3/13: Our oneness

3/13: Our oneness

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  1. Thank you, Fujiko. This lift was very helpful in praying about a loved one who passed away recently. I know spiritual sense is revealing my inseparability from all of the good that is him, as well as his inseparability from the good that is me. We all have an indestructible relationship to one another established by God. I love what Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her book Miscellany, "Where God is we can meet, and where God is, we can never part." Thank you again!

  2. Thank you Fujiko for this very comforting and re-assuring Lift. This one "in quality" , spiritual individuality forever expressing the wholeness, or oneness of our sonship with our Father, God is who we are. It is who we all are. It is what makes us complete. It is what enables us to be healed and to be healers. Thank you again.

  3. Such a beautiful message to start my early day

  4. Very grateful for this gentle and uplifting Lift that affirms our eternal Oneness. Thank you.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. How different everything is when oneness is understood as one source, one existence.

  6. So perfect, thank you Fujiko. Have been cherishing man's oneness today and love the idea of being together in one harmonious universe.

  7. What a powerful truth, so well-expressed: thank you so much! Getting a real grip on this truth, we would be demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven (right in the eternal and infinite now of God's ever-presence).

  8. This concept of our oneness with God and man will unite and heal the nations. Thank you Fujiko.

  9. Many thanks Fujiko for this great reminder. Yes. "We are included in God's [Love's] harmonious universe wherever we are." "Day by day the understanding/ Of our oneness shall increase,/ Till among all men and nations/ Warfare shall forever cease,/ So God's children all shall dwell/ in joy and peace." (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  10. Thank you Fujiko for remind me that I'm one with God, right now and right here.

  11. Such a very comforting Lift Fujiko san, thank you ♥

  12. Me again!
    I was looking back at some comments earlier in the week and would like to thank my fellow Liftees for the testimonies often mentioned.
    On 3rd Mar Mgt from Sunshine Coast left one for which I am extremely grateful.
    One God and one Church family helping each other in one Love!

  13. Yes, everyone included in God's universal oneness. How beautifully and perfectly expressed, Fujiko. Thank you for this message of unity for the world. It goes out to bless and heal the wounded and those who feel alone or isolated. The Love of Go gently embraces all mankind everywhere all the time.

  14. Thank you, Fujiko, for such a loving Lift. Loving and very Christianly Scientific. You know, Fujiko, I opened my computer this morning and saw the programme on Church Alive was just starting, so I immediately joined in. Bill and his group wherever they are - on the end of their Smart phones - and Christian Scientists from Alaska and Florida, and Lori was there, and quite a few others. But all One. Talking to their phones and asking "Is anyone there?" and Bill's comforting assurances guiding each one to "Yes, we're here, you can just start talking."
    At almost the same time on the television, the announcer was telling us that very soon over a thousand original languages will disappear from common use. So these people, wherever in the world they live in remote areas on the Amazon, in Tibet, in Africa, in China, in Siberia, have been given Smart phones, and they can tell their stories in their own language, and they'll be translated and kept for posterity. And at the same time remembering we are all one in God's own Oneness.

  15. It is a wonderful present every morning to hear the Daily Lift - thank you all - and God bless you all on this day again!

  16. Hi Fujiko,

    This thought of oneness and Unity just hit the spot. How dear and precious is this Divine sense
    of love. We can never be seperated from those we love as we realize our oneness with our
    Father. This gives me great trust and peace that all will be well.

    Thankyou so very much for your devotion and sincerety in giving this daily lift.

    Chuck Stanley

  17. How beautiful! This gentle message is so encompassing and loving. I can feel God's arms around us all. Thank you for sharing your treasure.

  18. Lovely thanks for the powerful message

  19. Fujiko, Thank you. Oneness with God is central in Christian Science. One God and His perfect ideas.

  20. It warms my heart to know that those departed aren't lost in oblivion but ever with us.

    The love they expressed, the good they did, all was in obedience to God's nature, just as the image in a mirror follows loyally its original.

    Recently I read that there are many universes out there, but it doesn't take away that there is only one Creator of all and everything ever created reflects God's good.

    Man, God's image can only express this infinite oneness!

    Me entivia el corazón saber que los difuntos no se pierden en el olvido, sino que están siempre con nosotros.

    El amor que expresaron, el bien que hicieron, todo fue en obediencia a la naturaleza de Dios, al igual que la imagen en un espejo sigue fielmente a su original.

    Hace poco leí que existen muchos universos, pero eso no quita de que sólo existe un Creador de todo y todo lo creado refleja el bien de Dios.

    El hombre, la imagen de Dios tan solo puede expresar esta unidad infinita!

  21. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. We are all at one with God..

  22. I immediately thought of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 when I heard Fujiko say: "We are never separated from our Father. We are included in God's harmonious universe wherever we are."

  23. Beautiful message. It brings not only hope, but conviction of what we know to be true because we have proved it over and over again. Thank you, Fujiko.

  24. どうも ありがとう ございます。

    げんき ですか。

  25. So beautifully stated, thank you.

  26. I love this message Fujiko, and many thanks to all contributors each day who so thoughtfully encourage everyone with their loving comments! J. Monks. UK.

  27. Thank you Fujiko, for. A beautiful lift. I am grateful for daily proofs of my oneness with God, and of His care for me. I am also so grateful for these lifts and all those who comment, and of corse to the Mother Church for making it all possible.

  28. What a beautiful message and delivered with the tenderness of divine presence . . . Thank you

  29. Thank you.

  30. Thank you Fujiko. There are so many temptations for separation and isolation. The desire for oneness is the answer to prayer for much of the conflict and despair in the temporal world. Good to remember that God is not tempted in any circumstance.

  31. In the Oneness...how comforting...thank you Fujiko-San! Part of my family is leaving for Korea for three years, and it's so comforting to know that we are not separated, but living in God's oneness, feeling together!! Much love...

  32. A very helpful message of our inseparable existence with unlimited, eternal good, Thank you.

  33. Oh what a comforting lift!! Thank You very much Fujiko! : ) : )

    Your lift is like a warm cozy blanket!....Love this.. "Oneness not singleness...all together not scattered here or there" and all from "one source" (God)..this binds us all together one world and one family!!..I really need to lean on this message today to keep listening "only" to what Divine Mind is telling me. All these beautiful lifts always meet our most desired need thanks again for sharing your god-filled ideas with all the world!!

    Love to all and God Bless : ) : )

  34. Thank you for the great "lift".

  35. Thank you for such a beautiful explanation of such an essential spiritual fact. To understand Oneness in its entirety enables us to see everything and everyone within God and demonstrate the kingdom of heaven on earth.

  36. Dear Fujiko,

    I appreciate this helpful thought. It expands my thinking. One time God gave me a nugget, "enlarge your tent". So, I thought that meant to sell our home and get a bigger one.

    The realtor came and showed the house and the buyer didn't want it.
    So, we just kept enjoying our home, but I still couldn't understand what God had told me. I asked around, high level Christian Scientists, no answer. Years have passed and I stumbled on old notes and then it came...expand, enlarge your expectancy of good! Because God is good.

    And you are saying, "think differently"...not locals and non local...all in His goodness. Thanks for saving me banging my head trying to get it...just look up the harvest is already here!

  37. Thank you. It's good to be reminded that nothing, no thing, person, place or circumstance can separate us from the love of God. Nothing can come in-between for God is always with us. Thought brings the "here and there" together, as you so gently portray.

  38. Cómo podemos saber? No sabemos, nadie puede decir que sabe, pero todos sí podemos decir que sentimos, que entendemos la omnipresencia divina, ¿le resta a la magnitud, su grandiocidad? NO, la agranda, porque alguien que trasciende desde el sentir de cada uno es Un poder infinito, que llega a todos a traves de un universo sin fin. ¿Pero como capturar ese incipiento poder que aflora en cada uno de nosotros? Los mensajes diarios lo dicen, la C.C. lo dice permanentemente, Cristo lo trasmitió como nadie, y Dios nos los da diariamente, para que obremos de acuerdo a su infinita bondad.

    Muchas gracias Fujiko, quizás hubiera sido bueno, entender el mensaje, pero lo he sentido y he dicho mi sentir. Tampoco vemos a dios y sin embargo somos conscientes de Él, es la consciente certeza, y nos gozamos.

  39. Thank you for the lift on oneness. I will use that today with joy.

  40. Oneness, not divided-ness, is the complete story.

    Hymn 135 has a catchy tune. “I know no life divided, O Lord of life, from Thee; In Thee is life provided For all mankind and me:” That’s all I have memorized, but I find it very adaptable to… I know no Truth divided, O Lord of Truth, from Thee; In Thee is Truth provided For all mankind and me: I know no Love divided, O Lord of Love, from Thee; In Thee is Love provided For all mankind and me: - well you can see where this is going. Pick your word… Spirit, Soul, Principle, Mind.. goodness, patience, … right to the source. Oneness. We’re all connected.

    Fujiko , どうも ありがとう ございます。(Thank you Google Translate)...I know no Word divided, O Lord of Word, from Thee.. Ha!

  41. Thanks so much, Fujiko, for reminding us of our oneness with God. As it asks in Romans: 8 "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?" And the answer, "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." This "nor depth" came to me when praying for the missing Flight 370. And as Malcolm #9 quoted, Hymn 157 ""Day by day the understanding Of our oneness shall increase." Our, that means every single one of us, cannot be separated from God and his ever-present Love.

  42. Thanks .Both the dl.and the lecture"DIVINE LOVE IS THE LIBERATOR" lead us to send a message of LOVE TO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE

  43. Sometimes it feels like religion is "us vs. them" when actually all of God's ideas reflect their single source, the divine Principle, the fullness of Love. There is no gap, difference, distance or division--even when humanly there is a (false) claim that diversity means "not like me." How beautifully you remind us that there is no "here and there," it is always "here and now"--the Oneness of our shared omnipresent, spiritual Creator whom we all reflect, express and celebrate. Thank you Fujiko.

  44. I was so reminded of this oneness last weekend when I went to hear a fine pianist play at our big symphony hall....hundreds of people being so silent for so long to hear such fine and harmonious playing. It was a spiritual experience. Thank you.

  45. Thank you so much for this spiritual uplift for ever.

  46. Thank you, Fujiko. How comforting to hear about our oneness with God wherein no one is lost. This idea is so helpful in praying about the missing airplane and it's 239 passengers. No one is missing in God eyes.

  47. Thank you so much, Fujiko, for this most inspiring lift! It is our birthright with God.

  48. A beautiful Lift Fujiko, and much needed for the world today. God is All-in-all and we are included in that forever.

  49. Thank you Fujiko for your gentle spiritual upliftment in this daily lift!
    Divine Principle sees no material divisions. "Mind alone possesses all faculties, perception, and comprehension" (MBE, "Science and Health", pg 488). Therefore time, space, and any material sense that would divide, are mere mortal constructs; we are all one in, as you say, "God's harmonious universe"..."in God's oneness".
    Thank you again for this beautiful insight!

    Thank you lifters all and the Daily Lift Team too...

  50. Take away the physical structure that one sees as different persons and what do you have? Well! expressions! An expression of Love, an expression of Life, an expression of Mind, Spirit, Soul etc. That's our oneness which is never separated but is part of the whole of man. Each man expressing in infinite ways of the completeness what we call God, never separated but a complete whole.

  51. Thank You, Fujiko, What a wonderful Daly Lift!

  52. Domo Arigato Gozaimas, Fujiko. Your lift is to relevant to so much of what we hear about in the news. I'm so grateful for the lovely comments which seem to cover almost everything I would want to say. So, thank you for this precious lift, for all the comments, for the DL team putting these on. What a beautiful opportunity to really accept "Our Father" as the basis of all our lives.

  53. A hectic morning around here with settling our dogs with two new cats. I decided to sit down and listen to your lift in order to restore some peace and calm in myself. Well, you chose a good subject today, and here's me on the chair, three dogs and two new cats, all sitting circled round, and listening to your gentle message. A moment of 'oneness' and all separations gone. Now can I make it last ?

  54. Thank you, Fujiko, for your beautiful and very helpful Lift.

  55. What a clear, strong and loving message this is, dear Fujiko. Thank you very very much !

  56. Thank you for t his lovely comforting Lift. The fact that God is One and All dispenses with distance and separation. We live as ideas in His undivided knowing.

  57. Thank you, Fujiko, for “Our oneness … we are never separated from Our Father … we are together now in this oneness.”

    What a gift Jesus gave us in the Lord’s Prayer, which begins, “Our Father.” A long time ago, I went to God in prayer about an argument I was having with a loved one. I knew I was right and not only did I think she was being impossible, she was being mean spirited, too! So when I went to God in prayer, it was more like tattling and with great self-justification. ;-)

    That was before I began, “Our Father.” I stopped right there with the realization that I could not pray for myself without praying on behalf of my loved one and the whole world, really! After all, God is “OUR Father!” The prayer was designed to bless one and all. It’s a real “gotcha!” Healing happened for me that day – a permanent and deep-seated recognition that we are really all one. It has helped me to stay increasingly more God-centered and less self-centered.

    The Golden Rule comes to mind. Because we are one, what I think, say, and do regarding another is as thinking, saying, and doing to myself. I have come to appreciate inner and world peace as attainable - a practical “as in heaven, so on earth” lifestyle, based on the spiritual paradigm Jesus brought to us and that Mrs. Eddy discovered and proved as Christian Science. Made in the image and likeness of God / Love-itself!!! we are free to prove the efficacy of the Love that we already are!!! Love is the answer and we are it!

  58. Dearest Fujiko, Thank you for showering us with the great balm of God's dear love for each and all of us. What a warm, tender, tight hug for our world. Much Love, Ginny Young, Bridgewater, Connecticut

  59. Oh Fujiko, this is a perfect explanation of being ALL ONE- all one body, family...one in our Source, God, Good.
    THANK YOU for the clear, calm message!

  60. Thanks Fujiko, for your lift.

  61. When I've heard this I've felt comforting, calming and in Love's arms. I love this: One good source for everyone including me, everywhere and now. Thank you so much Fujiko!

  62. Perfect ,,, Thank you ! :-)

  63. What a difference one letter makes. The sharp contrast between being ALONE versus ALL ONE is mind boggling. Thank you for this uplifting thought of ONENESS, DEFEATING THE FEELING OF BEING alone that sometimes makes us fearful.

  64. Thank you for this touching message with its clear and compassionate truth. It is just what I needed to hear today.

  65. Thank you, Fujiko, for this inspiring Lift. In praying about the missing airplane, two thoughts come to me: "Whatever is hidden will be revealed," and from S&H 15:25..."hidden from the world, but known to God." In praying with these thoughts, I've found "lost" items without looking for them, or when I've searched everywhere, and can't find them, then, I finally sit down, get quiet, and pray with the above thoughts and am lead to them without looking further. Should do that first.

    Much gratitude to all those involved in producing these wonderful Lifts and for the many helpful comments. Love to you all.

  66. Fujiko, thank you for the dear Lift, delivered with such grace, and thanks also to all for the insightful, and sometimes very entertaining comments. Also huge thanks to the Daily Lift Team and all those who make these Lifts possible. They are indeed precious gifts. Love to all.

  67. The idea of our oneness with the Father is so lovely developed that it is as clear as crystal.
    Thank you very much.

  68. Fujiko, such a true and inspiring message, beautifully spoken, thank you! Love the Lift's closing and expanding idea(s), "So, we are not here and there, but together now in this Oneness." Enjoyed listening to the lovely guitar music. Thanks, worldwide Lifter family for your thoughtful comments and DL team for your wonderful work-in-oneness.

  69. Thank you for your helpful Lift !

  70. Thank you for the beautiful idea of "together now."

  71. This was the perfect message for me this morning....I was feeling very "scattered" and overwhelmed...with relationships, family responsibilities, my business, etc. and your thoughts on "Oneness" were so helpful. Your lift has lifted me from a sense of "aloneness" to the thought of "Oneness" It's just what I needed to wipe away my tears! THANK YOU!

  72. Beautiful. Thank you.

  73. So very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you Fujiko.

  74. Thank you soooooooo much! We lost a dear colleague last week and the atmosphere is heavy and oppressive with grief and sadness. This lift is so timely and helpful!! Thank you!!!

  75. Perfect balm for a "wounded" relationship-- thank you!

  76. recently I heard someone say , if you have the choice to be right or kind, choose KIND. what do you think?

  77. Thank you for this message of oneness! It helped me to completely forgive a family member for loving me enough to tell me of a fault.

  78. Thank you, Fujiko, for your beautiful, calm and reassuring Lift today.

  79. Thankyou Fujiko. That was so comforting.

  80. The erroneous concept that God has favourites, and that I am not one of them, has been in my thinking for many years. Your words, Fujiko, have given me a whole new way of thinking. To know that I am inextricably and indestructibly linked to the one source of goodness and love has given me such peace and I have uttered a huge sigh of relief.

  81. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Very comforting to think about. Wonderful daily bread.

  82. Wonderful to contemplate. Wonderful "daily bread." Thank You Fujiko!

  83. WOW, that's so beautiful!
    Thank you so much, this is what I needed for today!


  84. Very good! When talking to Christians of other denominations, Christian Scientists should know that the Hebrew language on the "Oneness of God" validates the Christian Science view in contradistinction to Orthodox Trinitarian Christianity.

    God's sacred Name in Hebrew YHVH means that God IS the Cause and Source of all.
    God is "echad", which means One, the sacred singular. So there is only One Source.
    Yeshua (Jesus' real name) revealed man's true identity as being "at-one" or "in union" with God.

    As modeled by Jesus, everything exists in unity with the One God.

    When you understand that there are two different words for oneness (singular vs unity), you see that Jesus is not the one God. Jesus said he was at-one (in unity) with his Father, the only Source, One origin of all. Scholarship cannot validate the Orthodox concept of a tri-theistic diety who is both Spirit and flesh.

    This is the starting point of Christian Science, the El Dorado of the faith, and the starting point of all Christian healing.

    AD #7 wrote:

    "Getting a real grip on this truth, we would be demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven (right in the eternal and infinite now of God's ever-presence)."

    Go AD!

  85. Dear Fujiko,
    I really enjoyed your lift today.
    We cannot be separated from God and we
    cannot really be separated from each other, too.
    Thank you so much. -B


  87. Thank you! So simple, clear and true!

  88. Thank you Fujiko, this was perfectly worded with perfect thought behind it.

  89. With God as our shepherd and all of us as his dearly beloved flock, we can't lose our unity.with each other. We are shepherded with all the divine love there is and done equally, no one left out anywhere. Thank you Fujiko for that comforting oneness you so succinctly brought out. Thanks also to all you sharers also. It so broadens my understanding of the lift.

  90. Its sad to see right now that the only time, it seems, that the nations that make up our planet can operate in harmony, in cooperation with each other is when there is a catastrophe of some sort. God gets our attention then for sure. Then this oneness that you speak about becomes much more immediate and necessary. Thanks for your message.

  91. OH I just love my Daily Lift family! Just makes me feel that oneness Fujiko speaks about in this lift. I can reiterate #13 Chuck's remark how clear and precious this divine sense of Love is and #33 Kristen's sence of this being a warm cozy blanket wrapping round us. I did love your statement Fujiko of us all being 'together'. Thank you so much. The whole lift is precious . My thanks to you Fujiko and all involved. Dinny from New Zealand

  92. Awesome! Thank you!

  93. Dear Fujiko Thank you so very much for this DL It really lifted me today. Also for your wonderful Lecture on LOVE...

  94. One good God, one good man including one good universe.

    Ah-h-h at-one-ment, at one me!

  95. Fujiko, thank you so much for this beautiful Lift.

  96. Thanks so much.

  97. Thank you, Fujiko. Perfectly expressed with such loving authority.

  98. Thank you all for your beautiful contributions - I know angel messages comfort us - They come to us to share with others for they are for all.
    "Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries, "Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters." Science and Health, p.12
    with gratitude and love!

  99. Dear Fujiko, THANK YOU!!

    For me, the words you conveyed, explaining that it was only through Spirituality could we grasp the understanding of our ONENESS.

    So, your Lift is helping me to help myself, my family and every one I meet and every one THAT IS FAR OFF to gain a higher sense about Spirituality.

  100. wonderful. my favorite current study about being one with God is. Ageless being. always at the point of perfection in perfect harmony with God's law. thank you.

  101. V in IA
    Thanks Fujiko,

  102. Thank you, Fujiko!

  103. Thank you - this is important to remember and live with. I like #43 comment which we can turn to in the Bible Romans 8 and learn from those profound verses and go one step further and make them part of your daily affirmation of spiritual truths ...

  104. This is the most beautiful Lift. The idea is so pure, so simple, so clear. It must be from above. Thank you, also, for its sweet deliverance.

  105. Another keeper. Thank you, Fujiko.

  106. I agree, another keeper! Thank you for this beautiful message.

  107. Thank you Fujiko,
    I love to be reminded of these powerful truths. How much they comforted me!!

  108. Thank you for your assuring message. To quote #104 from above, "The idea is so pure, so simple, so clear." Much deep gratitude for all involved in providing these Daily Lifts, as well as for all who receive them and proceed to live them. Lovingly, Sharon :-)

  109. Fujiko, your beautiful crystal clear voice is like an angel voice speaking directly from heaven! A sparkling reminder of our atonement with The Father. Beautifully spoken!! Thank you.