3/26: Freedom here and now

3/26: Freedom here and now

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  1. Thank you Frank, what a great Lift. Many in the world think that living a life close to God means living a restrictive life style. This could not be farther from the truth. The study of Christian Science brings with it freedom from sin, sickness, and death. Freedom from the shackles that binds man to limiting mortal concepts and hiding the divine possibilities. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 106," Like our nation, Christian Science has its Declaration of Independence. God has endowed man with inalienable rights, among which are self-government, reason, and conscience. Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love."

  2. We do mature like it or not (some sooner than others.) With Christian Science I learned to leave fears behind.

    MBE says, “If mortals are not progressive, past failures will be repeated until all wrong work is effaced or rectified. If at present satisfied with wrong-doing, we must learn to loathe it…Remember that mankind must sooner or later, either by suffering or by Science, be convinced of the error that is to be overcome.” S&H 240:19.
    The marginal title to this says, “Progress demanded”

    Now I even like spinach!
    Maduramos nos guste o no (algunos antes que otros). Con la Ciencia Cristiana aprendí a dejar los temores atrás.

    MBE dice, “Si los mortales no progresan, los fracasos pasados se repetirán, hasta que
    toda labor deficiente sea borrada o rectificada. Si ahora estamos satisfechos con la maleficencia, tenemos que aprender a aborrecerla... Recordad que, tarde o temprano, ya sea por el sufrimiento
    o por la Ciencia, la humanidad tendrá que convencerse del error que se ha de vencer.” CyS 240:20
    El Título marginal de esto dice “Se exige progreso.“

    ¡Ahora hasta me gusta la espinaca!

  3. Frank, I absolutely love this Lift - thank you!

    I love the idea that your "worries became small and God became big" since this is the ever-evolving thought process, ever-spiraling upwards higher and higher, in which there is infinite, ever-lasting freedom for ever.

    What a gift to hear this lovely Lift today. What a way to think and to live and to rejoice.

    I am so grateful!

  4. Thank you, Frank, for “Freedom here and now … ‘all is well’ …”

    Your Lift has inspired me to consider this:

    If “all is well;” then, I’m free FROM every suggestion that opposes wellness and I’m free TO “rejoice and be glad” here and now ... and here and now ... and here and now … and ...

    As this day unfolds, I’ll be alert to proving that “all is well,” as I claim my freedom from “every ill that flesh is heir to” and claim my freedom to enjoy Life. Thank God for The Comforter that brings me and mine and all - comfort!

  5. Dear Franz,

    Thank you for the Lift brought to thought two of the hymns that I grew up with and love to hear. Hymns 136 (I love Thy way of freedom Lord) and 139.

    The third verse of 136 reads:-

    "I climb, with joy, the heights of Mind,
    To soar o're time and space;
    I yet shall know as I am known
    And see Thee face to face,
    Till time and space and fear are naught
    My quest shall never cease
    Thy presence ever goes with me
    And Thou dost give me peace."

    Of course 139 is "I walk with Love" which speaks to the now and that one is walking WITH Love, thus Love is leading the way, setting the pace, always with us, ever with us because we are always with and ever with Love..as we live and move and have our being (existence, manifestation, livelihood etc) in Love (rephrased from Acts 17:28).

    I sometimes think it comforting to remember we are walking with God as opposed to God walking with us...not that He isn't walking with us, but we walking with Him invites a larger view of the concept of Direction because God is leading the way, we next to Him every step of the way because we are within Him, within Consciousness.

    We are therefore free from fatigue, fear, age (too young or too old), regret, anger, loneliness, frustration, sadness, lack depression, or any other suggestion that God isn't all around. God is All-around

    Thank you for that freeing thought.

    Thanks and many blessings to you and the Daily Lift Team (inclusive of the Lifters).

  6. Many thanks Frank for this great reminder. Yes. "Perfect freedom is right here [and now] for each one of us to experience." "We walk in freedom and in peace/ Thy holy purpose to fulfill,/ And Thou dost ever point the path/ For loving servants of Thy will." (Christian Science Hymnal #349).

  7. Love is right here. So wonderful to ponder. Thank you.

  8. Franz,
    Thank you

  9. Thank you Frank for uplifting our thought today from what Mrs Eddy called in Science and Health " the slavery of their own beliefs" (page 226) into the harmony of the atmosphere of the kingdom of heaven.

    The line in the song "freedom must be endless" is a freedom for all mankind from all mortal suggestions that our life is based in matter. I like to think that we live in the qualities of God and Mrs Eddy compares this with:
    "As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being." (S&H 361)

    It is when I understand this relationship that i hear that still small voice giving God's opinion of the man that He created:

    "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased" (II Peter 1:17).

    Thank you Frank for this lift into this freedom.

  10. Thank you Frank. Your song made me think of being in an airplane & rising above the clouds on a stormy day to the sunshine & peace above. Was also reminded of my favorite hymn, 148, which has always been such a comfort.

    In heavenly Love abiding,
    No change my heart shall fear;
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here.

    And of course, it goes on to say that God is always with us, we will walk with Him and He with us, always in freedom. Indeed, all is well!

    Much gratitude for the above comments and for the Daily Lift team.

  11. Thank you so much, Frank. In the Bible Lesson this morning I was suddenly struck by the statement in Science & Health that "for the real man and the real universe there is no death-process" (289:14).
    We are completely free even from proceeding towards death through birth, maturity, decay and decline! What a wonderful healing thought.

  12. Carol Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this freeing message.
    Thank you also for the Daily Lift teamwork, what a great job !

  13. Thank you this is what we have to remember constantly that we are ALWAYS in God's care. I often have to remind myself what Jesus said " The time is NOW" All GOOD then is NOW! and as Mrs Eddy tells us "Divine conscousness reigns is ALL" LOVE to ALL.

  14. Thank you for this great Lift. Yes, we can always walk with Love all the time.

  15. Thank you so much , Frank. What a liberating way to start my day. Many thanks too for all the inspiring comments.

  16. Excellent Frank, the best thing I've heard all day!

  17. Thanks Frank
    My first experiences in the newly discovered universe of Spirit taught me just how big God is. Awesome. We all get to experience the evidence of 'God with us' in a big way, from the least to the greatest.
    So now my affectionate name for our Father-Mother is 'Big G'.
    Blue skies.

  18. Thank you all for the inspiring comments and lift!

  19. Aloha Frank!

    Thank you for the inspiring and comforting message of truth.

  20. Thank you for this lovely Lift emphasizing our heritage of freedom. To all those listening to this lift in English, I would strongly recommend listening to the German too, as you get some lovely singing!

  21. Real love that always was and that always will be is so reassuring in our ever changing human world. Gods love is eternal and that presence is in us all and is our true nature. Thank you for that view Frank.

  22. Thank you Frank and thanks to all the Lifters Family around the whole world. Thank you Troy #5 for bringing to us that lovely and inspiring hymn too.What a blessing we are given each day: Freedom! I am also so grateful to Mrs Eddy for all the literature she left for us as a key to open the door of understanding to live free from our mental slavery. Blessings to all.

  23. Very comforting... thank you for this beautiful message.

  24. A great way to start my Day! Many Thanks.......

  25. Have you ever noticed that when you learn the meaning of a new word that you start seeing it everywhere? Sort of the same thing happens to us when we humbly allow divine Love to hold us. We start feeling it everywhere! Oh wait, it is everywhere!

    I am happy to accept that Love is retroactive also. Love is the great editor, transforming old stories into new facts.

    “In Thy clear light of Truth I rise” also from Hymn 136.One of my favorites Troy!

    Vielen Dank, Frank!

  26. Lovely Lift, so true. The enslavement ends for everyone some earlier some later. Freedom is our guaranteed inheritance. Thank you Frank.

  27. La libertad, ¡cuánto anhelo hay detrás de esa palabra! Dicho de esta manera puede parecer hasta ofensivo, sólo una palabra; sin embargo no deja de ser sólo eso a menos que vaya acompañada sustancialmente por la espiritualidad. porque la logramos aquí y ahora, Sí, pero sólo por medio del espíritu inmortal,renunciando a las teorías humanas de libertad condicionada por esto o aquello, por ejemplo: Por bienes materiales, por logros humanos, o por ir a la iglesia regularmente, pero olvidando la tarea sustancial de llevar a la iglesia siempre con nosotros poníendo en practica lo que allí aprendemos, el mensaje divino que habla de esa libertad justamente. porque ¿Qué nos dice el Evangelio? "Conceréis la Verdad y la Verdad os hará libres" Entonces me pregunto: ¿Podemos ser libres sin conocer la Verdad, o sin conocer el Amor o a Dios en Su plenitud? Dios es Amor, por lo tanto, ¿Donde lo encontramos? entiendo que sólo en el propio Amor, o sea amando y esa es la verdadera libertad, porque no hay oposición que esclavice, porque el mal es desconocido en ese estado de consciencia, y no puede separarnos de la senda verdadera. "Si estás revestido con la panoplia del Amor el odio humano no puede tocarte" MBE
    Y no puede privarnos de la libertad con que nacemos, la libertad permanente de los hijos de Dios; porque es impotente ante la Verdad y el Amor.

    Muchas gracias Frank, somos libres, aprovechemos esa libertad en beneficio de todos, elevándonos por sobre la apariencia de esclavitud.

  28. Thank you, Frank, for your lovely singing on the German Daily Lift today!

  29. Thani you for this inspiring lift. All the comments have been so helpful, especially #11. It awakens me to challenge the belief of an ongoing death process by knowing only my eternal spiritual selfhood as created by God.

  30. Thank you very much for the lift today.

  31. Thank you Frank! Thanks also to Troy for expounding on the thoughts for today so meaningfully, and thanks to all other lifters!!

  32. Thank you.

  33. I had just been thinking about Hymn #139 and these ideas were a wonderful enrichment. I also loved the German singing. Much gratitude for all the sharing...

  34. Thank you!

  35. I used to ask people who came to our home - the way people do in the country - if they could hear a voice in their head. I said it was God speaking to them. Their first question was :'What does he sound like?" "It's not an outloud sound", I would say, but "gentle, and loving, and clear. And sometimes quite funny." Not one of them doubted or denied my Voice. I told them to listen quietly more, and they would hear Him / Her also. Out there in the immensity of peace and quiet, He was easy to hear. They always told me quietly, not in front of anyone, when they did. How amazing to be in a car, and coming from far away or overseas, and listening to a complete stranger telling them to listen to God telling them whatever they needed to know. Sometimes we would meet again many years later, and they would say, "I still listen for God speaking to me. And they would have good to be grateful for. One morning God joined me in saying the 23rd Psalm. Now I live next to a motorway, but I still hear Him, and it's all loving.
    Thank you Nate and Shannon; the Board of Lectureship; and the Daily Lifters.

  36. Thank you Frank.
    That German popular song you heard sounds like it might be the same kind of sentiments as the one in the movie "The Wizard of Oz" It begins "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, where bluebirds fly, is a land that I heard of once in a llullaby, where troubles melt...." That is a sort of dream of an impossible situation for us here and now. But Freedom is here and now , in God, Good!

  37. Thank you!!

  38. Thank you for this childlike and so loving sharing.

  39. Tom Clark 3/26/2013

    Thank you!

  40. Thanks, Frank!

    I heard this lift first thing this morning and I keep thinking back to it. I love how Science and Health spoke to you as a new student. It must have that effect on the human consciousness that is longing for a bigger sense of life and God and it has to be going on for individuals everywhere today.

    A few times in my study this morning, passages have come with such stunning force that I've hardly known what to do with them except to accept them in awe. They are new and yet eternally true and I can feel that! God is bigger today! And again, this has to be going on in consciousness all around the world today. Hallelujah.

  41. Most of histories wars was fought for freedom. Now, with the discovery of C/S by MBE, the final war is from withen one's thought. To be free from worry and fear, from diseases and accidents, from suggestions that would make us do what we should not do. To be totally connected to God good frees us from ever being tempted to believe in the opposite, evil.

  42. Thank you very much for the daily lift and all the comments. I no longer fear for whatever will come tomorrow because I know that God is always beside me, He never fails me and everyone and to the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy, "What blesses one, blesses all". Thank you very much.

  43. I loved the concept that when it's cold and cloudy in your thinking, you can look up higher, get a new concept, above these clouds of discouragement, depression and dissatisfaction! It reminds me of Christ Jesus promise from Luke (21:18) "when these things come to pass, look up! For your redemption draweth nigh!" I love this call to go up higher, look up above the mists of mortal mind, to God who lovingly encourages us onward to higher views of his goodness! This is something to remember and ponder a long time! It's a keeper! Thank you for "lifting us all to this clearer view" today!

  44. L,a Sra Eddy nos dice en Ciencia y Salud: Ciudadanos del mundo aceptad la "libertad gloriosa de los
    hijos de Dios" y sed libres! LLegamos a este plano siendo una Idea completa por lo tanto incluye la libertad. Al perder de vista nuestra verdadera identidad, caemos en la tentación, de seguir las leyes de la materia.y es ahí donde empieza la esclavitud, las pasiones, la enfermedad, todo lo que es desemejante a Dios. Aferrémonos a la Verdad, debemos oír solo la voz de nuestro Padre - Madre y seremos libres!

    Gracias por el mensaje

  45. Thank you, Frank! God is All-in-all!

  46. These lifts certainly do LIFT! Thanks Frank!

  47. Frank: Words cannot express the freedom I feel today. Thanks so much for your inspiring lift and the online lecture I have listened to several times. I have recently been healed of the belief of a long time alcohol addiction and now free from a bondage of the flesh. I love Romans 8 which begins with "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death". I'm so grateful for Christian Science. Freedom is is truly here right now and forever not just me but for all of us!!

  48. I love your " still small voice,:" All is well, you are free."Thank you for your loving message, Merri

  49. I just loved your message on freedon, Frank. I experienced freedom from guilt this morning when I couldn't access the Daily Lift or send emails. My first thought was what have I done wrong? I prayed to know that God was the source of my intelligence and is always guiding me in the right direction. A call to my service provider revealed it was their problem not mine. What a relief! However, then I felt to need to pray about guilt and feelings of inadequacy. However, I still remained disturbed until I finally could access the Daily Lift and your message on freedom is just what I needed. Thanks so much!

  50. Thank you,it has lifted me. Will now retire knowing full well that freedom is here now,encompassing All.

  51. With every demonstrated glimpse of God, the fear of death dwindles..for which I am extremely grateful; how freeing! What a freer breath! If one can't lose his Life (which is God) what is there to lose (other than a material sense, which is not Life)???

    Thank you Jobea for your comment.
    And from yesterday, to JD in Texas, I am grateful for what you share about your son in the military.
    To Nate, LOVE the music of last week and this week, this week with a rock-a-billy flavor.
    And as always, to the beloved DL community, love the interaction at this oasis!
    Thank you Frank for sharing this Lift.

  52. Thank you for this freeing lift....

  53. Nice thoughts Frank. Thanks.

  54. Such daily lifts/comments are shafts of light peeping through the cracks of a barred dilapidated old house. How do I break open the door and let all the light in? Miss Haversham all over again! ( Great Expectations)

  55. Thank you! xxoo

  56. Frank, It feels so good to hear this truth. I know it , love it and embrace it. How good is our GOD!
    Thank you,

  57. Mrs. Eddy gives, "Tis freedom's birthday -- blood-bought boon! O war-rent flag! O soldier-shroud! Thine be the glory -- nor too soon Is heard your "Cry aloud!" ["The Liberty Bells" Poems by Mary
    Baker Eddy, page 71.]
    Spurs to the fur and whips to the hips.

  58. I thank you so much for the very interesting mail.

  59. to 'name' #54 You have already done all you ever needed to do, to let 'all the light in!' Just to make that first reaching out and filling in this comment window and the light will never stop pouring in! I will never forget the fear and anxiety when I filled in my first comment and all the arguments to the contrary. Believe me, dear precious 'name', each and every one of us welcomes you with wide open arms, with hearts full of unconditional love, and with joy. Look at each one, we all began as you have. Just keep filling in that Comment box every morning, for you, every evening for those of us in the Southern hemisphere, and one day you can tell someone else how to become a member of this world wide family of Daily Liftersd. Welcome! welcome! welcome! Come in and keep on commenting!

  60. What wonderful tho'ts to sleep with tonite and carry with us tomorrow. Thank you and all contributors!

  61. Thank you Franz, It is a little late in the day, but I am glad I took the time to listen .

  62. Thank you Frank for this freedom delivered this evening. Usually I like to do The Lift early in the
    day but this timing was perfect because it pushed me to cancel weekend plans that really weren't
    part of growth.

  63. I liked listening in both languages, and enjoyed your simple rendition of the German words in song. At first I thought it would be DIE GEDANKEN SIND FREI, another bold statement about spiritual freedom and authority, "against (which) there is no law".

  64. "Worries small and God Big" is so simple and profound it is easy to grasp and has changed my day. Thank you for this helpful Lift.

  65. Thank you, dear Frank, for those loving thoughts of God's love
    for us all. So helpful, indeed. Bless you!

  66. Thankyou Frank for this wonderful lift. I would like you to knox how inspired I have been by your lectures which have increased my understanding of Christian Science so much. .Blessings to all.

  67. An inspired lift...... thanks.....

  68. Thanks Frank, for your spiritually intelligent, practical and loosening---freeing Lift!

  69. Thank you! Your words remind me that, however beautiful the sky, God is right here.

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