3/12: You are being followed

3/12: You are being followed

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  1. Thank you so much. What a great thought - stop the chase, because good is built-in. So it is inevitably following us. You can't even escape it! That's fabulous food for thought for the day!

  2. Thank you Michelle, so wonderfully stated. Health is a natural outcome of our sonship with our Father-Mother God. It has its permanence in Spirit as substance, and not matter. Our health is not subject to the suggestions that mortal mind tries to present to us; one of being fragile, unpredictable, even failing. Mary Baker Eddy states, in S&H page 120, "Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind; nor can the material senses bear reliable testimony on the subject of health." In this we can rejoice . Thank you again.

  3. Thank you for this healthy, invigorating, vitalizing and Life-affirming Lift!

  4. This is such a refreshing and delightful Lift!
    Thank you for your insight Michelle.

  5. Many thanks Michelle for this very inspiring lift. Yes. "Good health [perfection] is a normal natural expression of spirituality." "'Twas thus the loving Master/ Saw man's perfection shine,/ Beheld God's child forever pure/ In radiance all divine." (Christian Science Hymnal #15).

  6. Wow, Michelle! That was outstanding. So clear and concise. It's a good idea to stop chasing something that is already part of us, and can't be separated from us. That's a big waste of effort.

    Being well, perpetually loved, expressing the health that God causes in us. What a great job we have - to glorify God each day.

    Michelle, thanks for sharing your joy today!

  7. Beautiful, clear, simple message, Michelle! Thanks :)

  8. Wonderful lift, truly grateful for it --- such a powerful cat image to remember! Meow!

  9. That was wonderful, thank you! I love that goodness can be translated "being well".

  10. What a wonderful thought Michelle. So often I have read in the Daily Lift responses "Just what I need ...". Well today I can join them and express my gratitude for the specific inspiration so graphically expressed. I love it and will enjoy the experience of further pondering and of sharing the "built-in" concept. There is no need nor any purpose in chasing our tails - it can't be caught and it is always there with us.
    Bless you and many thanks.

  11. Goodness and mercy follow us (like a tail follows a cat) they are built into our very being ―because they are part of God and we are His image.

    Health is one of the many God given manifestations of God's goodness and love. God's completeness follows us wherever we go, good health included!

    Everything is mental, but "Mortal thoughts chase one another like snowflakes, and drift to the ground." S&H 250:29

    So, isn't it time to stop chasing the unknown and know that we are well taken care of?

    El bien y la misericordia nos siguen (como el rabo sigue al gato) son parte de nuestro ser―por ser parte de Dios y nosotros Su imagen.

    La salud es una de las muchas manifestaciones del bien y el amor de Dios. La integridad de Dios nos persigue doquiera que vamos, ¡incluso la buena salud!

    Todo es mental, pero " Los pensamientos mortales se persiguen unos a otros cual copos de nieve y caen al suelo" CyS 250:32

    ¿No es ya hora de dejar de perseguir lo desconocido y saber que ya estamos bien cuidados?

  12. Mercy is perpetual love, thank you for this 'translation', very useful!

  13. Thank you.

  14. Michelle, Thank you.

  15. This is such a great lift and so encouraging to all of us. St Paul also reminds us that "Nothing can separate us from the LOVE of God, and psalm 139 too emphasizes this great fact. Thank you Michelle such a helpful Lift today! Love to all June M.

  16. Thank you, Michelle. What a concept to think about and put into practice. Very "thought provoking" as the expression goes. And, what you have said is true.

  17. Thank you for reminding us that God is already and always with us.

  18. Thank you Michelle.

  19. Michelle, thank you very much!

  20. Dear Michelle Thank you so much for the reminder of the Comforter. So helpful. Love from Claire

  21. Thank you.

  22. Tank you dear Michelle for this powerful and joyful lift. It shows again how infinite God's ideas are. Every little experience of our day can serve as a helpful example for God's Love.
    Wonderful !

  23. Wonderful Thank you!!!!

  24. This image of the cat is so beautiful and easy to think about it.
    Thank you for your uplifting thoughts!

    Love from Nina

  25. Wonderful thought Michelle. thank you.

  26. Thank you.

  27. Thank you Michelle. God is indeed provides good health and love that is built in.

  28. Thank you - now with our 3 cats around they will serve me well in remembering this Truth- & in keeping me realizing it!

  29. Sin ninguna duda, nuestra real expresión es espiritual, por lo tanto, sana, libre de toda pretención erronea. No hay tal pretensión,, porque no la puede haber, si somos solo conscientes de Dios, y obramos de acuerdo al Evangelio de Cristo, ¿Por qué... Hay otro? No sin duda que No, pero si hay muchas interpretaciones, que se han ido sucediendo a traves de distintas etapas y de diferentes opiniones, por que seamos francos no todos los que han tocado las escrituras han sido inspirados por un anhelo de progreso en el arduo camino del Cristo, y lo único que se logra en esos casos es oscurecerlas.

    ¡¡Pero gocémosno!! que Sí.. el Evangelio de Cristo es inmarcesible y no importa cuanto se pretenda, intencional o no, oscurecerlo, porque él está cimentado en la Verdad y ha sido puesto en obra, y eso no se puede cambiar, como se pueden sí, cambiar las palabras. Entiendo que, Cristojesús ha trascendido por sus obras, no tanto como por sus dichos, porque las obras hablan por sí solas, no necesitan ser entendidas, reconocidas sí, por la simple razón que se sienten, las siente el que obra y las siente el que observa cuando es benficiado por ellas, y puedo decir bendecido por ellas, ya que el bien-hacer es lo más cercano a Dios, y trasciende más allá de toda otra consideración y esfuerzo.

    Muchas gracias Michelle, lo que trasciende en el Daily Lift, Es el esfuerzo de todos para llevar adelante la tarea de predicar el Evangelio de Cristo, obrando cada uno desde el lugar donde esté.

  30. Thank you, Michelle, for this excellent Lift.

  31. What a wonderful lift! Merci!

  32. Yesterday at our monthly meeting of the Interfaith Leadership Alliance I gave two friends the flyer for the Daily Lift. As I listened today I thought of what an incredible gift of thought these Lifts are and how wonderful to be able to share them. Thank you all, -- lecturers, DL team, the Board of Lectureship.

  33. Thank you. Your thoughts and ideas support our true status as God's perfection is expressed as man.

  34. Thank you, Michelle! I love that goodness (well-being) and mercy (perpetual Love) are following or actually pursuing me every day! I'm off to Mexico for a couple of weeks in the Sun and I'm taking All of You with me!! I'm also taking Goodness and Mercy with me as I dwell in the consciousness of Love! Vaya con Dios!!

  35. Another translation of the Bible, unfortunately I don't remember which one, translates this line from the 23rd Psalm: "Surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life." I like the idea of being pursued by goodness and mercy all the days of my life. Thanks for your inspiring message that the full range of qualities that express good health are built in. I especially like the idea of the "full range of qualities" not just partial, nothing left out, are being expressed in our good health - they're built in, therefore we don't have to search for them. Just the ideas I needed today - thanks so much!

  36. Thank you so much, Michelle.

  37. "Principle is not to be found in fragmentary ideas" (Science and Health, p.302). Health has its roots in the word for wholeness. As God/Principle's ideas, we are not fragmented; we are whole and healthy. There is no other option. Merci beaucoup, Michelle, for this great reminder that we can not hear too often.

  38. I love that the 23rd Psalms says SURELY, goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life. Absolutely,finally, without interruption, we are followed by God's goodness and mercy. I love the translation of goodness as "being well". And the comment that health is a normal natural expression of God's love for man. Built in. Intact. Inviolable. Ever present. Thank you, Michelle, Daily Lift team, and spiritual thinkers all over the world. Blessings galore!

  39. Thank you! Nice to know!

  40. What a very illuminating message....thank you!

  41. Thank you Michelle for your reminder lift today. The Psalms always provide strength and understanding.
    About health Mrs. Eddy says on pg 487 488 in "Science and Health": "The understanding that Life is God, Spirit, lengthens our days by strengthening our trust in the deathless reality of Life, its almightiness and immortality.
    This faith relies upon an understood Principle. This Principle makes whole the diseased, and brings out the enduring and harmonious phases of things."
    Isn't it wonderful how clearly Mary Baker Eddy interpreted the Bible for us?

    Thank you lifters and Daily Lift Team also.

  42. Excellent ! thank You . :-)

  43. Thank you, Michelle, for this really great Lift. Your Lift just said so much of what everyone wanted to be told. Or even to share! Our Northern Australian Summit is taking place this weekend, and we really did expect some great Lifts to lead us in, and we have not been disappointed. Now we can share them with so many others!
    Many thanks Nate and the team; TMC, and the exceptional Daily Lifters!

  44. What a beautiful lift! Thank You very much Michelle!! : ) : )

    I've been trying to struggle with the thought of overcoming such deep negative thinking that I thought was my own. Many lies seem to be attached to my thinking so often that it wants to drown out any truth I've gained and accepted about myself and family. Your lift is just the sweet reminder I need to rise above these thoughts. To only keep attached to God's beautiful messages! All day yesterday I did not let one dark thought stay with me. I just stayed focused on God's speaking not errors dark suggestions and it made my day so much better. Error keeps telling us that constantly holding to the truth is impossible but it is not because it's really God doing it for us, so it's not really "us" struggling at all. (I'm still working on this, though.) God is the "one" Mind so holding to this allows us to express him.

    I am so eternally grateful for Christian Science to be available to my family and myself and the world. What a joy! Thanks again for such a perfect message today!

    Blessings to all : ) : )

  45. Michelle....God's goodness following us forever ....thanks. And thank
    You dear Mother church for the daily lift. Thank you daily lifters for
    Sharing and caring for the world.

  46. THANKS MICHELLE, and thanks for Nate, the band, and all the joyful comments here!

    THE FACT is that God's " goodness and mercy chase after us ", as The Message Bible says

  47. I've been working a lot with claiming my true self hood as God's own perfect, healthy, happy, and harmonious child. Animal magnetism would have us believe we could be separated from that and mesmerism has us rehearsing the lies. But our spiritual being is unshaken and unalterable. I've been working with the truth that Principle is harmonious and "that nothing lapses from nor returns to harmony (health)." Principle is the firm foundation and law of harmony, God, good. It is our right to claim and express the Truth right now and in every moment. Thanks for your lift!

  48. "Goodness and mercy follows us like a tail follows a cat." What a great explanation. Like an animal, how often are we guilty of chasing our own tails expecting to catch them? If we follow goodness and mercy and we know that goodness and mercy follows us, we logically can conclude we are surrounded by goodness and mercy on both ends, before and behind, and there is no end to this tale!

  49. Thank you, Michelle, for “You are being followed … [by] goodness and mercy … the full range of spiritual qualities that make up good health … no one is left out … health is present and discoverable in each one of us right now …”

    This is the Truth of our being. If we hold to it, we are capable of proving it to a world that is too distracted by disease management. What a wonderful “wake up call” to responsible healthcare founded on claiming good health as normal and even more!!! Good health is God-authorized.

    Thank God. We are being followed!!! ;-)

  50. Michelle, Just as wonderful as your message is the way you deliver it -- cheerfully, optimistically, and energetically! Thank you for your happy lifts. I hope you can imagine how very much they mean to me.

  51. Oh Michelle thank you! "God's goodness and mercy have a good firm hold on you." This is what I needed to hear. It's complete!

  52. It is such a mind set which frees us from stress that God, good, health follows me all the days of my life. That illness is not a part of my being or any others. That God's creation cannot falter due to any of these false beliefs, Death, Old age or illness. Non of these can happen to us as God follows us and protects us at all times, be it climate change or a particular environment.

  53. I love the assurance our health is a natural forever part of our being... and not fragmented.

  54. Thanks Michelle--great reminder of Gods providence over us and that we can trust God"s love to show us the way to health, wholeness, that shine through becuase we are God's sons and daughters.

  55. I love it.....many thanks for this lift!

  56. Isn't it wonderful to know that the Christian Science teaching is eternally good and true and worthy of following.

  57. As usual, Holly, Oreo and Penny (my three cats) and I listened to the Daily Lift with great anticipation and were so delighted and inspired, we had to listen to it a second time. It is wonderful to be reminded that we are, all of us, whole, complete ideas of God, lacking nothing good, and that goodness, freedom, health is irresistable. Thank you, Michelle, for this inspiring and practical Lift, and to the Daily Lift family for the great comments. Happy day everyone!

  58. Perfect lift to start my day and thank you to #11 for the snowflake reminder . . .I think this is one day I won't be "chasing my tail" . . . Thanks for being out there Daily Lift community!

  59. Michelle, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this insightful and practical application of the beloved Psalm known and perhaps memorized by all who have any acquaintance with the Bible. I work in a prison ministry. This is a powerful truth to share with these men who think they are being "followed" by a past which keeps them repeating it and returning them to prison. I just checked all the contemporary Bible translations (no paraphrases) and all retain the word "follow."

  60. Merci Michelle,tres bien

  61. Thank you! A great lift of affirmation and conviction.
    Cheers of joy---

  62. The 23rd psalm is always a good song to sing. I like the idea that "goodness and mercy" includes health. It's so obvious. Thank you Michelle, and all the lifters. Have a healthy day!

  63. Wonderful and timely message! Thank you ,Michelle. Health (wholeness, happiness, completeness)
    is not only available to all mankind, it is the essential fact of their being as God's beloved. We do
    need to accept this fact, as true right now and always.

    "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free". From the Bible, John 8: 32

  64. God's health--His gift of ever present health--is built in to each of us. We don't have to go someplace to find it. Very nice!

    Thank you.

  65. I love the cat's tail analogy for a health, or goodness and mercy, that is built in. Thanks for offering this helpful explanation of the last line of Psalm 23.

  66. Thank you!!!

  67. Thaks Michele...love the analogy...of
    Health is Princple that is intact &
    always CHASING us to our natural

  68. Thank you for the reminder that health is the natural order. I have been chasing my tail due to strong false suggestions, I really needed this lift i am so very gratefull! thank you

  69. I have repeated the 23 Psalm for much of my life, and it's one of my favorites. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. Thanks for the reminder. BTW you have a lovely voice, Michelle.

  70. Much thanks!

  71. Thanks Michelle for your joyful presentation of fun filled truth, and its so energizing to then read the Lifter responses that have picked up on and shared from that same joy (love). I feel so much gratitude for the daily unfoldment of this universal "Lift" that we are greeted with each five days. It grows, expands, deepens, and brings Love newly daily - every day smiling and grateful for God's childrens' sharings around the globe.

  72. What a sweet and comforting lift! The image of my beautiful kitty girl and her gorgeous tail perpetuously following after her, reinforces the thought of her completeness. Our goodness and mercy are forever a part of our being. She is no longer here with me ,so as I think about her with her tail following right behind her, her perfection is a given! Nothing can separate his creation from the LOVE of GOD. What a wonderful way to remember her beautiful image and that she is saying to me, that ,all is well, good health is built in, forever.

  73. Many thanks to you Michelle for a Lift that really resonated with me. And, thanks to Kirsten #44 - I've been having a similar situation and have been working to know that there is only one mind that I can express - not the mortal mind that seems to want to take over my thinking about an acquaintance. I'm realizing I truly need to express more "goodness and mercy" and if I find I can't do that, then maybe express "silence" until I can demonstrate the good thoughts that I know are within.

    Many thanks to everyone who makes these "wake up" messages possible.

  74. Thank you, Michelle, for this strength-giving message of affirmation and assurance.

  75. We are the followers of Christ Jesus. Thanks so much for goodness and mercy in our lives.

  76. Excellent example and message. It gives lots to think about and rejoice in. Thank you.

  77. Deep gratitude Michelle, This made me SMILE. We can't be separated from goodness and mercy and grace, it is already a part of God's child. Peace-fully carol

  78. So many wonderful ideas to understand, love and live by; merci beaucoup for your excellent Lift, Michelle!

  79. What a comforting message. Like the sunbeam includes dazzling light and warmth, we include health and mercy. Rejoice, I say unto you, rejoice!

    Kristen (#44) - You are wrapped in the arms of divine Love and its love is meeting every need.

  80. Thanks. I like your cat analogy, Michelle!

  81. Thank you.

  82. What a lovely, encouraging, wonderful lift, because it's so true!
    Merci beaucoup Michelle

  83. Thank you Michele for this wonderful Daily Lift, which explains how our health, and well being, coupled with God's Love are already built in. We don't have to look for health, harmony, and Love, anywhere else. It is already included in us as the reflection of God.

    I was able to share this lift with someone in great need who called me today and it was a perfect message for this individual as it has been for myself. I had just listened to your lift a few times and have played it a few times again. I love the illustration with the cat chasing it's tail, only to find that it is part of itself. This will be helpful as I think about my cat's health and harmony too, and how it is already part of her.

    Thanks again.

  84. Dearest #44 Kirsten:

    Mind is holding YOU! Error can seem to squawk pretty convincingly at times, but the truth is, there's no separate mind to latch onto. Dark thoughts can't get a toehold in the Mind (the only Mind you have) that is Truth and Life and Love. I love that you're fighting the good fight (and winning). Blessings to you, my friend.

  85. Thanks for this lift, Michelle. I love the idea that "goodness" and "mercy" in "Bible talk" are health. Thanks again.

  86. Thank You very much in Progress for such loving and helpful thoughts!! Blessings in return! : )

  87. Thank you , Michelle, for this delightful Lift! I love the idea of being followed by goodness and mercy. I never thought of it quite that way. I am so grateful to Nate and the team that provides these Lifts for us. And thank you to those who say the name of our beloved church correctly!

  88. Monday 17 March. I watched Beth Packer's video then this Daily Lift by Michelle with all the helpful comments about Psalm 23. My feeling of anxiety was just smiled away. S & H p 250 : 29. Thank you. ' for God is All-in-all. ' S & H p 468 : 11 .

  89. Just what I needed to hear thank you. We dont have to regain health it is firmly attached

  90. Thank you for this strong reminder of this favorite Psalm. When something becomes so familiar we need to go back and digest thoughtfully. I love the thought that goodness is always following me. Thank you again.

  91. purposefully, spiritually built - lovely

  92. This is SOOOO true. Also so rememberable. The phrase "Stop the chase. Health is built-in." reminds me that we do not have to go anywhere for health--it is ours to use now. Thank you, Michelle. Sharon :-)

  93. Many months later, I am still rejoicing to have been reminded that goodness & mercy are always following me, just as the cat's lovely tail does. Merci beaucoup, Michelle.

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