3/28: Soar with Soul

3/28: Soar with Soul

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  1. Thank you Elise, what a great inspirational Lift and lifting our thought higher is what its all about. Calling on a Christian Science Practitioner isn't simply leaning on another person for help, but rather, through prayerful support, bringing the healing presence of the Christ to our thought. This elevates our thinking high above a material sense of existence into "the realm of the real", soaring above any claims of limitation. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you for this very inspiring and very practical perspective of what it means to be Lifted up!

  3. Another great metaphor. The practitioner as LIFTER. (A quicker lifter-upper?). Soaring!

  4. Thank you, Elise, for your uplifting lift about attaining a desired higher lift.

  5. Wow! I'm the first to hear this! Couldn't get to sleep and the Lift came in, so I listened! Thanks, Elise, for the metaphor of the glider plane, taken to the height for flying, then soaring on the thermals of Soul. I'll remember this when I can't get things off the ground. :-)

  6. Thank you Elise for this lovely elucidating metaphor of lifting thought higher to soar above the turmoil of the human scene. Last weekend when feeling at a low point, I gained that spiritual view when calling via Skype to talk to a dear friend in another country. My experience was totally transformed during our conversation and then to 'lift me' even higher, she sent me a video of starlings soaring and swooping in perfect unison above an English fen. Such a manifestation of the one Mind as they miraculously filled the skies (no 'feeble flutterings' here!), checking for 'on the ground' predators before coming safely 'home' to roost.

    Here's the link for that 'extra lift' I got: http://www.youtube.com/embed/88UVJpQGi88 - but thanks so much again for this beautiful reminder today to keep thought soaring spiritually upward to a higher altitude - to be guided by that Christ-truth within - and make a safe and happy landing.

  7. How true it is that God's children don't need a plane or a person to lift us to a higher state of mind to be at one with our Creator!

    Surely, we don't need any mediator but Christ, to connect us with God, but when troubles cloud our reasoning, and we don't feel able to disengage from the material ties that bind us to pain and sorrow on our own.

    Then our best allied is a God sent, ―unselfishly inspired― Christian Science practitioner, who will come to remind us that no matter how far over our heads may seem our trouble... Soul, will lift us right onto the arms of divine Love.

    ¡Cuán cierto es que los hijos de Dios no necesitamos un avión o una persona para elevarnos a un estado mental superior, para poder estar a una con nuestro Creador!

    Seguramente, no necesitamos más mediador que Cristo para conectarnos con Dios, pero cuando los problemas nublan nuestro razonamiento, no nos sentimos capaces de desvincularnos solos de los lazos materiales que nos unen al dolor y el pesar.

    Entonces nuestro mejor aliado es un ―inspirado y desinteresado― practicista de la Ciencia Cristiana, que viene a recordarnos que no importa que tan por encima de nuestras cabezas puede parecer nuestro problema ... El Alma, nos elevará derechito a los brazos del Amor divino.

  8. Many thanks Elise for this inspiring reminder. Yes. "Christ is the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness." (S&H 332:9). "I climb, with joy, the heights of Mind,/ To soar o'er time and space;...And, listening for Thy voice,/ I hear Thy promise old and new,/ That bids all fear to cease:/ My [Love's] presence still shall go with thee/ And I will give thee peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #136).

  9. Beautiful ! Thanks Elise

  10. Great lift. Thank you.

  11. Elise, Thank you

  12. THanks. I too was a glider pilot and loved the experience of soaring above the earth to those wider views. I love the reminder to take my spiritual "wings' and fly with God's inspiration!!Ann London

  13. Thank you for this wonderful Lift a great way to start our weekend.

  14. Thanks for a very needed . uplifting message .

  15. This is beautiful, Elise! Thank you very much. What a lovely explanation of what the praktitioner does - the lifting up - above the clouds of darkness, sadness, etc. etc. So helpful!

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you, Elise! My dad was a glider pilot for many years and he loved the freedom of soaring! And your analogy is so beautiful and gives me a whole new perspective on what my dad loved to do! Perhaps I'll take myself to an airfield sometime to experience soaring in a glider plane, but for now, I'll continue to allow the Christ to lift my thought as if always does, above the many complaints matter tries to place in front of me.

  18. Another great lift! Thanks for the message as always, and for your time in sharing.

  19. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. As you spoke I suddenly realised that our thought isn't just part of our self (as I think I had always assumed) It is our self. That is why the thought of God can alone make us content and happy and rightly active because, as ideas in Mind we are fulfilled in His knowing of himself. This ever-present influence, the Christ, won't fail to lift us up if we turn to Him. The words "and could in no wise lift up herself" came to me. They describe the state of the 'woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years' (Luke 13: 11-13) Jesus healed her, lifting her up in her own thought, freeing her from the wrong sense of being bowed down - by the burden of a false material sense - and 'she was made straight and glorified God'. We can all bow down in a right sense before God, be lifted up, and glorify Him. Thank you!

  20. Thank you Elise. What a beautiful thought and lift!

  21. Dear Elise

    Thank you for your UPLIFTING Daily Lift

    Oh, what a wonderful spiritual adventure we are all on.

    Love in Christ


  22. Great message! Thanks Elise!

  23. Thanks, Elise. A joyous, joyful and joy filled early morning idea. It's like one of my favorite hymns "I climb with joy the heights of Mind to soar or time and space. . . "

  24. Thank you!

  25. Really beautiful and helpful spiritual lift ....Thank you!

  26. Lovely Lift, Elise, thank you - and all Lifters, including the beautiful music!

  27. What a great message, Elise! I have happy childhood memories of my uncle treating us to rides in his glider plane -- so I know what you mean about the lift and then soaring. Thank you!

  28. GraciasGRACIAS GRACIAS Elise

  29. Thank you Elise,
    Just what I needed this morning.

  30. Thank you!

  31. Thank you!

  32. What a timely and important approuch to the practtioner's work.
    Sometimes people may confuse that kind of approuch and feel desappointed with the result of what
    they seem to exppect from that kind of heip.
    Thank you very much Elise, for
    clarifying that important issue!

  33. Dear Elise, your messages this morning in the Lift, "Soar with Soul" and in the two clips from your lecture "Curing the incurable" are just what I needed. As the second verse of hymn 136 says, "Though human will and woe would check My upward soaring way.... Thy presence is with me, And Thou dost give me peace." I have certainly not been soaring this past week and just love the idea that I can let the Christ lift me up and nothing can prevent His power from lifting me above all woe. The ideas on God's law in the lecture clip stating that "nothing is out of the reach of the laws of God" is also helpful. I've been dealing with a situation concerning a violation of Federal law. As well as all of the human footsteps taken being led by prayer for divine guidance, I can depend on God's law to be the only true law in operation. What a blessing your messages are - thanks so much!

  34. grazie grazie grazie Anna

  35. Thank you Elise!
    2 lifts! Last night at your lecture & now with this lift for today ! Great image- hang gliding & letting the currents of Truth lift thought !

    Today I'm holding to- 'God rests in action'(S&H)
    & so we're the restful reflection!

  36. Thanks you for this wonderful encouragement

  37. And the whole thing is, Elise, that gliding is silent! There is no sound. The pilot is conscious of the silence and it is beautiful. The silence lifts the pilot who in turn lifts thought to God: our One Creator; and the immensity of the universe, "including man." People can live in solitude, but it's not the same thing. The silence when gliding is full of beauty, and joy and being very conscious of God's loving nearness.
    thank you Nate and the team, for a great week of Lifts, especially with the return of some we haven't heard from for quite a while; And thanks, too, for all the inspired and uplifting comments from our DL family: "all in one accord in one place."

  38. IThe dear birds are such a forever reminder of the joys of being lifted up and soaring. Their beauty, grace, songs, and skyward flights lift our thoughts and spirits up so naturally.

  39. Thank you Elise! Lovely metaphor and very inspirational.

  40. It is really a comfort to know that we never have to be "grounded"...There are adequate ways as you mentioned, to lift off. Thank you.

  41. Beautiful, soaring Uplift - thank you, Elise! I remember calling a C.S. Practitioner once when I was feeling down and she said, "Do you need a boost?" That was so kind and perceptive of her and her Treatment boosted me up to Higher Views! I'm thinking more and more about Awakening from the Dream of Mortal History - step by precious step - and, with the help of Christian Science, being lifted above the downward drag of the so-called human ego, that likes to grasp on to mortal views of self and life. Thanks again and a Beautiful, Soaring Weekend to All! Much Love, Bevi

  42. Oh so true that when we ask for help from a practitioner or CS friend how our thought is lifted and calmed enough to receive the healing messages they impart. Thank goodness for their selflessness in sharing so much inspiration. It is so wonderful to finish Friday on your soaring advice, Elise. Happy healing weekend to all.

  43. P.S. I forgot to say a "thank you" to #19 Eleanor! That was Beautiful! Good on Ya!

  44. Thanks for this Lift, Elise, and thanks for number #19's comments. One of the most uplifting experiences I had with a practitioner involved hearing an angel message when the prayerful work was done. This thought came to me: "Mind is within and without all things" and it uplifted me for two whole weeks. I thought about little else except for this statement and felt transformed. Whatever had been bothering me just disappeared and I was able to focus on reality again. I'm so grateful for all the spiritualizing of thought that goes on through the work of Christian Science practitioners.

  45. Thank you Elise for a wonderful and heartening lift! Yes, we can glide freely through a more spiritual view of ourselves. Also, many thanks to #19 Eleanor from Roade England; what a great insight! Very much appreciated!
    In Christy love,

  46. Thank you Elise and all Daily Lifters for your inspiring uplifting Christ-like thoughts. They have been very iinspiring for me over the last several days. I also like the thoughts shared about the "bowed" woman who got lifted from her sense of being materially burdened to the higher sense of unlimited goodness as a child of God.

  47. Entiendo que la importancia mayor de un practicista es...cuando nos ayuda a salir de nuestra confusión, porque seguidamente viene el resto de lo que tengamos necesidad. Así me ha sucedido, en un momento que estaba muy confundida, (y miren que sí estaba muy confundida) y fue el apoyo de la practicista que me saco del problema y juntamente también del error físico y todo se aclaró, podría decir con total certeza, que hizo volver mi alma, volvíendo a tener consciencia de lo real, y eso me ha llevado a un mayor progreso, por ello también mi gratitud es muy grande, no solo a la practicista, sino y principalmente a la C.C. que nos permite comprender y beneficiarnos con la realidad divina.

    "¿No clama la sabiduría, y da su voz la inteligencia? En las alturas junto al camino, A las encrucijadas de las veredas se para" Proverbios

    "La Ciencia revela la posibilidad de lograr todo lo bueno, pero la falta de confianza en la propia capacidad para ganar el bien deseado y producir resultados mejores y más elevados a menudo impide que uno pruebe sus propias alas" MBE

    Es realmente bello porque no solo se beneficia quien recibe el apoyo, sino que también aquel que lo prodiga, no es locura pensar que Dios también se ve beneficiado, ya que el bien que se genera no queda circunscrito entre dos personas sino que trasciende... generando ineludiblemente mayor bien.

    Muchas gracias Elise, por recordarnos la importancia de la practica en la C.C. y sus efectos beneficiosos.

  48. I love this thought of "connecting with God" through Christ's lifting power. thank you!

  49. PS I LOVE this music. So uplifting.

  50. Thanks for this, Elise, and for your inspiring lecture in Newport Beach last evening!

  51. Very nice Elise - what a great comfort knowing that we always have help at hand to understand better our relationship with God, whether that's speaking with a C.S. Practitioner, a friend, or turning to the Bible and the writings of by Mary Baker Eddy who discovered this beautiful Science of Life that Jesus so emulated. What great support we have to "soar" high with inspiration & learning! I am ever grateful.

  52. Thank you for this soaring lift Elise, and thanks for all the lifting comments!

  53. This is exactly what I needed this morning. Instead of the sunshine I hoped for we are having another day of snow. So,, I'll have to soar above this and look for Soul/God who is the ever present and everlasting light and peace. Then I can be grateful for the beauty of God's universe, whether it is snow, rain, or sunshine.
    Thanks very much Elise, the DL team, and for all the comments from our Lifter family.

  54. Thank You kindly for this wonderful reminder

  55. Thank you all. It is like attending an inspiring testimony meeting, hearing the lift and reading all the comments. Thanks #41 for thought of "lifted above the drag of the human ego."

  56. Such a helpful Lift for us, Elise, filled with many intriguing ideas and delivered on a cloud of spiritual Love. Such an example you set for the rest of us.

    Just five minutes ago I received an email from a young fellow resigning from a volunteer, charitable project I am currently developing, in order to focus on better employment opportunities for himself.

    In a return email, I encouraged him to give gratitude wherever he can, despite the appearance of lack, because he is already employed by the universe. And I gave as an example myself, just the day before. When faced with discouraging news, I continued to express gratitude and a few hours later, three joy filled opportunities came my way. Startled and relieved, I thanked God and explained to the fellow, in non-religious terms, that he too can be expressing thanks for the good already received in order to make room for more in his life. If it works for me, it will surely work for him, not to mention the rest of the world.

    Physical upliftment eventually led the way to spiritual upliftment for you, Elise, and it is working in similar ways in my own life, as well. I thank you for reinforcing the need for us to soar to the greatest of heights, spiritually.

    For me, yesterdays breakthrough came about by an active demonstration of gratitude on my part, despite a sense of painful loss which was spiraling me in a downward direction. Spirit saved my day, as it never ever fails to do.

  57. Living Proof. I remember way back when interviewing CS teachers to take class instructions. I was in her Office. She began talking to me. My thought soared. I dont know what she said, but I know something happened. I left her office wanting more of that soaring. Thanks to Christian Science, Im still soaring. Thanks Elise!

  58. Thanks Elise, thanks DL team, thanks for everyone who shares.

  59. Thank you Elise! It's comforting and reassuring to continue joyfully to soar.

  60. Great metaphor, Elise! Thank you. And it fits with the angels, free-soaring messages from God to man, which lift us above limited views and into the experience of Christian healing and regeneration.

  61. Thanks for the message

  62. Thank you Elise! We'll call this one "A lift about another lift," creating a lift loop!

  63. I keep this quote from Mary Baker Eddy on my desk; read it multiple times a day: "To-day my soul can only sing and soar. An increasing sense of God's love, omnipotence, and omnipresence enfolds me. Each day I know Him nearer, love Him more, and seek to serve Him better." (Miscellany, 174:25-28) Elise wrote an article a few years ago called "Staying Aloft" that uplifts too. So grateful. Happy soaring to all.

    Daily Lift Team
    The article mentioned above is an interview with Elise Moore by Marilyn Jones. Staying Aloft

  64. Thank you for this lift!

  65. A LIFT INDEED ! Thanks !

  66. This "Lift" is one of the most visual and best I've heard. When we look upward our thought soars above the often challenging issues of human experience to a more elevated consciousness of heaven on earth. Thank you.

  67. Over the years there are "some lifts" which have encouraged; and inspired me to improve my "minute" comprehension of Christian Science.Such "lifts" are kept. "Soar with soul" is a classic which belongs in the archives..........Merci/thanks

  68. Very uplifting, ....thank you

  69. Really Excellent, Thank you!

  70. Such a helpful metaphor! We can all give each other a "lift" when we hold to the right idea about our neighbor. Some one had mentioned to me that calling a practitioner felt like "cheating" ....not doing our own work. But this explains the help to be so natural and loving, very wonderful when we've struggled to get out of the mesmerism of a situation. The "problem" never is the ultimate truth so how wonderful to be awakened out of the nightmare, then soar! Thank you Elise.

  71. Thank you for such a healing lift! Calling a CS practitioner off and on over the past several months has
    been helping me, and sometimes calling for a 'boost' is just what is needed at times as well.
    I am grateful for this practitioner and all of her suggestions of things to read, things I have memorized that I can repeat to myself, that have a healing effect. I really love this lift today, about soaring, as it has been
    on my mind a lot, of just how much I really need to get off the ground and to get higher, more elevated thoughts and solutions - NEW things!!

  72. Thank you, Elise, for “Soar with Soul … soar spiritually … get off the ground … today is the day …”

    To think of each of us as a “glider pilot,” is such a fun way to consider how we can be divinely lifted into ever-increasingly beautiful views of earth and heaven and all!!!

    “… sometimes beautiful …” views (S&H 277:31). Spiritual soaring also “… [promotes] the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal” (S&H 195:21).

    “This time-world flutters in my thought as an unreal shadow, and I can only solace the sore ills of mankind by a lively battle with ‘the world, the flesh and the devil,’ in which Love is the liberator and gives man the victory over himself … Look high enough, and you see the heart of humanity warming and winning” (My 268:20).

    Thanks to all of the consecrated Christian Science students/practitioners, who have helped give me “a lift.” (Sometimes saving my life!) I’m inspired by the moral courage you express, in a world that claims us all as only earthbound. Christian Scientists have all “enlisted” (S&H 450:19) and dare to take God at His Word. You actively live under the two great laws of loving God and loving your neighbor (Matt 22:36-40), as you help us to know and grow to trust God, proving the law of divine Love as the ONLY Law that governs us … and healing happens!

    Thanks to all, who dare to “soar with Soul” over all kinds of “hopeless landscapes” to prove that there’s no escape from “Love [as] the liberator” (S&H 225:22).

  73. Thanks so much Elise and all the comments.
    S uch a g reat way to end the week.
    Many thanks for the Board of Lectureship, Nate and all the other super Lecturers for your
    Words this week and always!
    Very nice music this week, too!

  74. I too want to thank #19 for the insights!

  75. soaring is spectacular to see, and sooooo quiet!

  76. A soaring-fully spiritual lift!! Thanks Elise. Have a blessed day to all of us and thanking God daily for everything.

  77. What a brilliant lift, thanks Elise. My husband enjoys gliding as well so thanks for the thoughts about being lifted up and soaring above. The starlings video from No. 6 Maggie in NZ what a fantastic view of swarms of starlings. When the hawk tried to take one it made me think how important each one is. Even though there are thousands of them they are all safe and protected and important to the divine Mind as are all of us. Also I love your short lectures on the computer Elise - very helpful.

  78. Mrs Eddy writes in S&H "The aspirations soaring beyond & above corporeality to the understanding of the incorporeal & divine principal Love" allows us to reach our goals in this life experience with accuracy & success much better than the downward side of worry & doubt.

  79. A wonderful message, Thank you!

  80. I'm very grateful for what you have shared. Thank you very much!


  82. Great message. Thank you for the "lift".

  83. I'm thanking God for these freeing thoughts and Elise for sharing them in such an uplifting message!

  84. Thank you Elise and for triggering the response from # 19 which fits in so perfectly with work I am
    doing with support of my practitioner. Unbowed we must be...

  85. What a wonderful Lift ! Thank you for those words of inspiration & healing.

  86. Thank you very much, Elise for your practical, spiritually soaring and upLifting message. Loved your vivid and very helpful "glider pilot" analogy. Merci beaucoup, Lifters for a week of wonderful comments. And DL team, thanks for your ongoing work towards our Christly soaring.

  87. Thank you Elise for this very inspired Up - Lift,and all the very good comments.

  88. So clear.
    So joyous and instructive.
    Such promise/ ~~and Truth filled surety!

    Sincere thanks,

  89. Thanks Elise - an excellent lift. Also found your article 'Staying Aloft' of great insight and help.
    Concerning 'wings' - also brings Psalm 91 to mind.

  90. Very clear. Thank you so much.

  91. I hear so clearly too. Thank you for this beautiful thought.

  92. How inspiring -- fun to hear of your glider experience!

  93. Thank you Elise!

  94. Love to all the Daily Lifters who shared comments and helped me soar with Soul today!

  95. What a good analogy. Very helpful message. Thank you.

  96. great and helpful analogy Elise! you speak with authority and love - and that heals. :)

  97. Thank you!!!

  98. Very nice ! Thank you so much

  99. excellent !!! thank u :-)

  100. Love everything about this elevating Lift!

    I was reminded by a practitioner who wassn't taking cases at that time that I was really calling on God for help and not on a person. I soon used this dear message when I had a health issue in the mountains and was unable to reach anyone. God was available and I was healed.

  101. Thank you, Elise!

    This reminds me of a much loved quote from Mrs. Eddy...
    My. 174:25-28

    "To-day my soul can only sing and soar. An increas-
    ing sense of God’s love, omnipresence, and omnipotence
    enfolds me. Each day I know Him nearer, love Him
    more, and humbly pray to serve Him better."

    Thanks again,

  102. Elise, while driving my grandkids to the beach last weekend we saw Gliders in the air! Beautiful! And to know that you piloted them! Wow! Neato! Perfect message for me to hear yesterday and today. I listened twice because the thoughts you shared helped so much with an issue. I will place my thoughts and spirit on a Higher Plane. Thank You!

  103. I used to watch skiers paragliding off the mountain in Verbier, Switzerland when I was living there.
    My friend here in New England gave me a couple of rides in his glider, and I experienced riding thermals, before he moved to North Carolina. What impressed me most was the quietness, with only the sound of the plane moving through the air and a bird landing on one wing for a free ride.
    I am glad to hear that you are a glider pilot yourself.

  104. could I received the daily left in Spanish language?.....

    Daily Lift Team:
    Lecturers who lecture in other languages often record their Daily Lifts in those languages. However, not all Daily Lifts are recorded in other languages and we are not able to email individual languages to subscribers.

    Click HERE to see all the languages within which the Daily Lift has been recorded.

    Click HERE to listen to all of the Spanish language Daily Lifts.

  105. What a great lift! So grateful for all the ways we can get airborne and glide, and for practitioners who stay airborne to "tow" us if we need it.

  106. Great lift and great comments. We can spread our wings and be uplifted by Spirit. Practitioners are such a precious resource for us. Bless them all for their selfless service and dedication to our cause.

  107. This truly is a Daily Lift. Thank you for this joyful affirmation.
    Lovingly, Sharon

  108. WOW!
    What a wonderful and lovely lift!
    Thank you so much for lifting up my today.

  109. Wonderful and absolutely perfect for effective healing in today's atmosphere of thought that is so burden with worldly false suggestions. These suggestions try to keep us from soaring but that absolutely can NOT. Thank you so much for sharing how we can trust God every moment to lift us out of any suggestion of fear or discouragement. Many thanks for all your good work. A friend in West Virginia

  110. "I climb with joy the heights of Mind, to soar o'er time and space......" (Christian Science Hymnal) Thanks so much Elise, great lift!

  111. Thank you, Elise!
    And.. thank you for the gorgeous music, too.

  112. Thank you Elise,
    How true!
    Thank God, the Christ is ever at hand to lift us off the ground (nightmare, doubt, fear, resentment ) and keep us UP!

  113. thank you for this encouraging lift...

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