3/25: Rescue from the mud

3/25: Rescue from the mud

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Read the related March 22, 2013 Christian Science Daily Religious article in The Christian Science Monitor by Elise Moore.

  1. Thank you Elise for this important Lift. What a great reminder that our prayers should include all mankind. God is all-inclusive and our prayers should follow this simple yet profound Truth. The Christ is always present and all powerful. Wherever there is human effort acting in a compassionate way the nature of the Christ is at the very heart of this effort. These types of prayers require our daily attention. Mary Baker Eddy prayed daily for mankind and often followed with very practical steps to ease suffering: examples such as contributing to an earthquake victims fund, purchasing shoes for needy children, and blankets for servicemen.

  2. Our Pastor Emeritus gives, “The greed for gold strengthened his ingratitude, and for a time quieted his remorse. He knew that the world generally
    loves a lie better than Truth, and so he plotted the betrayal of Jesus in order to raise himself in popular estimation. His dark plot fell to the ground, and the traitor fell with it.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Page 47.)

  3. When failure is not an option, prayer is.

  4. When we pray for divine intervention with the conviction that our Father-Mother always hears His/Her children, we can rest assured that the outcome will be successful.

    If praying for a healing, a job, or an apparent loss cause, is helpful to remember that "our Father" (Matt. 6:9) is our healer, our employer, our rescuer.

    No one need ask us to pray, we know God is equal to any emergency. It is our human and divine obligation to affirm God’s presence, right on the spot. Failure is simply not an option!

    Cuando oramos por la intervención divina con la convicción de que nuestro Padre-Madre siempre oye a sus hijos, podemos estar seguros de que el resultado será exitoso.

    Si oramos por una curación, un trabajo, o una causa aparentemente perdida, nos será útil recordar que el "Padre nuestro" (Mateo 6:9) es nuestro sanador, nuestro empleador, nuestro salvador.

    Nadie necesita pedirnos que oremos, sabemos que Dios se iguala a cualquier emergencia. Es nuestra obligación humana y divina el afirmar la presencia de Dios, aquí mismo.
    ¡El fracaso, simplemente, no es una opción!

  5. That,s so helpful. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Elise for sharing that account of rescue with us.

    While I was listening to it I thought that each of us is actually employed by God, as the only employer and Jesus summed up his employment in a few words:

    Luke 2:49 I must

    49 I must be about my Father's business

    and that business was of course to be a faithful image and likeness of his Father.

    It also occurred to me that when mud dries out it becomes dust and we are given our work;

    Isa 52:2 (to ,)

    2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise,

    In the story in Luke 15 of the woman who lost the silver coin ( what she valued) she swept her house out by candlelight (the light of inspiration)and threw away the dust (matter) until she found her missing coin (perhaps spiritual sense) safely.

    Mud or dust, thanks Elise for telling us that we can be rescued from it.

  7. Many thanks Elise for this inspiring lift. Yes. "Failure is not an option...We are all united in prayer, spiritual conviction and compassion." "God made all His creatures free;/ Life itself is liberty;/ God ordained no other bands/ Than united hearts and hands." (Christian Science Hymnal #83).

  8. Elise, Thank you.

  9. Thanks, Elise, in Nashville - and also for the link to the CS Monitor article. And thanks, Nate and friends, for what seemed, in parts at least, to be Nashville-related music: Johnny Cash could surely have come in at some points along with the Tennessee Three. 'God ordained no other bands/ Than united hearts and hands', as mentioned in #7 above. Ha.

  10. I, too, have been praying to know that a "rescue" is always in place as three adults and 4 children are being held for ransom in northern Africa. The ideas you shared are very helpful. The French government is doing everything possible to rescue them. The idea that failure is not an option in God is particularly helpful. Many thanks!

  11. I think there's a certain decision to be made, a radical reliance on Truth...a commitment to resolving whatever difficulty faces us. A faith. Like the faith of 10 lepers heading toward town... THAT decision rescues! That faith in the Christ.

  12. thank you for the reminder that we all can support the rescueing of all. Rescue from fear, want, for all are in the hands of our Father Mother God.

  13. Thanks very much- just the words I needed this morning. What power man possesses to see and express the deliverance our divine Father has for all of us!

  14. Dear Elise,

    Thank you for your Lift. Martin (#1) and Alexis (#9) thank you for your posts. The thoughts of having a radical reliance on Truth and to give these prayerfilled thoughts our daily attention are very much wise words.

    Elise, as you spoke and mentioned the 150 or more people working to rescue the trapped individual, I was thinking of 150 ideas or healing words that we can all apply to recognize our true identity. These 150 ideas or thoughts can help us reconstruct a better, more accurate image of ourselves.

    At times we feel fearful about situations then we begin to accept what that fear has to say about the situation. We can help to dig ourselves out of that pit of despair with the 150 (or less) thoughts that reinforce our true identity; we may find ourselves doing this daily as we deal with a situation or problem. Remember a problem only exists because the answer is not apparent to our way of thinking.

    There was a period when I was out of work (while everyone I knew had the job of their choice) and one by one equipment (fridge, stove etc) all started to fail. With no income, how could I manage?

    I had to try and NOT get caught up in the whirlwind of failure that seemed to be circling around me; I had to ground myself in God. When another piece of equipment failed I stopped & laughed. I said "Father you are telling me something & I just do not seem to be listening, I will now..." I listened & acted & things improved.

    Thanks again Elise.

  15. Thank you Elise,

  16. Thank you.

  17. Thank you so much Elise for this wonderful lift. It reminds me of all the 'mud' 'world thought' says our soldiers are weighed down with as they 'reintegrate into normal society'. We will be traveling next week to meet our son as he redeploys home. He is the Crew Chief on a Medevac unit. The oneness each unit expressed in being alert to approach each evacuation correctly. As well as their compassion, charity, love, earnestness in caring for the wounded. Their commitment in making sure each duty is carried out precisely and completely, replenishment is done quickly and that they are ready, without hesitation, for the next call. I am profoundly grateful that Christian Science has been such a support to my son from the very beginning. From the way his pocket size Bible and S & H were quickly provided, his being able to skype with us several times a month, to the technology that allowed him to reach out for help and to quickly get an answer. The support system he has had these past few months has benefited him and his entire unit, I have no doubt. In Christian Science not only is failure not an option, it is not in our vocabulary. I am so grateful for Jesus' Christly teaching and for Mrs Eddy's dogged determination to find the Truth. These Daily Lifts and all of the comments have been part of the support system in my prayers for my son and his unit as well as those embedded with them. Thank you all for helping me walk over the mud and not get bogged down in it.

  18. In his vision typifying the divine method of warfare the great apostle John gives, “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” (Revelation xii. 10-12; The Apocalypse, in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, pages 568-569.) Mrs. Eddy gives, “A louder song, sweeter than has ever been before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ; for the accuser is not there, and Love sends forth her primal and everlasting strain.”

  19. This is one of the most wonderful lifts I have ever heard!

  20. Thanks so much, Elise, for another thought to add to just what I needed this morning in praying to see honesty and integrity in a neighbor where it appears to be lacking. I also appreciated your article in the Daily Thought by this same title. And to JD in Texas (#15) I want you to know that, although after 3 tours of duty in Iraq, my grandson is now safely home stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, I continue to pray for all of our troops both deployed in danger zones, safely back home, and back home and yet not so safe. The number of suicides exceeding the deaths in action has been a deep concern and need for more deep, concentrated prayer. I know that there are many people besides me doing just that. I am so grateful fo each and every prayer!

  21. Thank you, Elise for this inspiring DL. It has certainly helped to clear my thoughts this morning. Failure is not an option. Wow! I will keep it in mind, specially these days when the situation in our country seems to be so unstable. All the comments are so timely and most welcome. No one should be afraid to be out of work, out of money, out of inspiration or anything since God is our common Employer. All is good, here, in northern Africa, in Europe, all over the world and all mankind is under God´s care no matter where or in what situation they are.These seven people in northern Africa are not out of God´s love.Thanks again to all the people out there who are praying to rescue us from the mud.

  22. Absolutely correct. The "mud" or incorrect thought needs to be washed away constantly from our thought and world thought. Christian Science provides the purifying water to do this.

  23. Thank you, Elise! So important to see evidence in the News of successes like this these days!! We all need to be witnesses to how courage, conviction, working together and prayer can help to rescue each other. I was sitting up in bed the other night, reading a Christian Science Sentinal, when I dozed off and when I came back to waking consciousness I realized that what was playing over and over in my thought were these words: "Christian Science does Heal, Christian Science does Heal". So grateful that the Christ is constantly working in our consciousness to build a strong defense and to save and to heal!

  24. Wonderful. Thank you. Yes we can!

  25. Great analogy -- universal Love takes care of ALL -- thanks, Elise!

  26. Thanks for the message. I specially loved listening to the words "Our mutual employer is God." Thanks also to the previous comments, very helpful. What a blessed way to start our day knowing that "Failure is not an option."

  27. Barro, tierra, polvo los elementos del materialismo, ¿hundidos en el barro?. Parece muy exajerado lo dicho y sin embargo podríamos decir que es una creencia bastante generalizada, la cual debe ser conbactiva en todas sus manifestaciones. La oración es idea, para ser puestas en practica y para que obremos de acuerdo con ella.

    Por lo tanto, no somos polvo ni estamos hundidos en el barro. Y aquí podría citar cantidad de ejemplos biblicos antiguos, evangélicos de Cristo Jesús y de Mary Baker Eddy y sus obras sanadoras sustancialmente del pecado y que nos hablan de como elevarnos por sobre toda pretención erronea y sus resultados catastróficos, y de como aprovechar las ideas que nos son dadas, y que estan unidas a nuestro accionar. He entendido que las ideas son dadas por Dios a todos, y se manifiestan en reciprocidad en el accionar., porque el bien-hacer atrae las ideas en un sólo resultado... El Bien, y aún cuando la situación parezca empantanada, hundida en el barro del error. la idea divina el Amor, obra en cada ocasión, si nuestro accionar con anterioridad así lo ha hecho, siento que es la reciprocidad del Amor que va más alla del polvo terrenal y que se manifiesta en lo que Es Justo, sin acepción de personas, sino en Justicia verdadera, por obras.

    De alguna manera, ¿Esto, niega la superioridad divina? naturalmente que no, resalta la omnipotencia divina en toda Su naturaleza.

    Muchas gracias Elise, por la elevación de hoy.

  28. I love your 'Golden Rule' lift.

  29. When I read "Rescue from the mud" I wondered if you were thinking of the mist and dust in Genesis 2. Whatever would convince us we are less than the perfect, unchanging, eternal image and likeness of God is muddy thinking. Thanks for the call to help all our brothers and sisters clean up their act. Spring cleaning at its best!

  30. Thanks. What a job description -- permanent, good work for every single person.

  31. Elise, thank you so much. What great comments, thank you All! I was inspired by thoughts from everyone today, and profound thanks to JD's son and all who serve!
    Love and blessing to all...

  32. Our divine Rescuer, divine Love, is always on the job. His wonderful children are ready and able to reflect the love of divine Love. It's so fine to have these kinds of inspired activities of compassion brought to our attention. Divine Love is forever in control.

  33. Thank you, Elise, for “Rescue from the mud … failure … not an option … respond to calls for help … rescue our brothers and sisters.”

    “There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many” (John 6:9)? How could the lad know that he would be part of a successful (“miraculous!”) life-saving rescue effort? He just showed up to hear what Jesus had to say/to be blessed by the Christ. I pray to be like that lad. To just show up, listen, bless, and be blessed. To rescue and to be rescued from any suggestion that opposes God’s laws of Love. What is and how can I do “my part?” Love answers. Love is always the answer. Love never fails. In fact, Love is the Law and blesses each of us. As one in the multitude, the lad ate to his fill, as they all did!

    “Firm in your allegiance to the reign of universal harmony, go to its rescue. In God's hour, the powers of earth and hell are proven powerless ... Christians, and all true Scientists … Our watchwords are Truth and Love; and if we abide in these, they will abound in us, and we shall be one in heart, — one in motive, purpose, pursuit. Abiding in Love, not one of you can be separated from … the sweet sense of journeying on together, doing unto others as ye would they should do unto you, conquers all opposition, surmounts all obstacles, and secures success. If you falter, or fail to fulfil this Golden Rule, though you should build to the heavens, you would build on sand” (Mis 134, 135).

  34. Thanks to Elise and all the comments. "Failure is not an option!" Very helpful!

  35. Thank you for highlighting the qualities we need to demonstrate,in order to help ourselves and others.

  36. Thank you Elise and all so much. I am most grateful to know and realize that there are wonderful thoughts circling the globe in the lifters, in others spritually minded, and that the one Mind governs and provides those thoughts. Our angel messages. #33 you summed up my gratitude with the quote from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy. We do show up, listen, and ready ourselves to act as She directs us.

  37. La humanidad en su mayoría, y también las religiones aceptan, el segundo capitulo del Génesis, que
    dice que
    fuimos formado del barro, del polvo. La Ciencia Cristiana revierte este cuento material, para enseñarnos que nuestro único creador es nuestro Padre - Madre Dios, por lo tanto venimos del Espíritu, somos espirituales, armoniosos, eternos. Pero si perdemos de vista estos objetivos y miramos hacia abajo
    (hacia el barro) en vez de mirar a lo alto, perdemos de vista nuestra identidad, entonces estamos en graves problemas.Vigilemos nuestros pensamientos, de continuo así podremos elevarnos para
    entender quienes somos yde donde venimos

  38. Thank you so much Elise: I found myself stuck in the mud of material thinking not so long ago. Actually I wasn't aware of the seriousness of the situation. I had allowed something to become what seemed like a pleasant past time, but what a shock to wake up and see how the Christ needed to be called on right away! Thankfully a friend put me in touch with James Spencer's article "Living in the Third Degree." That certainly got things back on an even keel, where they should be! Failure was beginning to look inevitable!
    Thank you so much Nate - loved the music - and the production team; the Board of lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  39. Thank you for this timely lift. We can be rescued and as employees of God we have the means by which to rescue others - we only have to reach out and be about our Father's business. Thanks for the helpful qualities you have sugested, such as compassion. Jesus always demonstrated this when he walked about teaching, preaching and healing. Much appreciated...

  40. Thank you!!

  41. This is a good story coming out of New York, and thank you Elise for being alert to the kind of rescue work urgently needed with our prayers. Rather than condemning someone trapped in the mud of sin, we need to look for safe ways to reach him. One reason so many rescuers were needed was because of the danger of the mud - in our case the danger of the sin. But this should not mean we should avoid the effort, but to be sure we are standing on pure motives ourselves.
    This reminds me of Jesus' inspired instruction to his disciple Peter to "Feed my sheep" (John 21:16,17)
    It is similar to Mary Baker Eddy's instructions to her followers:
    "Beloved children, the world has need of you, — and
    more as children than as men and women: it needs your
    innocence, unselfishness, faithful affection, uncontami‐
    nated lives." (Miscellaneous Writings pg. 109)

  42. This message is rescuing of the highest order. I have not thought of our prayers in that way. Thank you for this new insight.

  43. Thank you, Elise. Your message led me to remember that 'failure is never an option' in any circumstance. In God's kingdom where we all dwell there is always and only success.

  44. A wonderful lift. Even one of God's side is a m\jority. Thank you Claire UK

  45. Thank you for this important Lift. This gives us our agenda for work. Thank you also to all for all the helpful insights.

  46. Thank you Elise!!! And I so appreciate my lifter friend's comments. Good way to start the week
    Love to all

  47. A good lift with which to begin the week. Thank you!

  48. Thank you Elise.

  49. Thank you.

  50. Excellent Lift --- very thoughtful, inspiring, practical and compassionate! Thank-you so much, Elise! Wonderful Lifter comments. Gratitude to the DL team.

  51. Thanks, Ellise, and thank #6 Tony Matin for one of your bible quotations. Isa 52: 2 "Shake thyself from the dust, arise." That's exacty what i do every hour. and just move ahead. Thank Daily Team.

  52. The thought that God would never give up until He rescued me and brought me to Him- is there anything else that one needs? Pervasive, unfaltering Love!

  53. "Rescue from the mud," That is rescuing from muddy false thinking such as condemning such a one for falling in the hole. Criticizing such as above example doesn't do any one any good. In fact it gives in to the error of accidents. God never made an accident so man doesn't have to acquiesce to it. Treat it the way it should, that accidents are unknown to God and therefore unknown to man. And the help that comes from this Truth will be adjusted correctly and compassionately.

  54. Thank you, Elise. One could be tempted to think that such manpower and effort was wasted on one individual...but each child of God is essential to the whole as numbers and notes.

    "God is equal to every emergency." And why not, since God is All! As a child I was rescued from three life- threatening situations, for what can threaten Life?

  55. Thanks Elise! What a great charge - to save and heal mankind!

  56. Whatever collective effort we put into saving our brothers and sisters is worth it! We've done this for miners, people at sea, we are trained to take care of our buddies in the military, and anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyone, doing unto others. If we put forth this effort and persistence and unselfishness into our prayers, like Daniel, like Jesus, I think of Mrs Eddy's "paean of jubilee" in S&H, “A louder song, sweeter than has ever before reached high heaven, now rises clearer and nearer to the great heart of Christ," and "we would bring in the millennium." (S&H)

    Love to this DL community!

  57. Dear Elise, thank you for the beautiful & uplifting message. It was so inspiring and filled with wonderful ideas for prayer on behalf of all mankind. I love the thought of "Failure is not an option!" Thank you for the inspiration!

  58. Thanks, Elise! I just loved this lift - we should all be doing this daily, as true Christians. What a change we can make in the world!

  59. Also, about the music, I love it, and I agree w #9, it's got that Johnny Cash rock a billy beat and the sound of The Tennessee Three

  60. Thank you Elise. I have been praying for a very small island in the Mediterranean which was facing a melt-down and was in deep financial trouble. Ever since I heard the news, my thoughts were focused on the availability of supreme intelligence and I meditated incessantly on what Mrs Eddy says for the advancement of Christian Scientists ..."He advances most in divine science who meditates most on infinite spiritual substance and intelligence" Misc: p 309: 11. I knew that Love would give the rulers of this small island ideas how to bring a resolution to this very difficult task. "Divine Love has always met and will always meet every human need". How true indeed.

  61. Great message Elise! Now off to work we go!! :)

  62. Well stated. Yes, we will.

  63. Sincere gratitude for pulling each of us out of muddy thinking and finding great peace for our brethren.

  64. Thank you, Elise for an outstanding Daily Lift. You, as well as all of the other lecturers, are appreciated so much by those of us who listen and benefit each day. (Nice music too) !!

  65. Thank-you Elise, I gained so much from listening several times to this wonderfully compassionate, stirring & expectant message/Lift! Terrific accompanying comments. Thanks, DL team.

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