3/12: Where's your focus?

3/12: Where's your focus?

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  1. Thank you Rob for this wonderful lift. Having spent 30 years in a paramilitary organization I valued all the training that went with it. Although I took the necessary human footsteps to complete each task, I really relied on and valued the direction and guidance I received from the one Mind, God. I never stopped relying on God's protection and effectively witnessed the Christ in action time and time again. Human knowledge can only take you so far, but with God all things are possible.

  2. Thank you, Rob. I have been a "professional" many years through my life, and the need to see my students as successful, competent learners helped them to become even better in their endeavors. My focus had to be on God's child and not the disabilities they thought they had. I hadn't thought Peter sank because of his professional consideration of the material problem. That is rich.
    I enjoyed your visit to Salem and am looking forward to hearing you in the future.

  3. Great reminder, Rob. It's too easy to be distracted from our primary direction. I've been dealing with resentment toward a couple of people - couldn't find peace, of course, until I realized that I was the one being harmed - not the objects of my ire. But if they WERE affected by it - wasn't it my responsibility to protect them from my bad feelings? So, again, I needed to focus on that primary responsibility - to love God and my neighbor as myself. How would it help for me to lose that focus in order to entertain resentment? I had to make a choice. Thanks for some timely help.

  4. Thank you, Rob, for “Where’s your focus? … never turn … attention away from the possibilities of spiritual power … divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities.”

    When I first moved to this “new” location about five years ago, I knew that God had sent/called me to this place. I was so willing to be here for God, to apply my experience, expertise, and education to do great good by letting God work through me. As I continued to reach out lovingly to my community though, I began to realize that my focus needed to be adjusted. I had become so involved in the human scene of things, I had too often and unwittingly turned “away from the possibilities of spiritual power.”

    Even though I was praying right along, I wasn’t quite understanding how to proceed. As I prayed for “next steps,” God’s answer was that I didn’t need a human strategy and action plan. I need only to focus on one step at a time, yielding the human to the Divine at every step. But all the experience, expertise, and education? God will guide me in their use for the highest good of all concerned, which is what I really want anyway.

    So, I have been learning more deeply the freeing and empowering Truth of being, by staying more focused. As you’ve shared in today’s Lift and as I have been increasingly aware that “… divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities.” And those possibilities are infinite!

  5. Beautiful, Rob. Inspiration trumps anything of this world. The Bible says, "...the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple." (Psalms) Knowing God is all we need to know. Do this first, and "all these things will be added unto you." (Luke)
    "Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee." (Job)

    Mrs Eddy says, “Understanding is the line of demarcation between the real and unreal... This understanding is not intellectual, is not the result of scholarly attainments; it is the reality of all things brought to light.”

    Also, when speaking of those who seek to practice healing through the study of Christian Science, “No intellectual proficiency is requisite in the learner, but sound morals are most desirable.”

    These are our true priorities. The reason we do anything is to glorify God, let the Christ-light shine, and we find the Father has never left us alone, for we "do always those things that please Him." (John)

    Thanks again Rob. Love the DL community, can't wait to read all of the comments!

  6. Thank you, Rob. I would like to work with this thought.
    Wonderful idea! Bette H.

  7. Your 'focus' daily lift is right on! Thank you so much, Rob.

  8. Thanks, Rob, for sharing that experience. How beautiful that "divine Love's power to reach and heal" reached all three of you, the chaplain, the sergeant and the soldier needing the help! All things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose.
    Funny, I was rewriting my resume tonight and your lift popped into my computer! While the work related training & experiences I've had are helpful, as your lift brings out, they are not the main event. Like Peter, reliance on human experiences or past laurels will sink us fast because we're relying on human knowledge when in fact, we have access to the Mind of God through Christ. Turning to God for fresh inspiration will always bless, progress and keep us afloat, proving there is only one main event, and that event is divine Love and it's NOW. Every day I'm learning more about keeping my focus on God and trusting in divine Love to guide my every thought and action, to place me where I can do the most good. Truly there is no other or better way. Thanks to the lift production folks and those who comment too.

  9. The apostle Peter was a professional fisherman, he could have been walking longer on the water, like the Master did, but his knowledge of the boisterous winds, and what it could do to the waves, terrified him. Mark 6:45-52
    Looking at the situation through his professional training he lost his focus on the Master and began to sink. If he would have remained focus on divine Love he could have repeated Jesus feat.
    Divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities.

    El apóstol Pedro era un pescador profesional, podría haber caminado sobre el agua, como lo hizo el Maestro, pero su conocimiento de los vientos turbulentos, y lo que podrían hacer a las olas, lo aterrorizaron. Marcos 6:45-52
    Viendo la situación a través de su formación profesional perdió su enfoque en el maestro y comenzó a hundirse.
    Si él hubiera permanecido centrado en el amor divino habría podido repetir la hazaña de Jesús.
    Sólo el amor divino define el momento y sus posibilidades.

  10. Oh, Rob, what an important, tender, message. Thank you for sharing. We are all "professionals".

  11. That you Rob for pointing out to me that I should not be a professional at focusing on what mortal mind is suggesting about a situation. Mortal thought would train us in the ways of its own world if we would allow it to.

    There was an incident at Heathrow Airport some years ago during which my heart was beginning to sink as fast as Peter during the storm until I turned away from the mortal scene and knew that God was a very present help.

    We had returned from the Carribean to Southamptom from a cruise but our car was paked at Heathrow. When we arrived at the airport we were left at one end of the terminal with heavy suitcases

    I went to a taxi office to ask whether they would take us to the car park. They couldn't because they were not allowed inside the gates. Then things began to happen as if the Christ was holding my hand. The taxi driver locked his office, collected a trolly, for which he paid, walked to our luggage, loaded it on, and took us to a bus stop. He waited there until the bus came, told the driver we needed help, and then went without waiting for the payment offered. The bus driver loaded and unloaded our cases and while my wife went for the car keys I realised that in all the acres of cars there, our luggage was next door to the boot of our car. All I had to do was to put the cases in the car and drive off.

    I was so grateful that I had focused on the Christ and not on the storm of troubles that we seemed to be faced with.

  12. Our forever Leader gives in Miscellany, “We cannot remake ourselves, but we can make the best of what God has made. We can know that all is good because God made all, and that evil is not a fatherly grace.
    All education is work. The thing most important is what we do, not what we say. God’s open secret is seen through grace, truth, and love.” (Pages 288-289).

  13. I love that statement, Rob, "Divine Love alone defines the moment..." I'm going to tuck that in my heart and carry it everywhere! Thank you.

  14. Many thanks Rob for pointing out that "Divine Love alone defines the moment..." "With God nothing shall be impossible." (Luke 1:37). "Things deemed impossible I dare,/ Thine is the call and Thine the care,/ Thy wisdom shall the way prepare;/ Thy will be done." (Christian Science Hymnal #190).

  15. WOW! This is the most perfect lift. Thank you SOOO much. It has great significance for me and family members.

  16. That is a wonderful idea... and to be taken to heart... thank you!
    I read these lifts on a daily basis, and love them all. Don't often say thank you... so this expresses gratitude for all the thousands of lifts and posts so selflessly given to the world. A big THANK YOU!

  17. Rob,
    Thank you

  18. WOW...yes, me too.
    How helpful was that. And the application to the healings performed by Jesus in the Bible are endless. We aspire to have and to maintain that same focus, moment to moment. As the son of I AM, we can!
    Thanks much,

  19. Wonderful msg. Thank you very very much!

  20. A good thought. thanks

  21. A truly unconventional lift with new inspiration for us...The one and only focus should be on the one Christ, which transforms and heals... And there nobody is ever given up or will ever sink.

  22. Thank you, Rob, for uplifting my thought to see the Christ walking on the waves. It is just what I needed to marginalize the suggestion of mental challenges in friends and family. Divine Love does define our every moment.

  23. Thanks, Rob - I had been thinking firstly, at the very moment before listening to this Lift, how long a certain intellectual had been 'in the profession.' Secondly, the walking on the water episode was the one that first gave me insight into CS - and Jesus's 'miracles.' S&H, Preface: 'No intellectual proficiency is requisite in the learner...' Always glad of fresh insight, as in this from you.

  24. What a wonderful lift. I especially liked the bit about Peter, and knowing that with God ..all things are possible.

  25. thank you Rob ,
    as a proffessional i am guilty of somtimes know it all
    today i am changing everything ,
    from Frank from Australia

  26. Wow is right! What inspiration and aspiration! To focus and see as Christ Jesus did. To face the multitudes coming to him, thronging him only with compassion. To see only God's idea and not mortal man needing help. To never be tempted by the human scene and so called evidence because "Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals." S & H: 476: 32. What focus we all aspire to have and maintain in our daily walks and conversations with God letting Divine Love define our every moment.. Thank you Rob and all! I too, Steve, will be coming back to read the comments posted after mine!

  27. Just what I needed! Thanks, Rob.

  28. Focus on Spiritual power is the right way of starting my day, my projects. It's not only about learn a profession or trusting professionals for help, but divine love guides me and everyone to the right way and right thing to do. I'll be patiently doing my chores and keep listening to know which is the next step for me. Thanks, Rob for helping me lifting my thoughts to divine Life and also Number 1, 4 and 8. "With God all things are possible!" Is always a great experience to read other comments after I wrote mine and I see many times that Mind is keeping our ways of thinking together, even when we been far away from each other or without knowing what the other person is thinking.

  29. Am praying to practice this healing truth that "Divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities." Sincerest thanks, Rob, Daily Lift team and community!

  30. Thank you for the beautiful way to redirect and correct one's thinking for Divine harmony. I listen to the DL every morning as part of my prayerful start to my day and today, like every day, I am reminded that I have all I need to do God's work as I do mine. Thank you for this wonderful service and to all the Lifters and commenters. A comment dircted to me from Margaret from Sunshine Coast Austrailia last week was so comforting. The good that is shared freely here by all is a true blessing. Thank you. Love, Janet

  31. So often I read and enjoy the Lift and the comments, and then don't add anything. And there are probably hundreds more like me. So, on behalf of all of those non-writers, thank you, Rob.

    I suppose you could say we are all "professional" mortals, in that we think we know what the body should be doing and how it should look, but that is just like Peter doing a professional evaluation of weather conditions. But if we just keep our focus on the Christ, we will always see God's image and likeness, perfect, whole, undisturbed.

  32. Thank you. This is just what I needed to focus on perfection and not on the problem. there are no problems in God's kingdom.

  33. Thank you for this Daily Lift - Daily Bread.so sustaining,

  34. This lift, to me, shows the great power of humility before divine Love's plans and power. Thanks!

  35. I am so grateful for this really inspiring lift. This morning I had to focus really hard on the Truths in the Lesson Sermon to really set myself to understand that God was the substance of all true being, and that there were no errors or accidents in God, the divine Mind, there all was well regarding the two challenges I was facing. I really had to work hard to overcome fear, which seemed such a power, to realise and really trust that God as in complete control of both situations. One of the situations has been completely eradicated, and the other one is greatly improved, and as I keep focussed, the lie must be eradicated and supplanted by the spiritual reality.

    I can't tell you just how grateful I am for Christian Science that overcomes every problem that seems to be, but is not.

    Thank you Rob, and for all the wonderful comments.

  36. Thanks so much for this new insight...most helpful!

  37. Thank you.

  38. Gracias Rob, por tocar un tema tan sustancial como es en quien y en que están enfocados nuestro pensamiento y sobre todo nuestro sentir. Cristo Jesús y Eddy nos señalaron el camino para que enfoquernos nuestros pensamientos encauzándolos hacia la idea divina que nunca yerra y que siempre está presente.
    Podríamos dar innumerables de ejemplos de como fueron cambiadas situaciones adversas en paz duradera, pero siento que no hay mejor ejemplo que el que vivímos nosotros mismos, cada ser vive experiencias que si el pensamiento está enfocado en Dios y su Idea podremos aun emular lo que otros hicieron antes que nosotros, porque el Espíritu es el mismo, la Idea es la misma, el propósito divino en plena manifestación haciendo posible que lo adverso o sea el error de crencia de vida en la materia tiende a desaparecer y entonces nos encontramos en plena consciencia en quien somos, y a quien nos debemos y sí ineludiblemente en quien nos debemos enfocar para no errar el camino, y hacer posible el cielo aun aquí y ahora, teníendo esa consciencia que se adelanta, sorbida en su propia realidad, la del ser espiritual y perfecto, como la del Padre y el Hijo.

    Gracias nuevamente por inspirar cada mañana, Daily Lift, y también a todos los que dan su sentir, en una manifestación diaria y que también depende de nosotros ampliarla si nos enfocamos en dar también nuestro granito de arena, respondiendo y colaborando para que los mensajeros sientan que no es vano el esfuerzo, sino recíproco.

  39. Oh, I love this interpretation of Peter’s walk.

    How to focus? Isn’t it wonderful when we find this statements like this to be true “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.” S&H 261:4 Mary Baker Eddy (today’s JSH Daily Thought email)

    It may sound a bit naive – this statement - and yet when we are focused on Truth, giving up despair, the Christ element of God is right there to lift us up in ways we could not fathom.

    My business was sinking with my professional view of the economic downturn. When something else caused me to get my act together with God’s help, I also woke up to a business thriving. I keep saying “But I didn’t do anything” and I really mean it. I wasn’t even thinking about the business!! Ha! Exactly!

    Thank you Rob for right focus.

  40. Thank you so much, Rob. We just have to stay with the healings in our Log book. Even those we could be tempted not to remember, except that every time it is proof of divine Love's everpresence, never absent for a moment or separated from us, and always answering every need. There was a need for a word I was tempted to believe I had lost, but meekly turning to God the answer came almost immediately: eisteddfod. My working Science and Health, mislaid when friends stayed here in November, was discovered today! Under some papers. Hidden, but not hiding. . . Now I have two. And so much more, just in this day.
    Thanks to the Lifters for the wonderful Comments; to Nathan and the production team; and to the lecturers, always focussed on the next need, the next prayer and the next healing

  41. Dear Rob, i have been struggling with a challenge for many years now. As i try to walk in the "light" and "en gracia de dios", beyond fear and doubt and confusion, the challenge has only become more evident, demanding, and "in my face". Lately i have become increasingly and more clearly aware of dwelling in the most high, of only seeing "reality" and not succumb to the carnal picture, the senses that can bound me. Earlier this morning, sitting quietly, i yearned for more clarity, deeper conviction, clearer understanding. Then i opened the DL, and found the gift of your message with the additional bonus of all the comments. Moved with gratitude, Maria.

  42. Thanks, Rob! Interesting ideas about how to look at Reality! I've been pondering, especially with this week's Bible Lesson on Substance, the question of what is REALLY Real....!! Is it matter and what we see with our 5 physical senses or is it scientific spiritual ideas? How can ideas or thoughts be more real and tangible than what we see, hear, feel, smell and touch with our senses? Hmmmmm.....I'm also learning that I need to be honest about what I really know and understand and not be foolish or Polyannish in stepping out on the water if I don't really understand spiritual reality. I'm finding it takes a lot of deep study and contemplation to really understand what the Bible and Science & Health say about Spirit being the Real and Matter being the Unreal. Thanks so much for sharing your deep insights today! Love all the comments, too!

  43. Just what I needed today, to stay focused on God, good. Thanks Rob and for all of the comments.

  44. Thank you for this lovely Lift. The word 'focus' comes from the Latin word for 'hearth', 'fireplace' or 'altar' and can represent home so it is all about where your thought is worshipping and where it is at home - in the wind and waves of mortal thought or in the Christ, the peaceful presence of God, Jesus knew that man is forever at home with God and that there is no substance to the wind and waves, and so he could walk calmly over the sea of belief sustained.by the understanding that God, infinite Spirit, is the only substance.

  45. Thank you Rob so very much more than words can say.
    Also thanks for all the comments and Nathan and the
    production team.

  46. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of who is really in control, full control of our daily lives. How often I forget, thinking I must know. But it is God, Mind that knows all - and all things are possible thru Mind, eternal good. Thank you Rob, and all those that make these Daily Lifts possible.

  47. I love this. It is so easy to be distracted even in doing daily tasks. . 2 Cor 10:5 says: "bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;" #39 quote to "hold thought steadfastly" is right on target. Thanks to all.

  48. For some reason your daily lift made me think of the inmates where our church offers CS Services every Friday. Many times we call before the scheduled time and we are told that there are no takers, so we don't go to the institution.
    ll share your message with the committee as a way of possibly going beyond the "professional" look to that situation. I think we can stick with the fact that those detained there need help and can be helped through the Science of Love and Truth that make man free.
    For the inspiration which you are offering to all today, I thank you very much.

  49. Thank you for this awe inspiring lift. Like Nancy at no 39, my husband's business seems to be floundering in the so called economic downturn, but now I know how to reverse that thought. Also I need to make a difficult decision concerning my beloved cat and instead of focusing on the truth, I realize that I have been relying on past experience in the same way that Peter was when he sank into the water.
    I realize too that being able to walk on the water was real to Jusus, but not so much to Peter who was relying on his past experience with water.
    I know too that I can change the way I've been thinking about these two challenges, -because divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities.

  50. Thank you Rob and thanks to everyone who has shared. I'm in awe of the connections, similarities and patterns which show up in these comments from all over the listening-reading audience. Thanks also DL team for putting these on every week day.

  51. Thank you!!

  52. Greatly appreciated this Lift and comments, especially the one above as I type, #43 Eleanor, shedding light on "focus." Thanks, everyone, this is very helpful right now.

  53. This is indeed a most inspiring lift and all the comments are inspiring as well. Words can't express my gratitude for this lift that I will be sharing with others today. Thank you!

  54. I am not a professional, especially when it comes to using a computer so when I called Rob Gilbert last week to tell him that I'd already spent way to many hours trying to figure out (TO NO AVAIL) how to arrange for him to be at a multifaith panel meeting via Skype, so we'd just need to connect him by voice, not picture, he said something like - well ok if that's how it is, but let's see where we are. And then he led me (truly HE led us both) in the most patient, gentle, listening way until his picture appeared on my computer. You would have thought I knew what I was doing at the meeting where Rob was present via Skype. I saw the self-centeredness in thought; as it lightened effortlessly to God-centeredness, the way opened; lesson learned and so appreciated. Thank you Rob; thank you God. Professional listener - to God, to good, what a high ideal!

  55. Just want to say "Thank you", it is -once again- just what I needed today in a situation at my work..

  56. Thank you Rob for the clear message that "although professional training is important, Divine Love ALONE defines the moment and it's possibilities."

  57. I find that many times if I rely on human opinion alone, I either make the wrong choice or the right choice. But since I became a Christian Scientist, I learned to ask myself if that human opinion is God inspired or not and then heed it or not. The choices I made by focusing on God's answer were always correct.

  58. Thanks, Rob, for the inspiring reminder of where to keep our focus.
    And perfect example showing how it can bless.

  59. Thank God for Christian Science practitioners and all the work they do overcoming mortal mind's sinking hangups. This lift is not the first time you've helped me. God is the only power. Christ and Christian Science is all we need to stay on that road.

  60. Thank you Rob! Good coaching to KEEP THE FOCUS.
    And thanks#35 for insights

  61. Wonderful message Rob- Thank you!

  62. Thank you for this lift. My professional training has been as a social worker and with our society's tendency to view many human needs through the lens of medical applications, I have been challenged to listen to God speaking to me through the Christ right where the troublesome voice of disease, fear, and loss has deigned to outline a situation or an individual. I pray daily with Article 8 section 1, "A Rule For Motives and Acts" in the Manual of the Mother Church - it is a great guide and keeps my thought separated from those professional prophecies, condemnations, counselings, judgments, and erroneous influences that may subtlety say that they are the trump card in our "professional" work.

  63. Sincere gratitude for reminder to stay 'focused on the Truth of all things being possible to God,'
    Hugs of peace.

  64. Keeping the Christ Consciousness in the foreground guides our human experience successfully.Thank you for this important focus.

  65. wonderful, especially the clincher: "Divine Love alone defines the moment...." just wonderful

  66. And now, the challenge is to stay focused when the seas are calm, where the winds are not blowing, when all seems smooth and harmonious. We need to be especially alert in those times, when comfort in matter and the material situation would lull us into sleep and apathy. Thanks Rob. Wonderful.

  67. Thank you Rob. Your Lift has met a great need for me today and I shall be listening to it again and again. The comments have been inspiring and have brought my thought to "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need" (S&H) I am grateful for this.

  68. Dear Rob, That was such a thoughtful reminder that professional training can get in the way of allowing ourselves to see and do the Truth, or of our "being allowed" to act on Truth. As one trained in psychology, the difference between God's truth and psychological diagnoses has always been palpable to me. Truth heals. Diagnoses can sometimes be helpful along the way and they are sometimes huge stumbling blocks. Thank you so much.

  69. Si vivimos enfocados en Dios, y sabemos que formamos parte de su creación, cualquier problema, o prueba podemos ir solucionándola a m,edida que comprendamos y enfoquemos nuestros pensamientos
    hacia la Mente infinita. Entonces el error se va desvaneciendo hasta que llega a su punto de desaparición
    Pero debemos orar mucho, siempre enfocados para poder ver, la foto ideal (la perfección)
    Gracias por el mensaje
    Gracias por el mensaje

  70. Thank you.

  71. Wonderful message... thank you for this lift today!

  72. Thank you, this lift was just perfect today! Yesterday one of my professors at school expressed his hope that when I finish school I find a good job, because I deserve it. He was doubtful, perhaps because of the economy, though I said that I was sure I'd find something. Then on my way home I thought about this, and rationalized the reasons I would find a job, I have lots of work experience, I'm a good worker, I thought of my skills and the reason I was even in school full time. Then I remembered that God was providing. That is why I'll find the perfect job when the time is right. My source of good is not limited and not subject to mortal laws and beliefs.

    This lift was a wonderful support in that direction, as I need to stay with God, doing His work, and I'll always have what I need. Fear has no place in Love. And nothing can keep me from expressing that infinite Love and Mind- clear, free, complete.

  73. Thank you for the Daily Lifts. We look forward to beginning our day with the new and reviewing the complete postings of the day before.

  74. Thank you for this insight!

  75. Just what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you!

  76. Thanks Rob for the good reminder to stay focused. Never really thought of Peter as a professional, but he surely must have known all about the changes of the sea as a fisherman. I'll be using your good ideas today as I stay focused on getting my tax materials together, not letting the winds & waves of distraction keep me from this necessary purpose.

    Hi to #5 Steve in NJ, thanks for your comments.

  77. Sometimes finding someone receptive to truth is as significant as walking on water. Thank you Rob for finding that one ready for "...a cup of cold water in Christ's name..." (S&H pg. 570). How important it is to keep our focus on Truth, and what we can do with it. Any comfort it may bring is never insignificant.

  78. "Divine Love alone defines the moments and its possibilities".. Thank you for this inspired Lift!!

  79. Thank you Rob for startling me into correct focus with your last phrase: Divine love alone defines
    the moment and its possibilities.

  80. Rob, thank you for sharing this idea. You are totally we need to move your thoughts towards to Spiritual powers to solve any kind of problem. Mario Vicencio Sao Paulo, Brazil

  81. The only thing I was ever good at was riding bikes. Starting when I was about 12 to ride with my dad and then by myself for 20 miles and more, and then the focus became, how much can I see. So then - winning 100 mile races just felt so correct because the focus is still on, it's still the only thing I am good at.

    Here is the problem. You will end up being what you love. I don't want to be a bicycle. I sold my bike last week to pay my mortgage, cryed, realized people got bigger problems than my winning bicycle races and now here I am.

    Anybody want to go for a walk?

    Ray Schultz CS

  82. That daily lift couldn't have been more helpful to me today! Thanks so much.

  83. Hi Rob~
    Your Lift today is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks so much and for all the comments, too.

  84. Clearly, my professional training was not helping me at all. I was trying to help a child write a report for school, and I knew her parents were expecting me to enable her to earn her a good grade on it. Yet she wouldn't listen to anything I was telling her and wanted to do it her own way, which included skipping the introduction, and then copying from a book instead of using her own words. I explained the concept of plagiarism and closed the book, but she just reopened it. I was beginning to accept failure in this situation, when I finally turned to God and acknowledged that there was one Mind in operation, and it was speaking to both of us. It came to me that I was being too dogmatic in my approach, but I still couldn't think of any solution, so I just told her quietly and calmly that she need to start over and not use any of the material she had already written. She replied, "I don't know how to write an introduction," so I showed her the teacher's guidelines, and she confided that she didn't understand them. I realized then that her attitude wasn't really the problem, so I showed her how to narrow down the topic from general statements about it to a specific thesis, and in the next hour the entire report was written. I had been so focused on seeing a behavior problem that I never saw that the child was embarrassed to admit what she didn't know. It was divine Love that revealed her innocence to me and showed me where to refocus my attention.

  85. Sure I'll go for a walk!!! I love the invitation. Letting go is difficult and it is true that when one door closes, certainly, another will open. I wish you well on your bright new path Ray.
    I so appreciate these lifts and the community that brings it all to life. I am grateful, very grateful to be a part of this community. Open to all and meaningful to some. Thank you one and all and especially to the lecturers for their deep and careful thought that goes into creating these lovely guides for living.

  86. this was a great message and it really helped me thanks for you comments

  87. Several lifters said in one way or another that they wanted to hear what the comments would be from others. They do indeed bring the lift to life. It is a family discussion and as #85 put it, "I am grateful very grateful to be a prt of this comminity.

  88. You are lifting so many - thank you!

    My work is in agriculture developing crops for starving farmers around the world, the ones who cannot afford to be part of industrial agriculture. There are many obstacles which I know about and have to deal with. I will think of Jesus helping the "professional Peter" to walk on the water.

  90. Thank you to everyone who so far have commented on Rob's "lesson" for today. I just heard of the passing of a dear friend and was struggling somewhat to keep focussed on what I know to be true. Every one of you has helped enormously with your helpful comments..THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  91. Daniel, Idyllwild CA
    I really like the statement , and make a note of it, that divine Love defines the moment and its possibilities.
    Thank you so much! Robert of Brunswick, Me mentioned pages 288-289 S&H.. I read this statement that underlies your daily lift : "Science reveals the glorious possibilities of immortal man, forever unlimited by the material senses." Tks. again.

  92. Orma - OIhio
    Thanks so very much for this lift today. I always start my day by listening to the DL - This lift was perfect for me today.Thanks to all for these DLs - especially Nate who puts smile on my face evry day. I am truly grateful for them. Love.

  93. Ditto #85 - happy to go on the walk with Ray too! Wow what an eye opener for sure ! What a great way to pave a new more enlightening path in your life! Let go - let God!!! Love it.

  94. Thanks for that lift. The Jesus example with Peter was once taken in a book that I read: "If you want to walk on the water, you've got to get out of the boat" It's dealing with the same idea; leave your traditions behind, the security, the safety, the overcome attitudes, the anxieties and focus on your goal. That gives you strength, trust, power to get through with what you are aiming for.
    I'm nearly through with my day but still, I like your lift all the same. It makes me fit for the night. Thank you again.

  95. thank you rob

  96. Good point Rob.

  97. This is a very helpful Lift. The statement that really caught my attention and has stayed with me all day is: "Divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities." That truth dwarfs the sophistication of professional judgment and turned me to seek wisdom derived from prayer.

  98. Love you Jobea! Love your comment..

    I'd love to walk w you Ray, it takes courage to expand our sense of life. Love to you and to this precious oasis-gatherers!

  99. Excellent Lift --- thank-you very much Rob! For me, new food-for-thought & uplifted doing. Thanks everyone.

  100. Thank you, Rob. We often need to see through children's eyes, rather than our 'professional' (adult) ones.

  101. Outstanding, Rob. Many thanks!

  102. Thank you Rob for a timely as always message. God's presence through your words and experience helped me see my role as a professional family counselor as secondary to God's training . During my sessions when I find myself wanting to help bring peace or a solution to relationship problems . . . .I pray. God is always there with just the right words that they may need to hear . . . I begin my day and sometimes individual sessions with prayer and meditation which gives us that lazer beam focus on God as our source.

  103. Thank you sooo much Rob! Talk about a timely message! Recently I had fallen into being mesmerized by and reacting to an onslaught of offenses. I temporarily forgot to jealously guard my focus on Christ alone and started to sink spiritually. THe more reality I ascribed to the offenses the more the onslaught accelerated. Thanx to your wonderful message, I knew what I needed to do and within an instant after changing my focus, the onslaught subsided and my imperturbable joy returned! You are indeed a gifted healer!!! I send blessing upon Blessing to you!!

  104. Thank you so much, Rob and thanks to all the "lifters" for these great ideas on our real job possibilities.
    I am going to send this Lift to my young grandson who is looking for his first job.
    I loved thinking of Jesus being a professional man, so full of the right ideas of how to work and how to view our results of our work.
    At one time I was sooo frustrated with my job. I was employed by a dear man who was also a friend. One day I made an appointment to see him at his office. When I explained how I had tried so hard to see some good results of my efforts and thought maybe I should take another job, he must have been
    wondered if I belonged in his company! He was quiet for a minute and then said, "Well, Sally, I can't tell you what to do but I can tell you 'never act out of fear'." It was the best professional advice I ever received! I went on to be completely happy in the job with his company and when we moved I used the advise of not bowing down to a fear based decision ever. Getting calm and hearing that,
    "Divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities" is always the answer! Many thanks for that.

  105. I thank you so much Rob for the helpful lift.

  106. Good guidance for when we must go beyond human advice!

  107. Thank you. I loved this. Listened more than twice.

  108. What a great thought for anyone, whether wanting advice about professionalism, or some other aspect of life. I'll save this "Daily Lift" for future reference. Thanks

  109. Thank you. It is so welcome to be reminded that "Divine Love alone defines the moment and its possibilities"! We have been trying to sell our home for some time now and the lack of our perfect buyer is at times discouraging. Although the "professional opinion" is that the sales are still slow in our area and the market has not yet improved, we hold true to God and His idea - the only one that counts. Thank you for the reminder to not overthink the process, but to simply yield and wait patiently for Divine Mind to play out His plan for us.

  110. 81--Ray, dear bicyclist--you are not limited to being good at only one thing--as God's reflection you have many capabilities. Listen to Hymn # 139---all 3 verses--we all walk with God. Now, run with this divine message from our Daily Lift friend and focus on soaring, focusing,lifting consciousness right up to God---whos hand is always there for us to grasp.

    Thank you, dear Ron--I am going to focus more deeply/carefully on God's guidance in the day's work I face tomorrow. I love Hymn #139 "I climb with joy the heights of Mind to soar o'er time and space.!"

  111. Thank you so much, Rob (I'm back to listen again & to read the rest of the comments) and bless you, Dave Christensen for your work with farmers. Industrial agriculture is not the solution to world hunger. God shows the way.

  112. Thank you.

  113. I came back to listen to this again to remind me of where my focus really is.... thank you and thanks to all who share their comments. Let us like Christ Jesus keep our focus on God.