3/8: The only reality is God's reality

3/8: The only reality is God's reality

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  1. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Heloisa for this insightful Lift. More than the Christ is something that we take with us, as if packing and unpacking a suitcase, the Christ fills all space. There is no place that we can go that God is not already there, "working his purpose out." Our spiritual understanding allows us to see the only reality there is-spiritual reality. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 516, "..when we subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal senses to the facts of Science, we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere." This is bearing witness to God's reality.

  3. I love this Home ... Harmony of Mind Expressed. Wherever I move in it. Tomorrow I go to another city to travel by air to another continent and two days later, to yet another continent ... all mansions in my Father's House. Thank you Father/Mother/God for your Magnificence.

  4. Thanks Heloisa ... one reality ... right here .. Thanks

  5. Thank you so much Heloisa for explaining an aspect of travel that I had given little attention to. When I travel to other countries I will now endeavour not to compare human cultures with each other, but to rejoice in the fact that I should identify the spiritual aspects of that nation's culture with the one reality of the harmony of God and that all men live in this reality which is common to all.

    Perhaps this was the first mistake of the Pharisee in his view of other men:

    Luke 18:11 (to 4th ,)

    11 The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are,

    This daily lift is a valuable contribution to the world's understanding of true peace. To quote Mrs Eddy in Science and Health:

    340:23-25 (to 2nd ")

    One infinite God, good, unifies men and nations; con-

    24 stitutes the brotherhood of man; ends wars; fulfils the
    Scripture, "Love thy neighbor as thyself;"


  6. Grateful thanks Heloisa. Your precious message is a healing for our beloved Africa

  7. Thank you for reminding us of God's constant care. Today I really needed to hear this message, so I'm very grateful for the clear manner in which you told us to trust in His Love.

  8. Mary Baker Eddy gives, "To reach heaven, the harmony of being, we must understand the divine Principle of being.

  9. Dear Holoisa

    Thank you so much for your uplifting thought's.

    Love will take us all the way, no matter what we are doing every moment of the day.

    All have a wonderful adventure.

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham CS.

  10. Thank you, Heloisa. I learned when I moved from MA to England that I could not "put America into England"; each place had its own identity, as did I. We do not make "companions". We see and accept what God's plan and work will be for us and then we go & do it! A lovely message.

  11. When Jesus taught us to pray, "Our Father' Matt. 6:9, he knew we are all one with God, no matter race, financial status, culture or creed. Our common ground is the undivided, universal presence of God's Love.
    An understanding of One spiritual God who sees us as His/Her own should be enough to bring peace to each heart who accepts it... and to everyone in the ratio of his/her thought.


    Cuando Jesús nos enseñó a orar: "Padre nuestro" Mat. 6:9, él sabía que todos nosotros somos uno con Dios, sin importar la raza, el estado financiero, cultura o credo. Nuestra base común es la presencia indivisible y universal del amor de Dios.
    La comprensión de un Dios espiritual que nos ve como Suyo propio debería ser suficiente para traer la paz a cada corazón que lo acepta ... y para cada uno de aquellos que estén en el radio de su pensamiento.

  12. A lovely message, thank you Heloisa. No matter where we are, Truth is always true !

  13. Lovely, Heloise, thank you so much.

  14. In Him we "live and move and have our being".
    Thank you Heloisa.

  15. Heloisa, thanks for speaking of common ground as "the undivided universal presence of God's love," a wonderful source of fellowship for us all to live better together.

    The New English Bible defines fellowship: “What we have seen and heard, we declare to you, so that you and we together may share in a common life, that life which we share with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.”

    Examples of resistance to fellowship might be expressed as a sense of fear, shyness, uncertainty, self-love, or even a basic indifference hiding under the guise of feeling spiritually superior to, and not needing, others. This limits our mobility and access to others by building walls around us that separate us from our neighbors and joint heirs in Christ.

    You spoke about immersing yourself in expressions of home wherever you happen to be. When we truly allow the Christ into our hearts, we’re able to perceive our neighbor clearer and on a more universal basis.

    God-centered fellowship connects us with others. This enables our hearts to burn within us when we meet with our neighbors and other people in the community and the world .

    Sometimes fellowship can involve “breaking of bread” or a gathering with cookies and punch, etc. These are definitely good steps, however truly opening our thought, our arms and our hearts, and actually involving ourselves in a common life connected to others and with God, is the larger picture of fellowship. We can live this fellowship anywhere and with anyone.

  16. Thank you for this truly good uplift! Just one thing - I love Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  17. Thank you for this uplifting Lift. I have traveled some most of it in the USA. God is always with me and with everyone.

  18. Thank you for this lovely Lift and for all the comments. We are all waking up to our oneness in
    Divine Love, the only reality.

  19. Thank you, Heloisa, for “The only reality is God’s reality … immersed in … God’s reality … undivided universal presence of God’s love … trust that …” Okay, then. As I travel today I will accept only God's reality. :-)

  20. Surely if we would dedicate more effort to understand God's reality... (which we reflect), would bring us blessings that we cannot even imagine

  21. Many thanks Heloise. "Behold reality." "Find Thy perfect, calm reflection;/ On the path that has no turning,/ Patience, courage, meekness learning." (Christian Science Hymnal *85).

  22. Your Lift is so on the mark, Heloise. I was so fortunate to be able to travel for much of my life. Even travelling to places in Australia involves huge distances. And though I cooked many of my meals in bush camps, and accepted hospitality from others, when I was in other lands the basic elements were the same: a quiet meal at the end of the day, and breakfast while breaking camp. In Jakarta in a little street, sitting on a chair brought with such courtesy from the man preparing the food; and from another selling fruit salad with pickles (hot!). Just sharing mutual feelings of gentleness and courtesy, and appreciating the delicious meal prepared by another.
    Thank you Nathan and the production team; the BoL and lecturers who always seem to be on the wing; and the widespread Daily Lifters.

  23. No hay dudas de que no hay lugar donde Dios no este, lo que hace la diferencia es nuestro estado de pensamiento, aquí en el pequeño Uruguay, en inglés, en español, en las grandes ciudades en un pequeño pueblo, en la riqueza o en la pobreza materiales, con estudios sin estudios, ya que espiritualmente conocemos o debemos saber que Dios es todo, si estamos con Dios si caminamos con Él, en cualquier lugar, situación y necesidad, siempre abundantemente ricos, Yo siento que Dios es tan bondadosamente grande que se hace imposible tomar consciencia de que el error es algo, siendo ´como es, nada, y si nos esforzamos veremos que hay sólo Un lugar allí donde sólo existe la Bondad y sin duda ayudaremos a que otros así lo vean, aunque se nos represente cómo imposible o difícil de lograr, ser consciente de Un sólo Hecho, Un sólo lugar , Universal y Único., donde no hay fronteras, ni razas, ni ciudadanías, ni extranjeros,ni ideoligías, ni religiones, Un sólo Sentir y ese absolutamente espiritual.

    Podríamos dar cantidad de ejemplos, bíblicos, de personas que han sido ejemplo para todos en un accionar abnegado, de bondad que a veces asombran al mundo y sobresalen justamente por esa entrega de amor al projimo sin medir el riesgo de ser denostados por el error, por esa razón y lo serán o seremos como lo fue Cristo Jesús, Eddy y tantos otros, que no temieron ser maltratados en su esfuerzo de demostrar eso mismo que tú dices Eloisa: Dios en cada rincón del Universo para todo,

  24. Thank you so much Heloisa for your clear message about the only reality in which we live and we have everything we need all the time. One reality, one nation, one culture and over-all One infinite and loving Father who knows only One language.

  25. Thank you...a great reminder as we travel.

  26. Which brings us to travel games!

    I feel more spiritually grounded when I travel because I play a travel game with my Father. “I spy everyone speaking Chinese here”. All my children speak the language of Love. “I spy a dirt floor home.” Our real home is built on Rock. “I spy a tired old man.” Life is ageless and beautiful. “I spy oneness of God's being with just some style differences.” One point for me.

    Thank you Heloísa for the great fact that our home is an infinite spiritual universe, governed and maintained by ever present Love. Ten points for you!

  27. Thank you, Heloisa!

  28. Thanks so much, Heloise, for giving us a valuable guide to travel as well as at home - wherever we may be -to see the only reality as God's reality. Many years ago I took a trip alone driving through England, Scotland and Wales and had many wonderful interactions with the people I encountered - especially since I was traveling alone. One that stands out was when I was in Wales and discovered a large expanse of beach close to sunset that I thought would be lovely to walk on and enjoy the end of the day. I had passed a bed and breakfast on the way so went back to see if they had a room. The woman said no, then asked if I was traveling alone and when I said yes, invited me in for tea and sweets. We shared family histories and she offered me her bedroom for the night and she slept in the living room. The sunset walk was spectacular - a beautiful ending to a lovely day. God is certainly the best traveling companion anyone can have. I am so very grateful to know I am always in His presence wherever I am.

  29. We live move and have our being in the Mind that sends forth his idea's man. These idea's are everywhere individually and collectively. Where is GOD not to be found!!! Really where have you traveled????

  30. lynn -thank you to each and every "Lifter" today. Such messages of confirmation! Thank you for #2, Martin, who gave a message needed to be heard today.
    Thank you especially, Helosia, for these thoughts to keep in heart and mind today.

  31. Heloisa,

    Thank you for the perfect timing of this Lift.

    Psalm 90:1 says "Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations." And Psalm 91 goes on to describe that dwelling place.

    We're spiritual ideas--not mortal travelers--living in the NOW of spiritual Reality and having our being on the mountain top.

    There's no landlord in Truth; we have a direct provision of right home and shelter, with no medium or intermediary. In fact, we are always empowered to express all the ideas of home, wherever we are. I'm praying for the Syrians who appear to be in large refugee camps. Their dwelling place is the same as mine.

  32. Thank you, Heloise, for this view of only One Reality! I also like #2 Martin's comment which made me realize that my job is to bear witness to God's Reality. Plug in and see it! I realized that this is what C.S. Hymn #148 means when it says: "In heavenly Love abiding, no change my Heart shall fear;..." No matter where we seem to travel and move about physically, humanly, we are still always in the presence of God, Divine Love, the One Reality! It is our job to keep this as our ground of Being, no matter what! Happy Lovely Weekend to All!

  33. Oh - such power in this idea! Even if we seen to have "traveled" to a place of sickness, injury, or any discord at all, we can trust that man can never leave the universal omnipresence of God's harmonious, spiritual reality of being, where divine Principle governs. We can never leave "God's infinite spiritual universe" which "is governed by His infinite Love." That IS the only universe, and we all live there forever - forever save and at home with the Father-Mother.
    Thank you Heloisa!!!

  34. Thank you so much! Always at "home." What a gift to know this :)

  35. Thank you.

  36. Oh Heloise, such a wonderful lift. There is a saying, "Home is where the heart is." If our heart is with God then our home is everywhere as you so lovingly shared with us in your lift. We are home every time we see a smile, hear laughter, find beauty and all the other evidences of God's spiritual creation. God has no location; he is omnipresent, transcending time and space, as are we all. Thank you so much for this meaningful spiritual message. And thanks to all the Daily Lifters who added their inspirations and to those who make these daily lifts possible.

  37. Thank you Heloisa, how enlightening a view! Peter Jensen ( such a wow message) to Elena, Margaret Sunshine, and to Lori, what beautiful feelings and imagery you relayed!! Stories to treasure....Everyone else-- countless thanks!

  38. I'm at home with God no matter where I am. What a wonderful thought and one that keeps us safe, happy, joyous, and loving to everyone and every event in our being.
    Thank you Heloise for your Lift, and thanks to Nate and his team for the beautiful delivery and music.

  39. Status in human terms is measured by how much money one has, or what kind of employment. A Lawyer is looked up to, a Garbage Collector is looked down to. Oh! What a wrong view. Jesus saw this right away in his followers when he washed one of his disciples feet. In their mortal view of him, Jesus was "Top Dog." No one was higher or lower. Jesus did not belittle. He taught the reality of God, that in God's eyes, all reflected him and the successes of humanity was symbols of his power, his reality.

  40. Thank you for this great lift. I have had the opportunity to travel to several different countries in the passed few years. The one thing I find is that all people want a home, food, family, safety and love. We really are all one family living in God's reality.

  41. Thank you Heloisa and great appreciation to my lifter world wide friends!!! Your comments are the BEST!!!!!! Ahhhh I'm home!!!!!
    Love to all

  42. I listened to this several times and so apprecate your message. Immerging ourselves in only Gods reality, and always looking for Gods reality - we have Gods presence in common & what it takes to be in harmony.
    Thank you.

  43. So home is where God is!
    So wherever we are is "home sweet home!"
    I am very grateful for the inspiring ideas you are sharing with us today.
    Thank you so much Heloisa!

  44. Thank you.

  45. Dear Heloisa, Thank you for bringing us a glimpse of God's Reality , our home.
    This is true right in our house -- instead of seeing a pile of unfiled papers, I can see God's reality.
    Thanks to all the Lift comments also -- #2, 15, 22, 26, 33 specially spoke to me. But all help to lift up consciousness to look for God's Reality!
    Big thanks to Nate for the very welcome "Good morning" greeting each day!

  46. Reality sweet reality! Thank you Heloisa, your message warms our hearts.

  47. Thank you Heloisa for this thought: I am staying put in reality, i.e., in thought, as I travel forward. It's the view!

  48. Thanks Heloisa and everyone. The lift and the comments remind me of my mother's firm insistance that home is a spiritual quality, ever with us to be expressed and lived by embracing everyone and every place in God's provision. Since we moved many times, through the years, due to my dad's career, mom would say, "We take our tent with us and we leave the borders of our tent wide open to receive the blessings we are willing to share." Thanks everyone.Thanks DL team. Thanks again, Heloisa.

  49. How wonderful to know that we are always at home, and that we can experience God's reality wherever we are! Thank you so much, Heloisa!

  50. Our universal family of love
    unique and precious.
    "...man's harmony is no more to
    be invaded than the rhythm of the
    universe..." Retro 61

  51. Soul-filled inspiring Truths in today's Lift, always the perfect accompaniment to the current Bible lesson. This pilgrim is inspired to 'launch my bark' and venture upon the City's teeming highway uptown to the Christian Science church. God wins! (S&H page 254 24-32).

  52. Thanks, Heloisa! Especially here in Puerto Madryn, Argentina!!! And our cruise ship which swayed all night on the Atlantic!

  53. Thank you for this warm and safe- feeling embrace! The daily lifts are so helpful!

  54. Thank you Heloisa for this practical example of understanding the reality of God's creation which we may see and experience wherever our travels may take us.
    Joy and peace accompanies the travel itself, free from anxiety of any kind. I had such an experience on a trip to Palm Springs. One leg of the flight was cancelled while I was waiting in an airport. Not knowing when or if my journey would continue I felt confident that a suitable solution would would be found. After a long wait at the service counter, an attendant found a flight not listed on the flight board that left not much later than my scheduled departure, and it arrived in Palm Springs one hour earlier than my scheduled arrival. The newly renovated terminal was a beautiful and peaceful welcome. I walked out the front door just as my daughter drove into the parking lot to meet me. It really felt like I was living in the reality and harmony of God's kingdom, trusting in His care.

  55. Thank you so much for this lovely reminder that, as my dear Grandma use to say "home is where the heart is!" and when God's reality is all we recognize with all our heart, well, we're always home! When my husband was in the service, we traveled to several locations. When we arrived at a new destination, the first thing we'd look to find was the local Christian Science Church and Reading Room. When we walked into them, it didn't matter where we were, we felt a peace, like we were home! For us, this was part of our "Reality" and we loved it. I'm so grateful to be reminded of this today! Being mindful of the "reality" of God's creation, unites hearts and minds and brings our true sense of home into view! Like Mary Baker Eddy writes on page 58:21-25 " Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the center though not the boundary of the affections.". I am grateful today to realize that there are no boundaries in God's reality! Your precious Lift points this out beautifully!

  56. Thank you.

  57. WOW....This is so powerfully good, Heloisa. I felt that sense of God's infinite ever-presence in your Lift. Thanks sooo much!

  58. Home is everywhere, what a comforting reassuring message! "Home" transcends culture and national borders. And beyond:
    Heloisa, your message is a true gift on my path. I have followed the path of the buddha for a long time, and for a few years now i am learning more and more about CS teachings. As i walk through challenges, my effort has been to find common ground between traditions and teachings that have continued to guide and sustain me.
    I am re reading a book on the teachings of the buddha, in basic, plain and simple terms. The buddha taught "awareness", to "see Reality within the forever present transforming Whole."
    Your message confirms for me that these traditions (and others as well) share a common kernel and essence, a common understanding. I cannot begin to describe how helpful and sustaining this is for me.
    Filled with gratitude,

  59. "The only reality is God's reality" --- I'll remember & practice this and the other excellent ideas from your Lift, starting now and when I travel to Europe in May. Merci beaucoup, Heloisa! Super world wide Lifter comments to read/ponder/use. Thank-you, DL team for uplifting my/our daily reality. Love/love to All/all.

  60. Great! Thank you.

  61. Thank you for this wonderful lift. I am grateful to you for your wonderful words, and to all involved in presenting this lift!

  62. Thank you

  63. This is the best travel advice I have heard. It does seem that we move into different realities but knowing the one reality of Love's presence equalizes and harmonizes a sense of transition. Thank you for this helpful Lift.

  64. Merci beaucoup Eloisa pour ce message qui confirme la vérité. Il n'y a que la parole de Dieu qui est réalité.

  65. Thank you for the daily lift and to Fay #3 for Home = Harmony of Mind Expressed - that idea just lifted me up and erased thoughts of fear about how my day would be unfolding. All the other thoughts shared - thank you everyone.

  66. Needed this....very inspiring and loving

  67. I had an experience right after Class Teaching. I was sitting in a corner of a church, no one else was there yet. I felt the most warm loving presence, powerful, yet gentle. For a few minutes I tried to ask myself, what is this I am feeling? I kept askingand listening and then the word "Home," came to me amid tears and gratitude. Home is where God is, and where God is I am and so is everyone. All the synonyms fill home eternally. I have a banner that says. "Have you hugged your synonyms today? God: Life, Truth, Love, Spirit, Soul, Mind, Principle. From the text book, Science and Health with Key to the Sriptures, by Mary Baker, Eddy.

  68. Bless you, Heloisa! It is good to be reminded of God's reality as what unites us rather than reacting to the appearances of differences. Variety of individual expression is one thing, but differences that would try and divide is a whole other thing, and not in accord with divine Principle's government. How wonderful to know that when we live out from divine, spiritual reality we are in accord with Principle and this is the key to harmony. No wonder you can shift gears from Boston to Brazil in perfect, natural ease. Just what I needed to hear as I pack my bags. This trip can be EZPZ. I carry my home, my harmony within and its Principle, Love! I am ever at home in Love. It's the law. Thanks to all lifters too...

  69. Heloisa, Most excellent Daily Lift! Muchas Gracias!

  70. as one whose ansistory is from Sa Miguil an knowing how greatful I am to have come across Mary Baker Eddys science an health a whole new door was opened.I new of jesus healings an spiritual power as the Christ but only when this meak unknow woman through the grace of God brought to the world the idear of eternal salvation through that little book agreat light appeared an things will never be the same.Its the ChristI I seeI don't see fallen man...

  71. I thank you so much Heloisa for the nice lift.

  72. Was perfectly timed for me to hear! A BIG TEXAS, THANK YOU!

  73. This is what Bible quote came to me from I Corinthians15:28: "...when all things shall be subdued unto him (Christ Jesus), then shall the Son also himself be subject unto Him (God) that put all things under him (Jesus Christ), that God may be all in all."

    I love this, because in this human proving ground, we are always gravitating toward the idea that home transcends geography, culture, economics, history, race, sex, religion, philosophy, nobility, etc. we are all one family.

    Mrs Eddy says two things that come to thought in Science & Health: (Mrs Eddy is speaking of the Holy City (which all cities must reflect to some degree)), “Mighty potentates and dynasties will lay down their honors within the heavenly city.” No divisions in Spirit and Spirit's Ideal, or Spirit's children!

    Also from Mrs Eddy: “Angels are God’s representatives. These upward-soaring beings never lead towards self, sin, or materiality, but guide to the divine Principle of all good, whither every real individuality, image, or likeness of God, gathers.”

    If we are in a place unfamiliar, or not, God's thoughts can only guide us to blessed places and people, an oasis of Mind's expressions, finding rest and drink and meaningful interaction.

    LOVE all the interaction here at the DL oasis whither we gather daily!

    Thank you Heloísa!

  74. Good to be reminded of the true Reality! Thanks.

  75. Heloisa, thank you for your Daily Lift.

  76. Thank you Heloisa.

  77. I am reminded of an almost identical experience as #28-Lori in California. I was stationed in Norfolk, England with the USAF in the summer of 1951. We were flying missions over Europe, mapping areas along the Russian border. I was installing photo and camera equipment on our jets. Due to lots of fog and marginal weather, we were given a lot of down time. My buddy and I shared a rental of a 1937 Morris shooting brake ( station wagon) that had barely survived WWll. We wanted to see the country, and took every chance we could. Being Americans, we thought that at the end of the day we could pull in to some hotel and find a room. The hotels in the small towns were only a few rooms, nothing like Downton Abbey, and we were always running from place to place trying a place to sleep. On one night we had gone from town to town, finding no room at the inn. Being reconciled to sleeping in the car, we stopped at a pub to get something to eat, and had a very pleasant time talking with the family that owned it. When they learned of our plight, they offered us their daughters bedroom, while she slept with her mother..There was only a single bed in her room, and my buddy was 6'4-240 lbs, and I was 6'2 and somewhat slimmer. They pulled the bed away from the wall, and stuffed pillows between the bed and wall. That gave us enough room for both of us. They fixed us a lovely breakfast the next morning, and we departed after lots of hugs. I'll never forget Plumtree, England-and our needs being met.

  78. Traveling, I feel at home in any church, a Rastafarian's cafe, a long visit with the head monk in Thailand, various Christian churches, and a mosque in Ephesus. There, we went for a visit and were told we didn't need to cover our head, or wear long skirts. When we entered a man yelled at us to put on the long skirts provided at the door. A small man came in and stopped him, and said we didn't need to. " After all, it doesn't matter to God whether you cover your head. It's what is in your heart that matters " The first man was the chauffeur, and the second was the Imam, who spent an hour or so visiting with us, as we sat on the prayer rugs,sans shoes, and shared with him. On one trip coming back to the US, I sat next to a Coptic from Egypt of high rank, who traveled the world to his church's meetings. We explained a bit about Christian Science,in our brief chat. Waiting in Cambodia, we shared freely with two young monks, in their robes, but with some cool accessories, like my sons. Love is the universal language.

  79. Obrigada Heloisa, Realmente eh maravilhosa a certeza de que estamos vivendo no universo de Deus onde o Amor eh a causa, o Criador the tudo! Não há outra realidade, apenas a infinidade da Mente.

    Thank you Heloisa. It's wonderful the certainty that we exist in God's universe where Love is the cause, the creator of all! There is no other reality, just the infinitude of Mind!

  80. Wonderful! Thankyou for this wakeup call showing me the REALITY of true home and its infinitude its perfection and that I do live and move and have my being in God the Great I AM!

  81. Thank you Heloisa for the wonderful lift, much appreciated, a perfect gem! I have been sharing it.I am grateful for all the comments too. Thank you Nate and everyone.

  82. Ah yes! How beautifully stated, Heloisa. At one point in my travels, I realized that I lived in God, was not "going any place" and that this sense of Love defines home. Pain in my ears when the plane was descending lessened and then ceased.

  83. The loving contributions of the Lifters are always so helpful. Today I especially welcome #15 as it gives me spiritual ideas of how to meet a feeling of incompatibility, instead of the fellowship needed, with certain friends.

  84. Thanks so much Heloisa. It makes me think that the house of the Lord is reflected in my conciousness every where I am, in every situation and with everybody.

  85. My husband and I have shared Christian Science with others in our neighborhood that we refer to as the 'United Nations' because everyone seems to have sought asylum here from other lands. During a long airplane flight, we've shared with a young single muslim man studying physics in college. We found many commonalities and he said he was satisfied what he heard from us about Christian Science.

    Finding the commonalities was never a problem with me or my husband and we developed some great friendships. Now, however, we are appreciating finding the distinctions in Christian Science as provided in the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy's writings, specifically and only the authorized writings. In her book, Science and Health with key to the Scriptures she handles for us and shows with clear distinction the identity of Christian Science that will ensure the rise of man and indicates the distance it is from any age-old philosophy clothed in "New" forms. Make the study. Today, however, it takes a discerning eye and ear and a settled desire to support the literal purity of our fellowman, not just for ourselves. We must be redeemed from self-righteousness by deep humility--something chants do not accomplish. We claim to be loving yet men are mercilessly condemned in all media. Presently we are proclaiming more than we are expressing, obviously. Thank God for distinctions and variety in our world and for the leaven of the Christ in spiritual interpretation given by Christian Science.

  86. Thank you for your beautiful message which carried me through......what seemed to be a difficult day..

  87. I love this lift today which is meeting a need. thank you.

  88. Thank you! Another great reminder.

  89. Beautiful lift... thank you so much!

  90. Very inspiring lift, thank you so much!

  91. Thank you to all who have commented. We are trying to sell our home of many years and move to a retirement location in the hopes of living more simply. The real estate market has so many homes for sale, and sometimes the hope of selling ours seems improbable. It is good to know that we are all one in God and that our home is subject to "harmony of Mind expressed" and that our perfect buyer is coming. This, too, shall be an easy transition from old home to new home and we need not fret. Thank you for your clarity.

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