3/15: God loves us

3/15: God loves us

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  1. Right on Ginny. Good to hear your sweet voice. We can be assured of God's love.


  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful reminder that we are truly loved and cared for by God.

  3. What a comforting message. Thank you!

  4. Thank you Ginny, for this pure expression of advanced metaphysics, simple and powerful - which in and of itself is a healing treatment. Where there is this understanding, and deep yielding to its Truth, healing is inevitable through the Science of the Christ.

    I feel loved! and Love.

  5. Thankyou Ginny and BoL team. How full of love it is that Christian Science teaches us that God's love is "impartial and universal in its adaptations and bestowals". I am comforted by the knowledge that God's love is available to all men, women and children alike. Thankyou!

  6. Thank you.

  7. Oh Ginny, as always your Lift is just pouring out love on everyone. Did you read Jocelan's Comment last night, saying how how she can see the places everywhere, and the feeling of being connected to the Lift brethren are real life-savers for her. And we agree. The very first Lift came about 9 August 2009, and since most of the Lifts (5 a week) have about 100 comments (and some twice that), just think of how many lives have been changed and uplifted every day! I say every day, because although the Lifts come on five days, they are read and re-read over the weekend too. So many have been steadfast, and some who were constant with their love, left for whatever reason, but returned, like the Michaels and Jonnie. This is the place for the pouring out of the wine, the oil, the inspired thoughts, to share the overflowing cup. This is where "we Thy loving children, Lift our hearts in joy today, Knowing well that Thou wilt keep us, Ever in Thy blessed way." (CSHymnal 58)
    Thank you Nathan and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the whole remarkable assembly of Daily Lifters.

  8. “God gives his beloved sleep" PS 127:2. As a kid I doubted if God loved me because I never slept easy. I would lay awake long hours daydreaming, watching the moon travel across the sky from my left window to the right one.
    I still don't sleep easy, but it doesn't bother me, is the time I commune best with my Father Mother God. Now I understand God's constant, infinite, unchanging Love, was always with me.
    A tango named, "Silence in the Night" says, All is calmed, the muscle sleeps, ambition rest. To me it means mortal mind is taking a break. My best time to pray.
    “A quien ama da Dios el sueño“ Salmo 127:2. De niña dudaba si Dios me amaba pues yo nunca dormí fácil. Solía estar horas despierta y fantaseando, viendo a la luna viajar de mi ventana derecha hacia la ventana izquierda.
    Todavía no duermo fácil, pero ya no me molesta, es mi mejor hora para estar en communión con my Padre Madre Dios. Ahora comprendo que el constante, invariable, Amor infinito de Dios estuvo siempre conmigo.
    Un tango llamado, "Silencio en la Noche" dice, Ya todo está en calma, el músculo duerme, la ambición descansa. Para mí eso significa que la mente mortal ha hecho un alto. Es mi mejor hora para orar.

  9. Many thanks Ginny for this great reminder. Yes. "God is Love." More than this we cannot ask, higher we cannot look, farther we cannot go. (S&H 6;17). "Love one another, — word of revelation;/ Love frees from error's thrall, — Love is liberation./ Love's way the Master trod;/ He that loves shall walk with God./ Love is the royal way." {Christian Science Hymnal #179).

  10. What a wonderful thought for the day. thank you.

  11. Alan, Boston, MA
    Terrific and simple. Thank you, Ginny. It's that unconditional love which we feel and better understand, no matter what our human circumstance. It's proven in our daily experience.

  12. Thank you Ginny; it was such a relief to hear your voice tonight..I had difficulty downloading the Daily Lift and needed to belly breathe a moment...Faith and Patience rewarded! I realized just how important these daily interactions are to me now.. ! Thank you for your wisdom shared.

  13. Thank you very much for reminding us that His (God's) love is ever constant for each and everyone of us.

  14. Thank you for that wonderful reminder that Love is always with us.

  15. What a marvellous thing to celebrate: a constant, unvarying, unconditional love from Love itself. Eddy's idea of Love also being Divind Principle makes this sort of constant Love a scientific fact. Thanks, Ginny!

  16. Thank you !

  17. Thank you for reminding us of the constant love that is ever present!

  18. No dudo de cuanto Dios me, y sobre todo nos ama, me pregunto, ¿Si lo amo igualmente en ese reflejar que debemos ser para dar de la misma manera que Él da.
    Él dijo que de todos los árboles del jardín podíamos comer, que tal si cambiamos el orden y decimos que solo hay un árbol del cual podemos comer su fruto y es el árbol que Dios le cerró al pecado, el árbol que después guardó con espada para que nada lo contaminara, somos incontaminados o vamos a seguir creyendo que somos pecadores, no miremos las falacias del mundo, dejemos el inculto jardín de las vanas promesas mirando "Cual Amor nos ha dado el Padre, para que seamos llamados hijos de Dios" 1ª de Juan.
    Por eso el rechazo del mundo, porque en el mundo material no hay nada de Él, como no lo hay en esa supuesta creación que a la primera exigencia del Amor sucumbió arrastrando al resto al sufrimiento condenándolos a un destierro impensado si nos atenemos al accionar del Amor divina, que Es Amor.
    Repito las palabras de Eddy "más que eso no podemos pedir, más alto no podemos mirar" porque más allá ni más acá nada hay más que Amor, y amar.
    "Nosotros todos, mirando a cara descubierta como en un espejo la gloria del Señor, somos transformados" por el Amor 2ª Corintios

    Muchas gracias Ginny, thank you so much

  19. Thank You Ginny for an early morning vision of a field of daisies all planted to remind us of the omnipresent , unconditional celebration of Gods love.

  20. Thanks so much, Ginny, for this inspiring message assuring of us of God's love for us always. I'm still praying with, and sharing your poem "Self-forgiveness" which appeared in the Sentinel, July 18, 2005. Gee it doesn't seem as though it's been six and a half years since I first read it and was so inspired. I paste it in the front of each full text Quarterly when I receive it, although I have memorized it. I especially like, "I live in the care and the love of God's grace. There's no way I can move to a lesser loved place." How comforting it is to know wherever I am God's grace is caring for me.

    Living in Crescent City in the very northern part of California, I don't have access to many lectures. But I have had the privilege of hearing you lecture several times in southern Oregon including my church in Brookings. You express so much love and sincerity and what a blessing it is to see and hear you.

  21. Thank you, Ginny for this loving, precious Lift. We, also did the flower pettles picking and now we know the Truth that God loves us unconditionaly and infinitely. Thank you, Margaret and Elena and Malcom for your Daily "Pearls of Wisdon" and thanks to Nathan and The Team and the BOL Lectures and thanks to all of the preciooous commentators. I am Blessed to have the Daily Lift.

  22. God is Love. That is basic to the teachings that we hold dear and yet it is not basic for some belief systems. God is Love and that means he gives us all good things in good ways. I am loved and held in love, safe in the arms of love. I am looked after with tender care because I am God's dear child. Hmmm ...how comforting always are the simple, powerful words, " God is Love ". It can be said again and again and I will never tire of hearing it. It can conjure up many facets of God's care for me and all the world.
    Thank you for this simple message. I will say it many times today. Have a loving and love filled day.

  23. Thank you Ginny for your Lift into God's steadfast love for all his children!!

  24. Oh, Ginny, what a Beautiful Daisy of Love! I know, being raised in Christian Science, I was always told that "God loves you!" But I found that when "bad" things happened in my life, I was always left wondering, "How could this have happened, if God loves me? Why did God allow this to happen to me?"
    Does anyone have some practical answers to these quesions and/or some practical tips on how we can feel God's Love more powerfully in our daily lives? I just feel so strongly that "God Loves Me" can't just stay in the realm of words. It must be felt and then proved or demonstrated in our everyday lives! Thank you in advance for all your help, Lifters! And thank you to Ginny and the BOL and the DL staff for expressing this Love to all of us!

  25. Thank you, Ginny.

    Wow. Divine Love was the key to a very powerful healing I had recently through Christian Science.

    . . . in our healing, if the patient is reached through divine Love, the discordant condition 'will vanish into its native nothingness like dew before the morning sunshine.'

    As Joan #20 states: We know the Truth that God loves us unconditionally and infinitely!

    Love the Daily Lifts and all the comments shared from the Daily Lifters.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love, and Sincerity, to All mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  26. Thanks, Ginny. Yes! "God is love." (I John) - no matter how the petals fall! :-)

  27. "God loves me!" "God loves all of you out there!"
    Just a simple yet grand Truth that keeps me going forward!
    Thank you Ginny for your loving message to the world!

  28. THank you Ginny.
    And Mr. Scott (number 23) I hope you will share your healing with us in one of the periodicals.
    Besides the blessing of Ginny's message, it is up-Lift-ing to read the comments from all over the world! Thank you all.

  29. Thanks Ginny! God´s Love is our best treasury ....

  30. Thank you.

  31. Thank you, dear Ginny.
    Oh, what comfort in knowing that Her Love is always present, ever constant, never fading, undiminished; no matter what!

  32. Hi Ginny - Thank you for this timeless message of our tender, gentle Father-Mother's unfailing love for each one of us. - We can never cease to be amazed by it, and whenever I hear it affirmed, as you have, it brings such a thrill of tingling gratitude! No matter what the world is feeding, or trying to feed back to us, this Love is Real, and it is powerful! Thank you again, my dear friend!

  33. After listening to this welcome message, I'd change the daisy saying to:

    He loves me,
    He loves us all!

  34. To all Lifters: I feel your LOVE!

  35. What a wonderful message to take with us today, thanks, Ginny!

  36. Thank you, Ginny, and for all the wonderful gratitude expressed. I felt this Mother love very strongly after giving thanks for coming through a trial unharmed. I knelt by my bed and said."Thank you, Father" I was engulfed in such a love as I had never known, there are no words to express it, I was in tears, I was sobbing over such love, I felt like I was in Mothers arms and would never leave, So I believe gratitude is also trust and faith in God's presence and power, causing us to reflect Him as He planned.

  37. Thank you for sharing this very important reminder that God is Love!

  38. Of course. What else could we experience but Love...in just the form we need it when God is Love. That loving God does not send or allow homelessness, financial ruin, famine, intractable problems, disasters, incurable disease, corruption or any of the other discords of the human scene. Her Love is big enough to answer every need, heal every discord, reconcile every hatred. After all, it fills all space. Thank you for this timely reminder of the infinite God's great love for us...because God is Love itself.

  39. Thank you, Ginny! We needed that!

  40. Such a helpful reminder of God's constant care. I appreciate being reminded of that fact and the childhood practice of long ago that has matured into a clearer innocence and deeper understanding. .

  41. Thank you so much for this very special Lift; to hear and to feel this deep and all embracing foundation
    was my 'daily bread' just now. And I gave it to all of them who are in trouble and sad situations. So, divine Love was reflected in love to my 'brothers and sisters'. Thank you, my dear Father-Mother God, for all you are giving to us, especially the DL.

  42. Dear #24 Bev, my experience in feeling more of God's love or experiencing God as Love, has occurred whenever I express more love and unselfishness. Sometimes it’s something that took significant time and effort such as visiting family in need, going to see a friend in a play, serving on a committee at church... these always brought me rewards of Love's presence . For example, I deeply felt Love's presence recently when classical musicians played for an hour in the lobby of the hospital where my family and I waited for a loved one in surgery. It was tangible. However, it can be felt in far simpler acts of unselfishness...actually I feel it right now as I choose to share and think about this, instead of simply getting on with my day! I feel God's love in the simplest of acts - taking the time to appreciate the beauty of one of my cats enjoying the sunshine, and taking the time to pet her -truly being present in that moment, loving her and then I feel that bigger Love that is the source of both of us. Acknowledging our connectedness to all of Mind's ideas and making unselfish choices makes us aware of a peace and love that is God. I hope this helps. It’s not mystical, it’s natural. Your comments are consistently full of joy and love - check in as you type - that gratitude and exuberance you’re feeling is Love loving you so much that you are motivated to reach out and connect with all of us. xoTracy

  43. I loved your subject this morning Ginny. It fits in with my prayers (for myself) to see a young lady I recently met that obviously is in great need of feeling loved. My prayer started with the idea that "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man who appeared to him...." (from Science and Health).
    Now this lift has expanded on this truth to make it felt, and especially the comments here.
    I'm so happy that Lori from California (22) mentioned the church in Brookings, Oregon. It reminded me of my visit to that church about 18 years ago. While on a trip I attended a Wednesday evening meeting there in spite of suffering with a severe cold. The next day I was still very weak and my son drove our car north up the Oregon coast. My mind rested on the love I had felt in that church, and on the beauty that I saw with each passing mile. I don't remember using any arguments or denials against the cold, but just feeling that love and beauty have their source in God, and that Love is infinite.
    By the end of the day I felt rested enough to take a spell driving, and drove most of the night so we arrived home on Vancouver Island the next morning. My cold was completely gone and I felt completely rested and strong. I have not had a severe cold since that one 18 years ago.
    I hope this might be of help to others, I'm thinking of Bev, Sandpoint ID (24). Beauty (and goodness) are in the eye of the beholder.

  44. Lovely, thanks! So helpful.

  45. Thank you so much, Ginny!!! After losing my parents, husband and 2 dogs in a very short period of time,, I just so missed saying, "I love you" to someone. Then it came to me that I could say "I love you" to God and I do all day and it has made such a difference in my happiness......I love you, God, and the Daily Lift Team and all the wonderful people that comment everyday!!!!

  46. Dear Bev (#24)
    Go to pg. 242 read sentence beginning on line 6. Then go to pg.243 read sentence beginning on line27.
    This should help you control your thinking.

  47. Thank you Ginny for this lovely lift. My little business is getting very busy and I find I have not allowed myself any days this week to start my day with the Daily Lift as I had been doing each day over the last few months. It is error's way of trying to rob us of what is truly precious and what absolutely needs to be first in our lives. I am grateful that "God is Love" is the first title and lift I listened to this week!

    Dear Bev, I will try and share my thoughts to you regarding your question of "how can bad things happen if God loves me'? God's love to me is that warmth of sunshine we feel on a nice sunny day, even if it is cold outside. Anything that questions if God loves me is not from God, it is from error, trying to put a wedge in our infinite and loving relationship to God. God does not cause bad things to happen and that suggestion would like to make us the victim. We have to push away those thoughts and declare and trust that we are God's loved and precious children, held and protected by him. We are not victims, we are not unloved and we are not lacking. If we believe that and hold to that, those "bad" things get resolved and they disappear from our lives.

  48. Great Lift! God is Love, We can only expect and express love and goodness.
    Thank you!
    Beautiful day to all :-)

  49. God is Love the phrase that is written on many Christian Churches and reminds me of how grateful I am for Mary Baker Eddy for making that provision in the branch churches. It is a constant reminder of just how much God loves His creation and so is this lift. Thank you Ginny for the reminder. Thank you Nate and daily lift team.

  50. Thank you very much Ginny, it's so nice to be told that God loves us.

  51. Thank you Ginny for the beautiful Lift. As a child, I and my friends also did the game with the daisies. But we had a unique ending, if the last petal said "he loves me not," we declared that the round middle of the flower counted too, so we always ended up on "he loves me". This was just the way it was done. There can never be a prediction (even by daisies) that God could possibly not love us. Special love to all the Lifters today.

  52. I SO agree with Elena Shindler, CA about sleep. I have never been a lover of the
    unconsciousness of sleep. I have always viewed sleep as a waste of time. Never
    a napper in the day, etc. IT IS THE BEST TIME, WHEN A LOT OF MORTAL MINDS,
    so called, are sleep and communication with Father/Mother/God is quiet, easier,
    no phone calls, interruptions, etc. As a young person, there never seemed to
    be enough time to do all I wanted to do; then when I was a young parent of 3,
    there was less. What does Mrs. Eddy say about hours of REPOSE. Look it up, I
    can't quote it, but I agree. We can be in bed at REST & REPOSE and not be
    unconscious....Love this...

  53. A wonderful, solid, smooth stone to put into my pocket today. An excellent reminder that 'God is Love, and I am his beloved child, and so is everyone I meet.'
    Namaste', Ginny.

  54. Gracias Ginny por tu hermoso Lift de Hoy !!! Sentir que ' Dios nos ama ' es lo mas grande , pienso . Sentir Su amor, Su cuidado constante por c/u de nosotros- Sus hijos/as - nos da seguridad, aún en medio de circunstancias apremiantes .

    Saber que nunca estamos solos resolviendo problemas - siempre Unidos a El y a Su infinito Amor , es muy sanador. Además, Su amor es imparcial , incondicional y presente en todo momento.

    Sagradas Escrituras dicen : ' Nosotros le amamos a él, porque El nos amó primero ' (1 Juan 4:19)
    El profeta Jeremías escribió : ' Con amor eterno te he amado ' (31:3).
    Encuentro preciosa esta idea , pienso en ella cada día. : ' Con amor eterno te he amado ; y agrego , te amo y te amaré, siempre '. Esto es válido para todos y c/u de nosotros .

    Mrs.Eddy expresa en nuestro libro de texto: ' El Amor divino es infinito. Por lo tanto, todo lo que realmente existe, está en Dios, emana de El y manifiesta Su amor' .
    ' El Amor fragante de generosidad baña todo en belleza y luz ' ( p 340 y 516).

    Somos muy amados por Dios cada instante de nuestra vida . Somos preciosos a Sus ojos, sin excepción alguna.

    Agradezco mucho los comentarios anteriores.
    Un abrazo inmenso y mucho Amor para todos , Ma. Cristy

  55. These precious thoughts of God's enduring love were all I had to share with a dear one grieving and angry at her mother's passing. They quieted the fear and anger and will bring blessing to that whole family. How important for us to be reminded that God's love is not contingent upon our actions or lack thereof. thank you Ginny, for stating so clearly what we all need and indeed posess...God's love.

  56. Timeless Truth..........Comforting, blessing, inspiring. Exactly what the whole world needs to hear...and KNOW. Thank you, Ginny. We can never be reminded of God's love -- or the fact that God IS LOVE itself -- too many times. Each time we hear it, it simply reveals a new facet of the precious, eternal REALITY of LOVE....Yes!

  57. Thank you Ginny! I was really needing to feel God's Love today and this beautiful did just the trick! What a blessing!

  58. Thank you.Understanding that God loves us,no matter the human circumstance,brings peace and joy.
    Very helpful to me.Much gratitude to the producers of "The Lift".

  59. I always enjoy hearing about the Love that always surrounds us, loving us, guiding and protecting us. Thank you Ginney. We love you too.

  60. Mrs. Eddy's Hymn, the words "O make me glad for every scalding tear, For hope deferred, ingratitude, disdain! Came to me after reading #24 Bev. Mrs Eddy and Jesus shed tears and probably all of us do too, as we strive to love and learn. Thanks Bev for your comments nearly everyday. Dear Holly #45 I want to tell you ,I Love you as a dear friend on the "Lift". Thanks Ginny

  61. P.S. Thank you, Lori and Traci for your beautiful, and encouraging words re. "feeling more of God's love." I did go and share love with my kids at school today! It's just that I've never had an experience like #36 Ruby and I would love to just feel bathed in God's Love! I guess I'm more of a "feeling" than a "mental" person. Are my standards and desires too high?

  62. At your lecture in Stockton my favorite part was where I felt the unconditionality of Love so strongly, I teared up. It felt like my consciousness was being washed clean. Everyone in the room was beaming at the end. Thanks for the lovelight God embodies as you.

  63. Thank you friends for your comments and uplifting ideas. It's a joy to hear from you. You are amazing!
    It has always seemed profound to me that the most simple ideas are the purest. The thought that God loves us is so basic and yet so powerful. How would a Father who is all powerful care for a dearly loved child? Really well!
    This lift came to my thought because a number of friends who have been going through tough times have recently said to me; "what have I done to be outside of God's love".
    This made me think of how impossible it is to be in another place where a God who is Infinite Love is absent and where we are unloved. What more is there than "all"?

    I know that you are answering each others questions so I won't attempt to answer your question Bev. It is so right that you get answers to your deep question and that you feel the presence of love that is divine Love caring for you and bringing you back to the sense of peace and joy where you feel cared for lovingly.
    Blessings to each of you!

  64. Helen Marie in California

    Thanks for that really uplifting message! I will think of it often today, and smile in grateful remembrance!

  65. That was wonderful Ginny! Thank you!

  66. Thank you #46, I read those passages and am lifted further. Thanks Ginny, I love it when I can share the lifts with non religious people who don't want to think of God as a person.

  67. thank you!

  68. Thank you, Ginny, for your wonderful, comforting messages. They bless my day.

  69. Thank you. So I love your constant love too!

  70. Big thanks Ginny!
    I love the simplicity and certainty of this Lift!
    And gratitude to all those who put this program together,
    and to everyone who comments.
    YOU are LOVED.

  71. oh- I just love that - "the simple ideas are the purest" - and that we can't do anything to fall outside of God's love, which is our constant source. The iphone "autocorrect" sometimes changes "love" to "live".... which I get a kick out of. And here, it seems so relevant. We are being loved by God -- we are being lived by God.

  72. Thanks for this heart-warming, beautiful lift for today!

  73. Thank you, Ginny, for the wonderful reminder confirmed by so many comments today. God is Love. He is with us always - "His arm encircles me and mine and all" Hymn #211. I think that when we feel that God doesn't love us because things are not going well, that it is really a time when we, perhaps, have fallen out of daily love with God. This, of course, is never really intentional, but can be just from not focusing on our daily bread - whether that be morning or evening prayers to Him, reading the weekly lesson, turning to daily inspiration from these wonderful Lifts, or just forgetting to keep our thoughts on "on high" because life can simply become busy. When I turn to God, my troubles seem to melt away and I CAN truly feel the difference. Childlike trust and coming to Him - to be tucked under His mighty, loving wing - requires us to participate with Him and feeling secure is the reward for making Him first priority. He is always with us, but we must continue to find time for Him. The reward is in the journey taken - our choice each and every day.

  74. Thank you, Ginny. Love is more than a verb or even a feeling. Love simply IS! Love, God is All-in all. Christian Science's other 6 synonyms for God don't change or put Love on the back burner while we work with Mind, for instance. Mind is Love, and is loving. Truth is Love, and is loving. Principle, Soul, Spirit, and Life are Love, and loving. Jesus said to love others as ourselves (Matt.22:39) If we pay attention to that, I find it impossible to follow unless I know I am loved by God, so it must be true of everyone, even any who seem impossible to love or be loved. In reverse, it's impossible to know God loves everyone, and still feel myself as unloved. We can't be reminded of God's love too often. Error can seem to try to present situations, even whole days, when Love seems absent or unwilling to express specific love for me. Working with the totality of Love as All, can break error's mesmerism. With Lifts like this, I'm reminded to clarify thought before error pushes another "for sale" suggestion I might think I have to buy, or think it already belongs to me. As I write this, severe storms rolling one after another can only be known as "severed" from Truth, Love, the only real power. They can't roll through Love where my community & I really exist. Beautiful or stormy, this day is Love's day.

  75. Thank you so much Ginny for the nice message.

  76. Thank you Ginny. It is funny those childish games....Love me and Love me not...and going to college, we played over and over again the "old maid" card game....but there are no old maids ever! Just like there is never a time that God isnt loving us. Paul had it right...put away childish things...and later Mrs Eddy. wrote ..each successive stage of experience unfolds new views of Divine Love and goodness. (paraphasing). ...because spiritual progress is the law of God. Onward and upward...

  77. Thank you Ginny and all who produce these daily lifts and all who read and comment. (And those who read and don't comments) Margaret #7, thanks for being so inclusive and loving toward the "lifting" community. In thinking about your comments, I wonder how many read and don't comment. WOW. Sometimes I even hear friends commenting on an idea they gleaned from a lift at a church meeting or just in passing. So, the blessings of these lifts reaches far and wide. Thank you all.

  78. When I entered for the first time in a Christian Science church (the only one in my country), I immediately picked up a leaflet which said : "You are dearly loved !". As I was not accustomed to expressions of love, I felt so profoundly moved inside that I had to get out of the building to let my tears freely flowing on my cheeks. This moment of true feeling, I never forgot. It is engrained in my heart and produces much good.
    Love is all, and everything works by love.

  79. Pour Bev : il faut juste remarquer. Notice the first expression of divine love in your life. And then you make a collection of it. Quand Jésus a multiplié pains et poissons, c'était à partir de quelque chose : 5 pains et 2 poissons. On en peut jamais multiplier zéro. Il vous faut un signe, un geste d'amour divin sur lequel vous vous focalisez pour pouvoir le multiplier. Observez comment les collectionneurs amassent leur collection : ils sont prêts à se lever tôt pour acquérir une pièce. Faites-en autant avec les preuves d'amour de Dieu à votre égard... et vous serez bientôt submergée.
    Une autre manière est de faire comme si. Faites comme si Dieu S'adressait à vous avec un amour immense. Mettez vos propres mots d'amour dans Sa bouche pour vous, bientôt vous serez submergée.
    Pardonnez-moi pour le français, mais je dors déjà. Much love.

  80. Great Truth, Ginny! Thank you!

  81. T Thanks Ginny for the idea that God loves all of us unconditionally;we are each unique expressions of love .Gods perfect love for us casts out fear as the Bible promises. God is giving us the good thoughts we need each day. Each of us is a blessing!

  82. 79 Fran, Thank you! I translated your response to Bev with Google. That's good advice to follow daily by collecting enough to work with, whether one is struggling to feel God's love or is well aware of it. If one had a fruit orchard with many different kinds of fruit, but was going to be away for the day, one might gather several kinds to enjoy and share during the time away. Our collection of blessings are not always before our eyes or thoughts, so in a sense, we are "away" from them many hours and days. Your wisdom would help keep a readily remembered supply to mentally snack on, to share because the memory will get our attention when someone else seems to need exactly what we have collected for that day, and to keep us alert to recognize fresh blessings, which sometimes can get overlooked instead of conscious appreciation.

    To anyone needng to know ( I may be the last to learn this) copy & paste a foreign posting at google.com (asking to translate to whichever language is needed). In the option list, I chose the google one, so I could trust no malware included. When the post is pasted in the left square, the translation shows next to it. When, as here, Eng. was included amid Fr., I recopied only the foreign words within and repeated the steps to get every needed word translated.

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