3/17: Truth's clear day

3/17: Truth's clear day

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  1. What a great Lift. Thank you Beth for reminding us not to focus on the mist (erroneous thought), but on the warmth and light that is always present when we turn our thoughts to God (divine consciousness). Feeling God's love and presence allows us to clearly see and feel that "Truths clear day" is here. Just as the sun dispels the mist, Truth dispels error. For this we can be certain and bask in this ray of light. Thank you again.

  2. Your Lift has motivated me to fervently pray for further recognitions of all the connections that leads to what is good.

  3. Beautiful Beth! xxx Thanks for sharing this. And thanks for all your wonderful work xx

  4. Beautiful! This will stay with me! Thank you.

  5. Great illustration with accompanying visual which gets the message clearly across. Many thanks.

  6. Such a wonderful lift. How lovely to reminded that "no change my heart shall fear for nothing changes here".

  7. This lovely message really helped me after what felt like a rather crazy day at work. Thank you so much, Beth, for your perfect message!.

  8. Dear Beth, loved you message, thank you.

  9. Many thanks Beth for illustrating as part of Life's divine plan how nothing can ever stop Love from loving all of divine Mind's perfect creation. "Take my life, and let it be/ Consecrated, Lord, to Thee./ Take my moments and my days,/ Let them flow in ceaseless praise." (Christian Science Hymnal # 324).

  10. Thank you Beth for this lovely and reassuring message. No matter how challenging the dark times, still the good that underpins my life is still there, still keeping me grounded and in my right place. Nothing can keep Good from loving me... I will keep it in mind.

  11. This is such a lovely lift. Thank you, Beth. The birds are so beautiful! And, I love hearing that '...and God's love for me is my entire world.' That thought can clear the air of anything!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Thank you so much for this lifting insight. So true. As long as we acknowledge and dwell in the Father/Mother/God as our entire world, the under and over pinning of our being, understood…we are safe, and help in keeping everyone safe as well.

    Thank you!

  13. So beautiful both thought and video...
    Thank you.

  14. Just what I needed this morning ! Thank you so much Beth

  15. Super Beth, many thanks.
    "From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day". (CS Hymnal) Nothing lost or out of range of Love's infinity.

  16. Thank You so much Beth .
    Just what I needed today.

  17. Thank you so much, Beth, for this lovely video message this morning. "From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day" hymn 64 immediately comes to thought. Nothing can stop God loving us is so comforting and no matter how cloudy or misty it may seem yo be the sun is always shining. Love to all the DL team and lifters.

  18. We live on a mountain, and although a mile away from the sea, during winter, while the sun warms up the cool costal air, our mountain remains cold and covered by the mist most of the day.

    To us, Californians, our short winters seem to last forever. (Cold and all, we surf and go with only a t-shirt most of the winter, and yes, we call it winter).

    Although the fog is so thick that could be cut with a knife, is a reminder that, no matter the appearances, the fog is really nothing and it won't last, as in Genesis 1.

    Is a deceiver that attempts to blind us to the warmth of God's Love which is always around.

    Vivimos en una montaña, y aunque estamos a casi un kilómetro del mar, en invierno, mientras el sol entivia el fresco aire de la costa, nuestra montaña permanece fría y cubierta de niebla la mayor parte del día.

    Para nosotros, los Californianos, nuestros cortos inviernos parecen durar para siempre.
    (Frío y todo, hacemos surfing y andamos solo con camiseta casi todo el invierno, y sí, lo llamamos invierno).

    Aunque la niebla es tan espesa que se podría cortar con un cuchillo, es un recordatorio de que, pese a las apariencias, la niebla no es realmente nada, y no durará, como en Génesis 1.

    Es la engañadora que atenta a cegarnos al calor del Amor de Dios que siempre nos rodea.

  19. Thank you so much Beth, this is a lovely reminder that however dark and long a time seems, the sun is ALWAYS there waiting to break through the clouds. Love the video, too. Thank you Daily Lifters for this resource; a lovely way to start my day.

  20. Such a comfort ... thank you Beth!

  21. Thank you so much for this wonderful lift so reassuring of the view no matter the weather. And I love those birds they are beautiful. Very helpful lift! Very inspiring!

  22. Beth, Thank you for sharing your beautiful scenery and wild life. Reminding us all that God's goodness and healing presence is always with us, even when our human view is misty.

  23. Thank you Beth.. So beautiful!!!

  24. What a message, view and beautiful birds! Such a wonderful lesson for us to learn and work through.
    Thank you, Beth.

  25. Thank you Beth for this wonderful daily lift :)

  26. This beautiful lift reminds me of the story of a family canoeing, and the mist became very thick so that they couldn't see where they were going. Eventually, one of the crew members stood up and found himself in the clear. They didn't need to try and paddle their way out of the mist, only to stand up and find the sunshine was shining right where they were.

    When we look out from a higher spiritual standpoint, we can find ourselves in the clear light of Truth and Love right where we are every moment. We don't need to try and fight our way through the mists of mortal seeming, but just to acknowledge that we are safe in Love's care every moment.

  27. Thank you very much, dear Beth, for the beautiful message.Some days in life when we feel somehow down and have lost for a moment the clear path of knowledge that the light of Gods divine love is always with us deep prayer with focus on the divine presence is lifting the fog (wrong thoughts) and brings us back. Your lovely video brought me the rememberance back how beautiful your homeland is which I've had visited many years ago. Thank you for all.

  28. What a Beautiful reminder Beth. Thank you!

  29. Your comforting and uplifting Lift has just come at the right time for me Beth. Thank you.

  30. I love it! Thank you so much. The video is so illustrative of the ideas. A picture does paint a "thousand words"! These ideas remind me of an angel message I wrote about in an article "Through the Clouds" in the October 2004 Journal. What I was trying to convey in words you so beautifully expressed in video. I am grateful.

  31. Thank you Beth for your rather uplifting message .You have certainly supported my prayerful efforts today.
    Much love and blessings.

  32. 'God's love for me is my entire world' Powerful statement. thank you

  33. Thank you.

  34. Thanks, Beth, for also opening our eyes to your bird-table and some of Australia's beautiful birds. The words of Harriet Beecher Stowe [writer famous for being a great anti-slavery campaigner in the USA], come to mind. See in the CS Hymnal, No 317:

    Still, still with Thee when purple morning breaketh,
    When the bird waketh, and the shadows flee,
    Fairer than morning, lovelier than the daylight,
    Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.

  35. Thank you Beth! Lovely landscape and message!!! As you said, God's LOVE for me is my entire world and nothing can change this Truth's clear day!!
    Thank you again, and Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  36. Love to hear you say , "God is my entire world " , for from that consciousness do all good things come, Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Thanks for sharing your faith.

  37. Good one Beth. Thanks for the reminder of the helping hand always outstretched to guide us through the mists. Loved the King Parrots too!

  38. This is just what I needed to hear right now, thank you so much Beth and to everyone involved with these daily lifts, they are so helpful and inspiring.

  39. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift and the video is lovely..Thanks to the Lifters.

  40. Thank you so much for this lift. I really needed to hear this today and it has inspired me to look past the material picture and have hope in the spiritual reality.

  41. Thank you Beth for this great message and the comfort it brings knowing that no matter how dark life may seem at times, the darkness cannot hide the light and we are always in the presence of God (light)

  42. Dear Beth

    Thank you so much for sharing your home environment and your wise Daily Lift.

  43. Ah Beth, What a lovely thought to start the day. Thank you.

  44. Thank you for this refreshing and invigorating Lift!

  45. Many thanks for your beautiful lift Beth,
    A beautiful in thought and vision.

  46. Thank you!

  47. Beautiful scene and beautiful message -- just wondering how you fill that bird feeder :-)

  48. Thank you so much Beth for this lovely illustration of Truth's constant clarity. It reminds me of the following quote that I have been working with lately regarding the difficulty a dear loved one is going through right now. S & H pg 304:9, "This is the doctrine of Christian Science: that divine Love cannot be deprived of its manifestation, or object; that joy cannot be turned into sorrow, for sorrow is not the master of joy; that good can never produce evil; that matter can never produce mind nor life result in death." Your Lift hit the mark this morning. Thank you to all of you who comment, I glean such inspiration from you all.

  49. 23 Psalm 'The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:' I had great anxiety about an erroneous health matter last night. As I recited the 23rd Psalm,I focused on Jesus as my shepherd. I knew He cared for me with His life! I focused on green pastures, fertile areas where love and health abound. The green pastures were not a choice; if I accepted Jesus as my shepherd, then ergo, the green pastures were mandatory, they were the only places I could be. I gained so much relief from this imagery!

  50. Thank you for telling me today will be a day clear of any inharmony. And thank you for the beautiful parrots.

  51. lovely lift, love the use of video, thankyou

  52. Thank you very much for this beautiful message which reminds so clearly that "On the mountain" all is seen spiritually, i.e. good, perfect, intact, clear, in the image of God's creation.
    I understand that the idea can also be applied in case of false belief in atmospheric pollution.
    Many thanks also to - 34 - Seeker - (above in this list) for quoting the inspired and refreshing words of hymn 317.

  53. Thank you Beth for that lovely calm message and the birds were perfect. I had been allowing that mist to stick around this evening and cloud my thought about future plans that seemed to engulf me. So good that I can feel it lift off right now.

  54. So very grateful for this lovely Lift to greet the day! Thank you, Beth, for the beautiful message and video, and for all contributors each day, including the beautiful birds in the video today.

  55. La claridad del día brilla en nuestra consciencia, cuando las nieblas del error son despejadas con la real claridad, la del espíritu. Entonces podemos comer sin que nos alimenten, porque el alimento es imperecedero, como Cristo lo demostró, Él hizo recostar a la multitud, para darle el real alimento, el que está en los delicados pastos del entendimiento donde está la fortaleza, en los verdes prados del amor, en la fuente de agua dulce, que sacia la sed, en esa agua viva que nos dió Cristo, ambas, el alimento y el agua, que como Él dijo a la mujer: no tendría nunca más sed, ni tampoco tendremos hambre...si nos alimentamos del espíritu, porque tendremos la porción que necesitemos en el momento que lo necesitemos, no como una necesidad, sino como un desafío a la real necesidad.

    "La alegría por el bien logrado y el trabajo bien hecho no deberían ser eclipsados por alguna oportunidad perdida, por alguna demanda imperativa que no se ha satisfecho todavía" MBE

    Muchas gracias Beth, por el mensaje.

  56. I loved the message and the video. It reminded me of many years ago when I experienced my first encounter with smog in Southern California as I was driving along a highway not far from the mountains. They had completely disappeared. I had to pull over and look more closely - I just couldn't believe that anything so big could be gone. But, of course, I knew they were still there. Error can sometimes cloud our view of good, but God's goodness is always present. I was reminded of hymn 136, the first verse:

    I love Thy way of freedom, Lord,
    To serve Thee is my choice,
    In Thy clear light of Truth I rise
    And, listening for Thy voice,
    I hear Thy promise old and new,
    That bids all fear to cease:
    My presence still shall go with thee
    And I will give thee peace.

  57. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou..Beautiful im every way.. Inspirational
    Gods beauty surrounds and astounds .. whether sunshine, mist, fog, rain, snow, birds, tigers, snakes,spiders, etc.
    'All is well" because Each of is directly connected/ "grounded" to Divine Intelligence,completely loved, embraced, and safe every moment of the day in every way. 24/7 ..

  58. Beth, So grateful for your lift today, to be reminded that nothing can stop God's loving me or hinder my feeling his love or His presence. I so loved your birds in the video, they certainly weren't bothered by the mist, it didnt keep them from the good.

  59. Good for you, Beth, and for us all. Yes, the sun is still shining whether we see it or not. And God, divine Love, is loving us constantly, eternally. Robert Leighton wrote: "The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days."

  60. The amazing parrots were a hint and proof that God's beauty and love are always right before us even when we think the picture is clouded.
    The beautiful parrots have made my day! ☀️

  61. What a lovely message, and visual. Thank you.

  62. Beautiful, helpful, reassuring. Thanks. AND thanks to all the folks who have shared hymns and other comments. Thanks DL team for putting these on.

  63. Many thanks Beth for this reminder that mist cannot obstruct the Truth, the real picture is perfect, unchanged. Great "Lift" and so many helpful comments.

  64. christ Truth lift out the mist of Adamdream. Thank you dear Beth for the loving teachiñg video, thank you

  65. I was praying for my students this morning. Your ideas provide an analogy I can use in a public school setting. Thank you.

  66. God creates man with purpose, usefulness, blessing. This purpose is unselfish; it is powerful and healing. Our job is to discover that individual purpose and live it! This is the substance of our being and nothing can take that away because it is spiritual and eternal.

    Love your message, Beth.........I am grateful for it.

  67. Lovely Lift! The video is perfect to illustrate your message. We are so blessed to have this Daily Lift to learn more, to comfort each other and to share our love of God with the world!

  68. Oh Beth, This was absolutely beautiful in every way. I'm forwarding it to many friends.
    Thank you for sharing.

  69. Beth, I keep watching this message over and over this morning. It is like the voice of hope and a powerful reminder that God's goodness, though it may seem hidden, has never gone anywhere. Right where pain or sorrow seem to have a hold there is Love "keeping us safe, grounded and in our right place."

  70. Beautifully presented message. God's all-inclusive love for us certainly is always here, there and everywhere. Love reflected in love, individually and collectively enables us to feel and know this foundation and superstructure of our world of infinite Love--ever present and seen as the mists of material beliefs of existence fade or are blown away, while we acknowledge our oneness with Spirit, God, universal Love, infinite good.

  71. Thank you Beth...my heart is touched and I feel so much comfort from your loving reminder that only God's goodness is going on..".all is well" Thank you too Martin #! for your comments. I am seeing clearer now....

  72. Dear Beth, thanks for the video. The parrots were especially beautiful. This message is just what I need to start the day!

  73. Thank you, Just the message I need to hear for my thoughts of family and friends.

  74. This is just the message I need to hear on behalf of family and friends. Thank you.

  75. Thank you Beth,
    In your case Truth has been sending lovely birds as reminders.
    Without exceptions there is always a reason to be grateful!
    Bless you

  76. Thank you, Beth. Just beautiful!

  77. Thank you so much!!!!!

  78. Beautiful message Beth. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. You are so right...God never stops loving us...no matter what happens in our life's...

  79. Thank you Beth. A very comforting Lift today. Worth remembering every day.

  80. Thank you, Beth, for “Truth’s clear day … nothing can stop God loving me and God’s love for me, is my entire world.” God in the midst of the mist. Enjoy your clear day, everyone!!! ;-)

  81. This lift pierces the heavy mist for me. Thank you for the lovely gift.

  82. The mist of mortal mind clouds up thought just like the mist over a scene seen from atop of a mountain view. That view is beautiful to look at even though it's hidden by the mist. The mist only let's in a dark picture of the mountain view. The same goes for the mist from mortal mind. It doesn't allow the beauty of thought to shine through.
    It needs to be mentally expunged just as the morning mist over a beautiful scene has to cleared by a rising sun.

  83. Great, thanks very much.

  84. Beth, what a perfect, gorgeous visual which sweetly reminds us that the foggy view is not real, we need only to turn inward and listen with our heart to dispel any mist covered thought. Thank you Beth and all other lifters, as always, you all add inspirational gladness....

  85. What a great Summit, Beth, and thank you for your generous outpouring of Love's loveliness. Our drive home was quiet, calm, and "undisturbed." We were almost home before we were aware of our arrival!. Thank you for the video also. . . Look at those fields: they were probably covered in trees, in habitat for birds at one time. But the birds forgive us for our ways, and they hold no grudge or resentment.
    Otherwise they wouldn't be able to

  86. hank you Beth, and all the assurance has been echoed by the many comments in the Lift family!

  87. Thank you Beth- would love to see 'your world'! Mine is bright today with a beautiful sunrise in Newport Bch Ca

  88. Thank you! very important to keep consciousness stuck in Truth's goodness whenever things seem different from good. Just to know it is an illusion gives us assurance and peace to proceed with humility, being guided by divine Love.

  89. I love the idea of standing up in the mist...setting our sight above it.

    But I'm also reminded of a time that I had to go lower in order to get through a fog. I was skiing at the top of a mountain in the western U.S. -- very high in elevation. A snowstorm had rolled in, so the mountain was thick with clouds. I had to ski down with almost no visibility. This meant going quite slowly and facing the fear and disorientation as I just keep skiing a few feet at a time. It was truly scary. I just went with the best sense I had of the fall-line of the mountain, and fortunately I had a friend nearby who was doing the same thing. It wasn't too long before we were below the clouds and could proceed much more freely and quite safely to the bottom of the mountain.

    Sometimes we might seem to be in the mist of materiality because of human will, even well-meaning projects. In that case, it might be best to humble ourselves and let God do all the leading, even if it means going down a mountain of "accomplishments" to get back to the valley where the Christ takes our hand and leads us. Nothing is lost in such humility; we identity more fully with our spiritual stature, which is permanent. Thank you so much, Beth and Lifters, all.

  90. Thank you Beth! No matter what happened. God's love for me is in my entire world. Wonderful reminder. I love it!

  91. Oh my gosh Beth, thank you so much! That Lift was just beautiful; so encouraging and helpful! It's a keeper for sure! The video was so helpful on giving us a perspective when we do seem surrounded by difficulties and challenges. Thank you, thank you!
    Judith from Reno N:

  92. Sincere thanks Beth, That lifted the seeming dark cloud from my thought, to see the good, pure, real idea of Love, Truth, and peace, Carol

  93. "God's love for me is my entire world." is a very helpful thought. This life gives a strong, clear and needed message Thank you.

  94. This is a very deep, healing, precious, perfect message.
    Thanks for the Truth you are spreading today with your words

  95. Thank you for reminding us, in a really beautiful visual manner, that God is always right with us and loving us. Really special to watch the parrots having a good dinner and just free to fly around. In my area, the only way we see parrots is in a confined manner. They and the message are really special today.

  96. Thank you for the Beautiful Lift, really helped me!

  97. So very beautiful in every way! Yes... God's love for me IS my ENTIRE world!!! Thank you for putting this Truth into words and video, Beth.

  98. Hi Beth, thank you for sharing your beautiful birds and countryside. Thank you for the great analogy of mist and sunshine to our 'wilderness' times and our enlightened times though they never really exist only in thought. Thank you to Nate and team for this wonderful forum for sharing. Thanks to all commenters as well.

  99. The Kingdom within- our entire world. Thanks for this and all the lifts.

  100. Thank You to the wonderful people that produced this wonderful video to accompany Beth's wonderful Daily Lift. "Though we may forget...We remember what it looks like..." We know that through Divine Love no matter how elusive the Truth may appear in a material situation, Truth is always present, and compelling towards that beautiful clear day of Truth. Thank You, Beth!

  101. Thank you for today's outstanding Lift. It helps to be reminded that we can always rise above the fog of material sense to the beauty of the reality, or the reality of the beauty

    . So much love is expressed here. Many, many thanks. (_)

  102. Thank you for this healing message of truth today. It quieted my heart and i just had to be still and know that God omni- is with me / us always. Next came the thought of a hymn that starts 'O may we be still and seek Him'. Thanks for all the comments shared .

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from Hymn 237.

  103. Thank you for today's very beautiful message!

  104. What a breath-taking view! It reminds me of what we see from the airplane window when we are flying at lower altitudes. One such time, I was filled with a sweet inspiration that it was a partial glimpse of how God is able to "see" and know every one of us every moment, from His high spiritual view. Of course, His Love IS the entire world! :) And the mist never overshadows what God is knowing for an instant. It is always Truth's clear day! It's fun to have this in the northeast of America which today is again under a blanket of snow, in mid-March! Thank you, Beth, for this glorious visual reminder, and too - thanks to the other comments - the hymns, and the great point from #89 "name" about the need to not trust in our own seeming mountain of accomplishments, but sometimes we need to come down and be lead by the Father-Mother to the right view. So so helpful, all!

  105. Love the way the birds just disregard the mist and feed. Just being about their God given business. We don't ignore evil in CS but just know that it has no power, because God has all the power to handle any situation we are in. It is so calming to just let go, let God. The right thoughts will come for the right actions if we truly listen. Enjoyed all the shared truths. What a lifter family we are part of.

  106. Thank you for your wonderful lift ( and the beautiful video!) - most inspiring and helpful - much love to you from us both

  107. Such a wonderful lift, thank you! Words are just no adequate to express my gratitude for all the Daily Lifters. I never have to feel alone with so much love and joy in the world. Thanks again!

  108. Thank you for starting my day off with such a wonderful thought.

  109. Your video and message is worth a thousand words .Thank you for this lesson on "trust".

  110. A beautiful scene! And perfect reminder of our need to lift thought daily to the beauty of God's universe, no matter what the physical senses seem to tell us.
    Thanks, Beth.
    Vonne Anne from Walnut Creek, California

  111. So beautiful, thank you!

  112. "nothing can stop God loving me!" Thank you Beth very much! This is just what I needed. Really, nothing, nothing can stop God !!!!

  113. Perfect 'Lift' for me today! Thank you Beth.

  114. I loved this beautiful LIft,Very helpful, thank you so much Beth

  115. Dear Beth, Thank you. That was so helpful.

  116. Thanks for sharing the view and the insight!

  117. Such a beautiful lift, Beth! It reminds me of Mary Baker Eddy's statement in "Science and Health" (p. 299): "Corporeal sense, or error, may seem to hide Truth, health, harmony, and Science, as the mist obscures the sun of the mountain; but Science, the sunshine of Truth, will melt away the shadow and reveal the celestial peaks." That's something even those parrot visitors must surely know by instinct!

  118. Extremely clement, thank you.

  119. Just what I needed today. Thank you!!!

  120. Thank you Beth, perfect for me today. Thanks so much.


  121. Thank You, Beth. Pretty red birds!. Seems like you'd need a helicopter or small plane to get around. And Thank You Linda in NJ#104 for your insights and your gift of giving.

  122. So utterly lovely! Thanks a lot!

  123. What were those beautiful birds and what do you feed them? Seeing them at your feeder is another gift!

  124. Thank you, Beth for your wonderful, reassuring Lift! The spiritual, calming message is so clearly enhanced by the beautiful video.

  125. Many Lifters have (accurately) described this Lift as "beautiful." And it is, both physically and metaphysically. Thanks you so much, Beth, for the clear thoughts. And thanks also to the many Lifters who have commented and added further inspiration. Finally, thanks to the DL team and to the BofL for continuing to provide these wonderful, daily, uplifting messages -- whether in audio only or video as well.

  126. Blessings poured upon your and everyone's heart. Thank you from Pittsburgh.

  127. THankyou, THankyou THankyou dear Beth.
    Wise healing words and natural situations we tend to forget. Lovely reminder and what a beautiful heavenly sight encouraging the parrots to join you in the "wide horizon's grander view"
    I too am staying right up on the mountain at the Summit...but I will leave it to the birds to fly. Maybe I'll soar above......better stop

  128. I loved that you based everything on God's goodness. Good is in operation - right now. Mortal mind's fog can never block it out. Our true vision is spiritual, piercing right through error. Thank you so much for these ideas, and the video was excellent!

  129. Excellent analogy and awesome scene from the top of your mountain . You keep finding new ways to teach great lessons Beth.

  130. Thank you for the opportunity to revisit your country and see the wonderful birds. Yes, it is true that good is always around us even though we don't see with our human, mortal eyes. The hope to see the spiritual truths is a constant awakening for each of us.

  131. I love this lift - both the spiritual message and the video are beautiful! Thanks, Beth.

  132. Thanks for this magnificent lift, Beth! So grateful for the "clear"message today and everyday!

  133. Thank you again from a grateful heart.

  134. "My entire life is God's love for me." How this speaks Love's law of sufficiency as per II Cor 9:8. What a gift you have given, dear Beth.

  135. Simple clear message with a beautiful video and very appropriate image. Memorable lift. Thanks Beth.

  136. Thank you.

  137. Hi Beth,
    Thank you for the beautiful message...reminds me of the many high places we were on our trip to the Holy Land and all the blessings.

  138. perfect lift !

  139. Just what I needed - "God's love for me is my entire world" - thank you!

  140. Thanks Beth for an excellent and timely lift - all about getting a clear view beyond the fog and clutter.
    The birds are amazing and give an additional dimension.

  141. Thank you for your timely, kind, gentle and oh so easy to understand Lift.

  142. Wendy Western Australia

    Thank you for your daily lift which while so simple is so splendid.

  143. "keeping grounded" reminds me of a reference in Science and Health With Key To The Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy on page 417, lines 10-16. "Maintain the facts of Christian Science,---that Spirit is God, and therefore cannot be sick; that what is termed matter cannot be sick; that all causation is Mind, acting through spiritual law. Then hold your ground with the unshaken understanding of Truth and Love, and you will win." Thank you. Sharon :-)

  144. "Gods love for me is my entire World."
    How beautiful to know that!
    Thank you so much!

  145. Yes, God s love is all what we need. Thank you very much Beth.

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