2/7: Right on target!

2/7: Right on target!

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  1. You have no idea how relevant this is for me today. Thank you so much.

  2. As we prepare to watch the Olympics we anticipate perfect performances.

    There are two kinds of people who never make mistakes, the ones who never try, and the ones who have tried so often they have learned to put their mistakes behind them as they go on to perfect their performance. The key to their success was trial and error, trying the errors to discover their falsehood, separate it, leave it behind and focus on perfecting towards perfection.

    I love the distinction of knowing man is not “perfect”, but is part of “perfection”, God. Recognizing we are part of perfection eliminates the premise that we must work towards being perfect. Until then it is important to keep our quiver filled with arrows so we are prepared to take every opportunity to demonstrate perfection and "sin" no more.

  3. Occasionally our thoughts "miss the mark", so to speak, (no pun intended Mark) whereas other times our thoughts are perfectly aligned with God's thoughts. We quickly learn to identify which thoughts are which by the fruit (the blessings) they bring. Since we all desire to know more about God and advance spiritually, in learning more about ourselves as the image and likeness of the one God, and to demonstrate divine power in our lives, we learn to cherish and multiply the thoughts that bring us closer to God. Thank you Mark.

  4. This Lift is right on the mark! Thank you Mark for this uplifting lift.

  5. Thanks for that. A really good approach to correcting our focus and establishing a greater sense of good & achievement.

  6. Fabulous. Thank you Mark.

  7. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Just the thing to share to lift thought into a new, powerful dimension. So special. Romée.

  8. Thank you, that was a great explanation.

  9. Good morning, Mark, thank you so much for this uplifting message so 'right on target' for me today, I just love "rejoice on the hits" this has opened up a whole new way of thinking in so many avenues of daily activities. Love the sharing on video too, thank you and love to all.

  10. Many thanks Mark for this inspiring lift, and for the origin of the word 'sin'. "Like brother birds, that soar and sing,/And on the same branch bend./ The arrow that doth wound the dove/ Darts not from those who watch and love." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #30). "Seeking and finding, with the angels sing:
    / 'Lo, I am with you alway,' — watch and pray." (MBE Christian Science Hymnal #207).

  11. 100%

  12. What comes to mind for me from this inspiring lift is that "practice makes perfect" in everything we aim at.
    Whether it be some skill or form of art - like photography or carpentry etc. - also in learning how to become skilful as healers. If our aims and motives are in accord with the teachings of Christ and Christian Science we will eventually hit the target.

    The video was really helpful - easy to remember. Thank you Mark.

  13. Mark, Thank you.

  14. Great lift Mark thanks
    A great view point on the word sin .

  15. Wonderful, Mark !!! So helpful.
    It seems that human mind was educated to count the mistakes instead of the hits.
    A while ago I heard how someone told of her experience going into a CS church.
    On the last row someone sat writing all the time. So she asked himif he was making notes of
    the things he liked and was impressed with. O now! he waid I make notes of the miskakes
    the reader makes.
    Isn't that awful! J.B. Phillips translates in 1.Corinthians, 13: Love takes no skore of evil
    Just imagine! Doesn't even notice or acknowledge evil. Yes, yes, yes! I often think, well
    I have a long way to come to this constant state of consciousness.
    Thank you very much Mark.

  16. Great and helpful message. Thank you, Mark.

  17. Thank you for these excellent truths!

  18. The Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, and all Jesus’ teachings, have the purpose to help us understand the nature and presence of God.

    God is not waiting for us to make a mistake to punish us later, in fact, God, divine intelligence, is constantly sending us ideas of Love, ideas that somehow (sooner or later) will bless everyone involved.,

    Sure we might make mistakes and miss the mark, but, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, God doesn’t make mistakes, when He decided to make you His image, He very well knew what He was doing.

    You heard that “To err is human; to forgive is divine” so keep on trying, God is right by your side to pick you up if you fall.

    Las Beatitudes, los Diez Mandamientos, y todas las enseñanzas de Jesús, tienen el propósito de ayudarnos a comprender la naturaleza y la presencia de Dios.

    Dios no está esperando que cometamos un error para luego castigarnos , de hecho, Dios, la inteligencia divina, está constantemente enviandonos ideas de Amor, ideas que de algún modo, (tarde o temprano) bendecirán a todos los involucrados.,

    Claro que podemos equivocarnos y errarle al blanco, pero no te preocupes, no no andas mal, Dios no comete errores, cuando se decidió a hacerte Su imagen, Él bien sabía lo que estaba haciendo.

    Ya has oído que "errar es humano, perdonar es divino" pues, sigue intentándolo, Dios está a tu lado para levantarte si te caes.

  19. Thank you.

  20. Well done 'lift' team. Sin! We can all concentrate on good, practical operative Christian Science in South Devon and help the people of Dawlish and SW England. Floods and main rail line washed away. BBC Radio Devon gives regular news. With LOVE, MPN

  21. Thank you.

  22. Wonderful visual lift Mark! Makes me rejoice when I focus on the right! This is a great perspective thank you so much!! A very joyful message to remember. It is always better to focus on the perfect ideas and those supreme moments are eternal. And yes it reminds me of the Olympics and of course baseball so many ah ha moments that glorify God! Today is big with blessings! ;)

  23. What a well aimed, accurate & artful video on seeking and finding perfection aided by an accomplished bowman's arrow to accelerate with power, speed & elasticity to flex in flight toward a target with the magnitude and grace of a feather. "Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace & the God of love & peace shall be with you" (II Cor. 13:11).♡

  24. Yes, it gave me joy when I saw your bulls eye. Of course we can rejoice when we get it right!

  25. A powerful reminder to stay focussed on hitting the mark with our thoughts! Thank you.

  26. Congratulations on the straightness of your shooting in this Lift, Mark. Excuse the following meander, but... The noun 'sin' in the NT is ἁμαρτία [hamartia], from the verb ἁμαρτάνω [hamartano] which originally meant 'I miss the mark'. Archers 'missed the mark' in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and later according to tragedians like Aeschylus and historians such as Herodotus and Thucydides. At some point, the word ἁμαρτία began to take on a more ethical nuance [in the sense of 'error'], and by the time of the NT, it only appeared there in that ethical sense [translated as 'sin' in KJV]. From a quick glance at the occurrences of its usages, it looks as though Plato [or Socrates?] as usual was the one to introduce an ethical slant to the word ἁμαρτία [hamartia]. And Mary Baker Eddy was always in tune with Plato [and Socrates], it seems to me.

    And after all, 'sin' = our word 'error', from the verb 'to err'. And what is the derivation of the English word 'to err'? The Latin verb 'errare'. And that originally meant... to wander. So, in the original Roman sense, 'erro' = 'I wander', I wander from the target... I miss the mark? Ha. Back to ἁμαρτάνω [hamartano] - and to Mark, NOT missing the mark!

  27. Another Daily Lift with the substance of a whole lecture. Wonderful. Thank you

  28. Si que podemos cometer errores, y errar el blanco, hace un tiempo una amiga me dijo: No te cuestiones tanto, ya que soy propensa, no a condename, pero sí procurar corregir, lo que ella quería decirme era esto justamente, que cometemos errores, pero siempre estamos a tiempo de corregir porque somos parte de la perfección divina y basta apuntar bien para dar en el blanco, dejando que el amor haga la corrección, sin duda lo dicho por MBE "La flecha que nos da dolor no parte del devoto Amor" y menos el error por lo tanto siempre hay espacio para corregir, dejando que Dios obre, naturalmente, que unidos con nuestro propio esfuerzo de reflejarlo. Porque para dar en el blanco, se necesita dos elementos el arco que tiene que estar bien tenzado y la flecha tiene que seguir la misma exigencia, ambos tienen que estar cincronizados, siendo uno solo, y al ser absorbido en Uno, da en el blanco.

    Muchas gracias Mark, cada mañana nos aprovicionamos de Arco y de flecha para dar en el blanco Amor.

  29. Thank you gives one much to think about .and thanks to all the lifters

  30. Thank you everyone and Mark for this inspiration and clarification of what is important! To focus on the good that is done and pursue this path of light so that there is no room or opportunities for darkness or mistakes, or as you said - miss not the target!!!!

  31. Thanks Mark! It reminds us to keep practicing and to rejoice when we connect with our target. I like the idea that we can rejoice over the one good shot, forgetting all the misses up to that point.

  32. Fabulous! Right On Target! :) great video, too! Thank you!

  33. Way cool! Love it! You are right on the mark, Mark, and so are we, too. Many thanks for the clear illustration of true Christianity at work in our lives. Great "How to do it" video, too. ; - )

  34. Thank for you this lift. I love what the poet Rumi said. "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field, I'll meet you there." I think that is where we meet God, in that field, out beyond the human concepts of right and wrong, which differ from society to society and from religion to religion. The Infinite Invisible, the Presence, is available to anyone, sinner or non sinner, right or wrong, who is open to receiving Him in consciousness. Thanks again for this lift..

  35. First class Mark, 'spot on' and 'on the mark', a wonderful illustration, thank you.

  36. That really hit the mark. Thanks very much!

  37. great lift, Mark, and thank you 32 for your comments!

  38. Subarashii Mark-san!!! Can you imagine God winking at you every time you hit the bullseye!

    Thank you for being a wonderful messenger, Mark!! ^o*

  39. There is a whole chapter in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy devoted to "Christian Science Practice". You don't become a successful archer without practice and you can't successfully demonstrate Christian Science unless you practice it. Some of those that are most successful we refer to as "Practitioners". Thank you Mark for a great Lift.

  40. Thank you for that enlightenment.

  41. Thanks for the cleansing lift.

  42. Thank you! Right on target. Very helpful thoughts and illustration.

  43. Mark, what a fabulous lift! Thank you. Your emphasis on hitting the mark and rejoicing when we do is such an incredibly important message. Time to get away from the "old" Christianity which focuses only on what we do wrong :-) ...blessings, Terry

  44. Thank you Mark, and Scott and all the wonderful inspiring comments. I had a good thought a few days ago, my nose was dripping and I said to my nose " thy shall not drip" Well I missed the mark. I should have said " you cannot drip because you are made perfect free of excess and stoppage"

  45. Thank you Mark! This reminder seeing what I do right instead of wrong is so supportive and refreshing. An impulse to go further. I Love it.

  46. Mark the perfect man,and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace. Ps37:37.Thank you

  47. Bull's eye Mark! Right on the "Mark". . . . and a great message to start the day. Thank you

  48. Dear Mark

    Thank you for you inspiring Daily Lift

    You hit the spot NOW and when you live in the NOW we have all WON.
    Let us all practice flipping the NOW over and then we will have all WON
    Yes one agrees it does take PRACTICE, but as students of Christian Science our beloved Leader Mary Baker Eddy has given us all we will ever need for ETERNITY.


    All have a wonderful spiritual adventure.


  49. What Scott #32 shared melds perfectly with this helpful Lift. Thanks so much, Mark, Scott, and everyone.

  50. Your lifts are always on target Mark. Thank you so much for the way you explain so clearly and relevantly. I would also say thanks Scott (32). Well done !

  51. Thanks Mark
    Nice video. It is very helpful in making easy to remember the message in the future

  52. Wonderful lift, Mark. And special thanks to Michael. We should never stop trying. Practice makes perfect. Love and success to all.

  53. Thank you. This daily lift was right to the point; or might I say; "right on target" for me today. I have been struggling with focusing on my errant shots.. Your comments and archery metaphor will help me to be a better marksman.

  54. Absolutely love these visuals with the Word! And, Scott #32, knows my favorite Rumi quote. Thanks to both Mark and Team for this great DL.

  55. Thanks Mark! You are really hitting the mark!

  56. Excellent !!! thank U ! : - )

  57. Great! Super Hit!!

  58. What a clear message and video - thanks so much, Mark! And as many have said, practice makes perfect. But even when it doesn't make perfect, it certainly does make better. And Mrs. Eddy tells us that progress is a law of God. We are always working towards perfection.

  59. Thank you. That's terrific and helpful, so uplifting. I had not known that the word sin came from archery, and love the analogy. Thank you thank you to Mark, and to all others involved in producing these Lifts!

  60. This is a wonderful Daily Lift. Thank you!

  61. Thank you!

  62. This lift was right on target this morning to get my day started. I'm going forward with what is right today and not focus what could be wrong.

  63. Mark, I always enjoy and remember your video lifts! Today, was no exception! Thank you for taking the time and effort to film your "lift". I love the way you simply explain the views of CS. I too am always surprised when the word "sin" is oft used in the same voice as God and Christianity. I like the idea that sin is an arrow that missed the true target. I will get all my arrows on target today!

  64. Thank you!

  65. Beautiful, Mark! Thanks so much for helping me reach my target!!

  66. Thank you Mark!! Your exemplification makes the message more clear! You got the target with all the the DLCommunity, I'm sure!
    Lots of Love

  67. Great clear message, Mark!
    And love the beautiful scenery, too.
    Many thanks,!

  68. Georgia 2/7/14

    I just love this lift, Mark. So helpful. Thank you so much!

  69. Mark, your enthusiasm alone is a "lift." Love the line, "it's not set up that way at all.' — gives me a new way to say it to a group of inmates I work with. Thanks.

  70. Love it! Well done

  71. I loved that Mark. So what we need to do is.magnify the good, the hits rather than the misses. The video helped. To reinforce the point you made about God not seeing our miss/takes but loving us for all that we get right. All the times we hit the mark.

  72. Thank you Mark for wonderful Lift. And thank you expressing it with a visual.

  73. Woot woot! :)

  74. Oh, Mark, thanks! What a cause to Rejoice! Christianity and Christian Science are about rejoicing in ever-present Good! We are taught never to focus on the wrong, bad or ugly as they have no reality in Truth. I just love this from our Bible Lesson this week: "Because God is Spirit, evil becomes more apparent and obnoxious proportionately as we advance spiritually, until it disappears from our lives." S&H p.207, l .2-4. What encouragement to advance spiritually - which is what we are all doing in our study and practice of Christianity and Christian Science!

  75. Perfect, Mark, thank you! And thanks for the marksmanship ("womanship") of LIfters each day!

  76. Wow, where you a fly on the wall over here? A welcome and needed inspiration.

  77. Beautiful Mark -I plan on showing this to our entire Sunday School this week. So. Grateful for the perspective on focusing on the loving right thoughts that we have and building on them.

  78. Right on, Mark. Thank you for this Lift.

  79. Okay, so the arrow is thought, intent and the center of the target we're aiming for is truth, the truth of Love's omnipotence, omnipresence, the perfection of all.
    If the intent is to love and serve God with all our heart, then the aim is true. We're engaged in a life of unselfed love, affection, forgiveness, creativity, healing. If the intent is selfish, it does indeed miss the mark and the dove those thoughts wound is ourselves! What makes a dove special is that it's a pigeon, and no matter where you take a pigeon it will always, always find its way home.
    From Science and Health:
    DOVE. A symbol of divine Science; purity and peace; hope and faith.
    The only time this book uses, "it is a sin" is in the phrase, "It is a sin to believe that aught can overpower omnipotent and eternal Life." (page 428) So what misses the mark, what would try to wound our purity and peace, our hope and faith in the power of divine Science to heal,-- is the thought-arrow that anything can overpower God! That there is a moment when God isn't present, the Life of all! This will always miss the mark for GOD eternally fills all space.

    Yes, let us send out no unkind thought or word of discouragement or faithlessness today, but in every thought and word aim to engage in the omnipotence of Life, Love, knowing its everpresence in every heart on this dear planet, guiding all home to peace.

  80. What a great lift. Thank you so much.

  81. The human sees, feels and senses negativity while the divine sees only perfection, inspiration and successful endeavors. To always keep our thoughts on the spiritual is right on target what God intended us to do. Never to judge wrongly, never to condemn, God continually guides our thoughts to the right, never the wrong. BULLSEYE!

  82. Mark, thank you for this inspiring message. The idea of the beatitudes reminding us of what we are doing right is so helpful and encouraging. Thank you, also, to Bevi, Sandpoint, ID for including the quote from Mrs. Eddy. We arel advancing!

  83. Thanks Mark a wonderful lift - loved the analogy! As always, I'm so grateful for the insights others bring to this venue. Loved the background #26 Seeker - thank you! And #34 Scott - what a great quote from the poet Rumi! Love it!
    God is indeed good!
    Judith from Reno NV

  84. We are all bowman for Love. Thank you, Mark for this expression of Love.

  85. This is amazing! I loved hearing the origin of the word "sin". What a different view. Thanks!

  86. Mark -- this was great! listened 3 times and will listen/watch again! simple and clear! thanks so very much!


  87. Thank you for such a precious message of love. i look forward to sharing it with an audience of young people i will be speaking with in a chapel on Monday.. I so appreciate the clarity of this message which will bless us all..

  88. Oh, such a helpful message. Such a wonderful visual & explanation. I will think about that & remember that today & down the road. Thank you so much !! God Bless you.

  89. That lift was right on target.

  90. This Lift hits the target for me and gives me what I need today. Thank you.

  91. Love it! Great message: how to live a Christian life with joy and from the right stance! When using your bow and arrow, your stance is so important and it's what you start with and from. Thanks Mark for a great lift. May all have "bullseyes today!!!!

  92. What a creative message and video today, as well as d.w.a. (79) reminder God is the only power.'

  93. Thanks Mark, very nice and helped me on my way to better understanding God today.

  94. So v ery helpful. Thanks.

  95. Mark, thank you for your lift today. You hit the mark on that one! I rejoice in expressing Gods Love. Blessings.

  96. So refreshing and powerful to think of what we do right instead of always condemning ourselves when we miss the mark. Thanks for this reminder to behold ourselves as God does instead of how mortal mind would attempt to label us. Thanks, Mark.

  97. Thanks for this truly uplifting thought!!

  98. Right on Target!....Thank You!

  99. Wow - I have been hitting one out of a hundred targets. It's good to know that I have the opportunity to hit more. Thank you so much! Your message is on target.

  100. Mark, The archery video was a great idea for adults and kids. Thanks for all your new inspiration and steadfastness.

  101. The symbol of bow and arrow, with which to hit the mark, is indeed very prominent in ancient literature. Our ancestors just didn't have language for sophisticated concepts having to do with "consciousness," for example, and so used common metaphors that were understandable in their culture. One of the most interesting examples is found in the Odyssey, where Penelope, the faithful wife, is surrounded by predatory "suitors," trying to force her into forsaking Odysseus and marrying them. So she sets up a contest--whoever can string Odysseus's bow and hit the mark will be her husband. Only the rightful claimant to her affections, the disguised Odysseus, can do it, and the angry suitors are defeated by what Homer calls the "godlike Odysseus." Apparently hitting the mark is what makes us like God. The false suitors for our attention are destroyed, and our right companions recognized and cherished.

  102. Thank you Mark! Awesome lift. So simple, powerful and a great visual. Thanks to Seeker #26 for the derviations of the word "sin" and to #79 d.w.a. for your application of how missing the mark applies to thought.

    It dawns on me that practice, whether in archery or some other endeavor, is simply learning to focus completely on Love, Truth, Principle, Life, Mind, Spirit and Soul -- in other words, God.

    The more we turn away from distraction and align our attention with God, the more effortless life
    becomes. We're really not getting better at shooting arrows, we're taking human effort out of the equation and allowing perfection just to "be" what it already is. I remember being amazed after a healing once because I realized in the instant pain disappeared, I existed in Mind and it was a state of consciousness completely void of effort. Afterward, mortal mind said, "Well, if it's that easy, life is really boring." Ha!! Never boring because the infinitude of God's creation is always fresh, creative, loving and dynamically alive. "Dead" is boring because it's false and also because death contains zero creativity in any way, shape or form.

    Recently when doing some graphic design work, the less "I tried" and the more I just stayed close to God, the more beautiful and effortless designing became. Golfers call this state being in the zone. With a seasoned archer, it's knowing you've already hit the target before you release the arrow. God's perfect work is already done.

  103. Robin Hood was known for his expert marksmanship. Any disguise he might put on was uncovered by his exceptional marksmanship. So the Christ is revealed in his hitting the mark in bringing harmony to the earth - to our experience we find comfort and freedom from fear and lack - as Jesus was recognized when he broke and shared his bread - his consciousness of the Father-Love. Thank you Mark, and all these lifters for sharing your ideas.

  104. Wow. Alignment with All Good
    So many wonderful comments on our daily lift.
    Thank you ALL !!!

  105. What a great Lift, and also inspiring contributions from the Daily Lift community. I am excited to do further study in the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings focusing on words relating to target, aim, stance, arrow etc. Fascinating and so helpful are the word origins shared. Thanks Mark and everyone.

  106. Beautiful indeed! Thanks so much Mark!

  107. thank you, Mark, that is a really great analogy, and gives us a much better explanation of sin than commonly understood!!

  108. Thank you, Mark, for this wonderful message on my birthday! Focusing on the bullseyes {:>)

  109. Thank you so much for the video (which includes the wink!) and the message!

  110. That was just right on target!

  111. Thanks!!! Truly simple and clear, thank you.
    Cheers of joy and thanksgiving--

  112. This is great! Thank you! I plan to show this video in Sunday School class.

  113. Thank you so much--to remind us to concentrate on what we do right instead of regretting what we seemed to do wrong.

  114. Mark, thank you for your lovely metaphor! I too will use the video in Sunday School class.

  115. It's all good and this is one of the best!

  116. Thank you Mark,
    Your Lifts are always so helpful. A few years ago a fellow CS shared the origins/derivation of the word sin as missing the target and it was very helpful. Your comments made it even more clear.

    Always good to see the sunny scenery of New Mexico, especially from the home base of COLD, SNOW- COVERED Michigan.

  117. That was the best!!! *****

  118. Romans 3:23

    For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.

    Matthew Henry:
    “God, in all this, declares his righteousness. It is plain that he hates sin, when nothing less than the blood of Christ would satisfy for it.”

  119. Michael , 2, your thought about man being part of Perfection" is really helpful!Thanks!

  120. What a terrific example, Mark, and so easy to remember! Every child would benefit from learning your
    perfect explanation of "sin," so that their lives would not be blocked by the false barriers of guilt and
    negativity! Just imagine what a different viewpoint of Christianity most folks would have
    if they learned this true and enlightened definition..... how empowering.

  121. Love love love this Lift!!!! . . . (as an aside, this brought to mind the USA skater who bombed last night - my first thought was "move on - focus on what you know you are capable of . . .don't dwell on the mistake"…seems like your analogy just rings true at so many levels.)

  122. Couldn't not say thank you for this. I so often realize how afraid I am of making a mistake. I love how you said to celebrate the ones that are on target, not focus on the times you miss the mark. Wow, I really appreciate that.

  123. Since the idea of sin is such a negative concept, this healing message protects the Precious Child of God
    standing that we all have in Christian Science and actually true for all.

    A very healing opportunity with this powerful picture of missing the mark.

    Wish the whole world could see this!

  124. I can see using this in how I make comments to fellow chefs and cooks if they
    "miss the mark." will want to "work" with the concept to see how it works.

    Severe criticism dampens the spirit , and more.

  125. Gained so much from listening to & pondering the message(s) of this Lift ------- as always, merci beaucoup, Mark! Wonderful Lifter comments and a big thanks to the DL team!

  126. to one who believed I was a dirty little secret, a big sin, this is healing!
    Child out of wedlock used to be very unforgiiving.

  127. Permeating my religious life has been the idea that God will punish me and reject me if I am not "perfect". This is the arrow that has wounded me to the core.Oh, how much I need "those who watch and love" to comfort me and restore me.

  128. You really hit the target with this message, Mark, so simple, direct, and meaningful. Thanks.

  129. Thank you. That was Sooooo special

  130. I loved the end, when you hold up the arrowhead! This indicates that this not pertains only us right now, but others along the journey" in the eternal NOW , who have also always sought to " Hit the Mark". How encouraging to know the journey encompasses the all in All ,and the Universal arrow of our Thought or Idea, becomming Word, becomming Exrpession allows us to totally FEEL that we reflect God ,and brings us into our desired Harmony and Heaven! Practice ! and there is no sin!---Merri

  131. Very interesting! Thank you. Target practice is dangerous when sleepwalking, even for Cupid. There's a Christian Science hymn, 'In atmosphere (consciousness) of Love Divine we live and move and breathe, tho' mortal eyes would see it not, 'tis sense that would deceive. The mortal sense we must destroy if we would bring to light, the wonders of eternal love where sense is lost in sight.'

  132. Freeing, clear, encouraging. Thanks Mark. AND thanks to everyone who has shared. The responses offer a rich treasure trove. Focusing on the good, the successes, the solutions. thanks

  133. Perhaps Violet, currently #101, may be interested to know that when the translation of her passage in the Odyssey gives 'I did not miss the mark', it appears that Homer didn't use the word in question, ἁμαρτάνω [hamartano]. Perhaps Violet and others out there knew that already, but I didn't, until I looked it up....

  134. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this inspiring Lift!!!

  135. Thanks so much for your VISUALS! So helpful and so clear!

  136. Perfectly beautiful video with a message that reminds me of a poem in a doughnut shop.
    As you wander on through life,Brother,
    Whatever be your goal,
    Keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole!

  137. Thank you, Mark, for “Right on target!”

    This Lift is “right on target!” Your aim is perfect!!! I just love the video and so appreciate the happy energy you exude as you share the Truth of being in word and demonstration.

    As I focus on and rejoice in even only ONE-out-of-ten “right on targets!” I find in my own "target practices" that I continue to gain in competency by paying increasingly closer attention to what keeps me on target. Christian Science introduced me to and keeps me at a level of expectation of even as many as TEN-out-of-ten “right on targets!” as Christian Science also instructs me in the “how-to.”

    To use the Ten Commandments, Golden Rule, and Beatitudes as keys to the “kingdom of God within," keeps me out of shame, blame, and guilt, which are as "sins" against my Christian Science practice. Instead, I improve my aim with increasing gratitude, gladness, and rejoicing, as I grow my Christian competencies, based on the Master’s words and works, as well as those of his devoted disciple, Mary Baker Eddy.

    “I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth” (I John 2:21).

    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

    “... neither place nor opportunity in Science for error of any sort. Every day makes its demands ... for higher proofs ... of Christian power ... [God’s law of progress] demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil” (S&H 232:32).

    Aimen! ;-)

  138. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you very much, this daily-lift is wonderful.

  139. Wow, you really got people thinking and sharing today Mark. I agree, it's a lecture in itself as a previous lifter said. Gives me a lot to think about. Thanks so much! Oh, and yes, #2 Michael thanks for the distinction between being perfect and being part of perfection.

  140. The more you focus on "hits" the more you end of hitting! Thank you for those wise words!


  142. Wonderful message. Thanks, Mark and all contributing to making this video/audio available. And thanks, commenters, for adding to this feast of Love.
    Love and blessings to everyone everywhere all the time.

  143. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for all the comments, too ! " O magnify the Lord ( God, good ) with me, and let us exalt His name together. " Ps 34: 3

  144. It is great! Mark, your help me to learn a litle more about bible lessons and its aplication in our Christian Science pratice. Thank you.

  145. PS. Dear Mark

    Just had to say have been practicing and had some good bullseyes today, what a blessing this DL is. Xx

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  152. To #101 and any Interested Other: a final one on archers and ancient Greek. The verb, 'I missed the mark', in that section on archery in Odyssey XXI is ἤμβροτον [hembroton]. I was puzzled. So I lined myself up again with the target, but this time I thought it might be better to shoot with my eyes open. And... I saw that it's the aorist of that word ἁμαρτάνω [hamartano] = 'I miss the mark', in the epic, Ionic Greek of Homer. Another century, another dialect. Homer didn't nod, Odysseus didn't miss the mark, but I did, badly. As Mark said, I need to keep firing those arrows, but best when out-of-practice to keep the eyes open and face the right way?

  153. Thank you so very much for this uplifting Lift. I needed this more than I know how to express. God Bless You!

  154. Hi Mark … BEYOND! Thank you.

  155. This is right on target, Mark! Thanks SO much!

  156. What a fantastic ending to the daily lift week. Not only did you have great physical posture, Mark, as you released the arrows, but the lesson given about rejoicing on our good mental hits and not dwelling on the misses (such a waste of time on nothing) is so relevant to our spiritual progress. We can't go forward if we're always looking backward. Thank all of you contributors. I am rejoicing and soaring.

  157. Thanks, Mark. You made our day.

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  160. For me, reading everyone's comments has shed so much more light on this Daily Lift. I just love how everyone clearly caught the spirit of it and embraced it so happily!

  161. Half the story/point it seems to me.

    Certainly great analogy/imagery, but while the entire Bible--particualrly the NT (Christianity)--ulitmately points upward to salvation and Love, there is always the need for unmasking and foresaking sin/evil/error in order TO progress.

    I don't usually listen to Daily LIfts, but because I usaully like Mark's writing I tuned in. I'm in only half in this time.

  162. Thank you for making my one good thought count toward something. Now I'm ready to move that mountain.

  163. I love your comments on making the target a great daily lift it hit home

  164. I absolutely loved this- the joy, the setting, the idea, the fresh presentation- THANK YOU Mark

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    (hee hee)


  166. God Bless You Mark! This Daily Lift is right on Target!

  167. A joke goes, "I didn't miss. The target was in the wrong place".

    A distinction occurred to me about targets. What’s the difference between "THE mark" and "OUR mark". Who or what is it that chooses the target and judges what was accomplished? Mortal mind?

    Often our good work might seem to be ineffective, that we missed "our" mark, but that is impossible. Remember the sun shines in all directions, but very little of its light strikes the earth. That doesn't mean all the other rays missed their mark! Sunbeams need to ricochet off the moon to bless us as moonbeams. Starlight travels millions of light years before we see it. It is a long time coming, but it finally reaches the target God intended to bless. And all this light, which seemingly missed the original target, results in beautifying the night skies and brightening the darken earth.

    Never judge solely from the so-called "target's" perspective. That is a limited mortal viewpoint. The good we do, the love we share, our heart-filled prayers and rejoicing, everything we do that expresses God, good, goes forth and eventually blesses the spiritual universe.

    Remember "Love is reflected in love" (17:7) (God's Love, man's reflected love) so someone far away is seeing our expression right now and exclaiming, "Ah, Isn’t that beautiful!”

    Perhaps that's how sin is forgiven? Understanding that our work may seem undone or badly done today, but eventually it may bless someone beyond our comprehension as God intended.

  168. May this arrow of Truth pierce the habit of ancient theological misinterpretation (including consequences like undue feelings of guilt and fear)! Shout it from the top of the roofs! THANK YOU VERY MUCH iNDEED, Mark!

  169. Thank you Mark also thank you No26 for that wonderful explanation. Love to all

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    Gotta love the beauty expressed, too.

  172. Thanks for the spiritual archery lesson. I've bee burdened with a too careful study of my failings, so I am so happy to hear this much more realistic appraisal of Christianity!

  173. Love it Mark!

  174. Thank you for the clear Christianity in your messages about Christian Science.

  175. This lift reminds me that I am here in this group not to be convinced but rather to be educated.
    (Miscellaneous Writings; page 96., by Mary Baker Eddy.)

  176. Thank you Mark

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  178. As always, right to the point. Love the joy expressed. Thank you Mark

  179. Mark, You have no idea how much this lift is relieving the burden of guilt. I've been praying for a long time about something and the idea that we can rejoice over the "One" thought that we have that expresses the love of God gives me such hope. Even with that one thought I am hitting the target and making progress. I have listened to your message and will continue to listen to this Hope Filled message.

  180. I am so sorry that I didn't listen/watch this Daily Lift sooner. Mark, this was just wonderful and reinforced for me the thought of the good that we do is the important thing and will get us closer to God, but if we mess up and don't do perfectly, we will not be punished. We just need to strive harder!!!

  181. Yes!!!
    Let's focus and rejoice in the good that God is every moment.

    Thank you Mark.

  182. I'm not sure, what @ 180 means when she says, "we will not be punished", and if that's the take-away Mark intended; but it might be helpful to use Cocnord and consider the many things MBE wrote about "sin," including sin and "suffering." For example:

    "Divine Love corrects and governs man....To cause suffering as the result of sin, is the means
    of destroying sin. Every supposed pleasure in sin will furnish more than its equivalent of pain, until belief in material life and sin is destroyed...Does not Science show that sin brings suffering as much to-day as yesterday? They who sin must suffer."

  183. P.S. @180:

    "Do you ask wisdom to be merciful and not to punish sin? Then 'ye ask amiss.' Without punishment, sin would multiply...the belief in sin is punished so long as the belief lasts" etc., etc., etc. --MBE

  184. What a help!! Many thanks, Mark, for that insight. :-)