3/3: Don't turn your back on the enemy

3/3: Don't turn your back on the enemy

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  1. What a great Lift. Thank you Maryl. The truth never yields ground, turns its back, needs to refortify, or restrategize, or regroup. We learn in Christian Science that truth (the armor of God) is more than adequate to defeat error. There is a misconception that in C/S we ignore error. In fact, we face it down, strip it of its disguise and false power and get the victory. The subtle ways of error are constantly seeking entry into our thought, so we have our work cut out for ourselves. The advantage we have is that we know that victory is always on the side of God. That's where we stand! Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for this lift, what a great reminder.

  3. From California:

    This is great! I've always loved that passage in Ephesians. Fun visuals too! Everybody, go out there and put on your armor!

  4. Fantastic! Just what I needed after an incident yesterday when I responded materially when I should have prayed. The animation helps make this simple direct Lift so clear, thank you Maryl!!

  5. Wow, what for a great message! I'm very enlightened to the deep truth within. Thank you, dear Maryl, for your spiritual and visual DL.

  6. Thank You Mary, I needed that.

  7. This is beyond brilliant. Letting the Word take the lead, the pacing, your calm, clear voice, the powerful and simple explanation. And the spot on illustrations and music - couldn't be better. Bravo Maryl. Bravo artist. Bravo sound guy. Bravo Daily Lift team. This better get more than a million hits and should be shared widely.

  8. EPIC!!!!

  9. Face your problems and anxious thoughts head on "clad in the panoply of Love",then they won't have the time to stab you in the back.Thank you for this special Lift today.

  10. Thanks, thanks, thanks. It turns out that I am far away from home and this morning I woke up very early with a terrible back ache that has not left me for the last days. So I got up and decided to start praying right away. I looked for the definition of man in Science and Health in page 475. Then I listened to the Bible Lesson in internet about: Man. After reading and listening, I watched the Daily Lift and I was marvelled about all the answers that came to my prayer... The video is just wonderful. So simple and yet so profound. Words simply cannot express my gratitude to Christian Science. Blessings to all the spiritual family around the world.

  11. Thank you, this is just what we all need to hear today now that the not so good news reaches us from around the world!

  12. Thanks Maryl. Great video for children especially, and a great reminder for all of us

  13. Perfect timing. Thank you for this reminder. Great Lift Maryl.

  14. WOW. This is fabulous! I have the book, "Put On the Whole Armor of God" next to my bed and I was reading it just yesterday. I will forward this to everyone I know who has a child in their life as well. It's perfect. Grateful.

  15. Carry your armor:

    Hold on tight to your MORAL CONVICTIONS

    Hang on with the belt of the TRUTH OF GOD

    Cover your heart with RIGHTEOUSNESS
    and your feet with the VERB OF GOD

    Shield yourself with your FAITH IN GOD

    Protect your head with the SALVATION OF GOD

    Defend yourself with the sword that is the WORD OF GOD

    …and under no circumstance forget that your enemy, hate, greed, self pity etc., sneak from behind when you least expect them.

    Lleva tu armadura:

    Manténte firme en tu CONVICCIÓN MORAL

    Sosténte con el cinturón de la VERDAD DE DIOS

    Cubre tu corazón con la CORAZA DE JUSTICIA
    y tus pies con el VERBO DE DIOS

    Escúdate con tu FÉ EN DIOS

    Cúbre tu cabeza con la SALVACIÓN DE DIOS

    Defiéndete con la espada de la PALABRA DE DIOS

    …y bajo ninguna circunstancia, olvides que tu enemigo, la codicia, la autocompación, etc., atacan por detrás cuando menos lo esperas.

  16. Maryl, Thank you. Knowing God as the one and only power is very helpful.

  17. This a great daily lift,and can be applied to every circumstance in life that would try to separate us from God, our commander..

  18. Thank you soo much, Mary, I am beaming with the great visuals and listening to your so helpful message. Happy day to all.

  19. This is wonderful -- thanks, Maryl.

  20. Many thanks Maryl for this inspiring lift in the wake of the recently reported aggression against Ukraine. Yes. "Don't turn your back!" "Every prayer to Him is answered,/ Prayer confiding in His will;/ Blessedness and joy are near thee,/ Hear His gentle Peace, be still./ Hear His voice above the tempest:/ I have not forsaken thee;/ In My hand thy name is graven,/ I will save both thine and thee." (Christian Science Hymnal #76).

  21. Good one Thank you

  22. A wonderfully simple message Maryl, and so well delivered ..... I won't forget this lift! Thank you!

  23. Domo Arigato Goziamasu

  24. Dear Mary.
    Oh, what a message with the visual aid. So spiritually motivated. So grateful.

  25. VS from Iowa
    Mary Beattie's "God's got your back" and your talk on "Put on the whole armour of God" go together. as protective work.

  26. Wow! What a magnificent Lift, Maryl. thank you so much. The sentiments expressed by Michelle No 7# are exactly how I feel. The familiar passage from Ephesians was put across so clearly and the video was brilliant. So important not to turn our back on error, but to face it full on! Thanks again.

  27. Thank you.

  28. Si tomamos las armas divinas, la tolerancia, paciencia, bondad, respeto, integridad, humlldad, obrando de acuerdo a la realidad espíritual, nos encontraremos, sin odio, intolerencia, maldad, soberbia, deshonestidad, ni tampoco, iluminados en un ego ireal, de voluntarismo propio, que genera injusticia. Porque estaremos del lado de la Verdad, mansamente generando amor, en un hecho Único que trasciende lo humano-material por lo real y eterno; Dios.

    ¡¡Blandiendo la espada, SÍ... la del Amor!! Nos deremos cuenta que no hay enemigos a vencer, sino errores a corregir.

    Muchisimas gracias Maryl, un bello e inspirado mensaje, que hace brillar la espada de la Verdad, con destellos Propios. La de Ún solo filo, que obra en justicia, por Sí misma.

  29. really AWESOME !! thanks

  30. Thank you for this great Lift just what is needed to start my day and week.

  31. Thank you Maryl. I watched a documentary on the Titanic recently - a British historian has done some meticulous research (see Smithsonianmag.com) Anyways, going along with the idea of your Lift, this man indicated that had the Titanic hit the iceberg head on, they would have survived. Instead, as we know, they swerved and were "wounded."

  32. really, dear Maryl, Spirit and Truth, who always win, also knows what we need just now and today - and believe me your DL of today is just what I do need to fight the battle for and with God for rightousness. Thank you very very much!

  33. Thank you, Maryl, for a truly excellent Daily Lift.

    As we all look out together, let us link our spiritual arms in a circle with all of the citizens of the Ukraine, regardless of ethnicity or allegiance, or political emotion. This way, everyone's back will be protected from evil while we're able to help each other embrace under the presence and illumination of the universal Christ, which washes away fear and doubt with peace and love.

    While forming this circle, consider watching the video again and include every idea of God in the region, and neighboring countries, regardless of human perspectives. Let us feel together the grace of God, or Allah, remembering the definition of grace from the NT Greek: "The divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude." Let us realize through prayer that every citizen and regional neighbor is able to have their heart influenced by divine Love, Spirit, Mind, Soul, Truth, Principle, or Life, and feel a way for this spiritual influence to be expressed as a reflection in their life each day, and for them to be grateful for that.

    Man doesn't need tanks for protection or influence. God's grace is more than sufficient for that.

    Thank you again, Maryl. Your lift was beautiful, and powerful!

    Peter Jensen

  34. Ademas, Mary Baker Eddy habla sobre la ambicion desmedida......que enceguece, quiere destruir al Cristo, porque esa ambicion es egoista, individualista, invasiva.
    Gracias por apoyar tu trabajo de hoy en Efesios, donde el apostol Pablo es tan meticuloso en advertir los pseudo poderes en las regiones "celestes"
    Gracias tambien por el Daily Lift!!!!! Que comienza nuestro dia, uniendo la comunidad de la Ciencia Cristiana en una inspiracion comun que envuelve a toda la humanidad.

  35. What a wonderful lift - just what I needed today, and a great way to start the week!!! Thank you!

  36. Thank you Maryl. That was superb! With love.

  37. Wonderful, thank you!

  38. Thank you!

  39. Wonderful lift! Thank you!

  40. Yes-Yes-Yes! (See Michelle #7 :-)

  41. Very powerful, in concept, wording, visuals. Thanks. And I appreciated #15 (regular contributor Elena) pointing out that our heart is covered.

  42. Thank you for a lovely way to start the day.

  43. Beautifully done, Meryl, and the Daily Lift crew. Thank you. The visual images are a tremendous aid.

  44. Many, many thanks! So visually impressive! It makes it impossible to forget the very important idea of the message. I guess there was a lot of work involved to produce it but it is certainly worth while.
    Thanks again.

  45. Wonderful message and one to share with children of all ages! So grateful for all the gifts of Church, including these Daily Lifts and Lifters everywhere!

  46. Great video as well as such an important message. We must face all error head on with the armor of Truth immediately and consistently. Thanks so much, Maryl! Great comments thus far too!

  47. I never thought of protecting my back from error. Hmmm a different view of Truth. Very powerful. Thank you

  48. Great! :-)

  49. Perfect message for today. Thank you.

  50. What an absolutely brilliant Daily Lift, Maryl! We can go forth armed with good thoughts to cover every aspect of our day. No need to fear, because we are strong to stand our ground. That "belt of Truth" will simply sweep out of the way every thought of unsteadiness instead of protecting us in the face of "error of every kind." No swashing or buckling required. . .
    Thank you Nate and the production team; TMC; and our Daily Lift family.

  51. This is complete and wonderful! Thank you Maryl!

  52. This was incredibly helpful to me! I, too, hadn't thought about the idea of protecting my back from error of every kind. Your point that even ignoring it leaves you open to attacks from behind is a wonderful alert to my thinking, and I appreciate it very much.

  53. Great! Always Spirit wins! Thats very important to protect our back against enemies. We have all the armour of Spirit!

  54. Prepared and ready to go! It is not just about wearing the fancy suit, is it?
    What a great video…. Ready to go out into the world! March!
    That's a goodie, #31.
    Thank you, Maryl and all the armory workers.

  55. Thank you, Maryl!
    Wonderful animation, images, and message of how we are protected in the whole armour of God.
    I am going to send this one to my grandsons -- who will love the knight equipped for protecting his castle.
    And yes, I too thought of the complementary Lift about, "God's got your back."

    A verse from Isaiah (52:12) came to mind about "the God of Israel will be your rereward."
    As a child, I always read and thought that this meant God doubled His 'reward' for us, giving us a "re-reward "--
    spiritual treasures unbounded!
    But I realized later that "rereward" means "rear guard" (God goes before us and after us, encompasses our whole being in Love, in safety, leading us, shielding us, protecting us on all sides.
    He does indeed 'have our back.')

  56. Thank you so much for this reminder to face evil head on, it is not "out of sight out of mind" it is: God will protect you and strengthen you!

  57. Loved it, Maryl! Great visuals and video for All of Us Kids! I think one of the hardest things for human beings to do is to look within and face ourselves honestly. Mrs. Eddy says" "Know thyself and God will supply the wisdom and occasion for a victory over evil." S&H, P. ?? Christian Science isn't about denying the evil we need to see in order to overcome it. It isn't about "see no evil, hear no evil". We do Deny the error and Affirm the Truth, but we First have to see the error by facing forward and Then we can defeat it with our armour of Truth. Let's not be afraid to Face evil Head On and be Victorious!

  58. Thank you for this clever and powerful Lift. I have replayed it a few times and just love it!

  59. Great message -- love the accompanying graphics. Thanks!

  60. Thank you Maryl for this powerful, inspiring lift. Thank you also to the previous lifters.

  61. thank you so much, just what I needed

  62. Maryl, great application of "putting on the whole armor of God." For me, it also immediately brought to mind the current saying, "Have you got my back?" or "So-and so had my back." and applying t here as well. Many thanks.

  63. Cual es el enemigo que nos ataca de atras? son las sugestiones agresivos malignos que son vencidos con el DL. Muchimos gracis por recordarnos deenfrentarnos con el error con la Verdad

  64. Thanks so much, Maryl!
    What a great Lift, and perfect to share!

  65. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for the visual, auditory, and verbal message of standing our ground against evil.

  66. You hit this one out of the park Maryl.
    Thank you.

  67. "Evil is neither person, place, nor thing" (Mary Baker Eddy)

    I'm newly standing up to lots of little snake-thoughts, such as this one: self-consciousnes in church! It has tried to take my joy and naturalness in church since I was a teenager. I now recognize it for what it is: aggressive mental suggestion trying to bully me out of the free expression of holiness. It's also an attack on Church in its scientific, spiritual sense, because it assumes that church is a social institution where a member or visitor could be judged on appearance or performance. It argues that church is a place where cliques could form, exclusion could be felt, comparisons could be made, resulting in envy or disdain. But there is only one judge, and that is God. In fact, there is only One Mind, and that is God's Love. I now refuse to be intimidated by thoughts that would belittle Church ("the structure of Truth and Love" -- not a human organization or a social group) or belittle me as "a humble servant of the restful Mind."

    Perfect Lift for what I'm working on!

  68. Absolutely perfect illustration of truth from the Bible. Well said and explicit in presentation. Thank you gratefully.

  69. Nice lift, Thank You. I do really feel though that putting on the "whole" armor of god "is" complete protection. Whole means "entire" so we really are completely covered!..Real armor is front back and all sides!..Yes we should never turn our backs to error!..lets constantly "turn" to good only!

  70. AWESOME!! Truly this is the Christian's "Stand Your Ground Law!"

  71. This was an amazing lift. I loved it!! It has provided the lift I needed for the day from one of my favorite passages. Thank you Maryl!

  72. Thank you Meryl! Absolute, divine Love conquers all error and mesmerism. We need never show our back, give in, to mesmerism of any kind. I loved the video too!

    Thank you lifters and The Daily Lift team also.

  73. Awesome! # 67 is right on for me. Yes, God is doing the work, therefore who/what is being expressed? Man! We 'pay attention to error' only long enough to remind ourselves of the Truth of being - there is no evil. Hold to Truth, and error/evil/the material world has no abiding place. Jesus saw the blind man not as blind, but as expressing the holiness of God. That is it.
    Thank you all!

  74. This was great! The visual was also very helpful. I needed to hear this & be reminded in a straight forward way. I am grateful that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

  75. Wow! Did I need this lift this morning. An erroneous situation earlier this morning presented itself and this lift will knock the socks off of it. Fear tried to raise its hydra head but it has been negated as of now. Onward and upward from this moment on. Thanks a million for this powerful animated lift, Maryl.

  76. Thank you Meryl. I appreciate your assertion that ignoring or not paying attention to the assault of error from the flanks or rear is not wise. I was taught in Christian Science Sunday School and Class instruction that passively denying error or vaguely dismissing it is not correct and practical practice of prayerful Christian Science treatment. While it is absolutely true that "God has our back," we must be vigilent and purposeful in our prayer, just as your "Lift" asserted. The apt biblical metaphors of wearing the armor of God, the helmet of salvation and the sword of truth describes the basis of effective prayer to meet, face and dispel error of any/every disguise. Thank you for the reminder.

  77. Thank you so much Maryl for this graphic illustration of what to do to battle the foe. The presentation is so helpful. Thank you greatly.

  78. Nice!

  79. Thank you Maryl and Lifters! What a clear illustration revealing that the enemy is not an evil person or bad government in front of us, but our own feelings of fear, anger, weakness that come in through the back door. We need to turn around and face them and chase them out with our faith in God, the sword of Spirit. A great solution to bullying, too, no matter what your age! So grateful.

  80. A powerful law to support the Presidents of countries looking for answers with Russia today.
    We must support with all our prayers this law of Spirit to handle fear and hatred with the power of divine Love and to find answers of peace.
    Right on Target for today. Holding hands with the power of prayer.

  81. This Lift is absolutely brilliant for Sunday School pupils and beyond. Cartoons are so effective on a small or BIG screen. Thank you. This is for keeping and sharing and sharing and sharing.

  82. That was GREAT! thank you.

  83. Great lift and so timely! Video was marvelous!

  84. Well done! I just love this and it's a grand tool to help us in our daily walk. Thank you!

  85. I guess ignoring the enemy is not a very good option either. Thanks for this reminder of how to deal with the enemy. I already sent a link to my Sunday School student to view this week.

  86. Thank you SO much fir this today, as I prepare to go into battle w my dept. Chair today about false accusations from one of the deptl.administrators! I need everyone's support, but mist of all my knowing that this is an error and will soon go away. A practitioner I had spoken to here about this particular woman had said it is a lie and I am holding steadfastly to the thought. It is error and God is in charge

  87. Elisha in the Bible seemed to have given up and hid under the Juniper Tree when God spoke to him through his consciousness and heard the "Still small voice" telling him not to give up. That God was backing him up, he needn't be afraid. Then he put on the Armour of God and won.

  88. Great message, and fun delivery! Thanks so much for thinking this through and putting it together.

  89. I really enjoyed your lift Maryl. Great video -- so graphic. It helped me realize something in a more profound way:

    While a seemingly powerful illusion, error or evil does not exist. It is nothing. To say "we will win" is to say that winning is in the future. Winning is now. God has already claimed the victory and only Truth exists. Only Love exists. This understanding is our armor and our way of standing firm, fully aligned with the Great I AM and reflecting his image. God only creates goodness, purity, love, truth and the spiritual. Affirming this truth is the defeat and disappearance of any supposed lie or evil we think we face.

    “Spirit and matter no more commingle than light and darkness. When one appears, the other disappears.” SH 281:4
    “Closed to error, it is open to Truth, and vice versa” (SH 15:3)

    While we may get caught up in the idea of battling evil and error, our efforts are actually to elimiate all lies in our thought and bring our focus completely onto the truth. Doing so is to have the mind of Christ.

    Dwelling in the secret place of the most high is our armor, and in that "place" (which is not a place but a state of Mind) our back is never open because God is everywhere - "For in him we live and
    move and have our being." Acts 17:28

    "He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." Psalm 91:1

    In reality, there is no battle. There is only God, who is All.

  90. What a great Lift for kids and adults alike!! By facing fear and the enemies with our armor of Truth, Spirit, Righteousness, Peace, Faith and Salvation we can be victorious!! We loved the animation and music along with Maryl's perfect narration! Thank you Lift team!!

  91. Loved this...well done!

  92. Excellent! Loved every second and wished for more. Great points, Michelle #7 and Name (lol) #67. I was praying about the concept of "back" last week, so not turning our backs on error of any kind is wise counsel for us all, and timely for me. Even though those bullying errors can seem to take on Goliath proportions, once they are seen as nothing, they then return to the nothing state, like a windsock unplugged from its source. Going to check my armor each day before going out the door.. Again, WELL DONE!! and heartfelt thanks,

  93. Yes, it's time to turn around and face those sneaky thoughts that seem to say we're not spiritual but material and declare that God's love guards and protects us from all that is unreal. Thanks Maryl for a wonderful Lift and a great video that brought out the message. The comments have been so inspiring.

  94. Cool! Loved it! Great message and video. Thank you Maryl.
    What a wonderful reminder that we don't run away from any challenge but stand firm in the Truth.

    "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."

    "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." Isa 4:10,13

  95. Wonderful Lift, Maryl, and as usual the comments following are terrific. Grateful thanks to Claire #55 for the Bible quote reminder regarding "rereward" from Isaiah and it's definition. And to #67, your sharing of your unfoldment about church was indispensable, a treatment that goes out and blesses all. Always love Malcolm's (20) hymn quotes too. Thanks everyone!

  96. Happy Monday! Great message to start the week!

  97. Excellent and so beautifully presented, thank you so much

  98. Thanks, Maryl, for the wake up call to stand fast --- to stand firm --- to be who we really are.

  99. Nicely done!

  100. I've always loved the idea of facing things head on...thank you!

  101. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LIFT!! Thank you! Great music too : )

  102. Great lift....Maryl...Thanks so much for this insightful and uplifting message..Bob

  103. Thanks, #89 Lynn from Alabama! You know, what you said is actually the Absolute Truth in Christian Science! It seems that sometimes we are "doing battle" in the Relative and yet, in the Absolute, there really IS no battle! Mrs. Eddy wrote her book, Science and Health, in both the Relative and Absolute. I thought of how she depicts the angel, Michael, as "fighting the Holy Wars" and the angel, Gabriel, as being ever-present Love, to whom there is no battle. Thanks again for your very valuable comment!

  104. This is such a good video! Can't get much plainer than this one! Thank you!

  105. So timely and soooooo very charming. I cheered as lack, fear and the multitude of enemy were destroyed with the sure swift sword of truth. I am on my way to 'face' the enemy - well clad and with a light heart. Thank you.

  106. Marvelous video & lift.Thanks a lot.

  107. I had a second grade teacher some time ago that on the first day of school when she introduced herself, she said her name was Mrs. Demand. She said she would get to know us as the year went along,but she said, she knew what we were doing even if she had her back turned to us writing on the chalk board. She then took her glasses off and put them on the back of her head as if she had eyes in the back of her head!
    It was, in retrospect, my first lesson of being aware of what's going on mentally; that we can be alert to and defend ourselves against anything that says we are not the spiritual image of God, good. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Eddy guides us this way, "Christian Scientist, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake."p. 442:30 Thank you Maryl.

  108. Thank you, these Lifts are so inspiring. They show the unlimited ways God expresses love and understanding to help and guide us.

  109. Thank you for this lift. The video makes this Bible verse so clear to share with children.

  110. Hooray and Yeah, God ~ Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, Love & the Divine Principle of GOOD! Wonderful Lift for so many issues that need our prayerful attention. Thanks so much, Maryl ~ love the contemporary version you cited in this Lift, as well as the terrific graphic! Thanks DL team for the good work.

  111. This was a really cool lift! Thank you!

  112. Love that you are saying face the problem, not turn your back on it. We are not ignoring evil in Christian Science, head in the sand,a mystical practice. We are through prayer (scientifically and completely)meeting head on each presentment of evil in ourselves and our fellow man. This is not wishy washy "pie in the sky" wishful thinking that evil isn't real....it's a spiritual exercise in recognizing what is real (God-created) and what is not real (world defined). I love this lift. It's clever and entertaining but packed with a spiritual punch. Thanks, Meryl!

  113. Become an Active Scientist, vs a Passive one. Very nice thought!

  114. Suuuuper cool, and excellent thoughts! I've never thought of it that way before. Thanks for the inspiration!

  115. Thank you very much!!!

  116. That was an AWESOME visual and message! :-)


  118. Thank you Maryl for stressing the need to face error head on. The video is very clear and encouraging.

    Also thanks to Peter Jensen, #33, for your comments about praying for Ukraine and its neighbors. Maryl's lift focused on the main description of our armor in Ephesians 6, verses 14 to 17. But the sentence in verse 17 continues in verse 18: "Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;" This says to me that prayer for others is actually part of "the whole armor of God" since we "are all one in Christ Jesus" (Gal 3:28). Peter - your call to prayer based on that wonderful definition of grace beautifully and lovingly completed our all-embracing armor.

    Much love to this dear DL community - M

  119. I love this lift and video, but hate it when I sneak up on myself like that and no matter what I lose ... or do I win.

  120. Academy award for spiritual preparedness; thanks for this great clip.


  122. It is so comforting to know that, when I have to battle the enemy, all my fellow Christians are standing firm WITH ME!
    Thank you Maryl and #107 Richie.

  123. Dear Maryl,
    The audio and the visual message - perfect for complete armour of alertness and protection. It is active -- not passive.
    .And It is great to have the further ideas from the Lift responders. #33 adds to the discussion, and how we can pray for the defense of people in all areas of conflict!

  124. I love the animation, wonderful way to present the idea! Thank you!

  125. Thank you for this wonderfully fun explanation of this Bible passage! We have used it many times with our soccer goalie granddaughter, who faces many balls and has been healed of the belief of concussion. She now wears the "helmet of salvation" and the 'Whole armor of God". I had never realized that her armor was not covering her back. I see also that not only as goalie, but when she plays the field she, of course, faces the opposing players to make progress for her team. So in every endeavor of her, mine, our lives, we face down the error in order to destroy it. For sure I will be sending this one on to my family!

  126. Thank you, Maryl, for “Don’t turn your back on the enemy ...” unless of course, you have already put on the whole armor of Love by understanding that it’s really already part of who you are – how God has fashioned you and me and everyone. So, we’re always in fashion and dressed appropriately. You don’t have to obsess over what you should wear. Instead, you can say with authority, “Get thee behind me, Satan!” knowing that “God’s got your back,” even and especially at times you may feel underdressed for the occasion. ;-) And then you can go forward, according to God’s answer to your question of, “What wilt Thou have me to do?”

  127. Thank you Maryl, for the demonstration in video. God bless.

  128. Great message, and the animated illustration really works for me! Thanks!

    We have to make sure that when we deny the power of our enemy we are not denying that we have a problem or a human need to face. There can be a fine line in discerning what to deny.
    You shared a critical message, about a common temptation.

    Don't turn your back on any challenge, nor pretend it's not there. Face it head-on. Don't deny that there is a human need. It's OK to have a human need. God will meet it. Error is the coward when we face our enemy head-on.

  129. We are always walking forward to the victory and the victory is now. Remember Lot's wife. Don't look back! God is watching our back! Walk forward through the storm.

    "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark
    At the end of the storm, there’s a golden sky
    And the sweet, silver song of a lark
    Walk on through the wind
    Walk on through the rain
    Though your dreams be tossed and blown
    Walk on, walk on
    With hope in your heart
    And you’ll never walk alone
    You’ll never walk alone'
    Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein "You’ll Never Walk Alone".

  130. Wow!!! So great, and I love the animation. Than you so much.

  131. We must always be on the alert. Often when we least expect it, our enemy creeps up from behind! Things could be going swimmingly and then, 'bang' a feeling of self-doubt, bitterness, panic, self-deprecation(there are so many negativities) slips in. We need to press the delete button or zap it immediately, before it takes hold. But we must eradicate, never to return. No lingering traces should be left in our consciousness! Take no prisoners!


  133. That is a great lift, loved the video--wonderful for our SS students! Thanks so much!

  134. Maryl, thank-you. I believe facing challenges with God's armour in place works. Not ignoring what's in front of me or the World. It's how I put on my armour which is key. Knowing what to say, not to say, do, while listening to God, Good. The video illustrates human needs. I like that.
    And thanks to DAVE #128 for his comments.

  135. This was so good and clear. Loved the graphic and the music. Really great message from the Bible brought home to everyone.

  136. Thank you for this excellent lift. I so appreciated the thoughts and the graphics. Well done!

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    our daughter & husband are not far from there for another 2 weeks & we are wrapping them right up in God's Love

  140. As someone who has taken groups of riders on long trail rides, being aware, perhaps sometimes wary of, what was 'coming up behind' was part of my daily duty...

    The ride must constantly move forward to maintain its momentum & harmony but it is the duty of the trail-leader to make sure that this is done in a safe way with no invasion of 'safe space'... involving sometimes going to the rear & preventing any 'intrusion' like a vehicle/vehicles/motor-cycles etc. around or away from that 'safe space'...

    It becomes second nature to guard & guide & be a bossy-boots if necessary to explain to non-riders what this 'safe space' needs to be & by 'policing the rear' eliminate any interruption to horsey harmony...

    That done, we can canter on in joy & freedom.

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