher, the Landlord, the Employer, the Restorer, the Planner, the Designer. Moving in harmony with others, if someone gets out of line, we can just love, love, love ("forgive them for they know not what they do") and steer a steady course.

    Thanks, Josh!

  44. Thanks for this lift! I have a century bike ride and some cycling races in the next several months, so this lift is most helpful.

  45. Thank you Josh for such a loving and helpful message. I am touched by it . I think we all want that-to look to the spiritual approach and not focus foremost on the physical. We all tire of the physical approach and yet who could tire of the ever fresh, ever renewing spiritual approach to all activities? I need to do some weight loss, but no longer wanted to take the physical approach as a primary method. My practitioner advised me to consider this, " What nourishes me?" I love this. It gives me plenty to consider and I believe I am ready for the next thought of how to apply this spiritual nourishment to a feeling of great satisfaction in all those things that truly, deeply nourish me. I am very very grateful for this weekly forum. Love to all on this glorious spring day.

  46. Thank you for this lift ... Just yesterday i was praying to learn to 'listen' and i mean really listen to God, and also praying to 'know' that i was really listening, and your message today helps to remind us to keep our thoughts on the love of God and to be aware of His sweet and always presence in our lives. Much love ...

  47. Thanks so much. Took a long time to get to the end of the line w/my thanks! Somehow your lift tied in w/my prayers this morning "God governs the association of all His ideas". Being propelled by divine Love assures us of acting rightly, supporting others instead of trying to move our own agenda. I am so grateful for your inspiration today. Thank you for all you do for our Movement.

  48. Great lift for all and expecially those involved in what seems to be very physical activities.
    Being propelled by God.

  49. Thank you so much. Being propelled by Divine Love assures us of pure motives, seeing all clearly as governed by God. RIght up the alley of where I was praying already this morning. God governs the association of His ideas. Thanks for the light.

  50. FANTASTIC! I agree with others that this can be applied to more than just running. Thank you!
    Love the video!

  51. Josh, thank you so, so much!! Powerful (and pretty) message that brought immediate joy... The list of the individuals who contribute inspired responses that go right to the heart, gets longer and longer! Everyone, accept my thanks for all the messages, they are all incredibly meaningful. I just can't express that enough. Love to the whole daily lift family!

  52. This is a message I needed today. While I am not running in a marathon I have an outside project to accomplish and was feeling overwhelmed by it. Now I realize I can do it with God's direction and Love propelling me along.

  53. Loved this! Thank you - I've jotted down things said & shared in the comments to cherish as I listen & flow through my day. Happy weekend to all!

  54. I love sports and play a lot of tennis. I listened twice to your lift and have made some notes to carry with me such as: "God is the fiber of our being (not muscles)."

    Also, I'm going to acknowledge that God is speaking to me in a way that I understand. The latter confirms to me that it is quite ok if I don't actually "hear" ideas from God. Recently I have heard that being said by CS lecturers and others often--about how words/ideas come to them; and some are quite specific. I never hear any like that and was kind of wondering about myself. Then over the past few weeks I have understood why I don't receive messages in that way. All is very well!!

  55. Great lift! Thank you.

  56. Hi Josh: I am looking forward to hearing your lecture this weekend via computer. All good things are coming to us...propelled by LOVE

  57. Thanks Josh for this wonderful Lift, so helpful in all areas. Will definitely cherish these ideas. Thanks also to #17 Judy - I can relate! - and to #43 Honey - what a wonderful view of God as doing all! We pause, and "wait on God". Love to all this lovely and loving Lift family!

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy page 323:9 --

    Beholding the infinite tasks of truth, we pause, — wait on God. Then we push onward, until boundless thought walks enraptured, and conception unconfined is winged to reach the divine glory.

  58. Oh! Such a sweet and refreshing idea for our day - everyday! Thank you Josh - The pure simplicity of the Christ!

  59. Thanks, Josh. So true. As one who runs just for the fun of it, I recall getting to the top of a hill with no consciousness of how I got there. Thought was the motivator, the mover, not the body. Our thoughts can soar on spiritual pinions while the feet and legs do their job. These Daily Lifts raise the thought of the world to higher goals and purposes, blessing mankind. Thanks to all who propel them!

  60. Josh, thank you so much for you perspective on physical activities. I was wondering about my physical abilities for this upcoming gardening season. Gardening is one of my loves and seeing the spring unfolding, although slow in Northern Illinois, is still a joy each year. After a fall last year, I was doubting my ability to complete the cleanup tasks and future planting. But after a walk through my garden this morning and seeing the bulbs peeking up through the hard soil and the beauty unfolding before me and then reading your lift - well I knew God was giving me all the tools I needed to enjoy the beauty around me AND fulfill the jobs I needed to do. Thank you. You have added to the tools I already had.

  61. Thank you Josh, Daughter in Vermont heard you early and alerted me to send this to Son and Grandaughter in Texas. All moving, running, biking propelled forward with love, joy and peace. Me too.

  62. Thanks, Josh, for helping to propel thought forward right here in our daily lives.
    I admire anyone who runs in the Boston Marathon, but what a great way to train!

  63. Thanks for this Beautiful reminder this morning...just what I needed..

  64. This was a wonderful Lift! It is so comforting to know that God is speaking to us in a way that we can understand. Thank you!

  65. It is true, for the accomplishment of any endeavor of man to be successful, one must base the attitude of who is one pleases by this endeavor. If it's for impressing a mortal, then it's based on a luck bases. But if it's based on being an expression of God, then the outcome will definitely be successful.
    By Tobias A. Weissman

  66. Although I am not a runner, I really enjoyed your message today. I'll be keeping it in thought.

  67. This message is so true...I have used these thoughts when working in the yard. Thank you, Josh!

  68. Propelled ~ by Love, not relying on tiring muscles racing the clock ~ is the way to run any race with joy that never wears out. Thanks for this new focus of thought.

  69. Hey, Josh, that's a great idea! I'm going to try that today in my daily piano practice, where I can use a change of focus in the training of fingers to execute tasks set for them in the music. Not a muscle can move without God, Love, Mind, to propel it, right?

  70. Thank you, Josh, for “Propelled by Love … spiritual training … really listen to God … to be guided by God … lift my understanding of my activity to … a spiritual perspective … more effortless and so much more enjoyable … moving in harmony with Love … everything … just a joy … ”

    You are soooo right. When I’ve let Love propel me, “joy and gladness” have been with me right along – no matter how hard the challenge may have seemed at the onset! Being “propelled by Love” is really more fun and easier than not. Thoughts and activities lifted up off the ground, gaining altitude, and then cruising at spiritual heights. Or, maybe - just soaring immediately! Wow!

    The effort, the hard part comes in yielding the human to the divine, which takes trust in God more than self. Human love and goodness by nature are limited! And when the "sustaining infinite," God is Good and Love-itself! – what’s not to trust?

    And this is where Christian Science comes in to guide and protect us in our spiritual training. “Wherefore … let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us” (Heb 12:1).

    Amen. :-)

  71. OK! I"m going to do it. I'm doing it NOW. Thanks, Josh!

  72. Wow! This lift is so spiritually propelling! I can't wait to do this today Thank you and have such fun in that marathon!!!! With Love, in Christ , off and running! Merri

  73. Thank you Josh. I will take your advice today as I am going to do a job in the yard not usually one of my favourites, i.e. manually digging trenches for setting potatoes. It gets tough when hitting rock below but I will take the spiritual view and know that God is speaking to me all the time. I will listen extra hard. Much love.

  74. This LIft inspires me to run the races of my daily routine listening to God. Thank you for this message. I love the thought of being propelled by Love.

  75. In 2002 I had the wonderful opportunity to run Boston. Today however, it is a career quest I am on. What a lovely reminder that we can apply Christian Science to all areas of our lives. Instead of looking at the job search as a dreaded physical event (which after 5 years of solid searching it somewhat has become) I can see it as a spiritual journey, moving and working in harmony with Love at the helm. God only intends good for us. But I know he wants us to learn and grow along the way. Thank you for this lift. It has reached me exactly where I am today.... sitting here with Truth, at my desk, ready to tackle another job application!

  76. Thank you for this timely message!! I have been training for the Nike Women's inaugural half marathon in D. C. in a couple of weeks. I, too, have been looking for the spiritual ideas and truths behind this goal and how I approach my workouts. It's easy to get sucked into the nuts and bolts of the physical training, but keeping my focus on the source of my strength and energy and joy makes everything easier and more rewarding than just how fast I finish. It's more about my spiritual "speed" and inspiration during this time rather than the medal at the end of the race. Good luck to everyone competing in Boston on Monday!!

  77. Todo lo que hacemos, si no es impulsado por Amor, no da buen resultado. El andar de un lado a otro,
    el correr para ganar tiempo, para que llegue la ayuda antes, y todo esto lo hacemos por medio de la materia por más que lo intentemos no conduce a buen resultado.
    Pero si esto lo manejamos por medio del Amor divino, que es armonioso y perfecto, si, llegamos a una conclusión correcta porque es Dios quien nos guía.
    Gracias por el mensaje.

  78. Josh, your message comes on a day for me when it's very much needed. To be propelled by divine Love means also that we're strengthened...actually transformed, enabling us to go forward. It may not be running a marathon, but whatever it is we needed to do, God, divine Love, empowers us. Excellent Lift, Josh! So grateful. :-)

  79. I just saw some beautiful pictures of reflection of nature. To have a reflection, there has to be stillness, and peace on the water. Thank you for your Lift, it is a great help to everyone. Gratefully

  80. Good Lift, Josh. Thank you

  81. Thanks Josh! What perfect timing as I arrived in Boston today to run this wonderful race. I also love the approach of knowing perfect Love cast out all fear. I will be loving each step forward with God with me all 26.2 miles along the way.

  82. I am so GRATEFUL for this Lift today.

    Because I am having some issues with mobility, your thoughts found me in a place where I very much needed to be reminded that God's love envelopes me and will be propelling me forward in an upright and joyous manner.

    Thank you to ALL - but especially to the Divine Mind that makes all of the Lifts and comments so special.

  83. This beautiful inspiring lift is a blessing today. The words of hymn 145, one of my favourites, include "For God, Immortal Principle, is with us everywhere......" allowing us to be propelled by his Divine Love and Guidance. My heartfelt thanks.

  84. This lift is a blessing and so are all the commenters.Many,many thanks to all.

  85. Thank you and all commenters.It is a joy to be part of this world family.

  86. We used to call that the Ontic Difference, Divine Luv propelling us forward, God speaking to me in a way I can understand. I would look for a sign, a clear & unmistakable sense of Joy & exultation @ whatever I would be doing, in a way I could understand, notwithstanding whatever else was happening all around me. I flip the switch mentally to look for & expect the shift in my thoughts & sense of life to occur. And it always does occur. If I never look for a shooting star I'll probably never see one. With C.S. I can hunt for God's presence & will all the time. Good reminder, this lift.

  87. Your lift was right on target for my experience yesterday. I am a 90 year old golfer and my league started playing after what seems like a long winter of inactivity. However, knowing with joy of being God's child and savoring the outdoors I felt no strain or weariness from the activity of 9 holes.

  88. Lenore from Lakewood,OH.....Thank you for this inspiring message. I thought I would apply this to my piano practice and as I kept reading the comments I came to #69 from Dave....."not a muscle can move without God, Love, Mind to propel them." Thank you Josh and Dave! I will go to my lesson tonight propelled by Divine Love.

  89. Thank you for your really great lift today!

  90. I love the way you gave us an [optional] instruction, and the guarantee of the results! Many thanks.

  91. Thank you Josh for this spiritual lift and the truth that we move through True Life effortlessly and freely. Sometimes it seems like we are not running, but staggering under the weight of our personal problems or else our limbs have been seemingly weakened by hurts and disappointments and we are simply "marking time"! Is this what God wants for us?
    May we all be propelled by God's boundless energy that surges constantly inside us to run our race without impediment or worldly care.
    To maintain fitness, we must do three types of training -
    train1) in Faith (gives us direction):
    train 2) in Hope(gives us courage and perseverance):
    train 3) in Love (the most effective and life confirming).
    Our prize is joy and freedom and we are blessed. With God's grace we can do this. Thanks be to God.

  92. Thank you. When Love moves, everything moves in perfect harmony. But also you have to do some training. We are aware of the Absolute/ Relative.

  93. Self-pity and overreaction to human weaknesses and betrayals can dampen our ability and inclination to run our race. Drop these shackles. You are free!

  94. Forgiveness and love are the right amino acids for our spiritual muscles!

  95. Josh and the Lifter family - I love all the repetition of this marvelous thought of being propelled ONLY by God and His idea! My husband and I were just talking this morning about staying on track with Divine Mind and how this focus bring solutions into play. We are working towards retirement but still have substantial debt to dissolve, and my husband has recently had a plethora of opportunities present themselves "out of the blue". Ha ha - isn't this Divine Love meeting our every need and providing sources we had not even imagined? It is like winning the lottery - the pure joy of something so unexpected yet so timely leaves little doubt of God's dominion over each and every individual need if we simply "listen for His voice". We are humbled and so very grateful for the constant unfoldment of Good meeting our every need - and then some. Rejoice in being propelled so effortlessly, if we just simply let go and let God. Love to all - such wonderful comments that ring true to this testimony of God's allness here and now and always!

  96. Thank you, Josh, for great thoughts to end the week!

  97. Truly a healing message and delivery with a twinkle in your eye as you encourage us to join you in discovering our own unity with Love's energy and peaceful stillness. So grateful!

  98. This lift reminded me of two things:
    1. In thinking about excellence recently and how much of human life is concerned with trying to achieve
    it. I was blessed with this angel thought: Instead of striving for excellence we can be working from a standpoint of excellence, and in this way use excellence as our foundational springboard, for it is the very core and essence of who we truly are as God's image and likeness!
    2. There is a passage in Science & Health by Mary Baker Eddy where it talks of "the unlabored motion of the divine energy" (see 445:1). I have always loved this illustration of how to move in sync or harmony with God in all that we do!

    Thank you for the reminder!!

  99. Thank you Josh and Nela # 70.

  100. Great thoughts and ideas everyone! And Susie have a fabulous race Monday, we'll be cheering you on.

  101. ARN / UK .... I am always refreshed in any strenuous activity by realizing that ENERGY is a
    quality of SPIRIT and therefore apparent for any NEED... Helpful also when in airplanes to know
    where the POWER is really coming from... not material processes, but unfolding of Infinite ideas
    of GOD's designing and bring forth. FOOD also does not provide energy but is an expression of
    Creation and GOD'S LOVE for all His/Her Creations... never too much/ too little!! We can never
    be without POWER or MOTIVE !! So freeing and JOY revealing. Thanks for leading,Josh et al !!

  102. Love the idea of being propelled by Divine Love. What a wonderful way to BE :)

  103. Josh, this was beautiful, just what I needed for a trip ahead. I love all the comments as well. Thanks for the guarantee!

  104. A Beautiful Spiritual thought - thank you!

  105. I love the idea of being propelled by divine love in all our activities. Thank you very much Josh, this message will keep us moving.

  106. Well, I guarantee you one thing, Josh. Your Daily Lifts are always so inspirational and outstanding......... I love the idea of being propelled by God, Divine Love, and nothing else !! Thank you so much. You are a breath of fresh air !!!

  107. Josh you have a great gift for delivering your messages with such clarity and earnestness. Thank you - a wonderful lift ! Which goes right to my heart - it's one I will remember and put into practice.

  108. Loved this lift! Thanks Josh.

  109. This message has as much relevance today as when it was posted, the rescuers were propelled by Love

  110. I am earnestly seeking to Unsee all that error would try to interject, to hear what Josh delivered, right where he delivered it! A precious sense of God's grace is ever-present, and cannot be undone, disproven, or re-written..

  111. Thank you Josh for this view on such a remarkable sporting endeavour. I read this just before yesterday's tragedy. The prayers of son many in the United Kingdom are with the people of Boston - such a remarkable and welcoming city that I know so well.

  112. Thank you so much Josh for the helpful lift.

  113. Thank you Josh! I am catching up on my daily lifts. Your lift is very comforting as Boston propels forward with Divine Love with them every step of the way. Thanks also to all fellow lifters for your comments.

  114. Thank you, Josh. I have been thinking on this very topic the last few days. To let in the light of Divine Love which chases the clouds of mortal thinking away. To listen for God's Voice. And, such joy it brings.

  115. to Mary - #87
    Like Mary, the "90 year old golfer" whose league just "started playing after what seems like a long winter of inactivity... I felt no strain or weariness from the activity of 9 holes" after a long period of hibernation. The day before I was to play for the 1st time this season, I would not have "given 2 cents" that I could play, climbing up on all those greens and all that walking. But my favorite hobby recently is looking to see where God has been before me each day - and I found, "the hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord" (Ps. 97:5) and I could play "in the atmosphere of Love", not just playing "golf in the Kingdom", but in the cosmos!

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