3/8: Seeing through the façade

3/8: Seeing through the façade

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  1. Thanks so much John. It is so important so practice, every day, seeing the KOG around us, and its inhabitants (people) as God's expressions, where everybody else sees a mortal world and mortal beings, if we really want to understand the principle of spiritual healing.

  2. Thank you, John, for sharing your spiritual discernment regarding a fascinating concept in our everyday experience! What a meaningful thought with which to go forward, today!!

  3. I so enjoyed your simple yet powerful message that we need to see spiritually, beyond the material surface to the spritiual qualities we all reflect.Look through the facade, to the beauty of God's creation that's always right there. Thank you.

  4. Hi John, thank you so much for this Lift. The wonderful thing is that I have never been able to see beyond the surface before when I've looked at this type of picture But this morning I did! Your explanation gave me the key and I see. I feel so encouraged and blessed by this Lift. I can "look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things" (S&H p: 129) with the Key to the Scriptures. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing these wonderful bite-sized truths to us for our nourishment and support.

  5. I loved your clear message that we can see through the "facade" to see the real picture- the beauty that has always been there.
    Great lift!

  6. I really love the way this kind of picture tells me to relax my eyes and set aside what first meets the eye. What wonderful depths appear then! It is a real eye opener! Thank you!

  7. John, Thank you, great "lift",seeing, and understanding, is believing

  8. Thanks, John! For that clear picture of the ever present availability of our spiritual perception of reality!

  9. Jesus look beneath the surface of things to the wonderful qualities of God’s image, and this “seen” manifested itself in grand demonstrations of God’s grace.
    He refused to accept the surface picture. (I got to see a shark in the stereogram.) He would focus on the good well beneath the surface, always knowing there was good there.
    “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God's own likeness, and this correct view of man
    healed the sick. Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy" S&H 476:32
    Jesús miraba por debajo de la superficie de las cosas hacia las maravillosas cualidades de la imagen de Dios, y este "ver" se manifestaba en grandes demostraciones de la gracia de Dios.
    Se negó a aceptar la imagen superficial. (Yo conseguí ver un tiburón en el estereograma).
    Él se centraba en el bien debajo de la superficie, siempre sabiendo que el bien estaba verdaderamente alli.
    “Jesús veía en la Ciencia al hombre perfecto, que aparecía a él donde el hombre mortal y pecador aparece a los mortales. En ese hombre perfecto el Salvador veía la semejanza misma de Dios, y esa manera correcta de ver al hombre sanaba a los enfermos. Así Jesús enseñó que el reino de Dios está intacto, que es universal y que el hombre es puro y santo.“ CyS 476:34

  10. It's funny because it depends how you relax your eyes you can see one shark or two!!!

  11. Thank you very much for this inspiring lift - it really speaks to me. There is a hymn which I learn years ago which includes the words:- "A man may look on glass, On it may stay his eye, but if he pleases through it pass, and then the heavens espy." So, if our view of the perfect man seems to be obscured, we can think of the analogy of this lift and look to see God's pure idea, as Jesus did. (Hopefully we won't see a fish!!! but God's perfect child.) This perfect view is always present to the spiritual senses, even if it seems otherwise to the so-called material senses which are but a distorted view of reality.

    We all have the gift of spiritual discernment, and I am setting out today to get a clearer spiritual view of everything.

  12. Peter Mark Thank You for this question, it is one that seems to be central to all my prayers...

  13. Yes. "you do have to make an effort to see the true picture. You have to refuse to accept the surface picture and instead focus on a point well beneath the surface." Sometimes that takes quite an effort. A perfectly timed lift. Thank you!

  14. Many thanks John for 'exposing' the false testimony of the material senses. "The testimony of the corporeal senses cannot inform us what is real and what is delusive, but the revelations of Christian Science unlock the treasures of Truth." (S&H 70:2). "We behold reality,/ Know the glory of Thy heaven;/ So we seek Thy perfect healing/ Through the Truth of Thy [divine Love's] revealing." (Christian Science Hymnal #85).

  15. Thank you for this reminder to see only the true picture everywhere.

  16. How clear, how evident when you mention it .I'll try hard to see everything that way today and later !!!!thanks

  17. Thank you.

  18. Like #4 above, I had never seen the magic eye images and had resigned myself, thinking, well, I just never will! But I googled "magic eye shark cheat" and immediately found a web site that showed step by step how to think about and practice the method for seeing the images. Came back and got wowed by the shark swimming deep in my computer screen! Appreciate your encouragement in opening my eyes!

  19. As a reading teacher for 6th grade low level students, I am needing to see spiritually the beauty in the children daily. It's soooooo difficult some days, and this is a most helpful reminder. Thank you, John....
    Good day to all :-)

  20. Thank you, yes we can look and see the perfect picture. We can look to see the perfect man "And never look in vain" hymn #134.

  21. Hi John. I could not have related more to your wonderful analogy of looking through Stereograms. Do you know, I use to have loads of Magic-Eye books and now I have Magic-Eye and Stereographic Apps on my IPad and I look at them regularly as a practice - to keep staying conscious of exactly what you were saying so eloquently in your lovely Lift, of seeing through the facade. I find that I experience an enormous sense of peace when I see through to the Real picture, whether it's a Stereogram, a 3D film and especially, a person or situation. Seeing through to the beauty behind the illusion is always glorious and always a relief.
    Thank you - I just loved it!
    Mandi from West Yorkshire in England, UK

  22. Thank you for this new, true way of looking at things. Bird watching can be like this. If the bird doesn't want to be seen it does seem to remain invisible. But I always felt it was God who showed me the birds, and if the birds were not threatened they allowed themselves to be seen. Some of our birds are very similar to their background, and it is only if a feather moves that we see them. Sometimes we can get a totally false impression of someone - judging by appearances - and they turn out to be lovely, very helpful, kind and compassionate.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the spiritually seeing Lifters.

  23. HE VISTO PERSONAS AVANZANDO, DEJANDO ATRÁS EL FINAL DEL DÍA, RETORNANDO AL HOGAR... ¡GRACIAS! Tarea simple, conmovedora por esa simpleza y grandiosidad al mismo tiempo...

  24. have you ever noticed that the magic eye picture seems to glow once you get the 3d image in focus?
    what a great analogy for how Jesus must have seen, and for how we have to strive to see!

  25. Thank you! It was exactly what I needed to hear this morning to break through the mesmerism that was clouding my vision of a situation! Now I will remember to behold the perfect man as Jesus demonstrated for us! Thanks!

  26. Thank you John for the reminder to look on the world with a new pair of glasses. Grateful for eyes that see the depth and spirit essence in technicolor rather than the limited one dimensional view of the world.

  27. Gobsmacked! How else can I describe what a hit you gave me just now John, thank you! When my son was a child, we enjoyed interpreting books with pictures such as these. Today, after hearing your message, I see what a wonderful vehicle it was, to show "beneath the surface" , the intrinsic good! Whenever some one strikes out in anger or pain, underneath is the calm love of God, and one need only look closer, (even cross the eyes a little) to remember who is really there....your brother/sister,and all of us, children of God.

  28. What a wonderful, vivid analogy! Thank you, John.

  29. Thank you for your wonderful analogy. I am so excited when I get those gentle reminders. Of course there is much more than we notice with our superficial glances: we need to stop and work a little to recognize what beauty is truly there. I still have not seen the picture beneath, in more ways than one. But I will revisit this today until I see it. Faith and work are always rewarded.

  30. thank you John.this comes at a great time.this seed of wisdom.i will focus on that today in my daily life.

  31. Thank you, John, your Lift is very timely and real for me. Again, Elena and Malcom your spiritual insights are precious. John, I will utilize your Daily Lift while I go in GOD'S direction. BLESSINGS.

  32. It's why some strangers seem so familiar to us - Sometimes we meet someone for the first time and ask, "Do I know you from somewhere?" - We naturally see this Godlike view of man. Learning how to identify the man beneath the facade using the analogy Mr Tyler gives will help me secure this view in everyone; perhaps when the view in front of me seems a bit more difficult. As always, John, thank you, thank you:)

  33. Thank you for this powerful metaphor.

  34. Seeing through the facade of error and beholding the real spiritual idea, what a delightful exercise of Godlike qualities! Thank you!

  35. It took me a while to see the alternate three dimensional image. But once I did...Wow! What a wonderful illustration of learning to see spiritually.
    Thank you

  36. Thank you John.....seeing beyond...seeing into....I will work on this.

  37. I loved your analogy. It reminded me of another statement in Science and Health which refers to how Jesus "plunged beneath the material surface of things, and found the spiritual cause." (p.313). Thank you for sharing this Lift.

  38. Thank you John!

  39. Thank you John! Doesn't Mrs. Eddy say something like: "Mortal mind believes what it sees as surely as it sees what it believes." ?? Also, love the connection of this Lift to a most wonderful scripture from Psalms in our Bible Lesson: "Open thou mine eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." I'm enjoying my view from our glorious Full Moon this early morning! Looking out from the Stars!!

  40. Oh John how beautiful a Lift. I remember once seeing "through" just such a picture. It took more than a second to do, but knowing I could see the "real" picture I was rewarded with a result. Now I find that when breaking through the mortal picture error wants us to think of as real, indeed our eyes open to the Truth that sets us free!

    Thank you for this John.

  41. Thank you for this wonderful analogy! The stereograms are always very busy and intricate designs made to deliberately distract us from the picture hidden within. How often are events claiming to have such power over us in our lives doing just that? They keep us so busy and distracted that we don't seem to be able to get past those things to see our unbroken relationship to God. The picture hidden within the stereogram is always much simpler and easy to be seen once we get past all the confusion of the surface design.
    Thanks for a very uplifting lift!

  42. You know, I think that seeing the "hidden" below the surface picture is actually just the opposite of making an effort. As I relax and "go blank" the picture emerges instantly. Perhaps it's more the "let go and let God."

  43. Thanks, John. Your Lift reminds me of a time I discovered just how necessary and effective this spiritual seeing you mention is for healing. It happened maybe twenty years ago. I was feeling utterly overwhelmed by symptoms I couldn't seem to overcome. I was convinced that it was my last day on earth, as I lay in bed at a Chistian Science facility my husband had just taken me to. A nurse came into my room and was moving gingerly about her business. She seemed like a bit of light flittering around my darkness. Angrily, I thought, "How dare she!!! Doesn't she have any respect??? Can't she see that I'm dying here???" Then came the angel message. "You do know that as a Christian Science nurse, she's been trained to look beyond the appearances into the Truth of being. Surely, she doesn't see a person dying here. She sees Life. You're a Christian Scientist. You've also been taught to see beyond the appearing." That was my turning point. I felt a change take place deep within me and realized that my healing had come. I became stronger daily and was up and about by the end of the week. Returning to work that following Monday, I was greeted by co-workers complimenting me on how great I looked, adding that it must have been some vacation! "Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered. Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew." (Science and Health, p.425) Thanks again, John, for reminding us to see spiritually.

  44. Thank you, John. Your Lift was delivered in a slow, deliberate, thoughtful way that really made a deep impression on me. Also, I love the stereogram of the shark. It looks like it's made of thousands of colorful beads, swimming gracefully in a beaded ocean. Just lovely!!

  45. Thank you.

  46. Interesting photo choice. I guess we need to see the shark's spiritual beauty, too, huh?

  47. Thank you John! --What a fantastic Lift! --Such a great metafor for looking beyond what what senses want to insist we are experiencing. -- I couldn't see the picture, and thought it was just as it appeared -2 dimensional. - But was determined, so kept staring at it until, at the conclusion of listening to the lift a second time it all came into focus! --- At that point I could't believe that I was not able to see it earlier! -This is a real eye "opener" for dealing with the pictures of our day to day struggles. - We need to look deply in to realism, and not accept the outward appearance!! - You really brought this concept home! Thank you!

  48. This is one of our most important Lifts. Thank you John!

  49. This was especially relevant to me today. Thank you!

  50. And we must do this consistently to be really "seeing" what's actually the fact about all of Life! Thanks for this useful analogy of the effort it takes to see the real instead of what poses as reality.

  51. Thankyou.

  52. Such a wonderful way to present this...so clear! Thank you John. I'll be thinking of this as I strive to look beneath the surface today and everyday--really so helpful.

  53. Well, I haven't seen the shark yet, but I'll go back and look again. I love the analogy, though and will use it to help a dear neighbor see more clearly why we might not rush to put a cut finger under cool water to help it feel better. She had read a testimony in a recent Sentinel I had given her and questioned why we wouldn't attend to the finger in this manner. Actually it helps me, too, see a little deeper into realism. Thank you!

  54. This can apply to so many situations and I will try to apply the concept to my own situation. I have the general concept in mind but I need to go much deeper to be effective. I can apply this both to myself and to others. Thank you for a concrete example of a spiritual principle. I love the comments and how they round out the idea and give it a full bodied message for all of us to think about and practice. I love the daily lift! Thanks all. Good day.

  55. Thanks John!
    A clear guide -- to HOW I look at people and things.

  56. Dear John. After listening to your message I was reminded of hymn # 29 "Breaking through the clouds of darkness, Black with error doubts and fear; Lighting up each somber shadow, With a radiance soft and clear; Filling every heart with gladness, That its holy power feels; Comes the Christian Science gospel, Sin it kills and grief if heals." Thank you so much,

  57. There was a Broadway play and a movie about 30 years ago called "Inherit The Wind" about the so called "Monkey Trial" that accused a teacher of teaching Darwin's Theory Of Evolution. I got to thinking about it and I discovered that every thing Darwin wrote about was in the very first chapter of Genisus in the bible. First came the lower, then the fish of the sea, then the animals, then man. It took me aback, how similar a material theory of origin could explain spiritually the truth that God created the universe. Then it came to me that the physical universe was just a symble of what God created. Interesting isn't it?

  58. What an deep and revealing message! Thank you for pointing thought to greater depth and insightful vision.

  59. If it's a shark, what is behind it?

  60. WOW! This got me thinking (on the drive to work) about the dimension of Spirit. One dimension, Spiritual, where the flat picture doesn't exist. There we are!

  61. I have to let you know that "I did it, I saw it!" This is a great analogy...stick with it, it will come because its already there! Thanks again!

  62. Remarkable illustration. Thank you for giving us a different outlook on looking deeped and not just on the surface of what appears to be.

  63. Sandra from NJ

    Loved that Lift...Complete

  64. I try to translate. In the book "The little Prince", St EXUPERY said : "One sees right only by (with) the Heart", "The essential is invisible for (by) the eyes". The first time I had little students, I was disappointed by their appearance, being not enough evolved. But I was determined to love these children and to see them as 'being of value'. Every day, I discovered 'a very pretty little thing' in a pupil, then in another, etc. After one month, finally, I realized that all the children were lovely ! We must change our own look, we must 'see' with Love, with the eyes of the Heart, and then, the real Beauty of every Being is revealed ! Let us have the pure look, see behind the appearances, have THE PERFECT VISION . We must love our neighbours as ourselves. "I am the Light of the world", "You are the Light of the world" ! Thank you, John, for the reminder ! Good day and much Love to all brothers and sisters in Christ ! I put two kisses on the child's cheeks who says : "in Boston Massachussets" at the end of the message. He has put(ted ?) a small seed of purity which is going to produce many others seeds by Internet. He reminds us that we must be like a little child to be able to come in God's Kingdom ... Michèle from FRANCE ( pardon pour les fautes !)

  65. At first I couldn't see through all the dots to what was really there, but from past experience with stereograms I knew it was possible, so I persevered. Once the shark popped into view and I then knew what I was looking for the image was much easier to spot on subsequent views of the dots. I liken this to first learning and understanding who and what a spiritual child of God really "looks" like -- then it becomes easier to practice seeing that "image and likeness" which heals, instead of a counterfeit material facade. John, thank you soooo much for this exercise in knowing/seeing what is spiritual and real.

  66. This is a wonderful lift- I have always been able to see the item inside this type of picture, but today I had difficutly seeing the shark and I had to keep looking, but once I saw it, I could go away from the picture and come back and see it again immediatley. This made me realize that once we can break through and see the real spiritual and perfect man than we can see him again and again easily.

  67. Thank you so much for this lift and thank you to Michele #64 for sharing your remarks were inspiring also.

  68. Wonderful ideas. Thank you.

  69. Great lift. Helps me to better understand and see more spiritually beyond the mortal picture of man to the Perfect Man -- but the shark? Still can't see it even after going to the "magic eye shark cheat" website. Ah -- persistence, practice, patience! and add prayer when seeking the Perfect Man.

  70. Thanks for this prayer for today. It reminds me of Saul's conversion. He had to look beyond the material scene of limited material laws of living to see the Christ was impelling him to share the true view of God and man.

  71. Wonderfully put and delivered.......

    Thank you .... thank you...... this is a wonderful service......

  72. Finally, I caught the fish!!! Now for seeing the Spirtual Truth, no problem. thankyou John for your lift.

  73. Just love it!! Thank you!

  74. Thank you I hadn't known these pictures were called stereograms, but I am familiar with magic eye. It brought me back to a time, my youngest son and I had so much fun with these pictures. I am grateful for the shares. It's helpful as well. As no 41 said, the distractions keep us from seeing "our broken relationship with God". 'This lift is a good illustration and reminder to look beyond what our initial (human) eye takes in and see the true reality. Tonight, I will go to sleep thinking about this. I am grateful to have this "daily lift" to look forward to.

  75. Beautiful and powerful analogy. I loved the shark, and practiced several times so I could focus quicker each time - like studying our lessons! Thanks for this message, John.

  76. Thank you, John for the lift and how well you got the message to us. Thanks also for a new "hobby", one to take seriously. Years ago, the Magic Eye was in each Sunday's colored comic section of the newspaper we read. I've no idea how many months, or maybe it was years, that I could not see the image. A relative gave me hints and one day I saw it! After that, I looked forward to each new one, but not too long after I "mastered" seeing it, the feature was dropped. I was disappointed. Wish I'd had this Lift then. While I did get a spiritual lesson parallel to seeing the image, I never thought to replace the comic feature by taking up seeing individuals until I could see the pure spiritual being beyond the facade. If I manage to quickly see through the facade with an individual, I can look for another, for I don't have to wait for colored print on Sunday. This isn't an attempt to treat anyone without their consent. It is to treat my way of seeing man. Besides individuals, this works to see the good in families, political parties, nations, races, economic status, etc.

  77. Another lesson? I saw two sharks, but now seem to see three sharks [two together, behind the leader]. Blessings multiply?

  78. Sorry Daily Lifters, I can't see it, but I know God can...because He is ALL-SEEING (Science and Health p. 587) And I can't miss out on the fun as God is my Joy. So I am trusting the Eternal.

  79. Thanks John!

  80. Thank you.

  81. Thank you soo for this lift. I'm visiting my best friend from Highschool
    who seems to express dementia...I now thru your lift will see her
    in her true light PERFECT, JOYOUS and Happy. (visiting her April 2 in NYC.

  82. Thanks for the clear and loving message. We just have to take off the foggy glasses that seem to distort the vision. When we take off those glasses, we see clearly -- we see reality!!

  83. What a wonderful exercise!

  84. Thank you Michele #64. I love to read you contributions. The grammatical things don't matter as the thinking shines through. Besides, you accent sounds great in writing! Thanks for sharing. Tres bien.

  85. Thank you for helping us see beyond the facade!

  86. Wow! What a wonderfully uplifting idea to start my day off this morning. Thank you so much for reminding me what truth I need to be focusing on today! Love the metaphor!

  87. Such a memorable Lift, that I have come back - to see, not the 2 or 3 sharks that I saw before, but one. Hmm. Thanks for stimulating so much thought, John.

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