3/24: Take out the garbage

3/24: Take out the garbage

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  1. Thank you Evan for this great reminder of how important it is to keep watch over our thinking. It can be easy to get caught up in the the "thinking of the world" since we are presented with it constantly if we don't keep our guard up, our mental armor in place, if you will. As Christian Scientists we have the choice of either accepting the worldly, mortal thought, or as Mrs. Eddy tells us, "to come out and be separate." She also tells us of how much the world is in need of our acceptance and demonstration of the truth. (See S&H page 451 for full quote) Keeping our thought centered on God allows us the privilege of experiencing the joy and healing that comes with this. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you Evan.

  3. Good advice there Evan ! Thanks for encouraging us to get rid of "garbagey" thinking it does no one any good to hold on to those sort of thoughts. On the other hand we can only be blest by holding to good, kind, happy, generous, loving thoughts. Enjoy your day all lifters, once you have thrown out the garbage !

  4. Thank you Evan,I always enjoy your special and great "Lifts".

  5. Thank you Evan. Just what I needed today!

  6. Many thanks Evan for sharing all these wonderful qualities to be true, noble, effable, authentic, compelling, gracious, the best and the beautiful, for a successful day." "Gracious Spirit, dwell with me:/ I myself would gracious be,/ And with words that help and heal/ Would Thy life in mine reveal;/ And with actions bold and meek/ Christ's own gracious spirit speak." Christian Science Hymnal #88).

  7. When we get rid of something unwanted it may leave a void that will disappear when we fill that space with something we really want.

    So, cleaning our thoughts of unwanted anger, resentment, fear (and any negative trait not deriving from love) that can easily destroy our morale and collapse our mental home; will open the way up for us to fill with Paul's idea,

    "...whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things" Phil 4:8

    Cuando nos deshacemos de algo indeseado puede dejar un vacío que desaparecerá cuando llenamos ese espacio con algo que realmente queremos.

    Así que, al limpiar nuestros pensamientos de la ira indeseable, el resentimiento, el temor (y cualquier rasgo negativo que no derive del amor) que pueden fácilmente destruir la moral y derrumbar nuestro hogar mental; se abrirá el camino para que lo llenemos con la idea de Pablo,

    "... todo lo que es verdadero, todo lo honesto, todo lo justo, todo lo puro, todo lo amable, todo lo que es de buen nombre; si hay virtud alguna, si algo digno de alabanza, en esto pensad" Filipenses 4:8

  8. Opposing the flesh is our God-given authority- not always so "nice," often a dynamic and powerful stand, claiming our rights- to be our Holy identity-
    The war between the flesh and the spirit.
    We think on the things of the spirit -that is who we are.
    For this I give Him praise.

  9. Thank you...........lovely cheerful message with plenty of Truthful advice on our own Monday morning garbage collection!

  10. Evan, Thank you

  11. Thank you.

  12. Thank you for your inspiring Daily Lift

    Owing Up

    This is the big one we are all dealing with on a day to day basis, but when we do, then we CLAIM OUR FREEDOM.
    Don't forget to empty the waist bin.

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure adventure NOW=WON.

  13. Thanks for this useful reminder, Evan. After exiting the Daily Lift, a message popped up on my screen telling me that I hadn't scanned my files recently and that they were potentially unprotected! I immediately set it to scan, and it went through over 33000 files, and then reported that there were no threats! So I am doubly reminded to scan thought and throw out 'those undesirables' in order to hear better God's promises of protection and healing.

  14. Thank you, yes we do need to keep the garbage out of our 'house' to keep all of God's thoughts in place.

  15. Thank you Evan for this so important reminder. I've been thinking a great deal this past week about Mrs Eddy's admonition to "Keep your minds so full of truth and Love that sin disease and death cannot enter", the rest of that quotation is lovely and certainly does help to reduce the amount of mental baggage! Love to ALL as you Spring clean and throw out all the rubbish! J.Monks UK.

  16. About to take the wheelie bin out to the verge for its weekly collection. While I do tend to have some concerns about the eventual destination of the countless bins around our neighbourhood and even the world, I always say a silent thank you for the binnies who so faithfully remove my smallish 7 day stock-pile, feeling like I have a fresh start for the week. What about Mrs Eddy's "affirmation and denial" with our mental garbage? "It's plain that nothing can be added to the mind already full" (of goodness). We can be grateful for this kind of advice from an expert!
    Many thanks, Evan. We haven't forgotten your inspiring visit to Perth.

  17. Thank you, Evan, I need to do so, the "daily prayer" von Mary Baker Eddy helps doing that!

  18. Thank you Evan - an important message.

    Anne Daly's (12)comments that she had 33,000 files was helpful. If we have too many files - most of them we don't need any more and haven't got around to putting them in the trash can - it is more difficult to find what we are allowing for. I think I must have loads of thoughts that I haven't got around to trashing so that I can work more efficiently. I can see that it is so important to throw out the old stale thoughts, which are of no benefit, and to work with the fresh new thoughts of good which God is giving to us all the time - all those that have been listed in this lift and other lifters and so much more of that which is good alone.

    This lift is building on the last one about spring cleaning, and it is so helpful to be reminded of these things.

  19. Thank you!

  20. And get into that "Healing State of Mind".

  21. Thanks for this reminder to take our the garbage in thought. Ours goes out on Fridays. We go through the house and empty each waste basket. Then it goes on the curb. Each moment I work to "take out the garbage in thought" with the Lord's Prayer, the Daily Prayer and identifying myself and the world as God's perfect creation.

  22. Nice one Evan, thank you.

  23. Time for for some mental spring cleaning. Its time to get rid of unwanted useless thinking permantly.

  24. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

  25. Just getting ready to take out the composting and wondering whether the bin was full. Good lesson for today...

  26. Thank you! What a great and encouraging Lift-- a clear and helpful message. So grateful!!

  27. Wonderful way to start the week-very appreciated!

  28. Thank you for so clearly identifying the real garbage such as anger, resentment, impatience, self- righteousness and fear. Even the rubbish we put out from our homes can generally be recycled and made into something useful again but mortal thought was always rubbish - it never had any use - so it can't be recycled. It can only be destroyed by our ceasing to try to use it, by refusing to see it as part of our mental home, and throwing it out. When we have clearly identified it as rubbish, nonsense, the Christ will cause it to be as nothing to us.

  29. Thanks so much, Evan, for this important reminder to take out the garbage of our mental thought and fill it with such things as love, gratitude, compassion, thoughtfulness - all good, only good.

  30. Love it, Great way to start the week! Thanks so much!

  31. Thank you Evan. I've spent the last few days emptying cupboards of all sort of 'stuff',and just keeping the good and useful. I find it helpful in sorting out my mental life priorities too. Thank you 'Lift' team and all the other helpful comments.

  32. As always, you are right on target, Evan! How important it is to "replace the rubbish of mortal mind-anger, fear or resentment with inspiration."
    Hymn 141 verse 4 speaks of God as "Cleansing men of fear and hate, Lifting hope above the sod, Truth will summon soon or late, all the earth to worship God."
    thanks to your "Lift" and the Daily "lifters" I'm ready to take out my mental garbage.

  33. Nice thoughts about spiritual education in which with total honesty we can remove the mental garbage in a gentle way. A mental recycle and practical at the same time.
    Thank you for the blessings.

  34. What does it take to go out and get rid of the trash? It is realising that we can get rid of the unproductive thinking through the action of God.

  35. I enjoyed the Message translation of Phil 4:8, and your spiritual translation that followed it!

  36. Mantener el pensamiento en lo real y verdadero, sin duda nos evita la posibilidad de otros pensamientos ajenos al Dios de bondad, y de obrar erroneamente.

    "En el día del bien goza del bien; y en el día de la adversidad considera" Eclesiastés

    "Los raros legados de la Ciencia Cristiana son costosos, y han conquistados campos de batalla de los cuales hubiera huido el débil que se adueña de algo para su provecho. Un incesante atarearse y abnegarse con amor, han despejado el sendero" MBE

    Llenar la consciencia de nobles pensamientos ayuda mucho, pero atarearse y abnegarse; mucho más ya que considerar que el mal no es real ayuda a mantener el pensamiento en lo bueno y verdadero.y mucho más cuando así lo ponemos por obra.

    Muchas gracias Evan por el mensaje, es bueno comenzar manteniendo el pensamiento unido con Dios.

  37. Thanks. Clear and helpful. I was reminded of a computer system from many years ago, perhaps called Magenta Systems, where you could save some wording you wanted to possibly use later in what was called a "buffer". I believe the information stayed there until you did what was called "dumping the buffers", or clearing them out More than once when I prayed, the thought came to me that I need to dump what could be called my personal thought-buffers. It was always good advice.

  38. Great reminder. Thanks Evan for a crisp and deliberate Truth.

  39. Funny, but true. “Someone” needs to take the garbage out! Mental garbage is a little tricky. Sometimes we do not know it is garbage. We may not be aware that mental garbage comes with printed expiration dates on it. I am sure we have all read them. Here are some: “I will be happy when….” Or “my friend is not well or “I don’t have enough time, strength, understanding… “ "Where is God in this disaster?" These are actually expiration dates that we have read silently to ourselves.

    Mrs. Eddy aptly describes true Church as “rousing the dormant understanding from material beliefs to the apprehension of spiritual ideas”. Spiritual ideas have absolutely no expiration dates. That makes them easy to identify. That God is Love and includes man in timeless being will never expire. She describes, as many have demonstrated, that spiritual ideas are effective at “casting out devils, or error and healing the sick.” There goes the garbage.

    Great Lift to start the week Evan! Thank you.

  40. Thank you Evan, and all who have commented on this Lift. This evening I checked out a few articles from JSH Online and how progressive is this church, that we can just click and listen to the author, and then add a comment, rather than downloading and storing many files for future use. How simple, effective and useful are these Daily Lifts, new every afternoon, and becoming so much a part of our life, that we can look forward with expectancy and joy.

  41. Evan gives much good advice in a wonderfully practical fashion.

  42. Thank you, Evan, this rminds me of one of our well used Bible passages from Phillipians 4:8, "Whatsoever things are are honest, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever thngs are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of a good report,if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,, think on these things". Thank you again.

  43. Evan, I love it — "cramming in one more thing" — I'm still smiling. Thanks!

  44. Thanks, Evan, for the great reminder!

  45. One of the best ways to remove mental garbage is to refocus on God who is truth.Truth and lies don't co-exist.

    “Spirit and matter no more commingle than light and darkness. When one appears, the other disappears.” SH 281:4

    “Closed to error, it is open to Truth, and vice versa” (SH 15:3)

    Lies are nothing trying to be something. At the point of realizing something is a lie, the lie disappears.

    When we get into fighting mode, we are first saying the lie is real and then that it is a threat. I like your idea Evan of just "removing it" the way you would take out the trash. We take out the trash and don't give it a second thought. It's not hard. We just do it. It's no momental task that we're putting tremendous effort into doing. We don't think, "Oh! That evil trash, I must get rid of it, but boy, it's going to be a battle." Nope. It's simply unwanted and so without any great effort we get rid of it and we can continue enjoying our wonderful environment. When you're in the presence of God, life becomes effortless because there's no counter effort and time doesn't exist in the spiritual realm. All occurs instantaneously and there is only goodness.

  46. Just like material things that seem to clutter the home so do those material thoughts clutter your thinking and try to push out the good, true and beautiful. So I begin today to 'spring clean' on those sneaky little thoughts and just let Love guide my thinking.
    Thanks Evan for this good reminder and thanks to the Daily Lift team and all the commentators who enrich my life.

  47. Thanks Evan and everyone for sharing.

  48. Well that's a great start for a new day. I think that I'll take out the garbage now. Thanks Evan for that reminder.

  49. Thank you Evan. I just listened on one of your lectures on line yesterday where talked about "flourishing". It was so helpful as was this Lift and all the commenters. I so look forward to it coming. On the weekend I re-listen to a couple of them and there are more comments which I love. Thank you to Lyn in Alabama for helping me remember that I can take out the garbage by re-focusing on God. I'm beginning a career change and have had fears pop up that it may not be successful. I am re-focusing on God moment by moment. Thanks again, Evan, and to all the commenters.

  50. Yesterday spring cleaning my closet - today my thought . . . thank you, Daily Lift

  51. Wonderful ,, thank you !!! :-)

  52. What a Great way to start the day, thanks Evan..

  53. This daily lift was such a surprise this morning! I was literally holding a small bag of trash to take
    out to the garage, and was passing by the computer on the way; I decided to take a quick peek at
    my e-mails and there this was, 'Take out the garbage' !! Thanks very much!

  54. Thank you! It's not too soon for some "spring cleaning" is it? I'll be right in there with you.

    Happy day

  55. Thanks ---- !

  56. Thank you, Evan! So important!

  57. Bravo et Merci Evan et amitiés de Suisse
    Jean-Pierre Sermet CS

  58. From last Friday's lift about spring cleaning our consciousness and then today's take out the garbage, I really have had my mental work cut out for me. I thought I had done a pretty good job of spring cleaning until this morning when a family member and I had some words. Than I had to really throw out some mental garbage than had lots of frustrating thoughts and just turn completely to God and let go. I finally got my mental peace and the next encounter with the member was peaceful and happy. Thanks lifters and sharers. Onward with the cleaning and taking out.

  59. Thank you, Evan, for “Take out the garbage … mental garbage … like anger, resentment, or fear … make room for better thoughts coming from God … replace the rubbish of mortal mind with the inspirations of divine Mind …”

    This is really the only type of activity that makes every day really successful. It’s up to me whether or not I want to stuff one more piece of garbage into thought before finally taking it out. To remember Evan’s Honor System will serve me well. ;-)

  60. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today. thank you!

  61. Wonderful thought . Thank you.

  62. Thanks Evan for this reminder. Thanks to Mrs. Eddy for the discovery of this SCIENCE that enables to distinguish the TRUE from the false. Before studying the CHRIST SCIENCE I wasn't so sure what is from God and what is from sod.....We as scientists, have a wonderful gift and a duty to share IT.

  63. When I realize I have some mental garbage to remove from thought, I try to fill the open space with all the things I have to be grateful for - and there are many. A mind filled with gratitude and God's good thoughts is so much more enjoyable to live with than one that needs to undergo some spring cleaning!

    Thanks for this wonderful Lift and all the good comments that come with it.

  64. Thank you Evan for a great lift!

  65. I love it, Evan - and will use it!! Many thanks...

  66. What a wonderful sense of clear, clean Peace.

  67. Wonderful, Evan! Thank you. And this helps restore in us "the simplicity that is in Christ."

  68. Love this. Thanks Evan.

  69. That hit the spot! Exactly what I needed this morning--thank you~

  70. Great advice Evan. Wonderful advice for this time of year when we need to do all kinds of "spring cleaning". I will really try to take this advice daily!

  71. Thank's a lot Evan! Taking out mental garbage and make room for better thoughts from God. I experienced it few hours ago. Oh yes, the best for a successful day". I simply love this!

  72. Evan,

    Thank you for giving me the direction and path to the Divine Mind our source for the kingdom of heaven within.

  73. Thanks so much!

  74. Thank you Evan for this wonderful reminder!

  75. Oh! that mental garbage that has to be thrown out continually in thought that if we don't, it spoils our day. Like the garbage from the kitchen, if kept, smells up the kitchen with disgusting oders; the mental garbage of fear, hate or constant criticism will smell our harmonious being if not taken care of QUICKLY!

  76. Thanks, got a chuckle out of this! But the spiritual message was great and to the point!

  77. I can see also that when we have the right thoughts and throw out the garbage, our emotions won't be all over the place too. Those emotions are only coming because we have not emptied the trash of believing we are mortal and vulnerable and subject to all sorts of problems. So when our thoughts will rest on the good and true etc. there will be nothing left to feel, sad, angry or fearful about.
    Thank you so much Evan for another great lift. (and lots of good comments too that help me feel not alone in changing my thinking from that of the world!

  78. Thank you, Evan for a spiritually practical and joyfully instructive Lift! Great Lifter comments and thanks so much, DL team!

  79. Thanks Evan ! So often the great thoughts and ideas we read or hear get forgotten even though we decide at the time to "hang onto that one" - but this is such a good way to constantly and regularly remember this garbage analogy because it is something we do so often! I'm sure I will hang onto this idea and I sure needed this today especially !!!

  80. I am reminded of psalms 51:10, "create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me." And also of Thessalonians 21.22, "prove all things; hold fast to that which is good". Thank you for this lift.

  81. Cleaning out clutter is equally important. When I start to realize the clutter around my work space it's time to bring the garbage can over. It's amazing hoe much more efficient are when we clean out the unwanted things and thoughts that we collect. Thanks for "lifting" my thought today.

  82. All too true with me. Thanks for the reminder!

  83. Thank you! A wonderful lift!

  84. Oh yes, this is a great lift. Thank you Evan. I was considering doing some meditation to relieve stress, as I did long ago before CS. But I've learned that there is scriptural authority for actively filling the space left by clearing out mental clutter with good ideas, ideals and beauty. I never realized that I needed to exert dominion over what I held in my consciousness, even when I knew I needed to release the negative. For me, active prayer is as you describe, and takes me to a place of creativity and even communion. This is very different from traditional meditation.

  85. Wow.! the simplest messages are the ones which hit home the quickest. They're our bread and butter for the day as it unfolds; and since I have yet to eat breakfast, it's my first meal today. Thank you,

  86. Thank you so much.

  87. Thanks for this lift, Evan. Boy did I need it today as someone dumped their mental garbage all over me. Considering what to fill my thought with instead was a truly healing message and I am rejoicing :)

  88. I am still cherishing this lift. Because trash can be anywhere, but you have to take it out. Last night at church, God showed me some mental trash that I needed to act on to get it out of church.

    Thanks you Evan for showing the alertness to mental trash and throwing it out.

  89. Great way to start the day! THANKS.

  90. Thanks Evan for the analogy and all the wonderful comments it inspired! I especially liked what 39 & 79 said. We are so blessed.