3/11: Be prepared to forgive

3/11: Be prepared to forgive

  1. Thank you John for this great Lift. Forgiveness helps to define for us the nature of God, of divine Love itself. The act of forgiving isn't impelled by human will but rather allows us to see our fellow man as he truly is - governed by God alone. Only by practicing to forgive can we bring this true view of man to light, surely bringing a blessing to all.

  2. Thank you John for this reminder about God's requirements - so lovingly shared, with an example any driver waiting to find parking has probably experienced...and that even then, forgiveness is the immediate demand. So good to share a "small" example as those times are not to be skipped over...how purifying :)

  3. Oh John, this is a fantastic lift! The ability AND the urgency to use it, or "always" be ready to forgive is something I have ad to put into practice lately, as I am dealing with personal issues. As you say, forgiving is not an option, but an "absolute, inescapable requirement." Last week's lesson quotes Eddy: "Generically man is one, and specifically man means all men." Forgiving makes us lighter, freer, enlarges and perfects our capacities and individuality, "wide[ns our] sphere of thought" and is an absolute requirement for demonstration.

  4. Our forever Leader gives, from Science of Being, “If these children should go astray, and forget that Life is God, good, and that good is not in elements which are not spiritual, – thus losing the divine power which heals the sick and sinning, -- they were to be brought back through great tribulation, to be named in Christian Science and led to deny material sense, or mind in matter, even as the gospel teaches.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 309).

  5. Once we see there are no limitations to our ability to love, then everyone, without exception, is family, is included in our thoughts, prayers, loving embrace, and this includes forgiveness, for truly, there is no one who can harm us, or alter our path, as Jesus proved.

    Thank you for gathering and sharing DL community!

  6. Thank you John for this daily lift which could be considered to be a daily task.

    I don't think that it is any co-incidence that in the Lord's Prayer :

    17:4-7 (to ;)

    Give us this day our daily bread;

    Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections;

    comes immediately before:

    6 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
    And Love is reflected in love;

    I need to recognise my income of divine grace first before I can reflect it to others in my love for how God created them, and not necessarily for what their mortal actions are.

    I was once told that the first person I forgive is myself when I give up the belief that I am in debt to matter. If I owe matter nothing then it is impossible for me to be in debt to matter. I find that this helps enormously each day when I meet people who believe (albeit unconsciously) that they are in debt to matter and must pay the penalty for it.

  7. Many thanks John for this great reminder that "[Healing] is not an option." "He [Love] comes to break oppression,/ To set the captive free,/ To take away transgression,/ And rule in equity." (Christian Science Hymnal #75).

  8. Thanks so much John, a well timed reminder. The Daily Lift is such an important part of our lives, as, as the name says it gives us good advice and an uplifting message for the day. Or as in the case of those of us 'Down Under' an evening message, as it is Monday here.
    Thanks again Shirley

  9. When I was 9, my friend's prankish 4 year old brother, yanked my doll from my hands in a blink of an eye and tossed it over the gate... right as the elementary school children passed by.
    I never saw it again.

    This morning (I am an adult now) it just came to me that I never forgave him!

    I realized today that is time to check my past an let go of any old grudges and to bless everyone involved... wherever they are.

    Cuando yo tenía 9 años, el travieso hermanito de mi amigo, arrancó mi muñeca de mi mano de un tirón en un momento inesperado y lo tiró sobre el portón hacia la calle... justo cuando pasaban los niños de la escuela primaria.

    Ninca la volví a ver.

    ¡Esta mañana (ya soy adulta) se me ocurrió que jamás lo había perdonado!

    Hoy me di cuenta de que ya es momento de revisar mi pasado y largar todos y cada uno de los viejos rencores y bendecir todos los involucrados... estén donde estén.

  10. Many thanks for that loving thought.

  11. No experience in our spiritual journey in growth and grace is "too" small. A song title from the past has these words: "Little things mean a lot." I refer to these words often when praying.

    Thank you, John. I certainly have had your experience many times!

  12. Just another thought if I may.

    If my wife needs a parking place she says that she remembers that she is where God wants her to be and she paraphrases verse 2, hymn number 298 of the Christian Science Hymnal:

    Love for me will make "radiant room"

    She says she never has to wait long before that "radiant room" is shown to her.

  13. Thank you John ! Merci ! Merci pour ce Daily lift ! Je vois que le pardon est comme notre aptitude à ne jamais renoncer de contempler le bien que Dieu a créé de toute éternité et pour toute l'éternité ! Nasepeli mingi !

  14. Thank you, John for addressing this important topic. In learning about forgiveness, I'm always reminded of the companion requirement "forgetfulness". I know it takes both to fully experience true forgiveness. And, more beautifully, I'm learning that the "forgetting" means understanding that the supposed event or circumstance never really happened, so what is there to remember? Also, coupled with Mrs, Eddy's lessons of the totality of God's man and the universe, there just cannot be any room for material, non-existent, intrusions. And, finally, when it is all forgotten, we know for certain that it never happened and we can again shead a ray of God's limitless love and affection on the needy object or material entity. After this, never having happened, it will remain forever out of thought and we are freed from the experience. Thank you again for this important lesson.

  15. To forgive is a requirement .... and a blessing. What a powerful thought. Thanks, John. I'll get practicing this.

  16. Thank you for this fundamentally important Lift. I am seeing more and more clearly how important it is to give up a personal sense of good, one derived from that 'personal point of view' that the belief of life in matter would so insistently claim we have. It is the point of view that would interpret others as having 'more or less' than we do and being 'better or worse' than we are; and finally it would convince us someone has done us wrong. We must 'loose' ourselves and our fellow man from this point of view and 'let him go'. Forgiveness is one essential way of doing this and of restoring our sense of good as God derived alone. Thank you.

  17. Thanks John, I have had that experience with driving on our roads in Trinidad and the thought that came to me about the driver who cut me off was: What if I knew that Jesus was driving that car, would I react differently? I would have! Therefore I immediately forgave him all for the same reasons you give. Thanks...John

  18. This is really helpful thank you - I try to think of for-give-ness as a way of giving back - in other words, not giving back resentment or thoughts that lack love, but 'for giving Love' as a response, as the Mrs Eddy's spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer (Science & health p.17says), 'and love is reflected in love'

  19. A very strong lift - with a very important msg for me today. Thank you very much!

  20. Thank you, John, for this important lesson on forgiveness. As I work with expanding my understanding that my only reality is that of God's omnipotence and omnipresence, I realize that the prayer "lead us not into temptation" is that when we fully embrace God's omnipotence, we cannot be tempted to hold onto negative beliefs or experiences which in truth, are unreal. This understanding frees us. By practicing forgiveness for past, present and future circumstances, we free ourselves from the bondage of beliefs which are not from God, and therefore, keep our lives governed by God/good alone.

  21. Thank you.

  22. If i am caught unawares and react to such things, I find I need to forgive myself as well for having reacted instead of responding with love and forgiveness. Thank you for this great lift and reminder that we must always stand porter at the door of thought.(MBE).

  23. Thank you for this reminder to forgive. It is just what I needed to remember. Also What #12-Tony Martin said about his wife knowing ' she is where God wants her to be' ' Many thanks to one and all.

  24. Thank you John , i am guilty of not forgiving some times ,
    even when i try so hard , i will watch it now ,
    from Frank from Australia

  25. Dear John,

    Thank you for your Lift. Tony (#6 & 14) thank you also for your great insight. The thought of divine grace being "income" enriching, flowing, blessing and meeting human need unlocks so much, thanks! I Loved the comments from the other Lifters as well inclusive of John from T'dad and Diana (#20).

    This weekend started off with me focusing on forgiveness. This Lift is not an easy one to write.

    I was called home on Friday to attend to one of my dogs to discover she had been killed by another dog. She was with me from the time I moved into the house - over 14 years ago. She was very active, alert and demonstrated much love and protection. She had embodied the values of Christian Science and survived poisoning, other attacks, overcame difficulty walking and still could have been trained until recently.

    I could not understand why something like this would have happened. Her mother lived till she was 18 and I expected the same from her. I had to work a lot on forgiveness of the other dog and forgiveness of me. Friday was the first day in a long time I did not go to each of the dogs before I left home and individually let them know I love & will always love them

    Saturday, during an immense bout of sadness, the phone rang and it was a long lost friend, who just called to say hello and we talked!. I remembered hymn 9 "He knows the angels that you need, and sends them to your side, to comfort, guard and guide"

    Complete forgiveness will occur. Thanks John.

  26. Thank you so much John, what a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary baggage. And Elena, forgiveness is grace, isn't it? So you are the winner here. As always.
    Many thanks to all the Lifters who so generously Lift us through our day, Each one has certainly been a blessing for me.
    Love the music Nate; and the production team; the Board and lecturers now coming into that busy part of the year.

  27. Nice! Thank you!

  28. Thank you, John, for reminding that forgiveness is not an option is God's nature is a requirement. Could I see the image of every everyone as reflection of God? I am working on it learning to forgive, because sometimes I think that somebody did something on purpose and it wasn't. Sometimes the purpose is provoking some kind of reaction, like anger. Maybe this person doesn't find another way to get along with me, sometimes is a communication difficulty. What if I don't react madly? Then the interaction will change. What if I learn to stay calm and pray to recognize God's presence everywhere? I could just smile and give good thoughts back. In latin forgive is "par donare" it means complete generosity, give a free gift to someone that in my eyes has a debt with me. So if I reflect God, I can renounce to anger and absolve from a fault for an example, that Life doesn't get stuck in only one thing that is not Love like. Generosity, of giving without expecting recognition back, will turn back from one way or another, because Love reflects L O V E.

  29. Pensamos que tenemos que perdonar cuando le damos realidad al error, propio o ajeno, así nos sentimos forzados a perdonar comenzando con nosotros mismos, cuando en realidad nada hay para perdonar, la ofensa el daño infligido no es tal porque no hay realidad en el mal y la tarea es quitar el pensamiento que daña comenzando con nosotros y al erradicarlo desaparece lo que parecía producir encono o rencor, no existe rencor si amamos todas las supuestas ofensas son desoídas en la Verdad porque no hay realidad en ellas, yo siento que no tengo nada que perdonar ni nada que se me perdone si estoy consciente sólo del bien, porque no ofenderé ni me sentiré ofendida, pero en caso de sucediera lo que tenemos que hacer es simplemente amar, y aun aquellos que se sienten ofendidos con nosotros no lo estaran más y les quitaremos la carga pesada de guardar rencor, porque también nuestras cargas cederán en ese sentir generoso de bondad hacia los demás.

    Hace apenas unas horas tuve oportunidad de probarlo, contrarrestando con la Verdad la pretendida intención de ofender o dañar, con la convicción absoluta que nada hay para perdonar porque nada hay que ofenda, generalmente es ardua la tarea pero vale la pena porque nos libera totalmente, y no quedan en nuestro ego, el único lugar donde se afianzan, residuos que dañen.

    Muchas gracias John, buen comienzo de elevación semanal, para erradicar cualquier duda que tengamos sobre perdonar.

  30. That's what happened to me less than 24 hours ago. Christian Science taught me how to not react but love back.

  31. Thank you John - I find it hardest to forgive myself for not forgiving. seeing God's man is not always easy and I need to chnge my vision to what God sees.

  32. Thank you John, Reading Elena´s comment # 9 it occurred to me that I also must let go of past wrongs. Sincerely, absolutely, completely. Not as an option or just for feeling generous. If I really want to start today a new life, free from oppresion I must work on this issue. I will begin by every little test that comes to me today. Thank you again!

  33. Thank you !

  34. Dear John,
    Thanks so much for a very needed message this morning. Sometimes I forgive others (or least think I have) but still feel a sense of hurt - unable to forget. Especially from my childhood, and I'm starting my eighth decade. I love what hymn 412 says, "He comes to give thee joy for desolation, Beauty for ashes of the vanished years; For every tear to bring full compensation,.." And for myself I have found inspiration and help from a poem "Self-forgiveness" by Ginny Luedeman (Sentinel, July 18, 2005) which ends with, "I forgive all my yesterday's visions, unclear. And hear my God telling me, "Child, your are dear."" This is still a work in progress. And there seem to be daily needs to forgive and then forget and not carry a sense of hurt.

    Thanks Tony Martin #12 for your comment about making radiant room. I'll remember that when looking for a place to park.

  35. Thank you, John, for this ever timely reminder! I must admit, I think forgiveness is one of the hardest things that we as Christians are required to do! And, I also must admit, that it has sometimes taken a very long time for me to achieve full forgiveness of some serious wrong done to me. One thing that has helped me is to remember that holding on to resentments really only hurts me and not the other guy, as much as it feels like my resenting another will hurt them.....it doesn't! I love that on the cross Jesus didn't say, "I forgive you!", but instead he said, "Father, forgive them....for they know not what they do!" Often when I am finding it hard to personally forgive someone, I have asked God to forgive them and that has helped soften my heart. Wonderful comments so far....especially loved #20 Diana's comment. Onward we go and Upward, too! Asking God for the willingness to open my Heart to Her Love so that I may be ever more willing to be prepared to forgive!

  36. Thank you very much, Mr. Tyler, for your wonderful Lift!!

  37. Thank you, John, for another wonderful Lift. I'm learning that unforgiveness, resentment, self-condemnation, regret, etc. are all temptations to look backward...potentially paralyzing the good we can do right now and going forward. Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt when she looked backward, and then she wasn't good for much. But we're a different kind of salt: the salt of the earth!

    To precious Troy from Barbados, I pray that daily angels will support you as you witness your dog's ongoing Life (never in matter). No one can separate her from Love or Life or her real Owner.
    Much love to you, my friend.

  38. Oh, how I need and love this reminder. Thank you.

  39. Thanks dear John for such basic message delivered in simple clear words. But a message with vast and deep implications! Thanks for the comments that have taken the message to an unexpected level:
    Forgiveness of another driver comes easy to me. My father modeled it well. He would say "ah, parece que está apurado el muchacho ..." (the fellow seems to be in a hurry), and just leave it there.
    But, to bring this "forgiveness" to "not having a debt with matter" and "healing not beeing optional" ... those are areas where this lift has taken me that i need to be with, understand better and gain a clearer and deeper vision of health. With much gratitude to all! Maria

  40. Judging by the number of mindful responses so early to your Lift John, I think that maybe we are all being reminded that God and man are one and when we love and therefore forgive our neighbor we love God and demonstrate that God consciousness in our daily practice here on earth .

  41. Thank you for this Lift and all the comments. I appreciate the honest sharing and reflection. It brought up areas of success and areas to work on. Thank you.

  42. Hey Frank, #24. I wasn't going to write today, but you spurred me on with a honest simple statement.

    I have come to believe that forgiving is not so much forgiving bad behavior as it is to learning that there is not a personality over there which can cause a personality that I think I am to be offended, angry, and self-justified. Breaking these fictitious "personality" bonds for ourselves and others is all that is going on, really. The easiest way is to accept ourselves as God's ambassador-child of perfection and, oh by the way, include the other guy too.... practice makes perfect. Fun work for us.

    Great start to our work week! Thank you John.

  43. To forgive and then to bless -- thank you for this bold message.

  44. Thank you John for this lift speaking to the ever-important subject of forgiveness. So much of your lift and the comments really resonated for me, and will remain in my thought for prayerful consideration.
    I am not a frequent contributor to this DL community, but I want all to know that there are many like myself who listen every day and read every comment, regularly retrurning the next day to make sure I didn't miss a single comment. These daily lifts stimulate and prepare my thought for the Lesson-Sermon and for additional study and prayer throughout the day.

    Much gratitude goes out to the DL team of lecturers and program producers. This is a most wonderful community to be a part of. Is there any other church or religious institution around the world that provides such a family-centered discussion every morning/evening for the benefit of all? Would there were, we would witness greater and greater evidence of peace in our global society.

    Many thanks once again from all of your mostly silent participants who dearly love this forum.

  45. "Father, forgive them........for they know not what they do! When Jesus said this......is it possible that the "them" is also "us, me", that is included in the "them"? I hope so. To me, this is why I think he said those words in the way that he did........"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." rather than saying I forgive you. I am grateful to be a "them". I am grateful to be forgiven as well as to be able to forgive. And, I am grateful to learn that this is not an option! There have been times that I have not even realized I have upset someone until way after the fact. So, I, too am praying to be forgiven as I pray to forgive. And, I most certainly am so very grateful to receive these Daily Lifts, these daily lessons / teachings to help us all along the way. Thanking everyone each step of the way.

  46. Thanks John. Good to be reminded that forgiving is not optional!

  47. Thank you, John, for “Be prepared to forgive … Jesus Christ underlines the point that forgiveness is not an option … for him it was an absolute, inescapable requirement … be always ready to forgive …”

    In the Lord’s Prayer ... on the cross ... As an element of Love, forgiveness is one of the hardest yet most necessary qualities we need to expect, witness, and express God/Good/Love itself. It’s like being part of an ongoing baptism, in which we’re washed clean again and again, as often as it takes to be wholly clean. To realize our wholeness.

    I heard that forgiveness is as the Holy Grail of life among us. But it can’t be taken. It can only be given or received and in that, we consciously live, together, in a state of God’s grace and glory. Forgive? So hard at times. So, I decided to make a game out of forgiving. To have some fun with it.

    I guess it could be called, The Forgiveness Game. The object of the game is to be aware of whatever and whomever is eligible for forgiveness and then – to just forgive. It’s rather comical how very many opportunities in a day, I’ve found sometimes to just forgive and especially to receive forgiveness! For real. And the more I’ve been doing it, the easier it is. I refuse to build graven images in thought of how much I’ve been hurt and wounded and how much “debt” I’m owed that could never possibly be repaid anyway! Or, to live in perpetual guilt myself! The more I forgive and accept forgiveness, the more I feel like “The Winner.” :-)

  48. To obey the second great commandment even with a naughty driver. No small thing at all, John. That is a biggie that faces us all daily. Thanks for the proof that it can be done!

  49. Thank you John and thanks to everyone who has shared. Thanks for reminding us that of course we can forgive because forgiveness is our natural spiritual inheritance from God our Loving Father-Mother.

  50. Thank you, John, for this grace-filled reminder.

  51. Amen and thank you.


  53. BTW ...

    Thanks to everyone and special thanks to the sweet voice at the end of this Lift, wishing everyone to "Have a good day!" Right back at ya!!! :-)

  54. Thank you. A couple of years ago, learned a short cut of how to forgive everything at once. Asked God to forgive me for believing in His absence. Trying to forgive human beings is complicate.

  55. Not only our worst "enemies" but our dearest friends too. Thank you so much for this. I needed it this morning especially.

  56. John, Fantasic, and thank you all... as always! We must, not so much forgive, as work on seeing that there is nothing ever to forgive if we see only love.

  57. Thank you for what you shared & to everyone connected with the DL. I look forward to it each week day & read all the comments. It is so helpful . Regarding finding a parking spot - I was taught "you include your spot ".

  58. "Asking God to forgive me for believing in his absence" is the cherry on top of the ice cream John gave
    us this morning.

  59. You have raised the standard of forgiveness with this Lift. We cannot let ourselves get away with being upset by even the slightest slight. I appreciate knowing that the tablet of our thought can be washed spotlessly clean of all aspects of anger and revenge by the grace of forgiveness. Thank you.

  60. Thank you John. Be prepared! The BSA motto for its scouts. Constant, undivided love is ever present forgiveness. Your smile, John, tells the story given by divine Love.

  61. A quote that I learned as a child says;

    "To err is human, to forgive is Divine"

  62. Thank you, John and also thank you to Tony Martin for that glimpse into the Lord's Prayer and Mary Baker Eddy's spiritual interpretation! Wonderfully easy to see our preparation for being able to forgive.
    I had a bit of a giggle when I saw the topic of our Daily Lift. I was answering emails while waiting for the My Bible Lesson customer service to reply to my inability to get into the system to print out the lesson today! I wasn't angry but perplexed because I have had no trouble before and needed to get to the lesson for the week. I saw that a little more grace was what I needed to be patient. How close we all are to one another. Thank you to my friends in England and all over the world who are all part of our Daily Lift family!

  63. Dear Troy (#25), I am so sorry about your dog companion. He never can be separated from God, Life. He is living,moving, having his being in God, just as you are. Nor can he ever be separated from your love. And may you feel day by day that you can never be separated from your dog's love.

  64. Wow. Using such a simple example, that in today's world, we all experience, I am sure. Thank you John for this message from Pittsburg. I love that forgiveness is not an option, but a necessity. Hmmm....I pray that I can pass the next test to my patience and forgiveness and respond with expansiveness of heart, when faced with seeming insult in the moment of difficulty. I have given this topic much thought in the last few weeks and will continue with the theme. I have much to learn, to be tested and pass those tests. I have made improvement, and that gives me hope and courage. But I sense that so much more of my personal sense of worth and meaning needs to be given up, sacrificed to the greater good for all.
    My meaning and my worth is a reflection of God, good. That is what is of immediate value and enduring worth. Jesus is the exemplar. He did not react to personalities but responded with a love that is just like the two edged sword and cuts through all the confusion, hatred, and despair. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." THink less of myself and more of the other. Give it up, give it up, give it up! Thanks again.

  65. What a great way to start our Monday morning
    Thank you John!! Each weekday as I listen to the daily lift, I'm excited to see what I get to work on or ponder today!!! A fantastic element to my spiritual journey!!
    Much love and appreciation to all

  66. Thanks so much. I have listened twice. Now, to put it into practice for experiences past, present -- and future!

  67. Forgiveness is not an option! Wow! Time to get on this and put unforgiveness away! Thank you, #54 for your statement about asking God to forgive me for believing in His absence. It is a little like Jesus going directly to God to ask that He forgive them for they know not what they do. Of course, God has always been with us every moment. Thank you, Jon, for initiating this topic!

  68. Once a strain developed with a neighbor, and did not go away until I turned my prayer to affirm the brotherhood of all mankind, instead of focusing only upon the specific situation. When the strain was gone, I thought of the words of a hymn, "Dear Lord and Father of us all, forgive our foolish ways."

  69. A very important reminder,in amost loving and understanding way.Thank you ,thank you.

  70. One thing is sure and it isn't missed, He turns over every stone so that even the prodigal's perfect brother is forgiven and blessed when he feels unappreciated that the party is not given in his Honor. Who wouldn't rather forgive than be forgiven.

  71. Thank you so much for this wonderful Lift! Last year I had a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate God's forgiveness in my heart and see it evidenced in my life. Years ago one of my husbands family members was particularly unkind to me, which resulted in a division in his family! I didn't instigate it! It hadn't been anything I'd done which had caused the rift, yet there it seemed to be, causing both my dear husband and I great sadness. Last year we needed to be a a family "get together" and I knew I'd need all the prayerful work I could muster to face this with courage, as this family member would no doubt, be there. The thing which came to me after prayer was to understand the true spirit of forgiveness which Christ Jesus embodied when, from the cross he said " Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!" (Mark 23:34). Well, I thought that's the true spirit of forgiveness! Praying with that sense, the event was a success! When confronted by this person, we embraced each other in true love and friendship as though nothing had ever happened, which of course according to God, never did! So grateful to be reminded of this today! In the spirit of true love and forgiveness I'll go about my day, now with love, joy and forgiveness!

  72. A very inspiring Lift! Thank you, John. I don't remember where I found this but I would like to share....

    "Forgive you, my friend? There is no need to ask. Do thunderous, storm-born midnight hours need forgiveness from the morning sun or does dawning simply have to come."

  73. Troy, forgive & be grateful you loved him & he you
    so loved you
    bless ALL and be free!

  74. Thank you.

  75. John, thank you for such a clear reminder to reflect Love moment by moment.

    And to Troy -- as you already know, forgiveness is easy when we know an ungodlike act never really occurred in God's kingdom, our only home, so there is nothing truly to forgive. God's kingdom is your dog's forever home, too, so she never knew an interruption or pause in her eternal life. All the sweetness, intelligence and love she embodies lives on eternally. "For Love is reflected in love."

  76. Like Nancy #44, I'm an infrequent contributor, but love these Daily Lifts and all the comments given. Today's lift brought forth wonderful thoughts to ponder--real Substance as our lesson brings out this week. I am so grateful for this daily "bread" given to us by the BOL, Nate and his crew, and The Mother Church. Much love and blessings to all.

  77. Very recently, a friend changed our mutual plans at the last minute and decided to spend her day with another friend instead, with little or no thought at the time to how it would effect me. I knew that I needed to forgive and not entertain or hold on to any sense of annoyance &/or resentment. However, I remember wondering and asking myself, if I was being a fool to forgive my friend's behaviour. I fairly soon realized that, of course, I needed to forgive her and lift the situation to its higher, spiritual and only reality. As today's Lift states & asks: "Was I so convinced that every individual, every single one was made in God's image, was pure, was God-like in every way? Could I see that image continually and even love it? Could I identify this driver (my friend) as no exception to that universal rule? Jesus Christ underlines the point that: 'Forgiveness is not an option, not something we can choose if we're feeling generous. For him, it was an absolute, inescapable requirement'." Very good questions to continually ask myself. I need to practice/live this Christian requirement of forgiveness too! Thank-you --- John, Lifters and the DL team! Love/love, compassion and forgiveness to All/all.

  78. Thank you--I am sure many of us have faced a similar situation--and it is very easy to be provoked when it happens--but that never provides a solution! Our place is always there for us and "....no loss can occur from trusting God with our desires,..." (Science & Health, with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, p 1:10) Great Lift!

  79. Thank you, John, for today's lift that sparked som many thoughtful comments. And, thank you, Tony,
    for both contributions. To Troy - #63 LBB said it so well, I can't add much more. Much love to you.

  80. Thank you, just what I needed to hear. I got a 30 day notice to move last week and blaming the landlord, and believing all mortal mind is trying to convince me of is only attempting to make me believe that I am feeling overwhelmed and helpless. God is in complete control of both me and the landlord, and all His creation. Forgiving, frees me to hear the good God has in store, replace the stress and helplessness with gratitude and expectation and move on to higher ground!

  81. This is so important. Thank you.

  82. John, it is wonderful to hear your very practical lift! We all need to use CS in our daily acts and continue to remind ourselves that God loves each one of us as much as we know he loves us!!!

  83. Good to be reminded that consistency is required here. In the end, it is so freeing.

    Wonderful comments, providing further understanding and practical tips.

    A colleague who was born in an atheistic country and calls himself an agnostic once said to me: "Forgiveness is the central message of Christianity, isn't it?" It sure is, and Mary Baker Eddy's writings and her life make plain the basis.

  84. A reminder we could listen to and be reminded of every day......
    harboring unforgiveness brings unhappiness...... forgiving moves us forward.......

    Thanks, John

  85. Great lift and thanks to all who are sharing their ideas!

  86. Good reminder of forgiveness. Appreciate it -- Thanks!

  87. Thanks, John, for such a helpful lift. I also love that it is presented in several languages to reach even more people.

    Dear Troy #25, Don't ever forget that your precious dog KNOWS you love her! She knew it in all the years she lived with you, and she still knows it now. That bond will never be broken. I'm thinking of you today and sending you heartfelt comfort and love.

    And to the DL community: Each day your comments touch me in some way and I'm so very grateful to each of you. Last week was especially challenging for me and these daily lifts carried me through. I treasure each uplifting message from the lecturers and never miss a comment. Many thanks to all of you and to Nate and the DL team for all you do.

  88. Love to all daily lifters. The lifts and comments are so important to me and mean so much. Thank you. X

  89. So, then the real sin in Eden's Garden was believing what the ancestral tree says which shut the eyes to the reality that Spirit created man wholly spiritual -- not at all a mixture of good and evil, spirit and matter. So, if we choose the Garden of Gethsemane (forgiving), we overcome and continue the work Jesus started, even healing. What 'greater works' could there be. Ah a new glimpse. Thank you.

  90. I'm sorry Troy..
    ..you've set a nice example by the path you're traveling on this issue of your precious companion, your dog is most certainly, and the other dog, are included on Mrs Eddy's statement in S&H, All of God's creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible." The path you travel is a good one, as evidenced by the many testimonies you share with us, although the path you travel is not easy. Press on, my man, as best as you can..

  91. Thank you so much John for this gift.
    Several weeks ago someone we knew stole a precious object from our family. We didn't have even enough evidence to go to court. I was so hurt to see this injustice that I tried to find a way to expose the crime. I was struggling and praying, because I wanted to listen to God, until I remembered the Lords prayer:
    "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." I realized that my debt to God was to be free from resentment and to let Love be reflected in my ability to love". I recognized that this was far more precious than the stolen object. As you say John, I realized that this was a test of my willingness to love. Without forgiveness there is no way to find God/Love. Forgiveness is indeed not an option. I felt immediately free and light, and joyous. Love/forgiveness is the most wonderful adventure in our lives.

  92. Thanks John, wonderful, memorable message. I heard it once suggested that, when I am feeling powerlessly impatient in traffic, to counteract these feelings, I let absolutely everyone in, or yield if possible so others can turn, etc. Because I might not have any power in the traffic jam, but I DO have the power to do that. The little waves or smiles from others - they're worth it. I see then, in the traffic jam, how people whom I have let in, then do the same. I will try to remember your message and be forgiving, bless others, and be patient.

  93. Forgiving is easier for me when I think-- that what I thought SHOULD happen was my mistake or fantasy and getting upset about the difference is just a distraction from what is important, that this is the excellent individualized learning opportunity that God's grace is giving me as exactly what I need to for my salvation, that there are so many precious lessons and blessin's in this for which I am grateful and am now stronger/wiser for it, that we are each just trying to meet our universal human needs and I can empathize and cherish those spiritual qualities sought as already each of ours, that this is my practice for the practice that heals me, that this is a reminder to look instead at the spiritual truth that is governing, that this and they can't take away infinite good that God gives us or our identity that is at one with Love, that the only Mind is Love so all I can mind or be re-minded of, that the only thing lasting for me from this situation is the good discovered and expressed, that this gives me opportunities to improve myself and be what I want in that other or to see the good in other situations around me, that I can be the change I want in the other, that I can choose what I do, etc. That I am God-made for giving, for forgiving, because of all the eternal good God is giving us to be living. That eventually and inevitably, I will awaken from this distraction and division of poison-alities to feel all-loved and at-one with unlimited good and these dear ones.

  94. Thank you, John, and all those who have commented. I, too experienced a similar situation the other day when I had bought my lunch in a restaurant, was heading toward a seat and someone ran in front of me and grabbed it. I had to immediately forgive,-as it was so crowded. Then in what seemed like a few moments, two others spots became available and I chose one that was even better than the one snatched out from under me. God had a better place for me that day and I thanked Him for it.

  95. Thanks for reminding us of this very important responsibility!

  96. Always ready to forgive...thank you.

  97. John,
    Thank you

  98. I'm working on it ... and it's good work.

  99. I am a little late, but had to respond. I have learned when I am in traffic and someone is rude, I throw a kiss to them. It always brings a smile. Thank you John

  100. I had such fun listening to your lift in all four languages, John! Not that I could understand much of them but the English version (and a little of the French version) It is a beautiful thing that you could actually do that so proficiently. How loving to reach out in so many languages. And your message of forgiveness resonates as I am currently reading The Gentle Art of Blessing, which so tenderly teaches the power of forgiveness and blessing. It is a powerful force to forgive and bless all, especially those that curse you! Thank you, John this is such good stuff!

  101. What a great message!
    Forgivness is not an option...

    Thank you very much!

  102. Did you know that any annoyance that you feel is a form of un forgiveness? That's right, it's not only the biggest wrongs that's done to you by others, it's also the very tiniest. As God's image and likeness, nothing can cause annoyance, for there is nothing outside of God that can annoy, for God created every thing that is good. Something to think about.

  103. This really hit home! Thank you, John. We can get so wrapped up in the "personal" or "personality" of issues.


  104. So grateful for this Lift, I must thank you, John, and everyone who wrote in response, even though this is so late. It is so helpful, so helpful!

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