3/19: Flight plan

3/19: Flight plan

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  1. Wonderful! Nice sound effects and a message which is so easy to relate. Thank you!

  2. LOL, I found your DT very fun Norm. Thanks for the laugh. Of course it was also very inspiring, and your example is very appropriate. This morning I woke up with the worries of yesterday--those "announcements" you refer to--instead of seeing the newness, completeness, freshness of this day. But the truth is that God is the only one in control and God knows nothing about yesterday or an hour from now (e.g. when "predictions" say it will be rainy or shaky). God nows that, now, everything is alright. When I take a long flight (I have done 16 hours straight many times) and start to feel the plane shaking over night, I go in "my closet" to understand the reason why God is the only one in control. Your thought reminds me that can do the same for my day. Thanks a lot.

  3. Thank you Norm, and I really understood your mini-lecture. For a long time I seemed to live a long way from everywhere, and those long drives were a regular part of my life. I woke up a few times with the crunch of tyres on gravel, and when distraction diverted my attention I may have missed an oncoming car by not much more than the thickness of the paint. But God was always alert, and always at the wheel, and not only, but in the passenger seat, too. How gratitude floods thought as we sweep along the next 100 kms before there's somewhere to stop to get out to walk around. Prayers and hymns are the mainstay. Remembering past healings and experiences, blessings all the others sharing the road brought me to another safe arrival.
    Thank you Nate and the team, for adding the lecture as well; the BoL and lecturers; and the YDlift family.

  4. Thank you; that's just what I needed to start my day.

  5. Thank you. And, the lecture is very inspiring too. Great ideas to ponder at the close of my day.

  6. Looking forward to a positive "take-off" tomorrow morning and know by doing so, there will be happy landings at the end of the day.

  7. "there are wit, humor, and enduring vivacity among God's people." (Mis. 117) :)
    Great lift - thank you !

  8. Thank you : ) Very helpful. Pleasant trip to all!

  9. This was completely refreshing, upbeat and engaging. Enjoyed both the lift and the lecture. The bright pace of delivery commanded attention to every good idea. Thanks very much!

  10. Thank you - this is such a good wake up call as on getting up this morning my body tried to announce how it was not feeling great etc, So this lift reminded me to take up my position as a 'porter at the door of thought' - thanks

  11. Thanks Norm, I loved the analogy of the announcements on the airline flight. Something most of us can probably relate to. Good to know we can deny any of mortal mind's suggestions before our feet touch the ground ! In one of my favourite hymns, no 2 in the C.S. Hymnal "A glorious day is dawning" promises that "The beam of Truth displaces the darkness of the night" which certainly knocks any false predictions as to what our day holds, right on the head !! and, as that same hymn continues "It breaks oppression's chain" So today I will make sure my flight plan is a positive one. Thanks again Norm, and you have a happy day too!

  12. LOL is right!

    I love how you take advantage of modern technology to tell a parable in language we can understand -- which enhances and enlivens your spiritual message, Norm.

    Somehow I think Jesus would have had a hard time convincing the Gentiles and Jews and Samaritans that there is (or would be one day) such a thing as airplanes. In the same way, I am not always familiar with the scenes and activities of the Bible days, which is why I don't always relate to the specifics of parables that applied to people living days of yore.

    So thanks for keeping us current, Norm -- as well as giving us a jolt of laughter and a wake-up call on what announcements we want to listen to and heed -- or disregard and plead "not guilty" to.

    Great pilot's imitation, by the way.

    And, Nate, the music today is stellar. Right up there in the heavens with Norm's airplane. And with our newly lifted-aloft thoughts.

  13. Loved it! Simple but powerful. I'm now booked on Angel Airlines. Many thanks.

  14. Norm, your comments really made me smile, especially with the sound effects of the 'loud speaker. 'That 'loud speaker' is often trying to convince us of our vulnerable state in matter, but your Pilot instructions can help us take the controls back and enjoy a smooth ride. I'm looking forward to the flight!

  15. 'No other voice we heed' - hymn 10. Thank you.

  16. Mind as our Pilot, what a wonderful inspiration ! Thanks a lot Norm.

  17. I remember my first long plane ride, 35 hours!, comfortable seats that laid back to sleep and enjoy delicious flight food. (Those were the days) After the first 10 hours a leg began to ache and I badly missed my mom. I regretted ever taking the trip altogether but there was no going back, My job was dancing at my destination five hours later.
    I picked up my luggage limping and crying feeling abandoned in a foreign country when I reached into my pocket to find my mom’s simple message: All is well, Christ went ahead to prepare a place for you. The pain disappeared. http://bible.cc/john/14-3.htm. Yes, I had my best performance, a great year and my life changed.
    Recuerdo mi primer viaje largo en avión, ¡35 horas! Cómodos asientos reclinables lo suficiente para dormir y disfrutar la deliciosa comida del vuelo. (¡Qué tiempos aquellos!)
    Luego de las primeras 10 horas una pierna empezó a dolerme y extrañé mucho a mi mamá. Me arrepentí completamente de haber hecho el viaje, pero no había vuelta atrás, mi trabajo era bailar cinco horas después de llegar a destino.
    Recogí mi equipaje cojeando y llorando, sentiéndome abandonada en un país extranjero. Pero, metí la mano en el bolsillo y hallé el simple mensaje de mi madre: Todo va bien, Cristo fue por delante para prepararte un lugar a ti. El dolor desapareció. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Juan 2014:3% & version = RVR1960 #. Sí, tuve mi mejor rendimiento y un gran año y mi vida cambió.

  18. "Flight Plan"--how appropriate! Our adult daughter & infant granddaughter have two flights today, headed home--so I see (perceive) the "flight predictions" will be: SAFETY, HAPPINESS, COURTESY, SMOOTHNESS, and BLESSINGS! Also blessings for baby's Gram and Grandpa, as well as baby's aunt and uncle, who have loved sharing adventures for a couple of weeks, but now are "left behind"...but not really--each of us has "the kingdom of heaven at hand." We are connected through divine Love, who is communicating all goodness, and the "PILOT, DIVINE MIND" is the powerful law of sure guidance for every traveler, every child of God, everywhere, every day. Thank you, Norm, and I look forward to hearing your mini lecture! It will be part of my "flight plan" for today. Great flying, Daily Lifters, Nate and team, and BOL folks! Hurrah for all of you! I think MBE would be delighted!

  19. Laughter always lifts the spirit.....I was awakened in the middle of the night by some "nightmarish" thoughts....this daily lift made me laugh and the sense of horror has vanished. Thank you for the lift to a higher "plane" of thought.

  20. Great thoughts! Thanks!

    It reminds me when I`making flights in a small private airplane to take some aerial photographs - right after the start being above the " scene" it is always so refreshing being on a higher level - literally staying on a level / standpoint to pull oneself out of a seemlingly fixed structure or belief.

  21. Thank you . My thought needed to be awakened to what my body was trying to tell me this A.M.I have been working with the problem of my body functioning well int the morning, but my thought was not accepting the thought. I now that God is in command, I just need to recognize this idea.Thsnk you.

  22. Many thanks Norm for this inspiring lift. Yes. "...a safe peaceful journey for us every day..." "Toward Thee, while pressing onward,/ The way will brighter grow,/ For Thou throughout the journey/ Thy loving care wilt show." (Christian Science Hymnal 376).

  23. perfect

  24. :-) - very good, it works, Thank you!

  25. Grace in Manchester, England-3/19/2012
    Everyday I hear DT I think oh! this is the best. But it can't get any better. Thank you Norm B. for this inspiring Lift.With Mind always in control I am safe. The laughter this lift brought was spontaneous and healing.

  26. me again ! My brother and I enjoyed your mini lecture, we both had a good laugh at the "NO" but what a valuable lesson the lecture brought out , thank you so much Norm,

  27. My daughter and son in law are pilots in the Air Force and currently deployed. Two days ago she had an emergency landing and all ended well. This lift helped me so much this morning. Being reminded that God is the only Mind and pilot is such a wonderful truth. Thank you so much Norm and the DL team!

  28. Wow, Norm, you have really hit home on this one. Thank you so much. I will be sharing this with many with whom I have dealings today. I look forward to hearing more later today1

  29. Oh Norm we love your lifts, always filled with a new thought and a great metaphysical idea to think about. I laughed out loud at the flight description from the body's point of view, that little creaking here and there! Very good to demand an instant change of thought and lift thought higher under the sheltering wing of divine Love, healing and restoring every moment. Thank you all.

  30. Wonderful! Being an ex flt. attendant, I can truly truly relate :-) Thank you for your very clear and healing lift, Norm. I look forward to today with smooth flying!

  31. Thank you very much. A wonderful and much needed reminder. (hope my comment gest posted t0day)

  32. That was very funny Norm. I like the voice of self talking because it was exactly me this morning! I will have to follow up on your lecture and I appreciate that the extra offer is added this morning. And as # 13 says, "I am now booked on angel airlines." How succinct! How perfect. I am booked on Angel Airlines, and only expecting the very best-God's highest purpose for me. Thank you for setting my sights straight and thank you for the dramatization- the humor hits home. Good day to all.

  33. I will echo what others have said, "Wow!" Thank you Norm for this lovely lift that gives 'pinions to thought'. Your analogy brought such a smile to my face and will be a reminder to bring my thought back on course when mortal mind tries to add turbulence to my day! I will be more earnest in starting my day in prayer before I set my feet on the 'runway'! Thank you to all from around the globe who have shared thoughts today and every day, they are truly inspiring!

  34. Dear Norm - laughter on Monday morning!! The day has a springy step - thanks Norm.

  35. Just loved this lift - really made me laugh! Thank you Norm. A great analogy and so helpful. And am reminded that there is a new flight plan every day. Yesterdays is never adapted for today. - or used tomorrow. So grateful to all the Daily Lifters.

  36. LOL!! That was fun, Norm, and straight to the point! God is our pilot & instructor. If we arent getting our info from Him about who we are and how we feel, etc., we aren't getting truthful information. Thank you:-)

  37. Thank you, Norm, for a wonderful Daily Lift so many of us can relate to! My son is a pilot and my husband and I do a number of flights each year so to understand that Mind is in control, not my son or another pilot at the front of our plane, is very comforting. When I wish him a 'safe flight' now, I know it will be Divine Mind guiding him and in control.

    Norm, your lift was so lighthearted but just the message I needed to hear that I will use each morning when I awake. It seems I have been on 'autopilot' for some time now with aches and pains that take me some time to get out of bed. With Divine Mind now taking the controls on the right flight plan, I know I and all my loved ones will have a harmonious, safe, smooth and productive day. What better way to start each day!!

    Thank you too, Nate, for the additional musical interlude. It added a sense of peace to Norm's message and set time for further reflection on his message.

    I loved today's Daily Lift!!

  38. I needed a good laugh at the absurd claims of matter and a wake up call to action. You are a light and a joy! Many thanks and loads of love

  39. Thanks Norm for this wonderful light-hearted, but graphic, analogy! Oh - how busy mortal mind can get! Our wonderful lesson sermon on "Man" included in Section Three exactly what you are saying with such joyful conviction. It is a treatment starting on page 391 of Science and Health where Mrs. Eddy says in part "Mentally contradict every complaint from the body ---- ". Then on page 393 after saying that "Mind is the master of the corporeal .senses, and can conquer sickness, sin and death" she tells us to "Exercise this God-given authority. Take possesion of your body and govern its feeling and action". What a flight plan for the day!

  40. Me encanta viajar en avión es mi medio de transporte preferido no usaría otro de ser posible.pero el mayor y más sustancial vuelo es el que nos lleva hacia el conocimiento de todo lo que Dios Es, traspasando las nubes volando sobre ellas para llegar a destino a salvo de posibles turbulencias, si miramos nuestro cuerpo, este medio de transporte veremos que sí hay mucha turbulencia peligro de accidente pero como es transitorio no el medio real por el que nos movemos veremos que ni las turbulencias ni los accidentes nos afectan porque nuestro intangible vuelo va más allá de un medio de transporte porque este vuelo va hacia el cielo sin trabas ni turbulencias, porque no necesita alas ni combustible, ya los tiene para volar sin impedimentos en esa senda abierta de cielos sin nubes que conducen a buen destino.
    Muchas gracias por este desayuno sustancial Norm.

  41. Thank you so much, Norm. Had to laugh out loud. I have been on ten flights in the last month, and all those complaints, delay, turbulence, mechanical difficulties, had to be handled prayerfully, and were, with good success. I also have had to deal with the body announcements. A lesson or two ago included the passage about mentally contradicting every complaint from the body.(S&H 391:29) I am getting better at that, and it is effective also. I look forward to hearing your mini lecture, and thank you for it. What a great day is shaping up! Thanks again.

  42. WOW!!! What a glorious way to start the day and the week. I just can't thank you enough for the lecture and the lift. I loved your one word prayer "NO!" My one word prayer is "STOP!" Whenever I start to have unloving or un-Godlike thoughts; criticizing someone, pain, etc. I declare my one word prayer and then continue with something a little more scientific or specific to the occasion. But the one word gets my attention immediately.

    I loved the music as well!

  43. Are you sure that wasn't MY body speaking to you??? :-) Thanks, Norm, for the "Lift Off!" Reminds me of a friend of mine, who at 95 was more beautiful and poised and upright than I had ever seen her to be in the 15+ years I had known her. I asked her what her secret was. She said she used "body language." Having asked her how that worked, she explained that whenever she felt an ache or pain in her body, she'd say, "Shut up!" and would just go about whatever it was she wanted to accomplish. If it wouldn't listen right away, she'd ignore it, standing steadfast in the knowledge that she didn't have to listen to it. Having had many conversations with her over the years about Christian Science, I was inspired by her approach. Again, many thanks, Norm.

  44. Thanks Norm. These days my Flight Plan say "Poor visibility" but I trust in God as ever to overcome this erroneous message. Very useful comparison

  45. Well that woke me up. I was lying across the bed listening to the daily lift so it woke me up with amazing laughter at how mortal mind was working to make me think I was not 100% perfect. Thank you for the reminder that I am at one with God.

  46. Hi Norm!

    Thank you so much about this. It is so interesting to have awaken to this Daily Lift as I had been working over the weekend to stop anticipating negative interactions with situations and to expect good. I watched the movie "the Green Lantern" last night and if you listen closely, it is all about overcoming fear and the larger the fear or error, the larger its removal once we have the right thought. Amazing that the truth is being published in so many ways but people are just not getting the message.

    Even last night while watching TV I realized why I much prefer to watch the DVD versions of the 30 minute comedies, because I do not get all of the health ads talking about risk of this and risk of that and then countering all they say by saying that their medications themselves also carry risks..even the risk of death!...so what is the point of listening to these untrue announcements?

    Investing money in getting the DVDs is a bit like investing in our Churches with our time and collection. We get the right message and we walk away being uplifted, not fearful of more risks.

    I have been working and will continue to work to turn off those "announcements" THANKS!

  47. Thank you. I have flown a couple of times and it does feel good to be above all the confusion that seems to bother us when we are down on the ground .We can just know that we are in God's care and all will be well..

  48. Womderful message and so easy to relate. As former air traffic controller I can advise everyone that we are now cleared to Take the Wings of the Morning and Lift off!! Daily Lifts certainly do show the diversity of Mind and how many ways there are to seek and find the inspiration that guides us.

  49. This is amazing Norm. Muchas gracias, vielen DANK!

  50. What a wake-up call, Norm! Loved it! And you took what Mrs. Eddy wrote in Science and Health and put it in the language of today! This Lift helped me understand better what it says in S & H: "Take possession of your body and govern it's feeling and action." And another one: "Do muscles talk or do you talk for them?" The wonderful thing about Christian Science is that it uncovers the Truth that the body or matter has no intelligence or life of it's own! We truly do embrace our physical body in our thoughts! Believing we're living inside a matter body and that it controls us is one of the biggest hoaxes of the eons! Jesus came to prove that we live in Spirit, not Matter! Yahoo! Now, THAT'S a good flight plan! Soaring in Love today!

  51. Wonderful, inspiring message, Norm! I'm ready for a safe journey today and every day!

  52. Thank you for your wonderful lift this morning, I'm still laughing! What a treat to tune in on your 12 minute prayer lecture and to find more of the same! Your experience will not be forgotten and thank you for sharing such a joyous outcome! No one can doubt God was with you and is with us too, thanks.

  53. Thank you Norm for such a humorous and joyfilled treatment!

  54. Hi Norm, Thans so much for your lightning idea to start the day of week. its very interesting to understand our body similar as analogy as flight plan. Have pleasant to God's presence. Mario from Sao Paulo, Brazil

  55. Fabulous ,, thank You ! :-)

  56. Thanks for the lift and for the mini lecturer :)

  57. Angel Airlines (#13, THANK YOU!!). Apparently Norm's airlines when he was exiting the highway. I have used Angel Airlines a few times dismounting horses. Some great landings.

    Love the added link to the lecture today. Thanks DL team.

  58. Thank you.

  59. Thank you, Norm, for the great start of the week!
    Love the perfect analogy.
    Can always count on you, dear Friend.

  60. Thank you very much. It will lead me with smiling and lightening through the week: -The 'only pilot' - yes, indeed! -

  61. Totally cool, Norm! Thanks. I will be recommending this to lots of folks today.


  62. A terrific 'lift' today, in more than one sense of the word!
    I couldn't help being reminded of the saying: "If God is your co-pilot, switch seats!"'
    Thanks so much, and thanks to the Board of Lectureship for all these Daily Lifts!

  63. This was great--your analogy of the announcements on the airline flight helped awaken me to recognize another one of mortal mind's devious, deceptive mo's in my life. This Lift is another great start to the week ahead. Thanks to all.

  64. To #44 Osvaldo:

    An earlier Daily Lift suggested "flying by the instruments" at such times. I take this to mean going with our highest sense of things, fully obedient to the Ten Commandments, and listening, listening, listening for God's loving directions moment by moment. One daily flight at a time.

    Thanks, Norm!!!

  65. Thank you for this wonderful lift...very creative!

  66. Hi Norm
    This is so right!
    Spiritual truth wrapped in the "captain's" announcement!
    I had to laugh! And got the point!

  67. Oh, this is so great! I laughed out loud when the "mortal mind voice" came on. I do have that voice frequently in the mornings and I have a little argument with it as to its validity. Thank you so much!

  68. A clever and original Daily Lift today, Norm. Thanks for the awakening message. I say awakening because fresh, new thoughts such as yours are likely more effective in helping us align ourselves spiritually than are the habitual, routine and predicable ones.

    I might also add that because so many of the pilots these days flying some of the larger planes, particularly in the States, have beginning salaries of $17,000, it is difficult to be flying any more without feeling uneasy. The film Capitalism a Love Story by Michael Moore has sensitized me to the dreadful working conditions of many pilots who earn less than a manager at Taco Belle and in fact take on second jobs and debt just to make ends meet. Not a pretty picture. And one worth praying about if the stories presented in the Michael Moore film are to be believed.

    Thanks again, Norm for the most effective Daily Lift, with a punch to it.

  69. Oops, one last thought, if I may. It is thrilling to notice that we have a comment (number 2, I believe) from China.

    How gratifying it is to know that the Christian Science movement is making new inroads.

  70. What a delightful lift, thank you so much.
    Yes, no way we should succumb to the false suggestion of mortal mind!!!
    Our Mind, which is also in Christ Jesus, is the Greatest. No comparison.
    Happy trip to all.

  71. Helpful analogy. Thank you..

  72. A wonderful message to launch my day. Thanks, Ron.

  73. Good one! Lightness and laughter -- but such a powerful message.

    Indeed. God, our pilot aboard Angel Airlines lifts us up and flies us straight forward to our spiritual destination.

    "Come fly with me..let's fly up to the stars..."etc. -- with love, God. (Borrowed from the Frank Sinatra song.)

  74. Wonderful lift. I also listened to your inspiring lecture of effective prayer. Thank you for both. Humor is also a healer.

  75. Muy agradecida Norm por tu Lift !!! A mí me encanta el avión como medio de transporte, observar tan cerca las nubes, parece estar verdaderamente en el Cielo . Máxime si hay un día luminoso - donde la nave se mueve casi sin sentirla , en suave armonía.

    El tema de Hoy lo relacioné con el 'Plan divino' de vuelo ascendente , para cada uno de Sus hijos/as . Este volar en oración nos lleva a percibir vislumbres de la grandiosidad del Universo y Su Creador .

    Mrs. Eddy escribe refiriéndose a la Mente - como ' la Deidad,que delínea pero que no es delineada ' (cys p 591).
    Siempre es la Mente - el Amor guiando y elevando nuestro pensar para que lleguemos a comprender nuestra Unidad con Dios - 'despertar' a lo que significa ser un Reflejo completo.
    Esto se logra paso a paso, gradualmente, con perseverancia e inspiración divina.

    Es consolador saber que los Angeles nos ayudan en nuestro 'plan de vuelo'.
    ' Los angeles son representantes de Dios .Estos seres de ' vuelo ascendente' nunca conducen hacia el egoísmo, pecado o materialidad, sino que guían hacia el Principio divino de todo bien' (cys p 299) ' Los angeles son pensamientos puros que emanan de Dios, alados con Verdad y Amor' .

    ¡ Cuánta gratitud por estos angeles de Su presencia que ayudan, iluminan y conducen los pensamientos hacia lo Alto , de acuerdo al Plan divino en acción !!!

    Agradezco mucho los comentarios anteriores.
    Un abrazo y Bendiciones del Amor para todos, Ma.Cristy

  76. I can't come up with any other thoughts than the wonderful comments have shared so far . . so I'll just say: me, too!! :)

  77. My dad was one of the first airline pilots in the US and we would always say, "Have a great trip, Dad". I just can hear God saying that to us all the time. God wants and knows only good for us!!!!! Thank you so much for the Lift today, it means so much to me!!!!

  78. Love it. Thank you.

  79. What a Lift this morning....so unique and yet so right on the money. Loved your "body talk" and so often the body does seem to have a voice. Reminded me of Mrs. Eddy's statement in Science and Health, "Mortal mind is the worst foe of the body while divine Mind is its best friend." (p.176) Also loved the simplicity and clarity you brought to the subject of prayer.

  80. Danke Norm for this fun unmasking and thanks to all fellow - travellers enjoying our journeys !

  81. Norm, thanks so much for the inspirational lift!! Although I'm not a Christian Scientist, I tune into the lift every week day and feel so connected to everyone, the lecturers and commenters. I am so grateful for the sustenance that I receive and the sense of community where everyone is on the same wave length as we all strive to stay awake to WHO WE ARE-now and forever!!

  82. This was so refreshing, so needed, so true, and I am so grateful for hearing it. I am so grateful Eddy has shown us through the flight plan she took with God that we do have a voice of our own and it is the Christ. How gratifying it is to know that voice is the Christ and is our body's best friend chasing out the bullies. Thanks again for another original way to tell the old old story of Jesus and his love to us.

  83. Wonderful Norm! Perfect assurance as we each head out into our day, and for me, as I head into the skyways this month and in next months to come. thanks everyone for sharing your insights. AND Thanks Nate for the reminder on the mini lectures. I look forward to tuning into CS.com.

  84. great....see the sky of life as having "no bumps" with a happy landing.

  85. Hi Norm,
    Your lift reminder me of a tape I heard years ago where the practitioner said as she was going to bed each night, "Now I've washed you and I've dressed you and I don't want to hear another word out of you!"
    Of course she was speaking to mortal mind, since matter can't talk and we know mortal mind has no reality either!

  86. I love the fact that God gives us humor too. Thanks Much.

  87. So practical Norm. This was a red alert for me, as I have had an intruding negative message for some time in the morning. This will help me "stand porter at the door of thought" and replace these thoughts with the true sense of morning (Light; symbol of Truth; revelation and progress." as given in the Glossary of Science and Health pg. 591.

    Thanks for this beautiful pearl.

  88. Wow! Fantastic lift ,as always! A real keeper for me--been on a few of those early morning flights too! I agree with the quote from Dr. Talmage (from comment in #7) that Mrs. Eddy referenced in Miscellaneous Writings. How important it is to laugh at ourselves and have a sense of humor. You seem to be masterful at your sense of humor and it hooks me every time. Thanks so much. Now I am off to listen to your lecture!

  89. Heartfelt thanks to day. I prayed overnight for my trip and flight dilema to be solved in a reasonable way to accomodate all. Thank you for all things good today, The flight can be put on hold: God's answer is never on hold but just there to resolve and restore, reducing to a totally manageable size yesterdays enormous puzzles. The wonderful part of Christian Science prayer is the realization that all is well and that it always has been.. Daily Lift and Norms mini lecture so appreciated.

  90. Dear Norm, In your Daily Lift dated 3/19/2012, you used the phrase Mortal Mind. The hope I guess, is to have more people who are quite new to Christian Science and not as familiar with the terminaligy of C/S wording. To those people I like to use "BODY SNATCHER", based on the science fiction book and movie. Basically the story is about Pods attaching to people and making them do things that they would not normally do. Isn't that basically what Mortal Mind is, making people do what God did not create them to do. Man is in God's image and likeness with that Mind which was in Christ Jesus. When people who are not Christian Scientists ask me what Mortal Mind is, I tell them first that it's a body snatcher, then I explain to them Mortal Mind. Then they get the meaning.

    From Norm Bleichman:
    Tobias, I agree with you that we should do everything we can to clarify words or phrases for those unacquainted with Christian Science. Your suggestion is an intriguing one, as I'm familiar with two of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" movies. I would, however, hesitate calling mortal mind a 'body snatcher,' as that implies a tug-of-war scenario between mortal mind and divine Mind over the material structure called the body. In absolute Science, Mind knows nothing of the body, but can only affirm and communicate to us our spiritual identity OUTSIDE the body. It's when we realize -- through our prayer and study -- that our spiritual individuality is the reality of Life, that the body becomes subordinate and under the control of the divine Mind. And that's a spiritual fact that can't ever be "snatched" from us. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Norm

  91. Thank you for giving me,and all,the perfect "flight plan" for today,and every day!

  92. Voila'! Home run. Creatively done reminder of how to begin our day handling aggressive mortal suggestion, only would-be suggestion, then magnifying the Truth, what is real.

    Thank you, Norm.

  93. The Daily Lift series is a gift that I very much look forward to. With my 36 year career as a flight attendant your lift today has certainly hit home with me. God is our sure captain where ever we find ourselves - rocky road, turbulent skies or smooth sailing ...... humor and calm trust go a long way in finding our peace - thank you Norm.

  94. Thanks to everyone who added to this kernel of an idea and helped expand it in so many novel ways. It's great working with all of you.

  95. Hi Norm, thank you so much for this wonderful lift. It helped me a lot today.

  96. Excellent! A great analogy with humor as well. We can reject the flight plan (information coming from the body) as no part of us. Thank you.

  97. Great - fun - very helpful Lift. Thanx!

  98. When is very funny identical with very serious? When it is a Norm Bleichman Daily Lift! A special thanks Norm for this amusing one, with such an important message for us to pay attention to unspoken body reports as we start our days. Because of the humorous way you exposed error's attempt to be serious (definitely not funny) while trying to seize our attention, I'll be more alert to see the ridiculousness of such claims, because our only Pilot would never need to or attempt to frighten or worry us. Jesus said to "Fear not." God's flight plan includes free travel insurance. and assurance, or in other words, guaranteed certainty. Had ti try every speed and 3 browsers, but finally saw your great lecture with multiple stop/starts, just farther apart than the other options. Thank you for it too.

  99. What a neat "lift"! So easy to relate. While it is easy to laugh at the wake up, how important it is for us to remember that God is our only Mind and is only giving us messages of good. Thanks.

  100. Norm, you always give us something unexpected and WONDERFUL! Thanks so much.

  101. As usual, Norm, you have that wonderful ability to entertain and make so clear the words of MBE...Up Up and away Captain...Thanks, Jim

  102. Thanks Norm, this certainly was thought-provoking and helpful. Yesterday I was bent over buckets washing alpaca fleeces all day and this morning I was loading a trailer with bales of hay for my alpacas and reloading into a hay store back here on the farm. I was grateful at the time for being fit. But now I am also grateful that God is my life and the arbiter and direction for all that I do in His business and "fitted" to His purpose. What a wonderful blessing we have in all that TMC so magnificently shares with each one of us through its spiritual bounty. The Daily Lift is a conversation I eagerly anticipate every day. Love and blessings to you all.

  103. Listening to this DL and reading all the comments was indeed a flight full of delight!

  104. really nice, thank you

  105. Thank you. It was what I needed to hear today.


  107. Thank you Norm,
    I'm just listening to the "flight plan" today and it's only 20 minutes until tomorrow! I love it and will reflect on it as I prepare for tomorrow's perfect day!

  108. Loved it! Very helpful. Thanks. (=

  109. Thanks, Norm, for this 'fun' lift! Your analogy with the airplane/ flight status vs our bodies was great, and for me right on! I'm vowing to do better when I 'arise' each morning, and check God's status for me. Thanks.

  110. Thank you, Norm! Good thoughts for starting any day. Thank you.

  111. Car crashes are no more real than being kicked by a horse or falling off your horse. Science and Health states very clearly, "Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake."

  112. GREAT analogy Norm! Thanks so much. I could relate to both scenarios--the over exertion from yesterday's work out, and thinking about how crazy busy we are right now at work. So thank you for helping to BREAK that mesmerism and helping me uncover the JOY again! Seat belt sign has been turned off. You are now free to move about the cabin/office. No restrictive movement!

  113. My favorite lift ever! (traveling tomorrow so metaphor much more concrete than usual.) Thanks, Norm.

  114. As a retired flight attendant your message really hit home and made me laugh. Thank you so much for the Daily Lift, it really was a "lift" and for the lecture. Both were most inspiring.

  115. Super! I was alerted to the thought that mortal mind would make a suggestion of aches and pains every morning. It is not a bodily condition, but an aggressive mental suggestion. Sure enough, the next morning when I awoke, something hurt. I said, "I know who you are, (a liar and the father of it). There is no condition. You are just a suggestion. So shut up. And it was gone. That happened about four mornings in a row, each time a different claim. Each time I said the same thing. Then they stopped. That experience has stood me in good stead ever since.

  116. Thank you, Norm. I appreciated this lift on Monday, but loved revisiting it & reading all the comments today (Thursday!) I am on vacation visiting family and the healing ideas in this Lift has been helpful for various suggestions that cropped up. Norm, thank you for also commenting. I always love it when the lecturers find the time to join in the comments. Have a bit of time to myself right now, so I'm going to listen to your lecture next. Can't wait!!!!!! lots of love, Tracy

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