3/27: Be grateful for your oil

3/27: Be grateful for your oil

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  1. Thank you! Just what I needed!

  2. Thank you Marie for this beautiful Lift. Gratitude is at the start of every healing because it establishes God as our source of supply. God overwhelmingly meets our every need. Jesus often audibly gave thanks to God prior to his healing work. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 206, "In the scientific relation of God to man, we find that whatever blesses one blesses all, as Jesus showed with the loaves and the fishes,-Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply."

  3. Bon jour et merci beaucoup, Marie! I love that story Marie, and have proved in my own life, how gratitude opens the way for more of God's goodness to flow into it. One of our hymns, which is a favourite of mine is no.250 and explains that "Our gratitude is riches, Complaint is poverty, Our trials bloom in blessings,They test our constancy." Thanks again for a lovely lift, Much love to you and all those who contribute to these " Daily Gems " Rose

  4. Thank you, Marie, for this timeless always relevant reminder. We always have enough to share, too, as you have this morning. How many hearts will be lifted up by this acknowledgement of the good we already have in the house, in consciousness, and therefore in our experience. Blessings infinite.

  5. Thank you for this very welcome Lift!!

  6. Thankyou so much, Marie, for this lovely Lift. Just a wonderful explanation of the woman with the pot of oil. A good way to start today and just what I needed.

  7. When the widow approached Elisha for help, he made her look within her own home (her consciousness,) though she thought she owned nothing, she found she had resources of her own. 2 Reyes 4:1-7
    The prophet showed her that trusting God she had nothing to lose but much to gain.

    “Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more.” S&H 3:22

    “Willingness to become as a little child and to leave the old for the new, renders thought receptive of
    the advanced idea.” CyS 323:32

    Cuando la viuda se acercó a Eliseo por ayuda, él le hizo ver dentro de su propio hogar, (su conciencia), aunque ella creía no tener nada, halló que tenía recursos propios. 2 Reyes 4:1-7
    El profeta le mostró que confiando en Dios ella no tenía nada que perder sino mucho que ganar.

    “¿Estamos realmente agradecidos por el bien ya recibido? Entonces aprovecharemos las bendiciones que tenemos, y eso nos capacitará para recibir más.” CyS 3:24

    “El estar dispuesto a llegar a ser como un niño y dejar lo viejo por lo nuevo, dispone al pensamiento para recibir la idea avanzada.” CyS 323:34

  8. Thank you Marie!

    Truly, gratitude is the attitude and the more we perceive we have the more we in reality (in Divine Reality) actually do have. I have found that to be true over and over and am grateful for this affirming Lift.

    I shall take this Lift forth into my day!

  9. Thank you Marie for lifting our thought today to recognise that we have this divine oil already. It is our limited mortal view that tells us that we have not got enough. If we study Mrs Eddy's definition of oil in Science and Health:


    OIL. Consecration; charity; gentleness; prayer; heav-
    enly inspiration.

    we see that the divine oil is not an inflammable liquid. It is the compound idea of the qualities defined.

    A necessary part of the Bible story was the woman's trust that how ever small her concept of oil was, it would not be diminished by sharing it with others. Her reward was that the oil in that cruse did not fail to be available to her and her house.

    My daily lift "aim" for today will be to share with others those qualities of that divine oil.

  10. What an inspiring lift, Marie. Thank you so much. I have been working with what you shared. Beautifully presented.

  11. Thank you, Marie, we can never be reminded enough that gratitude is the oil which keeps all of our movements (physical, mental, financial, relationship, career, home, church), operating in perfect harmony, when we say: Thank You, Father, Mother, Love, for supplying all my needs in abundance, and showing me the wisdom of always including all of your children in this promise of sharing and caring.

  12. Thank you very much!!

  13. Many thanks Marie for this inspiring lift. Yes "Divine Love is taking care of each one of us [Right Now!]" "The storm may roar without me,/ My heart may low be laid;/ But God is round about me,/ And can I be dismayed?" (Christian Science Hymnal #148).

  14. Dear Marie and Pam,

    Thank you for your time, prayerful support and thoughtfulness that went into today's Lift. Tony, it is very cool that you set an aim for today's Lift to share it and that you saw that as a lesson from the Bible story. Kristen your show of gratitude is also inspiring.

    The story told has so much that one can glean. We do, at times, need a 'message' to come into our lives and break the mesmerism that seems to be holding us back. We sometimes even want to hold on to what we have as opposed to putting it to good use like the story of the men with Talents. We sometimes feel that what we have is not enough.

    I had mentioned before that in those days, women did not have the respect and sense of value as they do today; so the lady with the oil would have felt rather undervalued. The thought of lack has a way of trying to undervalue us and regrets of the past can try to do the same. The mesmerism needs to be broken.

    Did Jesus make a mistake by having Judas around him? No. No mortal thought nor mortal manifestation can affect our true life and that to me is the oil of Easter. Our sustenance and our individuality is larger than any human picture can absorb, understand or ever reward.

    These thoughts are helpful when engaged in Church activity or when helping someone. Moses felt he did not have the requisite skills but God said..all you need to do is listen and obey. Church needs our individuality as we also need Church.

    Again, Thanks!

  15. Thank you, Marie, for “Be grateful for your oil … ‘avail ourselves of the blessings we already have …’ ”

    Inspired by your Lift, I remember a healing I had decades ago. Worrying about my last bit of whatever I had that seemed to be dwindling quickly before there would be nothing at all, I felt discouraged and hopeless.

    It was family naptime. The three older children were sleeping. I was on the daybed in the playroom with the baby nursing at my side. I noticed the colorful magic marker sign posted on the wall across the room. The weekly Bible Lessons are full of inspiring ideas that the children and I would write out, post, and discuss.

    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings” (S&H).

    Each letter was a different color and usually I would smile and be comforted. But not that day! Instead, I thought something like, “‘Big with blessings?’ Not for me! I have nothing to be grateful for.”

    At that moment, the baby stirred at my side and simultaneously, the healing thoughts came. “No blessings??? Here’s one.” and then the other children came to mind. With the thought of each child came a grateful, “And another … and another … and another …” And so many more blessings!!!

    Gratitude changed me for good that day and the worrisome circumstances changed, as I did!

  16. Thank you for a wonderful Lift. Yes we all do have much to be grateful for A grateful heart a garden is as it grows and keeps growing and producing every thing that is needed.

  17. This is a reminder to me -- I am always saying how important gratitude is, but the thought came to me that I should express my thanks for this lift and for the idea that I should thank Marie and the Daily Lift team for bringing this opportunity for me to express my boundless gratitude for all God's gifts.

  18. I love this lift because from time to time I feel there is a lack somewhere in my life - sometimes physical sometimes financial. Recently I have been feeling lack because my children are finding it very hard to find nice places to live, and which they can afford, in our capital city. However, this Lift reminds me, in truth, there is a perfect place for each of them, just waiting to be discovered....and actually there is no lack at all! How grateful I am because this is such a reassuring fact to know.

  19. Merci - plein d'inspiration pour aujourd'hui!

  20. As we begin our days protecting our thought through prayer these. Daily. Lifts help so much. Thank you so much for today's lift as it reminds us that we are always supplied with. Gods love and goodness.

  21. This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings of Mary Baker Eddy. It's from Misc. Writings p. 307:1 "God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for tomorrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment. What a glorious inheritance is given unto us through the understanding of omnipresent Love! More we cannot ask: more we do not want: more we cannot have. This sweet assurance is the "Peace, be still" to all human fears, to suffering of every sort." What stands out most to me is "never doubting" expressing gratitude as Jesus did before the physical evidence is revealed. And I love what hymn 359 says which begins with "Trust the Eternal" and then "God the unchanging pities like a father; Trust on and wait, the daystar yet shall gleam." God is unchanging, constant always loving and protecting and guiding. How grateful we should be. And I certainly am!

  22. Thank you, Marie!!!

  23. I am so grateful to Christian Science and to Mrs. Eddy for her discovery and to all the generous people that devout their lives to help others through prayer! Yes, my cup runneth over.I remember Hymn 224 whose 2nd line in Spanish reads: "En donde quiera el bien esté, su fuente encuentra en Tí. En la abundancia viviré si Dios impera en mí". I will bear this Lift in mind and be grateful for my oil, my daily inspiration and I will surely be satisfied with His fulness. Blessings to all.

  24. Thank you, Marie, for this lovely Lift. It is such a profound lesson - to be grateful for the good we already have. Because error can't do a real presence, or present, because God is omnipresent, error would have us dismiss the present or belittle it and look 'far off for paradise', as the hymn says (No. 391). It would say 'not yet', whereas God does the 'already' which Jesus knew and acted on and we can know too. God cares for us completely and when we turn to Him and see things from His unbounded point of view, the good in our lives is seen for what it is - unlimited. Thank you to all for your gratitude and inspired thoughts.

  25. Thank you....!

  26. La gratitud es base fundamental del progreso, sin gratitud dificilmente podamos reconocer a Dios en sus manifestaciones de Amor. La gratitud es reconocer que el Bien es permanente es el acto de dar, dar aún cuando nos parece que es poco lo que tenemos y como comenta Elena, la viuda, no vaciló, ni dudó, entendió el concepto de abundancia, porque comprendió que en realidad, no hay escacés por poco que parezca nuestro aceite siempre es abundante que permite dar a los demás. Y que interesante después de la generosidad de la viuda sucedió que su hijo "murió". Que sacudón para ella, y reclamó a Elías por esa desgracia tremenda ( En aquella época las viudas sin hijos quedaban desamparadas) e inmediatamente vino la respuesta de Elías, la oración sanadora, el reconocimiento de la justicia divina que no castiga por hacer el bien sino que bendice aún cuando, las apariencias digan otra cosa, la viuda dudo y reprochó, pero Elías no vacilo ni dudo; porque estaba consciente de la bondad divina que sólo produce el Bien, y lo da abundantemente. Por eso entiendo que nuestro transito debe ser un constante agradecer, no dudando si el aceite se acaba y la harina escasea, sino más firmes.

    Siento una profunda gratitud al Daily Lift, por los inspirados mensajes, por compartir con los panelistas, y también por los que están detras que no se ven pero se sienten por su generoso esfuerzo de llevar adelante la tarea para que igual que la viuda todos seamos bendecidos.

    Muchas gracias Marie

  27. Inspiring message, Marie -- thank you. And Pam, so beautifully read -- thank you.

  28. Merci bien.!..

  29. Thank you Marie, and Pam,

    Gratitude is a thank you note to God. We might be grateful for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but knowing that God is our source of supply, meeting our need for today is actually more relevant.

    When Jesus saw God as Father, he was surrounded by brothers and sisters, no lack of family. When Jesus thanked God, there evidenced an abundance of bread.

    Thank you #9 Tony for the definition of oil right up top so early. That’s our cooking oil!

  30. Thank you, Marie, for your "Oil of Inspiration" and thank you, Pam, for "sprinkling that Oil" so beautifully! I am really "getting" that in order to realize that I have enough, I need to make the shift from Matter-based thinking and seeing to Spirit-based thinking and seeing. Oil actually is our spiritual sense which always shows us our Plenty! May we all be drenched in Oil!

  31. Thanks for the reminder to keep "our house"...our thought, full of Gods' goodness, Truth, and Love. This will allow our cup to overflow with His benifits, grace, and joy...!

    Thanks for the wonderful Lift, that reminds us of Gods ever-presence...!

  32. Thank you!

  33. Thank you.

  34. Mrs. Eddy gives, “The prophet of to-day beholds in the mental horizon the signs of these times, the reappearance of the Christianity which heals the sick and destroys error, and no other sign shall be given.” [Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, Christian Science versus Spiritualism, page 98.]

  35. Thank you.

  36. Thank you.

  37. Thank you Marie and everyone for the beautiful inspired comments. This is exactly what I needed today!

  38. Dear Marie, thank you for this lift! I am grateful too for the inspired comments that have followed. In reference to the quote by Mary Baker Eddy, Mis writ p 307 mentioned by #21. The idea, " If you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need." is supported by this spiritual concept of oil and gratitude. We wait with gratitude, not impatience, giving thanks that divine Love has met our need. Sharing fearlessly, lovingly on this spiritual basis enables us to receive more.

  39. Gratitude is the oil that supplies us with what we need for survival and happiness. Mortal mind doesn't recognize this. It limits, tells us we need more or it tells us that God didn't supply us right. It is negativity thru and thru, and listening to it always leads us wrongly.

  40. Marie, just BEAUTIFULLY said, thank you and so appropriate this Easter, to celebrate the Christ and the true gift of what we hold in consciousness. Once again, thank you all for great inspiration!!!

  41. Thank you! A beautiful message Marie!

  42. Thank you Marie and Pam!

  43. Thank you, Marie! This lift was a wonderful reminder to always be looking for the good in our life (the proof of God's presence) and to be grateful for it. When we do that our experience automatically changes and we see how loved and blessed we truly are!

  44. I was awakened this morning by the sweetest birdsong right outside my window. Talk about blessings!

  45. I consider the Daily Lift my small portion of Oil, and as I read the comments that oil just expands and expands. And it comes everyday! How wonderful it that. The weekends are for review of many of the Lifts that comforted and encouraged me. To say that my 'cup runneth over' is a big understatement, because I am truly blessed and have all that I need. Thank you Marie, and Pam for the beautiful reading, and all the team for their inspiration and work.

  46. Thank you, Eleanor, #24!!! You poured in some Beautiful Oil of Truth!

  47. Debemos estar continuamente agradecidos de las bendiciones infinitas, que recibimos de Dios.
    No es que no tengamos, aveces no entendemos lo suficiente, como para ver reflejadas dichas bendiciones. Tenemos que saber, que "Nada nos faltara" que somos una Idea completa, que tenemos un Padre --Madre que nos brinda todo lo mejor, de ahí que " Si Dios es rico, pobre yo no he de ser jamás"
    Al decir "rico", me refiero a todos los aspectos de la vida.

    Gracias por el mensaje me hace cuestionarme bastante

  48. What a wonderful Lift! Thank you!

  49. Thank you. Marie today's lift is like my Petro tank of my car. It's just marvelous! Thank you DL Team. and all inspirational comments.

  50. So beautiful and clearly stated! Thank you, Marie, and all "Lifters. Hymn 135 came to thought - "Give of your heart's rich overflow, and peace shall crown your joy-filled day. Come walk with Love along the way." I have found that the best way for me to feel God's Love is to express it everywhere I go, to everyone and everything, and to see it already there too! That is to be rich and to live richly. xxooxx :)

  51. What a good reminder. Gratitude replaces melancholy and other lack feelings with joy! "Our cup runneth over" and we truly do have all we need, since it is spiritual and our source is God. That constant supply never diminishes, and we need to remember to be grateful for Divine Love's meeting every need. If we instead focus on what we seem to be lacking, we are not seeing all the Good God has given us, and claiming our inheritance from our Divine parent and source! Wherever there is a need, Love has an answer. Trust that, and Rejoice!

    Thank you, Marie and Pam!

  52. Boy did I need this today! Thank you so much for this "uplifting" thought! It does seem like the world keeps us focused on the "need and lack" rather than the "good we do have" with gratitude! I've been so grateful through the years for the manifold opportunities to see and demonstrate God's infinite means of supply! I think that's the essence of what St. Paul meant when he wrote "we glory in tribulation, becuase tribulation worketh patience..."and he goes on to show rather technically how each thing which many might consider "hard to handle" in actuality lead up to "hope" not being "ashamed" and finally seeing "the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts through the Holy Ghost which is given us"!( see Romans 5:3) I love that it's a gift from God we already have! Talk about having everything! Wow! What a thought! Thank you so much for "Lifting" us all to see this today!

  53. Again on the subject of oil, the other Biblical story in which oil features is the parable of the wise virgins:
    I alwaya thought it rather hard hearted of the wise virgins who refused to give their oil to the foolish virgins until I read Mrs Eddy's definition of oil. Then I realised that these qualities had to be understood and demonstrated. It is quite impossible that these qualities could be actually given away or bought and sold.

    I hope this helps

  54. Thank you for reminding me that manna is an on demand resource and there will always be plenty for each need - no dearth or excess.

  55. Thank you and thank God for Jesus the wayshower and for Mary Baker Eddy for the oil of goodness these two brave individuals gave to the world. What a blessing. Thank you daily lift team.

  56. Thank you. This is such an important message.

  57. Thank you Marie for the reminder of the overflowing oil
    we each have...that flows like a fountain!

  58. I needed to be reminded that my cup,indeed,runneth over.Thank you for this wonderful lift.

  59. A lovely message that we should remember.

  60. Your message arrived at the perfect moment! Thank you Marie!

  61. I put a drop of oil on my hands this morning and rubbed them together. I felt massaged of my thoughts,anointed, special, loved, loving, self-loving, expectant of the day.

  62. Just beautiful and just what was needed to broaden my smile today. God is smiling the answer...

  63. Merci Marie, oui la gratitude nous ouvre les écluses du ciel.
    Eve de l 'Aude

  64. Gratitude to you, dear Marie. Our consciousness - filled with gratitude for divine Love's supply!

    I love to begin my Sunday School classes with offerings of gratitude from each person present. I ask, "Who would like to go first?" Then we go around the group--no one is left out--just as no one is left out of the kingdom of heaven, of the consciousness of God--Life, Truth, Love. Our Father-Mother God adores each of Her ideas, supplying each and every one with all they need. Amen, and I am deeply grateful.

  65. Thanks for the message in abundance.

  66. Sincere gratitude for this blessing that brings forth peace each time I/we remember to express/share this oil of gratitude.

  67. Hmmm, such a lovely lift and such inspired comments. Thank you one and all. Yesterday I had a phone meeting with 3 of my children who are sharing in the work of the family business. I had made a request, an old one, for a yearly letter. The responses shocked me into recognizing that my cup has surely runneth over and I completely let go of any sense of lacking in that very moment. I am so grateful for the ideas that are shared in this forum. I love Easter and I love the thought of tieing in the oil of both gladness and plenty to this pre Easter week. Thank you for the definition of oil as consecration, charity, gentleness , prayer and heavenly inspiration. That gives me plenty to think about. I made note of many gems from today's daily lifters. Again, thank you.

  68. "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." (Ps. 23)

    Yes, we have so much! In fact, we lack for nothing -- our dear Father-Mother loves us so much. The substance of this love -- Live, Truth and Love -- sustain us. Thank you, Father-Mother! Thank you, Marie! Thank you, dear Mother Church!

  69. Thank you God, for all my precious gifts.

  70. GRATITUDE- the oil of problem solving

    Thank you for this lift, and for the sharing that followed.

  71. Perhaps the oil represents eternal happiness. You only need a tiny drop for yourself. Imagine what you can do with a whole jar! Spread the Word!.

  72. Thank you Marie for this wonderful Lift! It was just perfect!!

  73. Just a glimmer that we have enough, is enough. thanks.

  74. Thank you so much for this healing message,

  75. THankyou dear Marie and the Reader of your Lift

    Funny thing...we know these things ....but it is so great to be reminded that we lack nothing.
    With this Easter Season upon us we realise just how much we have to be grateful for ....Christ Jesus and his impeccable example and Mary Baker Eddy for making his work so scientifically practical.
    Our oil is certainly full and running over. I pray not to waste it through lack of use.
    Thanks to the DL team for spreading this oil all over the world
    Pam, Q. Aust.

  76. Beautiful message Marie - thank you - and ditto - Kristen (11) and J (38) !

  77. Thank you very, very much, dear Marie! Even today, a day later, or several days later, we can experience Gods abundance in everything. When we see the good God gave us in our life and are grateful we are ready to receive more. Thanks a lot for reminding us to be grateful every moment for GODs everpresent Love and caring for us!

  78. Angela from Manchester UK 3/28/2013
    Thank you for this lift a reminder to be grateful for all God gives us and to remember he walks
    with us always. Thank you for this web site - like going to church for a few moments to share
    with others our gratitude.

  79. Thank you.

  80. A wonderful new view of a well-known story..... thank you for it

  81. Gratitude, Marie for your thoughtful and timely message/Lift! Appreciate all Lifter comments and the DL team. Much Love/love to the world.

  82. Thank you! Your inspiring words remind me of all the help God has given!

  83. Thank you Marie for a beautiful lift

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