3/26: God is supreme

3/26: God is supreme

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  1. Thank you Mark for making this so-important point. God isn't just a power, He is the one, only power. He stands alone as supreme, all-goodness, unopposed. His power isn't shared, divided, or diminished in any way, shape, or form. It is, however, reflected in His spiritual creation. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you Mark. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me - now wouldn't it just be confusing if there were many gods - who would you listen to with several opinions coming at you ? !
    One infinite God, good - Father-Mother of us all. We are so blessed!

  3. Thank you for this uplifting Lift and for vibrant vaster views of wider and expansive vistas of Life!

  4. Those same mountains seen from above (like from an airplane or a bird's eye view) can be looked at as relatively tall, taller, tallest. But this relative superiority is trumped by the absolute supremacy seen, heard, and felt from within we refer to as that still, small voice. Thanks, Mark.

  5. "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth:
    for I am God, and there is none else" Is. 45:22

    So when life seems to be throwing onions at you, just think: God is Supreme!

    "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
    Enable us to know, — as in heaven, so on earth, — God is
    omnipotent, supreme" S&H 17:1.

    "Mirad a mí, y sed salvos, todos los términos de la tierra,
    porque yo soy Dios, y no hay más." Isaías 45:22

    Asi que cuando la vida parezca estar tirándote cebollas, solo piensa: ¡Dios es Supremo!

    "Hágase Tu voluntad, como en el cielo, así también en la
    Capacítanos para saber que —como en el cielo, así también
    en la tierra— Dios es omnipotente, supremo." CyS 17:1

  6. Magnificent! Thank you, Mark!

  7. Thank you, Mark, for the big idea! Surrounded as I am by mountains, It resonates!

  8. Thanks, Mark, for this supreme Daily Lift! I'm starting my day at the top of the mountain.

  9. Thank you so much, Mark. God's total supremacy- what a glorious truth- all en-compassing!

  10. Beautiful. TRULY uplifting!

    Thank you, Mark.

  11. Thank you for making that so clear, Mark

  12. Just what I needed, at precisely the moment I needed it! Thank you Mark! Always on the mark!

  13. Thank you!

  14. Such an easy to grasp idea - thank you, Mark.
    Mountains - ideas and symbols for supremacy of Good, and none else.
    To remedy a world that seems out of joint, a process of learning and understanding the supremacy of Principle/Love/God, is absolute necessity now! Recommending the textbook: SCIENCE AND HEALTH by Mary Baker Eddy.

  15. Thank you Mark for the lovely Lift.Wonderful to hold onto the realization of an all encompassing loving God always with us ,always there.

  16. Mark, Thank you

  17. Beautiful pictures, beautiful message. Thank you, Mark. You share with us what this week's Bible-Lesson is all about, there being no else.

  18. Thank you Mark for this beautiful message.

  19. Thank you Mark for this lift. I love what you shared, God isn't superior, God is supreme. What a wonderful truth to think on :)

  20. Wow. The very minute I was beginning to feel that unpleasant sinking sensation when your world is seemingly about to fall apart and you think there's nothing left to do but give up, God gave me the strength to sit up and listen to your lift. It is EXACTLY what I need and so beautifully and simply put - it can but do good by helping us put things into perspective . . . so a very heartfelt thank you - what a perfect reminder.

  21. Thanks for the big idea.

  22. Isn't that a wonderful Lift today? Holding onto the big idea of God within us opens our thought to all sorts of wonderful new possibilities, ideas that are ever unfolding of God's loving promise for each one of us. Thank you Mark for the beautiful film of mountains. Thank you too, the BoL and the Lifters who make this simple daily message so full of promise.

  23. Thank you, the mountains are beautiful, all that God created is beautiful.

  24. Thank you, Mark - a very helpful reminder. If we are acknowledging God's supremacy, all the falsities of a so-called material existence must shrink away, and we can stay safe on the mountain top - in the pure, clear air of spiritual reality. (Any onions thrown at us cannot reach us there!)

  25. Many thanks Mark for these inspiring views of the mountains. "Mine eyes look toward the mountains,/ Help cometh from on high;/ From God who never slumbers,/ Whose care is ever nigh./ My foot shall not be moved,/ My keeper is the Lord,/ He never shall forsake me;/ I trust me to His Word." (Christian Science Hymnal #189).

  26. Thank you for this so very essential point brought to us from the Land of Enchantment. If there were to be one thing only to keep present in thought at every moment, it would be that one--God, the first, the last, and in between too. The only power, filling all space; and how can you live outside all that there is? Thanks for the message (and love that bola tie!)

  27. A refreshingly simple message, excellent, thanks Mark.

  28. I LOVED IT Thank you!

  29. Thank you, Mark, for this very clear and strong lift. You told it with such convincing voice. It is really something to remember throughout the day.
    Thank you !

  30. Thank you Mark,
    Lovely to see you and hear that message, Bible reference and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures reference. Really helpful. Fits well with the Bible Lesson sermon too.

  31. nice video, nice countryside

  32. Very nice Mr Mark!

  33. Oh! A keeper for sure! Thank you, Mark!

  34. That is a truly BIG idea :). Thank you

  35. That's an idea I pray with a lot - God is supreme. Says it all. And what beautiful countryside around you to underscore this great fact. Thanks for your message today, Mark.

  36. What a glorious metaphysical view and Lift, Mark, thank you. I turned to Hymn 113 in the CS Hymnal, which sings in part, "O supreme and perfect One; O Lord, praise to Thee is due..." My unending thanks to God for all the gifts of Church, including these Lifts and all contributors.

  37. Thank you, Mark for lifting me up this morning through your words and beautiful vista views.
    With Love and Gratitude.

  38. Dios es supremo,Sí lo Es. Pero si viene un sunami o un deslave, como recientemente en Seatle, con seguridad vamos a oir las voces ¿Donde, estaba Dios? sin duda No ahí en ese hecho cruel. Entonces cómo explicar... entiendo que Dios está allí donde la bondad se manifiesta, y requiere sí, de un mismo sentir, porque Él se manifiesta en todo lo puro, lo bueno, lo que trasluce bondad, cuando los elementos erroneos irrumpen se requiere de una mayor entrega para erradicarlos, una mayor comprensión de su irrealidad porque ahora hay que restañar heridas, por eso la importancia en la claridad de lo que realmente Es Dios, y de lo que se requiere para que Su magnitud se manifieste aún en hechos extremos.

    "No que la palabra de Dios haya fallado; porque no todos los que descienden de Israel son israelitas" Romanos
    "El alma es inmortal porque es el espíritu, el cual no tiene ningun elemento de destrucción propia. Porque es... La ley más elevada del alma, que prevalece sobre el sentido material mediante la armonía y la inmortalidad" MBE

    Muchas gracias Mark por el mensaje.

  39. I discovered something new this morning. Your video was much smaller than usual and I found a symbol on the bottom right corner that made it full screen. Maybe others have known this. In any case, the full view of the mountains was beautiful and nice also to see a larger image of you. This is certainly not to dwarf the importance of your message that God is supreme. He is always present and always the only power in control everywhere - hard to remember sometimes - but always true. How blessed we are to have Christian Science, these Daily Lifts, the periodicals, the Monitor and our lectures. I am so deeply grateful for all!

  40. Thank you Mark for another wonderful lift! It was especially dear to my kids because of a recent hike in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. God is Supreme! Amen. Hugs from all!

  41. 'nuff said! Thank you.

  42. Wonderful !!! Thank You :-)

  43. Thanks, Mark! Love those New Mexico Mountains! Sometimes it's hard to realize that there really IS nothing besides God - when I look out and see so many material evidences of "not God"! Then I remember I need to utilize my spiritual senses, which I learn in Christian Science that we All have access to! Learning to "yield to reason and revelation", as it says in our Bible Lesson this week, helps me to "sift the chaff from the wheat" and see the Allness of God, Good! Much Love and Thanks again!

  44. Thank you Mark for this beautiful message. It is the truth...God is supreme!

  45. Thank you, Mark. I love it.

  46. Thank you Lori #39 for telling us how to make the picture full screen. I watched the second time with full screen. Fantastic. God is supreme. Love is supreme. Mind is supreme. Principle is supreme. Amen.

  47. GREAT way to start the day! Thanks so much, Mark!

  48. This is great! Thank you!

  49. God is the only, the substance of all that is! Thanks Mark for this beautiful lift.

  50. Mark that was the epitome of inspiration. I so felt the presence of Divine Love. It was such a calming presence. I reflected on the presence of Love that you shared with us during the lecture this past Saturday in Woodbridge, VA. Thank you for all that you are doing to reveal this presence in our lives.

  51. Supremely inspiring! Thank you, Mark.

  52. Thanks Mark for a simple but beautiful reminder that God is Supreme. I always enjoy your videos. When I saw your name this morning I was hoping for one. Thanks for all the comments especially Malcolm (#25) quoting Hymn # 189. Those were words I needed to hear and fit so well with your video.

  53. YEA GOD!

  54. Material sense seems to always want to compare and catagorize the "mountains" in our experience. I love and needed this reminder today of God being ALONE, Supreme. No other power. No other presence. No need to check matter to see what it is claiming today. Your message from God will reach out and bless many. Isaiah 55:11 "it shall accomplish that which I please."
    Thank you, Mark, for being the messenger.

  55. Thank you, Mark and mountains. This scientific Lift resonates with me today, too. When we really accept the teaching that there is only One Mind (God), and we are willing to pray with our whole heart, humbly and as a little child, we are finding our place in a very loving plan, even if that plan is a whole lot bigger and better than our own outlining. Today, I will open wide my prayer "lens" to see a wider panorama. God's view is 360 degrees and infiinite. God is all around me and you and us and them. As near as our next prayer.

  56. "Enable us to know as in heaven so on earth, GOD is omnipotent, supreme."(Mary Baker Eddy) Thank you, Mark,for reminding us that God is not just a superior power in heaven and earth, He is the ONLY power. He is supreme as you say so confidently! Amen!

  57. Did you ever think of it this way, that the belief of many God's is just mere human opinion. When there is something to be solved, we ask this person, "What do you think?" or the other person, "What do you think?" After asking 2 or 3 or even 4 persons "What do you think?" We are then left with the confusing question, which person should I listen too? Don't get confused people. Ask the one who is SUPREME which is God and you'll always come out with the right answer.

  58. Thanks for lifting me higher, Mark. It never hurts to be reminded of God's oneness and power as your video brings out so clearly.

  59. Yes, God is supreme. And that supremacy is so absolute, so complete, so ALL, that nothing unlike Him has reality. Thank you, God!

  60. Thank you.

  61. Thanks, Mark, for your wonderful reminder of why I love God, and why I love the mountains of New Mexico. They gently remind us of His almighty strength and power.

  62. Just what I needed to hear this big idea of God Supreme in our lives in my life...Life right now. This is such a majestic thought and so uplifting. Your lift is so comforting too...a real keeper! Thank you so much Mark for expressing God so beautifully and sharing for all to appreciate just like those beautiful mountains!

  63. Wonderful!
    Very inspiring!
    Thank you very much!

  64. Thanks Mark. I know that God is supreme, but I always seem to need a reminder, now and then, and your video and words were so welcome and inspiring.
    I am always amazed and grateful for the world that God has created. Thanks to everyone, including commentators for this Lift. And to Lori, #39, I too, discovered that full screen button this morning. There truly is only one Mind.

  65. Distinctions in words can really help to clarify and give new views to reflect upon. I appreciate these Daily Lifts very much and know the daily journey is adjusted for the better by the thoughts expressed. Also, the variety of the landscapes around the world are another reminder of the endless beauty we are given to enjoy.

  66. Thank you, Mark, for “God is supreme … ‘there is none else’ … not just superior, God is supreme … be lifted up … God is not just one of the powers in your life. God is supreme.” That realization is a “game changer!”

    The more “I get it!” - that God is the ONLY “powers that be,” the easier it is to let God be God to me and mine and all. I don’t pray/worry any more. I’m lifted up and out of stress and increasingly every way fear tries to rob me of my joy. I let Perfect LOVE (another name for GOD) cast out every fear! Then I listen for Love to lead me to do my part. It works great for “every ill that flesh is heir ( err ;-) to.”

    Acknowledging, accepting, and applying leads to proving God’s supremacy. I increasingly understand and more deeply appreciate why as a Christian, I can celebrate today as God’s day, to rejoice and be glad in it by following every good and loving thought that comes to me. That’s God talking!!!

    This communication/communion with God is refined as I listen for the higher and highest good and loving thoughts, finally to choose what’s coming from a Spirit-based, rather than a material-based perspective. Love leads me to realize that “we’re always in the right place at the right time to do the greatest good” – not according to my own understanding but in response to my increasingly unceasing prayer of, “What wilt THOU have me to do?”

    I’m grateful for a Christian Science lifestyle of living to honor God because there really is none else!

  67. Thank you for a very inspiring lift!

  68. There is none else...the only power...Life, Truth, Love. Omnipresent. I live, move, and have my being in God.

  69. Thank you for a wonderful life - and the added video was especially nice . . ..

  70. escuse me - "wonderful lift" . . .

  71. Thank you for making this important message so clear and beautiful.

  72. Thanks for the AHA! moment. Your lift, along with all the daily lifts, help me along my journey to enlightenment. It's funny how one can read over and over a passage, but one day, voila! you hear another way of explanation and you get it! Thanks to Mark and all the Daily Lift team, as well as MBE and her writings, and the whole CS movement.

  73. Thank you for this wonderful lift. God, Divine Love, pure good, is supreme. Wonderful.

  74. Thank you for this clear idea !

  75. Terrific!!!!!

  76. Wonderful thought, #4, that "the still small voice" is supreme over the tallest of anything material.

    Thank you for the Lift, Mark.

  77. So LOVE is Supreme, the only power operating everywhere, always....this is
    true comfort.

    Thank you, Mark.

  78. Absolutely beautiful in every way!

  79. Perfect message
    Perfect messenger
    Perfect music (both audio and video)
    Deepest thanks!

  80. Thank you Mark for that supreme message for all of us to embrace. "How beautiful upon the mountains" is one of my favorite song sung by our soloist at our Sunday services. God truly is "All in all". And another love-fully thought that comes to mind is how the Bible and also in the CS Hymnal Supplement expresses and as you mentioned, "I am the Lord, there is none else, there is no God beside Me". How supreme God is and his grandeur creation. I am infinitely grateful for this clear message. Si Yu'us Maase (Thank you God in Guamanian).

    Daily Lift Team
    The hymn mentioned above is 444 and was written by Desiree Goyette (based on Isa 45:5-6).

  81. Thanks -- Great lift, fine video, too!
    Cheers of joy --

  82. Mark , a great and memorable Lift and I am always so touched by the earnestness of your delivery. Really gets the message across with your videos. Thanks so much.

  83. Thanks so very much Mark for this important and
    wonderful lift. We cannot be reminded too often
    of this. Also, as the first statement in this week's
    Bible Lesson says "Do not I fill heaven and earth?
    saith the Lord." Jeremiah 23:24
    Thanks also for all the inspiring comments.

  84. This is wonderful, thank you Mark.

  85. A very important concept to think about. It is very helpful to me today. Thank you.

  86. OUTSTANDING! thank you, Mark, for the glorious message, the music, the Bible/S&H quotes, the
    beautiful New Mexico landscape!!!

  87. Supreme!! Thank you!

  88. Thank you, Mark........ There is only God. Life is God.

  89. Thank you Mark, this reminds me of a testimony I heard long ago( on a cassette player.) The Man had a severe debilitating illness and knew nothing of Christian Science but saw a notice advertising a Ch; Sc. lecture, and felt he must attend...Listening to the speaker he heard these words written by Mary Baker Eddy "God is at once the center and circumference of being", they made such an impression on him....he simply accepted that line of reasoning and was healed. How Blessed we are to have our text book Science and health with key to the scriptures written by Mrs Eddy. To all who add their comments thank you and LOVE to ALL wherever you are! June UK.

  90. Yes, THE important distinction and so powerful. Mrs. Eddy's writing says first "Enable us to know...". We can ask for help with this understanding. Thank goodness. You have reminded me to ask. Thanks, Mark!

  91. Mark, How Perfect is that! Beautiful lift. Thank you

  92. Thank you, Mark, for this very special lift with the glorious example of His beauty, indeed Supreme, behind you.

  93. Thank you Mark for reminding us that, as Mrs. Eddy says, "God is all-in-all."
    "It is impossible that man should lose aught that is real, when God is all and eternally his" (Mary Baker Eddy, "Science and Health", p 302).

    Thank you lifters and the Daily Lift Team, as always too.

  94. How lovely to know that those uplifted mountains in that beautiful place all are demonstrating the Supremacy of God. Why you are surrounded with that reminder all of the time! This reminds us that the supremacy of God is right in our own backyards. Just seeing an Eagle fly over the house here coming back up North, is a reminder here as well!! Thank you for this UP -LIFT and abundant thank you for sharing those most beautiful mountains with us!


  96. Peter, Maine
    Lovely mountains, wonderful thoughts

  97. A Heartfelt, humble Thank You. :-)

  98. Many thanks for the lift. So appreciated.

  99. Thank you so much, Mark.

  100. Hi Mark, really, really helped me today. I have evolved from thinking of God as not much more than a larger than life person to now daily realizing Him as each of the seven synanyms (sp?) during a tough time for my wife and I after near 60 years together. I look forward to the lift each morning.

  101. It's today in Australia. Thursday, not Wednesday. This supremacy of God, our most precious Father-Mother, Good, is an all-encompassing fact in Christian Science. On Sunday morning as I was leaving our Reading Room, next to our Church, a couple came to the door, stepped in and stepped out again. I smiled and invited them in. The man said, "We're looking for Christian books." And I said, "Well, this is the place to come. Come in." But they both stepped outside and moved further away - where they stood and spoke in Spanish. I said, "There are people who can help you right here. This is where I come to buy Christian books." So the man came forward and said, "We went to Koorong" (a shop that sells Bibles and other literature about 6 miles away around the coast.) So they went in, and I went home. Next day I phoned a friend, who said they had stayed for over an hour! But I kept wondering how they got from Mooloolabah to Maroochydore, where our Reading Room is! And a friend said, the man he asked God what to do, and God had told him to come to our RR! "Is not this the Christ?" My friend said that the man had told her he knew a young man who was a heroin addict, and he told the friend that he would pray for God to take away this thought. And he did pray and the younger man was healed! They went away with a Spanish version of Mary Baker Eddy's Science and Health. This Lift on the supremacy of God is so perfect. Thank you, Mark and our united family of Daily Lifters.

  102. Thank you! God's supremacy is an idea Mary Baker Eddy touches on several times in Science and Health and, whenever I stop to consider it, the idea always blossoms, embracing everyone everywhere.

  103. Pure goodness, pure love permeating the universe without judgement, anger or ulterior motive. If this is God then I am a convert. Thank you Mark.

  104. A wonderfully clear statement of a fundamental truth, delivered with great love and humility. Thank you so much.

  105. Great teaching!
    Indeed, God can't be compared to anything. Still, He can be understood on His own terms.

  106. Thank you Mark for this important daily lift that reminds us that God is supreme and is All there is. It is also wonderful to know that all things are possible to God!! Jesus taught and demonstrated this!! I enjoyed the imagery of the mountains in your video. It is a reminder of what Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health on P. 511, "Spiritually interpreted, rocks and mountains stand for solid and grand ideas."

    Lori, #39, thanks for pointing out the symbol for enlarging the picture to full screen. It made it especially enjoyable for this video and I'll use it from now on. Thanks too for everyone's helpful remarks.

  107. Thank you very much!

  108. Thank goodness for the eternal supremacy of our God. Because the Lord is the greatest. the worthiest and the one without rival we have hope of salvation. All things that pertain to God are wonderful.

  109. The whole experience, visual and music, made the message sink deep into my soul. I appreciate the extra effort.

  110. Beautiful...thank you so much.

  111. Thank you Mark. I appreciate the healing thoughts. No comparison-
    There is just God.

    You can see how, as mountains are- that some are taller than others. Some are superior in height to other mountains. And that's just how mountains are. ( could substitute the word people for mountains). Healing thought of just let human be human.

    Focus on God. Supreme. And than the most healing thought for me,
    You know as high as those mountains are, we lifted up just as high as those mountains by that wonderful idea...God is supreme.

    I too am grateful for these daily lifts and the lifters all over the world. Thank you Mother church.

  112. Thank you Mark, I couldn't sleep, and
    reread your comforting words and
    all comments & gratefully comforted
    and slept peacefully.JUST what i needed.

  113. Yes! Virtual reality depends on organized senses. God is the only reality and power.

  114. THANK YOU MARK for this supremely clear message. GOD is supreme!

  115. Thank you, Mark, for your consistently good inspired thoughts and willingness to share them.

  116. Sincere gratitude for the lovely analogy of mountains, and God's supreme, everlasting beauty, strength, and power. The peace in your voice is comforting.

  117. Thanks Mark. It's always easier to sense the "awesomeness" of God when surrounded by mountains. But we can know this anywhere in his universe, it just seems a little harder for me! I'm sure this is why so many in the bible and even today go to the mountains to refresh and uplift thought.

  118. Thank you very much Mark. I didn't have time before to listen to your Lift, but I knew I have to. I'm so happy it has done. I feel peaceful with: "God is supreme."

  119. What a supreme Godly message/Lift.......thanks so much, Mark!

  120. Thank you very much.

  121. What a grand idea. Thank you for that.

  122. As God is supreme and we are made in His image and likeness then we are perfect now, and any other suggestion is the tempter trying to fool us into believing a lie. We don't have to accept this lie.

  123. Thank you! Very enlightening and comforting.

  124. So true, not one among many, but the ONLY.
    Susan A.

  125. Thank you very much! Supreme and superior....takes all competition away!