3/1: Give your consent

3/1: Give your consent

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  1. Thank you Frank for this important Lift. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 199, "The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible." Our real task is to make sure our thoughts are God-centered and not influenced by human will. As our spiritual sense guides our way the human steps we need to take become divinely inspired.

  2. Dear Frank,

    Thank you for this lovely and inspiring Lift. It reminds me to work with expectation and to persist. Mrs. Eddy writes "when the destination is desirable, expectation speeds our progress" (S&H p426). I see much evidence of this & many of my friends will support the statement knowing that it is more than the power of positive thinking; it is unlocking the understanding of God being in control that our journey must start with a step in the right direction.

    Many years ago I initiated discussions with a client that unfolded a very large opportunity for the sale of computer hardware and software in a relatively new industry for the company in Barbados. When the opportunity began to unfold an executive in the company suggested that I bow away from it and let them take the lead. That would have been both illogical and unfair to me

    I stuck with the account and the individual withdrew their support and told others not to assist me. It was a new industry to me and the proposal was to be submitted when I was on vacation. I prayed and worked that whole vacation and learnt the industry. I worked with the expectation of success, knowing that God was in control and that He had all knowledge and wisdom; as God's children we have access to that knowledge and wisdom.

    I completed the proposal alone, submitted and won the account which brought many years of business. Those two executives lent their support in future years.

    Pray, work, expect. Again, thank you!

  3. In a sermon delivered at Boston entitled The People’s Idea of God, our forever Leader, Mary Baker Eddy gives, “The defenders of the rights of the colored man were scarcely done with their battles before a new abolitionist struck the keynote of higher claims, in which it was found that the feeblest mind, enlightened and spiritualized, can free its body from disease as well as sin; and this victory is achieved, not with bayonet and blood, not by inhuman warfare, but in divine peace.”

  4. The most important advice our Leader left to her followers was to watch our thoughts.
    She reminds us, "Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they take." S&H 392:22
    In the Lord's Prayer, our Master taught us, " Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth." Period.
    Luke (11:2)

    "Things deemed impossible I dare,
    Thine is the call and Thine the care,
    Thy wisdom shall the way prepare;
    Thy will be done." CS Hymn 190

    El consejo más importante que nuestra Guía dejó a sus seguidores fue el vigilar nuestros pensamientos.
    Ella nos recuerda, "Vuestras decisiones os dominarán, sea cual fuere el rumbo que tomaren." CyS 392:25
    En el Padre Nuestro, nuestro Maestro nos enseñó, " Hágase Tu voluntad, como en el cielo, así también en la tierra." Punto.
    (Lucas 11:2)

    "Alegre voy contigo, Dios,
    pues sé que habrás de preparar la senda Tú.
    Que se haga, Dios, Tu voluntad." Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº190

  5. Thank you Frank for this lift! It's feels so good to study everyday CS lecture and learning that I can rely on God. He is where we need him. I am praying every day and every DL is giving me the hints I need to hear. It's such a relief to know that, I will accomplish my work. Thank you all for the comments, they are also helpful.

  6. Many thanks Frank for this timeless reminder. Yes. Right now divine Love reigns, and removes error's obstructions." "I take Thy [Love's] hand and fears grow still;/ Behold Thy face and doubts remove;/ Who would not yield his wavering will/ To perfect Truth and boundless Love?" (Christian Science Hymnal #138).

  7. This is such a helpful reminder. The thought came to me - one with God is a majority - especially after the testimony by Troy (2). The only obstructions that needs to be removed are negative suggestions that we cannot achieve what we wish to achieve for the purpose of glorifying God. "Everything works together for good to those who love God" - so if we bow our heads and let God show us how to go forward, we can be assured of success in our endeavors, whether it be for physical healing or a work project.

    Thank you for this very helpful lift and for all the comments which I have read and will look forward to reading during the day.

  8. Thank you so much Franz, this is a great Lift. I checked this in the book written on the construction of the Extension of The Mother Church by Margaret Williamson, and almost felt the stillness and silence when the men went home at the end of the day, leaving Rev James Rome to pray for the protection and perseverance to have the building completed and ready for the first service on June 10, 1906. On a much more modest scale I've had to pray for work to be completed on a given day, and it always has been successfully achieved. Never underestimate God's provision.
    Thank you Nate and Shannon, what a week!; and thanks to the lecturers and Board; and what amazing comments we've been blessed with this week!

  9. Thank you Frank. I tried to download this Daily Lift from another location and it didn't work. So you could say that I didn't give my consent and kept searching. Here is where I found you and I'm glad I did.

  10. Thanks, Frank, for reminding us of the importance of giving mental consent when seeking to do God's will! Sometimes our reluctance to carry out what's necessary can be deep seated and needs to be uncovered and reversed.

  11. Thank you for this great reminder to let God's will be done.

  12. That was a good one.
    So often I expect "Thy will be done" but withhold the invitation that allows Love to step in and get the work done.
    Thank you for reminding me today I need to do this.

  13. Mrs. Eddy gives, “My students are expected to know the teaching of Christian Science sufficiently to discriminate between error and Truth, thus sparing their teacher a task and themselves the temptation to be misled.” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883-1896, page 302.) Dr. Tutt gave, "There are many teachers, but there is only one teaching."

  14. This is so beautiful and so very helpful. I'll be thinking on this all day and giving my consent. Thank you so much!

  15. Thank you. I am working on a event coming up that I have significant responsibility for and what is presented here is very helpful in taking the burden off of me and leaving it with Divine Love.

  16. Thank you Frank, great start for a new month. Just the place where my thoughts are at. Thank you to all the commentators for all their wise suggestions.

  17. Thanks Frank. For me I see a connection with giving consent and the account in this week's Bible Lesson of Jesus walking on water. I was on a tour of Belgium and France playing soccer and I became very ill with Flu symptoms. I retired to my room in the hotel and prayed when I could through the night.
    In the morning the team captain sought me out to see if I was fit to play. I certainly was feeling too good but I consented to give it a try knowing I would be substituted if it did not work out. It seemed an impossible thing to do almost like having to walk on water, but as soon as I gave my consent I felt a little better. Driving to the football ground on the team coach all the symptoms just fell away and I was completely free to play the whole game.
    Thanks again.

  18. Yea! Thanks.

  19. I have just finished reading "Building of the Mother Church", by Joseph Armstrong and Margaret Williamson. What a lesson in God's power over any so-called opposition to achieving an honest endeavor! Workmen went on strike, permits were delayed, materials were not delivered in time, the weather did not always cooperate, money had to be at hand for each phase of the construction, yet Mrs. Eddy never wavered in her understanding that God was the true architect and builder. Her trust in God led to The Mother Church, and later, the extension of The Mother Church, being completed on time and completely paid for by donations. Jesus said, "...He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do...". (John 14:12). Mrs. Eddy and her followers demonstrated a greater work.

    Thank you, Frank, and thank you, dear Mother Church, for another week of daily inspiration -- our morning meal.

  20. My challenge this morning was opening this Lift. Three times I got the message "Page not found." So I went to Christianscience.com and accessed it from there. Never give up and consent only to knowing our source of intelligence is always God and unlimited. And the effort was certainly worth the result. Thanks so much for an informative and inspiring message, Frank.

  21. "God's will is done, His kingdom come, the Potter's work is plain." Hymn 51
    Yes! Yea, God, and Yea for all those who trust His plan and purpose to be fulfilled.
    Thank you Frank, the DL team, and all who contribute and participate with this BoL mission.

  22. "Be still and know that I am God." "What cannot God do?" Thank you Frank!!

  23. As #16 says, it has been a wonderful week of inspiration with this perfect conclusion (or beginning). And all in accord with the powerful Bible Lesson where "law" is mentioned at least 46 times! Answers to all our needs and the world's. Thank you so much and to everyone who helps...

  24. So true Elena #4 and thanks so much for providing that S&H quote, "Your decisions will master you, whichever direction they may take." Frank, thank you so much for the powerful insight of your lift and the poignant example you provided for us with the building of the Mother Church. This lift reminds me of the Bible verse. Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that
    love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." By giving our consent to God's will, he makes all things possible.

    Thanks so much to all for your insights and these lifts.

    I love this sentence that Martin Vesely #1 wrote, "As our spiritual sense guides our way the human steps we need to take become divinely inspired."

    For several years now I have been praying for my son's health. He is not a Christian Scientist but is a Christian. The situation has lead me on quite a spiritual journey. I've realized my most important prayer (desire is prayer) is praying for greater spiritual sense so I can receive and consent to God's inspiration. Barriers keep falling away and my abilities as a reflection of Love and Truth keep
    expanding. As I needed to meet financial problems to care for my son, my production doubled -- work came flooding in and I discovered I could complete tasks in half the time. I know deep in my heart, this was not the accomplishment of human will. It was absolutely divinely inspired. God really does bless us as much as we let him and give our consent.

  25. Thank you.

  26. Estar siempre alerta a la puerta del pensamiento, para no permitir que entren el error, las falsas creencias. Entonces dejemos, que solo la Mente divina gobierne nuestra vida, y nuestros actos.
    "Quien se resista a ser influido por alguna mente que no sea la Mente divina, encomienda su camino a Dios, y se eleva por encima de sugestiones malignas." M.B.E (E.M)

  27. Frank,

    Thank you for your excellent strategic and spiritual thought.

  28. Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures page 89:21-22

    "We are all capable of more than we do."

    Thank you Frank for reminding me that I must not limit the good that will come into my experience today by having low expectations of what I set out to achieve. You mentioned “higher expectations” and “human obstructions”. To me one of the highest expectations in the Bible is when Jesus expected that the stone securing his tomb would be rolled away. I like to think of that stone as representing the last human obstruction which would prevent Jesus demonstrating his God given freedom. But:

    Science and Health page 45:16

    Glory be to God, and peace to the struggling hearts!
    Christ hath rolled away the stone from the door of hu-

    18 man hope and faith, and through the reve- The stone
    lation and demonstration of life in God, hath rolled away
    elevated them to possible at-one-ment with the spiritual
    21 idea of man and his divine Principle, Love.

    Today I can give my consent to lesser human obstructions being removed so that I too can demonstrate the freedom with which God has endowed me.

  29. Thanks Frank,I feel with this DL God is given me the steps to follow to stop procrastination and to follow thru with what He is expecting from me. Quite a treatment!

  30. Thank you to the DL team who puts these one. Thank you to the folks who share. AND Thank you, Frank, for this important message. The ideas in your lift and in this book, are so useful for challenging any suggestions of resistance in our church committee work and in our lives. Thanks.

  31. Good one....thanks!

  32. Consentir y fundamentalmente, ceder a Dios haciendo su voluntad, cómo Cristo jesús y la Ciencia Cristiana enseñan.
    "Bendecid a Jehová vosotras todas sus obras. En todos los lugares de su señorío. Bendecid , alma mía , a Jehová" "Meditaré en todas tus obras, y hablaré en todos tus hechos" Salmos

    "Los Científicos Cristianos, tal vez más que ninguna otra denominación religiosa, están obedeciendo estos mandatos" MBE
    Consintiendo con las enseñanzas divinas cediendo a sus divinos preceptos en procura de emular la obra de nuestros predecesores, porque es posible así lo ha dicho El Maestro supremo ya que su enseñanza así lo acredita con su ejemplo de humildad y sumisión a Dios, consintiendo que sus hechos fuesen de consentimiento a un supremo propósito.

    Muchas gracias Frank, siento que consintiendo en ceder aprobamos con nota la tarea.

  33. I give me consent for my students to make good choices and to learn what mortal mind would say they could not.

  34. Great lift and place to start anything and all things. I give my consent!

  35. Thank you for this thought in what we consent too.

  36. The power of divine Love to handle seemingly impossible tasks has been demonstrated to me. 6 months ago my husband suffered a severe stroke, and we were told that we needed to move to a more handicap accessible place before he could ever come home. And I had to do all of this alone. If I looked at the whole picture, I would be overwhelmed, but by taking it one step at a time and allowing God to guide me, everything unfolded very quickly. Each day I would ask God, what should I do today? and the thoughts would come. If I needed something, someone would lovingly appear to provide it. Within weeks I found the perfect home and bought it. Following that, I moved, held a moving sale, made renovations for my husband's needs, cleaned and repaired the old house... Throughout all, I felt God's direction. Because it was a worthy task, motivated by Love, I knew that God would see it to completion. I trusted in that. The real estate picture appeared dim, but our house sold on the 2nd day it was listed. That is not to say that mortal mind has not tried to derail things, but no matter how frustrated I might have become, nothing was ever missed, and some things were uncovered that needed to be. My husband will soon be coming home. At times I worry about the responsibility of providing his human care. But then I am reminded that God is the Caregiver, and that He has only good in store for both of us. Giving consent to that will see us through everything.

  37. C/S is really a help in solving problems having to do with human relationships. Many times this year, error seems to try to trap me in doing wrong things to people, but with consistent prayer, I have found that God leads me out of the temptation to give in to cursing the so-called wrong doer and blessing both. I am able to accomplish this by going to God and asking for the wisdom that Jesus had with his relations with individuals in his own time. I absolutely never give my consent to anger, the emotion that could only lead to more problems, for it blinds us in receiving God's messages on how to deal with the problem.

  38. Thank you, Frank, for “Give your consent … ‘to remove human obstructions’ … with prayer … lift thought to higher expectations … right now Divine Love reigns. Every worthy task that we are confronted with … can be done … Give your consent and watch God help you finish whatever needs to be done.” Wow! I’m going to apply this today! I have one (used to be very big) worthy task that needs to be finished and another HUGE worthy task that needs to be begun yet again - after too many false starts! Today and hereafter, I’m giving my consent to remove human obstructions. “Thy will be done!” :-)

  39. I also think of that night of Rev. James Rome praying in quiet. I'm sure the place looked in places a mess. He didn't go around and clean and prepare the church, he watched and prayed at his post in silence. Thank you Mrs. Eddy, and thank you Frank for your Daily Lift

  40. Yes! Now is the time for all good! Thank you!

  41. Thank you for this very important message. We all need to be reminded that a right activity does have a way of unfolding when it is God ordained. When it is God''s will- it can be done.

  42. What a practical example of "give your consent". In this case it also involves dedication, faithfulness, service, alertness and watchfulness (to watch all night). It is a definition of prayer.
    It reminds me of the word "yield", as in yielding to the will of God. In the Bible it is often used to indicate production, as in "the earth yielded her fruit".
    I also appreciate this morning's presentation that this work is not a heavy burden, but actually results in a sense of dominion and freedom.

  43. Thank you.

  44. Thank you Frank. I have a problem that I am looking to resolve; but thanks to this daily lift I am encouraged to let God's will be done and let all human opinions be null and void.

  45. Thanks for your constructive idea! In Sunday School I have often referred to the double meaning of
    "to admit" -- 1. to allow entry or permit 2. to concede or accept [as true]. Either meaning when applied to right ideas, supports our "consent" to Truth and adds a lift to our healing efforts.

  46. So grateful for yet another Daily Lift that shows me how to bring Christian Science into my life in a practical way.

    To everyone - the DL community, the divinely led practitioners and teachers, and the staff who bring us these special, inspired thoughts - my heartfelt thanks.

  47. Thanks so much, Frank -- very helpful for a situation I'm working on! I shall remember to give my consent to any healing ideas! Thanks again.

  48. Thank you for that very powerful reminder, God, Mind was in conrol in 1906 and that very same power is in control today, for each of us, no matter how big or small the problem seems to be. But we must consent -- first. That is the lesson we must learn and constantly remind ourself about each minute of the day. Thanks so much for the reminder today!

  49. Sincere gratitude to you Frank.
    This is so simple, and should be so easy, practical and effortless.
    I am going forward today.

  50. thank youi

  51. So powerfully good! Thanks so much, Frank!

  52. Thank you Frank. This lift has inspired me to allow God to do His work and not get in the way. We pray but sometimes block our own path by not giving our consent. This has helped me open something that was blocking my understanding of God's omnipotent power. I am deeply grateful for your insight.

  53. WOW! That's a very powerful message! Thanks!

  54. Watch. Whatever is in thought-form, switch it over to Divine Mind & watch what happens.

  55. thank you and especially to no.24 for the comment(I appreciate everyone's input. My prayers for my daughter would seem to be working, and then it all deteriorates and her situation looks terrible. I can't just give up on her, tho, it seems all I do is try to clean up one mess, when things go from bad to worse.
    At this point, it looks hopeless. I am therefore really in need of reading and re reading the posts here, for I know that God's will is for her good and don't want to abandon prayers for her. thank you for reading this and attending to the contents prayerfully.

  56. Lenore from Lakewood, OH.....Thank you Franz. Solo Deo Gloria.....Yes, all glory to God, alone!! I read years ago that before Bach started each composition he wrote the following....."Solo Deo Gloria" on the top of the first page. Yes, he dedicated his work to the Glory to God Alone!!! When I practice the piano I always repeat this and now I have been dedicating my work in mental health to the Glory of God Alone! I have discovered that God's Psychiatry can be found in the Bible. Franz, I must tell you that my mother-in-law was born in Hamburg, Germany, came to the United States..... and introduced me to Christian Science!

  57. What a wonderful "lift"--and an important reminder to me all that Mind alone is "in charge," and can do whatever is needed to further His Good purpose. Thank you so much for sharing this lift for us all today!

  58. Thank you for this solid reminder of what conviction and trust in God can accomplish.

  59. Thanks, Frank, for this spiritually & practically very informative message/Lift! Makes SO much sense! Again, thank-you Lifters, for all the helpful and intelligent comments --- very much look forward to reading them. DL team, thanks for your wonderful work. Love/love to All/all.

  60. Thank you for this daily lift! Acknowledging (consenting to) the supremacy of God -wonderful reflection!

  61. Thank you, thank you , thank you. I am right with you on this one. I have a settlement that is hanging over me but I am giving my clear and conscious consent to God that I am willing to progress and listen for good guidance. It is so interesting to balance patience for the still moments and moving forward as required. I am reminded of the cocoon state of the Monarch butterfly, in the silence , there is a working and activity that is creating the lovely butterfly with wings to delicately visit the flowers and fly great distances in migration. I am grateful for the appreciation and workings of both states and am certainly learning the importance of that quiet cocoon state to mature whatever needs maturing. A lovely lift.

  62. Thank you for today's lift. It's a great truth when idling in city traffic. Instead of accepting as our thought any unloving 'hurry up' or 'get out of my way' we can hold to that Mind of Christ that knows Spirit never created an obstruction nor law of resistance to keeping on Truth's highway in the Kingdom of Heaven where everything flows easily and naturally without ever having to 'get rid of anything.'

  63. Really and truly, I can't find words adequate to express my gratitude for these Daily Lifts, and for the whole, worldwide Lift family . . . this week especially, each Lift has been so pure and simple--so foundational. Sometimes I get caught up in wanting to know "more," when what I really need to revisit basic truths, and know them deeper. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone else, but this week, each Lift has been taking me home, taking me deeper, into a spiritual calm and confidence. I am so very grateful.

    My dear sweet Kathleen #55--I want you to know that another mother has heard your heart's lament. I have a son who has struggled for the past 15 years, and I have been involved in his care to varying degrees. Countless times I have had to release him to God's tender care. That has proved to be the biggest help to me on a daily basis: to know that as much as I love him, his Father-Mother God loves him from infinity to beyond, and he truly IS in God's care, not mine. Yes, sometimes what my human eyes see, seems hopeless . . like one step forward and three steps back . . but then I ask my own Father-Mother God to show me what She is seeing . . .and hopes resurrects. When I can get a sense of peace in my own heart, then my interactions with my son don't come out of a place of fear, but of a holy calm. Is this easy? No, not struggling on my own. But is it possible? With Love's help, absolutely. Sweet Kathleen, I am tucking you, and your dear daughter into the arms of Love.

  64. I consent to consent to "good' and it's power.Thank you very much for this impotant lift.

  65. Thanks Frank

  66. Awesome lift, very powerful, just what I needed to hear... thank you ever so much!

  67. Herzlichen Dank, Frank
    Thank you Frank for this very good message.

  68. Thank you for the optimistic lift!

  69. 2nd: RE: #38 nela- 3/1/2013 - Hi, everyone! It's me, nela! I want to share my testimony with you all. Applying what I learned from today’s Lift, I've had a wonderfully productive day by giving my consent "to remove human obstructions" and there were many or I would have written this earlier. I also gave my consent to higher expectations through prayer and gave my consent to Divine Love reigning in every task. I just finished that one "(used to be very big) worthy task," I mentioned earlier. Amen! :-) And I gave my consent to begin the "HUGE worthy task" today and will continue to give my consent "to remove human obstructions" as I watch God help me. Wow! Thanks, again, Frank - and all! Above all, I thank God!!! :-)

  70. Thank you very much

  71. Great lift,
    thank you.

  72. Thank you Frank, this is wonderful.

    'I look to thee in every need, and never look in vain...'
    written by James J Rome
    ...and thank you to the Daily Lift Team
    Love to all xx :)

  73. Apologies! The hymn I meant to put is 'Give me O Lord an understanding heart' by James J. Rome
    ( I have been studying 'I look to thee in every need and never look in vain' all week so it was high in my thoughts!! Sorry about that!!)
    Much love, Ilona :))

  74. Thanks Frank-I have read these words about the Mother Church extension before,but thank you for reminding me of this beautiful lesson -it applies to everyone

  75. Thank-you

  76. Thank you so much. This added to my conviction in knowing nothingness of erroneous suggestions!

  77. This lift has greatly inspired me and reminded me of the power of divine Love. There was a period not so long ago when it felt as if I was trapped in a very unhappy situation. Through my tears I used to affirm out loud that in reality I could never be blocked or trapped and that God was more powerful than any claim of a human situation. I used to challenge the appearance of "no way out" and affirm the continuous presence of God, good. This strengthened me moment by moment, then day by day to listen to divine wisdom and find solutions. I am very grateful today for finding freedom from that former unhappiness, for increased joy, stable employment and abundant energy with which to continue working out the great problem of being. Many thanks for your lift.

  78. Loved this insightful "Lift"! Thank you so much Frank,and the DL Team for giving us spiritual
    awakening uplifts each morning!!

  79. Perfect Daily Lift !

    Right now every task is answered and is achieved easily with GOD'S guidance. This understanding goes with me on every daily project of my design work !

    Wonderful Frank ! It's so assuring when one is on the right track !

  80. Loved it! Thank you Frank and for all that commented. (=

    Dear Kathleen #55, I love Maureen's, #63 post. She speaks from experience and has words of widsom. It seems that giviing up a false sense of responsibility is the key. We are all God's responsibility. God, is her Father-Mother and will provide a way out for your daughter. Let go and let God! "Patience has her perfect work." I will keep you in my prayers today. <3

  81. Thank you, Frank, for this reassuring Lift, thank you Lift Team for providing all the Lifts and deep thanks to the Lift Community for all the comments. I am very grateful for this reminder to trust God's control to see a right idea to fruition. I loved #61 Donna Allen's comment with the cocoon analogy. I have been working on making more time for prayerful, meditative stillness. Honoring the quiet. I know it's needed because it's difficult for me! It allows a release of human will and agenda and a peaceful consent to Mind. #55 Lenore, thank you for your comment - I could relate, for I too am learning to let go and trust God's care for family members, friends, church. #63 Maureen, thank you for your loving reply to Lenore. I treasure the Daily Lift and the Lift community. When I get discouraged or afraid it is most often the Lift that turns my thought around and gets me back on track.

  82. Thanks, Frank, and #69 Nela, for coming back with a testimony! I can almost hear the Zorzales singing in your words!

    I, too, had a productive day on Friday after realizing that all activity is God's...a right, God-given purpose doesn't require time, muscle, or personal intelligence. My job is just to witness the "doing" and the accomplishment. I'm very grateful.

  83. Do all to the glory of God. Give consent. What wonderful comments today. I recall the fretting at the beginning of the Lifts, which has disappeared, and is now strong encouraging protests of truth, and solidarity and love.

  84. "...let God be magnified..." Psalms

  85. Thank you.

  86. all things are possible through God.Thank you Frank

  87. For Kathleen # 55 - My prayer offering for you comes from Lois Carlson "Let's honor and respect the spiritual integrity and holy life purpose of (your daughter) who is in an active relationship with God and His Christ"