2/6: Faithful over a few things

2/6: Faithful over a few things

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  1. Thank you Shirley for this important Lift. As we progress in our study and demonstration of Christian Science we soon come to realize that we are using the same principles, or laws of God, that Christ Jesus used in his remarkable ministry. As our faith and understanding increase, our confidence in turning to God, for what appear to be the larger issues, will become opportunities to demonstrate our absolute faith in God. And we know that it is at this point that all things become possible with God. Mary Baker Eddy says in S&H page 162,"..for it requires only a fuller understanding of the divine Principle of Christian Science to demonstrate the higher rule."

  2. Bonjour Shirley

    Merci beaucoup for your great ligt today!

    Much love

  3. Listening to God as he has something important to tell us and humbly doing what you can do, when we have a gigantic task ahead. So very helpful. Thank you Shirley for this wonderful message.

  4. Thanks - I needed this one !! xoxo m

  5. My goodness! Thank you ! How simple but how profound and so encouraging.

  6. what a marvelous support to acknowledge every moment of the day that we can, in fact God can. But still we are able to!!! Grateful and faithful we must be. One step at a time. Very practical daily lift.
    Thank you, Blandine

  7. Thank you Shirley for providing us with a daily lift which is a marvellous confidence building starting point which will help me today to deal with all those "mountains" which must be removed with this promise that the problem wiil:

    Matt 17:20

    Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

    It reminded me of something I wrote down in my "gems" book (short extracts from the Christian Science periodicals):

    "The task before you is never so big as the power behind you.If the task appears too big, then our thinking is too small."

    I hope others find this as helpful as i have done.

  8. I'm in the midst of a couple of, what seem to me to be, "giant assignments." I've been listening, most of the time, to angel messages of good from God as Love, but sometimes wavering, wondering. I see now that as I relax and be faithful over the "few things" that I will be able to do the good that needs to be done, and not the "much" that I (humanly) think needs to be done.

    Bless you, Shirley, and the DL team, the musicians, and all you Lifters--keep on lifting!

  9. Thanks for the encouragement, Shirley. What I've noticed about being faithful over a few things, is that as I'm doing those things with a good attitude and with love, I usually get inspiration from God about how I can do the added things that I thought were way too big for me or overwhelming me. I'm willing, He is able! "For he performeth the thing that is appointed for me: and many such things are with him." Job 23:14 Loved the classical guitar music piece before and after the Lift too!

  10. Shirley,
    Thank you

  11. As a teaching horse, when they bring me an apple I know that it is time once again for me to teach a new rider how to post, or rise and fall in the saddle to the rhythm of the correct diagonal right and left legs. For my college senior honor's thesis in English I was assigned the fourth book of Gulliver's Travels in which the roles of horses and humans are reversed. I received the highest grade given by the professor for writing and reading my paper to this small (five students and one professor) honor's English seminar class. Mrs Eddy gives us this, " Spiritual draughts heal, while material lotions interfere with truth, even as ritualism and creed hamper spirituality. If we trust matter, we distrust Spirit. Rise and fall with the rhythm. It is one thing we can do to help teach others.

  12. Thank you very much, Shirley! It makes me feel good to hear every lift and now I feel even confident, because my Mother-Father-God is guiding me. I just have to remember that I am God's child and I am not God, so I will start today taking care of one task at the time and let God do the rest. I remember having this argument with my mom, when she felt responsible for what I did or what was happening at work. After many years she learned to be more relaxed, now is my turn. If we want to be in control of so many things is like forgetting that God is All in All and trying to act like God. Well, I am not God and I'll the things that I can do. Amen!

  13. Thank you, Shirley. Nothing is impossible with God and for God. A wonderful uplifting message to work with each morning as we begin our day!!!!

  14. Do we believe to be in good terms with God, are we are faithful?
    Only when we have done our best to follow the 10 Commandments.
    "His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many..." Matt. 25:23
    MBE says, "We all must learn that Life is God. Ask yourself: Am I living the life that approaches the supreme good? Am I demonstrating the healing power of Truth and Love? If so, then the way will grow brighter "unto the perfect day. " S&H 496: 9

    ¿Creemos estar en buenos términos con Dios? ¿Somos fieles?
    Solo cuando hemos hecho lo más que pudimos para seguir los 10 Mandamientos.
    "Su señor le dijo: Bien, buen siervo y fiel; sobre poco has sido fiel, sobre mucho te pondré: entra en el gozo de tu señor... Mateo 25:23
    La Sra. Eddy dice, "Todos tenemos que aprender que la Vida es Dios. Preguntaos: ¿Estoy viviendo la vida que más se acerca al bien supremo? ¿Estoy demostrando el poder sanador de la Verdad y el Amor? Si es así, entonces
    el camino se irá iluminando cada vez más, "hasta que el día es perfecto"" CyS 496: 9

  15. Thank you Shirley, reminding us that, takes the little self pressure off ! Have an enlightened day !

  16. Incredible that you should post this today. I've been feeling stuck in a really not so big assignement but one that is important to others, and therefore to me, and you have given me the key to the way out. And I have a hunch that using the little I do have will open the way to more and more fruitful ideas,and the project will be brought to a satisfactory completion. God answers our prayers by giving us ideas.Thank you for this great Lift.

  17. I am taking this to heart, Shirley, thank you...I am in the employ of God, and if I'm "about my Father's business," like Jesus, then the Father does not leave me alone, "for I do always those things that please Him." He shows me the day, He clothes me, He pays me, He feeds me. And if I love my brothers and sisters, help them, Christianly encourage them, listen to them, bind up their broken hearts, help them that are bruised, then the "day will grow brighter unto the perfect day,"(S&H), and these benedictions follow, "We'll done thou good and faithful servant," and, " Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world."(Both from Matt)

    Live you Lifters!

  18. Many thanks Shirley for this inspiring reminder. Yes. "Be faithful over the little things...That's what we [know] we can do!" 'Love watches above us.' "Then up and be doing, though cowards may fail;/ Thy duty pursuing, dare all and prevail." (Christian Science Hymnal #18).

  19. Oh thank you.

  20. Thank you for this very timely and helpful Lift and for the wonderful comments especially Nancy's #8 differentiation between the good that needs to be done and the 'much' that we can feel we have to do to make sure 'things are right'; and Eve's #15 identification of the 'little self' pressure'. We have God's glorious infinite selfhood to express. There is no other - big or little - to be reflected. It is the 'being faithful' that is the key.

  21. Thank you, Shirley, for “Faithful over a few things … God has something to tell (me) … silence the chattering about what I can’t do …” I do have an intimidating “gigantic assignment” ahead. Your Lift has inspired me to focus on being faithful to our one-and-only “can do” God. If I allow “can’t do” chattering, I may not be able to hear the “can do” guidance and protection. Gigantic assignment, here I come, sling in hand! Like David, whose “few things” he understood as the lion and bear, which prepared him to conquer Goliath (I Sam:17), I also have my “few things” testimonies to consider as my strong foundation to build greater testimonies. “… and progress is the law of God, whose law demands of us only what we can certainly fulfil” (S&H 233:6). I have been prepared by God’s grace, for God’s glory, and the highest good of all concerned. I will continue to be faithful.

  22. Ser fiel a Dios y a Sus mensajeros-Cristo es la base fundamental de un desarrollo sostenido e inspirador, desde las cosas más pequeñas, comenzando con un ¡buen día, con afecto! hasta lo más elevado de la tarea cristiana que tengamos para hacer, no hay cosas pequeñas ya que Dios es manifestado en cada acción en que nuestra fidelidad se demuestre cuando lo hacemos con amor, Cristo Jesús así lo hizo andando por los caminos dando de sí bendiciones y impulsando a todos a hacer lo mismo, nada se guardo en una fidelidad que ha sido ejemplo sin tiempo y sin límite, basada en el Amor a la Verdad que demostró con obras más que con palabras aunque Sus dichos también han sido ejemplo fiel, por más que trabajemos arduamente guardando los preceptos divinos si no somos fieles y agradecidos siento que estamos rengos del fundamento de la tarea divina, el Amor

    Muchas gracias Shirley, fidelidad para todos.

  23. Thank you for this inspiring Lift, and all the Lifters for their thoughts.

  24. What I can feel in Shirley's Lift is that the 'few things' are not small because as we do those things we find in them the majesty of the Creator working to show us the whole of creation, including the task at hand.

    So everything that is ours to do is just an experience with the Creator's love. What a relief!

    Tony #7--I, too, will remember this guidance: "The task before you is never so big as the power behind you.If the task appears too big, then our thinking is too small." Thank you for that.

  25. Wow.

  26. loved this encouraging lift Thank you Shirley and for all the comments x

  27. Thanks, Shirley. So helpful today. And I appreciate the comments, especially #24 from Chicago, a great city where I lived for many years.

  28. Thank you for this wonderful Lift. Sometimes I falter at tasks I assume and forget that Mind is always operative and available. With daily demands it is necessary for praying and listening for His voice to carry me through, and then the tasks are fruitful and accomplished. Day by day the manna fell, or to learn our lessons well.

  29. Thank you, Shirley! I have another day of studying for a license renewal and it seemed a bit overwhelming as I started the day. But this wonderful lift reminded me of whose intelligence I'm reflecting. I, too, loved the beautiful guitar. Thank you so much for these brilliant Daily Lifts!

  30. Great lift. Yes, dispense with the pointless and carry on! Thank you.

  31. Thank you, Shirley!
    What a promise that parable holds for us-when we are thankful over a few things, we'll be given authority over a great deal.
    Thank you to Tony #7 for "The task before you is never so big as the power behind you.If the task appears too big, then our thinking is too small."
    and thank you to Lois #24 for the the promise that in doing the small things, however small, we will "find in them the majesty of the Creator working to show us the whole of creation."

  32. Wonderful simple mesage that leads us to hope and healing. Thank you Shirley. I will be faithful! I found joy today in understanding that the command does not say what we have is little, instead it gives us a focus to demonstrate and appreciate the few talents we do understand (which may be big or small) and this will lead us to more understanding of other available talents and therefore to a fuller demonstration of our oneness with God. So grateful for these lifts that make us want to jump out of bed for inspiration - thank you DL team.

  33. Wonderful... thank you for this awesome lift!

  34. Thank you Shirley, I have a bag task I am working on now and this was just the lift I needed to get through it!

  35. Shirley this is awesome!!! I have been struggling today to get out of bed to study and do my homework for my classes. This lift has given me the energy to be faithful to God by understanding that my strength and ability comes from God and my faithfulness is to my books and nothing else!

  36. How inspiring. Sounds like a new religion to end all religions.

  37. Thank you Shirley, for a great lift. Just what I needed to hear this morning! Special thanks also to #7 Tony, #9 happy child, & #24 Lois, for their thoughts which added so much for me today.

  38. Shirley, thanks for sharing such a simple, stressless doable assignment.

  39. Shirley, this is just the inspiration I needed for today. I have been involved in a monumental task for weeks to benefit my family and have one of the largest steps ahead of me today. I wasn't looking forward to it. Thanks so much Tony Martin #7 - yes, your thought is very helpful that the task before me is never as big as the power behind me. I'll keep that in mind as i proceed throughout the day - God is not only behind me, but "His arm encircles me, and mine and all."

    Quote above is from hymn 207 "Mother's Evening Prayer" by Mary Baker Eddy.
    Daily Lift Team

  40. A wonderfully encouraging reminder. Thanks Shirley!

  41. Dear Shirley, This is a wonderful reminder to tend to those things that are the most important. With an enormous list of things to do today...and this week...it does not seem humanly possible to achieve them all. Your reminder of putting first things first is just what I needed--and to think that I was questioning if I had the time to listen to this Lift! Thank you for helping to prioritize the real needs of the day. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and "all these things" shall be added unto you." This is my reminder to stop what I am doing and quietly commune to ask God what He wants me to do--moment by moment.

  42. Thanks Shrley for the reminder to be humble and grateful for whatever we CAN do, and to do this with an impeccably joyful and faithful attitude. Your words and today's Lift, as with each and every DL, are precious gifts that nourish, guide, and truly help our daily path. Filled with gratitude, Maria

  43. Thank you Shirley,

    You have calmed my angst. I am at peace. You have put today's challenge in perspective just by the sentence, "You don't have to be God."

  44. Thanks, Shirl! And thanks for sharing your own true life experience - it always makes it more real when someone shares from their own experience! I have found that sometimes when I've been willing to listen to God's messages to me, I've gotten a directive to do something that goes against what I REALLY want to do. That's when I hear myself respond with......"You want me to do WHAT?" I was running on the trail the other morning when I got one of those directives that I knew wouldn't have come from me, my own little petty desires. That's when I find it hard to "be faithful over a few things......." and trust that "not my will, but Thine be done" really will bring rewards to others and to myself and most importantly will be fulfilling my duty to get closer to God by glorifying Him! Be faithful! Trust, Trust, Trust!

  45. Thanks for giving me a way to understand this concept that I had not thought of before.
    It is simple and profound.

  46. Wonderful Shirley!!! Thank you!!! Puts it all in perspective. Wow takes the pressure off!!!
    Thank you to all my lifter friends, excellent comments.
    Love to all

  47. A church friend told me of the first out-of-state audit she was sent to do, as a young IRS agent years ago. She was nervous, the company official greeted her coldly (no one welcomes an IRS audit!) and led her to a tiny windowless room with a card table, chair, adding machine, and piles of boxes of files she'd said she'd need for the weeklong audit. As the door shut behind him, she was overwhelmed and began to cry in despair. As tears were useless, she began to pray, reaching out to God. The understanding of His presence calmed her, and as she listened for Mind's direction, the thought came, "Open this box." Then, "Take the first folder out and open it." Then, "Take the top paper out." As she set that paper in front of her, she realized confidently, "I know how to deal with this piece of paper!" And the audit proceded, one piece of paper at a time. It's just like Jesus' words that Shirley reminded us of so gently, yet powerfully: "Be faithful over the few things! Just take that first piece of paper out and do what you know how to do!"

  48. Thanks, Shirley. I was invited to give the opening prayer in our Senate today. Nothing new as I've done it for years, not really big thing, but your reminder helps me put it in fresh perspective. I can expect inspiration and the right words to perfectly meet their needs for the day, God's Word, spoken anew.

  49. That's great, so helpful! Thank you for sharing.

  50. Awesome!!!! Thank you so very much! I can do a lot of small, but important things today!

  51. Your messages are always so very helpful. This is a reminder that it is possible to keep moving forward even if we are just taking tiny steps in that direction. Thank you so much.

  52. Thank you so much, Shirley! What a perfect reminder to start my day! I'm so grateful!

  53. Thank you, Shirley! Like others who have commented, I am finding this lift perfect and wonderfully helpful especially for today, but also a good reminder for every day.

  54. Meenu-2/6/2013

    Thank you, for this Daily lift Shirley.The gentle reminder to be faithful over a few things takes a huge sense of burden and personal responsibilityoff our shoulders. It emphasizes that the talents given to us by God are indeed very special however small they may be. With this lift it also dawned on me that "God is in details". However small a task or work might seem to be, it needs to be done with all our heart and soul.

    Meenu:New Delhi-India

  55. It's interesting to note that little things to do, larger things to do are mearly Motal mesurements of tasks that to God mean the exact same thing. Since man is the image and likeness of God, how can tasks have a measurement? They are all the same, neither easier or harder, and if we can understand that, the so-called pressures of doing them could be seen as NOTHING!

  56. Thank you, Shirley! I, too, like many of the other commenters am facing what seems to be a monumental task, however I am listening for the next task as it is broken down into bite size pieces in order to complete this seemingly overwhelming job. God has been/is supplying moment to moment assignments to accomplish this work for His glory. Your DL has provided the inspiration and understanding needed to do this honorable and satisfying work! A little humor...how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. :). Have a joy filled day and again thank you.

  57. Thank you, Shirley, and commenting community. This Lift is very helpful. I'm grateful I was faithful in participating here, for the guidance and inspiration is steering me as to what to do next on that "infinite" list of tasks. Today even seeing the list as infinite made it easier to see it as God's list and not mine and therefore holy work, not daunting and burdensome, and existing already in eternity. The faithful accomplishment of each detail a buoyed expression, giving momentum to do what's next and never leaving us depleted or burned out. It simply doesn't make sense that we would be filled with good ideas and given wonderful opportunities to express Mind without Truth and Principle's orderly influence and Soul's reflection of harmonious unfoldment. This is quite a shift for me. Thank you.

  58. Great lift, thank you Shirley

  59. What a great lift in more ways than one. It has already been put to use!
    Thanks Shirley!

  60. Thank you, Shirley. I'm learning that when I am being faithful over the few things, which includes humbly acknowledging the presence and power of God, I'm leaving room in my thought for God to take care of the big things. And He does!

  61. I love that promise. Thanks for the reminder. It is very encouraging for me today Nd I shall be grateful for the little things I am able to do. And for the big thing I can always do ,,,,,pray.

  62. Thanks for that loving reminder, Shirley! Very helpful today...

  63. This message is so helpful! Focusing on what we "can do" and doing it the best we can takes away any guilt feelings for, perhaps, not doing whatever suggestions have come to us that we're not doing enough or doing things well enough. Thank you!!

  64. Thank you for your lovely reminder Shirley. You really tell me to be grateful always for the little or big gifts already received. The greater a challenge, the clearer divine intervention will present itself in our experience, for man's extremity is God's opportunity. May all readers be richly blessed.

  65. Thanks, Shirley! This Lift really speaks to me, too.

    It reminds me of a time when my work meetings seemed like ego contests...they weren't much fun. I started to pray with hymn #195, which starts "Not what I am, O Lord, but what Thou art." I started witnessing God's oneness and allness...just one Mind, one Ego...and settling myself into a more gentle certainty that I was there to express good...God's qualities...in whatever I had to contribute to the meetings. The meetings started being unusually productive, more relaxed, and more unified. I still think of hymn #195 before almost every meeting I attend!

  66. Just a perfect reminder for the way I was just thinking in sitting down at my desk . Thank you Shirley and have a great day one and all.

  67. Thank you, Shirley, for your gentle reminder.

  68. Shirly,
    Thanks for the beautifl insight into God speaking to us...! Being grateful for being faithful over the little things in our blessed day...!
    Thanks for the reminder...!

  69. Great supportive Lift. And another thank you to Tony #7. As a "senior" getting her house ready to sell, I have said to myself too often. I can't do that! It's too physically demanding. But now I can be reminded of and inspired by Tony's phrase: "The task before you is never so big as the power behind you. If the task appears too big, then our thinking is too small."

    God has the answer to every challenge. Expect good!

  70. P.S. I just want to say, "Thank You" to #54 Meenu - New Delhi, India! I loved your "God is in the details"! So often we hear the opposite common phrase, "The devil is in the details"! Not True!! "...faithful over a few things" means..."God really IS in the details"!

    Lovely India!!

  71. Shirley, Thank you for that wonderful, warm, charming uplift!
    Everyone else, all these comments were EXCELLENT!! Thank you so much!!, love to all....

  72. Thank you so much for this.

  73. For the past several days I have been pondering the concept that there are no limits to the good that God can do, and that I can expect to make progress in bringing good into my experience, and that of others, on account of this fact.
    Thank you Shirley for this lift, "being faithful over a few things" supports this idea so well.

  74. Thank you so much for a simple and powerful Daily Lift, Shirley! Being faithful, performing diligently and lovingly those few (or many) daily deeds set before us. Those are the tasks our Father gives us to more fully express His goodness, our very reason for being! Thank you, too, Tony #7 for the reminder that the task before us is never as big as the power behind us. "'Tis God the Spirit leads in paths before unknown; The work to be performed is ours, the strength is all His own." (Benjamin Beddome, Hymn 354)

  75. Thank you so much, Shirley, and all who have shared! Several comments bring to mind the following statement from Science and Health on page 336, " Allness is the measure of the infinite, and nothing less can express God." I've also been loving the way the Contemporary English Version puts I Corinthians 16:14: Show love in everything you do. !

  76. Great lift Shirley! It's a reminder to be grateful for all the opportunities we have to glorify God. We can be faithful for the little ones for sure.

  77. Thank you.

  78. Many thanks Shirley. Struggling like Legion, thanks to you I will just give it all to God and listen for unfoldment.

  79. This is so helpful thank you, and a lovely one to share.

  80. What a wonderful reminder and healing Lift to share!! Immediately the first verse from Hymn 169 came to me (and I DO work with it often!): Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom,
    Lead Thou me on;
    The night is dark, and I am far from home,
    Lead Thou me on.
    Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
    The distant scene; one step enough for me.

    Thank you for sharing these healing thoughts!!

  81. Thank you Shirley.

  82. Thank you. This is what I need to know and do do today.

  83. Thank you.This great lift casts heavy burdens aside, zeros in on the priorities of life,and brings peace.Welcome#36.

  84. Thanks Shirley! What a great motivation your lift is.

  85. Thank you, Shirley,for the lift today. Mind's expression takes care of priorities and progress.

  86. I love this, Shirley, and the thing is: it always works! Sometimes we find ourselves in a real pickle: what to do? what to do! So I generally wait for some inward direction and then do the next best thing. That may be only speaking kindly to someone who has behaved atrociously toward me, with others around - an audience. A close relative - yelling, - and I step closer and speak more softly. Some years ago it would have taken all my strength not to strike back. Even if only verbally. But now I can take a step forward and speak softly. I'm really amazed at myself. But it's a doable assignment: just tackle the few things, or even just the first thing, and the other things will fall into place. And God will be smiling.
    Thank you Nate. I have a friend who is learning Classic guitar. I hope he sounds as good as you do. Thanks to the Board and lecturers; and to the 'being faithful over the few things' Daily Lifters.

  87. Thank you so much. Lovely, helpful, calming and practical.

  88. Wonderful lift. A keeper for me to remind myself.
    Beautiful day to all!

  89. Thank you Shirley, Very timely for what I am working on today. Your message really applies to what I have going on and Im sure for many other.

  90. Many thanks -

  91. Thank-you, Shirley, for this spiritually & practically informative message/Lift! Great supporting, affirming comments today! Thanks DL team for your 'Can-Doing'!

  92. Thank you for this "can do" message. It helps me see the big assignment is made up of lots of little opportunities to serve God.

  93. I love how well tuned you are to Scripture, Shirley. I always learn and grow when I am around you or hear you here. Your insights open me up and free me up. Thank you for the gift you are to me and to so many others!

  94. Thank you Shirley!

  95. What a joy to hear from you. I have been helped too by giving God the credit for all the "little things"
    I do take care of. Thank you so much, Love, Ruth Moser from Lake Conroe , Texas

  96. I Shirley, I always enjoy your daily lifts. I sometimes "forget" that I don't have to be God and fix everything by myself. I am working right now to be faithful over little things such as a little overeating and a little annoyance at the behavior of others, a little lack of joy, and a little belief in approaching old age. Thank you for your reminder. Sharon Keller Barry

  97. Thank you Shirley - good to have you back on Daily Lifts. A very helpful idea on tackling some of my current projects.

  98. Thank you for this lift - it will guide us all in the right way and that is always to rely on God good to help us through the seemingly litte things that once we are faithful over, will allow us to meet the bigger challenges... thank you for helping us remember the Christ message in this lift.

  99. Thank you and all Lifters very much.
    Decades ago I actually looked up the meaning of the word "nice", and the definition that meant the most to me was "goodness in detail". That squarely puts divine Love; omnipotent Good, over, under, around, and through each detail. NO PLACE for any devilish proposition here!
    So grateful I just got around to reading this Lift this morning. I woke up determined to pray effectively about Syria and Tunisia; to get a grip on what Principle knows about them in my heart. Thank you all for the encouragement so I know how to even begin!

  100. Great ideas, Shirley -- Thank you!

  101. thank you for your good message!

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