2/29: One, not two

2/29: One, not two

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  1. Only good One. All. All is well.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Many thanks Mark for this very comforting lift. Yes. "Nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God." (Rom 8:39 & S&H p304;5). "One the Love whose ever-presence/ Blesses all and injures none./ Safe within this Love we find all being one." (Christian Science Hymnal #157).

  4. Thank you Mark ... one .. infinite one is enough !!

  5. Just what I needed this morning Mark. Thank you

  6. Thanks so much, Mark! We need to rid ourselves of the sense of "two-ness", and know we have one consciousness, divine Mind, in which we live and move and have our being.

  7. Our real identity is our coexistence with ever present, all powerful, Divine Love.
    Thank you Mark

  8. WHAT a Lift! Thank you!

  9. Oh Mark this is treasurable, thank you, and the music really beautiful and fitting to the message. Thank you so much.

  10. So, when Paul told us that nothing could separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:39) -- not even "any other creature" -- was he also including the whistling llama at the 1:36 mark of your DL? Or is that a whispering deer? A whinnying horse? A whining canine? Or maybe a warbling New Mexico horny toad (properly named horned lizard)?

    Well, whoever the sweet creature is, he brought an extra dose of lightness to the Lift. I'm glad that he, too, is one with God.

  11. Loved your comment at the Church Alive Summit Orlando:
    "The Comforter is like the salt to the soup. You couldn't get it out if you tried.
    That's what Christ Jesus meant when he called God's children 'the salt of the earth'."
    Being one with God through Christ, we have Love's goodness and power within us.
    This is a wonderful way to explain the Holy Spirit to children and spiritual seekers.
    AWEsome understanding... Thank you, Mark.

  12. Thanks a lot, dear Mark for this loving and healing DL. I was just reading this weeks biblelesson looking for truths within it in order to "get rid" of error which tries to show as real. So this simple and always true reality is just what I needed in order to see that within the oneness with our God all all is well - thanks!

  13. Thank so much for the reminder of this great truth that each of us has a oneness with our "Father-Mother God. This enables us to know that under any circumstance we are with Him and all is well.
    Thanks once again.

  14. Thank you, what a great reminder that we are at one with God.

  15. Uno no dos, absolutamente, y cuan sustancual es que así lo comprendamos la Biblia lo repite constantemente Un solo Ser Dios y nosotros sus vástagos ideas de Él, evidentemente a esa unicidad volvemos ya lo dijo Cristo "Yo y el Padre Uno somos" y también dijo que nosotros también lo somos.
    Yo siento que a veces nos confundimos y sin darnos cuenta perdemos de vista esa premisa fundamental que nos eleva a alturas infinitas dándonos pantallazos de esa consciencia espiritual única y absoluta donde todo ya Es.
    Paradojal verdad, ser en Uno para tener todo, la más dificil de aceptar y comprender, porque hace añicos al ego humano la realidad perfecta sacada a la luz, y maravilla está al alcance de todos "Los que sinceramente buscan la Verdad" MBE, siento también que sin el esfuerzo adecuado dificilmente podamos realizar la tarea para la cual todos estamos capacitados, y más que eso podemos hacer ya que Cristo lo dijo y nos dio los fundamentos para hacerlo porque como dice la Biblia nos dio "Las arras del espíritu" y con su ejemplo lo demostró..

    Muchas gracias principalmente a ese Uno que somos todos, Thank you so much.

  16. So helpful! Thank you!!

  17. Thank you so much Mark :-)

  18. many thanks

  19. Thank you. Exactly what is needed today and every day.

  20. Great Lift! Thanks!

  21. This lift came direct from your heart, Mark. This is how it feels to me.
    And to me the thought you are talking about belongs to the fundamentals of Christian Science. I have loved for a long time what Mrs. Eddy says in S&H: "The allness of Deity is His oneness" (267) Though I must say that I am still praying to really understand this statement. It is so all encompassing, so huge and still it seems so simple and so clear.
    Thank you very much !

  22. It's wonderful to know that one can wake up and listen to a DL, and feel inspired with new knowledge or the reminder of knowledge known. That's what your lift did for me today, Mark. And, like others have mentioned...it's JUST what I needed. Thank you!

  23. A most needed reminder and encouragement for today . Thank you Mark . " As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun , even so God and man are one in being" - MBE Science and Health .

  24. Right! Our understanding of that great and deep concept of the Science of Being - our Oneness with God - makes our life easier to be lived, because everything is possible with God.
    Thank you, Mark!

  25. Thank You ! :-)

  26. I was taught all my life that we are separated from God. The idea that we are one with God is a revolutionary concept. Ideas have come to me that when Jesus said that I and my Father are one, when God said "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased." we could say it too. I thought that these were radical ideas and afraid to voice them. Maybe they are not that far off.

  27. When I first came down to the Sunshine Coast, Mark, and for the first time became involved with a church, other than The Mother Church, I suddenly thought, "These people are going to expect me to know a whole lot more than I do. Since I really know nothing at all about the Science of the Christ." I knew that God had performed every one of the healings I'd ever had, and He was behind all the things I knew, without ever being told; and recognized so much wildlife without anyone ever saying what I was looking at. I knew God did that all the time, and talked to me, and told me whatever I needed to know, or acted quietly in the face of fear, even direct confrontation. But I simply couldn't believe that God and I were One. But that was where Science came into it, and gradually I could see how We are One, and really never have been otherwise. This was such a momentous moment, it still takes my breath away. That God has been the Father and Mother all my life, and still is, and always will be. That is the Truth and the Truth can always be scientifically proved. This is my sixth year down here now, and the third year since God gave us Your Daily Lift, so we can all share this wonderful Life together.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board of Lectureship and the lecturers; and our One family of Daily Lifters to great heights! Lovely service tonight, and great testimonies. Thank you, Carlos.

  28. Thanks for this important reminder Mark. I love that Bible quote, nothing "shall be able to separate us from the love of God".

  29. This is a lift so full of light! It helps to illumine my day. Thank you, Mark!

  30. Life generally seems more valid if we can see & feel our ONE-NESS with God. Thanks Mark for the nice reminder! Jules

  31. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  32. Just wanted to say that the music is absolutely amazing this week. Breathtaking, inspiring, and such a reflection of purity.

  33. A very loving, healing lift! Thanks much, Mark and to the Lift team!

  34. Thanks so much, Mark, for this comforting message and I especially liked your adding to the nothing can separate us from the love of God: illness, injury, injustice, etc. Absolutely nothing! There is a little poem I love, "Unfailing grace" by Eleanor Buser (Sentinel, October 21, 1996) that ends with "No matter where I am or what I face I'll stay within Love's warm embrace." I am certainly at one with God when I'm in Love's warm embrace. This is so comforting and applicable to any situation and in impersonally praying for anyone. I held to this thought often when my grandson was serving in Iraq, and when my son-in-law was seriously ill and having life threatening surgery, or whenever I'm flying somewhere or even just driving a short distance. It's a constant comfort. We are all always at one with God held in the loving arms of His warm embrace.

  35. Beautiful lift, Mark...it's always duality (that we are spiritual and material or two-ness as you put it) that causes all the mischief. Claiming our oneness with God grounds us in the truth that we are 100% spiritual. Think about it! To be a 100% reflection of God. And yes, kudos for the music, it is lovely and so calming. ALL ALL IS WELL!

  36. Thank you Mark!

  37. I am grateful to be reminded of this true fact. Also as Mrs. Eddy wrote "Come out from the material world and be separate" really secures our oneness. Thank you for this lift.

  38. Knowing our oneness with our Father Mother unites the people of the world in peace and prosperity. This knowledge is power, the power of One.
    Thank you, Mark.

  39. Dear Mark, thanks. I am new to the study of CS, and as i read and learn i see so many similarities with the teachings of the Buddha. And experiencing those similarities is comforting and affirming of the path that seems universal. "One, not Two" is a fundamental statement, central to the understanding of the Buddha's teachngs. How wonderful and helpful to read and hear those words within the context of CS teachings, and within the teaching of Jesus. Thanks again to you Mark, to the DL team, and CS, Maria

  40. Thanks so much, Mark. Your DL brings to mind a poem (from the Sentinel? Journal?) which I had loved back in the '60s that began, "I am the place where God shines through, for He and I are one, not two,,.."

    I can't recall the rest of it, so if anyone knows the whereabouts of it this little gem the periodicals, I'd love to know!

  41. This Lift reminded me of the little prayer/saying that our children learned in Sunday School and that I have carried with me ever since: "I am the place where God shines through, For he and I are one, not two, And if I'll be relaxed and free, He'll carry out His plan for me." Thank you for this solid reminder of our oneness with God, our Creator.

  42. You make it sound so simple, Mark! Thank you for speaking from your Heart! I was thinking that it takes a willingness to accept the responsibility that goes with acknowledging and knowing that we are One with God. It's so much easier to stick with the mainstream idea that "I'm a miserable sinner, separate from God - hoping for Redemption from Him." That way we can just shrug our shoulders and say, "Hey, I can't help it, I was born a sinner." But to do as Jesus requested, to wake up and claim our Oneness with God, implies that we have the strength and willingness to live out our Godliness every moment of our lives! It's an awesome thing to realize, "I and my Father are One." Whew!

  43. I'm not sure where this poem was published, but this is what I found on the internet:
    "I am the place where God shines through,
    For He and I are one, not two.
    He wants me where, and as I am.
    I need not fret nor fear nor plan.
    If I will be relaxed and free
    He'll carry out His work through me."

  44. Thank you, wanderfull

  45. Thank you, Mark, for keeping it simple. This element of simplicity is a powerful reminder that any seeming "Goliath of a problem" can swiftly be removed by "one smooth stone". Your lift gave me a whole new understanding of why David, the shepherd boy, did not put on all the trappings of armor to fight Goliath. He simply relied upon his proven skills (understanding) to gracefully handle the boisterous giant. Sometimes the temptation comes to feel overwhelmed when so many problems seem to come at us during a day. But all that is really needed to handle whatever may assail is one idea of truth that comes from our prayers. This daily lift is an angelic thought that will hover about all day and I will enjoy entertaining it!

  46. struggling today and this Lift let me rest in its simple poweful message thank you

  47. Well, there it is. Oneness. Fundamental bases of being.

    It is right to accept that God is all-life (all the life there is), intelligence (all-knowing), ever-operative (the law), consciousness (Soul), and always present (Spirit). Isn’t it obvious that man must be included in this? Where is man going to go to get away?

    When we accepted birth and physicality, (I’d love to blame someone else for expecting me to be physical, but that seems ridiculous), we made a pathetic attempt to be separate and operate under some temporary consensus rules. But even so, separateness is actually quite impossible. It is shown again and again that accepting God’s All-ness dissolves any ill-effect of this mis-informed sense of self. That should be enough clues for us, eh?

    Spiritual completeness expressed in life and activity. Where do we think we are going, anyway?

    Hey #40 Nanvy and then #43 Peggy. Thanks for that great poem!

  48. Thank you so much Mark, your DL was the exact inspirationa and truth I needed today. And thanks so much to all the wonderful comments, poems and thoughts that everyone has shared. One not two.

  49. Thanks Mark for that reminder that God and Man are one. Too often I think of myself as one thing and
    God another....being one as reflection is what we are. Great lift!

  50. Thanks!

  51. thanks Mark!

  52. Great Mark I will carry this with me today and thanks for all the comments. I always learn so much reading the comments.

  53. Thank you Mark for such a comforting message. And thank you for the beautiful music we are hearing this week.
    I was pondering the fact that there's just one Mind, therefore one heart - not many minds and many hearts. Your message sums it up: there's JUST God.

  54. Thanks, Mark, for reminding me "Prayer is to be aware deeply of God’s presence, and your oneness with this wonderful presence..”

  55. Thank you, Mark.

  56. Thanks everyone. These refreshing spiritual truths cleanse and renew thought each morning.

  57. Thank you Mark, what a wonderful way to begin my day. I feel like my childlike wonder of a loving, protective God is being restored. I will carry this lift with me today. Bless you

  58. My mom taught me this poem when I was a child, and what I learned is slightly different from what others have shared -- but the meaning remains the same. I do not know the source.

    I am the light where God shines through
    For He and I are one, not two.
    I need not fear, nor fret, nor plan,
    He wants me where, and as I am.
    And if I'll be relaxed and free
    He'll carry out His plan through me

  59. There is only one God, only one and yet there are many religions and different beliefs of God. This causes confusion and sometimes hatred between people's. This war that is going on now is an example of just such a false conclusion of what and who God is. The bible has one definition; GOD IS LOVE. Where does hate or war enter. Religion is what mortals made up. God knows nothing about religion. God only knows of himself which is love. Where then can hate or war exists, NOWHERE!!! Man is not separated from this all inclusive Love.

  60. I'm learning more every day about how it is God that is doing - and harmony, health, supply, protection, guidance - are the result of all that He is doing. We are free to be His doing, but there isn't any other "doing." Thanks Mark for saying it so clearly and simply.

  61. Thank you Mark for your unifying thought. As a former contributor write in essence, such a thought unifies the world. Mrs. Eddy wrote about the "one infinite God good" that unifies the nations results only in universal harmony. Oh may we be still and experience Him. Thank you again for this tender reminder.

  62. For sure-- no separation!
    Thanks Mark!

    And Peggy, 43 -- that poem has been published (slightly different but basically the same) in the ChristianScience Sentinel.

  63. A wonderful lift today - and all the comments add so much! Love seeing the poem - and that music was beautiful . . . "now I'm ready to start my day" - :-)

  64. Thanks so much for this lift. Coming home after attending Church Alive in Orlando, I was told a dear man I know so well is not expected to live. Cancer had spread to his brain. I cannot and will not see any idea of God's in that situation. I've been praying for all mankind with these thoughts that you so beautiful shared in this lift. To know God is the ONLY power, presence and being and nothing else is true lifts my thought to reality of nothing but good, God blessing all of us by beholding in Science the perfect man!
    Thanks for your lift and participation at the Church Alive in Orlando! What a blessing that I was able to attend and be part of Love expressed everywhere. Thanks!

  65. Thank you Mark!

  66. A wonderful way to start the day, and every day. Thank you Mark - also the many good comments and the music.

  67. Thanks so much for this lift Mark. Obrigada Mark.

  68. Trying to separate me and Love is like trying to separate the blue from the sky, harmony from the music, heat from the sun: impossible. Thank you for this Lift today...exactly what I needed to hear.

  69. For Nancy,

    As I recall, the rest of the verse is "If I'll relax and just be free, He'll carry out his plan through me." I first learned this verse many years ago at a camp for daughters of Christian Scientists near Traverse City, Michigan.


  70. Thank you.....love the oneness!

  71. Cool, I was just working this morning with the idea that there is no division or revision to Life. No life divided.

  72. Thank you Mark for that beautiful Lift - how uplifting! Also thanks to the many Lifters who add so much. Particularly enjoyed Bev #42 about our reponsibility to "wake up and claim our Oneness with God" Wow!
    Also #45 Esconced in the Ozarks about David's confidence in God's ability and not feeling overwhelmed. Wonderful! And thank you #59 Tobias for the reminder that hate and war cannot exist, because indeed GOD IS LOVE! Super! So much good to take with me today!

  73. I am persuaded that nothing can separate me from the love of God. God is my strength, my health and my understanding and all inclusive.

  74. thanks for acknowledging St. David's day with "All Through the Night"

  75. Thank you for that inspiring and thought-provoking Lift. I loved the poem, thanks to Nancy and Peggy and Beth. It's a gentle and child-like reminder that we never need to be afraid, or worried, or anxious, because we are never "on our own". What Good News.

  76. I was given this whole poem.. I have it framed on the entry table.

    I am the light where God shines through;For God and I are one not two.
    I need not fret nor fuss nor plan; He wants me where and as I am.
    And if I'll be relaxed and free; God will carry out his plan though me.

    relaxed and free always means harmony to me...in that harmony, listening to that
    and not... whatever injustice shouted over the media,
    and not... letting it catch my thought and carry it away.
    "One God" thought turns us, corrects and aligns us to harmonious thought, instantly.

  77. Wow!
    Yes! I am grateful for Mark's simple yet powerful Lift
    for all the supportive comments that follow.
    What a community we are!

  78. Perfect responses,...thank you Mark.

  79. This is a fundamental, powerful truth, Mark----thank you!

  80. ThankYou !!!! Oneness is all there is !!! Realy Inspiring !!!

  81. Thank you for this very basic and important reminder of our relationship with God. It fits so well with this week's Bible Lesson!

  82. Thanks Mark just what I needed to hear today.

  83. I always love reading through the comments...it’s so nice to see how people can grab an idea from the Daily Lift and then go forward with it all through the day! Oneness with God has always been so helpful for me. While man and God certainly are distinct, we constantly share an impermeable oneness with God. Every quality of divinity shines in us and through us--and nothing can hide our eyes to it or change it, even a little!

  84. Thanks Mark for the great Lift today!

    We can all sing hymn #135,

    "I know no life divided, O Lord of life, from Thee;
    In Thee is life provided, For all mankind and me:
    I know no death O Father, Because I live in Thee;
    Thy life it is that frees us, From death eternally."

  85. THANKS! I appreciated the message and thoroughly enjoyed the singing/music at the end...it is so peaceful and filled with love! THANK YOU!!!!

  86. Thank you.Declaring our "oneness" with God each morning sets our thinking on the right path before false beliefs get a chance to invade consciousness.Oneness is a very powerful truth.Thank you again for this excellent reminder.

  87. Lenore from Lakewood,Ohio.....thank you for this message today. As we pray for our neighbors in Chardon, Ohio I am strenghthened by the message from the Superintendent of Chardon schools when he told the parents to go home and hug their children.....don't text or call them!! Yes, God is working his plan out through him. For those of you not familiar with this story, I am referring to the young man who took a gun to school and shot 5 students.....killing three of them. Please keep the families of Chardon in your prayers.

  88. I love this powerful lift! Especially the mighty and meek tone of "growing in our knowing of our oneness with God" that enables us to see that God's oneness and allness precludes any claim of separation from the one infinite God, good and His/Her infinite manifestation, whether it's called illness, lack or any other misunderstanding. It gives us such a firm, reliable foundation for overcoming the claims of evil with the true claims (laws) of infinite good!

    This daily lift reminded me of Mary Baker Eddy's brief comments in her Miscellaneous Writings p. 255, where she writes "Man is not equal to his Maker. That which is formed is not cause, but effect; and has no underived power. But it is possible, and dutiful, to throw the weight of thought and action on the side of right, and to be thus lifted up."

    "Man should be found not claiming equality with, but growing into, that altitude of Mind which was in Christ
    Jesus. He should comprehend, in divine Science, a recognition of what the apostle meant when he said:
    "The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: and if children, then heirs;
    heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ."

    I'm so grateful for the power & teachings of Christ, demonstrated in the lives of Jesus, Mrs. Eddy & every genuine follower & spiritual embodiment of universal Love. Thanks, Mark, for sharing a perfect model of a daily lift; we can see that it unfolds the why & how we are always part of that lifting blessing all

  89. The Spiritual Essence of Truth shines in this heartfelt lift to take responsibility for being this ONENESS with the Christ, and to acknowledge this in all of our actions this day, no matter what it may seem is out there, and ofr us to know, and believe and find the untiy of the bundeling and holding of our flock, with our one , true Shepherd, who shows us our well lit path with these lifts each day.

    How blessed we are to acknowledge this Christian Science, to acknowledge Mary Baker Eddy, to acknowledge our forever flock, and our nano - second by nano -second blessings falling all aorund us such as all who make these lessages from Truth available to us each day, and to acknowledge The Christ Is Here. .

  90. Oneness as more than closeness and handling the belief of two-ness is a wake-up call for me today. Thank you.

  91. Muy agradecida Mark por tu simple , profundo y sanador Daily Lift !!! UNO, no dos es la Clave para lograr cualquier demostración. Todo es UNO, un Amor, una Vida, una Inteligencia universal, y todos somos Uno con El y en El . Una totalidad Infinita .
    El UNO abarca todo lo que existe , es Causa y Efecto , Alfa y Omega, Principio y Fin .

    ' Las Escrituras, desde el Génesis hasta el Apocalipsis, dan la nota tónica de la Ciencia Cristiana, y éste es el tono prolongado: " Pues Jehová es Dios, y no hay otro fuera de El" ( Esc.Misc.p.366)
    "OYE, ISRAEL : JEHOVÁ NUESTRO DIOS, JEHOVÁ UNO ES " ... En razón de Su totalidad El debe bendecir a todos con Su propia verdad y amor.' Mary Baker Eddy ( Misc.p 280)

    Agradezco los inspirados comentarios previos . Una especial gratitud a Nelly - que de continuo agradece y manifiesta bellas ideas , aunque como ha dicho - no entiende en perfección el inglés.
    Sin embargo, nunca le falta inspiración ni gratitud para con los Lift diarios .

    Mi agradecimiento tb al equipo que hace posible lleguen estos mensajes sanadores x todo el mundo y la música que los acompaña .

    Un abrazo grande y mucho Amor reflejado en todos, Ma. Cristy

  92. Thank you all.

  93. I love where Mrs. Eddy says, "Principle and its idea is one." Is, not are. Now we know that she did not make grammatical mistakes so therefore we certainly are inseparably one. ( Sand H p.465:17).

  94. Cela est la clef des Ecritures : le Un et le Tout de Dieu, être Un avec (en) notre Père ou Christ. Cela nous redonne notre perfection et l'Erreur disparaît. Nous sommes sauvés. Nous devenons enfants de Dieu. Il n'y a pas de plus grand message. Merci à Mary Baker EDDY pour la révélation et à Mark pour le rappel. De l'amour pour tous. That is the Key to the Scriptures : God's Oneness and Allness, to be One with(in) our Father or Christ. It gives us our perfection again and the Error disappear. We are saved. We become God's children. There is no greater message. Thanks to mary Baker EDDY for the Revelation and to Mark for the reminder. Love to all.

  95. Thank You. Knowing my onenes with God gives us total freedom and discovering our completeness.with

  96. Si Yu'us ma ase (translates in Guamanian from Guam)...Thank you God!! And thank you Mark for that inspiring lift. I feel so blessed this morning listening to your message and having a terrific "lift". This week's lesson on "Man" reminds me in part what Mrs. Eddy says in Science & Health..."man is coexistent and coeternal with that Mind, God. Mind can never be in man, but is reflected by man". We truly are at one with our Father-Mother God and inseparable. How wonderful it is to feel God's closeness and eternal presence in our daily life.
    Have a blessed day everyone!!!

  97. Just before bedtime last night, I was led to research "oneness" using the online trial version of CONCORD. Inspiration continued to flow throughout the night. You can imagine my delight this afternoon when seeing your Daily Lift topic. A couple of thoughts from last night's research:

    "to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in Him" -- I Corinthians 8:6

    "From the infinite one in Christian Science comes one Principle and its infinite idea, and with this infinitude come spiritual rules, laws, and their demonstration, which like the great Giver, are 'the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.'" -- S&H p.112

  98. Thankyou Mark, for the pure golden "lift" of pure Christian Science Truth.

  99. Thank you for this idea and reminder of Oneness. I consider myself a practicing student of Christian Science who can stay with the Truth pretty consistently but I felt challenged and drawn in today by the events that happened at Chardon High School this week. I was raised 6 miles away as a child and young person so it hit close to home. But later today after I closed my eyes for a few minutes rest, I suddenly awoke with the thought that said "There is no life, truth,intelligence nor substance in matter." this is the first sentence of The Scientific Statement of Being given by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. So it came clearly to me, how could i be sad if life really is spiritual and thus continuous as the statement goes on to say. With that, the heavy feeling lifted and I felt assured that indeed those dear young students are very much continuing onward, that real life will never be cut short. I am grateful that I have the understanding of Christian Science to guide my family and I. I do not hesitate to share it with others.

  100. Yes!!! One with God... thank you, We needed this thought today.

  101. Mark, thank you so much. Just loved that comforting and powerful idea. Now it is the time to manifest it in every challenge.

  102. Thank you, I needed to hear that!

  103. Still love your story about loving your dishwashing job, after nine months! :-) Immediate blessing! No separation from the Love of God! Thanks Mark for all the good you express!

  104. Thank you so much Mark. All All is well.

  105. Here's the poem as I was taught it:
    I am the place where God shines through
    For He and I are one not two.
    He wants me as and where I am
    No need to will or fret or plan.
    If I'll just be relaxed and free,
    He'll work out His pland through me. The chiildren and I prayed this everynight before going to sleep and although I am not a small person any more I love this poem which comes to mind whenever I am tempted to believe I am separated from Father/Mother God. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  106. Well, I am a bit late in reading this, but not too late to say, Thank you, Mark, for the reminder.of our oneness with God.

  107. Dear Mark,

    Thank you very much. Expressing the Infinite Oneness, what a gift, what an honor! God has chosen..He is the One. We reflect His Light. Jesus our Master shows the way as we feel the Christ. And thank you God for Mrs. Eddy and her faithful followers.

    Precious Follower

  108. Below is the poem you are looking for, Nancy. I love it too! And Mark, thank you for that great lift! It was wonderful hearing you and all the other amazing speakers at Church Alive Orlando. Thank God for the inspiration that made it possible.

    I am the place where God shines through; for he and I are one, not two.
    He wants me where, and as I am;
    I need not will, or fret, or plan.
    If I’ll just be relaxed and free;
    He’ll carry out his plan through me.

  109. Dear Mark,

    Thank you so much for this grand lift...it's so consistent with (and supportive of) this week's Bible Lesson. I've had wonderful progress over the past couple of years in understanding that even places are not separate. There's only one place! It's HeavenAtHand. I made that into one word because there's no separation between us and Heaven! This new sense of "only one place" has empowered and comforted me greatly during an extended time when my various purposes seem to be in different locales. I'm learning that God is planting me assuredly in the land (the reality of Spirit) and leading me with gentle and good ideas. Your Lift helped me!

  110. Thank you, Mark! I love the "Who Shall Separate Us ..." question. Forces us to think!

  111. This comforting message is just what I needed. I will carry it with me for the remainder of the day. Thank you.

  112. Thank you Mark Swinney for that solid thought. I spent one month in yoga study in Vietnam. The yoga philosophy has another way of saying this same idea and it is called the attainment of Atman or the highest self within one's self which brings unity with God or Brahman; Brahman being the highest concept of the Creator or God that man can express. This brings unity with God and self, oneness, and duality is lost. When we claim body, mind as our identity this causes ego and duality or separation from God. To go beyond individual body and mind to unity is the goal.
    What a wonderful feeling when we can get a taste of that unity and live each moment as though it were for God or said in a more tangible and doable way: to choose and express highest thoughts and best action brings wholeness and brings us closer to God's high purpose for mankind-peace, love and joy, strength and all good things. I am trying to put this all together and I feel such a fuller understanding of the question I used to wonder, " What is prayer?" As you have said, " Choosing and expressing highest thought and action is prayer in motion. That brings oneness with God.
    I love this opportunity for expression of ideas as it helps me to articulate and understand further what is being offered in these wonderful lifts. Again, thank you.

  113. Thank you for being there for us. Oneness is healing - I pray to understand this in depth.

  114. THANK YOU! the message is timeless!

  115. Thank you so much Mark for the inspiring and comforting lift.

  116. For Lori: I have ;looked everywhere for the Poem you mentioned...Unfailing Grace by Eleanor Buser Sentinel Oct. 21, 1996 without results. Could you print it out for us?

    Daily Lift Team:
    This poem was printed in the Christian Science Sentinel dated October 21, 1996 and it is on page 17.

    Unfailing grace
    by Eleanor Buser

    I am in God's embrace --
    I cannot fall or slip out of it.
    I cannot be moved or tossed about.
    No matter where I am
    or what I face
    I'll stay within Love's warm embrace.

  117. You have a youtube channel?

    OfficialCSlectures is where you can find Christian Science lectures and video Daily Lifts on YouTube.

  118. I love this Lift, the Romans 8:35-39 reference, and also the comforting, "bring-me-back-to my-center" poem about "I am the place where God shines through.." Thank you ,Mark, and everyone who commented!
    I have done some Googling of the poem and found that the source is a Universalist poet, Charles Edwin Markham, American, born in the 1850's. The search was fun and I found that the poem's truths have a wide appeal across cultures and denominations.To me, that recognizes the fact that God's and man's unity is universal Truth.

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