4/11: Reading *Science and Health*

4/11: Reading Science and Health

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Read or purchase Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy online or at your local Christian Science Reading Room.

  1. I just loved the sincerity from your little friend. I believe that when we practice those ideas from Science and Health that we are able to understand and heal, then the door is open for new thoughts from out textbook.
    One word of truth open infinite possibilities.

  2. Thank you Mark. There are so many wonderful aspects to be found in the reading and studying of Science and Health. It is like no other book. It is a journey for seekers of the truth. I love the idea Mary Baker Eddy puts forth, in S&H page 422, that as we continue to read, the book becomes the physician. That fills us with hope and the expectation of healing. It takes away a somber diagnosis, and doesn't know the meaning of "incurable", or classifying diseases. Instead, it puts us on a course that is "buoyant with hope". Just an example of one of those aspects. Thank you again.

  3. I have a friend who read five pages a day, continuously. When he completed the book, he would start again.

  4. Thank you Mark.

  5. Thank you for this uplifting Lift about the value of a timeless Truth!

  6. It is interesting, to me, that this lift should come forward right now. Last month, the thought came to me that it would be wonderful if we lifters would all read through Science and Health at the same time. I have not done it since the 60's- reading 20 pages per day, for one month. I just finished my 30 days Sunday night, and it is very inspiring indeed. The lesson in the morning, and the 20 pages last thing at night.
    I can recommend it highly.Thank you, Mark-for all your work.

  7. Thank You

  8. Many thanks Mark for declaring that the great Truth explained in 'Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures' can also be understood by a child, "Explains the healing law of God, and with this understanding we are [all] able to help and to heal others." "End bondage, O be free./ Depart from sin, awake to love:/ Your mission is to heal./ Then all of Truth you must approve,/ And only know the real." (Christian Science Hymnal #5).

  9. What a great lesson for all of us from your friend-- when we don't understand something we can just leave it there and work with the things we do understand. I love it!

  10. Thank you, Mark, for “Reading Science and Health …”

    I’ve heard so many and have some of my own testimonies of healing, thanks to the spiritual truths contained in the Christian Science textbook. One of the most inspiring testimonies was from of a woman, who needed healing of what seemed to be a serious physical problem. Prayer led her to read the book cover-to-cover, after which there seemed to be no change, although she was gaining greater spiritual insights. So, she said she just started reading the book again – from the beginning. She said that after the SEVENTH reading, she was healed – totally free!!! ;-)

  11. Read, inwardly digest ...and then share...so many thanks for this lovely reminder that we hold in our hands the healing mission for the world in that 'little book'.How much we have to thank Mary Baker Eddy for. For her vision and her courage in listening, discerning, writing,re-writing and in founding the Christian Science Church. A lovely reminder Mark, one to cherish. Happy weekend everyone.x

  12. Mark, Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much Mark . How grateful we are to Mary Baker Eddy for her dedication to give us Science and Health . My dad was a heavy drinker when we were very young . One day he found himself in hospital with a burst ulcer . The Dr said he didn't know how he was still alive . He stopped drinking and started reading the Bible . He was a brick layer . One day when he was working he saw a lady coming up the street . He started talking to her . He said he was trying to understand the Bible . The lady told my dad he needed to read Science and Health . She told dad where the church and the reading room was . My dad went to the reading room and got Science and Health . We always remember dad saying to the lady in the library will I get my money's worth . Ha mum and dad took us to church . We started to have a happy home . We all benefited from the Bible and Science and Health . it is a way of Life for us all . that was nearly 60 years ago . much love to all x

  14. Dear Mark

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift

    How true it is to have that child like thought and not a chil-dish thought.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  15. Thank you Mark,
    I'll go and read the Holy Bible and S & H right now.

  16. The Bible and Science and Health are part of my every breath.I take them every where with me.I am so grateful to Mary Baker Eddy for this gift and all her hard work put into it.
    I am presently reading Science and Health daily in a year with the daily journal bought from a C.S.Reading room,and find it so helpful and exciting.I have nearly finished after only 6 months, and can,t wait to begin it again.
    As your little friend says,it is eneough to go ahead with what one does understand.
    thank you Mark.
    A lovely day to everyone

  17. Mark, thank you again.

  18. Thank you. I have started rereading the Science and Health again after I have read the Bible Lesson early in the morning. It is a great pleasure to read it.

  19. Thank you!

  20. May we all help, Thank you.

  21. Thanks really so simple and beautiful ! Pieranna

  22. So Good!!! Thank You. : - )

  23. Mark, Your voice and energy always overflows with the infinite message we credit to being whole , perfect and complete. Thank you.

  24. Thank you Mark. I too am in the process of reading Science and Health in its entirety. I remember a testimony at one of our Wednesday evening services where it was stated that you don't learn to be a pilot of an airplane by skipping around and reading the pilot's manual haphazardly. You start at the beginning and read it from the first page to the last page. So true for the reading of Science and Health. We can glean so much from our Weekly Bible Lessons but we can also receive so much by reading Science and Health from cover to cover. It has proven to be a very powerful book.

  25. Clear and powerful Lift. Thank you, Mark!

  26. Thank you.

  27. I didn't understand Science and Health when I began to read it the first time. In fact, I threw it into a closet. A few months later I came back to it, and it was like it was a different book. Thanks to Mary Baker Eddy for her willingness to work on this for so many years, and thank you, Mark, for reminding us all to read this book!!

  28. Thanks so much, Mark, for sharing the experience of your little friend in reading "Science and Health". The Truth is there even if every single word isn't understood. And, the Truth will make us free and help us to help each other.

  29. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures — the greatest book ever written, and when read with the Bible is the complete explanation of the Science of Being. If everyone read it, studied it, and lived its teachings it would transform the world. Thank you, Mark, for the reminder to read it, and when done, begin again! It is priceless!

  30. Thank you Mark. The Bible states, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God," (2 Timothy 2:15).

  31. I like to think of Science and Health not as a book but as a consciousness-raising technology. When I trustingly engage my thinking with its instruction, I am changed...always for the better.

  32. Thanks for mentioning the phrase "in the best sense we are all children of God"....this applies even to those to whom we are tempted to react unfavorably for one reason or another,; like the person who cuts us off in traffic, or the person of a different faith background who seems to be critical of us; or one who tries to put us down in a conversation, or even one who tries to takes something from us.....etc; what a great reminder of who we all really are.

  33. Thank for inspired lift! Lets read always our book science & healtth

  34. Thank you for this wonderful Lift.

  35. Thank you, Mark, for being so straight forward and forthcoming about the immense value of Reading Science and Health. When Mrs. Eddy first brought Christian Science to the forefront of human thought and Science and Health was first published, people just read the Book and were healed, as she promises in the Book! I love reading the last chapter of Science and Health called Fruitage, as it puts the finishing touch on all the reading and studying that preceeds it......and that touch is the Touch of Healing! Thank you again, Mark, and much Love and Healing to All!

  36. The message from Science and Health, is our daily manna - fresh everyday.
    Thank you Mark for another great lift!

  37. I pray that all children have this sense of always, and without limits whenit comes to knowing God. I have told my neice that God is the mother and father of all of us, with more love than any one person.

  38. Thank you Mark,

  39. I love the simplicity of this healing message. Thank you!

  40. I feel that God leads me by the hand in going forward, and I've had so much light about steps to take professionally...including specific things to learn or to read for my professional development.

    But recently, the guidance I kept feeling was to read Science and Health again cover-to-cover. What a joy this has been, as little doors in thought keep opening every few pages. It's as though more layers of matter-based reasoning are being peeled away so I can get closer to what Mary Baker Eddy saw about how Jesus healed.

    Each time we Science and Health, we must be coming to it from a new vantage point, and that's why we learn new things from it. A proverb says "You can't step into the same river twice." I feel like I'm stepping into a new river as I undergo this new cover-to-cover reading.

  41. There are times in our lives when we read Science in Health consecutively and times when we read it taking it apart, reading a sentence over and over and memorizing it.
    I think Science and Health is more like a tool box. I use a hammer and a screw driver and a chisel when I read it sometimes.
    I don't read it like a novel. To me it's like a friend and sometimes like a boss demanding that I do a good job.
    I love these Daily Lifts to get me thinking about new ideas.

  42. Thanks Mark. Our courageous Leader with us always in her book, which she also read to understand more.

  43. Thank you, Mark. I am reminded that the reason we read Science and Health is to heal not only ourselves but others.

  44. wonderful Science and health is the key factor in healing Mary Baker Eddy should be commended for putting out this book for useful purposes Great job Mark as always

  45. Thanks, Mark, for your clear inspiration for reading the book!

  46. Thank you!!!

  47. Just adding my thank you as well Mark. Reading SH through again and again brings great inspiration and is a wonderful discipline. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  48. Thank You Mark!..The Science and Health "is" an open door into the Bible and allows us to know Christ Jesus better and to share our Love with God!! What a joy!...Thank You Mary Baker Eddy for your inspirational "little book" that allows us deep,"big" thoughts that can transform each and everyone of us through its glorious message!
    God Bless! : ) : ) : )

  49. A little fact known to readers of S&H is that Mrs Eddy had written it because no one really understood what Jesus taught so S&H had to be written. Readers of this comment could check on this by getting in touch with the MBE LIBRARY. Also by reading from beginning to end once a year, I find understanding it improves soooo very much.

    Daily Lift Team:

    "The ‘eternal version’ of the Bible" by Mary Trammell from the November 2013 issue of "The Christian Science Journal" includes the following paragraph. The commenter may be referring to this quote from a document in The Mary Baker Eddy Collection.

    [Mary Baker Eddy] set about writing a book, ultimately titled "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," that would unlock the Bible truth humanity so desperately needed. “If the Bible were understood,” she noted, “S & H would never have been written. Every inspired sentence in the Bible has a spiritual meaning and it means nothing that the 5 material so-called senses can grasp or interpret” (A10245, The Mary Baker Eddy Collection).

  50. I must say that I have always worked with S&H throughout my life and can even recite a lot of quotes from memory.

    When I was younger I tried to read it cover to cover but found it difficult to even get through several pages in one sitting.

    But I just finished reading S&H from cover to cover recently for the first time in its entirety and did it in just a few weeks.

    There is so much substance in it as I marked a lot of the quotes for future reference and used "post its" to mark numerous pages. The actual book now looks quite utilized and worn.

    Mrs. Eddy says we need to "eat it up".

    If I had to pick a few reasons why I am now able to grasp it and make rapid progress it would be from spiritual progress.

    What brought this progress ???

    Perhaps trials and tribulations.

    I think sometimes people just want the end result from prayer or to get what they want from it.

    Perhaps the real progress comes from the process of working and praying with a pure heart and honest motive.

    It is almost like a super hero battling for good. Each battle overcome gives them strength and wisdom for the next one as they move up higher.

    One more thing.

    I always think of Mrs. Eddy when reading S&H as I cannot seperate her from Christian Science because I find her in her writings.

    It is not adulation but I must say:

    We love you Mrs. Eddy!

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  51. Entender sí... Ciencia y Salud, hacíendolo con la pureza de un niño, es que de otra manera dificilmente podramos lograr asimilar su contenido. ¿Por qué digo esto? porque la simplicidad del lenguaje así lo requiere, lo profundo del contenido se puede sólo ver a traves de la mirada del más puro anhelo de progreso cimentado en el servicio continuo, como un niño con el anhelo de entender, asimilando, lo que el Mayor dice y hace, y ese Mayor nos ha legado la Ciencia divina y con que lo ha hecho, con su ejemplo, y nosotros niños de pecho, aún, debemos esforzarnos en asimilarlo y sobre todo aprendíendo de Él, y C y S nos abre la puerta para comprenderlo así.

    " Una pequeña ciudad, y se halla en ella un hombre pobre, sabio, el cual libra a la ciudad con sabiduría; y nadie se acordaba de aquel hombre pobre" Eclesiastés

    "Los pensamientos tocados con el Espíritu y la Palabra de la Ciencia Cristiana gravitan naturalmente hacia la Verdad" MBE

    Parafraseando a la autora de C y S. y los niños la captan con naturalidad.

    Gracias Mark, por el mensaje, las palabras siendo necesarias, sobran, cuando son absorbidas por la Verdad.

  52. Norm Kuhn 4-11-14 from the wilderness of Illinois. Thank you Mark for our daily fix
    enlghting our unfoldment of our infinite harmonous being.

  53. Its like "starting with the basics". Mary Baker Eddy, as she wrote this primary book, was "a scribe under orders" from God. This book enlightens the Scriptures, so both books help us understand that spirtuality trumps matter. Thank you for herolding this book that Mrs. Eddy worked tirelessly to perfect for her readers as she, herself was working out and demonstrating her understanding also.

  54. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of a book that has blessed so many.

  55. Thank you, Mark.

  56. How beautiful, Mark! Couldn't have been expressed in a more perfect way! Thank you. Science and Health helps us understand more about God, and we come to know that through reflection of Him we are "able to impart truth, health, and happiness" ("The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" by Mary Baker Eddy p165:20).

  57. Thank you. This is a good story to share to help introduce the love of the Bible and Science and Health to those seeking the Truth.

  58. Oh Joy, Thank you Mark, just the inspiration I needed to hear and thanks to your little friend too! :)
    I also love all the wonderful comments...they bring inspiration too. Today is big with blessings!!

  59. This is wonderful Mark, that you are putting an emphasis on the importance of reading our textbook. I have been doing consecutive reading of the textbook for years, sometimes I may miss a day or two, but then just pick-up where I left off, of course, at times also read certain pertinent passages, when they seem to be needed, like the definition of man or whatever seems appropriate at the time. I was told to that it was a good idea to do this consecutive reading when I first came into Christian Science many years ago. For me it is a good thing. I think that in general we need more emphasis on the reading of Mrs. Eddy's books and what they are telling us. Thank you so much for this lift!

  60. Thanks Mark,
    No matter whether one has read Science and Health a few times or a zillion times, it is always new. Many times as I read through our textbook or just randomly pick a chapter to study, I have said to myself "Wow! I don't remember reading that before" but more likely it was new inspiration. But what a treat!

  61. Mark, your lifts always leave me smiling. Thanks.

  62. I carry a Science and Health with me in the glove compartment, and whenever I find myself parked and waiting I use that time read it. One afternoon after stocking some fires burning stumps with my logging skidder, I made the unusual decision to read the book before going home. About twenty minutes later as I put the book away, I noticed an ember was starting a fire in some duff on the skidder and sending up a wisp of smoke. It was easy to put the fire out. I was very grateful that stopping to read Science and Health had literally saved my machine from burning up.
    Today is a good day to read Science and Health, you never know if there is an unseen ember in our own conciousness that needs to be seen and put out. I am very grateful for Mary Baker Eddy for her work and attention to detail in writing this book over many years as a scribe under orders, and thank you Mark, for reminding us of the infinite applications of this book in healing.

  63. Deep gratitude for this clear reminder just as your Lecture reminds me that the idea of '4' (the words of Science and Health ) are always new, never out of date. Peacefully, carol

  64. It's always a great way to start my day. You stated it so well and with such sincerity.

  65. Thank you very much.

  66. Frankly, one cannot read the Science and Health often enough. Not speed read but a gentle perusal of each page. Pause, look up words...maybe a hymn will come to thought or a Bible verse. It continuously brings healing!

  67. I went into a reading room to sell them something. Malissa sold me Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mrs Eddy. I have been studying every day for at least 15 years. My first healing was of my grandson who was diagnosed as:" if he lived he would be blind, unable to chew, and so on." With affirmative prayer and knowledge of the Science of Being we witnessed immediate healing. My son saw it and so too did the surveillance cameras in the hospital room, so did the head nurse. This "little book" is and everlasting light of the Truth Jesus the Christ taught and proved to the world and the Comforter he promised would come. It's here, now and forever..Thanks Mark and 'lifters' soooo inspirit, so inspiring.

  68. Thank you Mark.

  69. Thanks, Mark for sharing the helpful thoughts/ideas from your "little friend". Also, for the clear explanations about Mary Baker Eddy's life goal and reading/understanding Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Good weekend to all.

  70. There is certainly always new inspiration when rereading S&H. It is never the same old stuff when openly approached with "what's new that I am going to learn today?" There will be something waiting to grab your attention and probably with a "Wow, just what I needed!" Give it a try and you won't be disappointed. The Truth never disappoints, only heals.

  71. Rereading S&H is so fulfilling. You never know what new idea will just jump out at you and meet a need. Of course, it helps if you are really wanting new inspiration. If you are, you will not be disappointed in any way. It is never the "same old stuff". Truth is infinite so happy reading and watch for some wonderful results. Thanks for reminding us to keep searching, Mark.


  73. Thank you, Mark. I love our textbook, Science and Health. Last year for Christmas, I asked my daughter to get me the CD version from the Publishing Society. I am so enjoying it in my car's audio system...it's truly "music to my ears."

  74. Thanks! Cheers of joy and gratitude.

  75. Thanks Mark. Like Jesus, you hit the nail on the head every time. JN-calif.

  76. Good advice ... my church has ongoing reading- study groups. So helpful!

  77. So good. Thanks. I've been reading Science and Health more slowly myself, thinking what it means, paragraph by paragraph.

  78. Thanks Mark - always nice to hear from you. For some time now I have been reading several pages from S&H every morning after I finish the Bible lesson & when I finish the whole book I start over again. I find it very helpful. Thanks again to all commenters & the staff members who produce this program - it has been an excellent idea.

  79. De-light-full! Both the Lift and the comments have rung so true and clear to my experience in reading our textbook.

    Sometimes I have read through it and other times, I focus on one chapter. I find it is most inspiring when I'm not "looking for a healing," but instead, am looking for a further revealing of God's nature to be shared with anyone in proximity or thought .

  80. I grew-up tri-lingual. English, King James English, and Science and Health! ☺

  81. Thanks, Mark. Ii have read through Science and Health several times - don't know how many. Currently I am in the chapter "Physiology." Like your little friend, I don't understand everything in it. But I'm trying.

  82. Thanks, Mark.

  83. Great example for other children and their parents, to know that children are capable to read Science and Health, too.

    When reading Science and Health from beginning to end, what one is reading applies exactly to the day, or even moment , in which one is reading it!

    With each reading, new views are opening up, our understanding becomes clearer, our application of its ideas more natural.

    Step by step humanity will appreciate its author’s service to mankind.

  84. Important to remember to just read and study Science and Health as a book as well as a reference or its citations.

  85. Thank you for the reminder that we have been given the divine Science which meets all human needs in this little book! Your message has inspired me to begin it anew.

  86. This Daily Lift and the loving, helpful comments feel like the message I've unknowingly been waiting for and needing. Thank you so much Mark, and 'little friend' and for all the experiences shared about reading Science and Health. I am now ready to start.

  87. Sweet and refreshing. Helps me remember that I don't need to know or understand everything to feel the love and healing presence of God found in those pages.

  88. What a sweet lift! Thanks Mark.

  89. Though this Daily Lift came last Friday it was so timely that I read it just today, a few minutes ago.
    I had just received news that a dear friend of many years had just passed on and had sent emails to our family to inform them. Then I saw this email just waiting for me to read....how wonderful !!!and what a surge of uplift I felt as you, dear Mark spoke of the spiritual meaning of "infinite" forever and ever...and that applies to our dear friend....so I quickly sent it off to our family for them to also feel that wonderful life-giving presence of infinite Love.
    Thanks Mark, still remember you lecturing us in Wynnum, Qld. Australia. God Bless you dear man.

  90. Dear Mark

    I have just listened again to your inspiring Lift. I have a Daily Journal "Reading Science and Health In a Year" which I bought from the Reading Room several years ago. It has been a very helpful tool and I am so grateful to the Publishing Society for issuing this Journal. Thankyou for all your love.