4/1: A new way of praying

4/1: A new way of praying

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  1. Thank you Frank for this so-important Lift. The first step in prayer is to raise our thought above what the mortal picture is telling us and to listen to what God is telling us, to what we know to be true-spiritual reality. When we declare the allness of God, good the unreality of discord becomes apparent. It never had a real source behind it. This is achieved through heartfelt prayer. When truth is unopposed (meets no resistance) in other words bears witness to itself, our prayers are answered and healing results.Thank you again.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Thank you, I'm always surprised at the many forms prayer can take.

  4. Veilen Dank, Frank! Much appreciated and a really good idea to share with friends.

  5. Thank you and I love to talk about prayer. I like to ask myself the question "Where am I praying from?" It is important to notice how I feel and the inner monologue that is in geer. It is important to note my attitude is a reflection of my thoughts which are my inner prayer. God has given me a child the power to ask and it is given is the way prayer works.

  6. Thank you so much this is very helpful. So helpful I do not have words for it exactly but it is as you say helpful in knowing that in my prayers I can rest and witness God. I really like this!

  7. Many thanks Frank for this great reminder that: "[We] must feel and know that God alone governs man; that His government is harmonious; that He is too pure to behold iniquity..." (MBE Rud. 10:5). "I reach Mind's open door, and at its portal / I know that where I stand is holy ground;/ I feel the calm and joy of things immortal,/ The loveliness of Love is all around." (Christian Science Hymnal #64).

  8. Thank you for your reminder, that we can pray with all our thougts in the light.

  9. Thank you, Frank., for “A new way of praying … through Christian Science, I understand that I am not separated from God because I am made in His image and likeness … God constantly communicates with me and … only imparts good and harmonious thoughts … I listen and follow God’s directing … ‘God alone governs man’ … everything is okay … witness God’s perfect and harmonious work …”

    Yes!!! This kind of "Hold thought steadfastly" (S&H 261:4) kind of praying, lifts up my daily experiences to a sacred walk with God, in which I “… believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God …” (I John 4:1) and listen for “This is the way, walk ye in it” (Isa 30:21), as I continue to grow forward.

    To think!!! “If Jesus awakened Lazarus from the dream, illusion, of death, this proved that the Christ could improve on a false sense. Who dares to doubt this consummate test of the power and willingness of divine Mind to hold man forever intact in his perfect state, and to govern man's entire action?” (S&H 439:28)

    Jesus said, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do …” (John 14:12).

    “In order to pray aright … We must ‘pray without ceasing’ and let our lives attest our sincerity” (S&H 15:14).

  10. Loving Gratitude!

  11. Thank you, Frank, for this uplifting message, "the still small voice speaking directly to our hearts" is so comforting. Loving thanks to all the DL team.

  12. Frank, Thank you. God alone does govern us.

  13. How do we pray? Do we follow a formula or repeat words over and over? Do we stand or kneel? Do we ever pray long enough?

    Is there a catch?
    I don't think so. God is constantly communicating with us, guiding us, sending us His good and harmonious thoughts constantly.

    The question is: do we listen attentively for God's guidance?
    How do we know God heard us?

    I found that my prayer works better when I practice listening; it doesn't need to be long, but honest and unselfish.
    It never fails and it's always better than expected.

    ¿Cómo oramos? ¿Seguimos una fórmula o repetimos palabras una y otra vez? ¿de pie o arrodillados? ¿Oramos lo suficiente?

    ¿Hay un truco?
    No lo creo. Dios está en constante comunicación con nosotros y nos guía, constantement mandándonos Sus pensamientos buenos y armoniosos.

    La pregunta es: ¿Escuchamos atentamente sus direcciones?
    ¿Cómo sabemos que Dios nos escuchó?

    Yo hallo que mi oración funciona mejor cuando practico el escuchar; no tiene por qué ser un largo rato, pero sí honestamente y desinteresadamente.
    Nunca falla y siempre es mejor de lo que yo esperaba.

  14. Thank you Frank.

  15. Yes. Let God pray you.

  16. Thank you. This Lift has been very helpful and to the Lifters your thoughts have been helpful especially the hymns. Many thanks to all.

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you!

  19. It is wonderful to hear and read of inspiration others have witnessed...but, indeed, the direct line of communication from Divine Mind to our own thoughts meets our individual need in the best possible way!
    Very grateful for these daily lifts.

  20. Thank you ... feel, know and pray without ceasing.

  21. Thank you Frank for a great "lift".

  22. Thank you Franz for this wonderful lift! I love those 3 words, "feel and know". In studying this weeks lesson it impressed upon me what Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego must have felt and known prior to being thrown into the fiery furnace. We are awed by the fact that afterward not even the "smell of fire had passed upon them". What touched me was that they told Nebuchadnezzar prior to being tossed into the furnace that "we are not careful to answer thee in this matter". From the outset they did not give in to evil. They were not impressed that the furnace was heated 7 time hotter than normal. Nebuchadnezzar's rage, in their face, did not even make them falter from feeling and knowing that 'God alone' governed every event of their lives and that God ' divides His power with nothing evil or material".
    Their daily work prior to this event must have helped them 'feel and know' without a single tinge of doubt and fear that God's love of '70 x 7' was not only encompassing them but Nebchadnezzar and his kingdom as well. The depth of their feeling and knowing, prior to this or any event, enabled them to fully understand that, '-as in heaven, so on earth, - God is omnipotent, supreme.' And the outcome was that not even the "smell of fire had passed upon them." They were untouched prior so they had to be untouched afterwards.
    Isn't this what we need to strive for daily? I am going to do my best to 'feel and know' as these 3 did. I am so very grateful for this lift!

  23. That's a great Lift! Thank you Frank.

  24. Thank you for giving me just what I needed to start my day. So grateful!

  25. Thank you Frank, and yes there times when I seriously wondered what I was forgetting to do. But from the moment we turn to God and give Him our full attention one can feel the Christ take over, and healing soon follows, faster than we could believe.

  26. I just love the thought to feel and know that God is present when we pray. Thanks so much, Frank. There is a little poem, "In the morning" by Edith J. Clumpner (Sentinel, December 1, 1997) which I' ve found very helpful and the second verse reads:

    "And as I listen, watch, and pray,
    God's thoughts will come. Throughout the day
    His truth is here, His wisdom is mine,
    To guide me with His love divine."

    And I have found comfort in the third verse of Hymn 350:

    "While His truth we are applying,
    And upon His love relying,
    God is every need supplying,
    All, all is well."

    Throughout the day God is supplying my every need and ALL is well!

  27. Prayers, sincere quiet moments with God. Whatever the words, they are about our willingness to step away from mortality and turn Godward. Maybe we are asking, maybe we are confirming and expressing gratitude, but we are definitely ready to go higher.

    I may mentally chatter about a problem, claim God’s dominion, but spiritual perfection is already established. Prayer is a reminder that this is so - - and to listen up! Ah, hah! God morphs prayer into divine consciousness, which is what we know as effective prayer. This actual spiritual inspiration lifts all fear and a glowing warmth drops into place, healing. Nothing on earth can come close to that embrace.

    I am not sure what an entirely unfettered spiritual existence would be like, but the spiritual experiences I have had make me willing to go this direction. Maybe that’s a prayer.

    Thank you Frank.. And, thank you JD #21 - perfect... "feel and know" - there it is! That's unfettered spiritual existence!

  28. ¡Vaya una nueva forma de orar!
    Sin duda puede haber muchas, ya que la oración es un reciproco sentir, que se alinea con la Verdad. Cuando realmente somos fieles obrando como Cristo obró, la oración es un hecho, no se necesita ni siquiera nombrar a Dios, que está allí donde Sus atributos se practican, integrada indisolublemente con Dios. Alguna vez me ha asombrado lo poco que Cristo nombraba a Dios, lo hacía en hechos puntuales, su máxima... "Mi Padre hasta ahora trabaja y yo trabajo" nadie como Él sabía, que aún sin nombrarlo Dios está presente.

    Han sido muchas las ocaciones, eso me ha llevado a entender, que la oración es efectiva cuando tomamos consciencia de la necesidad ajena, porque no importa la tarea que estemos haciendo, lo ajeno debe ser primero, así lo hizo Cristo, para Él no había nadie ni nada más importante, que cumplir los preceptos divinos, cumpliendo la justicia divina, que no da ni quita, (en el sentido errado, que generalmente se tiene) sino que obra en extricta justicia.

    Todos los actos de Cristo fueron a favor del que sufría injusticia, no tenemos más que observar para darnos cuenta. Obró en contra del abuso, enfermedad, intolerancia, todas injustas, hoy en día, las injusticia que cristo combatió se siguen dando, y se hace necesario redoblar esfuerzos para erradicarlas, cómo Él lo hizo. En constante oración sí, de atributos divinos, sí que obran.

    Muchas gracias Frank, por el mensaje de diaria inspiración.

  29. Wonderful , thank you. :-)

  30. This is very well expressed and so helpful. Thank you very much!!!!

  31. Wonderful Lift! It is perfect for me this morning and every morning. So many helpful comments..thanks Everyone!

  32. Lovely Lift on Prayer, Frank! Danke! I think there are many forms of Prayer and Jesus showed us all kinds. I think the deepest and most immediate type of Prayer that Heals is when we can shift and lift our thought so as to "think out" from God. This transforms our Human Experience so that it is aligned with the Good of God's creating, and Healing happens. This is what Mary Baker Eddy discovered and gave to the world in her book, Science and Health. So Grateful! Thank you again and Much Love to All!

  33. A need met. Thank you.

  34. Up and "attem" for the day. As we listen while we watch and pray, God will guide and guard us all the way.. Thanks for getting us off on the right mental foot, Frank. Also all the deep shared thoughts from you commenters really help broaden our perspective. Thank you one and all.

  35. Thank you for this lift on prayer.

  36. Love this lift and comment #15 "Let God pray you" and S/he always is doing just that. Thanks for all the wonderful lifts each day. I look forward to them and reading the comments, too. Much gratitude!

  37. Thank you so much, Frank. This was very timely and helpful.

  38. Thank you Frank, I have wondered just how to pray effectively, what words will work, and I would get frustrated at the lack of words in my head. Then I began to "feel" my thoughts toward God and this felt more true to what I wanted to convey anyway! I have known CS since I was little but I'm really a new seeker now and these daily lifts and all their comments are truly uplifting and insightful. Thank you also for #22 for her explanation about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. I always loved that story and marvelled how they could have survived. This explanation makes all the sense.

    Keep the lifts and comments coming! Good on all of you.

  39. This is a profoundly beautiful, helpful and insightful lift. Your lift was an answer to prayer. Thank You!

  40. Thanks for this good reminder that it's not the letter or a formulae that heals, but our unity with good, God that puts an end to disease and fear, and like yesterday's lift, we feel the Father's hand which makes us feel like singing. Thank you Frank, and thanks to all these comments of unity.

  41. I have thought about this manner of prayer.Your lift encourages and convinces me to adopt this format of prayer.....merci/thanks..

  42. Best food for my day and with a job interview tomorrow - I am very grateful for your comforting thoughts and lens into experience and progress.

    Thank you sincerely.

  43. I loved comment #22 JD in Texas where he speakes of Shadrach, Meshach & Abendego. There is no new way of praying, only the right way which MBE taught us in her book S&H. It's been with us since Abraham's time. We are just discovering it. It's as old as history itself. This right way aka (New Way) will always be satisfactorily answered when used properly.

  44. Thank you for this very thoughtful, deeply loving Lift.
    It's good to be reminded of the greatness and blessedness in "Feeling" God's presence,
    Love, and understanding, - and the indispensability of listening to our Father! He/She already
    knows our needs.
    Very big thanks Frank,

  45. Wonderful! So good to be reminded that I am NEVER separate from God! How lovely to know this constant, glorious, loving companionship! Thank you Frank.

  46. Thank you very much, Frank. I like the idea that we are "always with God", never disconnected, isn't that right?. Auf Deutsch, "wir sind immer mit Gott, nicht wahr?"

  47. Thank you Frank! I appreciate a lot when you say: "There is no separation from God." "You must feel and know that God alone governs man." and "His government is harmonious." I remember a practitioner has said to me that I have to come to feel God's presence. When I feel this, it's my treasure! At that time, I know that nothing can be apart from God. Thank you again!

  48. We are so blessed by this Lift right now. Thanks very much,

  49. Many thanks Frank, just what I needed to hear,....... and to all the comments. Very helpful.
    Thank You.

  50. Thank You very much Frank!, what an uplift!..."unceasing prayer" yes it's possible when Love/God leads the way!....Glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's" (I Corinthians 7:20)...how beautiful is that!...we are not our own!...We are God's beings! What a burden of mortality that we can just let go!...and let GOD! Happy day to this wonderful spiritual community! God Bless! : ) : ) : )

  51. Dear Frank, Thank you so much for your Very Clear understanding of God and his perfect creation, right here and right now! "I will listen for Thy voice". A Wonderful Lift!

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Hymn 304 "Feed my Sheep" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  52. Thank you.

  53. Yes, we must feel the presence of God since it's truth. God is on site emanating all the qualities which make up our spiritual body, the only embodiment! No distance or time delay in omnipresence.

  54. What a lovely lift. Thank you. So relevant and heartfelt and practical. Thanks everyone for sharing. AND thanks of course to DL team for putting these on.

  55. Yes, as Jesus taught us, "I and my Father are one." No problem communicating there!

  56. Lovely, healing Lift, Frank, thank you! I'll cherish this Lift and pray to share it with some dear German-speaking friends. Abiding gratitude for the gift of these Lifts and all contributors.

  57. Thank you

  58. Such a beautiful lift, and all I would like to say has been said already by our faithful contributors..I did especially love those four words that you said. Frank i.e.that "EVERYTHING IS OK NOW!" what a relief to hear that right now. Many, many thanks and LOVE to ALL. June UK.

  59. Thank you, this is such a helpful message.

  60. Not sure if El Paso Patt meant to write a poem in her comments but I loved this simple thought she shared:

    "As we listen while we watch and pray, God will guide and guard us all the way."

    Thanks also to Nancy from Yellow Springs. Lovely and helpful!

  61. Veilen Dank, Frank! for this helpful and lovely uplifting message. Just what I needed.
    GOD bless

  62. Prayer is a moment of supreme happiness and divine joy effacing all mortal woe.Thank you, Frank.

  63. Thank you Frank..we all look out from HIM
    with Perfection.

  64. I noticed that you used the word "feel" twice: "feel and know that God alone governs man", "feel inner certainty".

    I have recently noticed other healers saying this. We do not only connect to God in a sterile cerebral way. We can feel God's presence with all our being. Being spiritual does not mean being only mental. We can feel our completeness, feel the beauty, envision and feel the healing. Embrace and experience God in all the dimensions of our being.

    Being the God's child is more than analytical "left brain" mind science. It is a total emersion into Love.

  65. Thank you, Frank for your very helpful and clear prayerful message, spoken with heartfelt and harmonious conviction.

  66. Thank you for the good advice!

  67. Thank you so much. Am so humbly learning this day by day that it's more a feeling and listening to God than repeating words. Always love, beyond anything, those moments when God's comforting "rest" takes over. Wonderful lift.

  68. Thank you Frank for this helpful reminder

  69. Frank, This supports all the ideas that you shared with us a few years ago. I found Nela's comments [ 9. ] really helpful as well. The Lazarus reference from S & H is 493:28 . Many thanks, Melvyn

  70. Thank you Frank for beautiful lift...

  71. Thank you so much Frank.

  72. Thanks for the reminder to listen! (=

  73. Frank, thanks so much for this lift, It made me think and realized how important to know how to prayo,