2/5: Amen

2/5: Amen

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  1. Thank you Michelle for this informative and awakening Lift. "Amen" signifies an affirmation to the Truth and not the end of the action or the compelling of change that is taking place as a result of the application of this spiritual light. Whenever our prayers are filled with the power and presence of God - thus bringing the powerlessness of sin, sickness and death to light, thought is followed by a resounding, Amen!

  2. Always begin where you would end. Always bring your treatment to a conclusion. Perfect God and perfect man. This is Christian Science practice.

  3. Thanks Michelle, for a thoughtful Lift reminding us to conclude our prayers with an AMEN

  4. Amen, So be it, "These things I have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace..
    ." John. 16:33
    Why do we tend to doubt if God heard our prayers?
    "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Matt. 14:31
    If this little word is good enough to be used in the Bible to confirm the accomplishment of a prayer, it certainly is good for me!

    Amén, Así sea, "Estas cosas os he hablado para que en mí tengáis paz..." Juan 16:33
    ¿Por qué tendemos a dudar que Dios escucha nuestras oraciones?
    "Hombre de poca fe, ¿por qué dudaste?" Mateo 14:31
    Si estas pequeñas palabritas son lo suficientemente buenas para ser usadas en la Biblia para confirmar el logro de una oración, ¡indudablemente son buenas para mí!

  5. Thank you Michelle for that informative and inspiring message about this important word; Amen.

    Those of us who are students of Christian Science, pray constantly with The Lord's Prayer. Because of this, we do not say, "Amen". As you rightly say, it is continual ongoing statement without an ending or finish. I use The Lord's Prayer many times during the day because of my work; never ending, never stopping, ongoing. Yet, in Christian Science churches we have a benediction at the end of the service. It usually ends with an "Amen", but not always. Is it going to continue in our hearts & thoughts for the rest of the day! Just make sure the organist or musician knows ahead of time, that "no Amen" will be given. You may be waiting for ages for the music to begin! I speak from experience!
    There is that lovely hymn in the new Supplement of the Christian Science Hymnal, with the words repeated over and over again, "Amen, amen, amen". It has strength, conclusion and beauty.

  6. I guess this podcast asks us to answer the questions: Do we really believe in God? Do we trust Him?
    Are we faithful? Are we firm in our faith? From God's view point, the answer is always, "Yes!!"
    Thank you, Michelle

  7. No more words could be added to this than an emphatic AMEN

  8. My daily prayer has never been a routine recitation of what I humanly hoped for, but Michelle you have confirmed that we lift prayer into the realms of affirming what is true of God and man and this truth is the angel message which heals a belief in matter. When the disciples could not heal the boy who fell into the fire and into the water they asked Jesus to explain their failure. He said in substance that he healed the boy by "prayer and fasting" -- affirming what was true about the boy and denying (fasting from) the material appearance.

    The work was complete. Amen. So be it. IT IS!

  9. I would like to say how true Robert's comment is in #2 regarding handling a case by the end result.

    If we begin with God we end with God but if we start with the problem that is what we are still holding..

    Moses learned this in the desert in handling the serpent:

    Ex 4:4 (to .)

    4 And the Lord said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail.

    He handled the error by the safe end and not the end that would bite!

  10. Thank you Michelle! Once I omitted Amen at the end of the benediction, and received complaints! How important the affirmation of our prayers - it reminds us that when we feel something is missing from our prayers its AMEN!

  11. Michelle,
    Thank you

  12. Thank you, Michelle.

    I get it.


    Truth,Wisdom,Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  13. Wonderful, Michelle! Also, you know the phrase that Christ Jesus uses so often in John's Gospel to introduce some of his most profound statements of truth - "Verily, verily, I say unto you..." (in modern language, "Truly, truly I say to you...")? The word he is actually using there is Amen - literally, "Amen, amen, I say to you..."! Affirming God's truth every time he spoke those words. Thanks for this reminder for us all to do the same!

  14. Thank you.

  15. What an important piece of punctuation to our prayers! Thanks for that Michelle

  16. Many thanks Michelle for gently pointing out: "An affirmation of the good that [our prayers] are accomplishing." "Firm in the fight I stand;/ What terror can confound me,/ With God [divine Love] at my right hand?" Amen. (Christian Science Hymnal #77).

  17. Thank you for this very informative Lift.

  18. Oh yes, Michelle, how true. When we are suddenly aware of someone close in deep distress, our prayers are strong affirmations of God as all-embracing Love, and as love being God's infinite expression of Himself including every spiritual idea. 'Amen' is as much an exclamation of gratitude, isn't it!
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  19. Thank you Michelle... Amen. So be it. But (there is always a but), what can we say when our prayers are not being crowned by the results that we expect? Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction. Maybe we are expecting to see results in matter instead of affirming the all power of Spirit. And there is when we most need the Amen.. Praying and fasting as #8 says, we affirm what is true and deny the material appearance. Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate the work that the Daily Lift family does. Thanks to all the team. Amen.

  20. Podríamos decir que amen es igual a lo que dijo Cristo Jesús "Aparta esta copa de mi, si puedes y si np hagase Tu voluntad, y lo dijo cuando tenía que enfrentar a la aparentemente más dura prueba, dejar que intentaran acallarlo matando su aparienia física, su voz y someterse sin temer y aún hasta con gozo y lo hizo y dió la definitiva prueba de la supremacía del espíritu sobre la materia, siento que también nosotros deberemos pasar por esa singular prueba, en un renunciamento absoluto de todo lo material, a veces me pregunto. ¿Si realmente estoy preparada para hacerlo? y al igual que Job aún en momentos de suprema demostración en nuestro accionar no ofendamos a Dios, si no que digamos AMEN, realmente es bello que así lo hagamos, cumpliendo en todo hasta lograr anular la materia con el espíritu, como sí lo hizo Cristo, en su gloriosa carrera, y nosotros también por que también somos herederos de esa demostración, la más sublime y la más anhelada por todos, destronar la materia del lugar que pretende ocupar, y demostrar su nada.

    Muchas gracias Michelle, AMEN.

  21. Excellent LIFT, Michelle, thank you so much!

  22. Dear Michelle. Thank you for this thoughtful Lift. I was thinking how Amen pertains to music: we could liken a perfect cadence to an Amen, a strong affirmative conclusion to provide a sense of completeness and of settled finality. Just so with prayer. We need to confidently bring prayer to a strong affirmative conclusion which says "True" "It Is". How powerful is that!

  23. This Lift has definitely 'raised the bar' on my prayers, which I realise have too often had the tendency to have a bit of a question mark at the end 'just in case'... What a practical way of making them more effective. I am so grateful as well for the authoritative comments from all the Daily Lift family. I am learning so much.

  24. TRUE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lovely message! For quite a while now after our First Reader closes with Amen, many in the congregation as well as the Second Reader respond with Amen. It is a wonderful feeling.

  26. Amen, as sure as you are loved. Thank you Micelle.

  27. I am happy to hear your Daily Lift. I have always loved the Amen after our church services. It affirms all that we have heard with no possibility of reversal, question or doubt. That is the way it is according to God. I am often the only one who repeats it aloud after the service, but I feel it deeply. Thank you for you comments. And thank you #25.

  28. Thank you - also thank you to Tony #8 for explaining the healing of the young boy - I never thought of the fasting as denying.

  29. That's great! Thanks Michelle!

  30. Thank you Michelle for reminding us that prayer is the affirmation of God , Good and His/Her reflection .Amen . So it is .

  31. Thanks Michelle! What a wonderful way to start our day!

  32. This message is so thoughtful and informative. My husband is not a Christian Scientist and he always says Amen after the benediction, and was the only one until I joined him. I was so glad to read the comment by #25, as we seemed out of place. Now I'll feel more comfortable. Thanks so much!

  33. I really like this. Seal the deal of receptivity with a hearty AMEN!

    Thanks Michelle.

  34. Thank you Michelle. That is very helpful as are the comments.

  35. Elizabeth Walling, Keyport USA
    Thank you so much Michele - Wonderful thoughts to start and finish the day.

  36. Thanks, Michelle! So firm a foundation, this Daily Lift! I remember a song from the 60's or 70's that was mainly just a Chant of "Aaamen, Aaamen,......". I always loved chanting it with it's good musical beat! To affirm the Truth is C.S. Treatment - and the Lord's Prayer which Jesus gave us and the Scientific Statement of Being which Mrs. Eddy gave us both have the sense of "Amen" or Affirmations in them! Amen is like saying, "And so it is....forever and ever"! Or even, "Let's hear the conclusion of the whole matter......"! Declarations of Truth are firm and solid, filled with "Amens"! Amen and Awomen!!!

  37. I enjoyed very much your explanation of the real meaning for the word "AMEN".
    Now, I´ll always remember that when I say my prayers and end with "Amen".
    That will certainly add a deeper expectancy of good!
    Thank you very much, Michelle!

  38. Just perfect! AMEN.

  39. What a wonderful instruction this is. Thank you so much.

  40. 020513 Thank you, Michelle, for “Amen … an affirmation of the truth in prayer … a solid expectation of unfolding good … affirming God’s love and goodness … denying evil’s influence … unceasing prayer … a proper, authoritative conclusion … consistent, effective prayer …” I love it! This is soooo powerful! You’re describing an ongoing healing level of prayer. God’s will be done as in heaven so on earth! Glory to glory! Realizing that I’ve been languishing in “wishy-washy” lately, I’m reminded to use prayer boldly in taking dominion over evil with good, beginning in consciousness and manifested by signs following of “God with us.” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :-)

  41. AMEN! :-)

  42. I truly enjoyed this and know I will be blessed as I continue to think about it. Thank you!

  43. When I served as First Reader many years ago, at the end of the service, the amen song from the movie would come to mind. One time I didn't hear it! Why? Forgot to say it! Interestingly, we don't say amen at the end of the Lord's Prayer during the service, only at the end. It's a good ending, but could we, should we whenever we pray during the service? Hmmm.

  44. Michelle, Thanks for this reafirming Lift...wht else can be siad....no dot, dot, dot...AMEN...!

  45. Thank you Michelle, I have never known the effectiveness and true meaning until now. How wonderful of you to get our thoughts elevated to confirm this.

  46. How amazing!

    As I got up this morning, I remembered that I had left a treatment incomplete yesterday. I had been in my car driving to work and treating myself. I must have gotten distracted by the driving or the workday ahead of me. But a very early thought this morning was that I had never concluded it. My thought must have been blessed by this Lift even before I listened to it. And what a beautiful word is "Amen."

    Love to all, and to all, firm prayers.

  47. Thanks so much for sharing such enlightening metaphysical insight and understanding with us, Michelle. This message is of such importance and help that I will use it forever . . . just as I do with your former Lift - "One word prayer." Much gratitude to you!

  48. I appreciate this Lift and all the thoughtful comments. "Amen" expresses an authority and confidence to the prayer - a seal to the affirmation of God's allness and to Principle, divine Love's effectiveness! I sense it is a yeilding, too, to trust God; an expression of humility. Thank you, Lifters, for this conversation.

  49. While audibly speaking the Lord's prayer in Church, I always in thoughts say Amen, such a beautiful and comforting word of affirmation but I know that I must not verbalize it as it is just not done and have not heard the Amen spoken in any C.S. Church that I have attended. Can someone explain to me why not? I am delighted to hear that in your Church, Janice #25, the Amen is spoken. Hallelujah. It is refeshing to know that there are expections. Absolutely lovely to know.

  50. Thank you for the beautiful lift Michelle. I asked myself, how do I end my prayers? I had never given that much thought to this question before today. I usually affirm "thank you Father", or some form of gratitude as I've learned through Christian Science study that I know and expect positive results from prayer. God is All! He knows, He hears, He is the only action! I don't react, I reflect His perfect action. I love the affirmation of "Amen" and will adopt the new-to-me deeper meanings of that word, that is, after I first thank God!

  51. What a joy to be a part of the worldwide "Amen Chorus" today! Thank you, Michelle. Alleluia! And Amen to this lift and all the comments.

  52. AMEN TO THIS!!!!
    Thank you Michelle
    and all who have shared your Amen's too!

  53. I love our fellow Lifters and their great comments! Thank you, everyone. Thank you, Michelle.

  54. This was a very enlightening lift and it elicited so many great messages I can only say thank you to all! This new look at the simple word Amen brings with it new levels of surety, confidence and understanding to prayer. It no long is just the automatic, almost robotic end to a prayer. Said with its full meaning, it sure does say God, I know this to be True and Good. Thank you all!!!!

  55. In Messiah, Handel takes the AMEN on for minutes, exulting, rejoicing, praising. There is also a spiritual that sings Amen over and over. Such a good reminder today of what our prayers are and do. Yes! That's the way it is! Many thanks to Michelle and all who delivered the good word.

  56. Thanks Michelle. I have always heard "Amen" at the end of prayers, and I knew its meaning, but never connected the true importance of it in our own or others prayers.
    Truly this Daily Lift is a blessing. Amen to that.

  57. Loving the comments, all. To Kay, I think "For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever" IS the amen on the Lord's Prayer. :) So it be!

  58. Thank you for such clear instruction on How to Pray and Why we end in the affirmative AMEN. I've got to share a sweet note about my parents who had a life time of prayer together. They came up with a loving ending to the Lord's Prayer said with a gentle fullness.....Ah- men...Ah-woman. I love that and for me it shows a loving inclusiveness or awareness of the female and male balance of qualities which MBE shows in her interpretation of the Lord's Prayer with " Our Father Mother God." Amen to the clarity and certainty expressed in today's Lift. I find these Lifts are so helpful to progress in my understanding of what it means to be a spiritual being. A whole hearted , THANK YOU!

  59. Thank you! I am so grateful to know the Hebrew translation of firmness; it really makes all the difference in our approach. What a glorious word this is!

  60. Afirming the Truth and denying the error. Thank you

  61. I never knew the definition of the word "AMEN" until this morning, after hearing this Daily Lift from Michelle. I never realized that it was like a punctuation mark of a prayer that instead of going on and on, without end in sight, that now this prayer was to be answered in the positive.

  62. Well done! Thanks for sourcing the Hebrew origin. Great illustration of why "Amen!" punctuates the worship service in many Christian denominations. Even silently we can declare "Amen" anytime in our own worship service. Thanks, Michelle.

  63. Great Daily Lift. Thank you Michelle!

  64. This lift reminds me of something lovely that happened several years ago when I attended a Christian Science Sunday service. The small group present on that day were a Society and on this particular occasion a five or six year old was among us, (The baby sitters,her grand parents being the two readers!) She sat at the back of the room the whole time quietly drawing and we could "almost" have forgotten that she was there until at the close of the service her sweet little voice ended the benediction quite alone with a clear AMEN!! It's among my treasured memories. Who was it said "and a little child shall lead them! LOVE to ALL.

  65. AMEN. --- to all the emphatic ideas & action(s) in this message/Lift! Very good to be reminded. Merci beaucoup, Michelle. Love/love to all.

  66. So good. Thank you

  67. Thank you.

  68. Michelle, thank you,
    Your Lift was both educational and inspirational to me. I grew up in CS churches where Amen was never said at the end of the service. But as of "late" our readers have closed with "Amen" after the benediction. I objected because I had always thought it was not a "Christian Science thing". But now I see it is very much a CS thing , knowing now that Amen is an affirmation of the Truth.

  69. Thank you for sharing the firm Truth, the idea of affirmation was just what I was seeking :)...Amen

  70. AMEN for sure on this one.
    Let every pray end with AMEN

  71. Wonderful lift! Thank you, Michelle and all.

  72. This lift is both informative and heart warming! Thank you!

  73. What a wonderful explanation of this Bible word! Thank you so much! You can hear the song from the film "Liliies of the field" sung by Sidney Poitier and the nun's chorus here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn6w255CGkk
    Incidentally, in this film the Mother Superior was played by Lilia Skala, a Christian Scientist. See her story on Tony Lobl's site at: http://tinyurl.com/lilskal

  74. Thanks. Excellent helpful sharing.

  75. Thank you so much for this brilliant and insight-laden Lift!!

  76. Thank you, Michelle. I was told at some point, probably by a Sunday School teacher, that we don't need to (and don't usually) say Amen because it is an end to a prayer, contrary to praying without ceasing. This is puts Amen in a whole new light for me. Thanks!

  77. Perfect Truth....AMEN!

    TThank you.

  78. Good one, Michelle. Thank you.

  79. Dear Michelle,

    Thanks so much for the reminder! It is just what I needed during a proc
    tracted healing, when every day brings a new challenge and........ The amen puts the !!!! to my prayer, and I will go forward. Listening to your lift, I felt like the guy in the V-8 (juce) commercial. Of course! Every effective treatment needs an AMEN.

  80. Thank you so much. This has been a very clear instruction to me to become more focused and serious about prayer which, sadly, I have neglected. Funnily enough I was thinking about this on the way home from work and wishing I could pray like some wonderful friends I admire seem to pray and how they know how to pray and I tend to struggle with it. Thank you for all the comments they are very informative for me, a beginner in CS. X

  81. Fabulous! .

  82. Thank you for this wonderful reminder Michelle! One time I heard an inspirational speaker say "Do you know why our prayers are ended with 'Amen!' it means 'It is done' why is that important? Because we need always to be reminded that, Oh yes, and God did it already, because the first chapter of Genesis says he did and it was good and blessed! We're just affirming that the things we pray for, whether it be world peace or a better understanding of God's peace, it's already there, we just need to see it, affirm that it's there and then say, Amen!" this is a wonderful "Lift" into that thought! It is so, it is done and God's already done it! Like Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health (P. 151 28-30) "The straight and narrow way is to see and acknowledge this fact, yield to this power, and follow the leadings of truth."

  83. One of the littlest girls in our Sunday School, after we say the Lord's Prayer out loud, always blurts out in her cheerful voice, "AMEN." It is so dear to all of us, and healing to all present, and we love her for it.

    Thank you, Michelle, for refreshing our thought about the value of "Amen!"

  84. Thank you for undoing the 'dot, dot, dot' of think and do what you want and let's see what the consequences are. For example God's law of harmony and perfectibility, the ten commandments and sermon on the mount and the 'Our Father' of the Lord's prayer have the authority of omnipotent Spirit behind them. period Amen.

  85. Now I know what Amen means. Thank you for a firm and full of conviction understanding of a word I often overlooked.

  86. What an expansion of the meaning of the word AMEN! Thank you Michelle, and also for the insights of many of the comments.
    The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible states that "Jesus begins many of his sayings with this word, which is then translated "verily". This idiom is peculiar to him."
    Martin Luther offers "...that he will hear us. Amen, Amen, that is, Yea, Yea, it shall be so."
    The Dictionary also states the word "is to be understood in its literal, etymological Hebrew sense; it is an error to regard it only as a sign that a prayer has come to an end."


  88. Simply an outstanding Daily Lift. I am grateful for the inspiration you provided Michelle---- it was such a comfort. My father passed on this morning but this message was completely what I needed to hear . As Christine (#51) articulated so beautifully, " What a joy to be part of the worldwide "Amen Chorus" today !!

  89. Thank you Michelle. I never thought about an "Amen" in that manner before. What an insight!

  90. Thank you for shining the light of understanding on..Amen.

  91. Thank you so much for this. It is so helpful and I will now include it whenever and where ever I pray as a positive affirmation and an
    expectation of good.

  92. Just a BIG THankyou for that wonderful idea....we all know it but to have it said so convincingly just made my moment.
    THankyou Michelle and to all who make our Daily Lifts possible.

  93. I love this message. It is truly helpful. It reminds me of the conclusive statement: "God is. This isn't. And that's that!"

    As an aside...I have pondered why Mrs. Eddy left amen out of Science and Health when giving the spiritual interpretation of the Lord's Prayer and amen is not stated in the "Present Order of Services."

  94. Such a wonderful tho't....I carried it with me all day long. Many thanks.

  95. Thank you so very much, Michelle, and all the commentors today. Our prayers do need that combined spiritual period and spiritual exclamation point implied in the use of "Amen" . !
    "Let every creature rise,
    and bring peculiar honors to our King;
    Let angel songs be heard again
    And earth repeat the long Amen." (CS Hymnal p. 272)

    Much love to all. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen

  96. Terrific! Thank you!

  97. Thank you, Michelle, for today's affirmation of God's Goodness. Amen! Rejoice. Amen!

  98. Thank you Michelle! This lift is an answer to my prayer. Amen!

  99. I just loved that no ......, but an emphatic, firm, conclusion to our prayers ! LOVE this! Don't think I'll ever pray again without amen--ing!
    So thankful for this, Michelle, your daily lifts are lively and wonderful!

  100. GREAT!!

  101. Sandy Sandberg, First Reader at the Mother Church, says "Amen" after the Benediction--and it's about time! Thanks, Michelle, for explaining why "prayer without ceasing" doesn't forbid "Amen"!

  102. Thank you for this affirming, so be it! That ends rambling, for sure.

  103. Hugs of appreciation for all your insights. I think we are getting it. It's not the word Amen, so much as the understanding that it is done, God's work is perfect and powerful - forever. An extra squeeze to dear Barb, #88.

  104. What wonderful comments on a word Amen. I never really gave it much thought before. Funny how one simple word can have such giant ripples. Thank you Michelle, I will think about this for a long time.

  105. What a lovely reminder. Amen, So be it!
    AND Hallelujah!

  106. At the end of every church service i attend, i always say 'amen' because i feel so blessed. Thank you for this great lift.

  107. Thanks Michelle - this really nails it - why the amen is essential! Grateful for this!!!

  108. Wonderful explanation! I hope our church will include Amen after the Lord's Prayer.

  109. My special thanks goes out to John from Canada # 73 who provided us with the Internet address of the Nun's Choir. Listening to this joyous presentation of the Amen-Song makes my heart leap for joy. Yes, Christianity has a joyful message and the responsibity to provide our world with. In this sense a 1000 thanks to the daily lifters and The Mother Church that strengthenes them.

  110. Great lift, I have often thought about the meaning of Amen as a student of semitic languages. It's great to share the original and continuing meaning with such a wide audience and to remind us all of how to use it well! God Bless you. Amen!

  111. Thank You very much, Amen

  112. And, I love all the Amens set to music! Thank you, Michelle.

  113. Thank you very much Michelle!
    It is such a powerful and important reminder, I am putting it into practice now.

  114. Michelle: Thank you for this insightful "Daily Lift." It gave new meaning to me as First Reader and the importance of including it at the end of the service. Ann Botts, Banning, CA

  115. Great reminder to be trusting that our prayers are doing their job. Amen as letting go of the prayer and being firm in our understanding of Love's presence and power.