3/5: Embraced—right now

3/5: Embraced—right now

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  1. Thank you Klaus, this is a wonderful Lift to, waken up to, leaving the dream of separation for the reality of oneness.
    A reminder, not only will my day be spent in Love's care, but I am already and continually am, embraced.
    I have the citation you mention on my wall at work. I think it ends "and that is enough" indeed, there is nothing more.
    I find the Hymn, "In atmosphere of Love divine, I live and move and breathe " is a lovely reminder of our status ♥

  2. Thank you Klaus for this so-important Lift. Divine Love fills all space, is always active, meets all of our needs and forever holds us in its eternal embrace. As our thought rises above what the physical senses perceive, and its limited view, our spiritual understanding allows us to glimpse this truth, the "heaven bestowed harmony", and our eternal coexistence with our creator, God. When our thought abides in and holds to this understanding, the here and now of God's spiritual perfect creation is ours to behold. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you so much for this inspire lift.

  4. A beautiful wake-up call of healing reassurance. Thank you so much.

  5. The Daily Lifts this week are outstanding! Thanks for another great day of inspiration!

  6. What a clever anecdote about the water.....it really puts our true position in Love into perspective.

  7. Thank you Klaus. That is lovely!

  8. Vielen Dank,for a most wonderful lift...what a beautiful reassurance that we are right in the midst of Divine Love...this is a lift I'm going to have to listen to over and over thruout the day...Bless you for sharing your thoughts with us..Thank God for Christian Science.

  9. Thank you Klaus, your calm and reassuring voice and the message it brought, was a great comfort this morning.

  10. Very nice. thank you for this message of all embracing Love. It is a comfort to hear in the night.

  11. What a wonderful reminder of the complete encircling of Divine Love around our true being. Secure and safe we live in God's light.

  12. This is a keeper. Thank you for a lovely example of God's allness

  13. Thank you Klaus for this breakfast today! It reminds me of corinthians15:10 But because God was so gracious ,so very generous,here I am.

  14. Thank you, Klaus Hendrik, for this lovely and true anecdote with the fish - now I can start my day joyfully. And thank you every dear BOL for presenting us such helpful devine Lifts!

  15. I am already living in it Wow thanks for reminding me that. I just feel loved by my Father/Mother as I am embraced in his arms. Thanks again

  16. Klaus, Thank you.

  17. Martin vesely....thank you so much for what I see you share. I am fairly new to the Daily Lift. I have come back to CS after a little separation of growing up in CS... And so enjoy all this new joy and inspiration around the world.....of the CS movement.I thank all who give blessings of gratitiude.

  18. Thank you, Klaus, for “Embraced – right now ...” How comforting to be reminded of the nurturing of our Father-Mother God – right now. ;-) Years ago, when I was feeling very “un-embraced,” a dear friend and practitioner reminded me then that I can always trust God’s loving embrace and that I was always free to just “snuggle up” in God’s embrace. And so I did. I found that there is nothing like God’s embrace that can bring such comfort and security and strength. There is no human solution better than the Christ touch of our Father-Mother – letting God be God to us and we as the beloved children. We are always within the kingdom and the kingdom is always within us, first, last, and right along – embraceable and embraced. “Peace. Be still.”

  19. How often we search for something we already have because we are not looking the right way?

    A fish doesn't need to look for water the same way that we don't have to ask God for help on certain problem.

    “…your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him” Matt. 6:8

    Our only duty is to yield to God’s will and wait on Him. God already knows what we need.

    “"Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts." That
    which we desire and for which we ask, it is not always best for us to receive” S&H 10:27

    "...hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him" PS 42:5


    ¿Qué seguido buscamos algo que ya tenemos por no estar buscando correctamente?

    Un pez no necesita buscar el agua de la misma manera que nosotros no necesitamos pedirle a Dios ayuda con un problema.

    “…vuestro Padre sabe lo que necesitáis antes que vosotros le pidáis” Mateo 6:8

    Nuestro único deber es ceder a la voluntad de Dios y esperar en Él. Dios ya sabe lo que necesitamos.

    "Pedís y no recibís, porque pedís mal, para gastar en vuestros deleites". Lo que deseamos y pedimos no es siempre lo que más nos conviene recibir.” CyS 10:30

    “Espera en Dios; porque aún he de alabarle” Salmo 42:5

  20. Great 'lift' Klaus

  21. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

  22. Thank you, Klaus. "You can't see the wood for the trees", is a phrase used when we need to realise what we see is complete, whole and here, right now.Christ Jesus tells us the fields which are all around us are already complete and ready to have all the produce collected it. The healing is already there, for us to see, accept and realise. A great "fish story".

  23. Many thank Klaus-Hendrik for this inspiring lift. Yes, "Divine Love is all around us, including the Ukraine." "For God, immortal Principle,/ Is with us everywhere;/ He holds us perfect in His love,/ And we His image bear." (Christian Science Hymnal #144).

  24. Thank you so much Klaus for this wonderful lift or lesson
    God is all in all.
    We just have to look good with our spiritual senses.
    God bless you and all.

    Teun Schotte from Holland.

  25. Yes, we are embraced, encircled, surrounded, enveloped in pure, sweet eternal Love. We naturally reflect it to all around us and universally. Good! Many thanks for this message to the world today.

  26. Just the reminder I needed, to wake me up just now! Thank you, Klaus, so much!! We seem to work so hard, sometimes, to know the Father's loving embrace, and when we stop the striving, we find that we are already there, clad in the panoply of His divine love. (Be Still, and Know!)

  27. Thank you.

  28. thank you for this, and the idea that came to me that if I express Love, then
    I will feel it all around me. And love will be reflected back .

  29. Thank you for this great reminder. I tell my little Ginger (dog) that Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human (and animal) need. She is satisfied.

  30. God's good loving embrace is ever around each of us. You've got me smiling, and the sun is shining too!

  31. Thank you Klaus for your inspiring lift :))

  32. On the money, Klaus! Perfect. thank you!

  33. Wonderful Lift! Thank you.

  34. it certainly is.we can feel know,and expect this wonderful comforting joy NOW,this minute.thank you Klaus for putting it so explicitly.
    love and joy to all today

  35. Thank you!

  36. Wonderful Lift, Klaus Hendrik, and one to cherish! Gratitude to you and all Lifters - and blessings all!

  37. Klaus,
    Thank you for your wonderful daily lift.


  38. I liked this anecdote too. Thank you

  39. this lift reminds me of the simplicity of the Christ - I can accept it!

  40. I have said in the past that arguing the existence of God is like fish arguing the existence of water. They are swimming in an ocean of it and are unaware.

    We are in an ocean of Spirit, and many of us are unaware of it.

  41. Loved it and saw so clearly your beautiful message....Thank-you so much!

  42. Maravillosa verdad!! siempre envueltos en los brazos del Amor Divino....solo darnos cuenta de esta realidad y nos encontraremos como lo que somos "hijos amados de Dios". Gracias por este precioso mensaje.

  43. Thank you for this reminder of what is!

  44. What a comforting message you have brought us this morning, Klaus. Thanks so much. As soon as I saw your title I thought of a poem I love dearly, "Unfailing grace" by Eleanor Buser (Sentinel, October 21, 1996). It's a very short poem, only 5 lines. The last two are:

    No matter where I am or what I face
    I'll stay within Love's warm embrace.

    What better place can there be!

  45. Thank you. What a great way to begin each day.

  46. Sin duda, que nos encontramos siempre con la certeza de que Dios va delante, en nuestro camino, y no deja nada librado al azar, al puede ser, o quizás, o como dice el dicho: con suerte y viento a favor, nada de eso es necesario, porque es un hecho real, tangible, que es en el momento que se necesite, y lo que se necesite, en tiempo y forma, más allá de nuestras propias previsiones, que son ciertas cuando la previsión, por ende provisión, viene del máximo dador, que no necesita ningún elemento, que no sea espiritual, para amparar, y guíar por la buena senda, donde Él está.

    Muchas gracias Klaus, por el mensaje.

  47. Thank you, Klaus! That was a Beautiful, Clear and Enlightening Lift! Jesus knew we live in Spirit and Love and his knowing this Truth was the Power that Healed so many. Mrs. Eddy brought forth Christian Science to open our thought in this age to the Ever-Presence of Divine Love, which heals in the same way Jesus did today!

  48. Spot on!

  49. What a clear pure message. Thank you.

  50. Thanks Klaus for your lift.....infinite Love fills all space...."that is enough"!!

  51. Loved this analogy! I just said 'wow' that's for me when I heard it. It is so simple yet so profound! Thank you so much for this wonderful lift today!!

  52. This is the perfect analogy! Thanks so much Klaus for that gem! Acts 17:28 "In him we live and move and have our being" is one of my favorite Bible passage. The living water of God is all around us and much of the time we don't realize it, just like the little fish. Wonderful, wonderful lift!

  53. Thank Klaus for the reminder of God's ever-presence in an understandable way.

  54. Thank you, Klaus, for this wonderful reminder. And it embraces everyone!

  55. What a great analogy! We are, NOW, immersed in God's presence and power. Knowing this fact and trusting in it with all our hearts brings the reality of this realization into our lives in abundance. This is a beautiful and practical thought through spiritual understanding given us in Christian Science! How blessed we are, continuously, and we DO know it.

    Thank you, Klaus.

  56. Thank you Klaus, what a perfect analogy. Loved it!

  57. Of all the 7 synonyms for God, the MOST IMPORTANT is LOVE. We are completely embraced in it. Without it, the other 6 gain no foothold in our thought, therefore no demonstrable evidence of their existence.

  58. Thank you Klaus! Remembering that Love fills all space is always comforting. Embracing me and everyone!

  59. Thank you Klaus. Sometimes I don't feel this omnipotent Love unless I leave my home and adventure somewhere else. But, God IS with us wherever we are. Thank you for making this clear to me.

  60. Thank you Klaus for beautiful Lift!

  61. Was für ein tröstlicher und ruhiger Gedanken, um damit den Tag zu beginnen. Danke, Klaus.

  62. Wunderbar, Klaus, danke!

  63. Very beautiful and soothing. Such is the healing effect of Truth. Thanks Klaus.

  64. Scott in Ft Mcmurray Canada
    Great lift Klaus. I shall remember your fish storey for ever!

  65. Thank you Klaus. A lovely reminder of God's deep Love.

  66. This insightful analogy has indeed brought me great joy. Thank you!

  67. Thank you! A joyous way to start the day...and live in this divine love all day!!!

  68. Thank you so much, Klaus, for this sharing this profound concept in such a clear, simple way. Yes, if we're conscious of Love filling all space, it's literally "enough" -- all we need to know.

  69. It's so good to hear this "Where is the water?" story again. This time I'm comparing the water to the warm embrace of unseen divine Love and Spirit giving eternal Life and Truth, health and holiness. Then we begin to see a gentler, kinder world. Thanks and a hug back.

  70. I feel hugged. Thank you, Klaus. A wonderfully inspiring, comforting, joyous Lift. Enjoyed the comments it inspired so far, too.

  71. Thank you Klaus... soooo
    lovingly expressed for ALL!

  72. Such helpful message. I very much appreciate it. Thank you.

  73. Such an embracing lift!,..Thank You Klaus! The best and all important quality for all of us to express is to just "Love!" ..we all are really surrounded by love/God at every moment in every place of hope or fear he is always with us...Thank You fellow lifters your comments are great too!!
    Love to all : ) ; )

  74. Danke, Klaus - this is beautiful, so reassuring and heart warming.

  75. Love this!! Thank you!!

  76. How sweet to realize the allness of Love just by discovering it's allness in the addresses of the recipients of this uplifting Lift - they encompass our planet. We are indeed blessed with the insights of Mary Baker Eddy's revelations which she has shared with us in all of her writings and experiences. And thank you Klaus for sharing your insight to start our day,

  77. Thank you! The last few days I had kept hearing in my prayers God's good right here, right now.--- right here, right now -- Praise God, the invisible is visible. Thanks!
    Cheers of joy--

  78. Beautiful message and beautifully said.

    Thank you, Klaus!

  79. Danke Klaus.....I needed this today and I now feel how we are immersed in the power of Divine Love and one need not search for it.....

  80. So original - SWEET!

  81. Powerful - thank you

  82. Thank you Klaus, wonderful lift I am so grateful !!!

  83. Just as I was comforting a relative who felt rejected/betrayed by a close friend last night, this Lift appeared in my inbox. What a perfect healing thought to share! [and I did]. A sense of God's loving embrace, perennial steadfast care and affection indeed healed her sorrow, and she is on her way with fresh joy and calm. Hymn 291 [Christian Science Hymnal] verse 3: "Let me thus with thee abide, As my Father, Friend, and Guide."
    This beautiful Lift is healing world consciousness. Thank you.

  84. Thanks Klaus, thou dost keep him in perfect peace who keeps his mind on thee! which is what your talk said today.


  86. There is not one spot where God is not.

  87. Divine love is the great comforter, but it is also the harbinger of great joy. Let us praise God for all his blessings to us and rejoice in these blessings -
    'no blockages!
    God's love destroys any bad associations we may have from the past. We go off every day with a clean slate, full of optimism, health, joy and creativity. We are in the Lord and all is good! How exciting this is! How wonderful!

  88. Thank you so much for this Lift today. I needed to hear these words to embrace me and to make me feel good and safe. Specially these moments we live here in Venezuela are so uncertain ,we need this Love and make us strong.

  89. thank you to remind us tha Divine Love is embracing us now and all !

  90. Klaus,
    I love your analogy! It's like saying "In him we live and move and have our being," but where is He! Your Lift brought God right up close in a memorable way. Thank you so much!

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from the Bible, Acts 17:28.

  91. Listening to the lift and reading the comments bring such a sense of peace which I needed right now. I feel God's loving embrace through the lovely sharing of others insights especially the last two lines of the poem quoted by No 44. .

  92. Thank you Klaus for your clear image of water immersion and divine Love being always present. Mrs. Eddy says, "Divine Love always has met and always will meet, every human need." And as we know, even before we ask, He provides answers by sheltering us under His wings. Divine Love guides the way.

    Thank you Daily Lift Team and lifters all, for your comments.

  93. Thank You so, so, much..
    Very reassuring.

  94. Thank you so much Klaus Hendrick - I know what the little fish meant! We spend time looking for something that is right at hand! We just need to change our focus to include ALL! It was too late last night to write my comment, and very interesting to read all the comments this morning. What a wonderful link, bringing us all together, wherever! United in love and joy. Gratitude overflowing for this Daily gift from our lecturers; from TMC; and from Nate and his team who tie it all together.

  95. Thank you Klaus, and thanks to all these wonderful comments. So comforting to dwell on.

  96. "...reason for great joy" indeed! Thanks so much. Beautiful!

  97. Thank you, Klaus, for your comforting and inspiring message. It was a rock for me during my day.

  98. Thank you Klaus. Love's reassuring embrace is all encompassing of the infinite creation. His arms are round about me eternally, and you, and you, and you.

  99. I had no access to internet yesterday, so I listened to your DL today! I am blessed. Thank you! Love is all around embracing me and all.

  100. Thank you very very much!

  101. It is such a helpful and warming thought, it helps me through the day.Thank you, Klaus

  102. Yes Klaus, there is great reason for great joy. Thank you belatedly.

  103. Thank you, Klaus, for this beautiful and profoundly simple message. Also big hugs and thanks all around to fellow daily lifters. We are all embraced, surrounded, by Love and it is felt. Praise God!

  104. Thank you Klaus, so important to be conscious that we exist in Divine Love and that Divine Love is All that there is in the universe.

  105. Thank you so much, Klaus,

  106. Thank you Klaus. Your lift supported me today. After leaving a business meeting where my values and ideals of Christian living seemed strange to the others. I was tempted to feel ill about their ways, quite literally ill. Instead, I gave thanks for the many MANY blessings that my Christian life has bestowed on others and on me. Love was right there. I was swimming in it. I cherished my business more than ever before. Then, I realized contrary to appearances, they too, are swimming in Love.

  107. Vielen Dank, Klaus. So froh dich als Ausueber und Vortragender zu sehen.

  108. Dear Klaus,
    I needed your lift today and
    read it twice through. Thank you
    so very much.

  109. Beatify explained!
    Thank you for the lift.

  110. Carol,Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this beautiful daily-lift.

  111. To carry the anecdote a bit further; we can never be a "fish out of water." We are never released from this ever-present embrace of divine Love. Everyone is so blessed! Thank you. Sharon :-)

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