2/9: Beyond the fog

2/9: Beyond the fog

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  1. Mari, Thank you - no fog here today !

  2. Thank you Mari , this is just what I needed today. LOVE to ALL

  3. When I was ten years old, I had a similar experience that stayed with me. During a hurricane, our sea level peninsula was evacuated early on by the police, but my mother refused to go because she was waiting for my father to pick us up. My dad took longer to get to us because he was securing my grandfather's wharf in Portland, 20 minutes away. Finally, he arrived. In those days, the only way to higher ground was to drive on a narrow little road through the salt marsh. Sea water, by then, covered the road and the rain poured down in sheets blinding us. Suddenly, the water rose up the windows of the car and my dad cried out fearfully, "I've lost the road." I never heard fear in my father's voice before. Not like that, not ever. Innocently, I silently asked Jesus to make my father feel safe again. Of course, I am alive to tell the story, so you know that he miraculously got back on the road and drove us to safety. That road has since been rebuilt 3' higher and with a row of trees along one side of it to show the way in times of fog or storm. But that day, it was Christ who guided us out of troubled waters. I remember how the peace of the Christ washed over me, though I don't think I knew how to explain it at that time. That day I decided to become a nun and held on to that desire until the night before going into the convent, at my last dance, I fell in love. God had other plans for me.

  4. When we have faith and understanding of God, we can see through any confusing and painful human experience, then we can understand that God’s harmonious and perfect creation has always been present.
    Mrs. Eddy explained thus: “The mists of matter — sin, sickness, and death — disappear in proportion as mortals approach Spirit, which is the reality of being“ NO and Yes 16:23
    Cuando tenemos fe y comprensión de Dios, podemos ver através de cualquier experiencia humana, confusa o dolorosa, entonces comprendemos que la creación de Dios, armoniosa y perfecta, ha estado siempre aquí.
    La Sra. Eddy lo explica así: “Las nieblas de la materia — el pecado, la enfermedad y la muerte — desaparecen a medida que los mortales se aproximan al Espíritu, el cual es la realidad del ser“ No y Sí 16:25

  5. Thank you Mari, Deep breathing will always take us to where your'e coming from! xx

  6. Thank you so much, Mari! What you shared brings to mind one of Mrs. Eddy's poems, which is sung in Hymn 23 of the Christian Science Hymnal, which says, "Blest Christmas morn, though murky clouds
    Pursue thy way, Thy light was born where storm enshrouds Nor dawn nor day!" The Christ light always shines through, leading the way the Truth!

  7. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. Yes, we can always find our way when we listen for God's directions. "God is every where and nothing apart from Him is present or has power" M.B.E.

  8. Vino re bien el daily lift tempranito esta mañana. Ayudó un montón con la niebla de preocupaciones matutinas!!! Gracias Mari :-D

  9. Many thanks Mari for 'defogging' "the mists of matter." "The mists of matter — sin, sickness, and death — disappear in proportion as mortals approach Spirit, which is the reality of being." (No&Yes MBE). "As the clouds of sense are riven,/ We behold reality,/ Know the glory of Thy heaven;/ So we seek Thy [Love's] perfect healing/ Through the Truth of Thy revealing." (Christian Science Hymnal #85).


  10. Thank you so much for a very inspiring lift and comments.
    (Siento la garra Charrua, la fuerza del Cristo, dando coraje.)

  11. Thank you Mari for todays lift. I am so grateful for all the Daily Lifts and also for the contributions given by the commenters each day. I find them all so very helpful and I always find inspiration from them. Each day I especially look for Elena Shideler's comments which I find very inspring. Thank you Elena and thank you all so very much.

  12. Thank you, Mari. Great reminder that we are not meant to be put to confusion and that we can rely on our "clear sense" of and "calm trust" (Science and Health, 495) in Love's guidance and protection. Thank you, also, #3 Saved, for your testimony to how simple and effective faithfilled asking and immediate receiving can be. When we have the faith to trust, we find that the "powers that (really!) be" are trustworthy.

  13. I seemed to be lost in a fog at one stage. Not the glass of water sort of fog, but a fog of materialism that threatened my very future. At a time when my husband was very ill, his family brought a court action to gain control of his / OUR property and business. This was after a time of being fairly relaxed about my study and practice of prayer. But from the time of my husband's illness and the impending court case, I was out of the fog and wholeheartedly relying on God for every direction and decision. The court decided in my favour, and by the following year I had relocated to where I have the priviledge of church attendance and membership. I remember a testimony of a young man who was in a boat in a dense fog on a lake, and he simply stood up, and could find his strategic landmarks very easily!
    Thank you Mari for this wonderful Lift; thanks also to Nate and the team, the BoL and lecturers; and the Lift family.

  14. It is good to know the "unreality" of fog and that nothing in reality can cloud our clear spiritual sense of God, Love, etc. Thank you very much for this insight.

  15. What a wonderful message today! Specially to clear up the spiritual vision we have grasped in our intimate moments or instances with divine Love!
    Thanks! dear Mari

  16. Isn't it comforting how much our daily experiences teach us about God's forever presence? It gives us all so much hope. I remember driving home from my grandma's a good hour drive every weekend and on those foggy, foggy nights or a blizzard night, Dad would send out the fog light and they would pray together the everlasting arms of Love hymn. I love #3's experience. How precious to share it. March onward, Army of Thinkers, march onward. The world has need of our prayers through the mist.

  17. Thank you for lifting our thoughts out of the fog and into the sunlight of Truth! In this spiritual light there is no discrimination, it's a safe refuge for all.

  18. just what i needed today ...TY!

  19. Thank you, Mari,

  20. 3 Saved, your selfless childhood prayer and Christ answer is wonderful. Christ-love doesn't leave us where we were, does it? The "healing" (road found, in your experience) is almost secondary to the hard-to-describe warmth which embraces us beforehand. It does inspire gratitude and service to God. I am glad that you landed here at the Daily Lift... lifting!

    Sometimes they suggest opening your window and listening when in a fog...

    'I will listen for Thy voice,
    Lest my footsteps stray;
    I will follow and rejoice " - Hymn 304.

    We shouldn't be foggy about that! (had to say it)

  21. That was wonderful Mari!

  22. Thank you, Mari! Wonderful, clear description of the sunlight of scientific Truth piercing thru the fog of material beliefs! I was just recently reading some articles in a wonderful C.S. Pamphlet, "To Be a Christian Science Practitioner" - put out by the C.S. Publishing Society in 2008. One that really caught my attention is, "Clearing Away The Fog", by Deborah Huebsch. (Also in C.S. Journal, Aug. 2008.) She talks about the "mist of dualistic thinking", the "mist that the problem is all in our own thinking", and, another form of fog, "entertaining the belief that other peoples' thinking can actually bring us harm - malpractice." So Grateful that we have all the tools in Christian Science to see right through the fog of matter by acknowledging the perfection of God, which includes each one of us! It's a clear road ahead!

  23. We need light to properly reflect the Divine Consciousness of The One Mind. Come out of the darkness and the fog so that you can properly reflect The Light.

  24. Thank you.

  25. Thank you!

  26. A beautiful insight today into clearing away the fog of mortal thinking, thank you so much, and also too to the Lifters for their uniques and individual reflections; each one inspires me each day. I particularly like (3) and (13) for their remarks.
    X Big Hug everyone!

  27. Wonderful ! Thank You . :-)

  28. Thank you Mari! and all the comments!

  29. My heart is full after hearing Mari's beautiful lift and reading #3 Saved and #13 Margaret...muchas gracias.

    I was reminded of another Lift that suggested "flying by the instruments" at such times. Sometimes we go on trust that what we've learned of God is true: God is All, God is all good, God cares for each one of us (yep, even YOU), God is knowable, God has all the power, God is right here, right now, and we can and must hear the comforting angels being sent right to our consciousness.

    Going into the closet, silencing the material senses, having NO other gods as we pray is essential at such times, and this counsel consistently appears in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and in the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. The trust to go forward in prayer isn't a blind trust, given the proofs that we and so many others have had of the effectiveness of such prayer in adjusting situations that seemed impossible..."incurable" illnesses, longstanding hostility, legal and business snarls. But while we're waiting for answers and resolution, "Faith is a chrysalis state" that supports the shift in thought to spiritual evidence (Reality!)

  30. What a beautiful message, Mari. Thank you so much. May fog always be absent in your spiritual journey. With much love and blessings to you from Canada.

  31. Thank you so much for your lift today!!! I had a similar experience: I had injured my hip and had to sleep siting up in a chair. One night I had a terrible nightmare and when I awoke all I could say was, "thank you God that that wasn't true, thank you God that that wasn't true"......when I got up to walk I felt like I was in a fog and I kept affirming that this wasn't true about not being able to walk, "thank you God that this isn't true" I kept saying this, in gratitude, and the walking became easier and I was healed. Thank you, God, that the only truth is that we are spiritual, whole and free!!!!!!

  32. Great analogy! Thank you for the lift today

  33. Mari thank you for reminding us to lift the thought of mesmerism; to climb out of the fog. Blue skies for all!
    Love, ali

  34. Thank you Mari!

  35. Driving up to the high country to teach a class recently, I could not see through the thick fog and sleet coming. I sang my way with Mary Baker Eddy's hymn, which starts "Shepherd show me how to go". As I followed thguard rail along the side of what I remembered what was a steep cliff, suddenly a truck appeared in front of me and following a safe distance behind, it led me out of the fog. I agree that often in life the way may not be immediately clear, but we can cling steadfastily to God, Mind to show us the way.

  36. I loved that Lift...
    We had no fog here in NJ but snow that softly disappeared.
    Thank you ALL

  37. Thank you so much Mari,

  38. Thank you, Mari, for this wonderful lift today!

  39. What a precious lift Mari, thank you. And thanks to everyone who has shared. So many rich, helpful comments and healings shared. Living in a frequently foggy region, it's so comforting to realize what's really premanent is always with us even if we can't see it and that weather/climate has no influence on man's true being and safety and joy. Thanks DL team and Nate.

  40. Thank you Marik, & all LIFTERS your comments were MOST helpful.

  41. To Saved (#3) and Margaret (#13), thank you so much. Mari, what a unique way of saying that. Thanks again to you and all the Lifters who quote portions of hymns. I listen to the new (not new any more) supplement hymns everyday as I drive to and from work. I learn the harmony and the words as I listen over and over. What a joy.

  42. Even fog can be so enlightening, if it turns us to the counterfact. Much love and gratitude, Mari.

    Once a year or so we experience fog in the desert. I was driving in one, which got progressively denser, so that I could see only a bit right in front and nothing to the right or left. We returned home with relief.

    Later, it reminded me of something I had been told, that ever false claim can be traced back to the Adam and Eve allegory and refuted by Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 verses 1 through 3. The Adam and Eve allegory starts with "But there went up a mist..." and everything after that is confused and hostile, even including fratricide. I thought how the mist tried to obscure the truth of our safety in the all-loving Mind, but it was only 5 sense testimony (which isn't worth 5 cents!) So I love what you said about the fact that the mist doesn't alter the landscape of truth and well-being.

  43. Thank you so much Mari for the inspiring Lift, and to all my fellow Lifters for their thoughtful comments. I especially appreciated "In Progess" whose remark about "the effectiveness of such prayer in adjusting situations that seemed impossible..." reminded me of just such a situation in my own life that was resolved harmoniously, step by step, and in such a way that I am still amazed, and so very grateful for God's care. Wondrous it is when we let God lead us out of the fog and into His clear light! Hugs to all.

  44. Dearest Mari: It makes me so happy to think of you being such a bright light in beautiful Uruguay. Thank you

  45. Thank you so much, for a beautiful message and all the thoughtful comments following.

    A family had a major healing through Christian Science. Out of gratitude for our grandmother's prayerful help they gave us a two year old station wagon. We were fast growing teen-agers and the car was a major blessing to our family.

    After receiving the car we headed home 200 miles away. 5 children and our mom. It was after dark and within a few miles we drove into a "pea soup fog". Mom did not falter. A few miles down our two-lane road we came up behind a large 18 wheeler truck. She flashed her headlights and then tucked all of us less than 1/2 a car length behind this large truck.

    We followed our angel for at least 100 miles, when the fog finally lifted. We were all safely wrapped in the everlasting arms of Love.

    With much love, and gratitude,


  46. Estoy muy agradecida por estas palabras tan necesitadas. Necesito confiar en nuestro Padre-Madre que todo lo que parece una gran neblina es nada, que Su Luz siempre esta presente. Declarando cuando duda empieza a tratar de abrumar, DIOS ESTA CONMIGO en TODO MOMENTO. Que no puede hacer Dios? Dios, El Todopoderoso!
    En la Leccion Biblica de esta semana, ALMA tenemos el Salmo 16 que nos ayuda a Orar que nos hace recordar todo lo que Dios nos promete. Ya esta hecho, solo nosotros lo tenemos que sentir, entender y ver.
    Gracias Mari. Gracias a La Iglesia Madre por tan lindo regalo de la Daily Lifts, es una gran ayuda. Nuestro mundo lo necesita.

  47. Thank you!

  48. Thank you.

  49. This is so beautiful in light of the illusions that can distract us and keep us from staying on the" road" I love the idea of " standing up to see better" and also the mom that " tucked in her famly behind the semi"...sweet

    I like the idea of being " tucked in with the Christ and the Christ Idea of all of us. I love that image and will carry it with me. Holding to the standpoint of a spiritual perspective and praying outward from that..well, the sun comes out!!!! Thank you!!!!! Merri

  50. Thank you! That was exactly, what I needed.

  51. Nothing can stop the dawn.

  52. Eloquently lovely with a message much needed today. Many thanks.

  53. "...one inspired thought..." is a glimmer of reality.
    Thank you so much.

  54. perfect lift for today !

    Now I can go on without that fog ...wonderful reading, Mari. I have seen through that fog, several times ..

  55. Thank you, Mari, for this beautiful message. And to all the Lifters, too.
    Another related passage I like is from Micellaneous Writings 355: 16 -17 "To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea."
    This is what these Daily Lifts help us to do on a spiritual level so that the "mist"-akes engendered by a false material sense of things melt away naturally and effortlessly through the sunshine of faith and understanding. Much love to everyone.

  56. It seems everyone in that age of materialism needs to be reminded that we are walking in the Light of Truth and not in a material darkness. It was a great example, Mari. Thank you kindly.

  57. thank you! It gives me peace to read this and to all the helpful participants, thank you so much

  58. Dear Mari

    Let one share this with you all.

    Gods Plan
    My will
    be still.
    Let go
    the thrill.
    Of I,my,and me.
    Await Gods plan
    of greater span,
    than mine could
    ever be.

    It is a beautiful prayer to say each day.

    The King James Version of the Bible says it all.

    "Poverbs 3:5
    Trust in the Lord
    with all thin heart;
    and lean not
    unto thin own understanding".

    You may be interested to see what the next verse in the Bible reads.

    Thank you for allowing one to share this with you.

    Love in Christ


  59. Thank you for this wonderful lift today. It is a great analogy!

  60. Nice reminder ... Thank you.

  61. Thankyou Mari for your wonderful thoughts :)

  62. Thank you for this helpful lift! Months ago I gave a friend who is not a "computer person" the phone number for this Daily Lift and she told me this week that she calls in every day to hear these wonderful lifts!

  63. Thank you Mari, I just heard your lift and it was wonderful to hear it today. Thank you for the inspired analogy and for the helpful quotes that support it. I am also grateful for the inspiring comments it inspired others to share. Thank you Elena (#4) for your partial transcription of Mari's lift.

  64. Thanks Mari....'faith and understanding of God'...is what you have mentioned.

    (original in Spanish)

    I have faith in You, my God
    Because You are the only power
    You guide me every moment
    I am not afraid.


    I understand that God is Love,
    Man and the universe reflect God
    Now, everywhere...
    No fogs can darken me
    Only divine Love lights my way.

  65. Tank You Mari for reminding us that we not only can but are safe walking and living by faith. Fátima

  66. Thanks a lot Mari for the nice lift.

  67. what a beautiful lift! It was so nice and true and I could understand the lift in English!
    Thank you :)

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