3/4: March forth

3/4: March forth

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  1. I've often enjoyed the spiritual lessons I associate with the call to freedom, the affirmation of hope, the proof of love and principle that is in groups who use the command and celebration: March forth! Here in Portland a group March Fourth! with New Orleans style jazz to Middle East rhythms and costumes, including folks on stilts and lots of drumming, often encourage folks to work for justice and they bring spectators and celebrants to stop or reduce police brutality and false accusations with planted evidence. They call out with such determination to not let fear, apathy, discouragement, or the us-vs-them mentality stop us from the dynamic and creative rejoicing in our sisterhood/brotherhood. They bring humor and wit, courage, and self-discipline, keeping the focus uplifted as people also bravely and honestly address very serious life-threatening injustices. When there is laughter and dance, music and play, there cannot be fear. We see the fruit of love of good and the indomitable commitment to Micah 6:8 about God's commands and protections: "He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?"

    And bit by bit, there have been more people coming together across diversity, overcoming fear, being moved with compassion, acting with integrity, distinctly democratically working out consensus for solutions, and hidden like yeast, they are lifting lives here and around the world.

  2. I smiled when I saw the title. I had just said "happy command day" to my husband :) Thank you for this lift and reminder to march forth and claim our rights to all the gifts and blessings God bestows on us. I like what your friend says and I will be saying "no blockage to my blessings" too :) Happy 'command day' to all and happy marching!

  3. Thank you for a wonderful and very uplifting, fun, Lift Laura ♥
    I will be keeping this thought handy all day!
    "No blockage!"
    Brilliant! ♥

  4. Oh how I love these lifts! Thank you Laura! I may not say thank you on here everyday but please know with all my heart I'm so very grateful for them and the lift family! Thank you all and happy command day marching forth!

  5. Great idea, wonderful! Thank you.

  6. Thank you for this lift, it was awesome, I just feel like God really spoke to me through it, so thank you :)

  7. Thank you for this inspiring lift, and the sound of Boston. Something extra to smile about as I march forth with the day!

  8. Thank you so much, Laura, for sharing this inspiring insight MARCH 4th as being MARCH FORTH and the lovely message with it. I am so grateful for all the love shared with each Daily Lift.

  9. Hi Laura, I had to chuckle when I saw the title of your lift! It was very meaningful to me and the humor was great......I loved your accent with "No blockage!" There is absolutely no stoppage of right action, no inertia of any kind. I have been working with those ideas and the humor was an added bonus!

  10. Thanks so much Laura. It really woke me up this morning as I felt blockages but they were just false mental imposition. I love taking plane when the sky is blocked with dark cloud and bad weather. I know that I just have to wait a little bit (resilience = active faith in God's work) to discover blue and infinite horizon. And now I can study the bible Lesson with fresh and unblocked thought as Mind's one.

  11. This is a great Lift! Hymn 82 came immediately to thought...."March we forth in the strength of God
    With the banner of Christ unfurled,
    That the light of the glorious Gospel of truth
    May shine throughout the world;

    We are that Light...let's share it as we march forth.

  12. So true Laura, "March 4th" in the face of all evil! We must also 'stand our ground' no matter how threatening the outward appearance would seem to present us with. "We feel Thy peace, Thine arms of Love enfolding,/ We lift our hearts in praise and gratitude,/ And from this hour, a glimpse of heaven beholding,/ Go forth at last, our joy and strength renewed." (Christian Science Hymnal Supplement #450),

  13. In the beginning… the mist… claimed to have power to block God’s creation. Gen 1:2

    But does it really?
    Nothing has power to block God’s work or to impede His image from seeing all good.

    All blockage is mental,

    Jesus recognized this fact and didn’t allow anything to interfere with his healing work. John 8:59
    He didn’t even mind a heavy boulder on his way. Matt. 27, 27
    He went through with his work until knowing that his hour had come. Mark 14:36

    So, March on!


    En el principio ... la niebla ... afirmó tener el poder para obstruir la creación de Dios. Gen 1:2

    Pero, ¿lo hace realmente?
    Nada tiene poder para obstruir la obra de Dios o para impedir que Su imagen vea el bien.

    Toda obstrucción es mental,

    Jesús reconoció este hecho y no permitió que nada interfiera con su obra de sanación. Juan 8:59
    A él ni siquiera le importaba una pesada roca en su camino. Matt. 27, 27
    Continuó con su trabajo hasta reconocer que le había llegado su hora. Marcos 14:36

    Así que, ¡Adelante!

  14. Dear Laura,
    I have in thought Fenway Park and surroundings and with it the great message and blessing. Thank you.
    Soldiers never march backwards.

  15. Thank you.

  16. Dear Laura and Daily Lifter's

    Thank you so much for your inspiring message, " NO BLOCKAGE ".
    May one suggest that we put on the end of the word NO, W and then we can say NO BLOCKAGE NOW !!!

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure

    Love in Christ


  17. So special! I had awakened in the middle of the night debating if I could get back to sleep without a
    snack when the thought of whether to make an enquiry about a project I had proposed for an exhibit
    of my photography should be followed up since several weeks had elapsed. No blockage! seems a  more potent approach because I like to tell myself I am waiting on God once I have taken the "human  steps" which seemed appropriate. A Christian Scientist whose homilies from the old Black South
    made lifelong impressions on us students, told of how we go to God and set down our satchel of  woes or needs but we don't take our hand off the handle so God can pick up the satchel for us.
    Thank you.

  18. Thank you Laura,
    This Lift has got me moving and claiming the ever presence of the Christ to help me march forth into the sunshine of Torbay. I'm working at starting CSOs at South Devon College and University Centre where I graduated in 1963/64, and University of Bath in 1968. Prayerful practical help is much appreciated.

  19. No blockage - nothing blocks God and the divine power......March Forth...
    thank you for reminding me. You also have a beautiful voice.
    Thank You Laura.

  20. This is so funny we laughed out loud and there are tears down my face, I love it, and thank you.

  21. Domo Arigota Gozaimasu

  22. Thank you Laura and thanks for all the comments. It really hit the point. I will certainly march forth. No blockage to my God-given blessings for this day. I am also trying hard to take my hand off the handle from my satchel of woes so that God can pick the satchel for me.

  23. Thank you for this wake up call. It is great.

  24. march fourth very appropriate, excatly what I did today

  25. Great message. Loved the humor.

  26. Thanks for a positive spin on the idea to move forward inspite of seeming blocks to progress. We can know that God is the drill Sargent of our march telling us...This is the way...walk ye in it..or company halt!...if that is the best to do.

  27. Una marcha continua, no forzada, dulce, paciente, gozosa, es la marcha hacia la comprensión total, porque los desafíos y los tropiezos, son los que trasmiten fortaleza, porque cuando los superamos, vamos dejando atraz todo lo desemejante a Dios, y sin duda estamos siguiendo con acierto la senda divina, donde el tropiezo, no es tal, sino solo y Únicamente comprensión, de entender que no viene de Dios, y por lo tanto no es real, y se disuelve en su propia irealidad, cuando dejamos que Dios lo colme todo.

    "¿Quién subirá al monte de Jehová?
    Y quién estará en su lugar santo?
    El limpio de manos y puro de corazón"

    "Entonces podréis compartir con el mundo los benficios de todo esto, sanar y enseñar" MBE

    Continuando la marcha truinfal del Cristo y la Ciencia Cristiana, hacia logros más definidos de bondad.

    Muchas gracias Laura, y a la colectividad científico cristiana, en quienes me apoyo, aún en los de habla inglesa, para comprender el mensaje, y poder responder, compartiendo lo de cada uno.

  28. That was wonderful - thanks for the tremendous inspiration!

  29. Thanks Laura! Our daughter is flying to Rockhampton tomorrow and I thought this was a great message for her! No blocked airlines! No blocked schedules! I have sent it up to her, so she will be able to claim for herself, "No blockage! No blocked airlines!" How appropriate for you to give us this inspiring Lift to pray with.
    Thanks Nate and the team; The Board of Lectureship - I listened to Bosede Bakery"s lecture today "How Can I pray effectively and Get Results?" Just what we need today! And thanks to the Daily Lift family with their comments marching forth to inspire the world. . .

  30. Wow! What a wonderful "Lift"! We all need to have an aim or a goal before us, and March Forth is a very good one! And to do this, realizing that there is 'NO BLOCKAGE', is so powerful! Thank you for sharing this beautiful idea!

  31. wonderful really wonderful really thanks !!!

  32. Thank you for your lift. Praying for some guidance, and expecting a communication from God, I was led to the same quote by Mrs Eddy regarding inertia. A quick search on my phone led to several revealing definitions of inertia and inert. This led to a new direction of thought and effort.

  33. "NO BLOCKAGE", . . . . How lovely a day when we flow through with all the ease and grace that our God Consciousness has given us and give no credence or power to the false beliefs, fears and appearances that our human thoughts can create to block our way. Thank you for illustrating our spiritual choice . . . I choose "NO BLOCKAGE".

  34. Loved it, Laura! Thank you so much!

  35. Still smiling from this Lift and will be sharing with family, Laura, not only for its message but for the "supa" Boston touch! My gratitude to you, the Daily Lift Team, LIfters - and for all the gifts of Church!

  36. Thank you for this lovely lift and to the Daily Lift family around the world. Each of you is a blessing to me.

  37. Thanks for the lift!

  38. What a great message, Laura, thank you! Love that Fenway Park!

  39. Such a good message and delivered with grace and a humorous punch. Thanks.

  40. Great Lift and Great message! thank you so much Laura. <3 <3

  41. I so needed this lift ! It just lifts me right out of the funk from the night of useless worrying. Thank you so very much. I never heard that reference to the date before. I am going to march forth because this is what I have to do. I have my armor from yesterday - and I am going forward with - no blockage. Thanks.

  42. "March forth" what a beautiful thought to start the day and go forward - thanks so much, Laura. As you quoted Mrs. Eddy, "Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action." (S&H 283:4-6) If we recognize Mind as the source of all our activities, there can be no blockage. We can only go forward and progress in all we do.

  43. Thank you ever so! Love the inspiration in your Lift.

  44. I will never think of March Fourth the same again. March Forth and do good, accept good, love good knowing that there is NO BLOCKAGE because
    God(Life ,Truth ,Love ,harmony peace,) are all that have power. I am so grateful for these wonderful lifts. Thank-you Thank-you! Oh, a sweet granddaughter arrived on March 4th so when I talk to her today I will share these ideas with her and tell her about the lift, she'll love it.

  45. I'm still laughing:)) Love the accent:))) Thank you for this funny but truthful reminder that nothing can hinder us from moving forward because God is moving us. We are free! No blockage:))

  46. Thank you very much for this encouraging Lift, encouraging our progress!!

  47. Thank you for this Lift today! Humor and love...all wrapped up. I've been challenged lately to March forth...and now I can do it with a smile on my face!! Thank you!!

  48. Thank you dear Laura for your unique message. I will March Forth today and hear, with a smile, the indelible declaration "NO BLOCKAGE" with the unmistakable Bostonian accent!

  49. Thank you Laura, What a great birthday gift, since today I am 93, I will march forth as one born of the Spirit, conceived and born of Truth and Love!

  50. Tears of gladness from this Daily Lift which really spoke to my heart. Joy to march forth with God at our side is Truth being demonstrated. God is all power and all presence - no blockage except from error.

  51. What a wonderfully inspiring message! It has set the tone for my day and beyond. Thank you!

  52. Great ideas Laura, thank you.

  53. We're with you, Laura, "Marching Forth!" Following the Master and our Leader onward and upward.

  54. Thank you for this delightful lift and for all the comments. I cherish these Daily Lifts because they always provide spiritual insights which meet my needs. Love the idea of "March Forth". As others have mentioned, I will never look at this date the same. And " no blockage" of any spiritual progress for anyone.

  55. Yes. Loved the wonderful message. And it is our duty to march forward. There's no better message. Thanks. Loral

  56. Oh, how Fun! Thanks, Laura! Love the lively, bouncy music this week, too! "Progress is the law of God", it says in Science and Health. So absolutely Nothing can stop our Marching Forth because we have God's Spiritual Law supporting us! Onward and Upward! Much Love and Gratitude to All!

  57. How I LOVE this message! Born and raised in the Boston area, I love your accent!!! I will March onward with No Blockage! Thanks so much for this joyful, helpful Lift!

  58. As I was marking my books this morning, a passage stood out to me (one not in the lesson). Progress is "the finite yielding to the infinite." Oh my! Here I was thinking that I had to do more, go faster, work harder in order to make progress, as if separate from God, good. But as #56 Bevi, Sandpoint, ID points out, progress is simply the law.

  59. Thank you, Laura, for “March forth ... it’s a command ... but what if something seems to obstruct our path? ... ‘no blockage, no blockage to my blessing’ ... claim our right to forward movement and freedom.” I will be marching forth today and taking my “no blockage” divine-right-of-way attitude (accent included – I love it – it’s perfect!) or shall I say letting that “no blockage” understanding clear the way before me (and mine and all)!

  60. Excellent message! Thank you!

  61. Loved the lively delivery of this great message!

  62. Thank you, Laura, for this great Lift. It was so good to be reminded that "Mind is the source of all movement. There is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action".

  63. Great Lift

  64. Great Lift!

  65. Or as we say in the old country...."arriba y adelante!"

    Love listening to the Daily Lifts and absorbing other's comments....when all the sudden this a.m. I realized this applied to me, too! So am motivated to get out there and get going on projects that languished.

    Thanks, Laura....thank you all as well.

  66. Onward Christian Soldiers!!!

  67. Thank you, Laura, for my March(ing) orders!

  68. A memorable message using one of six Bostonian accents!
    Now say "lobster from Dorchester!"

  69. Great, thanks!

  70. Profound thanks for a timely message...never thought of today's date in this manner..never will forget it now...These lifts are a treasure beyond words...for one and all seeking Truth worldwide..How grateful I am...Bless you for this beautiful message...as I March forth!!!

  71. Thank you, Laura! I agree with everyone about the joy and motivation I feel from this Lift to "march forth!" Love it. Like, #4, I too tune in daily, and appreciate the Lifts and commenting community greatly, though am currently not commenting myself very often. I want to share that yesterday I played Daily Lift videos at a CS Nursing facility at an event I call "Feel Good Messages" where I also share stunning photos and cute animal stories & pics from emails sent to me. It was such fun and my attendees were impressed with the variety of video you folks at the Lift produce and they realised the wide audience that Christian Science now has being using the web - being available on Utube - the same resource as the adorable animal videos! Thank you for everything. Consistently the Lift truly lifts me. I am very grateful for this inspirational presence in our world.

  72. Thanks Laura. Reminds me of hymn 82, last stanza, "march we forth in the strength of God with the banner of Christ unfurled." Thanks to the DL team for putting these on. AND thanks for those to comment.

  73. Thank you for these 'easy to remember' statements that can support us in times of need. I love this one "no blockage" and I can't tell you how many times I've used your other one "I'm not alone (or You are not alone)" when I am doing something risky by myself.

  74. Thank you so much , Laura, what an inspiring idea just from a date on the calendar! Such. Good thought that will be very helpful for me today nod many days to come. Much Love to all,

  75. Laura, how adorable and funny! Must add, on a serious note, that "no blockage" is a wonderfully handy phrase that will be helpful in drawing me back to God's all-powerful, inexorable and Perfect movement forward, sometimes, in spite of us and our own imagined blockages!
    Thank you Laura and also to the family of lifters, always offering additional welcome inspiration!

  76. Thank you, Laura! I, too, feel very close to the statement, "Mind is the source of all movement . . ."

  77. Now that's a Lift to keep smiling and moving forward!

  78. For those of us in the Boston area -- this was a 'wicked awesome" Lift!
    Thank you, Laura.

  79. Such a fun lift! And I had never thought of this date as a message! How inspiring. thank you

  80. This is great, Laura. Specific for what I have to meet today. Love the Boston accent.

  81. So wonderful Laura, Thank you.

  82. Laura, Thanks so much for this delightfully uplifting and clarifying lift. March fourth indeed! Is the order of the day! May I add ,you hAve a beautiful voice!! Thanks again for this entertaining lift, now I shall march fourth !!

  83. Thank you for this message. I will always always remember these sayings in a new way.

  84. Right on (La) Point (e), Laura, thanks for the new holiday.

  85. Thank you! This is a "supa" lift!

  86. GOING Forward with unlimitted
    BLESSINGS what a beautiful Adventuare
    thanks for that reminder!!!

  87. A special lift for a special day!

  88. Hi Laura, loved the message of this lift. No blockage to my blessing, now that is something special to work with! When I went to college in a town north of Boston, I encountered the Bostonian accent for the first time. When I commented on their accent to my new friends, they said, Oh no, you are the one with the accent! And I always thought I spoke perfectly unaccented English! My favorite was their pronouncing of the town as PEA-bah-Dee as opposed to my NJ PEA-body!

  89. Wrong thoughts do get totally blocked from entering our consciousness when we are declaring the truth about a situation. We just need to be alert when the wrong thought presents itself and BLOCK IT. Then it just doesn't exist anymore, and we go forward in God's loving care. Everyday I am so grateful for these lifts because that is exactly what they do--help us mentally soar and heal. Thanks so one and all.

  90. Love the affirmation that there is "no blockage from our blessings." As a native Bostonian, the accent was an added treat! :-)

  91. I'll add my own thanks, Laura -- the familiar Boston accent is very endearing for those of us who have served at headquarters through the years. I've always loved this verse to one of our hymns:

    March we forth in the strength of God,
    with the banner of Christ unfurled,
    that the light of the glorious gospel of truth
    may shine throughout the world:
    fight we the fight with sorrow and sin
    to set their captives free,
    that the earth may filled
    with the glory of God
    as the waters cover the sea.

    Certainly no blockage there! LOL

  92. Thank you, I will work with this today.

  93. Laura, Thank you

  94. Loved this lift. What a good thing to start our day with laughter!

  95. Thanks Laura for this lovely & humorous lift - I had never thought of March 4th in this way, but now I will &will know that there can be no blockage of right thoughts. I always listen to these lifts every morning & they are always helpful - Thanks to all who produce them & especially to Nate who brings a smile to my face every day.

  96. Clever and profound! Thanks.

  97. Beautiful! Thanks Laura.
    A janitor friend I knew years ago said "Do you know what day this is? It's Army Day." I asked why, and he said "March Forth!" Your Lift is even better, because of "NO BLOCKAGE!"

  98. Let us march forth in unity with Love.

    Love and blessings to all everywhere all the time.

  99. Thank you so much Laura! I got such a kick out of this! The quotes from Mary are great. And your acting is really entertaining! Thank you so much for sharing your acting talent. I got several good chuckles.

  100. Thank you, dear Laura, for this beautiful lift. "No blockage" is a wonderful mantra to remind us of our unlimited and boundless possibilities and abilities as we pass through our daily life knowing always that we are God's perfect reflection.

  101. Thank you, Laura.
    The word 'forth' comes from 'fore' meaning 'situated or placed in front'. Not only should we march forward, but we should be leaders in our field.
    The difference in 'forth' and 'fourth' is the 'u'. What are you going to do?
    'No blockages' is a transforming phrase, but it demands complete trust in God and our God-given abilities.
    Thank you #75 in referring to returning to 'God's all-powerful, inexorable and Perfect movement forward, sometimes, in spite of us and our own imagined blockages!'
    And thank you to those who mentioned letting go completely of our satchel of woes! No baggage!

  102. "No blockage" I love it. Thank you so much!

  103. I love your take on today's date of March 4! And, the Boston accent was superb! But, I especially liked the reminder that "Mind is the source of all movement". Body parts don't always reveal that Truth and so it was refreshing to hear it on the Daily Lift today. Thank you so much.

  104. What a wonderful lift, thank you so much it,s just what I needed today. Blessings

  105. There is no blockage no accumulation of error no stoppage of interference with gods' continuous harmonious action or progress. What a wonderful reminder of the ever-present action blessing each an all in progressive useful joyous being. Thank-you so much!

  106. This is awesome Laura.... I've listened a few times & it has been in my thought all day...as I march forth'! Love it! Thanks so much xxxxx

  107. Today's date - 3/4 - is wonderful - not only is it "March fourth" but it is in music we often call 3/4 time "waltz time" - 1-2-3, 1-2-3 - imagine marching in waltz time - you would have to dance! Thank you for a multi-layered message of inspiration and joy. Truly a lift!

  108. "March forth" is indeed a sentence, and makes a clever title for a very helpful "Lift." Thank you for the inspired thoughts you shared.
    P.S. I got a kick out of hearing "my" accent so well imitated! It identifies me with Boston....

  109. Thank you for this empowering Lift, Laura and all upLifters. You are awesome.

    I make Eddy's statement: "Progress is the law of God."a daily command to see that God is unfolding all right ideas without impediment, since God is All-in-all. What is there to block our joyous progress?

  110. Thank you very much!!!

  111. No blockage.......March forth!! This sure spoke to me. Really needed this reminder especially today. My dog Pepper and I really used these thoughts today. We both Marched forth. Thank you, Laura for this lovely workable thought.

  112. Thank you so very much!

  113. thank you laura

  114. No giving up now. Progress is being made for every worthy prayerful expression of God's power, so keep marching on to further accomplishments. Never forget that with God all things are possible.
    Just keep marching forth

  115. Loved this! Thank you.


  117. Thank you so much Laura.

  118. Loved the wordplay and accents!

  119. Carol, Switzerland
    It^s so a nice daily lift, Many thanks.

  120. Probably I'll always remember "March Forth" in conjunction with the date, 3/4. This is a very healing message for which I am extremely grateful. Thank You. Sharon :-)

  121. Thank you so much Laura much love . X

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