3/14: The still small voice

3/14: The still small voice

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  1. Thank you Leide for this important inspirational Lift. A hymn in the C/S Hymnal page 144,145 states,"In atmosphere of Love divine, We live, and move, and breathe;" God doesn't come from some far off place to help us, man is at one with his Creator. In Christian Science we learn that the communication is always from God to man; and not only is that communication constant, the "all-knowing, all-seeing, all-acting, all-wise, all-loving and eternal;" already knows our every need and most importantly that need has already been met. (the quote is from S&H by Mary Baker Eddy page 587 included in the definition of God.)

  2. Thank you Leide! What a lovely message to share with us! I loved it so much that I just had to listen to it again! Thank you :)

  3. Wonderful lift --- "intense silence" is an inspiring topic. How much we are loved by God reaching us in so many ways. Thank you, Leida, for lifting us up in a sweet, eloquent, and humble way today.

  4. Lovely...and so loving! Thanks so much, Leide.

  5. "Be afraid, be very afraid," this phrase became famous in 1986 with the remake of Vincent Price's horror film, The Fly.
    I saw this film in Argentina as a kid -in a church- I didn't sleep for months and I had the scary picture in my thoughts for years!
    My mom's best advice: Don't be afraid, only be careful and trust in God's love, not in fantasy... God's "still, small voice." will make bad thoughts go away. (I Kings 19:11-13)

    Enter Christian Science: Never be afraid, be only careful not to offend God by not being loving to His/Her children.

    "Ten miedo, ten mucho miedo," esta frase se hizo famosa en 1986 con la nueva versión de la película "La Mosca" de Vincent Price.

    Vi ésta película cuando era niña en Argentina -en una Iglesia- ¡no dormí por meses y tuve el cuadro temeroso en mis pensamientos por años!
    El mejor consejo de mi mamá: No temas, solo ten cuidado y confía en el amor de Dios, no en la fantasía... La "voz callada y suave" de Dios auyentará los malos pensamientos. (1ra de Reyes 19:11-13)

    Llegó la Ciencia Cristiana: Jamás temas, solo se cuidadoso de no ofender a Dios al no tener amor por Sus hijos.

  6. Thank you Leide for this inspiration to lift our thought above the eathquake, wind and fire and to realise that it is in the heavenly calm that we hear that still small voice. To me those three disturbances represent any unwanted distraction to our thought. It could be traffic noise, dog's barking or loud music, anything that would attract our attention away from our God given harmony.

    It is at these times that I remember that God's voice was His divine will, His law of creation and that His voice is the only true sound that was ever spoken or heard. The effect of this is:

    Ps 46:6 he

    6 he uttered his voice, the earth melted.

    I have found this to be true in that material disturbances melt away to leave that everpresent still small voice of truth. I am reminded of the little lad whose still calm voice said:

    "I have five barley loaves and two small fishes" (See John 6:9)

    That still small voice was sufficient to provide the answer that satisfied the five thousand who were "hungering after righteouness" (Science and Health 2:5)

  7. Leide,
    Thank you

  8. Absolutely beautiful, Leide, thank you so much!
    I have just remembered a little verse that was told me years ago:

    When mortal mind is talking
    And lifts its hydra head
    We do not have to listen
    For nothing's being said.

    Instead we listen for the calm voice of Love - and to the Christ, the true idea voicing good.

    love to you.

  9. Thank you Leaide, for this lovely lift.

  10. Many thanks Leide for this comforting lift. Yes. "Feel the embrace of divine Love... Listen to the 'still small voice'." "I will listen for Thy voice,/ Lest my footsteps stray;/ I will follow and rejoice/ All the rugged way." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal # 304).

  11. Thank you for this lovely Lift. It emphasised again to me that the man of God's creating, the spiritual idea that is the true identity of each of us, includes perfect reception, the ability to see and hear and understand the perfect nature of God, Love All God, Mind, needs to do is know and we can hear and know. The still small voice is His knowing. His perfect Self consciousness in which he includes each one of us.

  12. How I love this still small voice preventing me from doing wrong things and leading me the right way, and your loving lift recalling it to me! This small voice is so much a steady, reliable connection with God all day long. Thank you, Leide!

  13. Thank you, dear Leide, I also love this story, this holy meeting with God. When once standing at the mount Horeb - nobody was there - I felt this intense silence in the wilderness of Sinai, "the vestibule in which a material sense of things disappears.." as MBE stated in the Glossary of the Textbook. I learned to arrange every day moments of silence to hear God's voice. And this works.

  14. Thanks so much, Leide. So many times that "still small voice" has given me the message I have needed, in all sorts of different ways. God's goodness is indescribably great!

  15. Thank you, Leide! I began my study of Christian Science in earnest when I really needed to delve into how to understand and conquer human evil. It took some time to embrace the understanding that evil is nothing, but what a blessing to truly understand that wonderful concept! There is only one force, the force of God/Good, so when it appears in the outer world that chaos is everywhere, I can retreat to "the secret place of the most high" and listen for the silence, the peace, and the inspiration that speaks to me in that still, small voice. Thank you.

  16. Dear Leide,

    Thanks for the lessons about Elijah's listening for the Lord on Mount Horeb. Perceiving a message from the Lord - what you called "a divine silent utterance," simply takes some practice.

    Early in my career as a Sound Recording Engineer, I produced master tapes for children’s educational records for classroom players connected to a filmstrip projector. The method of achieving synchronization between the audio and the visuals involved applying 30 Hz tones below the narration, then removing them until the script called for them again. This on again off again process was difficult to hear since the lower limit of human hearing was 20 Hz, and speakers could reproduce down to 50 Hz.

    In order to perform my work, I had to really learn to listen. Sometimes what I heard was the large studio monitors straining to reproduce the low frequency. Over time I “trained my ears” to feel and hear these lower frequencies. Later on I was blessed when I needed to accurately record and mix music tracks with vocals for commercials or albums.

    Similarly, we need to focus on the pure presence of God to hear and feel the still small voice, and filter out anything that would try to obscure God's voice with distortions.

    To hear God's spiritual commands, we need to train ourselves to listen for the impulse that is peaceful, powerful, gentle, and clear. Listening is a form of prayer that needs to be practiced. Then we’ll feel God giving us our purpose for each day, and we’ll be blessed.

  17. Much food for thought! Thank you. Also useful for me is the comment made by Eleanor in #11,

  18. Some of the most powerful and comforting healings I've known come from "that still small voice" and God's accompanying angels. I'm finding almost daily that it's not so much the asking for our Father's help but the quiet listening to His ever-present voice that truly brings his omnipotence into our consciousness. I also find that the more I concentrate on His attributes and then really listen, the more powerful and wonderful the outcome. Thank you, Leide, for your wonderful reminders.

  19. Thank you for this reminder to listen and obey God.s direction. This morning after taking my dog out I was going to take the trash container down to the street a little later it would still be before 7:00, but know I was led to do it right now 5:45. God knows best.

  20. Thank you Leide for the Lift. Thank you to the other Lifters, the Daily Lift Team and especially Tony (#6) and Malcolm (#10). Tony I have always felt that the challenges we have in our lives or what we see as problems are often distractions.

    Some of us have to grapple with what may appear to be few in Church, but to me that is a distraction. Numbers have nothing to do with your personal spiritual journey.

    Earlier this week I mentioned a dog that I no longer have. Everyday I have been walking with God and hearing that Still Small Voice helping me every step of the way. By the way, thanks to all of you who provided comforting words earlier this week.

    I have not sat in my garden since the my dog passed until yesterday. I accidentally left my lunch at home and came home around 1 to have it. (I live very close to work). One of the dogs that killed my dog was nearby but she had something wrong with her eye. She eventually came to me (she hasn't since the event) and I looked at her eye and all was well.

    I had been working with "..all of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible" (p 514:28 S&H). A noticeable hush permeated outside and there was an immediate stillness. All I could hear/feel were the birds and peace and a sense of love.

    Salvation (or changed thought) comes to us moment by moment because it is always before us; as Tony said, we must not get distracted, we need to see beyond the distraction. Thx.

  21. Leide, what a lovely lift, thank you!

    Your lift reminded of this poem from William B. Lynch in "Ideas on Wings" (A Collection of Poems from the Christian Science Periodicals, 1978):


    I want
    the words to flutter
    around you and land softly
    on your shoulders in peace.
    I want you to hear them
    tell you of heaven.

    Stand still
    and they will gather.

  22. Thank you so much, Leide. It's interesting that one of the receptive mortal senses is hearing, but spiritual sense is listening for that 'still small voice'. Speaking silently to my grandcats, or the snake on the window sill, or the possums raging around on Tuesday night (at midnight!), dogs barking down the hill - all are conscious of or alert to whatever is conveyed to them mentally! 'Silent utterances' comfort, quieten, and assure them. Time spent actively listening reaps rewards.
    Thank you Nathan and the production team; the always listening lecturers, and the ever alert Daily Lift family.

  23. Thank you Leiden, a welcomed reminder that we do create that "listening" each day when we are willing to be still and for a divine moment feel that peaceful presence which goes before us and prepares our way.

  24. Thank you

  25. Thank you Leide,
    Waking up this morning I looked out over our neighborhood, quiet and peaceful, and remembered a time when it used to be disturbed very early by a carpool. When the car arrived at my neighbor's house to pick them up, the driver continually honked the horn until the neighbor came out to join them. Confrontations and requests for this to stop went unheeded and I often heard other neighbors threatening and shouting at the driver to keep quiet. It seems noise begets noise.

    Like Elisha’s experience, Jesus calmed the waves and stilled the winds with a powerful loving statement, "Peace, be still." When error seems loud and boisterous, we don't have to attack it by being louder and more aggressive. We don't fight fire with fire, nor error with error. The still small voice of truth is infinitely more powerful and effective than the shouts and screams of error/terror. The intense silence of truth and love is as effective in dealing with the noisome pestilence as sunlight is in routing darkness.

    The voice of God isn't loud, but simply compelling. The omnipresence of peace annihilates any disturbance. We don't listen to the still small voice, which is silent, as much as we feel it and reflect it within our hearts.

    Thank you for the reminder of peace when we listen for peace which is silent.

  26. These wonderful ideas are so beautifully, clearly expressed. So many thanks for all the inevitable blessings they bring...

  27. Wonderful! Thank you.

  28. Thanks, Leide! I must confess, sometimes I wish God would speak to me in a Big, Loud Voice, so I can really get the message of where I'm supposed to go and what I'm supposed to do! Or even send me a Burning Bush, so the message is obvious and I can't miss it!! Then I think, you know....there isn't just one path or one way I can go.....God has infinite possibilities and which ever way I choose He/She will be with me! My intuition is the God part of me speaking to me.....learning to love and trust my intuition and not to let Fear and Confusion push me off my path and purpose. Learning not to fear change, but to embrace it and to keep walking straight through the fire of mortal mind's false suggestions! Instead I can hear God's very Loud Voice saying, "This is my Beloved Daugher in whom I am well pleased!!" Yahoo!

  29. Mrs. Eddy gives, from Miscellaneous Writings, Truth-healing, “The truth of Mind-healing uplifts mankind, by acknowledging pure Mind as absolute and entire, and that evil is naught, although it seems to be.
    Pure Mind gives out an atmosphere that heals and saves. Words are not always the auxiliaries of Truth. The spirit, and not the letter, performs the vital functions of Truth and Love.” (Miscellaneous Writings, page 260.)

  30. Chet Manchester wrote a very inspiring article "CHRISTMAS PRESENCE" in the Journal, December 2012. I have copied an excerpt and pasted it on the front page of my full-text Quarterly to read each morning. It says:

    "As we cherish Jesus' life-story ...it's deeply healing to affirm that everything Jesus did on earth, the Christ, God's eternal Son, continues to do for us, individually and collectively: heal us when we're sick, feed and clothe us, cleanse our inmost thoughts and motives, call us to our mission in life, shepherd us when we're lost, support us when we're wavering, love us unconditionally, lift us up when we're sinking."

    I especially have appreciated the "call us to our mission in life" as I have felt I was just drifting from day to day with no special purpose. I am listening for God's direction.

    This quote is pasted above the "Welcome to the Christian Science Bible Lessons:" which ends with "as you actively live love day by day, even moment by moment, you can see the healing and benefits that result, helping not only yourself but everyone your life touches."

    This is God's direction to "actively live love day by day, even moment by moment" and as I do it will help everyone my life touches. What better goal can I have but to follow.

    I am so very grateful for all of the avenues provided for us in Christian Science to progress in our understanding of God and improve our lives and those we love, as well as all mankind.

  31. Muchas gracias, Leide. El escuchar en silencio por lo Divino nos recuerda,revitaliza y refuerza el conocimiento de nuestro propósito en nuestro Padre/Madre Dios.

  32. I love the little but powerful and joyful poem of # 8. It made me chuckle and joy brings healing.

  33. Helpful,beautiful lift.Thank you.

  34. This morning, the words of one of Mrs. Eddy's poems, a beloved hymn, came to me as I listened to God before I began my day. "Saw ye my Saviour? Heard ye the glad sound? Felt ye the power of the Word?" (Hymn 302)

    God's word -- the Christ, Truth -- is always with us, guiding and guarding, comforting and healing. What a constant treasure we have. We listen, and we obey. Thank you.

  35. Thanks so much Leide & to all of those who posted their comments!
    The still small voice... audibley or silently manifesting itself... most certainly gets its message across to everyone -- tailored in a way that ALL of God's creation can perceive and understand... even the dog that's mentioned above!

    I love Mrs. Eddy's reference to 'the still, small voice', *see: Science and Health (pg 559:
    "The 'still, small voice' of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to th globe's remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind,, "as when a lion roareth."

    Thanks you Leide! Your soft, sweet voice certainly reflects the topic you have chosen for today's Lift!

  36. Thank you.

  37. Thank you, Leide, for “The still small voice … a divine silent utterance … not audibly but spiritually …”

    To keep the mind “busy” is a current trend. People quietly read, play video games, text, take photos with “smart” devices, search for answers online – and then there’s the ever-inserted ear bud! “Quiet” in terms of “not audibly.” But lots of “chatter” in terms of “spiritually.” Take care.

    Mrs. Eddy advises, “Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized …” (S&H 392). She explains, “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul. These ideas are perfectly real and tangible to spiritual consciousness, and they have this advantage over the objects and thoughts of material sense, — they are good and eternal” (S&H 269).

    Today’s “quiet chatter” is a subtle but serious distraction from the “Elijah listening” with expectation for “a divine silent utterance.” Mrs. Eddy warns us about being weighed down, “… with superimposed and conjectural evils. Mortal mind is the worst foe of the body, while divine Mind is its best friend” (S&H 176).

    That “still small voice” is God always guiding and guarding us for our good and always encouraging our goodness. Always. We can hear, if we listen. Our deliverance from “every ill that flesh is heir to” is a promise founded on God’s laws. Fear can't keep us distracted. Only God is trustworthy. As for me? Less chatter. More "Elijah listening." :-)

  38. Material conditions can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable, but by standing up and being still, we feel the supporting strength of and face the right direction toward the "still small voice".
    It's always great to see new views and hear new sounds here on the Daily Lift.

  39. Thank you, Leide, for this comforting message which has helped allay some of the fear that has been going on in my head. Turning to God and listenting to thy voice is truly the only way!

  40. THANK YOU LEIDE! Deep listening - and clear hearing of that still small powerful VOICE! and like Michael reminds us it is the authority of PEACE, BE STILL.
    Great comments all!

  41. Thank you, Leide, for this gentle sweet reminder of God's loving care for us.

  42. Thank you, Leide and Lift community. A growing understanding that listening is impelled by God - that God insists we hear and inspires us to listen, has helped me grow in this area. Troy, thank you for sharing your experiences - I was very moved and so happy that you got back out into your garden! Bless you for your loving example of forgiveness and your frequent honest sharing. Several other comments resonated and uplifted me, too. The Lift is such a wealth of support and inspiration. Thank you Lift team and The Mother Church for this particular provision.

  43. Thank you so much, Leide for this message. And Troy, your story of forgiveness of the neighbor dog is so helpful. Bevi, I'm chuckling with you as you work through the desire for a burning bush or loud , clear voice and another thank you Nela today as well AND TO EVERYONE who shares and puts these on.

  44. love this lift . . . Be still and know . . . . stand porter at the door of thought - yes . . . .. thank you!

  45. How can man in these turbulent times hear God speaking to us? The best times in my life when I hear God is during the night when all are asleep and Motal Mind is quiet. Then questions are answered, out loud, it feels. The mortal tendency of worry and fear are finally overcome when there is quiet, and our receptivity is awakened to listen to what God is telling us.

  46. Thanks Leide for the nice reminder.

  47. Thank you for this , listening is so important.

  48. Beautiful truths, thank you, Ms. Lessa.

    Try the 'still small voice' to see if it is of God. Is it loving, does it lead to Christ Truth? Or does it lead to a material opinion or political belief. Didn't Jesus say many would come in the name of Christ, Truth. Even holograms can be created to appear real, and mental voices need to be held up to the light of Divine Love, Christ. Jesus wasn't kidding when he said to 'Try the spirits to see if they are of God.' Political consensus or hypnotism can't replace Christly truths.

  49. Thank you Leide. Yes, the still small voice, so powerful, so precious, so needed. I pray that I am receptive to always hear it and obey but sometimes miss out on the hearing part. Lovely Lift.

  50. Having a traffic accident ticket written up as two separate incidences caused the fine to be almost $500. I honestly felt I was innocent of the accident but was written up as guilty. I just placed the entire incident in God's loving hands to know that God was the only judge and lawgiver and that any decision would bless all. As I sat in court I felt so calm with God in control and a "still small voice" assured me that all was well. The judge asked me how I pled. I replied that I honestly didn't know how to plead because of the way the tickets were written as two separate accidents. He immediately called the ticket officer's name, who was not present. Tickets automatically dismissed. I only wish I would listen more often to really hear that still small voice of God's goodness. El Paso Patt

  51. On today's DL, I learned about Troy''s dog( Barbados) . He thanks all the people who provided comforting words to him on 3/11,( Be prepared to forgive) I always read those comments since they enrich our spiritual understanding .But I skipped that day .Today, I need so much to read those comforting messages that Troy received.On Feb 14 my dear dog passed. He was poisoned .Today I searched for tthose messages.How comforting is to know that"what blesses one,blesses all.A month later those comforting messages to Troy as well astoday"DL are lifting up my sorrow Thaks so much Leide &DL"s fa

  52. Thank you so much Leide for sharing this wonderful and needful message. Keeping our mind/thinking still is vital if we wish to hear our Father who constantly speaks to us giving us divine peace, guidance, love, protection etc. However if our mind/thought is racing around with fear doubt and anything unlike God we can't hear what is being said to us. WE MUST BE STILL! As started in the bible "Be still and know that I am God"

    I also love the comment Martin Vesely shared that "God doesnot come from some far off place to help us" For years I've heard it said "Just wait God is gonna show up and show out" on the surface this statement seems like a great promise to hold to. But in reality if one is not careful it will fool you into thinking that you have to wait on God when really we do not because he is ever-present we just have to still and listen! Thanks again Leide and to all that shared their awesome comments. : )

  53. Thank you for this gentle inspiring Lift!!

  54. Thank you!

  55. muito grata Leide!
    Eh importante, a mensagem de receptividade e humildade para poder ouvir o "cicio tranquilo e suave"!!!

    Thank you Leide! Important message of receptivity and humility to be able to listen to the "still small voice".

  56. I just looked up the passage from Isaiah ( Chapter 41 : 10 ) and found the King James Version emphasizing that it is God's right hand holding us up always with His righteousness . . . never allowing anything but good to have power. That's something I am grateful to know. It is only the realization that God is in control and He is ever-present Love that enables us to feel the calm and and the kingdom of heaven within.

  57. Lovely Leide. Thank you. And Troy #20, your compassion for the attacking dog surely healed him. We had a beloved cat, Wendy, age 11, killed by dogs several years ago while some people stood and watched. As we forgave, and declared her immortality, one of the men who had watched, apologized and helped us connect with Gherkin, who came over and snuggled right in to the family for several years.

  58. Thank you Leide!!!! Just absolutely wonderful... And Anne (#8) loved the verse!!!!! Thank you all....

  59. What a blessing is this daily lift. We call it the universal church of the holy daily lift! It's our community church. We love it.

  60. Thank you sooo much! I feel Divinely embraced!

  61. Ana in reality your dog was untouched by the mortal picture. He was always protected and loved by God and he and you are both still beneath the shadow of his Mighty wings being cared for and loved!!!

    Renee thank you for so clearly pointing out the the concept to be still which seems a struggle at times.

    Thank you Leide for a wonderful life and thanks to all who gave the wonderful uplifting comments! Divine Love does meet the human need!!!!

  62. This is just what I heard this morning:!!! " I will uphold you ." I wondered if it was me or God thinking that..when in truth it was MIND telling me this TRUTH and demonstrating that ONENESS you talked about. Your Truths are clearly and smilingly spoken here. Thank you! Merri

  63. Beautiful, thank you.

  64. How does one obtain the joy and trust that person # 45 is describing? How does one constantly allow oneself to be loved by God without fear that He will take away someone you love?

  65. Powerful ideas Leide. Thanks.

  66. Caution is not an attribute of Principle, God, and Infinite God's too immense to take offense, so is man. Jesus' persecutors underestimated him, and he proved they had no power over him because he didn't believe in any power but kindness, omnipotent Good. He knew God, and his thought was never poisoned with confusion. He didn't even return to try to set mortal mind straight.

    Like 58 I love this universal church of the holy daily lift!

  67. What if you do not hear anything?-

  68. What a wonderful calming lift! Thank you!

  69. Thank-you, Leide for this beautiful, calming, powerful and very clearly expressed message/Lift!

  70. Occasionally,I become aware of that "whisper" and sometimes I am amazed how "things" unfold.On other occasions I become impatient;but that's human reason which tries to deceive.Gracias,merci,thanks!!!

  71. How pleasant you and the message are Leide, thank you. Discerning daily between the wheat and the tares with which we are presented is challenging, but Christian Science provides us with weapons that equip us with confidence and calm. They are not the world's weapons, but like this Lift, "they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds," time-honored human beliefs, and what not (II Corinthians). We make our way, listening to God's voice, as best as we can, gently arriving at the conclusion that God knows every outcome, because "I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith The Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."(Jeremiah) Mrs Eddy writes, and I picture with calm and confidence, "Truth is always the victor." God does not work through mediums such as earthquakes, fires, calamities, ferocity, matter of any sort at any time, but speaks to us directly, clearly, gently, lovingly, through His "still, small voice;" and since it is the absolute Truth, it is "as when a lion roareth,"(S&H) and all resistance, and opposition falls flat like the walls of Jericho!

    ...SOOOO many wonderful comments shared, thank you Lifters!

  72. Obrigada querida Leide por esse Daily Lift que nos lembra de não temer nada porque o cicio tranquilo e suave do Amor divino está sempre presente.

  73. Wow, this is such a beautiful and inspiring lift... thank you so very much!

  74. OH.... Thank you!!!....I needed that " Still Small Voice" ..... right this minute....concerning a problem.

  75. This was the subject of our Wed. meeting last night. There were so many wonderful testimonies of healing and this sweet reminder amplifies the way in which God forever communicates to Her dear children.

    Thank you, Leide and Lifters.

  76. Mrs. Eddy gives us,"It is most fitting that Christian Scientists memorize the nativity of Jesus." (Miscellaneous Writings, page 374.)
    For me, the nativity is Luke, chapter two, verses 1-14.

  77. 67.Denny – "Angels: God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality," (581:4). How do you "hear" a spiritual intuition, the leadings of divine Love motivating our heart to activity.

    Are Angel thoughts a response to a question we have initiated? Let's reverse the situation by asking, "what if God is not hearing me?" God does not hear our prayers audibly, nor does he respond the same way. Mrs. Eddy writes, "The "divine ear" is not an auditory nerve. It is the all-hearing and all-knowing Mind, to whom each need of man is always known and by whom it will be supplied." (7:23)

    Let's examine the statement. As the image and likeness of God, our receptivity is not auditory, but salutary. Our "hearing" comes in many forms and requires "listening" in many formats. If our need is always known and supplied, it means we don't start the process with a question or prayer. In fact, if we are expecting a specific answer to a specific question, it is possible we are missing the constant, infinite flow of other answers/Angels God is sending to us. Such limited expectations may be interfering with our "hearing".

    God always knows our needs even when we don't know them, he gives us answers to questions unasked and replies with wisdom before we pray for it. Don't be dismayed if you can't find one specific drop of water when we are swimming with Angels in an ocean of spiritual inspiration. You are heard and answered.

  78. Ana, #51, we love you, and we're sorry about your dog, you do have an avenue of understanding and reconciliation through Christian Science for peace for you and your dog. Hang in there, keep praying, you'll win whatever prize that is out there specifically for you! And your dog is bounding in Life, which is God, indestructible, joyful, for "sorrow is not the master of joy." Science&Health

    61, name, and #64, Denny, we hear you both and love you both, because our God does, He loves us all! Keep praying, keep searching as best as you can! It is so worth it. Call a Christian Science practitioner near you, obtain a copy of the CS Journal where they have them listed, or find a Christian Science Reading Room near you (they're listed in the Journal too) and start a dialogue w the attendant and they can point you in the right direction. We love you and your path to understanding these things awaits. :-)!

  79. Very comforting, yet powerful message. Thank you Leide.

  80. Thank you all for your beautiful comments! Obrigada! Gracias! Merci! Danke! :-)

  81. Since my last comment (#38), I've been reviewing the other comments, and found some who have found the "noise" trying to put harmony to silence (#67 - What if you don't hear anything?, #64 "...joy and trust?...take away?", and #51 Ana and Troy (#20) who unfairly lost their dogs.
    Be assured that their is a present answer that will bring complete healing sooner or later.
    You may not hear a voice, but maybe it might come as a feeling of being on top of a mountain watching a sunrise alone and feeling the beauty and peace of the moment.
    Listen again to Leide's message about climbing the mountain and the divine silent message to "Fear not".
    Read again #50's comment that while waiting to pay a big unfair fine that "As I sat in court I felt so calm...."
    Hope this helps.

  82. Thank you for this LIft. I love the thought of "God's victorious hand is holding us up."

  83. I am so grateful and very much appreciate the 'comments' contributed here in response to Leide's Daily Lift of today. They were extremely helpful - retreating to the 'secret place of the most high' and to "listen to hear Gods spiritual commands and train ourselves to listen for the impulse that is peaceful, powerful, gentle and clear!"

    Often it can be forgotten that 'listening' is one of the forms of prayer.
    I've wanted to experience more of a 'purpose' this year and in following these prayerful guidelines, we will "feel God giving us our purpose for each day and we'll be blessed' as another person commented here.

    I love the thought of: 'it's not so much the 'asking' for our Fathers help, but the quiet listening to His ever-present voice that brings His omnipotence into our consciousness'!!!
    Thank you all -

  84. I am so grateful and very much appreciate the many helpful comments contributed here resulting from the Daily Lift of Leide's today. Thank you all. The 'little verse' mentioned above is lovely of: When mortal mind s talking...

  85. thank you. I listened this morning, then went on about my day. For some reason, when I listened again, it penetrated better and I am so grateful to all of you, for being here and I don't have to be so alone in my spiritual battle.

  86. Thank you everyone for such reassuring thoughts! We have been trying for so long to sell our home and shift into retirement, and have been repeatedly told the market has not rebounded adequately for us to realize improved activity from buyers in a imminent sale. Today, we received an unexpected and exciting call that our home is being shown to a buyer. I went from being thrilled to combating thoughts of fear and our home being rejected - not what they are looking for. I am working very hard to be "still, and know that I AM GOD" and that our needs and those of a prospective buyer are completely fulfilled. I so want this to be our buyer we have been waiting for, but I know that in God we live and move and have our being today and always. I am so grateful to Christian Science and all the wonderful Lifter comments - especially #77 Michael who says "the all-knowing Mind, to whom each need of man is always known and by whom it will be supplied" (7:23) brings me the peace I am seeking to simply leave this to God and His idea.

  87. Good one. Comment #28 was helpful too.

  88. LOVED your Daily Lift, Leide !! It was just wonderful and exactly what I needed to hear.

  89. Thank you so much for this beautiful lift it really uplift me.

  90. On Thursday, I finished a document at work. I had started work for that project in September. As pointed out in this Daily Lift, I paused and acknowledged the support and the good that I experienced during this project. The earthquake, fire and storm that were part of the story, lost their garishness.
    Thank you, Leide!

  91. Wonderful Lift, wonderful comments. Thanks to all!

    To #86 Gretchen in Portland: I love this quote by Mrs Eddy (S&H 327:21 ) : "In the scientific relation of God to man, we find that, whatever blesses one blesses all, as Jesus showed with the loaves and the fishes, -- Spirit, not matter, being the source of supply." I know that Love is preparing exactly the right buyer for youe house, in exactly the right time.

    Hope this is helpful, dear one.
    from another Gretchen

  92. Wonderful message. Thank you.

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