4/1: Meeting 'change' as its master

4/1: Meeting 'change' as its master

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  1. Thank you Jon for this insightful Lift. God's love for His creation never changes. No matter how fearful or enticing the mortal picture tries to present itself to us we can hold fast to the Dear Fathers changeless and permanent love for all His creation, and know that the only thing really happening is the continual unfoldment of good in our lives. Then we can truly demonstrate,"In heavenly Love abiding, No change my heart shall fear; And safe is such confiding, For nothing changes here." (hymn #148, C/S Hymnal, Anna L. Waring)

  2. It is a constant reassurance to know that the flow of God's personal love and sustaining power is forever present for us to receive and acknowledge whatever our situation. Thank you Jon!

  3. Changes have to happen, life goes on, but even the most radical, dramatic change, will bring a lesson to help us grow spiritually (though it might not be what we expect).

    We help ourselves allowing the changes to be a launching pad for new beginnings.
    Keep in mind that our divine Father/Mother God IS in control, God is the only constant in our lives.

    "For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee." Is. 54:10

    "Whatever is governed by God, is never for an instant deprived of the light and might of intelligence
    and Life." S&H 215:12

    Los cambios deben suceder, la vida continúa, pero aún los cambios más radicales, más dramáticos, traerán una lección que nos ayudará a crecer espiritualmente (aunque no sea lo que esperamos).

    Nos ayudamos a nosotros mismos al permitir que los cambios sean una plataforma de lanzamiento para volver a comenzar.
    Mantén en la mente que nuestro divino Padre/Madre Dios ESTÁ en control, Dios es el único constante en nuestras vidas.

    "Porque los montes se moverán, y los collados temblarán, pero no se apartará de ti mi misericordia, ni el pacto de mi paz se quebrantará, dijo Jehová, el que tiene misericordia de ti." Isaias 54:10

    "Todo lo que es gobernado por Dios jamás está privado ni por un instante de la luz y del poder de la
    inteligencia y la Vida." CyS 215:12

  4. Thank you Jon, what a lovely way to start the week! And Martin # 1 that same hymn you quote, came instantly to mind " No change my heart shall fear; " Hymn 148 What a wonderful assurance this gives us of the unchanging truth of God's presence and love for each of us.

  5. Thank you, Jon, for “Meeting ‘change’ as its master … letting the divine nature take the lead … see changes become launching pads for new beginnings …”

    Change was a subject for study in leadership development classes I taught. It was brought out that change is the nature of life on earth.

    Change is either initiated by or imposed upon us. If initiated, we usually embrace change. If imposed, we usually resist change.

    Change was also included in discussion of a Bible Lesson topic during a Christian Science Sunday School class I taught. It was brought out that God never changes.

    These considerations of change put me on a course to “Seek ye first the kingdom of God …” (Matt 6:33) where fear of change yields to expectation of all Good unfolding, uninterrupted. And so it is proved that God’s never-changing divine nature IS a great launching pad for new beginnings!

  6. Wow! I couldn't get to sleep last night as i was thinking about the changes (rather exciting possibilities) to come in my life. One thought came strong and clear: when we stay in the consciousness of Spirit, nothing really changes; good is constant. And, to wake up and hear your wonderful daily lift. How wonderful! Thank you!

  7. I love your reference to the phrase from Isaiah, "...my kindness shall not depart from thee..." in connection to meeting change as its master, and letting God take the lead in our lives. The complete sentence from Isaiah 54:10 is:
    "For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee."
    I just realized what a powerful and helpful thought this is in meeting the challenges of change.
    After Mt. St. Helen exploded in 1980, and the "mountains shall depart" literally occurred, I faced five major changes in my life in succession during the next few years. I felt the slimmest connection to God, but I was grateful for what slim connection I did feel. My life seemed to suffer the same devastation as the beautiful landscape around Mt. St. Helen.
    Gradually my sense of gratitude and kindness grew and I have come to see what an important quality "my kindness" and "The Lord that hath mercy" is. Just as the beauty of the landscape around Mt. St. Helen has been restored, so has my peace been more than restored, and my trust in "my kindness" and "mercy" been made stronger.
    More recently I had reason to look up the definition of "Christian" in Webster's dictionary, and found one of the definitions as an adjective is: "kindness".
    Meeting change with Christian kindness gives you the mastery.

  8. Thank you Jon for this re-assuring lift.

    We read in the Bible;

    Mal 3:6 (to ;)

    6 For I am the Lord, I change not;

    If God does not change, then in truth neither is it possible for His image to change.

    So what does chamge? It can only be the atmosphere in which we allow our thoughts to dwell. The change is that journey of understanding that takes our vision from sense to Soul. Notice the direction in the declaration of the prodigal son:

    Luke 15:18 (to ,)

    18 I will arise and go to my father,

    from earth to heaven, from the"far country" back to home.

    And on that journey, yes Jon, we find that what we thought were the small problems and the big ones,(the hills and the mountains) will indeed be removed.
    The change is always in the material appearance. It is never where we are in the kingdom of heaven

  9. Thanks for this thoughts!

    unfoldment - change - progress

  10. Thank you Jon. Yes nothing can change our relationship to God, our Father Mother

  11. Thank you Jon..I love, God's changeless presence masters change! I am inspired..

  12. Thank you Jon for that lovely reminder "His changeless goodness" is everpresent.

  13. God Good is the same yesterday today and forever . Thank you Jon for Emphasising this timeless scientific fact .

  14. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift., I am waiting for things to change. God will guide and directe. Thanks to all the Lifters .

  15. Jon, Thank you for this perfect lift. I have forwarded this to my son who is in a 'transitional' period between 'war zone' and coming home. I know it will bless him as much as it has mom. Thank you all for your comments, I will be back to see what other inspirations have been revealed. I love that we can do this during the day when we need a boost or we just have a moment between tasks. These Daily Lifts are just the 'hug' we need every day!

  16. How comforting and strengthening to be reminded of God's changeless presence in the face of daily change of human circumstances

  17. ...thank you Jon !

  18. Just a simple thank you for this Lift this morning. So needed and appreciated.

  19. Thank you for this great reminder in our ever changing world...

  20. Such wonderful inspiring thoughts this morning and so appreciated. Thank you Jon.

  21. What a comfort to know that our God's love never ceases, never changes when all else had done so. Thanks for this beautiful Lift.

  22. This is a lovely and full bodied lift. Thank you for starting our week out on the right foot. On Saturday I prepared for a simple dinner party. As I relaxed a bit in waiting, some fear came to me about our changing world, how global warming affects nature. That sunset when all the table had been set, soup on and ready, everyone gathered outside gaping at a powerful band of light that shot up from the water behind Angel Island. For 15 minutes we all gasped and delighted in this rainbow of hope. God lifted me up with a clear message of nature's resiliency and God's unsurpassable gift of life. It was a magic evening shared with new and old friends.

  23. We are all blessed by this presence of God everywhere. Thanks so much. I've enjoyed your lectures on line -- such enthusiasm!!

  24. Yes. Divine Love is always ever-present everywhere! "In all our ways reflecting Thee,/ And know reality." (Christian Science Hymnal #206). "In heavenly Love abiding,/ No change my heart shall fear;/ And safe is such confiding,/ For nothing changes here." (Christian Science Hymnal #148)

  25. La Biblia está llena de hechos que testifican de como el Amor da las armas para lograr la excelencia en nuestro accionar para hacer posible aún emular los grandes acontecimientos que allí se relatan Cristo, Moisés, Elías, Isías, etc. etc. y también Mary Baker Eddy con su obra sanadora nos indica en donde radica el poder que mueve montañas, y de como llegar a logros tan inspirados.

    Naturalmente depende de nosotros mismos capitalizar esa bondad infinita, para desarrollarla y ponerla en practica para que bendiga a todos. Parece tan simple, verdad y sin embargo requiere de un gran esfuerzo y entrega a la causa, pero a la vez que simple Es. Cristo Jesús habló claramente y Eddy también, así lo hizo, la necesidad de entender que sin trabajo no hay excelencia en la tarea y cuando digo trabajo me refiero al esfuerzo diario para comprender la grandiosidad del Amor divino, porque ¿Qué nos exije el Amor? simplemente que amemos, y si amamos el resto se simplifica, Dios da las ideas que hacen posible los hechos simples o portentosos, o así nos parecen, porque lo simple puede ser lo importante y lo portentoso ser nada.

    Pero, sí Dios es portentoso y hace todo simple, para que comprendamos, con Un sólo elemento podemos sacudir al mundo porque en Él se combinan todas las cosas reales, Dios-Amor, Amor-Dios.

    Muchas gracias Jon, muy inspirado cominzo, que nos eleva.

  26. Wonderful Lift! It is exactly what I needed to hear this morning.

    Thanks so much!

  27. It's amazing how much spiritual insight and timeless good can shine through in a two minute lift! It reminds me of a favorite hymn that goes perfectly with this week's Bible Lesson: Hymn 348! Also, the idea of dominion in Science and Health, where Mrs. Eddy relates us: "....to the oneness, the tri-unity of Life, Truth, and Love. "Let them have dominion." Man is the family name for all ideas, — the sons and daughters of God. All that God imparts moves in accord with Him, reflecting goodness and power." p. 511

    So being moved by God that's the only change that's real and that we really want, being moved into a fuller understanding and demonstration of God's changeless good. Thanks! I couldn't discern your last phrase as to (what) ___________ masters change. Could you please text it to us? Happy day!

  28. As several comments have expressed, hymn 148 has been a staple in my life and upheld me through many changes. "In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear" is still upholding me. Thank, Jon, for an inspiring message to start our week given with so much love in your voice.

  29. Changes are opportunities and Divine Love guides us through each step of the way.

  30. Awesome and timely message. Your delivery was so powerful.

  31. Nice to hear this earthday today. Thank you for standing up for the TRUTH as we wake up to it today.

  32. It would seem that Hymn 148 has been a "rock" of strength for many. The third verse is the answer to why "no change my heart shall fear." It is in part:"Green pastures are before me which yet I have not seen." I love your message this morning. We are all dealing with a world which seems to be changing at a faster and faster rate. How comforting your message is. Thank you.

  33. I love this - and the strong assurance with which you deliver the message, Jon. But I cannot figure out the word at the very end - "_____ masters change." It sounds like "Doubt" which I know it cannot be! I read through all the comments, hoping someone would quote it, but perhaps others had trouble understanding it also.

    "God's changeless presence felt, masters change."
    Daily Lift Team

  34. THANK YOU so much Jon for your uplifting Daily Lift

    Change is a very interesting word and can be very effective when one is willing to let go and Let God.

    May one ask the supporters of this Daily Lift today, to live in the NOW, and ask to get a piece of A4 paper and write NOW in big letters, then go to a mirror and read what it says.

    When you live in the NOW you have... ?

    All have a wonderful adventure

    Love in Christ


  35. What a perfect topic, Jon! Change!!! It is often said, "The only constant is Change." And yet you have given us something much more constant....."the Presence of God, Felt".....and have assured us that this is what masters Change. Before I opened this Lift this morning, I had been realizing that I need to keep God constantly in my thoughts, always before me, 24/7, and not just occasionally or at certain times. I'm just beginning to see that it's my constant communing with God, constantly feeling His/Her Presence, that gives me Peace, Assurance and removes the fear of Change! Thank you so much, Jon! And thanks to all the Lifters' comments so far this early morning! They are constantly reassuring us of God's ever-presence!

  36. Jon, what a great lift this morning. I have been endeavoring to know that nothing changes with and in God - I was (pre-existence) and am (in this existence) and will be (after this life) purely a spiritual idea held in God. If I choose to listen, I can reflect all God's qualities every minute and not listen to mortal mind's constant banter for attention. Nothing changes with God, so, nothing changes with me!
    This unfolding idea has brought a wonderful healing of what I was believing to be allergic reations to some foods.
    Thank you.

  37. Thank you Jon, so perfect for me today. I am moving to a new home tomorrow and a wee bit of sadness creeps in momentarily as I prepare to leave behind my comfortable & familiar surroundings. But I do know that new horizons are opportunities for spiritual growth, and I can never wander from the comfort of divine Love. And yes, what Lori (#27) quotes from Hymn 148 is perfect for me - "In heavenly Love abiding, no change my heart shall fear". Thank you everyone and the beautiful comments too!

  38. Thank you, Jon, for your message on "Change." I'm in the process of making some significant changes in my life, and the truths you mentioned are of great comfort...a perfect realization!

  39. Mary Baker Eddy states in Science and Health, page 215:

    "Mortals are unacquainted with the reality of existence, because matter and mortality do not reflect the facts of Spirit.

    "Spiritual vision is not subordinate to geometric altitudes. Whatever is governed by God, is never for an instant deprived of the light and might of intelligence and Life."

    This morning I realized that all of what we think of as geography is actually subordinate to Mind. God doesn't show us how to go on a material planet. Rather, spiritual sense reveals Mind's (God's) complete orchestration of events, with geography expressing the same Mind that all of creation expresses...that's why we're always in our right place.

  40. Thank you, Jon, this is a really wonderful Lift, expressing how I need 'to gather', how I need 'to sow', most of all: how I need 'to follow and rejoice.' But the change was really effortless, and gratitude and light have enriched my life, with everyone being blessed.
    Thank you to Nate and the team; to the BoL and lecturers; and thank you to all those who comment.

  41. Dear Jon,

    Thank you & to the other Lifters especially Nela and Gary. Gary I can appreciate what you said. I had a major change occur in my life that seemed to try to rip me from trusting in God; like you I hung in there

    Just this morning I had been thinking about the need for us to see these experiences as investments in our spiritual development and true nature. Humanly one may see change as being divided into four main areas and depending on where the change falls it can determine our happiness. These are planned, unplanned, desired and undesired

    The challenge is that we tend to measure much of what happens, humanly, so we do not see the full picture. I cannot help but believe that challenges help to shape our thought to see Godliness face to face and understand more of our true individuality.

    Regardless of what change occurs in our lives we have to demonstrate love and order. The lessons at Easter highlight this. Christ Jesus walked with love and everything he did was with a sense of order. When you read the state the tomb was in, the material he was wrapped in was neatly folded in the tomb.

    Last week my main lens fell apart; I was rather upset. Easter is one of the coolest times for photos because of all of the cultural and spiritual events that culminate in one long weekend.

    As the sadness began I replaced the thoughts with a desire to see a healing from it and I did. I carefully planned my shots using a difficult lens & loved them. Thx.

  42. Once again, Thank You, Jon! So simple, so profound. So powerful. I'll take it with me today!

  43. As I listen to this lift, I feel I must say thank you. It's just what I nneded to hear. I just lost my husband of 31 years. His funeral was 2 days ago. I also appreciate the comments submitted by others. Thank you all.

  44. Thank you.

  45. Thank you for the words of kindness and inspiration. And thank God for the Daily Lifts...what a nice way to start the day. Just what I needed this morning.

  46. Jon, it is so marvelous to listen to any/ all of your messages, so clear, soothing, and full of love...
    Gary 7 Tony 8, Jean 10, Robertt 16, thank you and everyone else for shaing your inspired moments!
    JD- agreed! Hugs to all!!!!

  47. I found 2 other meetings of "CHANGE" in The Merriam Webster Dictionary. Transform or a transformation of thought from a limited material thought to a spiritual positive thought. The other is Switch. To switch from matter or every thing in life based on physicality to a spiritual metaphysical sense which is the truth of being.

  48. A well timed topic - thanks to Jon and all commenters for your ideas. There is no need to be afraid of change, as God continues to provide guidance, joy and good results.

  49. Thank you so much for the nice and helpful daily lift.

  50. Thanks, Jon, for this timely message. I'm moving from one state to another, and God's unchanging care and protection that sustains me through these busy days. His love is an unswerving constant as the images of dream-existence, human experiences, as in the movies, flicker and come and go. Above our restlessness, His rest.

  51. Thank you for your inspiration . . .in order for the masters to be good leaders they all needed to learn to be patient and wait for the word of God and to trust all change as the movement of the divine. Today my life unfolds in divine order.

  52. Thank you Jon and thanks everyone for sharing your rich responses. A special thanks to Donna #22 and Jackie #35 . Of course, thanks Nathan and your production team. "This is the day the Lord hath made, be glad in it, rejoice......for nothing changes here." And, thanks Tony #8 for the reminder of Mal 3: 6.

  53. Thank you for this powerfully important attention to how to address change in our lives. It can all be handled gracefully with God as our constant. I always enjoy your testimonies, lectures, lifts so much!

  54. Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  55. Thanks Jon, that was so needed and appreciated.

  56. Thank you all!
    Beautiful day of unfoldment

  57. This Lift about change could not have come at a better time . . . thanks for being out there!

  58. Thank you.A perfect lift to start the week.

  59. Thanks JON and for ALL the outstanding messages.....
    . ..especially Tobis &Troy!
    Change' surely makes Life an adventure
    for ALL mankind!!!!!

  60. Thank you very much for sharing wonderful thoughts with us.

  61. Thanks Jon, this is a wonderful day and way to start a new month and the 2nd quarter of 2013! I have learned to enjoyed change. Years ago, I had to give into a change that I didn't want but it proved to be exactly right thing for me! Since then, God has governed every change and made it a blessing!

    Thank you #7, Gary! I loved what you found to be the help we can give to others who are afraid of a change in their lives, "kindness", which is one of the adjectives for "Christian."

    When my dad passed on, many of his friends told me that he was the kindest man they had ever known! I have tried to carry on that legacy! Nothing greater could be said about us than that we were kind to another. Jesus gave us the ultimate example when he healed, forgave, cared for, and taught us to love and be kind.

    The men and women coming home from their military deployments need this unconditional love and kindness. We can help them pass through these times of change. With the help of others who are kind to them, they can feel God's love carrying them through these difficult changes. I am so grateful for everyone who takes up the sacred charge of Jesus, "Go and do unto others as I have done unto you."

  62. Thank you for putting a clear and healing lilght on the topic of change. The right view has been very helpful to me.

  63. Sincere gratitude Jon and the reminder to live in NOW, Yes, I held it up to mirror in my thought and will remember that we each have WON as we live in the now. Peacefully, Carol

  64. So insightful! So helpful not only for myself but for others in my life. Recently, I have had a demonstration in accepting "change." I had in thought of some specific projects that I wanted to help complete at church, and new ideas that I wanted to help institute. Then, much to my surprise, I was elected First Reader. It seemed to be an adjustment for me in my thinking. I wanted to be obedient. But, the thought that I had other plans kept coming up. The thought of "change" loomed in my thought in a big way for me and for my family. Striving to be obedient to God and adjust to my new responsibilities with a joy filled heart, I knew that there is only one Mind. At church, I watched Mind unfold some of those new ideas in other members' thoughts, I am watching others stepping up to the plate to help institute those ideas. There is only one Mind, God, and I do not have the corner on the expressions of that Mind. It belongs to all mankind. To be obedient to that Mind sets one free and helps accept CHANGE with love, joy, and a sense of duty. Then---the blessings flow. My dear family, who are not Christian Scientists, have been so loving and helpful. I have even watched new ideas and projects unfold at home. And they are being completed. I am so grateful. Thanks, Jon. Loved this Daily Lift Ann Botts, Banning, CA.

  65. Perfect! As Mary Baker Eddy says in her Poem " Mother's Evening Prayer," " Loss is gain."
    And as we are promised in this week's Lesson Sermon, "We cannot 'serve two masters.' " Science and Health pg.14. Since Christ alone is our master, we are subject to God alone. We are free.

  66. Thank you...for this helpful reminder to override what seems to be constant and sometimes unwelcome change. And I love your online lectlures!

  67. Thank you for this Lift explaining our dominion over change. It applies in so many ways. God is Principle and therefore unchanging in His nature as Love. Regardless of what may appear to be going on in our lives, we can be equally as unchanging in our reflection of His Love because He alone supplies us with all that we are.

  68. Facing change moment-by-moment, but particularly today. Thank you for this inspired boost for progress. Perfect timing.

  69. Thank you Jon and all contributers, I too can say this is exactly the lift needed today.

    And it's timing with the resurrection lesson is right on target. The disciples, the multitudes who went to Jesus for healing had the biggest change of all to deal with. And Christ, continues to point us in the right direction everystep of the way. Thank you for helping me in my work to embrace the human circumstance of change with the unchanging Truth that embraces all.

  70. Thank you Jon and daily lift team.

  71. Thank you.

  72. Dear Jon I have had so much help and inspiration from listening to you on my cassette player. I also want to add to all the comments so far, that this reminder is just what we need. "In heavenly love abiding" is obviously a great favourite and a much loved hymn, and one which I turn to constantly. To our dear sister Ellen (43) It's many years since I "lost" my husband but found him again once I understood that we were both spiritual and lived in the Divine consciousness. I realise that it's early days but I hope this helps, much love to you and yours, and to ALL the daily lifters.

  73. Thank you Jon!

  74. God is the performer...we are not alone, and so have nothing to fear. Love's Presence felt is the assurance.

    A wonderful Lift, thank you John and all.

  75. Thank you very much, dear Jon, for this wonderful and very important lift.
    Dear friend Ellen (43) I can feel deeply with you. Wen my husband passed on suddenly a number of years ago, some friends said, "you know they say it takes two years to get over this ecxperience." I thought, No, no, dear Father this would be too much. And I started claiming that all the qualities that I had loved in him were spiritual ones and did not die; so I claimed that they stay in my life, continue being part of my life. And you know, this is what happened! One by one I noticed being active in my life. It was something so special to realize that we cannot ever be separated from good, from God.
    Take heart, dear Ellen, God's angels are very busy helping you. - Love, Anni.

  76. Very beautiful!
    Thank you very much!

  77. Thank you Jon for your wonderful Lift today.

  78. First, to Ellen #43: I've been meaning to write, but haven't found the words.

    For the past two months I've been working with an ailing pet, our dog Holly, who we buried yesterday. My loss seems so petty compared to your dear one, but the word wrenching captures the feeling.

    I made a list of Holly's good qualities and another of my own negative ones. I vowed to exchange my negative qualities for her positive ones and portray them in my life.

    A pet is a pure expression of God (Love, and loved, humility, kindness, gentleness, patience, peace, joy, receptivity, gratitude, forgiveness, honesty, meekness, acceptance, alertness, protective, and friendliness). If a dog can demonstrate this, so should I.

    My worst ones included self-righteousness, arrogance, aggrandizement, resentfulness, reclusive, withdrawn, judgmental, vengeful, selfishness, aggression, aggravation, intolerance and holding grudges.

    Today I expressed Holly's qualities to everyone I met, and I felt her so near to me again.

    And thank you Jon. Understanding I can be the master of change makes things easier and allows me to choose my own battles and fight on my own terms (and God's turf - a great home court advantage).

    The storm may roar without me, but the kingdom of God is within me. I have not lost Holly, but I have found her in myself. I hope I am humble and loving enought to do her memory justice.

    Sending everyone a virtural hug and knowing you are doing the same. We all need it.

  79. Our forever Leader gives, open-quote, In the words of the Hebrew writers: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct they paths;” “and He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.” End-quote. [Message to The Mother Church, Boston, Massachusetts June, 1901, pages 34-35, by Mary Baker Eddy.]

  80. Thank you, Jon, for this lift which is perfect for me. I have had to accept so many changes in my life (some not so pleasant), so it's good to be reminded of God's constant love and changeless presence. I will be putting my house on the market in a couple of weeks and still don't know where I should move, but I know the answer will come when needed.

    I appreciate everyone's comments, esp. Gary (7) and Sally (61). My husband and I had been married almost 29 years when he passed two summers ago. Many people also told me he was the kindest man they had ever known. At his memorial service, I asked everyone to go out and do something thoughtful for someone else in his memory. I also try to express kindness daily as he did, and in this I know I am expressing God.

    I also appreciate the comments from June (72) and Anni (75). And I am sending special love to Ellen (43).

  81. Listened several times to this message/Lift that is filled to over-flowing with 'masterly Light' --- Easter gratitude to you, Jon! Thank-you very much to All Lifters & the DL team. Loved the music.

  82. Gracias senor mucho amor con Jesus,que nos exige' el amor! My loss is JESUS gain!

  83. "God's changeless Presence felt masters change." Brilliant- Mind's brilliance stated so clearly, Jon, and I thank you for your clear listening.

  84. Just exactly the answer for the change going on in my life and equal to "no change my heart
    shall fear. " Thank you!

  85. Dear Michael (78): I love what you shared. Thank you so much. What a wonderful way to keep Holly in your heart. Just beautiful. I am sure your dear words to Ellen will touch and help others besides myself. Love and hugs to you. Holly is barking with joy!

  86. Angela Manchester UK
    Thank you for this lift Jon and to all the dear people who have left messages, how uplifting
    it is to know that God's love is expressed through us all - we are never alone. God's love
    is everpresent in us all. When I came to write this little message I had no idea what I was
    about to say but the ideas and the words just came to me as I sit waiting patiently at my
    computer. Thank you Lord = I shall wait again. My love and gratitude to you all.

  87. Thank you Jayne in CA #85. I really needed that.

    I always told Holly, “You're the Sweetest Girl”. Now I continue to remember that each morning and know it includes all of us.

    Last’s weeks lesson ended with Mrs. Eddy statement, “In the vast forever, in the Science and truth of being, the only facts are Spirit and its innumerable creations.” (S&H 479). The “truth of being” is not contained in, nor limited to, matter in any way, shape or form.

    The Lesson also started with,“Christ is real!” (Colossians 2:17). Thus all real being is eternal and includes every manifestation of Soul. People, pets and Principle are practical and perPETual.

    I wrote to Elly (not Ellen, my mistake) and we expressed our mutual support of these loved ones and the healing, progressive effect their presence continues to have.

    I will be better for this challenge and learn to love even more.

  88. Michael, you are so very welcome! And what you last wrote is also helpful to me as I have "lost" dear family members. How wonderful we can support each other through this forum. Lots of love!

  89. When My son passed away a couple of months ago I clung to hymn 148. After singing it my head dozens and dozens of times I had a realization. The part that says "Green pastures are before me, which yet I have not seen" meant something very different all of a sudden. I was just hoping for everything to get back to normal and everyone to feel happiness again but the thought came that the Green Pastures are something I havent seen before and they will be better than what they were before. Not only for us here but also for my son. It was quite a calming and joyful thought,

  90. Dear J, I often return to recent lifts to make sure I don't miss any comments. I am so glad I came back to this one. Thank you for your contribution. My heart is with you and your son. My 23-year-old son passed 6 years ago and I still struggle at times, although I surely know he is perfectly fine, lovingly cared for always, and expressing joy right where he is. I am grateful to God for all of the blessings He has given me in my life even though some are gone from physical sight. I love what Michael (#87) said above that these loved ones continue to have a healing, progressive effect as their presence is still with us. May you be filled with peace, comfort, and love as you move forward. Much love to you, Jayne

  91. Wow! So glad I didn't delete this! Thank you Jon and everyone. I feel like I just had a family reunion. Our church seems to be shrinking and there aren't enough members to man the committees. I am the new chairman of one and temporary chair of another. To remember that only good can be unfolding is just a huge comfort, and it follows logically from every statement MBE makes about God. I love Christian Science.

  92. Thank you for the reassurance, Jon!

  93. Thank you Jon; just catching up on my Daily Lifts and hearing your message this morning was one that was so needed for me!

  94. thank you Jon .I just heard your lift today and fuond it marvellous.and all the above comments.love and peace to all.

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