4/10: No deceptive spins

4/10: No deceptive spins

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  1. Thank you for this lovely lift. My day has gone differently to what I had expected with minor disappointments and vexations. . However, since hearing your lift, I realized that I had lots to be grateful for and I have turned my thoughts around to a positive spin. It is good to remember that we are not always given what we want but what we need. Praise be to God!

  2. Thank you Christine for this beautiful Lift. I have occasionally heard the saying, "nothing good can come from this." This is how we need to feel about mortal mind, that nothing good can come from this. In fact, all good comes from God, as God is All good. When we identify ourselves as the reflection of the one infinite Mind, that fills all space, we have effectively eliminated thoughts from any other source. This is how healing takes place. Since our thought governs our experience God, good, becomes our only reality.

  3. What a guide book for today. Thankyou Christine.

  4. Thank you Christine for telling us that in fact we cannot be tricked by mortal appearances into believing that something is true when it is a false opinion held by mortal mind.

    I always like to be clear which Mind or mind I am accepting as holding the truth. I know that the divine Mind holds all Truth and God expresses His divine Mind as my mind, so in fact I cannot be tricked into accepting evil as reality because God does not have evil as part of Hios Mind. This expression of the Mind of God is the only mind I need to claim as mine, and this does not belong to me any more than the sunlight belongs to the moon which reflects the light it never claims to own. This reflection of the divine Mind is, as you said,tells me "simply the truth" about God and man.

    If I discover that I have been tricked by mortal thought into accepting something about man that cannot possibly be true then I remember that when man disovered that the world was a sphere they abandoned the idea that the world was ever flat. The world was not healed of flatness. it never was in that condition -- however much mortal thought would spin the flawed evidence of the human senses.

  5. "No deceptive spins"..."God has created us all to succeed!" 'nuff said!!

  6. Thank you for this wonderful Lift and if Mary Beattie is tuning in, to her one yesterday. I really needed both these messages, I prayed for help and here it is
    The lesson is such an uplifting one too and I am so grateful to the committee for their good work putting it together
    With much love to all and to Mary Baker Eddy for her insight and courage.

  7. Mortal mind gives a negative spin to the truth and intensifies the negative, thus making us believe that God doesn’t want or can’t help us; we do what we don’t want to do because “others do it”, forgetting that we have the God given freedom of choice along with the capacity of doing good.

    When we fill our hearts with gratitude for His beautiful and harmonious creation, —and we let in only Christ’s love in our consciousness— no negative spin could control us.

    La mente mortal le da un giro negativo a la verdad e intensifica lo negativo, haciéndonos creer de esta manera que Dios no quiere o no puede ayudarnos; hacemos lo que no queremos por que “otros lo hacen”, olvidándonos que tenemos el libre albedrío otrogado por Dios junto con la capacidad de hacer lo bueno.

    Cuando llenamos nuestros corazones con gratitud por Su hermosa y harmoniosa creación, —y solo dejamos entrar el amor del Cristo en nuestra conciencia— ningún giro negativo podrá controlarnos.

  8. "The Christ doesn't have to put any spin on that. It is simply the truth of our being". Yes, we have and acknowledge complete salvation from believing error, the liar, accuser, the negative spin that tries to reverse eternal good. Phooey. Get behind me! Get out of my sight! Thanks for this clear "take" on reality, Christine. It is blessing our world to hear the Christ, Truth, with us today to heal and save right now, as always.

  9. Beautiful uplift .As the hymn says , "....Christ is here all dreams of error breaking ".Thanks and blessings to you Christine .

  10. Thank you for this wonderful lift!!

  11. Thank you, today let us have positive spins God is guiding and guarding us at all times..

  12. Thank you.

  13. Great reminder....thank you!

  14. After watching the world news I became overwhelmed and needed to refocus...it starts with this beautiful lift.
    Thank you Christine. I am grateful for these daily lifts and the comments. Today I will spend a little more time with Mary Baker Eddy and God and less time with the "news"...

  15. Hello Christine,
    Thank you so very much for this wonderful Daily Lift. So thought provoking and inspiring, I have listened to it a few times now as I go about my day, mindful to ensure all thoughts and actions are fuelled by, only the Christ Love.

    Much love,
    Cheryl x

  16. Great points, Thanks.

  17. Dear Christine,

    Thank you. This encapsulates much of the heart of Christian Science - mere mortal opinion cannot dictate the outcome of things. Subscribing to an illusion does not mean the reality has changed or can be altered by the illusion - refreshing like the morning rain!

    I spoke to someone about this yesterday as we were speaking about being alone. I explained that some people may find it difficult to have a mate; not because they are difficult people but because at times we are aware of a higher mission & we have to have the right person there to encourage us. Sometimes that right 'person' is the right apprehension of Individuality; a closeness to God that unfolds Love's larger mission

    Mrs. Eddy speaks to the importance of standing "porter at the door of thought" (S&H p392:24). I remember when someone visited Church and commented that the lack of people discouraged her from joining - she needed more people at Church.

    I immediately corrected that thought knowing that there were times when the disciples deserted Jesus, but that never swayed him from his path. Being about our Father's Business means we must listen and be obedient not arrogant nor weak; that may mean we will be alone or few, not lonely, as we follow and obey our Father just as Jesus did

    Love's grand vistas will people our thought & love of Individuality will replace individual love. We may be alone, but alone with God whose world is already peopled with loving receptive hearts. Thx!

  18. Thanks Christine! This is a great lift and reminder to stay IN the circle of Love allowing nothing but God govern and guard our thinking.

  19. 3 cheers! This is the REAL "no Spin Zone."

  20. Awesome lift...really super thoughts....!

  21. Great examples about "spinning." Thanks so much for the clarity and perfect healing thought!

  22. THANK YOU Christine. Thanks to those who have shared. Great music.

  23. Thanks for the lift and I will be using it today.

  24. What a good reminder. Thanks.

  25. my job is to listen and recognize angel thoughts then shine reflecting all of God's qualities, thank you Christine.

  26. Terrific way to start the day, very uplifting!!

  27. Christine this is such an alertness message that meets many needs and circumstances - thanks so much!
    I was going to watch the video above but it's 80 minutes long, so will have to do it some other time.

  28. Thank you for this Lift. The understanding it contains is fundamental to our well-being. My dictionary includes many definitions of the word 'spin' indicating activity. Two of them are 'spiral descent' and 'confused excitement'. Neither of these represent activity which blesses. Both are undesirable would-be traits of mortal thought. Happily our own thought is constantly enabled by God to turn to Him and through the right activity of the Christ to "Rise in the strength of Spirit" (S & H p 393) gaining clearer and freer views of God and Man made in His image and likeness, our true selfhood.

  29. What a wonderful Christian Science Treatment - a "mini C.S. Lecture"! Thank you, Christine! We live in a world of Thought. How glorious that we have been given dominion by our Creator over what we choose to think! Gratitude to Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy for revealing the Science of Thought and how to see beyond what the carnal mind would suggest as "our thought" - to reverse the material sense picture - and to see what the One Mind has created all along - the Truth of the perfect Spiritual Creation. Hallalujah that we can always know the "counter-fact' in every situation and reverse the "negative, deceptive spins"!

  30. Many thanks Christine for this very inspiring lift. Yes. "When we fill our heart with gratitude to God [divine Love] for His beautiful harmonious creation and allow only the Christ love to guide our every thought, word, motive and action then we cannot be tricked into losing our peace and confidence..." "We feel Thy peace, Thine arms of Love enfolding,/ We lift our hearts in praise and gratitude,/ And from this hour, a glimpse of heaven beholding, /Go forth at last, our joy and strength renewed." Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #450).

  31. Thank you very much, Christine. I love what you said about turning the positiv into a negative experience and making us believe that the positive information is not true. All this I have understood. But, please tell me what is a "spin doctor"?? Is it a make-believe doctor? a false one? or one that turns things upside down? Sorry, but I can only imagine - but don't know. :-)

    Christine's reply:
    Good question, Annie! It is an American slang term that has nothing to do with doctors at all! It is a term that refers to "image makers" for politicians and sometimes other public figures. Their job is to make their client look good. So if their client says or does something questionable, controversial or bad, the "spin doctor" must present the words or actions in as positive a light as possible. Some dictionaries actually use the word “manipulate" to describe the activity of "spin doctors". Some "spin doctors" actually go further to purposely try to characterize the opposing candidate or politician´s words or actions in a very negative way, even when those words or actions were actually very good. It is a practice that many people object to because then the public gets a very distorted view of what is true.

    I use this analogy to illustrate how the carnal mind or material reasoning always tries to put a "positive spin" on things that break the ten commandments so that we think that perhaps, in this case, it is okay to do it or say something, even though it breaks the commandments or denies God's allness. And the carnal mind is continually trying to put a negative spin on everything good and spiritual.

    I began really noticing this when I found myself feeling very heavy, depressed and negative all the time because of all the negative thoughts coming to me. Then one day I stopped and thought, "What is happening here? A moment ago, I had a wonderful healing, and now immediately afterwards, thoughts are coming in, such as, "But what if it comes back, or what if he does it again, or what if......" That is the carnal mind trying to put a negative "spin" on the good that I just experienced.

    Or we receive wonderful blessings in our life — perhaps in the form of supply or success in our work, and immediately afterwards the negative thought comes, "But what if I'm not able to pay my next bill or what if the next project doesn't succeed as well?" Those negative thoughts are not our thoughts; they are the "spin doctor"— the carnal mind trying to deny God's allness. Revelation 12 in the Bible describes it as the great red dragon, the "accuser that accuses our brothers before our God day and night." And it says that the Christ love destroys it when we allow this love for God and man to govern our lives.

  32. Once we replace "Flatlands" theory with the spiritual reality of GOOD the spin is immediately cast out as false belief only with no substance. Troy -your message really spoke to me . Thankyou!

  33. Giros engañosos, girar como marionetas. Eso es lo que puede suceder si no nos afirmamos en la Verdad, y mantenemos nuestra mira en ella fielmente, firmes en el centro de la circunsferencia infinita, que girá sí, pero solamente en si misma, en la plenitud del Bien.

    Cuando nos dejamos atrapar por la duda y el temor es muy probable que giremos entre ellos sin discernir la Verdad. Entiendo que hay una forma de mantenerse firme, y es estar consustanciados con ella, a la manera de Cristo, seguros no flutuantes entre una idea y el error, entre una senda que fortalece y otra que confunde, consciente, firmes sin dudar ni temer.

    Podríamos dar imnumerables ejemplos, Biblicos, Evangélicos, y de Ciencia Y Salud, conocemos muchos y también experiencias propias y ajenas, porque todos los día hay ejemplos a seguir para mentenerse firmes en la Verdad y no girar como marionetas sin control entre la duda y la confianza.¿Cómo lo hacemos? Siento que teniendo certeza que Es así, estando atentos a oir y diferenciar entre lo real y lo falso, para no confundimos sin saber hacia que lado mirar. Por eso la importancia en comprender el verdadero camino para mantenerse firme en él.

    Muchas gracias Christine¡¡¡¡


  34. Great reminder...there is no SPIN on the truth of our being, as you said. I also love the truths found in the Rule for Motives and Acts in the Manual of the Mother Church of Christ Science (article VIII, sec. 1) which we hear every first Sunday of the month, and in it most especially, "Divine love alone governs man"...no Spin there. Thank you, Christine.

  35. What a powerful approach to the concept of the one lie and the liar. Thanks.

  36. A wonderful and very helpful message! Thank you Christine!

  37. Perfect for me today. Thank you.

  38. Thank you for giving me a very important tool to better watch my thinking and to be able to see that it is God alone who is our Truth.

  39. Creative Divine Mind contrasted beautifully to the so-called creativity of mortal mind. God creates, remembers and knows good, and brains can't remember a mistake made. That thought worked well progressing in my job.

  40. What a great way to start the day! Thanks so very much!

  41. Thank you.

  42. Wonderful lift! Thank you! I needed this very thought today.

  43. Martin, that bearer of bad tidings was always prefaced by "Mark my words, no good will come of it!" How wonderful that most of those worn out "human hypotheses" have disappeared from our thoughts and daily exchanges.
    I love that one of the commenters wrote last week "An enemy is just the wrong way of looking at a friend,"
    I drove home through a torrential deluge this evening, and all the time I was praying "This isn't even true. God is All that is going on!" By the time I arrived home most of the storm had passed, and suddenly it was over.
    Thank you Nate for the music, and the team - the best response team ever; the Board of Lectureship; and the wonderful family of Our Daily Lift.

  44. Such clarifying thoughts . . . and a special thank-you to Troy: your sharings are always so well-thought out. Today's touched me particularly because I, too, have been praying to see the blessings of aloneness, and to see complete healing from what mortal mind would spin as abandonment. One of your gems: "Love's grand vistas will people our thought & love of Individuality will replace individual love." More and more I have been embracing Love, and opening my eyes to Love's embrace of me. And I truly love the idea that my continuing love of individuality (my inability to be divided from Love) will replace individual love. Thank you, Christine, for alerting us to how mortal mind would spin a lie, and thank you, Troy and others, for amplifying that truth.

  45. Grateful for this and all the daily lifts together with the many helpful comments. Thank you everyone!

  46. Thank you for the wonderful and "uplifting" lift. Loved the analogy with spin doctors. So true!

  47. Such deceptive spins the advertisements are today. Truth telling is a no no, instead of a yes yes. Why in this enlightened age, lies seem more dominate than truth? Why acceptance of materia medica in the cure of disease, than prayer, when even the ads mention dangerous side effects. There is no side effects in prayer. It's a lot like the Barker in an Amusement Park, as he spins the wheel and says; "WHERE SHE STOPS NOBODY KNOWS." But when we trust in God, we do know. No spin of mortal mind there.

  48. "Spin" verses Truth - an important Lift. Terrific comments, too. I am also enjoying the sweet copyright tag with Nate and the child. Thank you to all involved in providing these Daily Lifts that are such a blessing.

  49. Christine, thank you! Wonderful and so reassuring, and thank you to all other daily lift angels!!!!

  50. Christine, thank you for this Lift today, it is really something to think about. And Tony Martin (#4), your comments about how the earth wasn't healed of being flat are extremely helpful!

  51. Wonderful lift, to start my day. Thank you.

  52. Discussing the nature of evil last Sunday, someone asked "What if I were to tell you that two plus two equals five?" Should we remain passive about a mistake or a lie?
    Mrs. Eddy gives a good answer,
    "Rise in the conscious strength of the
    spirit of Truth to overthrow the plea of mortal mind,
    alias matter, arrayed against the supremacy of Spirit."
    (S&H pg. 391)
    Thank you Christine for presenting this important topic of the spin doctors, and that we can "Rise in the conscious strength of the spirit of Truth...." to render them harmless.

  53. No deceptive spins allowed! THANKS Christine!

  54. Thank you, Christine, for “No deceptive spins … positive … negative … the Christ Love puts an end to those deceptive spins … allow only the Christ Love to guide … we cannot be tricked into losing our peace and confidence … simply the Truth of our being.”

    Before I read your Lift this morning, I was thinking:

    Healing is actually a “God-with-us-signs-following” witnessing that “all is well.” And yet all is ALWAYS well. So, how might I discipline my thought to stay more consistently in that ALWAYS? Well, I am where I am in my spiritual journey and truly grateful for all I’m learning, as I continue growing.


    I can do more to slow and maybe stop the “pendulum-swing” thinking from Mind to mortal mind and back again. And I don’t have to buy another ticket on the “roller-coaster-ride” of heights of Mind and depths of mortal mind and up and down again. After all is said and done, there’s only ONE reality – ONE Truth of being. ALWAYS!

    After reading your Lift, my path feels smoother already!

    I love it!!!

    It’s only mid-week and already I’m finding in the Daily Lifts, a beautiful unfoldment of ideas to keep me in Christ Love consciousness. (Just one more reminder that the Truth is seamless!):

    Perfect God and perfect “dear” in the heart of divinity, where no deceptive spin can be!

    Thanks again to Elise and Mary and to you, Christine!

    ( I can hardly wait for tomorrow’s Lift! :-)

  55. Christine, thank you so much for this wonderful lift! Loved the simple but powerful way to silence the temptations of evil. We stand on this divine law, "God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good" (Gen 1:31).

  56. Thank you so much! and for the additional explanation in #31.

  57. What a wonderful illunination.

  58. Thank you, Christine! Just what I needed this morning to lift a heavy imposition. And I appreciate the clarity in your explanations too!

  59. So well said and so true! Thank you.

  60. We really have to be alert to the "what ifs" and the "oh, my's", don't we! Thank you for this lift and all the other lectures and talks and service you give. You are always so "positive" and energetic, it is hard to think you were ever challenged with depression!

  61. Thank you thank you Christine! So helpful to me right now when facing what I am perceiving as lack and financial challenges. Wow! Your lift absolutely helped me - again, thanks!

  62. Thanks so much.

  63. Thank you so much, Christine, for this beautiful message. I had allowed myself to be depresssed because I had not heard from my only child on my 70th birthday recently. After re-listening to your message I realized that it was error influencing my thought. My son is always with me, even though 450 miles separate us from a geographical perspective. It is Spirit that is supreme, and despite my mortal experience, I now realize that my son is right with me -- that we share our connection spiritually.

  64. Thank you.

  65. Brilliant!

  66. Our Leader gives us a wonderful solution, My 210 "What Our Leader says" and this statement is one of my daily duties. Christian, You are always amazing and a wonderful Christly thinker. Thank you!

  67. I ditto the above comment "Brilliant." Thank you Christine.

  68. Good logic Christine.

  69. Excellent reminder. Thank you, Christine!

  70. Love the logic of your message, Christine. Much love and gratitude to you and all Lifters!

  71. A clear and helpful message. Thank you.

  72. Sincere gratitude Christine for the clear thoughts on never accepting the 'spin doctor stories,'. #31 They are subtle, however never a path to peace. Much love.

  73. Babies learning to walk, birds testing their wings, nations working toward peace, religions striving for harmony, animal kingdoms and people sharing habitation, endless environments moving, bending and adusting, advancing with love for God and man and one another, successfully magnifying the abundance of progress and good. Footsteps on the way to the millenial state. His Truth and Love are fearlessly marching on. I love your beautiful truths shared with us.

  74. Boy, you have no idea how much I needed to hear that right now. I have been struggling with this all day! Thank you, and thank you God!

  75. Just as Shakespeare wrote, there are now words good or bad, but thinking makes them so... putting the Truth spin on our words-- that God is Good, and we are created in His/Her image as GOOD- is the RIGHT spin! Thank you, and blessed day, one and all!

  76. Exactly what I needed to hear today... thank you for this wonderful lift!

  77. How pleased we are to see and hear you today on The Daily Lift Christine. We are waiting to have you in our midst in May.

  78. We are created to succeed. No spin. Nice.

    Thank you.

  79. Thank you very much!

  80. wow! this is great! I really appreciate this lift. Thank you!

  81. Dear Christine, Many thanks for such a wonderful Lift. You have described the Spin/spinning of Doctors/carnal mind beautifully. Thank you for your explanation of this Spin to Annie from Germany. Christ Love certain terminates all kinds of spinning. Lillies in the fields spin but they do not injure so our spinning must be
    watched over by the Christ' ever-present Love. Many thanks and much love

  82. This Daily Lift helps us to guard our consciousness from the suggestions that would pull us down - because we can recognize them. Through the light of Christ we can reflect God's nature.

  83. Comforting and reassuring, especially in this day and age where so many humans seem to have lost their moral compass !

    Thank you so much.

  84. Wonderful lift!
    Thank you for sharing this with us!

  85. Thank you for this lift, Christine! It is perfectly applicable to a situation I've been praying about. We need to change our though about a situation instead of accepting negative spin and feeling hopeless.

  86. I felt that you were talking to me. thanks for sharing and reminding me this.

  87. Thank you, Christine! The "negative spin" you refer to is all part of the "imperfect model" the world is holding before our gaze continually. Good to be reminded of its powerlessness. Thanks again!

  88. Many thanks yet again from a grateful Australian.

  89. Thank you, Christine, and fellow Lifters for your thought provoking comments. This Lift brought to mind my daily excercise on a stationary bike. When on it, the wheels turn round and round, faster or slower, depending on the pace I set. So too, when mortal mind wants to over power us with false suggestions - we can participate and get caught up with the movement that will take us nowhere - spinning out of control, or we can simply get off the suggestion and make "real forward motion" that propels us to the desired end - the true path. I choose to focus my thoughts and not let them spin out of control!

  90. I need to hear this again today. It's very healing and gives us confidence. thank you and also for your response to Anni.

  91. Thank you for the new perspective on hypnotism, Christine!

  92. I finally had time to watch and listen to your lecture, Christine, and it really hit home to me as I was a depression baby and my parents lost their home. It wasn't until I was in high school that they were finally able to buy a home. As renters we moved a lot - new neighborhoods and new schools. So I have a deep appreciation and gratitude for owning my home and living here for nearly 23 years. When I went from renter to buying my first home about 35 years ago, a very modest apartment converted to a condominium, it was a tremendous step forward with guidance and support from my Father/Mother. He gave me the courage to go forward and has supplied my every need. After that, each of the two homes before my current one were beautiful demonstrations of God's guidance and direction. Divine Love is always meeting my every need and I am extremely grateful. Christian Science has been the greatest blessing I could possibly have.

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