3/7: Fill it up

3/7: Fill it up

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  1. Thanks Robin, that was a truly wonderful Lift and ties in so perfectly with this week's Lesson on Substance.

  2. How beautifully worded and spoken-the oil of gladness and gracious giving is sent in your message. I feel the embrace of love around me and the connection with peace available to all the world.
    In the 23rd psalm, my all time favorite prayer, comes " thou anointest my head with oil, my cup runneth over." God gives to us abundantly and blesses us to overflowing so that the good we receive can spill over to others.
    I looked up the word consecrate and found that it means to make sacred, holy, worthy of honor and veneration. You know at this time in my life it is my desire to do just that. To make venerable all the communication that was once dull, confused, misleading, agitating etc.
    I am learning to set aside dissent and to seek holy thoughts to elevate my own thinking and bring value to my interaction with the important people in my life and those that I meet where there is opportunity. Thank you for this lovely message. Good day to all.

  3. Many thanks Robin, for turning our thoughts to the spiritual sense of 'OIL'. (S&H 592:25). "Soul [God] has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul." (S&H 60:29). "Here we rest content:/ Good from God is sent..." (Christian Science Hymnal #180).

  4. Thank you.

  5. I figured that if God is all there is and we are His image (His ideas) then all that exist are God’s ideas and I cannot lack. Ideas are not material, cannot be taken away, nobody can charge me for ideas, they can’t be shortened, they are inexhaustible, always available.

    Take oil for example, if we see it as an idea, as a “heavenly inspiration” we’ll have it when we need it. S&H 592:25

    Elijah guided a widow into a new life right from this inspiration, http://bible.cc/1_kings/17-10.htm

    He also proved MBE’s point that consecration is linked to demonstration. S&H 28:9

    Yo pienso que si Dios es todo lo que hay y nosotros somos Su imagen (Sus ideas) entonces todo lo que existe son ideas de Dios y nada me puede faltar. Las ideas no son materiales, no se pueden quitar, nadie me puede cobrar por ideas, no se pueden acortar, son inagotables y siempre disponibles.

    Por ejemplo el petróleo (o el aceite) si lo vemos como una idea, como una “inspiración divina“ lo tendremos cuando lo necesitemos. CyS 592:25

    Elías guió a una viuda a una vida nueva con esta inspiración. http://bibliaparalela.com/1_kings/17-10.htm

    También probó lo que quiso decir MBE que la consagración está ligada a la demostración. CyS 28:9

  6. Robin, Thank you for applying Christian Science to our daily needs.

  7. Thank you for this message.Came just at the right time while reviewing Constitution 101 from Hillsdale College. There is so much history to know about how this country, America, became very prosperous
    under the guidance of God. One can really get inspired by the Spirit of Devotion to advance the ideals
    the forefathers of America were given for all following generations. What can we do to help America
    continue to grow under the shadow of the Almighty?---Your message seems to give the key to an answer
    for the call to action with God's help------PRAYER!---to receive wisdom and right understanding of our
    situation---and let the Holy Spirit guide us to action----my first step now is "right understanding of our Constitution as it was prepared for us through the inspiration given to our forefathers by God.

  8. We can all practise sharing 'the oil of gladness' in our daily activities, I am so thankful for the Daily Lift, which increases my understanding as I hear it each day! So it is with the oil of true compassion. Mrs Eddy's profound definition of oil is so pertinent today. I have been thinking recently the only power that drives, governs, commands and energises us is Spirit, God, and nothing else! Thank you for this clear Lift Robin.

  9. Thanks Robin for that Oil of Gladness

  10. The applications of this lift to everyday situations is so expansive - take road rage for instance. We have a vehicle running on fossil fuel - "oil" - and we see how this definition of oil neutralizes the belief of anyone being out of control. That which is powered by (consecrated to) charity, gentleness, heavenly inspiration, can never result in irritation, anger , violence...Thank you Robin, for getting me thinking - and praying - in ways that "anoint" everyone's head (consciousness) with "oil"!

  11. What a God's divine inspiration today He gave you a very meanningful parable. thank you Robin for sharing It with us.


  12. Llenar nuestro corazón de amor dejando que fluya a traves nuestro es la manera de colmar todas las espectativas que podamos tener si esas espectativas se refieren a la senda del Cristo, la lección de esta semana hace referencia a Elias y su consejo de llenar vasijas con aceite y es perfecta la definición de Eddy porque nos da la pauta real de que cuando sinceramente recurrimos a Dios no pidiendo sino dando ya que la mujer del relato primero tuvo que consagrarse a Dios para que sus necesidades fueran cubiertas y el camino realmente se ensancha cuando comprendemos la omnipotencia divina que sólo traduce el Bien, y nada más que eso hay, porque para ser oída la mujer primero le dijo a Elias que su esposo era fiel a Dios y que ese sosten le había sido quitado por lo tanto necesitaba ayuda y a quien recurrió, a un mensajero divino para ello y esa es la prueba que dio, fidelidad a la omnipotencia divina, apoyándose sólo en Dios, con humildad pero también con confianza, segura que allí estaba la respuesta, allí estaba la abundancia.

    Muchas gracias Robin, thank so much

  13. Oil is a spiritual reality that is ever present. Thank you. Thank you for this lovely wake up call from the current mesmerism that oil can deplete us. Beautiful and very uplifting message.

  14. Thank you Robin for an early morning reminder that was free, filled with the truth and infinite spirit of God and will be passed on and multiplied throughout the day by all those who stopped in to fill up their tank.

  15. Simply beautiful and healing, Robin...thank you :-)

  16. Thank you for this lovely inspiration.

  17. Thanks for this very appropos lift!

  18. Robin what an all-time great Lift this is. Just the other morning Fred said he had been studying the Lesson Sermon for decades, and had just realized that the oil poured out by the widow with two sons was/is God's unlimited love for man and the universe. As I listened to your Lift I felt this is the spiritual counterfact we need to pour out, without ceasing, for the Alaskan coast, the Bay of Mexico, the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of New Zealand, in the Mediterranean Sea, and everywhere else there appears to be material evidence that oil can be destructive and invasive of our precious oceans. Basing our prayers on the outpouring of love and compassion God has for His Creation, we can reverse every claim of matter with declarations of Spirit and Truth. We can replace the evidence of the material senses with the reality and presence of divine Principle. And blessings will fill our hearts and thoughts.
    Thank you Nate and the producers; the BoL and lecturers; and the gentle and inspired Lift family.

  19. Beautiful, thank you!

  20. Just last night I was watching a free, downloadable film off of YouTube called HOME, narrated by the American actress, Glen Close. It is shown all around the world to millions of school children.

    The underlying theme of the magnificent documentary is the way America has built a vast empire based on oil or as it is referred to in the film, liquid gold. And now the rest of the world, inspired by the States and its exploitation of this finite resource, is attempting to play catch-up. Sadly there isn't enough of the liquid gold for every nation to follow America's lead and the planet is heating up because of this race against time.

    I pray that the whole world turns to prayer rather than to commerce to solve this near impossible dilemma: What will we use when the oil runs out?

    It is helpful, matter of fact it is essential, that we turn to God good for guidance in this regard as the words brave new world take on an entirely new meaning. Without God in the equation I have my doubts we can pull through this impending crisis. My apologies if these words come across as dramatic or prophetic. In the old testament the words 'the writing on the wall" is mentioned. We too need to see the writing on the wall and keep turning to God for direction and solutions because the clock is ticking.

    Christian Science is more than a lovely, devotional pastime. It is a necessity of life, at least from my humble perspective.

    Thank you Robin for the important reminder to put God before all else.

  21. I like the thought that came to me regarding how the widow shut the door while pouring out the oil into the various vessels her sons had collected. In our listening for the consecrated thoughts that come to us from the one Mind, God, we need to silence the material senses -- shut the door on anything that is saying that good is limited. Then we will see that God is already pouring forth all the good we need and more.


  23. Fantastic Lift! Life is spiritual so the oil of inspiration is the only true oil there is and all we need!
    Thank you, Robin!

  24. Right on, Robin! The Christ, Truth, is the oil that fuels our daily lives. Let's share it with the world!

  25. Thank you Robin for this fill-up! High Octane mixture- abundance, action, being, charity, comfort, confidence, consciousness, dominion, freedom, gratitude, health, immortality, intelligence, joy, life, light, love, mercy, might, order, peace, perception, power, purity, strength, substance, truth, understanding, unity, vigor, wholeness, wisdom and some other additives.

  26. Thanks, my dear Robin!
    It was with tears on my eyes that I listened to your wonderful message today. Your words are not only inspiring. They also give to us the necessary encouragement to keep trusting God as the only source of supply to meet all of our needs. And as we act accordingly with such a powerful idea, we are free of fear, dependency, greed, limitation. I am grateful to you for your consecration, which allows us to receive grace for the day. Right from God, through you.

  27. Thank you Robin for this inspiring lift. Much food for thought. Many thanks to all who bring this Daily Lift to the world.

  28. Thanks so much Robin. Exactly what I needed today! :)

  29. Very interesting! Olives, whales,fossils--plants, animals, bones. Somehow it's reassuring to realize oil, in the material sense, has always been limited... because it puts the seemingly unknown of today's tomorrow into perspective. ... it's just very thought provoking.

  30. Robin, so loved your Lift! I find, one can't go anywhere or do anything without that needed "spiritural oil", and "with unhurried grace". Thank you.

  31. Wonderful ! thank You . :-)

  32. Very inspiring lift. Thank you.

  33. Thanks Robin, what a wonderful reminder of God's bountiful supply. I didn't get a chance to thank the daily lift folks for the wonderful harmonies from last week's lifts, angel voices is what came to thought each time I heard them. I'm enjoying the beauty of the music this week too! Thanks for the many-faceted hues of inspiration the daily lifts provide. God is good!

  34. Thank you.

  35. My first chore this morning was to gas up my truck and wasn't looking forward to paying the high prices...how timely to hear the lift for today...unlimited spiritual resources from God that's free! Thanks Robin.

  36. Wonderful, excellent! Thank you so much Robin. With that true "oil" there is no sense of limitation whatsoever.

  37. That was excellent Robin!

  38. Very inspiring and timely! Thanks so much.
    Thanks, too, for your recent lecture on protesting/rising up--against the material senses and limitation!

  39. "inexhaustible and always available" . . . . just what I needed to hear today! Thank you . . . .

  40. LOVE it!

  41. Thank you Robin, let's fill our tank's with God's abundance!

  42. Great lift and wonderful comments. Here are some thoughts about the Bible reference to II Kings 4 (which is in this week's CS Bible Lesson Sermon). The story is of a widow who was facing financial ruin with limited time and resources. She sought spiritual guidance. Elisha lovingly and wisely asked her what she had in her house ( i.e. in her consciousness). She said she had a little oil and he advised her to borrow more oil from her friends. He did not ask her to buy oil because in its spiritual/metaphorical sense oil is love which can't be bought and must be shared to be realized.Elisha recommended that she closet her thought from seeing the oil as limited and that she borrow not a few vessels, meaning to not limit her thinking. She filled all the borrowed vessels and still had oil left over, because unlimited, unconditional, universal love is not finite. She "sold" the oil to pay her debt, meaning that she shared God's love and spent it freely (CS hymn 58) by generously exchanging love for love, reflecting love. God forgives our debts through outpouring of love. The oil of consecration cannot be sold, lost or depleted. The sweet story reminds us that love, the substance of good, is multiplied continually, always increasing, forever blessing all. Thank you Robin and everyone for reminding me of these spiritual truths.

  43. Spiritual Oil---what an inspired alternative to its material counterfeit! Thank you for this eloquent message

  44. Thank you Robin for this practical approach of recognizing oil as a spiritual resource.

    One of the things I've been wrestling with is oil leaking from our car's transmission. While I do include transportation in my list of God provided facilities and I've been working mentally to know seals don't dry out when immersed in oil. But you provided a new perspective. Stop looking at the mechanics of the machine (matter) for a solution, and turn thought instead to the qualities of the resource you are trying to protect, knowing oil (inspiration) provides protection instead of needing it.

    Thanks for this slick idea and I’ll let you know how this change of thought works.

  45. So grateful for your very inspirational lift; a much needed one today! After listening to "Fill it Up" more than once, I realized it is full of many wonderful thoughts to dwell on and to practice. It is well worth listening to numerous times. Thank you Robin!

  46. Thank you Robin!

  47. Thank you Robin; Your Lift expands on this week's Bible Lesson entitled, "Substance". The true meaning of substance and oil is inexhaustible! How blessed we are!

  48. Thank you so much, Robin!

  49. I love to see the angel thoughts that come to me....come to others....and meet all our needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

  50. Wow Robin thank you! Such a wonderful and inspiring lift. I got so much out of it, and the reminder to turn my thought to God for all good, not limited material resources. Fabulous!
    Thanks so much to Nancy from Yellow Springs also, for those beautiful "High Octane" qualities that we all reflect. Such an inspiration!
    Blessings to all,

  51. How very appropriate for what we are facing today. Thank you Robin!

  52. Dear, dear Robin -

    Such a filling, gracious Lift you have given us to think about. Indeed, I love Mrs. Eddy's definition of the word "Oil" as we study in this weeks Christian Science Bible Lesson.

    Every time I fill up my gas tank at the pump (it's now $80. to fill up) I silently thank our ABUNDANT God for showering each of His children with the things that we need in our lives for this very day. I can feel FULL all the time because my "cup runneth over" with gratitude for a full sense of life. And how grateful I am to you, Robin, for helping to point this out today.

    Richard Horner, Pasadena, CA (on holiday in Winter Park, FL)

  53. I can listen to this many times over the week. What a wonderful, inspirational message. Thank you Robin and friends from the Lift.

  54. Thank you Robin for this timely lift. Oil and the rising price of it has certainly been in the news lately. I just started reading a new book - Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter Diamandis, He's the guy who gave a 10 million dollar prize to the first person to launch a rocket into space in 2006 - overcoming ingredible odds. His basic premise is that we just think that worldwide, there is a lack of oil, lack of clean drinking water, lack of money, lack of food, lack of freedom, lack of education, and on and on, but the reality is that we, as a global community, just haven't found the solution to these 'grand challenges' yet. Of course, we as Christian Scientists know how to pray about all of these issues and can lead the way in listening for God's divinely inspired solutions.

  55. Thank you, Robin, for that inspired view of a substance most of us need in our daily activity, turning our thought to the unlimited resources of God. By thinking about Mrs. Eddy's defnition of oil as consecration;charity, gentleness; prayer; and heavenly inspiration and putting those qualities into practice in our daily life, we can, as you put it "oil our daily experience with grace."

  56. Just what I needed this morning

  57. Totally fresh, inspired lift showing how God's angel thoughts come to us moment by moment. And you, Robin, are the angel of this message! Thank you so much for your graciousness in sharing these precious thoughts with the world.

  58. Muy agradecida querida Robin por tu excelente mensaje , el Lift de Hoy !!! El aceite es de suma importancia para todos , como dice el Salmo 23: 'Unges mi cabeza con aceite; mi copa está rebosando'.' [ EL AMOR ] unge mi cabeza con aceite' interpreta nuestra amada Guía ( cys p 578).

    Mrs. Eddy escribe en Glosario : ' Aceite: consagración; amor; dulzura; oración; inspiración celestial, (cys p 592). Con estas bellas cualidades expresadas a diario , seguro tendremos manifestaciones del Amor de Dios- nuestro Padre celestial - debido a este trabajo consagrado a El. Ello nos bendecirá abundantemente y al compartir este Aceite sanador , bendecirá a otros por igual.

    Agradezco mucho los inspirados comentarios previos. De todos aprendemos y nos fortalecemos .
    Un abrazo grande y mucho Amor reflejado en todos, Ma. Cristy

  59. Brilliant, Robin
    Your "lift" is heart felt and so needed. I love your suggestion to "oil our daily experience with grace" a Christ Science quality that belongs to each of us and flows outward for all to share and benefit from.

  60. Thank you Robin. This lift is so inspiring as we are reminded that no matter what material substance we think we need -- the spiritual idea behind it is unlimited.

    Also enjoyed reading #42's inspirational interpretation of the widow and the oil.

    "Divine Love always has met, and always will meet every human need." Mary Baker Eddy. In our textbook and on the wall of almost every Christian Science Church. ( :

  61. Thank you for this very helpful lift.It immediately lifts one above the dark clouds of lack,limitation,and fear to the clear understanding of infinite supply and of God's love for His creation!

  62. Outstanding!
    Many thanks Robin.
    So well thought out. It reminded me of that Pamphlet/article called "The Three Essentials."
    They are: spiritual, intellectual, and practical. Just as you reiterated.

    Best again, and gracias!

  63. Thank you. Francine and Nan, especially needed to hear from you today

  64. I'm getting a deeper sense that if we seem to need more we need to "give away" ie share,
    what we have with our neighbors.

    So grateful for the work of all the practitioners of this wonderful Science who share what they have
    with us through these daily lifts.

  65. What a powerful and fulfilling thought. It will be fun to see how I am fueled today. Thank you Robin

  66. This is a great "lift" and quote to send to the White House, congress, presidential candidates, oil companies, etc.! Thank you!

  67. Great lift! Thank you Robin!! You're tone and words are so inspiring.

  68. Simply beautiful Thank you Robin,

  69. Very timely, thanks Robin. From today we here are also having to pay more to fill our tanks. With reference to the widow women Elisha said she needed "empty" vessels --uncluttered receptivity -to receive the inspiration.

  70. Cherishing good qualities must lead to good actions which in turn lead to genuine prosperity. So good to be reminded to make it a discipline to start with the spiritual substance.

  71. I love the Spiritual idea of Oil! Thank you, Robin!

  72. Thanks Robin your lifts are always great to hear. Your lifts are a good inspiration to me. I remember hearing you and talking to you after the lecture you did in Naples Florida. you are Awesome and thanks for the lifts

  73. Thank you Robin for your a wonderful inspiration, realy GOD IS all in all,
    Paul Fotie cs from YAOUNDE

  74. What a wonderful story on Oil. Thank you so much Robin.

  75. Thanks Robin. A totally inspiring thought.

    en español

    Gracias Robin. Un pensamiento totalmente inspirador.

  76. Lovely to hear your message, thank you Robyn. Serendipitously, today, my neighbour sharpened the blades of my push mower, I am delighted to hear it chop away for free. Thank you too, Lord.

  77. As expected, your Lift started me thinking, and thanking you, Robin, for lifting us above the limited and limiting concepts of fuel for heating and driving, and the oil of grace for spiritual warmth and progress.
    It made me think of Elisha's firm refusal to accept limitation. He had no physical supply for the widow's need, but, Elisha was certain whatever it was she already had (in her case a cruse of oil was all she thought she had) was sufficient. `The demonstration of unending oil until her need was met, preceeded Jesus' day, yet was the same lesson on supply that Jesus made when he fed 5,000 people with the few loaves and , Elisha was certainfishes. It wasn't what they had to work with, but what they knew about the Father's love and provision for His beloved ideas, man, that proved to meet the need. It was Principle that has not diminished His love, or His ability to abundantly provide for our needs. In both Bible stories, there were leftovers to meet the fresh demands ahead. This Principle, this Love, is actually all we have to meet our needs, and it is enough!
    (References: 2nd Kings:4, and Matt.14)

  78. Thanks a lot for the nice message. So interessant and helpful. Thanks again.

  79. Am grateful to have heard this lift on oil and grace.
    Thank you Robin for your beautiful and thoughtful inspiration.

  80. Many thanks Robin - a very relevant and couraging lift - especially with gasoline prices here at about $11 aper gallon!

  81. Thank you Robin for your very helpful Lift. Back home we are also amidst this unrest situation on fuel price increase. Your lift curbs my fear and remind me of the infinite Love God bestow on each of us, His/Her beloved children. How silly of me to even doubt it and be mesmerised by this material futile havoc even for a few moment. Thank You God for this wake up call. Good job for the DL team and all the commenters! You are all a blessing to the world.

  82. Just got to this today, and I want to add my thanks for such an encouraging, practical, and empowering Lift. Just as oil has myriad applications materially, it has a myriad of ways that it is significant spiritually. In fact, it has universal significance. I love the thought of grace being oiled by Love. And that our whole world is powered by prayer and heavenly inspiration. What fuel for our daily thoughts and actions!

    Thank you, Robin.

  83. Dear robin,
    Thank you for this inspiring reminder. Limitless suply of good.

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