3/7: Joy in all environments

3/7: Joy in all environments

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  1. Thank you Leide for this helpful Lift. The joy, that comes from the Word of God, is always with us. Even in hostile surroundings it is possible to feel the security, peace, and joy that comes as a result of our relationship with God. Keeping God close in thought establishes a mental environment that aligns the human with the spiritual, and allows us to see the good that comes from God, and fills all space. When this happens there is no room for anything unlike the nature of God. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Leide. A good take on what really matters and can affect us. We choose, don't we? And choosing God is always the best we can do!

  3. Many thanks Leide for this needed reminder on peace. "Inner peace and joy cannot be disturbed when our thoughts are focused on God [divine Principle]. However, we can never turn our back on aggression! "He gives His angels charge o'er thee,/ No evil therefore shalt thou see./ Dwelling within His secret place,/ Thou shalt behold His power and grace;/ Thy refuge shall be God most high,/ See His salvation ever nigh." (Christian Science Hymnal #100).

  4. thank you so much Leide. I must say I really had to have an attitude adjustment recently about snow. I have always loved the snow but then due to a change of circumstances I then found it to be more of a bother and chore and nuisance. I had to stop and really think about this change. Where did my love of snow go? The snow came and I wasn't ready. Then I looked to God and said ok God show me what there is to love about snow and winter. I took a walk with my camera and did a nature walk and began to see the beauty of snow again. It was a joyful walk and since that walk I have embraced my "joy in all environments" realizing that all joy is God's joy and is ever present in all conditions, at all times and in all places. With God as our source we see beauty in everything and that is something to rejoice about! Thank you again for this wonderful lift which reminds me of this.

  5. Leide, this is such a lovely, clarifying and uplifting Lift, thank you!

  6. Nothing compares to the peace we acquire once we follow Christ.
    When the world pulls downward, towards turmoil and despair, we can stop and listen for the “Still and small voice” that Elijah heard, and know that we are protected in the fourth dimension of Spirit. 1 Kings 19

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God” Rom. 8:28

    “Well may we feel wounded by our own faults; but we can hardly afford to be miserable for the faults of others” Mis. 224:5 and further down, “Nothing short of our own errors should offend us” Mis. 224:28

    Nada se compara con la paz que adquirimos cuando seguimos a Cristo.
    Cuando el mundo nos jala hacia abajo, hacia el caos y la desesperación, podemos hacer un alto y escuchar la “Voz callada y suave” que oyó Elías y así saber que estamos protegidos en la cuarta dimension del Espíritu. 1 Reyes 19

    “Y sabemos que para los que aman a Dios, todas las cosas cooperan para bien” Rom. 8:28

    Mrs. Eddy nos dice, “Bien podemos sentirnos heridos por nuestras propias faltas; mas apenas si podemos permitirnos el sentirnos desdichados por las faltas de otros” Mis. 224:5 Y más abajo, “Nada, sino nuestros propios errores, debiera ofendernos” Mis. 224:31

  7. Good point about how Love is way beyond mental associations with material conditions, as in S&H 154:3 and 377:26. Thank you.

  8. Leide, Thank you.

  9. It's hard to imagine the difference to our lives snow would make through our winter months, Leide! But being able to have the choice of snow or no snow gives me the advantage of living where I do. At the same time I will never forget the glistening of snow diamonds or vast areas under the blanket of snow with sepia and aquamarine the principle colours is something I can still enjoy many years later. But my love for God is not a now and then relationship, and it doesn't depend on me or outside circumstances. God just loves, all the time and everywhere, and to know that, and rely on it, and to help others to see it also, can never be taken from me, and will never fail to reassure and fulfil every promise.
    Thank you Nate and the team for a great week of Daily Lifts; TMC; and the snowbound and sunblest family of Lifters.

  10. lovely and so simple
    thank you Leide

  11. Thank you Leide and fellow listeners. Having been woken in the middle of the night this Lift and your comments are a very present help!

  12. Dear Leide,
    Your straight forward expression of our need to always reflect God, good, in our daily lives has helped me. Many thanks.

  13. Thank you f for this very uplifting LIFT.

  14. Thank you Leide for this timely Lift. Its never too late for an angel thought. Living in the Midwest we have had an unusually hard winter (its actually a balmy 21 degrees right now). The talk is always about the weather and it isn't always pleasant talk. Your Lift is just what I need. Thank you.

  15. Thank you!

  16. Leide, thank for your for inspired lift! Again for remind us thar no bothering or disturbing us when we are in presence of Love, God.
    All lots of Love, Mario Vicencio - Sao Paulo, Brasil

  17. Thanks Leide. I like to understand that we are in harmony with our environment. That does not mean we put up with blizzards, floods, or hate but heal them as they are not part of God's creation the only real creation.

  18. Thank you SO much for this Daily Lift! As I am about to make a move from sunny, warm (hot even) Florida to Michigan. All I hear is how much snow they get and how cold it is. This is a great reminder to look for divine Love, which will wipe away all of the noisome pestilence. Thanks again!

  19. Leide, a great "lift". Thank you so much.

  20. True, Leide. As always my thought goes to a hymn: (from the CS hymnal)
    "In atmosphere of Love divine
    We live and move and breathe" But we could swap you a little extra heat for a degree or two of cool over here right now!
    Blessings - and thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Thank you Leide for reminding us to stay focused on 'the enduring, the good, and the true' (Mrs Eddy) as we live "in atmosphere of Love divine" hymn 144. I like to remind myself when the talk turns to weather 'moaning'. Am I choosing Life or material opinion ?
    Thank you too dear daily lifters. I so appreciate the love shared here and all the good work to get it here!

  22. I too live in New England. As you know by March of an especially hard winter, this message is most welcome. I realize that it applies to everything, but the example of snow and cold and how to deal with them is an immediate need for many of us. Of course , as in all things love for God is the answer. Why didn't I think of that!
    Thank you so much!

  23. Two years ago, my wife and I moved to Brooklyn from California. Huge climate adjustment especially this winter. Feeling divine Love's purpose for being here has made the change a natural next step. I make it a practice to thank people who are shoveling snow off the sidewalks which prompts an assortment of responses (eg "it's good"; a smiling chuckle; "you're welcome"; "sure"; sometimes no response. But I'm glad to be here and I thank God everyday.

  24. Leide, Thank you, very helpful.

  25. Wow! That is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much!

  26. Love that you shared the lift in 4 languages! You speak in each one with such ease and thoughtful intonation. I too am embracing each day especially with a newborn and the chilly weather of Wisconsin USA. I remember to just enjoy each day regardless of what the thermometer reads and also to embrace each stage that our sweet girl is at- not rushing to the next stage.

  27. What a timely and helpful lift. And great comments. Thanks as always to "Margaret Sunshine" for always good comments and today for all of us whether "snowbound or sun blest". I was reminded of the encouraging verse of Romans, chapter 8, verses 38 and 39, about our unbreakable bond with God, Good. This is from the J.B. Phillips translation of the Bible:

    "I have become absolutely convinced that neither death nor life, neither messenger of Heaven nor monarch of earth, neither what happens today nor what may happen tomorrow, neither a power from on high nor a power from below, nor anything else in God’s whole world has any power to separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord!"

  28. What a lovely reminder that our joy comes from God and nothing can destroy it. I must admit that although I love the beauty of the snow, having grown up in it, I definitely don't miss having to shovel it. Now I can walk on the beach in the winter and enjoy looking up at the beautiful snow capped mountains. Each season has a special beauty to be appreciated and enjoyed. But how important it is to remember that our true source of joy is always God . Thanks so much, Leide, for your inspiring message.

  29. Thank you.

  30. Thank you.

  31. Thank you for this angel message. How easy it seems to me at times to slip and buy into the mortal dream of unhappiness because of--for example--someone's words or actions. I so thank you for this reminder that nothing can push us out of our real home and environment: the all-supplying (and supplying to all) constant and perfect Love.

  32. Oh, so true, Leide! A lesson on the spiritual path that we all must learn! Living way up here in N. Idaho - the Winters are very Long, Dark and Cold and Snowy. Lots of people I know take Vitamin D or sit under a SIDS Lamp - believing that these things will take away the depression caused by lack of sunshine. I, too, last winter, struggled with this belief of my Joy being at the mercy of lack of Light. But this Winter, I increased my study of Christian Science, got busy reaching out to others and I haven't experienced any sadness or depression. So Grateful! Truly, as someone once said on our Daily Lift: "Physical light is not a requirement for Joy!" Feeling close to God and keeping my thought on His/Her Love brings me into the Sunshine of Truth!

  33. Cabin Fever, Road rage, Going Postal, …. There is a whole range of expressions for being fed up with things. I succumbed the other day, when after two hours of waiting at a government office for my “number” to come up, the representative told me she was sorry but they were short staffed and could not help me. She set a phone appointment for me next month. I asked why they would have not posted a note in the lobby that certain issues were not being handled today. They were short staffed, she repeated. The automatic number machine just keeps spitting out numbers. You can imagine the self-righteous logic loop I got caught up in. Two hours! - just to be told to go away.

    But, thankfully, I do know what was going on. When we take the external events and internalize them, we are imploding. It is uncomfortable and obvious. (I would like to take back a few words to this lady) Facing this mesmeric enemy of self-righteousness is absolutely necessary - ASAP. (Maryl’s Monday lift)

    Several uncomfortable semi-prayerful hours later … it came to me… the promised and inspired word (Chet’s lift yesterday). “Hey, Nancy, what difference does 2 hours make to spiritual man? Does he have somewhere else “to be”? OK that is funny, Father! Swoosh. That was the end of it completely.

    Yes, Leide, seemingly endless snow or endless waiting? Where else does spiritual man need “to be”? JOY.

  34. Tiiiia Leide!!
    Obrigada pela mensagem!!!

  35. Leide, this is a great Lift, thank you.

  36. Very Inspiring! Perfect message as the snow holds on into March here in Boston! Thank-you!

  37. Thank you Leide for the re-centering reminder to remember the source of our joy and peace and satisfaction. Opinions, likes, antipathies, strong feelings either way about the seeming, the unsubstantial, the mirage of human experience miss the point of what is real, substantial and true--the ever-perfect Life in which we are always at home. Anything or anyone that we like or dislike intensely is actually a distraction from the Truth, a reaction to the "pretend" version of the material senses. How often I find myself feeling strongly, intensely (with lots of "evidence" gathered from human logic or emotion) and then have to restart from the spiritual, the true, the absolute.

    And hey, yo Heidi (#18) welcome to Michigan--no salt in our "ocean," lots of seasonal variety, a bountiful crop of snow this year, and the same permanent, perfect God who is everywhere.....

  38. Once again the Daily Lift has hit the mark for me today. Thank you Leide and all Daily Lifters for your precious comments.

  39. Thank you for your Lift today. Snow can also represent purity. I am reminded of the German translation of Eddy's hymn "Shepherd", where the last line reads: "Schneeweiß, eh' sie weiterziehn, Hirte, wasch sie rein". In German "white as wool" is translated as "white as snow", while the German word for "clean" -- "rein" -- can also mean "pure". So this line comes out in translation as: "White as snow, before they continue on their way, Shepherd, wash them pure."

  40. 33 Nancy from Yellow Springs--you are so great to share that, and I'm grateful for your prayer time and for the sun that finally broke through the clouds for you (and for all of us, thanks to your testimony).

    Whenever I've experienced frustrations like that, the thing I've had to battle is personal ego... it can be a really painful sense of not mattering much. The disregard for my time seems so disrespectful! It can feed right in to any other "put-downs" I'm experiencing at the time from family, co-workers, etc.

    But there's only One Ego. One harmonious Mind. I don't get to hang on to (nor do I need) any separate sense of personhood that could be frustrated or offended. ("Cease ye from man.") The times I've been through an experience like Nancy's, I've gotten to pull out the metaphorical hibachi grill for a little more self-immolation. The prize? Seeing more of the kingdom, as Nancy did: where we're all ageless, timeless, unoffendable, harmless and unharmed.

    I'm especially grateful for this reminder today, because lately it has seemed like everyone I know except me is winning awards and getting ahead in various ways. I've been feeling a bit like Cinderella left to do all the work without any accolades. Now I'm alert to handle that impoverished sense...We are truly ALL the children of limitless Love...we're all God's "favorite." I will open my eyes to see how prized I am today by Love itself (God).

  41. So true! I was happy when I recognized if my thoughts are in God (Love) I feel peace and nothing can enter to annoy or destroy. The challenge is to maintain these thoughts all day long. And I experience it better when I am conscious and willing to practice. Thank you Leide!

  42. Thank you, Leide, for your very sweet and gentle reminder.

  43. Wonderful!!! This lift reminds me of a favorite Hymn (#139?)... "The Joy that none can take away, is mine.. I walk with Love today" No one and no thing can take away our joy when we realize God is with us. What more could we want? (BTW, I love all the seasons!)

  44. AMEN Sister!!!! Nail on the head! And Bingo in the box! Nothing matters but His Oneness!

    Talking about spring break today, and the various questions of what you gonna do? Driving? Flying? Chilling at home? Finishing a project? Endless....but the gentle thought came, " define FUN" ...and all these ways that all were going to approach spring break were fun for them. Because God is Fun! And no one can define Love as it is infinite....Joy is the same ..ETERNAL!

    AMEN Sister...have Joy and have it abundantly!

  45. Great LIFT...Thanks Leide

  46. This is a great Lift, thank you Leide. I live north of Toronto, called the "Snow Belt" but even this year was more snow (& cold) than usual. It seems no one was spared this year. The TV was constantly reporting of emergency situations regarding the snow. So your lift is very timely, just what we all need - the sweet reminder that our joy cannot be taken away because we really live in the atmosphere of Love where harmony reigns. But we need to focus on this, as you said, and our happiness will never be limited by any person, place or event. Much gratitude to you all.

  47. Thank you!

  48. Snow gives you the opportunities to play with children, and help shovel driveways for neighbours. It also helps to have good snow driving abilities and the right equipment. We can love children, help our neighbour, and drive alertly and politely and notice the beauty around us in any weather. Thank you Leiden! A joyful day to all!

  49. Thank you, Leide, for "Joy in all environments ..."

    It has been very helpful for me to declare and hold to the spiritual fact that there is only one environment or atmosphere – divine Love. No "hostile" environments created by the weather or people ( including technology ;-). Easy to say. Right? Hard to prove situation-by-situation, except as I insist on finding the unconditional and consistent Love we are promised, which is actually God's law. God's law of divine Love is uninterruptible and covers every person, place, and situation. There is no fragmentation. We're always in Love!!!

    The more consistent I am in declaring and holding to divine Love as the only Truth of our being, the more I expect, witness, and express divine Love. God as Love has set a high standard for us to live on earth under the Ten Commandments. God loves us so much, He sent Jesus to us to explain and show us how to live by loving God and each other - that the love represented in the Ten Commandments is actually living under the Golden Rule and within God’s law of divine Love. Mrs. Eddy proved that the Love we are encouraged, even commanded in, heals "every ill that flesh is heir to" now (today!), as in Jesus' time.

    So with joy and deeply grateful for Christian Science, I continue to raise all my environments to the high standard of One Atmosphere of Love Divine. It's the happiest and healthiest way I know!!! What else do I have to do that’s more important - really? ;-)

  50. Thank you! What a wonderful place to be....with God!

  51. Bravo!! This lift is absolute Truth being lived spiritually. Snow,no snow. Like,dislike. To understand that we live,move,and have our being in God is to live impersonally.That is our spiritual freedom,staying focused on God and not the elements,rain,snow,or sleet.Thank you for this very spiritually based lift.

  52. I always did and I always will love Snow. I just don't know what to do without it. That's how much I love it. Mortal mind always changes beautiful things into ugliness. That's what mortal mind does, it never allows any of God's attributes to shine. So look at the environment around you and know where it comes from, GOD! and enjoy, for that's all there is to Life-JOY!

  53. I'd like to thank you for giving an uplifting sense with truly "Environmental Science!"

  54. Leide, thank you so much for this sweet, blessed reminder to stay focused on God and His/Her great love and care for all creation, no matter what seems to be going on, either without or within. We have a tiny hummingbird nest within plain sight in our orange tree. In the last couple days two little babies hatched, and it is indeed a joy to watch the mother bird as she patiently sits on the nest and cares for them so tenderly. I am constantly reminded of the love of Love, the intelligence of Mind, the perfect order of Life, the supply of Principle in witnessing this precious gift in our own backyard. What a joy it is to know God's everpresence, enveloping us all wherever we may be. Thanks to all my fellow lifters, too, for so many thoughtful responses. Love to all!

  55. Thank You for supporting us a we keep our focus on God,so often I hear people say Focus, Focus. When its me I think, on what you want me to focus on .It's that prayer without ceasing that requires our utmost attention . A dear friend shared with me that we must not become so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good and this is where focus comes in for me. Knowing that its God who is performing the appointed task or whatever is being done brings such joy to every event .

  56. Dear Friends, thank you so much for your lovely comments, thoughts and prayers! What a beautiful community of great thinkers we are! Lots of love and gratitude to everyone! Leide

  57. This is an outstanding, wonderful lift - reflecting authenticity and integrity! Thank you very, very much - exactly what was needed today...

  58. I grew up in Cleveland, and one morning I walked out on a frigid, dark icy, day and reached down to pick up something from the frozen, dead ground and the thought clearly came to me..."This too is mortal mind". The word "environment" drew me to the Lift this morning, because for the last 48 hours that has been my dialogue with the Christ. Where am I? I think I am starting to understand who I am. But where am I? And why am I here? After praying with the lesson and every spiritual idea I could think of, the thought, "You are in Love" came to me. I am in Love. Cool. I want the joy of being in Love every day. Who doesn't? "You are in God"...."You are in Mind". Not separate from God, trying to figure it all out, so that I can find my way back home. As a spiritual idea, I am in Mind, along with all its right and perfect ideas, right now, forever, and nothing else is real. No other minds exist that can take away my peace. My body doesn't have a mind of its own. Physical or biological environments don't possess a will and space of their own...because I exist in God the only environment, personally sheltered, fed and comforted by Christ. What else has power in Mind, Love, but God, Good. I can relax and just be (be in Love with Life).

  59. Thanks to #26, Ginger, for pointing out that Leide's Lift is delivered perfectly in four languages. The Spirit gives gifts to every one.

  60. I love the joy that all of the seasons bring for me, including the beautiful snowy days. Even though this winter seemed a bit more challenging and the belief of 'cabin fever' trying to make a claim, I prevailed through it all. This is the first year that I have had to be at home more than ever in my entire life, due to a belief of illness; and this belief prompted me to do a lot of studying and metaphysical work. It was worth it and I have seen the results, Christian Science works. Thank you Leide. Thank you MBE and thank you God! My favorite season, Spring is in the air today and I feel wonderful. Have a great day all and March forth.

  61. Even though it's not snowing here in the southwest, this joyous message hits the spot, since I am preparing for tax time without my dear husband's help who passed on recently. I feel that I must rely on God, the gentle presence eternally and not on human circumstances, which are "the seeming" but not the reality.

    Thanks, Leide, so comforting.

  62. Having lived in South Dakota into my young adult life, and now residing in El Paso, TX, I have experienced all four seasons and loved everyone of them. Snow and rain are real blessings here in El Paso. I dearly love the almost daily sun bath we get, even in the 100 degree and over weather. Of course I don't have to work out in the elements. The sun represents God's heavenly smile to me on us all and even if there are clouds, of course, it is still there, radiating. No matter where we live, there is always God's beauty to be found and expressed. Keep looking, it's here because God is always here. Thanks to all the shared thoughts. Happy Friday ending.

  63. Lovely message dear Leide, thank you so much. I had the pleasure to listen to it in the four languages and enjoyed your perfect pronunciation. God´s gifts are a wonderful blessing. Much love to all.!!!

  64. Thanks to so many for such beautiful and valuable testimonies of unfolding understanding of spiritual being. I am so grateful for this arena of daily lift sharing that is coming to us through the Mother Church unfoldment to us which is coming from God, from his love for all his children, that we may more fully experience our family oneness in his joy. Thank you Nate and your team that does the work of making this planetary sharing available to all of us five days a week.

  65. Thank you for this joyful start in the day. I'm so grateful for all the uplifting ideas for every week.

  66. Greetings from sunny Edmonton ! Loved the comments this gentle lift prompted.
    Temperatures can be extreme here, with wind chill to -40c or lower, and several months in the minus 20 region, balanced by a hot summer! How wonderful that God gives us the wisdom to deal resourcefully with so-called "fluctuating conditions", and also provides the small creatures that stay through the winter with warm coats, furry tails, or feathers to fluff, and many kinds of shelter and supply. A hymn I sang as a child included the words "if God so loved the little bird, I know He loves me too."
    Mary Baker Eddy tells us (Sc&H 269) : "Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul". We can translate the signs of the seasons into spiritual qualities of beauty and supply. Thanks to an attentive kitty on the window sill (who loves brisk, fresh air!), I learned that squirrels, who emerge from their drey and bound through the treetops for cones or crabapples, also have a little hideout under the snow, with a front and a back door (safety, provision). Other small creatures are snug under the snow's insulating blanket, and the hare changes her coat to match the seasons -- she stands on the snow to nibble spruce tips(adaptation)! The chicadees and magpies welcome the winter dawn (joy), and a caragana hedge shelters the flock of sparrows (versatility). Spring always comes, and the roots and buds know this already. You can't stop spring, or God's ever-presence.

  67. Thank you very much for your lovely lift.

  68. 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
    My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.'Psalm 121 :1-2
    These powerful verses make us soar up away from anything that would try to pull us down! Stay strong in the Lord!

  69. Thank you for addressing this topic. I find it very helpful, and appreciate this Lift. Also helpful to me in understanding how to think about "weather", was an article written by Nate Talbot and published in the CS Sentinal or CS Journal a few years ago. Many thanks to all.

  70. Great Lift, Leide --- thank you! Very helpful in where to find and how to maintain our inner calm, joyful peace and healthy, loving perception of our environment(s). Wonderful Lifter comments and thanks terrific DL team!

  71. Thanks for the audio snow recording. I like to follow the snow advisories from the summit of Mount Washington. And thanks for the lecture, “A life of Freedom, Purpose and Happiness.” Our most recent lecture sponsored by Brunswick branch church.

  72. Dear Leide
    Thank you very much for your message

  73. Undisturbed; at peace - gratefully

  74. Good thoughts on focusing -- Thank you!

  75. Wonderful lift! Thank you. Great reminder to look to God for our good, our joy. Not person, place or thing. (=

  76. 40 Congratulations. You win… the Perspicacity Award. You may hang it on your wall. It is spiritual. Not all of your friends may see it, but those that do, will strive to achieve one also. Thank you for the additional of “ we're all ageless, timeless, unoffendable, harmless and unharmed”. Words to live by.

  77. I substituted "soul crushing corporate job" for "snow" each time I listened to this yesterday. It changed my perpective beyond my sense of career. Thanks!

  78. An inspiring message. Thank you.

  79. Thank you very much.

  80. inner peace and joy - God is always with me . . . my mantra for today and every day - thank you!

  81. Thanks for the great lift Leide!

    As a nature lover, I really enjoyed Ruth's (#/70) comment: " God gives us the wisdom to deal resourcefully with so-called "fluctuating conditions", and also provides the small creatures that stay through the winter with warm coats, furry tails, or feathers to fluff, and many kinds of shelter and supply"!!
    It made me feel all fuzzy and warm!!

  82. Great way to start the day!

  83. Gracias Leide ! Perfecto poder escuchar tu inspiración precisamente hoy. Gracias, Gracias!

  84. Great Daily Lift!! Thank you Leide.

  85. Thank you, Leide. This was the perfect message for me today