3/25: Animals are guided by God

3/25: Animals are guided by God

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  1. God radiates and guides all creatures with unseen helps that remain hidden from modern man because of his spiritual indolence.

  2. Thank you Mary for this reassuring Lift that all of God's creatures feel the dear Fathers tender loving kindness, care, and guidance. There is no exclusivity to God's creation. All of His ideas live and operate in harmony with one another- reflecting eternal life. Through our spiritual understanding we begin to see evidence of this all around us. Thank you again.

  3. This is a wonderful Lift Mary thank you. I
    have had several experiences praying for creatures of many sorts.
    One time a Bumble Bee was stuck on the bus I take to work. Many people were worried about being stung as it buzzed about looking for an escape . I realised the only route off was going to be via prayer. I set to and it quickly settled on the windowsill by me. As we drew up to my stop it flew onto my wool jacket and disembarked with me.
    I could hesr people say, look it's leaving on her jacket! I was so grateful for a most wonderful outcome.
    Shelagh ♥

  4. Many thanks Mary for this inspiring reminder that: "Animals can find a way to escape [the belief of] threatening danger." "O for a faith that will not shrink,/ Though pressed by every foe;/ That will not tremble on the brink/ Of any earthly woe;" (Christian Science Hymnal #205).

  5. Mary, Thank you.

  6. How lovely, thank you very much, dear Mary! Such an ensuring and comforting idea that the verse from Isaia is also valid and applicable for all dear animals, who are also made and guided by God!

  7. A timely message, Mary. Thank you. Mary Baker Eddy, loved animals from little fishes in her pond to including them in her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures". These "companions have unconditional love and bring such joy into our lives.

  8. Divine intelligence guides and looks after all His expressions of life.

    " Considerad los lirios, cómo crecen; no trabajan ni hilan; pero os digo que ni Salomón en toda su gloria se vistió como uno de éstos" Lucas 12:27

    As we delve into the study of the Bible and MBE's textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , we gain the peace of mind of a son who knows his father will take care of whatever may assail him.

    And thinking on the so-called 'fire season': with God 's guidance we can all expect to see less destruction of plants and animals and more evidence of life being preserved.

    La inteligencia divina guía y cuida todas Sus expresiones de vida.

    Guías inteligencia divina y se ocupa de todas las expresiones de la vida.

    " Considerad los lirios, cómo crecen; no trabajan, ni hilan; mas os digo, que ni aun Salomón con toda su gloria se vistió como uno de ellos." Lucas 12:27

    A medida que profundizamos en el estudio de la Biblia y el libro de texto de MBE, Ciencia y Salud con Clave de las Escrituras, ganamos la paz mental de un hijo que sabe que su padre se hará cargo de todo lo que pueda agobiarlo.

    Y pensando en la tal-llamada "temporada de incendios": con la guía de Dios todos podemos esperar ver menos destrucción de plantas y animales y más evidencia de la protección de de la vida.

  9. Beautiful, Mary.. Those prayers are so needed.

  10. Thank you so much, Mary, for this lovely lift dealing with the protection of animals. Our wildlife in
    Africa needs these prayerful thoughts so much, particularly with so much rhino and elephant poaching.

  11. Thank you. Yes "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human (and animal) need". I tell
    that to my pets every day.

  12. Perfect timing. I have been praying about animals having enough to eat, as large parts of the US have a snow cover longer than expected. Thanks!

  13. Thank you!

  14. Thank you, Mary! Your message, and especially the Bible verse from Isaiah, is SO timely for me this morning!! Thank you for all that you do!!

  15. Thank you so much, Mary. So many people pray for whatever disguise the so-called disasters would assume, until the Truth of Spirit and spiritual reality replaces the fear and belief of a creator the opposite of God, Good. There is one Creator and one creation, and it is aligned to and responsive only to God, Love. I haver so many wonderful memories of animals responding immediately to the Christ, Truth, and always with a wonderful change of nature and disposition. And I include the environment as a whole when I pray for animals, birds and fish: the land, the pastures, and crops, and the need to appreciate and be grateful for Soul's infinite provision.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and the Daily Lift family.

  16. My Siamese cat, Sam, has a morning routine of sitting on my lap as soon as I sit down to read the Bible Lesson and listen to the Daily Lift! I share thoughts with him. Wonderful way for us to start each day!

  17. I can't even count the number of times my dear animals have responded to prayer, from the painless, effortless removal of a bad-looking tooth to a rescue from a deadly looking fight. Science and Health reminds us that the" Divine Mind maintains all identities from a blade of grass to a star as distinct and eternal."

  18. Thank you.

  19. You are singing to the choir here, Mary! :) I know for a fact that animals hear wisdom’s call. I have proof!

    I had to bury a fury friend in a far corner of the back yard. The next day I walked out there – very distraught about his leaving. THEN, out of nowhere, arrived a special barn cat, Nicholas. He jumped up to my waist and clawed his way to my chin and purred incessantly. I was flabbergasted. Where did he come from? I was not visible from the barn. But his surprising and loving outreach smashed the mesmerism of loss and self-pity. I carried him to the front of the house, put him down and he went about his cat-day. How could we ever deny that each of God’s creatures is part of the All-in-all and receptive to wisdom’s call?

    A spiritually attentive man will support God’s provision of animals and the animal will get this… or a spiritually attentive animal will support God’s provision of man and the man will get it!

  20. Thank you for this beautiful lift!
    I have prayed with and for many animals - and my cat loves praying with me while curling up on my lap.

  21. Mary, what a beautiful reassurance that God guides us all! When I begin to study my Bible lesson, I read it through once before studying each section. I read aloud to my doggies, as they sit quietly and listen. I have often wondered if they were being blessed by this reading. I know they are, as am I. Thank you.

  22. Thank you, Mary, for “Animals are guided by God … every creature is an idea in God … divine intelligence is guiding and looking after all expressions of Life … we can expect to see … more evidence of life being preserved …”

    What great ideas to pray and work with regarding ALL expressions of Life. Of course I pray for the safety of animals BUT I have my favorites and I do wonder what could possibly be good about some expressions of Life.

    With ALL in mind, I will have to deeply consider, “All [ALL!] of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible ... A realization of this grand verity … supports Christian healing, and enables its possessor to emulate the example of Jesus. ‘And God saw that it was good.’" (S&H 514:28).

    Emphasizing ALL puts a whole new perspective on how I can overcome fear of some creatures, by recognizing ALL - EVERY creature being “an idea in God.” Is that emulating Jesus then? To recognize only ONE reality where God / all-Good / Love-itself!!! / Truth of being as ALL? Even when it comes to creatures that have not been my favorites?

    “Jesus said, ‘Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’ This truth is Christian Science. Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake” (S&H 442:26).

    Wow!!! What a healthy challenge and wonderful opportunity to learn ALL of God’s creation as God knows it.

  23. Yes, even the 'lesser ideas' respond to Divine Love's guidance and protection. Thank you for guiding our thoughts to include them!

  24. Years ago, I read in a "letters to the editor" section of a Christian Science Sentinel: "God is the Mind that leads the animals to safety." Your message today underscores this great fact. Thank you, Mary.

  25. What a wonderful reminder for us to pray for the animals as well as the people, especially in times of disaster. We are all part of God's creation - protected, cared for and loved by our Father-Mother God.

  26. People can learn a great deal from the animals of this Earth, be it their own pets or the wildlife that surrounds us. My prayer would be to open the eyes of people to value these gifts, our companions, and become better, more sensitive, kinder stewards of the animal and plant kingdom on Earth. Thanks Mary for this lift and for putting these ideas in front of us today ! I loved the story of the bumblebee ! Well done Shelagh (3) !

  27. Lovely - I well remember one time when we were driving back home to Perth across the Nullabor Plain. There were lots of kangaroos on the side of the road and the thought came to me that they knew exactly where they needed to be so that everyone would remain safe. Although we drove many hours that night, not one kangaroo crossed our path.

  28. Onya Mary. As a great lover of bush birds and other fauna, this message is of much comfort and reassurance - and haven't we seen some lovely examples of trust and compassion through these testing times over summer? We must all acknowledge the ever present divine Intelligence directing to "the ark where the dove may close her faltering wing", present everywhere.

  29. I was skeptical about the title, but now see the point.
    All creation, which is at its essence spiritual, emanates from the one divine Mind, God. That would include all animals in the wild an anywhere. Even if the divine Hand is not so obvious, it is our Christian duty to see it as so anyway.

  30. Thank you.

  31. Thank you, Mary, for that joyous message about animals and birds being guided and loved by God.

  32. God loves every living creature.

  33. Thank you so much! How important this thought! It also came do consciousness that the thought that animals can invade and destroy gardens and crops falls into the same category of divine Mind guiding every idea in His/Her universe, with good not evil motives!

  34. Beautiful lift Mary, and so needed. I pray this way when I drive along the expressway and look forward to the day when all animals will find safety from the road traffic.

  35. Thank you so much Mary for this lovely lift. AND ditto, ditto, ditto to all who have shared their animal healings and blessings. Our all embracing Father-Mother God does of course include all creation including those in the wild, in zoos, in homes. None unwanted nor uncared for. God loves and blesses all Her creation.

  36. Thank you so much Mary. This lift warms my heart, for I have always loved animals, tame or wild. Dogs, cats, & other creatures big or small, fill our lives with such love --I see God's qualities manifested in His dear creation and yes, they too must be governed & protected by divine Mind. I am very grateful they are on this earth with us, where we all can see their beauty, usefulness & affection -- qualities straight from God! How wonderful!

  37. Thank you for this helpful lift we enjoyed it (my dog and I).

  38. Thank You very much Mary. Your Lift was wonderful and answered some Questions I had been thinking about before I saw your Lift. I am so grateful.

  39. For years I would pray for the safety of myself and passengers while driving in an area where moose crossing the highway were a danger to vehicles. I could not enjoy my drive. It occurred to me once while praying that the moose must be kept safe as well. If they were safely in the woods, then motorists were kept safe. Once my thought had lifted to keeping the animal safe from harm, the fear left. All -- animals and people -- are bound in God's love and security, each in their right place.

  40. Oh, Good! Thank you for this treatment for all the dear creatures. There are several environmental organizations, very well intended, which are always broadcasting the end of this or that species or the destruction here and there, usually by man. I always deny this, but I like your perspective that the animals themselves can and are being guided by God. I will join you in this daily work.

  41. Thank you

  42. Thank you Mary for reminding us that animal too are God's creation

  43. A beautiful example of finding freedom. It applies not just to animals but to all of God's creation seeking freedom from the false suggestions of sin, sickness, or death. God is always present in our thinking that provides the spiritual intuitions that lift us up and out of any suggestion that may tempt us to believe or seem real to us.
    Thank you for this very inspiring lift today.

  44. Hay cantidad de relatos de animales, y de toda las especíes y que sí verdaderamente estan guiados por Dios, actuando con bondad, y hasta con tolerancia con los humanos. Pienso que cuando son agresivos es porque de alguna manera nosotros lo estamos siendo con ellos, como que responden a nuestra propia aptitud, Dios dijo que: tenemos potestad sobre ellos, ¿Pero de qué manera? con bondad, con la misma que debemos tratar a las personas, y ellos responden de la misma manera, y hasta podemos decir que de mejor manera. Entiendo que esto es así, porque no hay oposición en ellos, no han aprendido lo humano-material, conservando la pureza traida.

    En varias portunidades se han sanado pájaros y mariposas muy heridos y han salido volando en pocos minutos, para mi propio asombro ya que no hubo tratamiento, ni oración, sí sólo amor ellos respondieron con naturalidad al buen pensamiento, al afecto, al amor, participando, sanándose... porque son partícipes naturales del amor.

    Muchas gracias Mary, por recordar que todo lo que circunstancialmente, habita la tierra está de alguna manera reflejando a Dios.

  45. I love this lift Mary and the story #3 about the bumblebee is awesome. No fear there!

  46. So wonderful that the animals are included!!!! Thank you so much! I so look forward to "my" lift every morning...it often seems as the lift was written just for me and and my situation! Thank you ALL so very much!

  47. So beautiful and true - Thank you so much Mary. I am sitting here at my desk before work listening to your wonderful words while I listen to such beautiful birds singing to me. God's greatness shows forth through all our furry, feathered, sleek, etc. & loving creatures around us. God Bless you

  48. Dogs are so receptive to instinctively knowing Love as God, more so than us humans who has to be taught that they are the image and likeness of God. I speak of Dogs only because I had Dogs as a child. I have always noticed their receptiveness to good for they expressed Love. I guess all animals are like that. They just instinctively know that God cares for them.

  49. Thank you Mary! God's precious ideas need our prayer support and love and I am grateful to you for your metaphysical work. Bless you.

  50. Thank you, Mary, for reminding us to include every sign of "Life/life" in our prayers.

  51. Thank you, Mary, for that great reminder to pray for all forms of life-"knowing that Divine Intelligence is guiding and looking after all expressions of Life."
    Shelagh, (3), your experience with the bumble bee reminded me of Mrs. Eddy's statement in Miscellany p.247:13 "the little fishes in my fountain must have felt me when I stood silently beside it, for they came out in orderly line to the rim where I stood. Then I fed these sweet little thoughts that, not fearing me, sought their food of me."
    Shelagh, that dear little bee felt your loving prayer and responded, blessing itself and all on that bus.

  52. Thank you for this Lift, Mary, and for all the comments shared! I especially appreciated #3 Shelagh's and #19 Nancy and picturing so many Lifters sharing their Lesson, Daily Lift, and prayers with their pets was delightful to imagine. I have a big orange cat, Captain, that sometimes insists on joining me here at the desk during the Lift, though he can barely fit my lap in this position, and balancing him takes some doing - but I never deny him since it's such a treat to share the holy time together.Our grey tiger, Rachel, always snuggles with me when I read the Lesson in bed.

    I appreciate praying specifically about animals today and their ability to heed Mind's direction to keep them safe.Our wildlife exemplifies the amazing infinity of God's expression and deserves our prayers. When feeling fear or frustration over mortal greed or carelessness concerning the other creatures of the earth, I make myself stop and defend man's true unselfish, god-like nature and then defend the indestructibility of all creation.

    Thank you for the provision of the Lifts and gratitude for the Lift team and commenting community.

  53. Mary, how spot on is this Lift!

    The innocence and openness of creatures is amazing to humans who have no concept of God's creating, guiding and protecting power--Her all-presence and affection of each idea.

    This can be seen in animal migration, honey bee communication, plants growing toward the light, animals' love, obedience and faithfulness to/for humans, etc. People have named these behaviors "instinct" "hereditary traits", etc. But these words are the simple "I don't know" of material "wisdom" trying to see good activities as independent of their divine source, Life. The beauty and goodness of all God's creation is natural and normal, and through divine Science, we can see this holy relationship of Creator and creation as we begin catching glimpses of the permanent ideas of Soul beyond the temporal objects of sense.

  54. Wonderful lift . . .. and #3 store of the bumblebee is great . . . thanks Daily Lift community!

  55. "Animals are guided by God". I am so grateful for this reminder that God, good guides animals as well as men, women and children.
    Raising cattle on our farm at one time the herd included a Hereford bull who was fairly aggressive, was always first at feeding time and pushed the others away from the best feeding spot. But one morning he didn't show up at all with the rest of the herd and I had to go looking for him. Was I surprised to find him standing near the fence where a calf had got through the fence and couldn't get back. The bull was keeping watch over the calf until I could come and rescue him. Wow! What an example of leadership and caring.

  56. Just yesterday we heard of the plight of orca's in captivity, that being very strongly family-oriented by nature they suffer emotionally in captivity --- essentially solitary confinement. We pay billions of dollars a year to see them do the tricks they are forced to do to obtain their food. Your Lift provides us with a sure-footed way to help these intelligent, dignified animals help themselves. And the same divine guidance can help the captors and audiences understand better how to enjoy creation.

  57. Thank you, Mary! This is very helpful. Also, thank you to the people who post the comments. Its like a mini-lecture!

  58. A lovely sharing today, thank you. I have a 'bumblebee story' too. One morning a bee was sitting in our shower tray, I dont know how it got there. Above the shower is an opening velux window, so I got some steps and opened it. Then the difficulty was how to get the bee to fly up and through the window. I thought for a bit, then I knew the only way was through prayer, so I told the bee "you are a beloved idea of God and you DO know what to do!" Without a second's hesitation it flew straight up and out the window! It was thrilling to see such an immediate response to prayer a lesson we can apply to other situations too. With love to all.

  59. Thank you Mary! Isn't it wonderful that animals share our existence as incorporeal beings? We have so much to learn from them about divine Mind guiding, protecting, sharing because as we slow down and listen to them, they are 'tuned in' already. We only have to listen.
    "God made us all; all things great and small."

  60. A mouse in the house can be a cumbersome chore of disposal. Don't like poisons or traps. I sincerely prayed to our Father Mother to guide his creatures to a better place. Immediately this situation was resolved. No more mouse in the house! Thank you Mary and lifters for the loving testimonials.

  61. Thank you so much, Mary. This is so appropriate for me today. I've been watching a barn owl cam in our local area where the mother is so tenderly incubating her one egg. Your thought of, "every creature is an idea of God guided by God" healed my concern about father owl not bringing any prey to the mother while she takes care of her duties. I know now that he will be guided by God and care for his family just as our Father feeds and tends us. I'll let God do His work! Thanks again for your reminder.

  62. Whenever I see the material evidence of a creature killed on the road, I always affirm to myself:-

    "That which lives never dies, and that which died never lived". I am then prayerfully knowing that the material evidence is totally false, and that creature is still in its right place living safely and freely according to God's Law of Love Somewhere in her writing Mrs. Eddy says something like."God's ideas run and disport themselves. In joy they climb the heights of Mind..." I love this thought.

    Daily Lift Team:

    From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 514 line 7:
    Mind's infinite ideas run and disport themselves. In humility they climb the heights of holiness.

  63. Ah, yes, a lovely way to recognize our oneness by including all of God's creatures. Thank you.

  64. Just lovely! Thank you very much for this wonderful Daily Lift, Mary.

  65. "This is the way. Walk in it, whether it be to the left or to the right.,"

  66. Thank you, Mary and all---a wonderful lift! For more lifting----google ---- a place in the choir. Listen to what the Irish boys have to say about it.

  67. Certainly, Mary. We do not know how animals "think" or "remember" but dogs, for instance, know when their "owners" come home a lot of time before than they arrive. Miracles? No, they are God´s creatures!.
    Like you and me.

  68. I can remember my grandmother always lifting spiders on a paper and putting them outside telling them to go home. IN Matt. 10-29 God cares for the common sparrow too. Thank you all.

  69. Thank you Mary for this loving reminder of God's care. I was taken with the quote from Isaiah you mentioned, so I had to go look it up. From the way you said it, I thought it was God talking to someone...but really it was Isaiah himself talking to the children of Israel saying he will never shut up about what direction they are supposed to be going...they were being very defiant to God's desires. But personally I have many times experienced a 'voice behind me' giving directions...I just always thought it was God, not Isaiah! LOL.
    I work with dogs every day and am always giving them messages from God...and sometimes at the end of a message or prayer treatment I whisper to them "and it's not an accident that Dog is God spelled backward"

  70. Perfectly inspiring! We've had so many demonstrations with animals and observed their awesome behaviors. What a fun world God has created, to be enjoyed and nurtured. Thank you for this lift.

  71. Thank you Mary.

  72. Thank you, Mary for these helpful thoughts, which reminded of a memorable experience some years ago when hiking in Yosemite National Park. I had left the valley on my own very early one morning to hike the 3,000' ascent to Glacier Point. As I was running back down the trail I saw ahead of me a rattlesnake sitting bolt upright in the middle of the trail enjoying the morning sunshine. I came to a rapid halt, but any sense of apprehension was replaced by awe as I'd never encountered one of these wonderful creatures before (we don't have anything comparable in the UK). I respected the fact that this was its rightful home and I was the one who was the intruder. After a few minutes the snake calmly moved off to the edge of the trail, and I sensed that it was giving me permission to go past, which I did, in a calm, respectful way. I stopped just beyond and the snake moved back to resume its position in the middle of the trail. It just seemed as though there was an unspoken communication and mutual understanding had passed between us - complete harmony. Our meeting ended with me pulling out my camera to take some photos, for which the snake posed obligingly. I felt truly blessed, and was reminded of Mary Baker Eddy's words: "All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible." (Science & Health page 514:28)

  73. Lovely, Mary! We love our critters, too.
    Perhaps, I need to pray more for them.
    Very nice lift!

  74. Thank you Mary! I'm happy to see this "Lift" regarding animals, and to sit here and read the beautiful comments from the readers. How delightful! I've seen the wonderful healing responses when praying for my friends birds when she would call me. Years ago I found a big white stray cat on my front porch. She was sitting on the arm of a couch I had there. I went up to and she reached out and put her arms and head on my chest, and I could see tears coming from here eyes, so I put my arms around her and gave her a hug and took her into the house where she remained. I'd never had a cat but I sure wanted one. The moment we hugged was beautiful ... a moment in time.

  75. Thank you. I love the bird being guided by divine intelligence towards the window back to freedom. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" (Psalms 119:105). Lovely lift!

  76. Thank you so much Mary I remember one time my hubby and I were driving to Perth It was getting late and we stopped at a petrol station to see if it was okay to go on another hour We were told it was It wasn't long and we found that on both sides of the road were kangaroos lined up I I remember saying aloud we don't want to hurt you and you don't want to hurt us They didn't move and we got through there safely Another thing I remember My mum and dad had a grass parrot My dad would be a block away from coming home from work and the parter would make so much noise My mum would say dads coming home yes Mary they do listen and respond

  77. Thank you Mary for this beautiful lift. It reminds me of a time in childhood when I was riding my horse in a different area than usual near my home. This horse was quite a character and, it has to be said, was capable of misbehaviour owing to his difficult upbringing before he came to me. However, on this occasion he showed his true nature. I felt myself to be completely lost, with no sense of direction as to where home was. On a sudden intuition, I put the reins down on his neck and said to him, I'm lost, take me home. He immediately chose one of two roads before us and unerringly and calmly walked me home through the streets. When we arrived at the bottom of our street, a way by which he had never come to our house, he knew we were nearly there and let our a mighty neigh! Animals are so good to us if only we trust them! He not only read my mind (as there is only one Mind) but also immediately accessed his God-given sense of where home was. Thank you Loving Mind!

  78. Thank you, Mary for the lovely Daily Lift. I enjoyed the Lift and comments the ensuing comments very much.

  79. Thank you for sharing this community of thought concerning animals. Our prayers are needed as many point out, for animals in captivity, or being poached and killed, for a balanced eco-system where crops are preserved from insects or invasive species, for the preservation of living diversity. But no problem is so complex that the supremacy of Spirit cannot be realized. Step by step, from bees to buffalos we see that Spirit gathers its ideas 'into proper channels'. How good that so many are paying attention to Spirit's activity here. Thank you!

  80. A few years ago a neighbor, three houses down the street, called and asked if I could come and check on a little dog dragging a bloody paw and had been hanging around all morning. About five minutes later I opened the front door and there was a dachshund, with a bloody paw, wagging his tail. I called the neighbor and she said after we talked she went to her front door to check on him and he was walking up the driveway, turned left, continued down the street and turned into my driveway. The Vet recognized him, but his owner never claimed him. After having his needs cared for, he remained with us, and though he lost his right leg, he never missed a chance to go for a walk with me and one of the cats!

    I've had other proofs and am aware there is that all-knowing
    divine Mind guiding each idea. As Judy (#59) wrote "We only have to listen." And Shelagh (#3) I had a similar experience with a fly, having been flying around while I was trying to do some writing. I said to it, "If you will get on my finger I will open the window and let you out." I gently placed my finger where it could crawl on. It remained as I moved carefully, opened the window and the fly went on its way. I didn't hear him say "thank you", but I'm sure he did!

    Thank you Mary, Daily Lift team and for all the sharing!

  81. Thanks, Mary! Great to know loving ideas for our fellow creatures.

  82. Thank you Mary - so wonderful to be reminded that all animals, other living beings are equally included in the whole family of God's allness - so many different shapes and ways of being and yet all living the full expression of love. Thank you lifters for wonderful stories of shared experiences with animals.

  83. Id like to take this opportunity to once again thank God for all the sweet loving sensible animals mostly dogs and horse She has lent me to love and care for. I know they are really Hers to love and care for but it's my pleasure to have met them.

  84. Thank you so much, Mary. Following bush fires a few years ago, someone's photos of koala bears drinking from fire fighters' drink bottles, bathing in buckets of water, and carers taking care of burns, went viral. My heart joined others around the world, rejoicing in these strong signs of divine Love caring for Her creation. For every sign, I'm reminded of God's goodness. As I write this, a lone cockatoo is on the garden bird table. A few days ago it's head and legs were bald. Today I see new tufts sprouting on it's crown, like a chick, and my heart soars every time I see the bird! “Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy

  85. This is such a wonderful lift, and loved all the precious animal stories from the Daily Lift family. So very heart-warming and helpful. Thank you one and all!

  86. Thank you for thinking about the animals, too!

  87. So many lovely animal stories, especially 72 about the Rattler! But they were all great to read Thank you one and ALL. June UK

  88. Thank you Mary, and other sharers!

  89. Such wonderful animal stories. And thank you for the inspiration of the lift. I am now a cat and fish owner and thinking to get parakeets all to keep each other happy. I enjoy these inspired ideas shared here. Thank you.

  90. Thank you Mary Beattie and #55-62,72,77,80,84 and others for the loving inspirations. I loved camel and horse rides in Mongolia, and feeling the amazing grace and surefooted steps following a hilly trail along the river in riding an elephant in northern Thailand. My Maine Coon Manx cats Magnus and Katya loved listening to me read the daily lesson, and blessed me daily for years with their loving adventures and loyalty, awakening me to deeper spiritual understanding during our years together, as years with Max Macaferty who seemed to nudge me closer to God during many challenging scenarios. Good to share spiritual ideas for all God's creatures and their homes, affirming perfect harmony in God's kingdom.