3/23: Love is always present

3/23: Love is always present

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  1. How very important!! Respond with love that reflects divine Love and with no exceptions. Thank you Marie.

  2. Wonderful contribution, Thank you, Marie. Not putting fuel on a fire, I found very helpful. Oh, how we need to cherish & love all. Christ Jesus did. Mary Baker Eddy did. We must!

  3. My deepest gratitude is that Love IS always present.

  4. God is Love and is present everywhere.
    United by the law of good that governs all, we find comfort, refuge, and protection in knowing that no one ever left the presence and love of God.
    Getting upset for something we have no control on is like fanning the fire or throwing fuel on it; it can only make things worse.
    Accepting God’s presence permanently with us allows us to feel His powerful, loving influence and so we could, as Elijah did, prove it through earthquake, wind and fire. http://bible.cc/1kings/19-11.htm
    Dios es Amor y está presente en todas partes.
    Unidos por la ley del bien que gobierna todo, hallamos consuelo, refugio y protección en saber que jamás nadie salió de la presencia y amor de Dios.
    Enfadarse por algo sobre lo que no tenemos control es como avivar el fuego o echarle combustible; puede empeorar las cosas.
    El aceptar la presencia de Dios permanentemente con nosotros, nos permite sentir su poderosa influencia amorosa, y podríamos demostrarlo como lo hizo Elías, a través del terremoto, el viento y el fuego. http://bibliaparalela.com/1

  5. Thank you for this strong and loving reminder of God's ever present love.It is a life-saver to me at this time.

  6. Thank you very much, Marie. Sometimes no matter how hard we pray or hope for things to be right, we are made aware of events, actions, , situations that don't add up to the harmony of being God created. Love truly is always there to guide, care for, embrace every wrong picture until it dissolves into a right idea, but when its difficult to see above the fray we need to cling to that divine Love's everpresence as we go forward, step by tiny step, until the light of Love's presence dawns far brighter than the shadows of error that would keep us down. Your words today are a blessing....

  7. Marie, thank you. Many years ago I found myself in a situation were I started to doubt the "Allness" of Love. I had been betrayed by a friend,and felt very humiliated and angry. As a result became physically ill. I n my darkest moments I called on a friend for support a Christian Science Practitioner. Her first words were, on the Allness=Omnipresence of God =Love. You see I had felt that I could never ever love this friend"after what they had done" , and was harbouring this absence of love within. As this dear Practitioner prayed with me awaking me to the omnipresence of Love, I step by step awoke,returning to The Father=Love everywhere present, realizing that both my friend and I had never left home [the Kindom of God]the conducive atmosphere, ever=present Father-Mother love.Within a very brief period of this prayer I was healed and there was a beautiful harmonious reconciliation and foregiveness in mine and my friend's circumstance.To the Daily Team and all who have access to this most inspired moment,I send my greetings of love and brotherhood,from Nomvula, Cape Town South Africa.Marie Thank You,and in my mother tongue Zulu"ngiya bonga"

  8. How lovely. This reminded me of Sunday school where I used to go with my sister Dorothy when we were children. Painted on the wall at the back of the stage was a scroll. Inside the scroll were the words GOD IS LOVE. Thank you Marie for reviving that lovely mrmory

  9. This is a perfect link to my Facebook page, Metaphysics of Tennis, which discusses what to do when you are facing intimidation during a match. It was designed for my daughter, who sometimes is thrown off by bad thinking.

  10. This Lift has unbeliveably met my need and answered my Prayer within minutes and also the message number 7 was also so helpful.. These Daily Lifts are the most wonderful gifts each day.and I thank everyone responsible Betty.

  11. Thank you, what a wonderful way to end the week and start the weekend knowing that LOVE is always present and we can express Love to everyone we come in contact with.

  12. Many thanks for this up-Lift, Marie! I was interested in the choice of Bible translation, using more modern English than the (beautiful) poetry of the King James Version, and so, preferring 'love' to 'charity'. But- does the ending 'I gain nothing' suggest that this translation represents I Cor 13.3, not I Cor 13.2 ('I am nothing')? It is 'je ne suis rien' in the version used in the French Lift today. Presumably that was verse 2..... but perhaps I am confusing things? Sorry if I have got 'Lost in Translation' !

    Daily Lift Team:
    New International Version of the Bible was used.

  13. Many thanks Marie for that loving lift on Love. Yes. "Let us allow Love [God] to dwell in our hearts under all circumstances." "And with actions brotherly/ Follow Christ's sincerity." (Christian Science Hymnal #88)

  14. Thankyou Marie for this reminder of Loves ever presence. Often when bad things happen in the world we feel sad and dismayed at what must be influencing people that they should do such things. but why stand aghast as nothingness. As a favourite hymn states:-
    In heavenly Love abiding
    No change my heart shall fear;
    And safe is such confiding,
    For nothing changes here.
    The storm may roar without me,
    My heart may low be laid;
    But God is round about me,
    And can I be dismayed?
    God gave us the Bible to keep us happy and joyful, to help us in times of trouble. I am so grate full for Christian Science.

  15. I believe that this particular lift was written for me! Right here, right now, the correct answer. Thank you so much.


    P.S. Beautiully read, Pam.

  17. Excellent ,, thank you !

  18. Simply powerful !!! Love this Lift and the good it brings all worldwide.
    Case of anger: Stopped at a red light, I observed two men with fists raised (their cars had collided earlier). Immediately sent thoughts of Love between them. They put down their fists and took out their licenses and exchanged information. It was reaffirming of Love's presence and ready help.
    Case of whip lash: Joining a practitioner, sending thoughts of God's Love around the neck and reaffirming the Kingdom of God's Love within, all pain stopped and mobility was immediately restored.
    Case of marital discord: Dissolved harsh words spoken by mentally tossing the spoiler out of the marriage and thinking, "God's perfect husband!" and "God's perfect wife!". Harmony restored.
    Case of CS Monitor reporter held by terrorists: Prayers were in effect worldwide. Then, Holy Spirit inspired constant prayer for expanding grace for the terrorists' growth in compassion
    (a quality of God expressed by man) for this modest young woman, and she was released the next day. No reason was given, but we know the presence of God's Love was actively there.
    Case of women's faces in Pakistan: Abuse deterred by 13 yr prison sentence now in effect. Join me in praying for Muslim women through growth in grace for compassion in their husbands and the husbands' mothers. Demand battery acid stay in batteries where it belongs!!! And let's shield these women with God's constant Love. Brings all peace...

  19. Merci, Marie! :-) You have reminded me of something I once read: "Love is the answer. What is the question?"

  20. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your Lift. It seemed so aligned to some early morning thoughts I had. This morning a small voice urged me to mount my bike and go for an early morning ride. I did just that to be greeted by a soft orb of yellow, glowing with increasing strength from behind a rather gray sky.

    These beams of light grew stronger, forcing me to stop and take note. While the cloud continued, the light strengthened, undaunted by the cover of the clouds. As the earth continued to turn to face the sun, it allowed more sun in; thus dissipating the clouds.

    I found myself asking..will I leave home with a mission to turn to and see the Love, Truth and peace that are beaming their way into my life, or will I be bothered by the temporary powerless cover of the clouds? Naturally, I chose Love, Truth and peace. The first verses of hymns 413 and 29 rang clear as I rode homeward filled with joy and positive expectation for the day.

    So thank you for reinforcing all that I learnt, saw and felt this morning....Your Daily Lift..such "pensées de la beauté" (thoughts of beauty).


  21. This global family of thinkers/lifters is surely healing our world. Thank you Marie.

  22. Beautiful Lift, Marie, and beautifully read, Pam! Thank you, both! All I could think of is: "Earth has no sorrow but Love can remove." C.S. Hymn #40. To remain steadfast in Love is a wonderful aspiration. To actually Do it, may take some growth in grace, much yielding, and praying. Happy Weekend to All! XOXO

  23. En la Ciencia Cristiana aprendemos que Dios es infinito Amor, y más sentimos el amor si obramos de acuerdo a él,, eso me llevó a reflexionar; porque en la Ciencia también aprendemos que también hay un camino que debemos transitar, la senda de Cristo.
    Cuando leo sobre Su transito terrenal no he encontrado ningún esfuerzo ni interes por logros materiales, es más una alerta sobre ellos, sí y el peligro de dejarse llevar a una comodidad que da lo material para entramparnos, cuando vemos como corre la humanidad tras esos efímeros logros me`pregunto: Si somois conscientes de ese infinito Amor porque si es así, también debemos ser conscientes que Cristo Jesús se alejó de todo lo humano y material, y no me convence que sea una necesidad del momento,¨´El dijo que podiamos emularlo en todo, comencemos por su desapego a lo material y rechacemos la comodidad que da los logros humanos que son trampas para confundir y estemos conscientes SI del infinito Amor divino.
    "En esto hemos conocido el Amor, en que él puso la vida por nosotros! 1ª de Juan
    Él no se guardó nada puso todo sobre el altar del Amor, negando al diablo de la materialidad, la posibilidad de caer en sus redes. "No os afaneis por vuestra vida" dijo el Maestro y Eddy dice que si seguimos ese mandato obtendremos los logros que Él obtuvo, la espiritualización total, el Amor en toda su manifestación, ella también fue un ejemplo a seguir.

    Muchas gracias Marie.

  24. So timely, touching and helpful! Thank you!

  25. Merci, Marie! and Thank you to Troy from Barbados for sharing your inspiration!

  26. Real power in this message!

  27. Found the lost wallet seconds after hearing this lift. One Mind...Love.

  28. This message couldn't be more timely - helping me deal with the latest national news stories.

    and the one in your country. With much gratitude.

  29. Thank you.

  30. "Love ... fills all with repentance and reform." This statement is very powerful when we see those who have committed crimes, no matter how heinous, as blessed by God's love. No one is ever outside the sphere of divine Love.

  31. Thank you Marie and Pam this is such a healing message. Thanks for all the comments as well.

  32. Thank you for those wonderful thoughts. They are especially appropiate to your country at this time. But the ideas you expressed represent the power of Truth and they apply to all the conflicts in the world today from the wars that rage in the world to the wars that rage in our own consciousness as we go about our daily life.

    Love is the healing balm as you said--one definition of balm from Webster is "anything healing or soothing, especially to the mind or temper" --yes genuine Love does cover all.

    Thanks again for those powerful ideas.

  33. So grateful for the reminder that nothing can withstand the power of divine Love ! It brings to mind that God is All in all and we can trust this truth to provide an answer when tempted to be angry or afraid. Thank you.

  34. Thank ;you for the powerful life!

  35. I was tricked! And, for no God reason at all.

    My husband and I spend a day in southern Ohio in a wonderful village called Moscow to help with clean up after a nasty Tornado. The lesson was on Matter that week and I felt prepared to be helpful. We got “brick” detail; picking up bricks, cleaning off mortar, stacking them on skids so that they could be used again for building. Useful.

    A local woman spent a fair amount of time chatting with me, reviewing the tornado events and talking about good and bad things as she saw them. We broke the barrier and included God in our conversation and more gratitude stories came out.

    But one of her stories stuck in my craw. When the police finally let families back into the town after it had been closed for search, rescue, safety inspection, my friend reported that they let the media in first for “human interest” stories before they let the residents in. OK, I saw no good motive in this. The expression “righteous indignation” comes to mind.

    Release from this “mental tornado” came during Sunday service, when singing “…Make self righteousness be still…” Hymn 305

    Today’s Lift is icing on the cake. Right there, right then Divine Love was already on the field in Moscow. Shame on me for not thinking so. OK, NOW I am ready to go back to cleaning off bricks.

    Thank you Marie for the right-on specifics!

  36. The lift gave me such peace. So calming and assuring. Thank you so much, I needed that today. (=.

  37. Written and read like a prayer. Thank you for this wonderful message about the power of love.

  38. If I do not have love, I gain nothing. Thank you!

  39. Thank you so much Marie: and thank you for your great reading of the Lift, Pam. This Lift works as easily and efficiently with in-laws; outlaws, children and animals. Our daughter musters and yards their cattle all by herself, without the use of prodders or pokers, or yelling and shouting. She simply drives up near them, and they follow her to the yards. When everyone is in the yard she closes the gate. The work is carried out calmly and quietly and without fuss. It sounds like a perfect result to lots and lots of prayer as we learn it in Christian Science, and it is. It wasn't always so.
    Thank you Nate and your team; the BoL and lecturers; and Your Daily Lift family,

  40. Since Love is ever present, we can expect the expression of the Christ to dissolve whatever is unlike Love. Thank you Marie for encouraging this activity.

  41. Thank you Marie for this excellent message. Much love to all!!

  42. What wonderful workers, everyone. I grew up in a household where the word "love" was never said. I remind myself that divine Love was always present.

  43. Thank you and merci.

  44. "Love is always present" What a wonderfully Daily Lift. In only 2 minutes, Marie, you said a mouthful. When I was a little boy, and right after World War Two, before my mother and I became C/S, we were Jewish at that time, my mother became friendly with a German person who migrated to the United States and owned a restaurant serving German food. No hate was expressed on either side but just respect as human beings. My mother was an extremely forgiving person, which helped us demonstrate C/S and it's loving teachings more fully. This Daily Lift reminded me of that incident back then.

  45. Thank you Marie for that loving thought. I just read last night what a lecturer said some time ago: that the fragrance of Love destroys evil. So as we go about our day, I hope everyone feels the fragrance of this true love that sees beyond the material senses to the depth, breadth, height, might and majesty of Infinite Love filling all space. Thank you Elena # 4 for summarizing these ideas as I ponder the message again. I really appreciate your taking the time to do that for us. Thank you Daily Lift for this inspiration.

  46. Thank you for this timely reminder in the face of the tragic killings in France. It is a helpful reminder of the power and necessity of love in every circumstance.

  47. God IS Love. can we ask for more? Thank you for this beautifully read Lift and the bounty of loving thoughts that have been shared today (a special day for me). More and more I see love expresses wherever I go. Good, GOD reigns.
    Thank you daily lifters for your uplifting comments every day.

  48. Wow, was just ruminating about a friend who it seemed was leaving me out of a lot of things, information, invitations.... This lift was just perfect to turn my thoughts to the real, to the only, to Love that knows no favorites. I feel so uplifted and ready to go forward just loving. Thank you Marie, all you lifters who now feel like family, especially Nomvula #7, the BOL and all the Daily LIft team.

  49. Recently my sister-in-law took down my niece's social media account due to the types of messages she was getting. Thank you for this translated Daily Lift and the message in the law of good through which we find comfort, refuge and protection in God.
    Merci beaucoup.

  50. Merci - a perfect lift to start my day . . .

  51. Thank you Marie, All you need is Devine Love!

  52. Love is Love is Love. I am so loved and you are so loved. Have a love filled day one and all. I love you,by the grace of God, go with Love and in Love, surrounded by and emanating God's glorious and tender care and the mighty strength that gives us. Thank you for another lovely lift.

  53. I am so deeply grateful for the powerful healing truths in this LIft. And I am also grateful for the outpouring of comments. So many of you also shared stories and healings--reading through them felt like a testimony meeting of dear family. Thank you, one and all, for being this chorus of Love. You have helped me feel embraced by Love, strongly.

  54. I love Mrs. Eddy's citation in Science and Health, "Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way." Divine Love unifies all nations starting with self [454:18-19] Thank you Marie.

  55. Thank you for this great Lift! It is comforting to know that we are always with Love, never separated or forgotten. Despite all that goes on around us to suggest otherwise, Love indeed conquers all! God's love will always drive away the darkness, leading us to joy, confidence, lovingness, harmony. Let us all strive to realize that we are created by divine Love, good. We are never separated from his love and goodness. Are purpose is to expect, reflect and project God's love. Feel His love and share it! :-)
    Beautiful, loving day to all!!

  56. Loving our enemies- being obedient to Jesus command to his disciples (that's us), and reading Mary Baker Eddy's short, but powerful article, "Love Your Enemies," from Miscellaneous Writings, pp 8-13, added to your strong, but loving Daily Lift, Marie, is a healing recipe for 'feeding the hungry,' 'healing the sick,' and 'casting out the demons' of envy, hatred and abuse. Thank you for today's bread of life!

  57. So grateful! Marie this is a perfect response to the world news.

    And when we KNOW this, the ups and downs, the highs and lows of daily life tend to smooth out. The road becomes less bumpy.

    Love is the fulfilling of the law.

  58. Thanks always to all of the people who make comments. They are as great as the message, which is always great. I thank everyone who always makes this touch of Love happen and come to me. THANKS!!!

  59. Merci, Marie! Tres bon

  60. Your message not only resonates in France this past week, it also has universal significance.

  61. This is a perfect treatment for when I've seen or heard something disturbing, or feel anxiety for something I'm facing. It is perfect treatment to cover anyone I've met or read about in the news. Thank you, Marie for writing about Love, and writing with much love, and thank you, Pam, for the love that came through your voice so well, while reading to us. This is not just a blanket treatment, to quickly cover errors. Rather, this Lift is like a quilt that, when in a hurry, covers with warm love, but which is made up of very special pieces to be examined individually. Appreciating each phrase, stitched into whole sentences, gives me so much more to work with for so many different situations. #7 Nomvula, thank you for sharing how it is our own self that displays a seeming absence of Love, when we let what seemed like absence of love coming from someone else. #19 Nela, I loved that and will use it!

  62. Thank you, Marie! It's quite profound.

  63. Dear Marie,

    I just wanted to say that as I walked with expectation today many healings occurred during the day including friendships, work situations (people) and workload. Sometimes walking with expectation brings a confidence that people enjoy feeling. I am happy to have listened to your Lift and to have read all of the Comments


  64. Thank you for this comfort of Love.

  65. Dear Marie I thank you for such a timely Uplift considering the recent events which were projected in the news. Love of God calms us in the dire circumstance and makes me realize who futile the human picture can be in the presence of all inspiriting God's mercy and His love
    no matter where one habits. I endeavour to live in the consciousness of Love as the Psalm 23 mentions and this is a universal panacea. Thank the team of Uplift and all the goodness
    offered to the world.

  66. Your insightful and uplifting words, counteracting unbridled emotion and tumult in the world, are just the right ingredients for for successful days and restful nights! Thank you for sharing these wonderful thoughts.

  67. I love the idea of 'not adding fuel to the fire to put it out' - really helpful! Thank you too for the beautiful music this week, as ever, perfect for the occasion.

  68. This is SO needed. THANK YOU. It seems like so much hatred and criticism is being expressed in our world. Wonderful reminder that Love is the key.

  69. Gracias Marie por tu poderoso y sanador Lift !!! El Amor es lo mas grande que existe , y este Amor siempre presente nos bendice continuamente a todos , en cualquier lugar donde estemos .

    Escribe mrs. Eddy referente al Amor: ' ¡ Qué palabra ésta! Con asombro reverente me inclino ante ella. ¡ Sobre cuántos miles de mundos tiene alcance y es soberana! Aquéllo que no deriva de cosa alguna, lo incomparable, el Todo infinito del bien, el Dios único- es Amor ' (Esc.Msc.p250)

    En Miscellany leemos: ' El gobierno del Amor divino es supremo. El Amor gobierna el universo y su edicto se ha publicado: ' No tendrás dioses ajenos delante de mí' y ' Amarás a tu prójimo como a ti mismo' ( p 278).

    ' El Amor es la sustancia de la Ciencia Cristiana, la base de su demostración, su fundamento y superestructura. El Amor impulsa las buenas obras. El Amor se necesita en gran manera ,y debe tenerse para marcar el camino en la Ciencia divina' (Esc.Misc. p 358)

    Es muy consolador lo que dice mrs.Eddy: 'El Amor es vuestra ayuda siempre presente' ( Misc.p 295)
    Y este Amor es el Sanador científico en todos los casos.

    Agradezco los inspirados comentarios y testimonios previos . Y al equipo que hace posible estos elevados mensajes diarios.

    Un abrazo grande y mucho Amor reflejado en todos, Ma. Cristy

  70. It is for the reason of God's love that we are made humble through repentance of our misdoings and find comfort in Him. Thank you for the daily lift, filling me with joy.

  71. Thank you, Marie. How important a reminder!

  72. Am grateful for today's lift.
    And for all the thoughtful responses as well.
    The ever present, all powerful father mother God is I believe also Love itself.
    And that is enough and equal to every challenge.

  73. Thank for the clear thought that you cannot put out a fire (get rid of the error) by throwing on more fuel (more anger, disgust, fear). I will use that idea in conversation with non C.S. friends. And I will then be reminded of the importance of declaring God's love and ever presences to answer at all scenes wrong activity.

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