3/5: Guided by angels

3/5: Guided by angels

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Definition of angels in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, 581:4.

ANGELS. God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality, counteracting all evil, sensuality, and mortality.

  1. Love this testimony Ginny, can't hear it enough!

  2. Thank you Ginny for this important Lift. God is an ever-present influence in our lives. His guidance is shown to us in practical ways that guide, protect, heal and bless us and all mankind. When we listen to what God is telling us we gain a sense of joy and peace and harmony that puts our lives in spiritual perspective-finding that all our needs have already been met.

  3. Beautiful, as always. Thank you, Ginny!

  4. Ginny, it is so wonderful to be reminded to cultivate and nourish the spiritual faculty of listening for one voice which is God's angel After hearing that angel message we should "follow and rejoice all the rugged way". Thank you for that voice of Truth.

  5. Thank you, Ginny....needless to say, your lift is exactly what I need. I'm in the process of considering several offers for refinancing my condo. What to do, what to do! Listening to the angels will direct me.

  6. That's one thing that's so much 'fun' about angels - you never know what form, or way they will come to us! Thanks for this reminder.

  7. In the midst of having our credit and debit card information used without our permission, our forever Leader gives, “The question oft presents itself, Are we willing to sacrifice self for the Cause of Christ, willing to bare our bosom to the blade and lay ourselves upon the alter? Christian Science appeals loudly to those asleep upon the hill-tops of Zion. It is a clarion call to the reign of righteousness, to the kingdom of heaven within us and on earth, and Love is the way alway.” (Message for 1901, page 35 by Mary Baker Eddy.

    Even without understanding (error) or being told humanly what has happened, my credit and debit accounts were re-issued after being wiped out ten days ago. We take the human footsteps with God and trust that “Love is the way alway.”

  8. Mmmm, yes! Thank so much Ginny.

  9. Thanks for angel reminder in wee hours when worry tries to take over re upcoming events. Angel love & power always win the day! Thx!

  10. Kia ora Ginny and Lifters family, from New Zealand. I deeply appreciated your words Ginny, thank you. The longer I live, the more I listen to "the little voice" which pops up in my mind when decisions are neccesary. It's often called intuition, but I've come to believe it's Angels guiding. I listen carefully and obey, and the outcome is always for the best. Thanks again. xx

  11. Thank you, Ginny. Such a sweet reminder of God's ever presence. I appreciate that you stopped and listened. That humble place of expectancy sure paid off.

  12. What a lovely way to start the day, Ginny! Always enjoy your Lifts.
    (Great name for a Great Dane - Stanley)

  13. Ginny I have always particularly loved your lifts, because in addition to their springing from deep spiritual inspiration, one senses that you are talking so naturally, not reciting a text; the message comes straight from the heart, almost as in a conversation. Wonderful.

  14. Thank you Ginny for the wonderful lift indeed God's angels, thoughts passing from God to man are ever present to guide me and all, even my seeming adversaries! And they are countracting all evil sensuality, mortality.

  15. Thank you Ginny. What a joy it is to start each day with wonderful helpful lifts and how comforting to know that we can always listen for these angel thoughts. I love this poem by Faith Walsh Heidtbrink
    Rise Now
    I waited and waited like the man at the pool of Bethesida for an angel
    to come and move the waters of my thought
    But then God said
    Don't wait - Rise now!
    So I looked
    with my heart I found that His angels were all around!
    And, as I rose,they took my hand and tenderly
    led me on

  16. Many thanks Ginny for this great reminder. Yes. "Listen for the angels of God's [divine Love's] guidance." "By giving earnest heed to these spiritual guides they tarry with us, and we entertain "angels unawares." (S&H 299:15). "He [Love] knows the angels that you need,/ And sends them to your side,/ To comfort, guard and guide." (Christian Science Hymnal #9).

  17. Thank you, Ginny. As always, you've given us a wonderful thought to start our day.

  18. Thanks Ginny for the reminder to listen to those angels. Mrs Eddy tells us:



    12 are God's representatives.

    When I look back over my life there have been times when I have not known which human footsteps to take but listening to God's representatives I have always found that they "re-present" to me what I am and which path to follow to be about the Father's business.

    When I was training to be a school teacher we were asked to join the queues for various courses. I had long decided which course to join and I duly joined this queue. Then I prayed again to know that this was the correct decision. Suddenly and for no apparant human reason my legs just walked me over to another course queue. The whole path of my life would change but I knew that these angels were guiding me into harmony and fulfillment; and it proved to be the correct decision.

    Thank you Ginny for illustrating the value of keeping calm and listening "lest my footsteps stray" [Hymn 304]

  19. When we don't know what way to go, which direction to take, let's remember to summon angels.
    God's representatives are always ready to guide us, always ready to answer our call of despair. No need to yell anybody's name, or cry in desperation, but a moment of intense reflection will suffice to tune us to God.
    We need to "Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of matter..." and our angels will answer our call. S&H 14:12
    "Truth will summon, soon or late, All the earth to worship God." CS Hymn 141

    Cuando no sabemos que camino tomar, hacia dónde ir, recordemos de convocar a los ángeles.
    Esos representantes de Dios siempre están dispuestos a guiarnos, siempre listos para responder nuestra llamada desesperada. No es necesario gritar el nombre de nadie, o gritar en desesperación, un solo instante de intensa reflexción nos alcanzará para sintonizarnos con Dios.
    Necesitamos " Estad conscientes por un solo momento de que la Vida y la inteligencia son puramente espirituales —que no están en la materia ni proceden de ella..." CyS 14:12
    "A adorar al solo Dios os convoca la Verdad." Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 141

  20. Thank you!

  21. Thank you for this clear Lift. Listening is the activity which fear would close down if it could, but it cannot, because thought turned to God is always able to listen and hear. Listening for God's guiding idea both destroys fear and enables us to find our way, to know where to go and what to do, step by step.

  22. I just played this Lift over the phone to someone needing direction who said she was moved to tears, as we all were.

  23. Thank you. How did you know that's exactly what I needed today?!

  24. Thanks Ginny, I guess Stanley was also listening ! A lovely lift.

  25. Hi Ginny and thank you. I am always touched by your lifts. A number of years ago someone dear to me was struggling and he happened to be in the Christchurch Airport - keep in mind we are from Florida. You happened to be sitting next to him and your kindness changed his life forever. So much good came from who you are and the "coincidence" of the meeting ....
    Joy and thanks to you.

  26. Thank you Ginny for your wonderful words!
    That is really what I needed to hear today!

    With love from Austria!

  27. Thank you Ginny. Like others have said, I am working through a similar "what to do?" challenge. I woke up this morning at 3:17 am worried about what to do and as I stilled myself and my errant thoughts, I was reminded of a resource I had forgotten to consult in dealing with my challenge. It's exactly 2 hours later and I have a very strong and clear start on the next steps I should take. Your Lift will remind me throughout the day that I have all I need to complete my journey. I only have to still myself and listen. Thank you. Love, Janet

  28. Thank you, Ginny, for this helpful lift. It was good speaking to you when you lectured in Glasgow a few years ago.

  29. Dear Ginny,

    Thank you for your Lift and thanks to all of the other Lifters with their really cool comments. The thought of "direction" could constantly be in our thoughts as we go about our day.

    Sometimes, we start out on the right foot, along the right path, heading in the right direction..all with good motives and thoughts then we sometimes seem to get lost. Where am I going..am I heading in the right direction...why do others seem to be making so much more progress than me?

    I think a lot about our branch Church and direction, purpose. Because we may appear to be few heading in a direction, does it negate the good that we can do and do? Sometimes I see the branch churches that appear to be small to have a larger mission, that of recognizing each other individually, just as you would have done with your dog. I am sure you have a greater appreciation of your dog even though I am 100% sure you already had a boundless love for him.

    You couldn't see your dog, but you could hear him as we can hear God reaffirming our direction. Those in a branch church that listen and depend on each other even more have an opportunity to see more of the true idea of man as in this week's Lesson. Working through conflict unlocks the treasures of Individuality.

    What if your dog was barking from the time you left home, but only as you were lost, did you tune into hearing him and recognize the value of the bark? All of our needs are met.

    Thanks Ginny and much love to all!

  30. Si prestamos atención es permanente esa manifestación de angeles inspirativos que se acercan y guían, debo decir: Que yo siento que son nuestros propios pensamientos que estan conscientes de nuestra naturaleza espiritual, imaginemos un gran iman, pero que imanta el iman, todo aquello que es de su misma naturaleza atrayéndolo hacia sí mismo como propio.
    De la misma manera nosotros nos sentimos atraidos hacia el gran iman-Dios por nuestra propia naturaleza, es natural pensar que podemos recurrir hacia la Verdad porque allí encontraremos el Amor que guía y que a veces son los ángeles de nuestros propios pensamientos que naturalmente nos vuelven hacia Dios buscando amparo y fortaleza, porque de la misma manera que el iman si está oculto no puede imantar así nosotros cuando nos ocultamos del Amor divino entre nuestros erroneos pensamientos, pero es suficiente el más tenue rayo de idea divina para que seamos impulsados hacia Él, y que hermoso sentirse unido de esa manera, como fundidos en el mismo Metal.

    Muchas gracias Ginny, procuremos elevar nuestro pensamiento para fundirnos en ese Amor que lo Es todo

  31. ...by the way Ginny...I just wanted to add that I am not suggesting the dog was barking and you did not hear him until you got lost. I was just trying to bring the point that sometimes it is not what we have but how we leverage what we have that helps to affirm our direction and give us an assurance of purpose.

    Thanks for listening...

  32. Thank you for reminding us that God speakes in different ways . We just need to listen.

  33. Stop and listen - that's just the daily bread I needed today. Thank you very much!

  34. I would like to share an experience that happened over 12 years ago.
    I was a passenger in the back seat of an suv,
    We were driving to a ski resort, having flown in to a nearby airport in Colorado.
    All of a sudden we hit a patch of (black) ice.
    From the back seat, I heard myself say aloud, "ANGLE THOUGHT"
    The driver slid to the left lane and then back to the right lane, where the side of the mountain was.
    We did not crash! although, at the time, a crash looked unavoidable.
    I am still so grateful.
    My friend later remarked to me that she would be eternally grateful for what I said that night.
    Blessings and angle thoughts to one and all.

  35. Ginny, hearing this story -- as I look for a job -- and reading all the comments, I feel so connected to Love and all those in the world studying Christian Science, and have a big smile on my face. I'm ready for the day now! Thanks very much!

  36. Thank you!!

  37. Thank you, dear Ginny, for this lift. I love the comment, also, about Stanley listening (knowing your need) too! The divine voice is always heard, when we listen (for even every creature knows it). Our heavenly Guide has said: 'And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying 'This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left' (Isaiah 30:21). Mrs Eddy likened this divine voice or guidance as 'when a lion roareth' (Science and Health, page 559. I am so glad, too, to know that 'He shall give His angels charge over thee' (Psalm 91). Thank you again, Ginny, for bringing these these heavenly reminders to thought.

    We shall all enjoy a day, filled with divine signposts!!

  38. What an angel thought on the wings of the web going far and wide today. Thank you for another proof that all of God's creatures are "useful" and the value of listening.

  39. Thank you so much for this sweet and inspiring Lift today, Ginny. It was exactly what I needed to hear, confirming my tentative feeling that angels have been guiding me .... I have been working to know that our sense of home is already intact, and that God is guiding us in our search. We have been looking and looking for just the right home to purchase, and have been renting in the interim. I have been frequently frustrated that the search has not yielded the right spot for us ... Always some aspect of each home we've looked at seemed not quite right. But I kept knowing that God has a plan for us, and that I just need to be patient and LISTEN for His voice. After viewing another lovely home that still didn't seem to feel quite right, our current rental agent emailed that she had a new home coming available for RENT, and would we like to see it? We said yes, and took a look yesterday ... it is just what we have been looking for, and yet, we won't have to purchase it (with a huge price tag!) ..... We can rent it for a multiple-year lease----an option we never even entertained! Thank you, Father-Mother God for leading us homeward in the most unexpected way!!!!! An angle was indeed pointing out the way .... as no human planning would have sent us in this direction, ,and yet it is absolutely the best solution for us at this time. That "still, small voice" guided us through the human maze, providing the perfect answer for a place to call home right now!

  40. O yes, ANGELS ! My favorite compagnions! Thank you for talking about their wonderful work.
    Just this morning I had to make a decision, and I wasn't quite sure if I had chosen the right thing. Then suddenly the beginning of hymn 361 came to mind, and I was humming it: "Vertrau auf Gott den Vater, nur Er sei dein Berater, ..." - "Trust all to God, the Father , Confide thou in none other..."
    Thank you Ginny!

  41. Thank you, Ginny, for the gentle, reassuring Lift to listen for Love's everpresent angels to guide, comfort, and guard us! I give thanks each day or these Lifts, comments, and the countless blessing gifts of Church.

  42. Thank you Ginny! This is a great reminder especially as my daughter contemplates which college to choose. That God will guide her to her right place.

  43. “The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares. Then thought gently whispers: "Come hither! Arise from your false consciousness into the true sense of Love,…..S&H 584: 27

    Unawares defined: without design, attention, preparation, or premeditation

    I always love the surprise of angel messages. They tap you on the shoulder and point out a better way. They may say “are you listening to your dog?” or perhaps… this way… across the Red Sea. They apparently are designed to help us find our way home.

  44. Thank you Ginny, and that great spiritual idea, Stanley, who has come to your rescue more than once. How quickly our animals respond to our cries for help when we need a push in the right direction. How close God feels in those times of 'weary wandering' and how bursting with gratitude we are when the resolution of our trial is made plain.
    Thank you Nate and Shannon and all involved with the production of this wonderful Daily Lift to mankind; And thanks to the many who respond so lovingly each night with their own experiences and demonstrations of the Christ, Truth.

  45. Ahhhhh, thank you sweet Ginny! If only we could Always be still and know and listen and trust and feel the Love that is always present....guiding and guarding us safely Home! Acknowledging that there IS a Power Greater than Ourselves that has our best interest at Heart is often all that is needed to open up the pathways for hearing, feeling, seeing our way forward! Thank you to my Angels for always loving and guiding me! I trust me to Your Care!! xoxo!

  46. To Janet, Johns Creek: I remember reading quite a few years ago, that when we wake at 3 o'clock in the morning, it is God pulling our toe and telling us to pray for Him.
    Every now and again I wake in that wonderful early hour when all is still and silent. It usually feels so much more natural to pray and listen without interruption.
    This is an hour for blessing and to be blessed, Janet, so "rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward. . . " [Matt 5:12]

  47. Rise Now was published in a Sentinel 29.12.85

  48. It seems to me that "the expectancy of good" and "angel thoughts" go hand in hand. You start off with your desire for good which is your moment of prayer and God is always there proving the answers that come to us as angel thoughts. Such precious and comforting reassurance Ginny. Thanks so much for your heartfelt lift.

  49. To Robert, White Rock, BC: This thought came to me recently:

    "He give his angels charge over you"

    That's the true sense of "charge." A sweet, divine, protective control. Any false charges to our account have to be wiped out. And I can listen to angel messages about when to pull out my credit card (sometimes called a "charge card") for a worthwhile investment, and when to keep it tucked away.

  50. Thank you Ginny. This hits it right on the mark for so many in the world right now! I love that when we're humble enough and can quiet the buzzing thoughts of material sense we can hear what God has been gently whispering to us all along. Mrs. Eddy says: "In the quiet sanctuary of earnest longings, we must deny sin and plead God's allness." (Science and Health, 15:16). In this way, no one can be lost or without direction in the world, because we are all created with the ability to be still and just listen. Thank you to everyone who has posted on here! It has given me even more to think about.

  51. Thanks Ginny! Had a similar experience just this past weekend cross country skiing. Quelling the fear and listening for the guidance - when I did that - the way was made clear!

  52. What a wonderful reminder that were are never stuck in the wilderness. I think it is easy to sometimes get overwhelmed by the material picture, and this lift really helps zap that mesmerism! Thank you!

  53. God's word speaks to us, and we realize that He is indeed giving us our daily bread -- giving us grace for today. His grace brings conviction, gratitude and joy as we listen to His messages of guidance. We are so blessed.

    Thank you, Ginny. Thank you, dear Mother Church, for today's guidance from God.

  54. El pensamiento espiritual, que viene a nosotros en los momentos que más necesitamos y es el saber y estar seguros de la protección del Amor divino es ahí donde surge, el ángel (idea) que nos ayuda a ver
    la solución que la Mente infinita tiene para nosotros.
    "Pensamientos de Dios que vienen al hombre" M.B.E C y S

  55. Thank you.

  56. Wow! Wasn't sure which of my many critical tasks to tackle first and decided rather than trying to go hide under the bed I would start by listening to the daily lift cause I knew I wanted to be productive ...thanks for providing an angel message for me today!

  57. Thank you for your lift today and "Rose Deary's" angle: "I guess even Stanley was listening". Immediately after having Christian Science Class Instruction angel thoughts came late one night trying to find my vehicle in a massive parking lot. Looking was no use. So I didn't look, only prayed and when I lifted my head there was my automobile. Finding my way in a forest was never any problem and even the trees' moss directed north, however in the city angels abound and being well grounded in the Bible and Christian Science church saves decades of retracing one's steps through a maze when looking for health or life for ourselves or others.

  58. Your lift is so helpful. And, it reminds me of the line from the Bible, "This is the way, walk ye in it." Amen. Thanks Ginny.

  59. How wonderful that angel is! I love to think of angels as the best deal we have with our Father Mother God. In Mary Baker Eddy's book, Miscellaneous Writings on page 307:1 she writes, "God gives you His spiritual ideas (angels, divine guidance), and in turn, they give you daily supplies." God provides the nourishing spiritual thought, and then that thought provides our daily needs! The only requirement we have is to allow this awesome work to take place! We simply need to acknowledge and permit these angels to take hold in our thought. The rest is already taken care of! Thank you so much Ginny for this beautiful reminder that when we take the time to listen, we find that our direction and protection is already there :)

  60. What a treat to hear your loving voice and angel thoughts this morning. I have had many times in my life where angel thoughts have guided me in the right direction and have been so grateful for listening and following no matter how trivial they may seem nor how great the problem. God's angels always guide us in the right direction and we should not hesitate to follow.

    One morning as I was studying the Bible lesson I heard a small thud on our large picture window. The thought came to me to get up and investigate, but I didn't want to interrupt my reading. However the thought came again to get up. I found two small birds laying on the deck below the window appearing lifeless. I picked them up, put them on my lap and started singing hymns as I gently stroked their feathers. They both responded and one crawled up onto my shoulder and I held the other in my hand singing and talking to them. The first one perked up and flew onto the branch of a nearby tree but didn't leave until the other one had fully recovered. Then the two of them flew off. My husband had been aroused and came out and took a picture of me with one bird in my hair and one in my hands. It's a picture I'll always cherish as a reminder to always listen when the angels speak.

    These Daily Lifts and comments from all around the world are our angels to start or end our day depending where we live and I am so deeply grateful!

  61. Oh Ginny, thank you.

  62. Thanks so much Ginny! I'm in need of an Angel today and this was so reassuring and comforting. thanks again, Scott

  63. Thank you, Ginny. Muito obrigada, Ginny.

  64. Thanks for the beautiful message. Very inspiring.

  65. Thank you Ginny for this sweet reminder that angles are speaking to us right where we are now, leading us to where we need to be.

    I've been praying with the idea that those same angels are guiding our leaders in Washington to hear God's plan for our country which must always include justice, intelligence, wisdom,compassion and abundance for all. I also want to thank you for the wonderful lecture in SLO on Sunday. Your healing ideas were very inspiring!


  67. Ginny,

    I had a similar experience a number of years ago, but I was walking in what I thought was a familiar area of the woods near my house which is surrounded by woods for miles. I was following a creek that I hadn't followed before. Of course, it wound around in all directions. So much so that I suddenly realized I didn't recognize anything but thought I knew the direction home. The forest was dense with lots of undergrowth. Soon, I could find neither the way nor the creek I had left behind. I knew that I would be guided by infinite Mind wherever I might find myself, and I held to this without any panic. Suddenly the woods opened into a field, but I couldn't recall the field, so that didn't help. Then I came upon a highway that I didn't recall, either. I turned to God for an explanation and was told, "Look again." I did, and everything was suddenly familiar--like a light going on in a dark room, I knew exactly where I was. I headed back into the woods confidently. And a mile or so later emerged at my driveway. "What cannot God do?"

    Thanks for sparking this grateful memory.

  68. Thank you, Ginny, for “Guided by angels … listen for the angels of God’s guidance.”

    Sometimes I’m alone, either with no people around or even in a crowd of people or with a few friends or just one other and yet sometimes “alone” in my perspective or understanding or problem or even joy. Sometimes I’ve even felt alone and lost.

    It’s been comforting to know (and still is!) that I’m always just an angel message/an angel’s breath away from God ( reminding me of God’s “ever-presence!” :-). So, to be alone with God’s angels is to never really be alone – and certainly never lost. Alone but never lonely. Lost? It’s impossible to be lost in God’s allness.

    “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways” (Ps 91:11).

    I think it was an earlier Lift from which I learned, “Angels, charge!” I’ve used it and I love it!!! :-)

  69. One thing that I found not mentioned in the Daily Lifts that's aprapo to bring out in listening to this one, and that's intuition. Dog's have a terrific intuition about things. If they make a mistake, it's just once. They learn not to make it again, not like we humans. Because of being self righteous, or mucho, we do the same thing that got us in trouble the first time, until we learn to lean more on what God is telling us. For a long time, I believed that intuition was another name for "God's angel messages speaking to us." Now that I am a student of C/S, I know just as comment #9 brings out that intuition is God's angels guiding us in the right direction. Some times our pets, wheather it's a Dog or Cat, can teach us something about humility. I know that mine did.

  70. Thanks Ginny! Whenever it appears that I have misplaced something, instead of frantically searching for it, I tell myself that divine Mind knows where its ideas are, and Mind will reveal its idea to me. And voila! there it is! So nothing or no one is ever lost, our job is just to open our spiritual ears and eyes to see and hear the truth.

  71. This is the PERFECT lift for me this morning - feels like an "angel thought" . . . Thank you!

  72. Wow. I need this lift so much......I WILL listen for the angels today. Thanks, dear one.

  73. Great lift, thank you Ginny!!!

  74. Thank you for this lift. At first I was surprised that it was a repeat, but then I realized that of course not everyone would have heard it last August, as evidenced in the comments. Then I realized that each lift is valuable on any day of the year and can be listened to with new inspiration gained each time it is heard. It is a good reminder that we have angel messages always available to us and we just have to listen and follow where He leads. I will open my thought and listen today.

  75. Thank you for these 'crumbs of comfort' shared with us. Glad you didn't drop them on your walk ! (like hansel and gretel)

  76. Your comments are so tender today and especially appreciated as the wonderful lift team discovered today's lift is a repeat...it got filed twice under different titles. Your stories and gratitude will bless those who have heard this lift before and want more..Thank you dear friends for your love..you are angels in this expression of kindness..God is good.

  77. I was moved into tears, too. :(

  78. The morning is my favorite time. I get up eary and sit in front of a warm fire and listen. When you have your own business and don't have any person to report to, listening is very important. I sit siletly and listen for guidance. If I wake up with thoughts of anger or stress I keep listening and when I finally let go of those thoughts and turn to the God everything gets brighter and I feel guided. When I report to God I get so many blessings.
    Thank you Ginny for this reminder.

  79. I love your soft and reassuting voice as you relate this testimony. It is so important to listen, trust, and follow these angel voices. Thank you!

  80. Thank you for your lovely message Ginny. Wouldn't we all like to have a Stanley by our our side sometimes to open our ears to God's loving thoughts? A great lift.

  81. Thank you Ginny for sharing your Daily lift. I haven't heard yet the 2parts but it struck me to retract back what angel thoughts are. Thanks.

  82. God has spoken to me often through his angels and most of the time when I'm not even focusing on a solution..and I am grateful right then and there.

    As I prepare my house for selling, so many times I fret over what do I do next...where should I store something?...whom do I call?...which way do I go?... and out of nowhere -- actually straight from God -- comes an angel message which makes me reply, Of course! That's the answer.

    To me the big message is -- "Shut up, and listen!"

    Thanks Ginny. I always enjoy even more, stories that include our loyal, faithful dogs. woof!

  83. Thank you for this angel message!!

  84. Thank you.

  85. Thank you

  86. Angels...our dearest allies, our dearest companions. Thank you for this Lift!!

  87. This Lift reminds me of the story of the man whose home was flooded and he was sitting on the roof of his house waiting for God to rescue him. Three boats paddled by and offered rescue. The man replied he was waiting for God to do the deed. After a bit longer, the man became distraught and cried out to God, "Why haven't you saved me? I know you will!" God spoke to the man, "I've sent three boats already, listen to me and get in one!"

    Listening to God is no joke. We never know how the angel messages will come, but they do. Your dog's bark was an expression of the practicality of Divine Mind. Who wouldn't harken to the "voice" of one who loves us and follow? And isn't it interesting that your dog decided to "call out" when you needed to hear a guiding message. Discerning God's guidance and voice in the din around us has "rescued" many for many Millennium and still does today.

    Thank you for this reminder to listen for the angel messages that are pouring forth whenever and wherever we need them.

  88. Thank you so much Ginny!! The more I study on my spiritual journey the more I have learned to listen attentively. I appreciate the daily lifts and the comments~~ a true blessing in my life
    Love to all

  89. Hi Ginny. You always seem to come through to me with a beautiful, light-filled message. Also it is one wherein you apply the message to something that has happened in your own life. I love that.Thank you for your warm love, and humility and for listening to Stanleys....love that.!!! Thank you Stanley! Love, Merri

  90. Thank you Ginny for such a sweet simple story of how you experienced listening to God and those wonderful angel messages, one of which seemed to be in the form of Stanley barking you home. When I am stuck or in a quandry as to how to move forward I always am so blessed to turn to God and he supplies me with just what I need at just the right time. I may not always fully agree, but then as the big picture unfolds it is better than ever imagined, and I give thanks that the human outline was not the answer, but my willingness to listen and follow the angel God thought was. Thank you again for this lovely lift.

  91. Thank-you for being honest that we all get lost however high we are in our climb to God. The 'mountain horn' was sent by God and the doggie knew he was helping. His bark, was not. He was communicating to you and guiding you home. How much higher can we go together. How loud does the call have to be so everyone hears Him. He is talking right now and wants you to know it will be ok.

  92. Boy, I loved this Lift! It reminded me of a dear black "camping cat" we used to have. His name was "Si Beauos Noches, Todas Amigos!" Wherever we went, each night we'd let him out of our trailer to explore, and each morning I open the door and call his name. In a short time he'd come bouncing back into camp, ready for brqakfast! Just as you heard God's voice, in your "dog's barking", calling you safely back home, so did this dear cat! I was often afraid he'd get lost and we'd lose him, but this never happened, because he heard our voice! Even so, when we listen, we can hear God's voice calling us safely back too! It's a wonderful example that as we "be still and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10) and pray, (and to me prayer is listening for God's messages and healing directions) we to are brought safely through many "wilderness experiences", safely home to God! I love this so much, thank you for reminding me of it today! It's a keeper!

  93. Ginny, how true that we need to watch and pray to be rightly directed. The messages come in unique ways but they do in fact come to us if we are patient and trust in God and put fear behind us.
    I really enjoy these daily podcasts. Thank you so much.

  94. Thank you Ginny! In praying about a problem involving nerves causing problems in my face, I was reminded that the only "transmitters" in our lives were God's angels, bringing us peace, healing, harmony, protection and direction. His angels surely do guide us into the right direction, and as you said, angels come in many forms and languages as needed. WATCH, .....and pray for that Mind to be in us, which was also in Christ Jesus....part of the 6th tenet in Science and Health, by Mary Baker Eddy.

  95. You are an angel. Thank you for all your loving thoughts!

  96. "As we listen for the angels of God's guidance" --- Ginny, I found this very helpful, as I'm in the process of listening for direction/guidance re a friendship situation. Thank-you for your prayerful & insightful message/Lift! Enjoyed reading & contemplating today's wonderful comments from around the world! Merci beaucoup as always, to the DL team! #82 - Pegmich - "Shut up, and listen!" --- that's a big message for me too --- thanks for sharing the thought/idea!

  97. This is a "what I needed" lift.......thx Ginny and everyone..............not @ home

  98. Thank you, Ginny, and all the wonderful Lifters whos comments are gentle reminders of God's many angels amongst us! I, too, have had so many beautiful examples of Divine Direction guiding, guarding & governing my life as well as those I love. The messages are usually so very clear, and the awe that comes from them leading us in the right direction is truly inspiring. Whether it is searching for employment, a new home, a personal problem - the answer is always there. One just needs to "be still".

  99. sounds like there were TWO voices you heard that day-one from a friendly angel and one from Stanley. And I am wondering-about how much lovin' did Stanley get that day?

  100. Thank you. Just the title alone was comforting just now. Our kids' school is in full lockdown right now (Los Angeles) while they look for a burgalry suspect. I am praying for everyone's safety and to know that angels are speaking and comforting, and speaking to those suspects as well. Thank you for the prayers and great intention.

  101. Beautiful lift... thank you for this message reminding us to listen to God's angel thoughts as they guide us and keep us safe.

  102. Thank you for the lovely, reassuring reminder to stop and really listen. And I love the point made above that Stanley was listening, too!! So precious.

  103. You are surely gifted thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.

  104. Practical, useful, reminder to listen......... Thanks, Ginny

  105. So practical! thanks! great message.

  106. I was guided by an angle today, not realizing it until after the fact. When it hit me that God lead me where I had to go, I was so very grateful and thank God for his guidance. Thank you for the reminder.

  107. VERY helpful! Thank you.

  108. Thank you Ginny for your message. Although I am listening to it the day after, Gods message and angels are always present. My dog Teddy went to Heaven yesterday and as he laid in my lap and drew his last breaths we could hear a dog barking and I felt my mother's presence who passed two years ago . . . .all comforting signs that we are never alone and that God's grace is always with us even in times of loss . . . .nothing is ever lost in Gods mind. In loving oneness.

  109. Ginny, you always share the most remarkably relevant and helpful lifts. This one is something that I think most of us don't consider consciously nearly as often as we could or should. But the fact that God is always everywhere present, ready and waiting to supply us with a right solution to every possible need in the form of those precious angel thoughts that guide and guard us in every conceivable circumstance -- is a constant, available gift that we need only ask to receive. The ways of asking are as diverse as those who do the asking; and the answers are just a much so. But we need never be afraid that the source of those solutions will EVER be depleted or grow weary of supplying them. Love never runs out of good......................

  110. It's the first time I have thought of barking as an angel message but it is the thought I needed today. Thank you.

  111. Beautiful message, thankyou!

  112. Thank you so much Ginny.

  113. Thank you, Ginny, and all Lifters for making God's angelic guidance appear so natural. I, too, have had wonderful experiences with divine guidance in finding lost items, being led to right employment and needed housing, and to saying the helpful thing when needed. What cannot God do?

  114. Angela Manchester United kingdom 3/7/2013
    Whilst on the train to visit my daughter my telephone rang and it was my daughter telling me she had
    forgotten to get my partner's birthday present and as it is Mother's day on Sunday she won't be able to come and see me because she is seeing her mother and father in law on the saturday. Straight away I felt hurt, rejection and anger but after a few minutes I prayed about what had been said and the Angel thought came to me in three words as clear as anything almost as if they had been spoken the thought said 'love her more' thank you Lord for this simple truth straightway I felt relieved from these feelings. Thanks be to God and to Christian Science.

  115. Ditto number 74! I too recognized it when I heard it as who could forget barking Stanley. But how thankful I was to hear it again, because there is decision making my husband and I are trying to decide and it is changing daily. So, happy to hear the angels are guiding. And the adding that to an a Christian Science Sentintel article by Stephanie Johnson CSB about angels in a children's article. She quoted the Bible ...innumerable army of angels at our

    So, one angel Stanley...or a host of angels...God knows what we need and sends it always. Thanks for the reminder dear Ginny.

  116. After writing my last comment as I am grateful, I realized a current problem that was facing my husband. He was listening to the lesson and shared that he needed angels to get him through an emergency problem that was happening on a cliff today at noon. I brainstormed ways around it. Leaving him to do church work, I called saying use the hymn, I walk with Love along the way and oh it is a holy day....but use I step with Love along the way.

    I just got the call that each step was taken care of. The tram was working. I am very thankful to witness the Angels all around.

  117. Sincere gratitude Ginny, for the gentle, forceful reminder that God's angels are always ready to 'show me the way'. Listening with a heart overflowing with joy, I will hear the message of peace, Hugs, carol

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