2/8: The work of God's genius

2/8: The work of God's genius

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  1. Thank you, dear Beth, the perfect lift for me tonight before I turn out my light... a fellow traveler, Cindy

  2. So often I try to imagine the perfect man of God's creating that seems imaginary and far off without power, but this lift brings out that the opposite is true.
    True imagination has no personal sense and the perfect man of God's creating is seen to be the real, the ever present, an expression of God's infinite power and love.
    And while we're at it lets imagine less flooding in northern Australia, less fires in southern Australia, and less snow in New England and Maritime Canada?

  3. Thank you Beth for this inspiring Lift. Just a glimpse of the truth of our real spiritual being enables us to see ourselves, not as struggling mortals, but as the true spiritual image and likeness of God. I love Mary Baker Eddy's statement concerning man in S&H page 266, "Man is the idea of Spirit; he reflects the beatific presence, illuming the universe with light." This is true for each and every one of us and when we keep our mind stayed on this truth, Mrs. Eddy says, ..we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere." (S&H page 516)

  4. T hank you so much for sharing this wonderful message from God. How many of His creation need to hear it! It lit up my day. And your voice brought back my first job - in Canberra.

  5. Beth, This task, I cheerfully accept, as I move into the weekend; to witness Mind's manifested genius by all who I cross in my travels, actually, wherever I look..

  6. Thank you so much Beth. I had been praying to see my 'perfect self-hood' since I awoke this mornjng. You have tied it up beautifully for me, and my heart has been lifted to see the one Mind in operation.

  7. How dare anyone ever think that God could have created a race, or even a single idea, which is not perfect? At one time or another we all sinned by calling someone―at least in thought― stupid!
    God doesn't commit mistakes. God 's genius goes far above what we could ever imagine ―and is all good.
    “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness" Genesis 1:26.
    Us, God's children are the work of God's genius, if we accept this we'll open our thought and begin to see God's magnificence reflected in everyone.
    ¿Cómo puede alguien atreverse a pensar que Dios pudo haber creado una raza, o siquiera una sola idea, que no sea perfecta? Puede que todos hayamos pecado alguna vez al llamar a alguien ―al menos en pensamiento― ¡estúpido!
    "Hagamos al hombre a nuestra imagen, conforme a nuestra semejanza" Génesis 1:26.
    Nosotros, Los hijos de Dios somos la obra del genio de Dios, si aceptamos esto abriremos nuestro pensamiento y comenzaremos a ver la magnificencia de Dios reflejada en todo el mundo.

  8. How cool is that! I will step aside and think on it more deeply, thank you so much.

  9. Thank you so much for this vital lift which advises us how we regard ourselves. As Beth said we are the image and likeness of God; His own exoression of Himself and so this is the value we need to put on ourselves, not in a humanly proud way but to rejoice in what we actually are.

    I am reminded of the story of Caleb:

    Num 13:30-33

    30 And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.
    31 But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we.
    32 And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.
    33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

    When we have a "giant" of a problem do we see ourselves as grasshoppers in our own sight?

    I love what I regard as God's opinion of me and all men:

    Matt 3:17 This

    17 This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

    If this is God's opinion of me have I the right to expect to be less "well pleased" with myself or other people than God is?

  10. Hey Beth! that sure hits the nail on the head! Thank you, thank you.

  11. That you very much Beth! I really needed a lift like this to start my day. How come I get distracted with other ideas that are not God's ideas? It's so good you pray to see this friend as God sees her. Sometimes it's good for me to think about the meaning of the words. In this case "distraction" from God's work. Distraction means: "dis" without or out and "traction" to pull away or to draw.Why should I pull my self away of God's genius? I will take the challenge to go back to the track and see the Divine's Mind expression everywhere even in myself. I will start working on attraction, it means, "drawing things together". God didn't pull me away, the power of Love always wants to keep me on track to reflect God's ideas and grace.

  12. Beth,
    Thank youi

  13. With a correct understanding of who we really are, spiritual reflections of. the only God there is: Divine Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit and Principle....all powerful and ever-present...we can only express calm, joy and boundless bliss. As Mrs.Eddy tells us one such moment ...is a for-taste of eternity!
    Beth, thank you so much. It just turned midnight in Seattle. and your lift is much appreciated.

  14. Oh! My! This is a truly wonderful Lift.
    Thank you Beth for your insight, your experience, your friend's healing and for sharing it here for us to benefit from!
    most gratefully yours,

  15. That's comforting. We each are the work of God's genius. I can see how that will help to correct my view of another. and of myself. I can share this message. Thanks Beth.

  16. That is SO helpful, Beth, thank you very much!

  17. Many thanks Beth for sharing this inspiring experience. Yes. "We must all see ourselves as God [divine Love] sees us, and challenge negative suggestions. We are all Godlike." "With healing in his wings he comes,/ God's messenger of love,/ 'Tis yours to sound the trumpet call,/ His Science yours to prove." (Christian Science Hymnal #17).

  18. Thank you.

  19. Oh this is such a beautiful lift today from a week of wonderful ones - thank you so much.Happy weekend, and many genius moments of light ...

  20. Thank you for this healing Lift, which directly answered a need in my thought this morning and has opened up paths for progress in the great good work of loving my neighbour as myself, both of us reflecting the perfect Selfhood of the one God who is Love. Thank you!

  21. Thank you for the lovely lift. Reminds me of hymn #51 Eternal Mind the Potter is, ....
    God could not make imperfect man.....

  22. Thank you. for this very helpful Lift and to all the Lifters many thanks.

  23. Ciertamente, ¿Cómo podemos creer que Dios hizo la mortal-material creación? Y sin embatgo es la creencia generalizada, leemos que "Cristo Jesús dijo que mientras no negaramos todo origen material no entraríamos en el cielo e incluyó la familia humana, Él se refirió a la familia humana como algo que tenemos que desechar confirmando que la única familia es la espiritual y cuando habla de deschar no habla de no amar sino de no dar preponderancia al concepto material y aferrase al espiritual que Es el ÚNICO que realmente EXISTE.

    No debemos amar a nuestra familia naturalmente que SÍ... al igual que al resto, debemos amar como Él nos amó, y como Dios nos ama. Parece tan simple y sin ambargo es lo más difícil de hacer, por que la propia extructura material así lo determina con su propia argumentación faláz y mentirosa, aún así tenemos que tener presente que esa realidad espiritual no nos exime de las obligaciones de amparar y protejer a la familia humana por que también si tenemos más entendimiento debemos volcarlo comenzando con lo más cercano que tenemos la familia al igual que con el resto en la misma dimensión y proporción dando proteción y amparo como Cristo lo hizo, sin acepción de personas.

    Muchas gracias Beth, es muy grato comenzar cada mañana con el Daily Lift y los mensajes inspirados que ambos nos regalan.

  24. I found that very moving. Thank you.

  25. Thank you so much! I have been working to know that I dwell in the secret place of the most High as the beloved perfect child of God! We all do!

  26. 2 Gary from Canada, let's also refreeze the polar caps and pray Jesus' commandment: "'Peace, be still' to the winds and the waves and the ground beneath our feet." on a daily basis.

    We are God's perfect expression. The Christ connects us to the power. Holy spirit power. So pure. So true. So perfect right action. Ideal circumstances everywhere everyone!
    Grateful for an enlightening Lift, Beth.

  27. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  28. Dear Beth Packer

    Thank you so much for your uplifting Daily Lift.

    May one suggest that all who come to this Daily Lift today say seven times, as many times as you would like in 24 hours I LIKE MYSELF, I LIKE MYSELF, I LIKE MYSELF.Why." Because you are all His perfect spiritual children of reflecting and expressing His infinite and perfect Love".

    Try it, one can guarantee, that wonderful things will be revealed to YOU all NOW, TODAY.

    Have a wonderful adventure

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham CS.

  29. Christ, Truth and Love, is our Father, not intellectualism and hatred.

  30. Last week's Lesson Sermon on "Love" was very helpful for my daughter in helping herself and her own daughter work through a problem that my granddaughter was having with a classmate that was not being very kind but actually quite mean. Your "Lift", which they both will share this morning, is a wonderful continuation of that demonstration. Thank you Beth.

  31. What lovely thoughts and inspiration. Thank you.

  32. I should also mention that many of the comments shared by above contributers are also very helpful. Thank you, all of you.

  33. Thank you Beth, for the rays of Truth.

  34. thank you Beth, and to all those who contributed with comments. I love starting my day with these dailylifts

  35. Paul writes, " Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. " (Galations 6;7). And Mrs. Eddy writes, " Sincerity is more successful than genius or talent." (Message for 1900, page 9.) We labour for the thing which is good ( Ephesians 4.)

  36. I just love the thought of being God's genius - me and everyone - thanks so much Beth!

  37. I am God's man!!

  38. thank you for dressing everyone in that true vision today!
    I'll be looking at them as geniuses all day - what fun!

  39. This Lift is brilliant, Beth! Thank you for all the prayerful work that went into the receptivity of your prayer to see your friend as she really is, as the expression of God's Genius. It's just a radical prayer and an immediate answer, God being God. And as you say, "utterly gorgeous!"
    Thank you Nate, the music has been really enjoyable this week; thanks to the Board and the lecturers; and the utterly gorgeous Daily Lifters.

  40. What a wonderful idea, thank you

  41. Thank you so much. Your lift delivered with such sincerity makes me believe that I can accept and prove that I am the work of God's genius. It is so refreshing.

  42. Beth, this was a wonderful Lift - and gift - to awaken to this morning. I am so grateful to you.

    Coincidentally, I have been re-reading a book by historian William Manchester about how the artists in the Renaissance "accepted" what you call "the work of God's genius". Manchester was interested in exploring the "shift" from the darkness, superstition and lurking fear of the Medieval Age to the burst of creativity that emerged in the hearts of the artists and artisans of the Renaissance.

    Manchester concludes:

    "Five centuries after Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, and Titian, nothing matching their masterpieces can be found in contemporary galleries. No pandering... guided the brushes and chisels of the men who found immortality in the Renaissance."

    William Manchester, A World Lit only by Fire page 87

    Your wonderful Daily Lift also reminds me of this quote:

    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant..? Actually, who are you not to be?

    You are a child of God.

    Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone."

    Nelson Mandela, First Independence Day, South Africa

  43. Thank you, Beth. Very helpful.

  44. Thank you Beth and everyone for sharing. This lift is so relevant to handling and challenging news stories suggesting another view of man as violent, criminal, corrupt, sick,vulnerable. We are all the expression, transparency, of God's genius seeing one another and ourselves as such. Thanks DL team for putting these on. This has been a week of blessings. Amen.

  45. Love this!

  46. Thank you Beth for your inspired lift. This morning I was thinking about what would it be like if, today, when I woke up, there was no mortal history? What if there was no mortal history of myself, my friends, my country, or the entire planet? How freeing would that be? Very!!! Then I listened to your thought on the work of God's genius.

    I'm an artist and have been contemplating the meaning of greatness. I have come to realize the God is great because His creation is so beautiful, reflecting the inspiration of Spirit. He can't do it without us and we can't do it without Him. Two great artists, Matisse and Picasso, were friends. Matisse believed in God or a Divine presence. Picasso did not. Years after Matisse had passed away, Picasso visited the chapel Matisse had designed. He had refused to go see it while Matisse was alive. An attendant handed Picasso a sealed envelope. Inside was a note from Matisse that said, "I KNEW you believed!" How did Matisse know this? I think because Picasso, regardless of the mortal record of his life, unquestionably relished seeing the world, he joyed in living, he thrived. He had a genius for uniquely transcribing what he saw and from every angle, good or bad (from images of beautiful people to images of horror like Guernica). How can there not be God's genius in that? There is much to think about here. Thank you, again, for the lift...and the confirmation.

  47. Such a clear, powerful thought Beth. Ingenious!!!!

    Another fellow traveler.....

  48. Having just read of a serious manhunt going on,this lift was perfect for me to know the truth about the subject.As perfect of a lift can be and the responces.Gods law is in effect right now!

  49. This is putting into practice to love God with all we have by seeing in others Love's creation!!!
    Thank you for inspiring me to see this more clearly in my own thought. I've been working diligently to be alert to putting into practice the spiritual truths we learn about God in loving Her more each day.
    With much gratitude for this lift today!

  50. Dearest Beth,
    Thank you for that perfect lift! I have tears of appreciation!
    Love and thanks to all.....

  51. Thank you for this helpful lift! Struggling with self conciousness, speaking publicly, voicing ideas, giving a testimony in church, this lift reminds me that I am an expression of god's genius not a limited mortal. We need to look to god for our approval.if we are expressing him we can be sure it is a work of great value and worth! We all have something very unique and
    Special to offer. I love to think of people as flowers in a garden. There are roses, daisies, orchids, lily's ...each one a work of genius!so are we!

  52. Thank you for a wonderful lift to remind me of who I am!

  53. How uplifting that we are a "stroke of genius"!!! Thanks so much, Beth, DL Team & DL Family! Perfect thoughts, All!!!

  54. What a wonderful lift today....in Trinidad where I am here for a wedding and its their Carnival too... this was soo greatly and brilliant given to us to know our true self as Gods Genius....as a classical musician this is the icing on the cake... Thank you Beth for your great and true vision to us all...

  55. Thank you so much, Beth. I laughed when you said at the end, "Accept it!" I needed to hear it.
    Good point, Elena, and so many other good thoughts from others. These Lifts are such a right idea!

  56. Thank you.

  57. Your sweet and useful lift is appreciated.

  58. Yes! This reminds me of Joanne Mazna Caringer's poem "After All. . ." in the collection, Ideas on Wings. It closes this way:
    "God, what an amazing ascending
    idea You had
    when You had me

  59. Such a wonderful thought that we are the work of God's genius - so humbling, and yet strengthening.
    I love the comments, and particularly Karim (42) and Jennifer (46) with their lovely quotations.
    Many thanks,Beth and everyone.

  60. What a brilliant message. Thank you Beth.
    A great weekend to all
    as we look for the work of God's genius everywhere!
    It is such a privilege to hear the thoughts of all who comment. Loved #9 and #39 -- and everyone else too!

  61. Thank you, Beth, for this most inspiring Daily Lift and thanks to all who contribute their own special thoughts.

  62. Thank-you, Beth, for this intelligent, thoughtful message/Lift! Enjoyed listening to your prayerful application of 'God's genius' towards your friend. Loving 'spark(s)-of-genius' to All/all.

  63. Thank you for this oh-so-wonderful message! Every one of us should paste this message to the very Inside of our being!

  64. What a special lift, Beth. Thank you! Mrs. Eddy says, "Happiness consists in being and in doing good; only what God gives, and what we give ourselves and other through His tenure, confers happiness: conscious worth satisfies the hungry heart, and nothing else can." (Msg for '02 17) I like "what we give ourselves", reminding us to "accept it", accept all the wonderful, intelligent, loving thoughts about ourselves that God is thinking of us. If we reflect Him, then it's our divine nature to think likewise, loving ourselves in His image. We are "the compound idea of God, including all right ideas" (S&H 475), so we include the genius of Mind, the beauty of Soul, the inspiration and power of Spirit, the activity of Life, the orderliness of Principle, the integrity of Truth, and the lovingkindness of Love. Any suggestions otherwise can simply remain suggestions without a believer.

  65. Thank you, Beth! Very inspiring.

  66. What a lovely way to see each other. Thank you for this helpful Lift.

  67. Thank you! I will use this message today!

  68. Such a joy
    Thank you

  69. Thank you, Beth, for “The work of God’s genius … all of us … the Divine Mind’s expression … challenge the negative impressions we hold of ourselves because that’s not how God sees us …”

    Your invitation to just accept the Truth of our being is both powerful and beautiful. To accept and be free! My favorite books and approach to living used to be about self-improvement/self-help. There’s too much “self” in that approach, including the requisite self-criticism. Christian Science has taught me to be more God-centered. To live “out from” rather than “up to.” Instead of trying to improve on mortal mind’s “impressions” (graven images) of me, I’ve been learning how to increasingly accept “me!” as God’s “expression” (no other gods).

    Recently, a practitioner reminded me that we are as a transparency through which only God shines. NOT through which the world defines us. It’s a ONE way transparency! Thank you to all, who follow Christ’s Christianity: including Christian Science practitioners, Journal-listed or not; and to everyone, who makes this Daily Lift community a weekday testimony meeting! Thank you sooooooo much.

    I’m inspired to consider: “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? … But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6). And “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” (Psalms 139:14).

  70. Thank you again for today's Daily Lift. Divine Mind shows us its expression in intelligence, progress, and well-being.

  71. That you are The work of GOD"S GENIUS! What a WONDERFUL thing to ACCEPT. I LOVED IT! Thank You so much.

  72. Thanks Beth. I'm going to use your message to help me when I call the contractor with whom I've had some kind of misunderstanding and start by seeing God's genius in him, His child.

  73. Thank you so much, Beth, for addressing an issue that every Human Being on earth has to wrestle with: To Accept, as Jesus did, that we truly ARE and Always Have Been, God's Express Image and Likeness!!! Negative experiences from our past do seem to make deep "Impressions" on our thought and then these deeply engraved "Impressions" proceed to take form as our "Identity" or "Our Story" or "How I See Myself"! I call it "washing off the mud" or "clay" of the mortal man as we strive each day to recognize and express "the real man" or our Real, Immortal, Spiritual Identity. I just went thru a dreamlike experience where I had gotten stuck in the mud......again. I called a dear and devout C.S. friend and she was able to lift me up out of the mud or dream and it simply vanished and I was back to my True self again! So Grateful we have Christian Science as our mirror in which to see our true Selves!

  74. I am so glad and thankful for this daily lifts...........Thanks you all.................Schneeflocke

  75. And the Lift is certainly the work of God's genius — given as you, Beth. Thank you so much! And thanks, also, to the DL team for bringing us these daily inspirations.

  76. This is such a beautiful and inspiring lift... thank you ever so much!

  77. Thank you very much.

  78. Thank you! Wonderful lift and comments!!
    Beautiful day and weekend to all!

  79. You have no idea how brilliant the timing of these thoughts are for me! Thank you SO much!

  80. I love that this came up today. We so want to look at personalities and appearances....the temptation is always there. But here is the offering of a higher outlook, one that sees all or us as wonderfully made. Thank you Nela for your comments. I too am learning that by being God centered instead of Donna centered, life IS lifted. I am a transparency for the greatness of God....what a lovely way to see through so much delusion, distraction and noise....Just stick with God and the rest will fall into place if not now, eventually. Patience must have her perfect work. Thank you for this lift and all of the comments and have a great weekend.

  81. Thank you Beth for your practical demonstration of the lovely truths you shared. the great responses from your talk are also good fruitage. I was especially moved by comments from Tony, Max,Malcolm, Karim, Jennifer, and Nela.
    A long time ago, I was working in an office and my supervisor asked me to visit a fellow worker who had been out of work for two days. I had been reading a lecture by my teacher in which she spoke of the importance of loving our true selfhood as Love's expression. She said that we wouldn't try to share money we didn't have, yet we tried to love our neighbor as ourselves without really loving ourselves. I shared this part of the lecture with her and some other thoughts. She was back at work the next day.

  82. A very healing message for ourselves and others!

    With much gratitude.

  83. Brilliant! Thanks so much, Beth!

  84. When I hear these copy-cat suggestions of violence, I remember what Mrs. Eddy gives us in her answer to questions in Recapitulation, the basis of Primary Class Instruction for Christian Science practice.
    Question. -- What are the demands of the Science of Soul?
    Included in her answer, she writes, in the paragraph with marginal heading "Sinlessness of Mind, Soul,"
    "If Soul sinned, it would be mortal, for sin is mortality's self, because it kills itself." Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pages 467-468.

  85. P. S. I learned a long time ago in a Support Group, to wake up every morning and go look in the mirror, right into my eyes, and say, "I Love You, Precious One!" I still do this every morning and it puts a big smile in my Heart, cuz I know that's what God wants me to do!

  86. Perfectly beautiful thought to hold in consciousness each day.
    Thank you so very much.

  87. What harm those mortal thoughts bring. But we are not mortal, made with blood, bones or other material elements. We are the product of God's genius, unique in every way. One of a kind. Not in the image of our human mother or father, but uniquely created with positive ideas expressing different talents that only God can conceive. So lets stop this human comparing and realize our uniqueness as god made us.

  88. Fabulous! thank you Beth !

  89. What a wonderful much-needed lift Beth - thank you!! And thanks to all who made comments which were the icing on the cake - especially #64/Robert and #73/ Bevi. Bevi your explanations "hit home" and and laid the perfect foundation for working out of the mortal issues. I am very grateful for Christian Science and all the loving support it provides!!

  90. Fantastic!!! Thankyou sooooooomuch for this lift!

  91. This is a one of the greatest lifts. I am grateful for each and every one and that I have found such support from the many who comment. The lift and comments have become a very important way to start my day.

  92. Thank you so very much. This a most timely Daily Lift for me.

  93. Thank you Beth for being such a good listener and for sharing that important message from God with all of us.

  94. OOOOOH This same Mind is expressing me!! OOOOOH and you, and you and you!!!! A joyous Lift!! Thank you!!

  95. "The work of my genius" — now that's the breath of the Almighty!! Thousand thanks.

  96. Dear Beth, thank you for this beautiful Lift. Today I will cast my net on the right side of my thinking where there is infinite intelligence & blessing for all Gods children.

  97. Beautiful, Beth ... and beautiful ALL.

  98. Thank you for this timely lift, which i will apply to a present situation at home and at work.

  99. Thank you so much Beth. This morning I was really praying to see the people of my community as God's likeness, influenced only by divine Mind, and that we don't live in a materialistic society. Then I read your beautiful Lift which confirms that each man, woman and child (and me too) is the expression of God's genius. I must accept it!

  100. Lovely! thank you!

  101. This lovely Lift welcomed the morning, and now blesses the evening as I listen to it again (and again)! My gratitude to Beth, the Daily Lift staff, all - for another gift Lift!

  102. Thank you very much Beth for this lift..

  103. Thank you very much.

  104. Thank you..it's truly an angel message and exactly what I needed to hear.

  105. The good you do and embody gives you the only power (and/or light) attainable. I read a book once by Mary Baker Eddy and I believe that is in her now historical book. It's really quite an excellent book.

    Daily Lift Team
    That "excellent book" is titled "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." The line quoted is on page 192 and begins on line 23:
    "The good you do and embody gives you the only power obtainable."

  106. Thank you so much for praying and seeing your friend in God's light. Thank you for sharing the thought that came to you! It is so powerful and universal; a wonderful spiritual tool.

  107. I have just turned the computer on to hear this. A friend insisted I should hear this today, and it's wonderful. Thanks. Gives me some lovely thoughts to cherish as I close down for the evening.

  108. What a message! I want to share this with so many people. Thank you.

  109. Such a revelation of Love to see that woman as God's genius! You are so blessed to have paused and listened to the still small voice that told you how to behold her. Thank you for bringing awareness to me today to stop the smalll talk that is negative about me, or anyone and to see all of us as Mind's genius!

  110. Lovely: seeing and being the work of God's genius.
    Kaye from Houston, Texas

  111. I missed this yesterday, and whilst opening up the e-mail to go to the Bible Lesson I almost passed over it again, but something prompted me to go back and listen. How grateful I am for that!

    On Monday morning next week will be the start of some alteration work at the back of our home. There will be a lot of activity and work people in and out. Each one "The Work of God's Genius". Thank you so much, Beth, for this lovely simple way of thinking about each one of them and also about all of God's creation.

    Each day my first thought is that I am God's precious, beloved daughter, and He is well pleased with me.

    Thank you, again. And, thank you all for your lovely comments here.

  112. Perfect lift! Thank you.

  113. That was just perfect. Thank you!

  114. Thank you I absolutely loved your lift

  115. Dear Beth,
    This is a wonderful lift to listen to at the end of the day! I have been asking God to
    show me how He sees me that I may see my fellowman likewise - to teach me to appreciate his wonderful, perfect creation.
    Then as I opened my email, this lift to listen to before retiring tonight! Sweet Lullaby!
    Thank you for sharing us that inspirational message - it has benefited plenty.

  116. This is a gorgeous message and so true.
    All good is here and now and available.

  117. What a wonderful lift especially since I have been praying about seeing perfection everywhere I go. At times it is not easy but knowing this is the truth is so uplifting. Thanks again.

  118. Thank you, Beth and Lifters. This is a very helpful Lift to pray with for a safer, peaceful society; that each individual feels their spiritual worth and true selfhood, rather than acting out in violence. Of course, it's a tremendous gift to pray with for ourselves and I can tell I need to work on accepting it because some of it makes me squirm! The Sentinel Chat with Mark Unger last week covers this topic, inspired by the citation quoted by #64 Robert "Conscious worth satisfies the hungry heart" from The Message of 1902 by Mary Baker Eddy. Thank you, for another week of wonderful Lifts.

  119. Accepting our reflected genius as God's child is a profound basis on which to live our lives, isn't it? Much better than thinking we are limited mortals, made by "lesser parents" (Science and Health states we are NOT children of lesser parents, but of God). I love Beth's concluding ACCEPT IT ! Reminded me of Michelle Nanouche's lift earlier this week regarding the power of AMEN! Finish our prayer with a firm AMEN! ACCEPT our reflected genius with a firm AMEN, and then claim if for everyone,another firm AMEN! I love this lift...gave me such a lift in dealing with some family issues. The quotation from one of the lifters regarding mortals as egotists was so helpful. Anything rightly accomplished comes through reflected grace, not personal authorship.

  120. Brilliant! Thank you

  121. Thank you Beth.

  122. Thank you Beth.

  123. I am so grateful that these DailyLifts are sent to me. So often, each day they raise my thinking with the inspiration needed to make me a better transparency for God's work already completed.
    Thank you,

  124. Thank you so much. What an important message. This reminds me of Ps 139 verse 14 which I have gone to so many times, especially when confronted by challenges at work. "I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."

  125. Thanks Beth,
    Such a clear and powerful message.
    I will always remember it!
    Scott, Alberta, Canada.

  126. da Vinci, Einstein and our planning committee too! Thanks, Beth!

  127. Bless your heart. Thankyou all so much.

  128. Thanks Beth.
    I will pas this on.

  129. Loved it!

  130. Thank you Beth. Just today I was reminding myself that I need not define myself as a person who makes mistakes. Your daily lift helps immensely.

  131. Thank you Beth for sharing that wonderful healing with us! I love the idea of all of us as the work of God's genius! What a wonderful concept and one that speaks to me as I work through similar misconceptions of myself. This will help to propel me to new views of myself and others!

  132. The most amazing lift i have ever experienced especially because of the prolific harvest of gifts from the response section as well; wisdom, years spanned by outpouring citations, parsing words for their wow factors, ripples of powerfully authenticated creating from all these Ears hearing and being that Renaissance Voice of How Great Thou Art as...BEing ...you are
    I am
    We . Loved.
    Thanx SO Incredibly Much. changed persons every One..

  133. I AM [God's idea]. Hence, I, and you, must be the work of genius.

  134. Beautiful! Thank you, Beth.

  135. Thanks Beth for the wonderful wisdom. its the real manna from heaven.God Bless

  136. I needed this today! Even thought it's been over a month since you shared this, I needed it today. Thank you!

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