3/10: My pastor

3/10: My pastor

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  1. Thank you Mary Alice,
    It is great to know that we have the strength and that nothing can stop it! This restores our thinking and hence our physical health to its perfect equilibrium.

  2. Thank you Mary Alice for saying it so well- the importance of these books in meeting our immediate needs. Each statement in Science and Health has the law of God behind it. I have proved in my own life many times, in the words of Mary Baker Eddy, referring to S&H,"the book will become the physician.." I think it is interesting to note, that unbeknownst to Mrs. Eddy, the term "science and health" found in the Wycliffe Bible was translated to "knowledge of salvation" in the King James Version. Thank you again.

  3. An early childhood trauma has made me always want to have some control of each situation. A recent introduction to new neighbours revealed that there is another way to live-in joy and happiness and laughter. This anxiety free existence based on trust in true goodness and love has eluded me most of my life and I pine for it.

  4. So grateful for your inspiration. I was not feeling well, then I came to my office to read for a while, I knew that probably the daily lift was available and here it was the best message directing me to study that particular page in Science and Health.
    I felt so embrace by your ideas that words are not sufficient to express my gratitude for sharing your healing and loving thoughts. It certainly touch me and give me spiritual courage that I can say that I feel as always perfect.
    The daily lift is a real blessing and I am bless by this group of spiritual thinkers.

  5. Thank you for your lovely testimony, Mary Alice.
    Reminds me of the Sunday School mini verse, "There is no spot where God is not"
    I am lucky to have a tiny leather bound set which soldiers could carry In action. They are amazing, but the electronic versions are so handy these days, Iincluding for one's Daily Lift.
    Shelagh ♥

  6. YES...thanks Mary Alice

    I remember when I first became interested in Christian Science and attended services...I was always intrested in the First Reader's anouncement from the desk...the "The Bible and the Christian Science textbook are our only preachers " and thus...our PASTOR...not people...not men or women...but spiritual truths from two books. I saw that in a hundred years...or a thousand...or MORE...thiese truths would not be contaminated by human hypotheses...and would remain divinely authorised to bless all those who were receptive...and so it has been so.

    I could say that I have had some pretty significant challenges over the years I have studied Christian Science...and there have been some wonderful healings many way beyond what material attempts might have dished up... but for (to paraphrase a lovely song) "The Touch of the PASTORS Hand"

  7. This day and age we are so privileged!

    In the States and in many other countries we have libraries everywhere to borrow books, periodicals and even movies.

    In regular bookstores we can spend hours, have a coffee, read one book there, and buy a different one to take home, and at Christian Science Reading Rooms we can buy and borrow CS literature and various versions of the Bible.

    In my travels I met people of different religions that used our Reading Rooms to further research their own religious study.

    What a great service we are offering humanity!

    ¡En ésta era somos tan privilegiados!

    En los Estados Unidos y en muchos otros países tenemos bibliotecas por todas partes para llevar prestados libros, publicaciones periódicas y hasta películas.

    En las librerías communes podemos pasar horas, tomar café, leer allí un libro, y comprar otro para llevar a casa, y en las Salas de Lecturas de la Ciencia Cristiana podemos comprar y llevar prestada literatura de la Ciencia Cristiana y varias versions de la Biblia.

    En mis viajes conocí gente de distintas religiones que usaban nuestras Salas de Lectura para investigar sus propios estudios religiosos.

    ¡Qué gran servicio ofrecemos a la humanidad!

  8. Many thanks Mary Alice for this great reminder. Yes, the inspiration from our pastor is already within our consciousness to meet our every need." "The inspiration that it brings,/ The hope serene that from it springs/ To lighten [and remove] every woe." (Christian Science Hymnal #104).

  9. Thank you, Mary Rose. Your help was at hand as well as "in your hands" very quickly. We are so blessed to have our "Pastor" always there. For those who don't have computers, some friends let the Daily Lift be listened to over the telephone. We have the telephone "call ins" for those members who can't get to church and a local Christian Science church connects the church services with the caller;; we have the Sunday and Wednesday services from The Mother Church on computer and many churches in the UK have the telephone connections for those who need to hear and get the "message' from our Pastor.

    What an inspiring experience especially to find Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, right there in the bookshop. A blessing for you and for them!

  10. Mary, Thank you.

  11. Thank you.

  12. Yes, we are indeed fortunate to have help instantly at hand. In this day and age there are many things which are instant,, for example,instant coffee, instant soup and so on, but how wonderful to know we can instantly turn to ou Father-Mother-God, when there is a need. Mary Alice thank you for your experience showing that help is ever at hand. I too, have had many examples where my need has been instantly met in everyday situations, for which I am humbly grateful.

  13. This is a very comforting Lift. Thank you Mary Rose and to the other lifters who have contributed this morning. Whenever I am drawn away from the church, and the pastor, I am always drawn back. I now live one block from the Christian Science church where I went to Sunday School some 40 and 50 years ago. God saw my need before I did and answered it when this rental was offered to me by chance. Of course God is looking after me and gently guiding me to where I need to be. I so enjoyed the solo Sunday and singing with the small group of ever loyal members. I love to recall where my grandmother sat and my father as well. I look around at the beautiful structure and see it with fresh eyes.
    You speak of the courage that is equal to the strength. I watch as one of the oldest members climbs the stairs relentlessly with a walker and incredible determination. My admiration for this group of devout followers of the pastor continues to grow.
    I am grateful for these daily lifts and to be a part of this lovely family of lifters. I noticed that you mentioned the impersonal nature of the textbooks that speak to us individually. I am so grateful for the fresh ways that the organization has found to bring to life the teachings of the pastor. Sunday we sang from the hymnal supplement. I found myself more alert having to learn a new tune to familiar words. The hymnal supplement is wonderfully done. Hats off to all of the contributors.

  14. Thank you.

  15. Thank you for this reminder that we can always have the help we need with our Pastor.

  16. Thanks, Mary Alice. Such a good reminder that we have access to our pastor 24/7, and our pastor, never busy, distracted, overwhelmed, or judgmental, is always ready to give us exactly what we need to meet any challenge, big or small.

  17. Thank you, Mary Alice!!

  18. Thank you. I will now go spend so time with my pastor.

  19. Thank you!

  20. Great "lift" Mary Alice. Thanks.

  21. And those good effects just keep on spreading, Mary Rose. I thought it hadn't made much difference to me when I was in Sunday School, but when I returned and reluctantly obedient to God, the blaze of glory that burst out of that tiny copy of Science and Health provided such enlightenment and joy it filled our home, and the country round there, and also everyone who called at our home. After many years and many adventures, I visited our second son yesterday for his elder daughter's 14th birthday. It was Darcii's celebration, but it was her father's moment when he told of refusing to go drinking with an old friend, because he "doesn't drink anymore!" I know for sure this is the joyous outcome of the time spent in prayer that has slowly but surely relieved our children of so many elements of the carnal mind. No other religion could achieve the sincerity and purity of this transformation. All thanks to God, to Christ Jesus, to Mary Baker Eddy, and to the effective healing power of Christian Science.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; The Mother Church; and to our family of Daily Lifters. . .

  22. Thank you, Mary Alice. Your direct, right now, message is so clear and uplifting!

  23. A lovely, healing message, Mary Alice, thank you! I, too, have experienced - and continue to experience - the immediate blessing and healing of turning to our pastor. In "Miscellaneous Writings," page 322, Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Your dual and impersonal pastor, the Bible, and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," is with you; and the Life these give, the Truth they illustrate, the Love they demonstrate, is the great Shepherd that feedeth my flock, and leadeth them 'beside the still waters.' " What a blessed assurance for all mankind! Gratitude for these Lifts & Lifters!

  24. Thank you Mary Alice! Reading these 2 books give me the way to follow, each time I decide to do not give reality to suggestions. The result is always good. First, it makes me calm and secondly I feel ready to hear what God says to me. And it works! I have gratitude knowing Christian Science.

  25. Thank you, Mary Alice, for this lovely reminder of what we have in Christian Science - our ever-present Pastor, the Bible and Science and Health! I am so grateful to Mrs. Eddy for providing all the avenues for healing that the world can access: C.S. Practitioners, C.S. Lectures, C.S. Reading Rooms, two C.S. Church Services, the books, Science and Health and her Misc. Writings, our Weekly Bible Lessons, our C.S. Hymnal....and more...... And now we have the Inter-Net which provides further access to Christian Science through the Daily LIft, online Lectures, online Church Services and more. "How can I keep from Singing?"

    Daily Lift Team:
    Quote from Christian Science Hymnal Supplement, Hymn 449, verse 3:

    I lift mine eyes, the cloud grows thin,
    I see the blue above it;
    And day by day this pathway smooths
    Since first I learned to love it:
    The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,
    A fountain ever springing,
    All things are mine since I am His,
    How can I keep from singing?

  26. Thanks so much, Mary Alice, for your inspiring message regarding our Pastor. And how fortunate we are to have a Pastor that is so readily available and that never strays from the absolute Truth. The Bible and Science and Health are such a blessing!

  27. Hearing your message today makes me want to change my flip phone to another model. Thank you so much.

  28. With this precious world-wide family of Daily Lifters, I love to listen to these uplifting messages each morning. Thank you, Mary Alice, for the strength and assurance you always convey with each Daily Lift! Yesterday, I bumped into a fairly new friend who attends a different church denomination. She told me of a troubling issue and said she had gone to her pastor about it. Inwardly, I was thinking, "Don't forget to go to God about this." While friendly and helpful human counsel may be encouraging, how valuable it is for each of us to turn directly to the Word of God, the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for sure guidance and answers. Blessings to all!

  29. Such a good reminder that we have the courage and strength to do whatever we need to do in busy lives, including taking time to be quiet with our Pastor and listen for guidance and healing.

  30. Thank you.

  31. Thank you, Mary Alice. What a great example of a quick healing.

  32. Thank you Mary Alice, for this proof positive that our Pastor is ever at our side, with us, as God's Word is promised to be. The kingdom of God within. immediately available in thought, consciousness, awareness, to guide, guard, comfort, redeem, and heal wherever we are. Love it! Good news for today's world.

  33. What wonderful testimonials to the gratitude for Christian Science. Not unlike other denominations, in Christian Science we're blessed to have Christian Science practitioners to approach for prayerful help with any disease or trouble so we're never left alone.

  34. Thank you for reminding us that we have all that we need to comfort us on all sides. Every base is covered.

  35. Thanks Mary Alice - so wonderful that our pastor is available in so many ways! Love the convenience of the various electronic editions, but to sit down with "the books" is my favorite way!

  36. The permanent pastors, always ready to give strength and inspiration. Thank you Mary Alice for this healing example of our pastor's availability.

  37. Thank you, Mary Alice, for “My pastor ...” Even though I was unable to hear your Lift today because of "technical difficulties," I am thanking you for bringing attention to “my pastor.” That the Christian Science pastor is the Bible and Science and Health, the source for the weekly Bible Lesson, which is individually studied and lived throughout the week and then serves the collective of individuals as the Sunday sermon, is what drew me to Christian Science decades ago.

    I can’t think of a better way for a Christian denomination to encourage an individual’s growing relationship with God, based on Jesus’ words and works and then to provide opportunities to share testimonies and to continue proving the healing power of God’s law of divine Love. In sacred fellowship, each Christian Scientist can follow Jesus’ approach to healing “every ill that flesh is heir to.” Healing. Not just coping with. But healing. Christianity calls for a high standard of living because Jesus called us not to worship him but to follow his example. Christian Science helps me to live like a child of Our Father as a Jesus-defined Christian. “My pastor” is available and accessible to everyone 24/7 to provide guidance and protection on each one’s spiritual journey. I’m deeply grateful for my pastor/our pastor. ;-) Thanks again, Mary Alice.

  38. Thank you Mary Alice for the reminder of how powerful the message in this book is and the mission behind it! The book is at work in the book store, healing and blessing those who pick up its pages and the store who carries it. What a wonderful opportunity for you to participate in the power of Christ healing and its availability to the world today right where the seeker and those in need are!

  39. Thank you Mary Alice! And all the good comments.
    A good week to all!

  40. Just for curiosity sake, I looked up "PASTOR" in the online free Meriam Webster Dictionary which defines it as "A Spiritual Seer."
    Interestingly the definition doesn't equate any thing personal but a mental consciousness that the Spiritual Seer is God speaking to the human consciousness every moment, protecting it, guiding it and leading it to correct decisions. It speaks softly as the Bible refers to it as "The still small voice" heard only as the loud voices of mortal mind is shut off.

  41. Thank you Mary Alice for reminding us that our Pastor is always available for help, comfort, and inspiration. I am very grateful for the ways the Mother Church has made it possible to access the Word and its healing message.

  42. I am so very grateful to have our Pastor acknowledged here in this Daily Lift. Our Lesson Sermon encircles the globe with the freshness and power of our Pastor. No better gift is given.

  43. Thanks.God and our Pastor's words are always available to us .

  44. I love that about strength being in proportion to courage...

  45. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for this helpful message.

  46. El Pastor, el que guía al rebaño, la lectura nos introduce en ese enorme sendero, que conduce mansamente, a tener una certeza de lo que Dios Es y hace por nosotros dándonos las herramientas, y hasta las arras del espíritu para nuestra defensa y seguridad.

    Muchas gracias Mary Alice.

  47. Beautifully said. Thank you!

  48. Thank you, dear Mary Rose, for such a strong, but tender and comforting, message — that we can know that wherever we are, God is right there with us — seeing us as His/Her perfect image and likeness, so we need not ever fear that anything bad can happen to our being. It is always safe with our Father-Mother, God. What a wonderful example and IMMEDIATE EVIDENCE of this truth you shared with us. Thanks again for your uplifting and enlightening message!

  49. Wonderful reminder, Mary...thanks you

  50. I was just telling a new friend about CS and our Pastor today. She was very intrigued by this new idea of the books holding that position in Mrs. Eddy's church design. I look forward to sharing this beautiful timely Lift with her. Thank you Mary Alice and all Lifters.

  51. What a comforting, healing message, Mary Alice. Thank you for this inspiring lift.

  52. A very thoughtful lift!..Thank You!

  53. Thank you!

  54. Thank you Mary Rose for your message.
    It has always been comforting to know that God is our "ever present help" at all times and in all places. Now with the aids of technology as you say, we are able to access "Science and Health" and the "Bible" in detail and what a glorious next step this is, in depth of thought for us all.

  55. Gratitude abounding for all you lifters. I always learn so much practical info about the Bible teachings as well as the spiritual because of your willingness to share what you have found out in your individual research. Mary Rose and all the other lifters are so blessing the world by making us think deeper about so many ideas. CS is so practical, even for the little tasks like threading a needle. The other day I had to do some mending and after several unsuccessful tries to thread the needle, I just put my hands in my lap and knew that with God all things are possible and that as his perfect loved child, all the help that I need to do anything comes directly to me from my Father/Mother. I felt the surety of those truths, picked up the needle, aimed the thread for the eye, and in it went, swish. God's mission is always accomplished. What a Pastor!

  56. Thank you!

  57. Thanks soo much for reminding us that
    HEALING can be immediately available
    with our Pastors...& all the great comments.

  58. Wonderful ! Thank you , : - )

  59. Wonderful, Mary Rose!

    I have had the thought that since God dictated Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures to Eddy, then it is the Word of God and nothing can stop it from demonstrating itself.

    I have had many healings on this foundation. Recently, my legs seemed weak, but I declared my right to health on the basis of a recent lecture I attended, given by Jon Benson, "Do you Have a Right to Health? This talk made it clear that God is sourcing us and like the sunbeam and its right to light, we have a right to health. I was soon free of this falsity.

    Blessing to all who make and participate in these upLifting messages of hope and healing! I love you!

  60. Thanks Mary Alice...simple, to the point and powerful.....

  61. I always love to think of my own presence is God's.

  62. Thank you for your wonderful Lift !

  63. Mrs. Eddy gave us an immeasurable gift in the form of Science and Health. Her determination and perseverance to see her book published, despite many obstacles, are an example to us all to see a task through, to "stay the course". What gratitude I feel for her efforts that have helped so many. Thank you, Mother Church, for continuing a legacy that blesses the entire world.

  64. Thank you, Mary Alice... I have experienced attacks as you mention. I have always prayed them away. So glad others have, too!

  65. Wonderful! Thank you so much!

  66. Thank you o much for the great lift, Mary Alice.

  67. Thank you so much for the great lift Mary.

  68. Thanks for sharing that quick healing that you had by reading that one sentence from Science and Health in a bookstore in your time of need.So inspiring! Mind governs all.That we exist in God,perfect, there is no doubt." Mary B Eddy

  69. Dear Mary-Alice, i too had an instant healing after reading that sentence in Science and Health, many years ago. I had been unwell for several days, with fever and congested lungs. I picked up my book, read that line, and thought, of course. I have God given courage and the strength to go with it. By the next night, I was able to walk several miles in the freezing weather, completely well.

  70. Wow, what a wonderful angel thought you had that day...to go into the book store! God is always supplying our need in just the right way when we pray and listen. Thanks for sharing your experience that confirms this. (=

  71. Thank you, Mary Alice for your very clear and helpful Lift! Grateful for your powerful reminder(s) about our Pastor, immediate and complete healing, true strength and courage.

  72. It's incredible how the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures are meeting our spiritual needs and our human needs, too. There must be a law behind it!

  73. I listened to your Lift only this evening because I couldn`t get the tone on my Computer yesterday - and I am very grateful for your sharing your experience with us - the thoughts in your Lift are much needed for me so that I immediately will take our "pastor" and study in it - thank you!

  74. Wonderful! Thank you very much

  75. Thank you. Another keeper. Melvyn

  76. Thank you! Sharon :-)

  77. What a lovely story and what a wonderful message!
    Thank you!

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