3/20: Unlimited good

3/20: Unlimited good

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  1. Thank you Josh for the important reminder that God, Divine love, is the source of unlimited good, and therefore supplies our every need. And this includes our human needs. As we express this love (who has its source in God, "unlimited good") to others it never leaves us wanting, but rather fulfilled, because it is the expression of the law of Love. This is how God lovingly governs His creation. Thank you again.

  2. Wonderful --Loves sharing! Thank you,Josh.

  3. Thank you Josh for the lift. I needed to hear this message today.

  4. ...and thank you Josh for sharing that wonderful experience with all of us. I for one needed to hear it!

    It's good to know that we can never run out of real substance or unlimited good since God is everywhere present, always.

  5. Thank you. The reminder to share good, that good is from God and there is an abundance of it to meet everyone's need. Spread God's goodness daily, I will be more aware to do this starting now!

  6. Thank you for those words Josh, a wonderful way to start the day that good comes from God to all, that I do not have to keep it to myself. Marie

  7. Thank you Josh. Giving certainly enriches and blesses. Our branch church just contributed an inspiring musical event to our community's music festival. The love that was reflected in love was tangible and heart-felt. Both we as a branch church and the community around us are sure to benefit in many ways. Let's indeed dare share our love of God freely and sometimes in fresh, even unexpected ways.

  8. I found that anyone who has been studying Christian Science for a while has felt the strong need to share the unlimited good God has for us.

    I often find myself with the strong need to share the unbreakable connection I have with God and usually find eager ears.

    This sharing is fulfilling, elevates and strengthens the one who shares; good comes from God and there is infinite supply for all His children.

    He hallado que quienquiera que haya estudiado la Ciencia Cristiana por un tiempo ha sentido el fuerte deseo de compartir el bien ilimitado que Dios tiene para nosotros.

    A menudo me siento la fuerte necesidad de compartir la conección inquebrantable que tengo con Dios y por lo general encuentro oídos ansiosos.

    Este intercambio satisface, eleva y fortalece al que comparte; el bien viene de Dios y trae provisión infinita para todos sus hijos.

  9. Just perfect message for today and everyday. Thank you, Josh. Mary Baker Eddy has a lot to say in Science and Health about "share"and "sharing." The "giver" hands the gift to the "receiver". Both are sharing. The willingness to "open" one's hand to receive, gives him/her the blessing and the joy of giving, gives the blessing back. Christian Science is that blessing and we just go on and on, sharing.

  10. The idea that sharing never leaves you empty, but full, is a wonderful concept that we should all exemplify in our daily lives. Whether it be as simple as the best location for finding those elusive shark's teeth or a Daily Lift with a friend. Thank you for this reminder on how the simplest of gestures make not only us full, but can fill others as well.

  11. Thanks Josh - its also a big lesson for me what you said about "Love is reflected in love" from our Lords Prayer and what MBE said about it - Im grateful that God is only good and that this good is infinite - will have a nice day with that in mind.

  12. Thanks Josh, a lovely little lesson with a BIG smile reflecting God every moment.

  13. Thanks Josh. Couldn't agree more :) "they cease to have, who cease to give (share), such is the law if Love". Giving brings immense joy. Why would you withhold that joy? Thanks again. Great reminder.

  14. Thank you!!!

  15. A very good thing to remember - to share the good we have as it is unlimited in supply from our Father-Mother God.

    I would like to thank Josh and everyone who shares their spiritual treasures with us all in this Daily Lift, from the smallest comment to all comments big or small. They certainly enrich us all, and demonstrate for us what good is coming out of it all, so that we need not hold back from sharing whatever we treasure of good with a loving heart to all. If it is not welcome, we can "shake the dust off our feet" and move on, as Jesus instructed his disciples. God is taking care of us and everyone.

  16. That sharing, Josh, just goes on and on. Our church usually has a pot luck after church and before a business meeting, and people bring the most delicious food! One brings oatmeal biscuits which are my favourite; and another couple thread succulent vegetables from their own garden: tomatoes, cheese, cucumber, tasty wust; and whatever else comes to hand. It is a Sunshine Coast speciality. And the business meeting is conducted with harmony and good decisions. There is always something to share, and we can receive with grace in addition to add to the pot.
    Thank you, Nate and the production team; The Mother Church and the Board of Directors; and the generously sharing Daily Lift family.

  17. Josh, Thank you.

  18. Absolutely right, Josh! Somewhere in the Bible (I do not have access at the moment) it talks about giving and it shall be given back in return, full and running over. There Lifters, your homework for the day - find the exact quote and its source! I know it was given into one's bosom.
    The sharing attitude is all that is needed. Doesn't matter how much or how little but the giving freely is just the start of all good!
    Thank you!

  19. Many thanks Josh for this important lesson in selfless sharing. Yes. "Sharing good never leaves us empty." In fact it is the fulfilling of God's {Love's] law. "For we must share, if we would keep/ That blessing from above;/ They cease to have who cease to give:/ Such is the law of Love." (Christian Science Hymnal #182).

  20. Thank you, it always feels good when we can share something with others.

  21. Thank you, Josh, for “Unlimited good … Good comes from God and there’s an infinite supply …”

    Since childhood I've known that God is Good; but, there was a time when I also felt that bad was as real as good and that good, too often, seemed more elusive than bad with God “coming to the rescue” only occasionally. Christian Science has helped me to realize not only the infinite supply of Good; but, also Good as God - the ever-present and only “powers that be!” Good is not fragmented. Good is uninterrupted.

    At the beginning of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy quotes Shakespeare:

    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

    Over the years, I have prayerfully pondered that statement and have been able to prove with increasing success that:

    “‘man's extremity is God's opportunity.’" (S&H 266:13).

    “… all things work together for good to them that love God [Good] …” (Rom 8:28).

    “To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings” (S&H vii:1).

    “.. divine Science reveals the eternal chain of existence as uninterrupted and wholly spiritual; yet this can be realized only as the false sense of being disappears. (S&H 172:12).

    "Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts" (S&H 261:4).

    “The time for thinkers has come” (S&H vii:13).

  22. Thank you josh this is lovely! We often heard in the old days "Now share and share alike" that was when we tried to keep things to ourselves, such as the only apple..our mother would cut into two or three or four, so long as each had a share! LOVE to all June M.

  23. Thank you!

  24. We never know how far reaching our sharing may be.Even if it seems very small. Just think about the "lad" that shared his few loaves and fishes with Jesus and his followers. That small act of goodness and love met the need of many. Thanks Josh for sharing today!

  25. Thank you for this lift.
    Impersonal love always return to us with uplifting learning. Such a beautiful revelation love is.

  26. Just lovely. Thank you!

  27. I can just picture the scene you describe here, Josh. Many thanks for sharing this with us

  28. It is good that you found the right guide on the beach. Just willingness to share time with a stranger is enough to demonstrate God's All-in-all presence. Thanks for the podcast.

  29. Lo más maravilloso que nos dá la Ciencia divina, por medio del entendimiento que nos dá la Ciencia Cristiana, es el poder ayudar a otros, compartiendo lo aprendido, Cristo así lo hizo y así lo demostró.

    Seguir los pasos es hacer lo que Él hizo, confortar a todos en sus angustias, entiendo que esa ayuda tiene que venir de la mano de concientizar al otro de las bondades divinas, quitando el temor, dando confianza donde ella se ha visto confundida, descubriendo que es lo que nos está faltando para llegar a Dios sin restriciones para recibir ese aliento que Dios dá y que está emparentado con la comprensión de la bondad divina, y sí fundamentalmente en seguir sus premisas, para descubrir cual es el camino cierto y seguro a seguir.

    Tengo una profunda gratitud a la C.C. porque sin ella dificilmente hubiera comprendido la magnito del Bien-Dios, que no solo reconforta sino y sustancialmente otorga, para munidos de él hagamos el bien, en cualquier lugar y circunstancia, y sí es maravillosa la respuesta que recibimos, que a la vez nos reconforta a nosotros mismos.

    "Porque él conoce nuestra condición; se acuerda que somos polvo" Salmos

    La Verdad eterna está cambiando al universo. A medida que los mortales se desprenden de sus pañales mentales, el pensamiento se expande en expresión" MBE

    Muchas gracias Josh, las palabras son insignificantes, frente a la magnitud del Bien-Dios.

  30. Thanks so much, Josh, for sharing your lovely experience. I had an opportunity to share while walking on the beach and collecting sand dollars. We get a lot of tourists from Germany traveling in RV's and I saw a man with his little daughter sitting on a log below a parked rented RV. I asked him if I could give her a sand dollar - and would she like one? He said yes she certainly would (with a German accent). I picked out the best one I had found and gave it to her. She was so delighted. A big smile crossed her face and then she squeezed my hand. What a special, tender moment!
    There is no greater gift than giving!

  31. Thanks Josh. Love is unlimited all we have to do is reflect it.

  32. Well....we have nothing to be afraid of then: sharing or sharks. Sounds like many of the sharks have lost their teeth. Like most fears, unfounded. Thank you, Josh....that's just what popped into my head

  33. I opened a little checkbook account a few years ago for the express purpose of giving. Sure, sure, the front door is falling off and I still have temporary plastic table cloth drapes in my den, but I felt COMPELLED to give and this separate account was expressly for that purpose. I put some money in it every two weeks and routinely send small checks to groups that I think will appreciate the help. It is a LOT OF FUN. However, somehow this has back-fired. The account is amassing a lot of money. I need to step up the giving.

    I have NEVER been able to save money. There are always bills. BUT, the giving account has an abundant supply. MMMM. There is something more to this!

    Right on Josh – Our spiritually motivated giving account has an abundant supply!

  34. Having been in the area you mention, I can picture your wonderful experience! Your message comes when I was thinking of "sharing" (actually giving) an item with a friend but wondering if I should. Now there is no hesitation! Thank you for this heartfelt Lift!

  35. I have always wondered, while traveling, we meet sometimes with angels along our way - who tell us things or help us out, or share experiences and, as travelers, each going our own way, we never meet up again but I always remember. I always enjoy this aspect of traveling to a new place. Wonderful lift.

  36. Sharks may lose their teeth but I think they are able to grow them back. Sand dollars in the water are living creatures - only the ones long since dried up in the hot sand should be collected really.

  37. What a sweet example of shairing, and encouraging. Thank you.

  38. Thank you.

  39. Thanks, Josh and Nancy from Yellow Springs. A giving account - what a wonderful idea.

    You, Josh have a wonderful way of expressing ideas. I hope some day to hear you lecture in
    .Mary Baker Eddy quote from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"Giving does
    not impoverish us in the service of our Maker,neither does witholding enrich us.,"came to my
    Thank all of you for these daily lifts. They are blessing many.

  40. Thank so much for your sharing. Sharing is one of the loveliest expressions of Gods Omnipresent Love.

  41. Thank you so much Josh! I can say that all the time people shared with me, contributed to open my eyes to see others in the right way. As you said, Love (God) is reflecting in love (friend). It is so important for me to think always about it. As I see others spiritually, it blesses all including myself.

  42. Thank you Josh for your wonderful Lift. When you recount this story about your new friend, so much love comes forth from your words and your new friend must have joyfully shared his treasure with you. It is wonderful to hear your experience at the beach. Not only do we share because we know that divine Love always supplies everything we need but we are ordered by Christ Jesus to do so in Matt 10:8 ".....freely ye have received, freely ye give".

  43. Have you really noticed how you feel after automatically sharing without really planning it? It is the most heartwarming experience. The recipient is usually so delighted and surprised. Just walking over to a law enforcement officer who might be eating at the same place as you are and thanking them for serving and seeking their reaction is one of them. One officer put his hand over his heart and said that he was really touched by the gesture, and it made his day. Recently, my husband and I were invited to a party. I wanted to take some little thank you item, but nothing really came to mind that was appropriate. I prayed to know to do the right thing. A little thought popped into mind. The hosts have 3 cats. I knew a bag of kitty treats would probably go over with the cats, ones that my cat enjoys immensely. Later in the week, the hosts said that the cats had taken the bag from its location the night of the party and tried to get into it. So everyone had a good laugh and the cats had a different treat. Just a simple example of sharing abundant God given joy. Thanks commenters for your sharing. We are all so blessed by it. .

  44. There really can be no greater lesson than that. Love is reflected in love. Thank you Josh.

  45. Thanks Josh....very simple and yet so true! Thanks for sharing.

  46. Sharing something with someone else has always been blessing to me. When I had a garden it was fun to be able to share the produce/flowers with friends. I stopped the vegetable garden when the deer took more than their share (everything that was green). But sharing meals, stories, time, prayers, and money when there is a need are blessings that come back tenfold. Thanks Josh for this wonderful reminder.
    And to Nate and his team, thanks so much for sharing your talents in this Daily Lift.

  47. Thank you Josh - We were intended to live out as God made us to be. To live, share, express,support, show kindness, gratitude, intelligence, on & on. I think it is immensely important to live out that love & never to diminish others because they aren't living the way we think is right. We are made to glorify God and not turn away from our brothers and sisters. You have an awesome way of expressing God. Thank you.

  48. Thanks, Josh!
    Sharing of Love's abundance.

  49. Thank you, Josh.

    You shared with all of us today as you reflected the love from God.

    You were also grateful and we know gratitude attracts more good into our lives which you have demonstrated.

    Love is reflected in love and love meeting no responses still remains love.

    Special thanks to all the lifters too.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  50. Your message recalls a poem called "A Better Way" by Louise Knight Wheatley in the Oct, 1912 CSJ. Louise lived her poem, becoming a CS teacher in 1916 and teaching a class each year through 1958, while writing over 100 poems and articles for the periodicals.

  51. Great reminder. Thanks Josh

  52. One never knows when redistributing good will give the "world" a push forward

    Like this lift..it is pushing me forward right now

    So don't hold back!

  53. Thank you Josh! Sharing is always important because sharing comes from and reflects God/supply, as you say.

    Thank you Daily Lift Team too...

  54. A perfect love lesson!! Thank you Josh and thank you Sixer!

  55. Thank you Josh! What a beautiful experience of unselfish sharing!
    Love reflecting love in all.

  56. We all can learn with each other every minute, right? But there is our commitment to love first - just the outshining of divine Love!

  57. I needed this lesson today. Thank you very much.

  58. There is just no end to good, ever. But Eddy takes it much higher.
    "Cowardice is selfishness." (Mis 211: 21)

  59. What a sweet Lift, and exceptional lesson for us all. Thanks Josh. I've been pondering and cherishing the analogy Mrs. Eddy made in her writings between the laws of God and the laws of numbers and notes. There's an infinite supply of each, never can we run out of either. Just as problems in math can be worked out using the proper law or rule, challenges in human experience are solved through the application of God's impeccable, unfailing law of harmony. And where does the problem go? Poof! Gone! As was shown so clearly in ths Lift, good is infinite, ever present Love, always available, to share with others. The beauty of this is that sharing and expressing goodness comes back to bless us hundredfold.

  60. I listened to this message twice to get the most out of it. Thank you for sharing with us!

  61. Thank you Josh; infinite good abounds for sure.

  62. Sharing fills us full! And if we care, we share! Thanks! for this shining example... Rob of the Rockies

  63. Thank you, Josh. I've been feeling a sense of lack: your message showed me that I need to be open to hearing where I should look!infinite good is always there.

  64. Thanks to Josh and the entire Christian Science movement. It is wonderful that we can experience the technology that brings us all together.

    As #9 Wendy says, freely we should share but also freely we should open our hearts to receive. I loved what #30 Lori said about the little girl receiving the sand dollar and in receiving the little girl gave back a loving squeeze, how beautiful!

    Looking forward to our Pacific NW Summit! Again, technology made this so much easier to book rooms, organize roommates and carpools, or arrange air flights. Looking forward to sharing this experience with other beautiful seekers of Christian Science.

    Love to All, Jennifer

  65. Thank you, Jiles!

  66. Thank you Josh for your beautiful sharing. I recently read from the May 10, 1993 issue of the Sentinel that when Jesus prayed, he saw things spiritually. He could see and understand what was hidden from the senses, ('there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed'). He surely intended the same from His followers. Thank you all for your comments and also thanks to the editors of the Sentinel for such an inspiring article.

  67. So Good!!!

  68. I was fortunate to have early in my career a peer who was a role model of Christianity lived. She was a Baptist, and she faithfully lived the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus. She modeled generosity and mercy to me and to all the students in the school where we taught. She consistently shared what she had without looking for any return. I never noticed any fear on her part, or for that matter, any lack. Knowing her brought out my own capacity for giving, and what a joy that was!

    And, thanks, barbara for the LOL about toothless sharks.

  69. To think of sharing as going FROM me TO you, is to mistake both possession and Source. If all is in Spirit and reflecting Spirit, there can be no separation of ideas. I still have the idea if you have it, too.

  70. Thank you for this overflowing Lift! For Jocelyn of Oz #18, the source is Luke 6:38: "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

  71. I loved this Lift, every comment so far, and especially the poem by Louise Knight Wheatley referred to by Dave #50, which says it all. May we all let our lights shine, remembering that "sharing fills you full," and indeed, as Wendy #9 and a Lift many months ago reminded us, "Now honey, you just be a gracious receiver." Many thanks and much love to all this day and in all ways.

  72. Lovely Lift, Josh . . . beautiful comments . . . a great Lift to step into Spring!

  73. Very very cool, Josh,thanks so much for sharing

  74. Josh...thanks for this topic, as sharing is love. God is Love and He protects us by loving us with His wisdom. Toppers, (when you share and they can do better than that)...stealers ( you're sharing and they can't understand it so they want to take the joy away by misreading the share) copiers...want the share so they can feel they are in control of the share....but Dear Love...gently tells you when and how to share...he never lets us hurt. There is His safety net of Love. As Mary Baker Eddy defines Him as all knowing.

    He knows...just like a wrong motive involves defeat...He protects the innocent from harshness, being taken advantaged, and trampled. God's Love reigns.

    Share the joy and spend it freely...loyal hearts can feel no fear...

  75. Thank you, Josh, for this wonderful idea of sharing. This has helped me personally. Additionally, it has helped me recognize the goodness in those who share readily.

  76. Beautiful. Thank you so much!

  77. There is more good expressed in this world of ours than the news media wish to admit. Good comes from God and it's unlimited, therefore sharing it only helps the sharer to have more good than less. It's only a false belief that says; "Hey, don't share, this world is full of evil and if you share good, you'll Los it." DON'T BELIEVE THAT LIE. It's from the Mind that's mortal, not spiritual.

  78. Ultimate good is never, ever selfish. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  79. Love the thought that because God is the source of good, that God is actually good itself, good is unlimited, infinite, everywhere present so we don't have to be afraid to share it. Thanks for the great example of this fact. (=

  80. Your words are all so simple, but so profound!! You put things into the simplest terms so that all may understand the goodness of God!!

  81. Jesus said something in effect, what ye were freely given, freely give. Now I must consider what I have been freely given. When these blessings or gifts are realized; it is a joy to give them away. "Give it away to keep it." When looking beyond physical facade, or material self, into the spiritual realm of reality I behold the loveliness of LOVE'S creation..."OH WHAT A JOY....." Thank you Josh and lifters.

  82. Last week at my Bible study class I mentioned how grateful I am to pay my taxes. They couldn't believe I was serious. To pay my share shows that I have an abundance, a supply to share, Guess what? I just got a call from our accountant and we have a nice check coming to us as a refund. I am ready to share it and thank God for our supply. Thanks for sharing all the great comments too.

  83. Loved hearing your story!

  84. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful thought in such a simple way. Every one irrespective of caste, creed and religion reflects goodness of God.

  85. Thank you, Josh for your unique, interesting and lovingly helpful sharing! Very much enjoyed listening to today's Lift and reading all the Lifter comments. Thanks DL team for your unlimited-giving-of-good.

  86. Thank you, Josh. Like contract law which is based upon equality of understanding of the terms concluding with an offer and acceptance, so is sharing between one with another: a willingness between the parties, one making an offer to give or provide and the other to receive in like kind the gift. The result and joy for each party is always the healing truth. A "delayed" healing of a family member who always insisted in doing for others and disallowing others to do or reciprocate for him resolved the error when the practioner friend pointed out the error. The patient was denying others from sharing the joy of giving. Yes, a coin has two sides, not just one. We must be willing to receive as well as give to experience the full joy of sharing love, even being the reflection of God. In math there only is an equation when the two sides of the "equality" sign are in unforced balance.

  87. Just the other day, one of my students who is from Somalia asked me why Americans are so afraid of "getting involved" with anyone who has a need. Apparently, he had heard that phrase more than once. He said that in his culture, people constantly share food, meals, hospitality...and that when they go out for dinner, one person pays for everyone, instead of each one paying separately. He seemed genuinely mystified.

    I replied, "Maybe this generosity is something the Somali people have to teach other Americans."

  88. Thank YOU Josh! A much needed reminder on so many levels! I know this "lift" will come to my thought many times today...and tomorrow...and...
    Thanks again!

  89. Wonderful Daily Lift ! Thanks for such a lovely reminder of infinite Good, being there for each one of us at every moment. We need not be selfish. Thank you Josh.

  90. Josh,

    What a wonderful reminder of generosity and selfless giving from your new friend,

    Thank you!

  91. So helpful to remember that our good comes from God, straight to each of us. So sharing is us expressing God's goodness. It blesses us too. God's good is there, even when we don't know it.A thought-adjustment is needed, not a pile of matter. Thank you, God, and thank you, Josh.

  92. THank you

  93. I loved the Lift and also the comments. My Mother so often said, "You always have what you give away." How lovely to read the comments that express this truth in such meaningful ways. Thank you all.

  94. Thank you Josh.

  95. What a lovely experience! Thank you for sharing. Sharon :-)