3/22: Prove the Bible true

3/22: Prove the Bible true

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  1. Thank you Jon for this important Lift. The truth is always superior to a lie. If its not true about God than its not true about us as His image and likeness. We prove the falsity of error by demonstrating the allness of God. Mary Baker Eddy ,says in S&H page 131, "The central fact of the Bible is the superiority of spiritual over physical power." Mrs. Eddy's teachings are based on the Bible, therefore, the Science she taught and practiced is provable, demonstrable, in each persons individual expression of Life.

  2. Our forever Leader gives, “No doubt must intervene between the promise and event; faith and resolve are friends to Truth; seize them, trust the divine Providence, push upward our prayer in stone – and God will give the benediction.” (A Word to the Wise, Miscellaneous Writings, pages 319-320 by Mary Baker Eddy.)

  3. I'm so grateful for your healing!

  4. Adorable. Just wonderful:)

  5. I love it!

  6. Thank you Jon, this'll be ringing in my head today as a gentle reminder that the "Bible is our sufficient guide to eternal Life, " as Mrs Eddy writes in her Tenets of Christian Science as found in Science and Health.

    Look forward to all the comments!
    Love to the Community..

  7. Like you said, John: "I am God's child, Spiritual" everyday and in every moment and everywhere. Your experience is a simple a clear example, we are God's reflection always. Sometimes I forget that I can turn to God for every question and every need and the answers are always there waiting for me. If I think about God's synonyms, then I know who am I. We all have to live our own experience and still is God watching like a parent would step on a side and let the child start walking even they'd fall, God is willing our improvement, our development. God is like a roll of photographic film, there are many photos to get developed and I am one of this images of light.

  8. Thank you so much Jon. Just before I turned my computer on, I had been thinking, I do trust the Beatitude in Matthew 5 :4 where Jesus Christ assures us Blessed are they that mourn; for they shall be comforted.
    I felt uplifted, and even more so when I listened to the Daily Lift, with the confident demand Prove the Bible True
    Thank you to all the DL Team.

  9. Many thanks Jon for this great reminder, that the 'inspired Word' of the Bible proves spiritual healing can be obtained by all mankind through the power of prayer alone. "Christ, thou dost come to bring/ On thy redeeming wing/ Healing and sight,/ Health to the sick in mind,/ Sight to the inly blind;/ Ah, now to all mankind/ Let there be light." (Christian Science Hymnal #346).

  10. Thank you Jon for pointing out the necessity of proving what we are saying to to be true. Mrs Eddy said of Jesus in Science and Health:


    Our Master taught no mere theory, doctrine, or belief.
    It was the divine Principle of all real being which he

    30 taught and practised. His proof of Christianity was no
    form or system of religion and worship, but Christian
    Science, working out the harmony of Life and Love.

    Had Jesus not proved his words by his works then what he taught would have remained in the realms of philosophy. What gratitude we need to show that Jesus not only proved that he was working out the harmony of Life and Love but that he promised that:

    John 14:12 the

    12 the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

    Thanks again Jon for sharing your experience of proving that this is true and that God has made man capable of doing those "greater works".

  11. Thank you, Jon. no matter how "small" we think our experience is, it is never "too small" for God and the healing Truths. Wonderful experience.

  12. The Bible's giant truth that we are made in God's image, is so powerful that an aha! moment can change a physical condition.
    Not long ago, I had a strong pain in my chest every time I coughed, it was winter and I just wouldn't quit coughing, sometimes to the point of choking.
    Once, while coughing, I heard my mom’s voice calling out, "Bring out God's image!" I felt like I woke up,
    I was that image!
    All cough was gone.

    La gigante verdad bíblica de que estamos hechos en la imagen de Dios, es tan potente que un momento
    ¡ajá! Puede cambiar una condición física.
    No hace mucho, tenía fuertes dolores en el pecho cada vez que tosía, era invieno y yo no dejaba de toser, a veces hasta el punto de atorarme.
    En una ocación cuando tosía oí la vos de mi mamá gritar, “¡Saca a relucir la imagen de Dios!” Sentí como si despertaba,
    ¡yo era esa imagen!
    La tos desapareció por completo.

  13. Thank you for this lovely Lift and for giving me the opportunity to realise even more clearly that the aggressive or enticing supposition that there can be something besides God, besides infinite Divine Love, is never more than a self-non-fulfilling threat or promise, from which we can always turn away, as we turn to God in prayer. Without us to credit it, it is bankrupt of presence, power and understanding, all of which come only to God.

  14. Thank you - that made me laugh! :)

  15. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. It gives us much to think about this weekend. Thanks to everyone.

  16. Dear Jon thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift,

    One is so conscious every nano-second of God tickling and caressing one, it is a great experience, but to experience it first one had to LET GO.

    Yes, God is in the details,

    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham.

  17. Thank you Jon! This DL has greatly helped me. Sometimes we need health certificates for a job or any other activity and they make tests on us. What should be our attitude when they say something is wrong with us? Well then we must stand up for our rights, divinely bestowed, and prove the Bible right. We should produce our spiritual birth "certificates" and prove our real sonship and claim our rights! Someone said yesterday that we as God´s reflection cannot help but reflect His perfection as our image in the mirror cannot do anything but reflect our movements.This is wonderful. I am wonder- full, yes! Full of wonder seeing God´s perfect creation everywhere and that includes you and me and everyone. Words cannot express my gratitude for the dedicated work you and all the team are doing.

  18. Jon you have given me the inspiration I need this morning. Thanks so much to you and everyone who has shared their thoughts.

  19. I feel fortunate to have been raised in Christian Science with an orientation towards freedom. I love that. Although I have not always studied Christian Science, my orientation has remained true. God wants us free from material constraints and free to meet a higher spiritual calling. True, the limitations of the physical world, do turn us to Spirit. I recently communicated with my doctor that I could not be getting my blood tested all the time. That was not my orientation. I was delighted and surprised to get a response that seemed very respectful and accomodating to who I am. How important it is to take a stand for where we are led by that higher calling of Spirit. I am very grateful for the smallest of demonstrations of Mind over matter. Thank you for the sweet tickle story and congratulations for taking command, by claiming your right to freedom.

  20. Thank you.

  21. Thank you SO much Jon.

  22. What a great experience!

  23. Funny, a bit, but significant, oh yes. Those early spiritual flights are such great news that the promises in the Bible are meant for us. They are foundation stones and we remember them with such joy. Things that looked pretty real, just gone.

    Yesterday, my husband and I with two friends visited the Cincinnati Dead Sea Scroll Exhibition, which was wonderful. After absorbing a long line of human history, I found myself looking for the more significant aspects of such a history. They are not difficult to find, really.

    “Truth's immortal idea is sweeping down the centuries, gathering beneath its wings the sick and sinning…..The promises will be fulfilled. The time for the reappearing of the divine healing is throughout all time;… S&H 55:15

    We cannot confine another’s true being (or our own) by tying them to chards of pottery or fledgling writings or … ticklishness. The humble thought has always felt God’s provision to man, even when he thinks he has discovered it for the first time.

    Thanks Jon and to this great community, building an excellent scroll each day.

  24. Wonderful clear message! Thank you! Truth recorded in the Bible is effective and freeing, your example is most inspiring.

  25. You know, Jon, I left Sunday School because I felt as though I had never been "any good" at it. But I was ticklish in the worst kind of way, and with three older brothers, and being the smallest cousin of 28 it was pretty well open slather. One day I thought, "I'm not going to be ticklish any more." And I never was again I knew exactly why: I had lost the fear! And I couldn't be made to feel afraid. Later I claimed my dominion over frogs, and even spiders. And later still, snakes. "God gave man dominion over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." And I've just realized that must have been the first of my own healing experiences. I did understand what my Sunday School teacher was explaining to me, and what we read from the Bible after all.
    Thank you so much Nate and the team; the lecturers and the Board; and all our wonderful Daily Lift family world wide.

  26. Thanks so much Jon! I love the way you so playfully explained that the Truth is the Truth regardless of what we think is a big or small issue.

  27. What a great lift. Proving the Bible true, the dominion we have as chilren of God, is indeed our joyful right! Thank you so much.

  28. Thank you! Just what I needed to hear!

  29. Demostrar la Verdad que se manifiesta en los bíblicos,relatos, que son Verdad y que asoman constantemente para que despertemos a esa realidad que trasciende lo escrito en ella aún en aquellos que parecen confusos, porque, veamos nuestro accionar es confuso si no nos mantenemos en esa linea verdaderamente espiritual que trasmiten sus hechos, no apartándonos de ella ni un ápice, no dejando que nos atrape ese sentido de que la Biblia es confusa, o que sus relatos son fantasía, mitos. ¿Y que fue lo que llevó a sus actores a realizar hechos grandiosos? entiendo que su fidelidad a la Verdad.

    En la lección de esta semana podemos comprovarlo, Sansón perdió su fuerza, cuando seducido por lo humano fue dominado por el error y se debilitó pero en que radicaba su fuerza, en la confianza de que su orígen era espiritual, él era consciente de ello hasta que cayó en la trampa tendida por el error lo contrario a la Verdad, y la Verdad es que si nos mantenemos conscientemente unidos a ella el error no puede tocarnos, obviamente lo intentará, y por ello la necesidad de estar alertas para que no nos pase como a Sansón olvidar nuestro verdadero naciento, Sansón dijo: Yo soy Nazareo desde el vientre de mi madre, y también nosotros podemos decir: Somos nacidos desde nuestro Padre-Madre Dios.

    Muchas gracias John, podemos decir que cada mañana el Daily Lift y todo su equipo nos hace recordar quien somos, para fortalecer nuestra confianza y mantenernos firmes y fieles en la Verdad.

  30. Great message, Jon. I find that I never go wrong when I turn to the Bible to tell me the true facts about myself and others. Sort of like where Science and Health says "The Scriptures inform us..." (page 475). Your comments today are a reminder to me to keep doing that. Thank you!

  31. Nicely put- love your delivery!!!! I remember being tortured by my sisters with the same affliction! Thank you for reminding me that all problems, large and small, can be solved by using Christian Science.

  32. Awesome story... such a great demonstration of God's constant care when we lean on Him. Thank you so much!

  33. "Prove the Bible True" as the title is of itself a great Lift. Thank you, Jon, for sharing your uplifted life with us all.

  34. Now that is proof positive, that what once was perceived as a weakness was turned into a permanent spiritual strength through prayer. Naturally. Inevitably. Good for you, Jon, and thanks for sharing. We are strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

  35. Thanks, Jon! What a simple, child-like and amazing example of claiming dominion for oneself! It takes a lot of strength to go against the "ways of the world" and to assert our freedom according to Christianity and Christian Science. One of the "Big Ones" can be facing down the claims of Aging, Mortality and Death, as a lot of Baby Boomers are looking at Social Security and Medicare! Yikes! Who ever said we'd be HERE in our Lives.....???? I'm finding it's a challenge to find a balance between taking the human footsteps to provide for myself in my Senior Years and at the same time, keeping my thought on the truth of my dominion over the world's belief of aging and all the challenges it seems to present. A great opportunity to Prove the Bible true, eh? A Joyeous weekend to All!

  36. Thank you! I think anytime we are able to overcome "sensation in matter", it is truly freedom. That was a great stepping stone for you. Thanks for sharing it!

  37. Jon, I so enjoy your talks. Thanks!

  38. Thank you, Jon, for "Prove the Bible true ... as His child ... free ... made in God's likeness ..." The weekly Bible Lessons serve well to offer many spiritual truths to practice and prove every day. It's a great way to grow!

  39. Thank you. I loved this simple message that we have dominion over error of any kind. The truths of the Bible are ours to prove.

  40. Such a unique, powerful and interesting Lift with a very important question being asked of us to "Prove the Bible true" in our daily lives. I'm so grateful for the superior, spiritual & only Biblical laws of God/Good. And also, HIs/Her immediate, ever-flowing Christ messages to the human consciousness. Merci beaucoup, John, all world wide Lifters and the dedicated DL team!

  41. Thank you.

  42. Excellent LIFT, John, thank you for sharing your story and how you overcame that belief. So applicable to so many situations.

  43. There are so many ways that people try to intimidate other people...in the mortal dream.

    Put-downs, snarky questions, innuendoes about sexuality or politics, stealing someone's peace by capitalizing on a fear or weakness...even ticklishness. An eighth-grade boy who has been disappointed in love might try to label a girl as something less-than-flattering. When an adult tries to do that, it's mostly laughable, but it still can be challenging for the one falsely accused.

    Bystanders or receivers of gossip are letting their thoughts be imposed upon, too, so it's just as important to stand up to all forms of intimidation...even the most subtle put-downs, labels, innuendo...even when we're not the ones being targeted.

    On page 451 of Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy writes: "Christian Scientists must live under the constant pressure of the apostolic command to come out from the material world and be separate. They must renounce aggression, oppression and the pride of power." After hearing Jon's Lift, I'm seeing that this renunciation is not so much verbal or human, but actually a matter of real healing. Aggression needs to be healed by seeing through its false claim to harm the "victim." No one can truly profit by it.

  44. P.S. Love that we can always count on the Bible for giving us the Truth!

  45. Wonderful, Jon! Thank you for this honest account of a ticklish situation and the healing thought that freed you from torment! How blessed we are to have this "sufficient guide to eternal life" available 24/7!! And how blessed we are to have these inspiring Lifts to remind us of the Biblical truths that keep us free and moving forward! Many thanks to the D.L. Team and Family world-wide!!

  46. Carol -Ballwin
    Deep gratitude Jon, We can never be touched by anything but good, tender, peaceful Truth and Love.

  47. Thanks, Jon! This is great. Thanks, also, to #13 Eleanor, Roade, England: What you wrote reminded me that animal magnetism is "a chained lion." It can't ever really attack us.

  48. Thanks, Jon!

  49. Thank you Jon! Always great to hear your messages, filled with such love and obvious care for all of us, thank you to all lifters!

  50. The Bible contains what is true about myself and others. It's a pity that so many who believe in God religiously don't realize this. They still depend on matter, have healing faith in matter and rely on matter for their income and happiness. The Bible on the other hand reveals happiness, supply, financial security, health to be spiritual, not material. The Bible also reveals eternity. Life not resulting in death for the opposite of death is birth.

  51. Dear Jon, your message today has brought out the most precious examples of God's care, the praticality of the Scriptures and the joy of prayer. Amen to everyone who has shared in response to this sweet message. thanks everyone.

  52. Never thought about getting past the kids love of making me jump when they'd walk by and tickle me. Ha, thanks Jon.

  53. Thank you for this excellent lift.

  54. After the Lift I was reading in Jesus' Healings, book 3, "Ten men healed of leprosy". I love the direct question for the children,"What can you do?" Answer: "Being grateful for all the ways (both little and big) that God loves and takes care of you is such a good thing to do." (p. 20)

    Yes! Forever and ever, Amen. There are no little demonstrations of divine Love. Only great big everlasting Love.

  55. Great lecture, too. I am stepping outside my story today. Thank you

  56. A novel way of saying what I needed to hear today. Thank you for this Lift. I gave me the right kind of tickle.

  57. Thank you Jon. Now I can explain to a family who all are ticklish except one child and has been touted as having some 'syndrome' or another because he does not have this particular trait. But one thing I can say is that as Gods' image and likeness that they each have dominion over this falsity.

  58. Thank you!!

  59. Thanks for being out there, Daily Lift!

  60. Thank you for the lift today.

  61. Thank you Jon!!!!! God can heal anything and everything!!!!
    Even being ticklish!!!! Outstanding!!!
    Love to all

  62. La Sra Eddy dice: que aunque nosotros, no podamos caminar sobre las aguas no debemos dudar ni por un momento, que Jesús el mostrador del camino lo haya hecho. También los profetas hicieron maravillas
    como se relata en la Biblia. El sentido espiritual de ellos, y( la nada de la materia,) que manaba de la
    Mente divina. les daba este poder. Cuando estudiamos en ella, y entendemos su mensaje, no podemos tener ninguna duda de dichas demostraciones. Las persona que están envueltas

    en la materia dificilmente pueda entender; de ahí que todas estas demostracione del poder divino para para ellas sean fantasías, cuentos.La claridad que tenemos de nuestra identidad hace que entendamos la supremacía del Espíritu sobre la materia

  63. Thanks, Jon. You remind me of the occasional seeming bombardment of mortal mind with untrue and harmful thoughts. How sweet and true too that the Bible and our textbook contain the recipe for staying ahead of these unpleasant thoughts whether instantaneous or seemingly continuous. And, how powerful to know that God's recipe for being 100% victorious and threat-free all day, every day, is to acclaim our total freedom from such threats and to know we can never, ever experience anything but good. This is our God-given, eternal heritage. it's our job to work this out and prove it! This becomes easier as we learn that Divine Mind is the only mind, and His thoughts our only thoughts. Thank you again for the needed lift.

  64. Thanks Jon. I know two people who are extremely ticklish, with whom I am sharing this Daily Lift. It couldn't have been more timely!!
    I'm glad that you were able to demonstrate this freedom through the understanding of Christian Science.
    It will be such a help to others who need to demonstrate this freedom also.

  65. Your Lift messages are always so helpful and so is your wonderful lecture. They are gratefully appreciated by so many of us seeking to "prove the Bible true" as you have done. Thank you!

  66. Thank you Jon, it is lovely to ralise that we have our God given dominion over everything. I love to think of the Bible as God's law. Years ago I would open my Bible at random and just accept the truths it would present and I always saw the most lovely results. oh! and I'm still doing that.

  67. So often I come to the end of the comments and my heart is filled with gratitude and joy for yet another day. I don't comment because I think that I don't have anything to say that hasn't already been said or that would be truly helpful to someone.

    However, I decided that I needed to let the whole DL community know that the DL and all the comments just make my day so much better than it would be without these wonderful Lifts and comments. Thank you to God and to all those that make this forum possible.

  68. Very encouraging lift . . . . thank you so much. The lecture is very clear and so helpful as well. Thanks to all!

  69. Sometimes when I hear the daily lifts, it is like stepping into another world- a world that has somehow always been there,but I have not seen it.

  70. Comments numbers 12, 13, 25 and 67 are all so helpful to me. I have copied various bits into my 'notebook of gems' on my iPad. All, so many today, from this one DL. Thank you Jon Benson for such a great Lift. Thank you so very much to everyone on the team, and all the Lifters.

  71. For me, I especially loved that right in the middle of situation, dominion as the child of God was claimed and proved! Thank you, all!

  72. Thank you Jon, and Robert #2 and Walter #63. Is this what Luke 14:26 is all about?

  73. Thank you John for your soft happy words. I have a small new granddaughter, so I can relate to that.
    I found # 63 Walter B very stirring!

  74. Oh Jon, so beautiful! I will keep this for study, for there are some things that I want to dispel as mortal thoughts--of no import or consequence to this child of God.

  75. Thank you Jon. This is a significant healing!
    Look how many others have been inspired to share their gratitude too,
    and this all helps us prove the Bible's reality and the power of God!
    Thanks for a wonderful week of Daily Lift messages!

  76. Thank you! If it is not in the Bible, don't do it, Mrs. Eddy founded Christian Science right from the Bible. Thank #8 received healing

  77. Oh that's wonderful. Thanks! It applies to so many other things and because it's a funny story - although not to someone who is "ticklish" - it will really stick in my mind for years to come!

  78. The Bible gives us, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and bretheren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciples." And Mrs. Eddy gives, "Wait patiently on illimitable Love, the lord and giver of Life. Reflect this LIfe, and with it cometh the full power of being." (Luke 14;26, by Christ Jesus; and Dedicatory Sermon, Pulpit and Press, delivered by Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, January 6th, 1895.)

  79. Gracias; por sus enriquecedoras reflexiones y compartirlas en español, en verdad nos despiertan a su practica en todo momento. Gracias. Daily Lift

  80. Dear Jon, Thank you so much for this wonderful truth. My prayer is that all children who seem to be being bullied may know of this truth, and as they know the truth they shall be set free. The world is so in need of Christian Science. Thank you Mary Baker Eddy for your gift to all mankind. And Jon because you are giving of your rich overflowing of love, you can only be blessed tenfold.

  81. Thank you so much Perhaps this lift could be shared with Sunday school students and any one that may feel bullied in any way It is such a good helpful way

  82. There is a wonderful article called, "Spiritual Sensation" from our Christian Science periodicals. It is so helpful, just like this super Lift. Thanks, John and all who make it happen. Joy and dominion to all.

  83. Jon, your gentle Lift tickled my consciousness with a feather-light touch. I am another who was sorely put-upon during my childhood by ticklers, especially my brother. Until this Lift, it never occurred to me to think of the fear of tickling as a belief that needed - and was assured of - healing, like any other terrorism. Thank you!

    Thank you, too, to "name" #43, for pointing out so clearly that in Truth, there is no victimizer and no victim in any situation.

    So grateful for each Daily Lift and all the comments - and for the most delightful music! Blessings to all.

  84. 2nd submission: Inspired by your Lift, Jon, I'm glad you used the example of "tickling." It's a "sensation in matter" that is usually pleasant, unless the mischievous among us start using it like a weapon against us. I’ve had healings with which, “There is no sensation in matter." was the only or first spiritual fact that came to my thought. I held to it and was healed.

    For instance, I was walking on an icy concrete sidewalk. I slipped and fell hard on both knees. Surprised, I waited, wondering what to think about it. But the Truth wouldn't wait and came immediately to my aid. There's no sensation in matter. I'm not under any law of material cause and effect. I’m not even under the consequences of the powerful Law of Gravity. I got up quickly and continued my walk.

    Your Lift got me thinking that as we're practicing to prove the spiritual facts in the Bible, it's a good strategy to test "no sensation in matter" with what we consider pleasant. To consciously test the Truth. Like with chocolate. Can it help or harm me? Can I live without it? Can I enjoy it without being obsessed with it? Can I love chocolate without making it my god? Tickling. Chocolate. Let’s keep it all in perspective. Only God is God. :-)

  85. Thank you for helping to turn us back to where we truly find the answers for remaining in the kingdom of heaven. thank you number 50 - ---.

  86. That's great! How pure and simple.

  87. thanks jon this will be a great way for me to view a new way to tackle a long standing label that I have had for a number of years thanks again kathy

  88. Thank you John for the poem of a little kid in tune with God.

  89. What a clear, practical application of Truth - even in this victim/victimizer situation! Thanks for sharing.

  90. One of my very favorite webcasts! Thank you!

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