2/28: Why and how we forgive

2/28: Why and how we forgive

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  1. Forgiveness isn't a human quality, but a divine one. It has its authority in the nature of an all-loving God. To forgive isn't simply to excuse, but to actively bear witness to the truth about man-the spiritual, real man. Forgiveness is the correcting of a lie about man. Thank you so much Charles for this enlightened Lift.

  2. Welcome to the Lift Charles and thank you for this wonderful treatment this morning ♥
    Your gentle, compassionate and melodious voice feel like a panoply of Love being draped around my shoulders.
    I am so grateful for this insight, I listened several times before commenying, invaluanble!

  3. Such a wonderful way to be able to forgive and instead just love the perfect idea.
    As a listened to this lift I experienced a sense of peace and joy.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

  4. Thank you very much for this enriching and enlightening Lift.

  5. A very nice eye-opening Lift. Always forgiving, its nice to actually have the act of forgiveness so nicely explained...hadn't thought of it that way. Very welcomed. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for this uplifted thought about Jesus and forgiveness. With the lesson this week on Christ Jesus, I've been thinking so much about his experience on this earth and what he taught and demonstrated for us. His patience and humility through all his interactions and trials, including the crucifixion, are so inspiring. When we are put in a challenging situation, how do we react? Does personal ego get in the way of reflecting the Christ and therefore make us stubborn, willful, or blind to the Truth? Does it make it hard to forgive others and their actions?

    The idea Mr. Ferris shared, "We forgive because we love the other person so much, we want to see them free" was initially jarring. But what if I DON'T love the person and therefore don't want to forgive them? But he quickly answered that - we do this because we love GOD and the truth so much. Wow! It's not a matter of personal sense, but due to our love of God that we must (and can!) forgive and love His children, our brothers and sisters. What a fresh and inspiring approach - thanks!!

  7. Thank you, Charles. This is truly an answer to my long-held prayer about how and why to forgive.

  8. So beautiful thank you sooo much

  9. Thank you Charles for this helpful insight into forgiveness.

    Paul needed the forgiveness of those early Christians that he was persecuting and the question that came to him from the Christ -- why do you persecute me? -- is a question we can all ask ourselves . I think of this question as Why am I accepting the evidence of matter and thereby rejecting (persecuting) my own sense of my Christ-like nature?

    I once heard it said that true forgiveness meant to "give up" our debts to matter because we have none, and that the first person that we need to forgive is ourselves before we "pull out the mote"
    out of our brother's eye (Luke 6:42)

    I do like to think of forgiveness as giving up the idea that there is a link between matter and the child of God who needs to put something right in their lives. This is separating man from matter and thereby helping that person to establish his or her true identity in God which never needs forgiveness,

  10. Just lovely. Thank you for this powerful insight.

  11. What an uplifting message. Thank you, Charles! Herzlichen Dank!

  12. Good Charles! Jesus said that we cannot be forgiven until we forgive. It can be very hard, or humanly impossible to forgive sometimes. It may take a miracle. But God is good at that! The Father God loves and forgives the entire human race. We can live with His Holy Spirit in our hearts. If we can make His view more important to us than our view, He can work His miracle in us. He does it; we don't. It can only work when God is the only Source of all action. One Source. That's Jesus' secret, and the El Dorado of Christian Science.

    I will add to that. When we forgive, someone is set free. And when we do it, it turns out to be us! We are freed from victimhood and the accompanying resentment that is the cause of us hurting others. The cause of our own sin disappears when we forgive those who injured us, and for the first time we see what it is we need to be forgiven for ourselves!

    While waiting to receive this miracle, we can know that the person who frustrates us is God's treasured child and He is sending waves of golden light of His love onto them as well as us. It kind of makes it a little bit hard to suffer when you think of it that way! ☺ All glory to the sovereign true God!

  13. I'm back. Just listened to your audio lecture on the 10 Commandments and the Daily Prayer. Many "gentle gems" and the comments afterwards were very enlightening.l Thank you so much

  14. To forgive or give for... (inverting the word ) is an act of love, is giving the person the opportunity of being free from offense.

    This thinking frees us too at the same time because we don't take it in either. We wouldn't want to harbor anybody's guilt, would we?

    How about forgiving a stranger? Jesus did that for us when he begged God: "forgive them, Father for they know not what they do"? Luke 23:34

    When we take that guilt away from our neighbor we need to fill the blank space with all the good that God has established as the eternal nature and activity of man.

    Perdonar o per-donar, o simplemente, donar o dar..., es darle a la persona la oportunidad de estar libre de ofensa.

    Esta manera de pensar nos libera a nosotros también porque no nos quedamos con la culpa. ¿No quisiéramos guardarnos la culpa de otro, verdad?

    ¿Qué tal perdonar a un extraño? Jesús hizo eso cuando le rogó a Dios: "Padre, perdónalos, porque no saben lo que hacen" Lucas 23:34

    Cuando le quitamos esa culpa a nuestro prójimo necesitamos llenar ese espacio vacío con todo el bien que Dios ha establecido como la naturaleza y actividad eterna del hombre.

  15. What a special treat. Thank you, Charles. Your gentle but firm affirmation about forgiveness gives us much thought to put into practice.

  16. Thank You Charles - Divine Love over All

  17. This forgiving is so beautifully expanded Mr. Ferris - and Lauren #6 reiterates we forgive because we love God. Sometimes there is a scam, or fraud - and what to do legally? Even MBEddy had many years of trial and tribulations, so somehow corrections come about in surprising ways yet maybe not known. I'm thinking of all the real estate and bank frauds over the last few years, and many innocent people have lost, so it seems, so much of their life savings.
    Still, to lovingly pray deeply with God's love for us all, and to be guided to forgive and act with wisdom. Thank you for giving us some powerful thoughts to ponder with healing.

  18. Thank you so much Charles. Your message was just exactly what I needed to hear today. When we see man as Jesus saw man, the perfect man, and love that true man, there is actually nothing to forgive. Because we love that individual so much we long to see them free of the imposition or the offense that suggests they are bound by a sense of life in matter and to realize God is the only LIfe which corrects the belief that man lives in, and dies out of matter. "For Love alone is Life; (from Hymn 30 by MBE)

  19. Good to hear from you George on the subject of forgiveness. So important! Thanks Ann K.

  20. Many thanks Charles for showing us a fresh way of viewing forgiveness, - to put something in place of the offense, namely: "What God [divine Love] has established as the eternal nature and activity of man." "We, now redeemed through Love, return to Zion,/ Singing to Thee our deeply grateful praise;/ For we are Christ's, and Christ is Thine, O Father:/ His joy remains in us through endless days." (Christian Science Hymnal #356).

  21. I can never get enough on this subject. So grateful to you, Charles. So grateful for these Lifts.

  22. This is so helpful. Thank you.

  23. Thank you Charles, a first class Daily Lift, and spoken from the heart ..... and as if you're right here in the same room. More please!

  24. Beautiful, thank you, my friend.

  25. Thank you.

  26. Thank you so much! How important is this comprehension to our journey of progress!

  27. Thank you so very much for this wonderful Lift. There is so much to reflect on.

  28. Thank you so much, dear Charles, you're giving a lot along with this Daily Lift. Big hug from Germany!

  29. Forgiveness - the correction of a lie about man, - Thank you Charles, for this reminder and
    I am grateful for this Daily Lift and would like more reminders on this subject.
    Thank you today for this powerful lift. Sarah Lynn x

  30. Thank you, I love that explanation of forgiveness.

  31. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you

  32. Thank you so much for sharing a beautiful message.

  33. thank you for this marvellously profound and loving message.It is a great lesson that i shall try and practice always.Forgiveness can be hard sometimes if it is to be really sincere. Give for Love,give for Truth,give for Life.
    thank you Charles.

  34. Dear Charles, Thank you for this powerful and clear daily lift. You given me some new thoughts to think about and, in conjunction with this week's lesson, it's a perfect fit! Thank you for your loving us all enough to share this clear message today. Hugs from St. Louis!

  35. Thank you!

  36. Forgiving is such a healing treatment. The beauty is that it works two ways. You can not forgive someone else without being harmoniously affected yourself. Forgiving is circular. Someone wrote that you can not put perfume on someone else without some getting on you. Thank you so very much Charles.

  37. Porque y como olvidar, si nuestra tarea esta bien hecha no es necesario perdonar, por lo tanto, ni siquiera hay nada para olvidar, no hay memoria en el error, por lo tanto no la hay en nosotros, porque en nosotros solo hay realidad, pura que no ofende ni se ofende, bajo ninguna circunstancia.

    "Aquello que fue, ya es; y lo que ha de ser, fue ya, y Dios restaura lo que pasó" Eclesiastés

    Entonces, ¿donde está el rencor que no perdona? No está... porque nunca fue, ni tampoco puede ser; porque ya ha sido restaurado, antes de dar a luz. Porque esa es la autentica realidad, la premisa verdadera, que no hay nada que perdonar, porque el rencor...no es de Dios, por lo tanto tampoco nuestro. Podemos decir, que la necesidad de perdonar, no es de Dios.

    "No tenemos esperanza más grande, que el pensar correctamente y el actuar correctamente" MBE

    Y eso no es solo una esperanza, es una realidad aquí y ahora, porque aquí y ahora podemos llevar a cabo esa bella tarea que conlleva en si misma la verdad, que hace imnecesario el perdón, porque el Amor lo sepulta en el olvido.

    Muchas gracias Charles, por recordarnos la importancia, de mantenernos firmes en la Verdad.

  38. I'm so grateful to learn what forgiveness really is!
    Once again Charles thank you for this wonderful lesson.

  39. Thank you so much Charles! I've thought a lot about forgiveness and some ideas have brought me further. And this Daily Lift is complete.

  40. Someone once wrote that forgiving is like releasing a prisoner and realizing that the prisoner is you. Sometimes we think we just don't have it in us to forgive, but we are wrong. We do have it in ourselves because our substance is Love, and Mind, and all good right there ready to be expressed. It should be noted that Jesus didn't say "I forgive you" but "Father, forgive them." Which shows that it's the Christ doing the work, that very Christ we all reflect. And healing comes on the wings of divine Love--healing for the forgiven and the forgiver.

  41. Thank you for this....the perfect message so needed this morning before work, after difficulty with collegues....now, looking forward to seeing the demonstration of the Divine understanding unfold, since the error is lifted in my own thinking; a sense of a new day. Thank you.

  42. Thank you!

  43. Dear Charles, Thank you so much for the gentle and powerful treatment this morning. This is also a reminder to forgive ourselves if we feel we haven't been as kind to others as we could be. With true forgiveness we can wipe the slate clean and start new. Aloha Nui Loa

  44. How grateful I am for your wonderful service to all. Your thoughts are always just what we need,
    and wonderfully put together. How can we not go forward with these wonderful Truths.!

  45. Charles, your comments are so profound and so powerful. I love the idea to invert forgive to "give for." Could we possibly love our fellow man more than to see the man of God's creating right where the mortal sinner appears to mortals? A VERY effective Lift this morning. Thank you.

  46. Thank you so much, Mr Ferris, for this Daily Lift. Welcome to Your Daily Lift podcast, I'm a little more than a little surprised to hear from you because I've been studying your article, "There is just one man," from the Christian Science Journal, June 2011. I seem to have spent much of my time over the past years forgiving others, and myself as much as anyone, for errors and omissions. It came to me very clearly that the only thing to do was "to put the best robe on them", the ring on their finger, and the sandals on their feet, and to be so grateful they have shown me the way to forgiveness. Healing spiritually must surely be all about forgiveness. To wash clean, to baptise, and to thank you for a wonderful week of Healing Lifts, Nate and the team. With many thanks too, to the Lifters.

  47. So deep, clear and especially helpful with all the world news. Thank you....

  48. "Forgive - to give for! To put something in place of the offense... what God has established as the eternal nature and activity of man..." Thank you, Charles, for this beautiful, healing message and to the Board of Lectureship, Daily Lift staff, and all contributors for blessings immeasurable.

  49. This helped me today, and I am so grateful for that!

  50. Dear Charles,
    Thank you as always! It was wonderful to hear you explain forgiveness .
    Chardie Hull

  51. Thank you Charles for this message. I continue to struggle with forgiveness. This has helped me along with the comments from Nancy #38. It sinks in more when I realize I am not doing the work of forgiving, "forgive them Father". Understanding that I have released the petition through prayer and the work is done not by me, but by God, I no longer have to carry the burden of unforgiveness.

  52. Anna - New Jersey
    Wonderful to hear from Mr. Ferris - we've missed you! Thank you for the reminder about forgiveness,
    and for the idea of changing the word for added blessing.

  53. An amazing Daily Lift -- thank you!
    All boils down to LOVE, God's amazing love.

  54. What a thought provoking message especially the reversal of forgive to give for - give something in place of the offense because we are motivated by love - love for the offender and love for God. I'm also grateful for the link to the lecture, "The preventive and curative nature of the commandments." It was so inspiring and full of some fresh ideas, at least to me, in your detailed explanation of the The Commandments. One in particular that stood out to me was in taking in vain as doubting God and His abilities. Thanks so much, Charles, for both of these uplifting and informative messages.

  55. How beautifully expressed, and so important. Thank you very much.

  56. Beautiful and perfect. As Truth and Love always are. Thank you Charles.

  57. Thank you, dear Charles, and Welcome to Our Daily Lift! Wonderful to hear that our Loving Others comes from our Loving God. I thought of something Jesus said (paraphrasing a bit): "If you say you love God whom you haven't see, how can you not love your brother whom you have seen?" We're always responsible for what's in our own heart/thought. We're always the one who needs to love and forgive -then we leave the outcome to God. Looking forward to listening to your Lecture! What a Wonderful week of Lifts and a Wonderful Bible Lesson on Christ Jesus and his mission of Love!

  58. Thanks, Charles, for an inspiring thought about forgiving.

  59. I feel a great power in this humble, gentle message. Thank you Charles. I feel a lift!

  60. This is so timely for me, and apparently for so many others responding. It occurred to me the other day that I could have saved myself much misery by immediately following Jesus' direction to pray for those who have injured me, instead of resenting them. After all, a desire or need to hurt others is an affliction, just as much as any other dis-ease is. I don't resent people when they are sick with a seemingly physical malady; I pray for them. When someone is suffering from jealousy or meanness, when they are wracked by a lack of generosity or kindness, don't they need healing rather than condemnation? Thank you for giving me the answer. Give love for hate, give truth for error. That will heal us both and the entire situation.

  61. What a joy to have this beautiful reminder this morning. To turn thought to GIVE FOR another when material mind would suggest something else. Thank you for this uplifting thought today Charles!

  62. Thank you Charles for this very important message.
    Forgiveness means to free ourselves from being
    unhappy. Error would try to make one think that they
    are happy in not forgiving, however it is the opposite
    way. As long as we do not forgive we are unhappy.
    Thanks and blessings to all.

  63. God SO has perfect planning and timing! Just yesterday I was working with this part of the Lord's Prayer, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors," and the idea that to forgive means literally "give for, or in place of," gives way to the notion that we have to give something in place of a debtor before we find something in place of our debts. And the spiritual interpretation of the scripture given in the Christian Science textbook explains it: "Love is reflected in love." So we must give love in place of our debtors and we will find love in place of our debts. Thank you SO much, Charles, for elucidating forgiveness as the eternal nature and activity of man!

  64. WONDERFUL !!!! Thank you ! :-)

  65. Dear Charles Ferris, I'm deeply grateful to hear your voice and your healing thoughts.

  66. Wonderful. I will share this lovely lift today.

  67. A definite keeper! Thank you so much, Mr. Ferris!

  68. Thank you Mr Ferris for that wonderful Lift. I love the idea of reversing the word and making it into "give for"! Thanks also to #35 Almenia - love the idea of forgiveness being circular! So helpful!
    Judith from Reno NV

  69. Ah dear Charles! To hear your voice is a LIFT! And to think of GIVING in the exercise of forgiveness is just what we need! Thanks and big hugs!

  70. Forgiveness––such a healing balm. Thank you, especially this is just what I need today, but didn't even know I needed it. This reminds me of what Mary Baker Eddy says in her article "Love Your Enemies:" "Who is thine enemy that thou shouldst love him? Is it a creature or a thing outside thine own creation?
    Can you see an enemy, except you first formulate this enemy and then look upon the object of your own conception?" Good thoughts for pondering. There is no enemy "out there," only our misconceptions to forgive.

  71. Thank you Mr. Ferris for reminding me of how important it is to forgive those who have offended me. God is giving each one of us freedom to love, so I can let go of any hurt.

  72. What a beautiful message dear Charles emphasized by your calm deliverance that reached the depth of my being. Thank you in gratitude.

  73. This lift is powerful and profound, and such a welcome instruction. With one word we can disengage from so many complex feelings and destructive ideas. Today I feel the power of Gods love and divine intervention in such a profound way. It is the truth that sets us free. Thank you so much Mr. Ferris for you loving example and true understanding.

  74. A wise CS practitioner once said, "If it's bad it not real, if it's good it's real." We travel light if we only take the good stuff with us, no matter by what name it is called.

  75. What a beautiful message dear Charles, emphasized by your calm deliverance. It reached the core of my being. Thank you in gratifude.

  76. Thank you, Charles, for your thoughtful, sincere and oh so gentle guidance on this important need we all have. I have step by step over many years been seeking to forgive someone I had respected and admired for disappointing me, and each time he came to thought these many years, I made some progress. Now your explanation makes it feel so natural.

  77. Thanks Charles for such insightful thought. It helps me reflect on the need to surrender deeper into prayer and to forgive all distractions Ive allowed getting on the way of doing so.

  78. Thank you, what a gift for today.

  79. What a blessing that we love the other person so much that we desire to see the other person as free. We love God. We love others. And dearest Charles, we love you!

  80. What a beautiful message that sent me right to our Hymn 49/50! It will be with me all day. Love, Marie(50)

    C. Hubert H. Parry

    Dear Lord and Father of us all,Forgive our foolish ways;Reclothe us in our rightful mind;In purer lives Thy service find,In deeper reverence, praise.

    In simple trust like theirs who heard,Beside the Syrian sea,The gracious calling of the Lord,Let us, like them, without a wordRise up and follow thee.

  81. Thank you Mr. Ferris and thanks to everyone for sharing. This left has brought forth such lovely comments and is such an important topic. thanks DL team for putting these one.

  82. Thank you so much Charles! As I drove my two boys to school today we listened to the lift and had a meaningful discussion afterwards. The message of love and forgiveness is so right on and so important as followers of the Christ truth. Great to hear your voice!

  83. My prayers of the last week have been answered by this Lift.

    Satisfaction is everyone's birthright..it's innate, part of our complete identity in Soul. No one needs to encroach on another, be dependent on another, or put another person down (whether openly or sneakily) in order to raise their own brand. So "when offenses come" I'm finding it helpful to resort to that Truth...everyone's satisfaction in Soul and in their own unique loveability. Everyone's real completeness by reflection.

    Do we imagine that God doesn't have enough to go around? He supplies and promotes and cares for every single one of us, married or single, Jew or Greek, rich or poor (to human sense). Love is All-in-All. Charles, thanks for filling my cup today and showing me how to pray for "enemies" -- any hurting ones who seem to want to harm others. I think this is what was meant by giving a man your cloak when he sues you for your coat. The cloak is the Christly care--right identification--that will fill any voids and help that one on their way with a better sense of wholeness, of being loved and cared for. The Comforter. I'll be back to read all the comments, and thanks for all the great ones so far.

  84. I love this new perspective of, forgiveness, TO GIVE FOR. When I thought about it, it made sense. For every hateful attitude toward my self, I, instead of being hurt, I turn the other cheek, I give 70 x 7 forgiveness. It's much like paying some one for a product, to be able to not give back revenge, but made to practice the forgiveness that Jesus taught us to do in his Sermon on the Mount.

  85. Thank you for this wonderful lift

  86. Wow, M.B.E. said that we must love more, and how to do it? By forgiving. An employee once said of her supervisor, that he's "very forgiving." We can all be that. A great D.L.

  87. What a grand way to start the day. My thanks for this lovely lift and for all your contributions to the Christian Science movement. Karen

  88. Thank you Mr. Ferris for sharing those lovely, beautiful thoughts!

  89. Just great!! I love 'give for', replace the offense with something else, with love. I had so much to forgive in ,my live. It seemed very hard at times, but it also made me free. I could shake off the dust from my shoes.
    Thank you very much for this really lifting lift.

  90. This Daily Lift could not have come at a better time ! Yesterday, in anger, I made a very unkind remark about a family member that I feel has wronged me. Today, God has spoken clearly to me (through your wondeful message) and I will pray to know the truth about this situation and my family member, who is also God's perfect reflection. Thank you, Charles !

  91. Charles what a loving reminder that
    LOVE is HEALING under dire
    circumstances ALWAYS!

  92. Thank you, Charles, for these beautiful thoughts on forgiveness.

  93. Thank you so much, Charles and all commenters, especially #12 Dave, #60 Violet, and #81. This gentle, loving, powerful idea of forgiveness is so perfectly applicable to everything we read in the CSMonitor that suggests that man is unlike our loving, caring, truthful Father-Mother God or separated from good. And so helpful for watching thoughts in my mental home to be sure that I'm identifying myself and everyone I think of today with God.

  94. Yes, we love the other person so much that we desire to see them free as they and we are created by a loving God. Thank you!

  95. Thank you Mr. Ferris for these fresh insights to forgiveness. It reminds me that to truly forgive is to be able to forget any offense laid at our doorstep, this has to be true forgiveness.

  96. This was absolutely beautiful, and so inspiring. I LOVE your explanation of the word "forgive". I've never thought of it quite like that before. Thank you so much for sharing...would love to hear more from you!

  97. I, too, have to associate with one of God's perfect children who loves to irritate me to no end sometimes. This lift has really given me a powerful way to respond in my thinking every time the situation happens. What a perfect ending to the lift week. I am so grateful. Have a forgivable time everyone. I'm going to.

  98. Thank you for this gift Charles.

  99. To forgive is to release a prisoner, and then realize that the prisoner was you.

  100. Here's a testimony:

    When I was about 14 years old, I had an admirer. He had the nicest green eyes, dark hair, dark eyelashes, and we shared some interests. One day, we met up at the ice rink, along with other friends, and we skated around the rink together, even holding hands during the "couples skate." We also skated on our own. But then I noticed that he was holding hands with my best friend. I felt devastated...and even worse, very jealous.

    But then I made an excellent decision: I went up high in the bleachers beside the rink and started to pray with all my heart. I had an instantaneous healing, and my joy was back. I just kept skating happily, as I remember it. I didn't feel possessive, and I somehow just completely forgave them both. I think I knew somehow that making this demonstration was the best "possession" of all.

    Many years later, I was the matron-of-honor at my friend's wedding, and we're still close. Thank you, Christian Science Sunday School.

  101. Dear Charles, you have helped me to take another forward step in learning how to forgive, which I so want to do. I want to feel that peace of Mind which passeth all understanding and I believe that forgiveness plays a big part in finding that Peace. Thank you so much for helping me to find the way to do this. Beautiful and very helpful thoughts.

  102. Thank you, thank you, Charles!! This activity of forgivenes diminishes to zero the offense, the reaction to it and any ongoing struggle. What a great way to put erroneous beliefs in the correct category of NOTHINGNESS!!! Now, I must live it. What an adventure. I am soooooo grateful for these Daily Lifts and many thanks to all involved in providing them and to those who take the time to comment.

  103. Yes, would be nice to hear more from you.

  104. Forgiveness: "...something put in place of the offense." Thank you so much for this important, helpful illumination of this crucial topic!

  105. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful messages our world needs; it starts with each of us. Thank you Charles for the spot on message!

  106. Charles, Thank you.

  107. Been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately, because of what 'appeared' to be ongoing rejection in my experience, so this message was very welcome and needed. Thank you very much, Charles, for your new, deeply thoughtful and refreshing ideas re true, real, eternally & practically lasting forgiving ..."giving for" forgiveness --- wonderful!

  108. Thank you, Charles, for this penetrating and powerful lift. Its divine weight comes from a life rich in contribution and consistency for the movement.

  109. Thank you for this healing Lift!

  110. I hope everyone hears this lecture as it blessed the seasoned church member as well as the newbie. Thanks Charles.

  111. Everybody read Nancy #40!

    "It should be noted that Jesus didn't say "I forgive you" but "Father, forgive them." [we can’t]

    [God heals] the forgiven and the forgiver."

    Violet #60 is really powerful.

  112. Thank you all so much- love the lift and comment one- we are seeing the truth about the person we are forgiving- now that is freeing! for us and them.

  113. Thank you so much

  114. That's incredible! I've just had a phone call with a friend where we talked about the importance of forgiveness when I opened my email box and found your lift. This is a powerful help in struggle with resentment and it is really a healing message. Thank you - I'm so grateful. Thanks also for all the comments :)

  115. One of the hardest things to do is to forgive ourselves! We need to forgive and forget completely any thought of self-hatred, self-punishment,self-put down. How can we say that we are not as good as others, that we do not deserve God's blessings, that others can't love us? How can we 'hate' this beautiful person that God loves so much?
    Sometimes a child reacts to an early-childhood trauma by feeling guilty. He hopes, almost sub-consciously, that by feeling guilty, he will reverse the outcome of the trauma.It is a defence mechanism.
    He needs to let go of the guilt and feel God's loving arms around him, holding him close, reassuring him of his goodness and perfection, because God made him so!
    We are not guilty!

  116. Charles, what a gift you gave us..
    Have just returned from vacation. The first day a fellow traveler jumped me with an aggressive accusation that took me by surprise. At night I prayed to hold to the fact she was loved, and I was loved. She only existed in my thought, and I wanted that thought to be of love. Today, for the first time, I am free of the thought of the onslaught and resentment. I am so grateful to be free.
    I appreciated your example of Jesus' thought of forgiveness that you gave. What an example to emulate. Thanks, Charles. Loved to hear your pure thought so penetrating and healing.

  117. Thanks, All. Perfect timing and wording for me. It seems to me that about all the healings I've experienced, witnessed, or heard or read about, involved tangible results of the previously unhappy person forgiving/loving and feeling forgiven/loved. It means rethinking, repenting, changing the way we think about ourselves, others, the world of cause and effect, and changing the way we choose, relate, and act. Each is for witnessing, sharing, for GIVING that grace/love/truth. The opportunities and growth for this keep on expanding our practice for giving, forgiving, loving, trusting the one Cause/Creator/Mind. Each interaction with a person or animal is a gift for loving and giving grace more and more, better and better, and knowing that that gift of love/grace/forgiveness is infinite and comes directly from God. Thank you, I keep needing reminders and support with this celebration of grace.

  118. Thank you for this tender message of loving forgiveness that outshines any offense. I very much appreciate that thought today.

  119. Thank you Charles for this eye opener! Forgiveness, now means to me, a replacement for the seeming false sense, the false thought, with truth, with our divine God sense! Thank you very much Charles. Greatly appreciated!

  120. Thank you so much Charles.

  121. Thanks for that wonderful explanatio about forgiveness. Geat to hear you again. Also thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.

  122. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much!!


  124. Thank you Mr. Ferris for such a profound explanation on why and how we forgive. Jesus' example of forgiveness is the ultimate one. I loved reading all the comments and find this venue so helpful and "uplifting". Thanks to everyone for sharing and to the Daily Lift team.

  125. Thank you for today's healing message.

  126. Thank you for this compassionate lift and for the responsive comments. The link to a recent lecture by Mr. Ferris is also appreciated- all most timely!

  127. Forgive is expression of Wisdom.....when "I" realize that holding something wrong in my mind

    separates me from Divine Mind, .....when "I" drop any wrong illusion opposing to the living Divine Love

    .........................................................when "I" choose to eliminate anything that refrains me from

    fully expressing my God given dominion.

    "I" say NO MORE to the dream of material history and resurrect into the Christ....Oneness with God.

    Love to you All.

  128. Charles, thank you so much for enriching the idea of forgiveness. I so needed this reminder today & God deliveries as always.

  129. Now it's Saturday morning, and I'd like to give profound thanks again to our dear lecturer, Charles, and to all commenters whose hearts were touched and who reached out to help us all on our journey Spirit-ward. Yesterday I had an opportunity to forgive someone in this way, and the outcome was totally harmonious. I will gratefully air this Lift on our local radio station, knowing it will bless to the whole community.

  130. Thank you Charles..yes, we have to learn how to forgive and what a guide we have enabling us to do this in our textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mrs Eddy. I often ponder her words where she writes "The warfare with ones self is grand" and wondered how that could be! but I can see now just what she means. We disarm error when we forgive and in that way we are at peace within ourselves and that surely must help others. It did just occur to me that in fact it isn't we who are doing the forgiving, it is coming directly from Divine principle whom we reflect, when we stop listening to mortal mind. Thank you to all the Lifters, every comment is so precious! Love to all -June M x

  131. To "give-for." To give purity, joy, love, caring in exchange for agitation, fear, resentment, feeling wronged! What a wonderful trade and the only solution.. Done through a solid understanding of our Father-Mother (love, Life, Mind) allows the heartfelt response, "Father forgive them, for they know what they do." Father, your love is all there is--all that I can possibly feel--and this true sense of God's presence and power transforms us and brings "peace and joy and power" into our entire life-experience. How powerful! How appropriate!

    Thank you, Kind Sir.

  132. Thank you, Charles, for this simple reminder. How easy it is to forget Jesus' eternal example of grace, "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do." In my first job out of college a woman in my firm would wait until the women's lounge was full at break time and then launch a tirade against Christian Science. My thinking was becoming a battlefield with this woman. On a Wed. night as I slid into a pew, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" came to thought. The mental battle ended, and I found a way to extend love to this woman without saying a word. Eventually, she was fired, and upon leaving recommended me to represent women in our industry. Our paths unexpectedly crossed and I thanked her. She said, "You were the only one I knew who could do it." It truly had nothing to do with me because I knew there were any number of women who might have been better qualified.

  133. Thank you soooo much, Charles. This is a lovely help
    I can use again and again. I'll try to write your ideas
    down soon and keep them always. Merci, mon 'tit!

  134. Thank you Charles for helping all to see that forgiveness is a special quality we can each express knowing the the forgiving comes from our father, mother God. Peacefully.

  135. Let me just say... THANK YOU for the most wonderful healing thoughts, delivered so gently. I could FEEL the love that inspired you Mr. Ferris. My deep gratitude for all that you have done and are still doing to llead people to healing and happiness.

  136. How sweet to hear and feel the warmth coming through your words, Mr. Ferris, rich and profound, yet with a simplicity of logic, affirming that the kingdom of God is at hand, for all..

  137. What a wonderful lift, thank you so much Charles. Can't wait to hear more from you, this is so very special just had to speak out to say how vital and loving your message is to me. And how special it is to have so many online Christian Science resources available that help me see others are working to try to stay on this only true path and I'm not alone. Thank you so much to the DL team. I also appreciate having Science and Health audio online.

  138. Thank you so much for this DL - forgiving = to put our thoughts about others in place! Greetings from Berlin, Germany

  139. So helpful. Thank you. (=

  140. Wow. Thank you all. Loved#70 Mary #127 Andre.

  141. Carol,Switzerland

    It's so wonderful, many, many thanks

  142. Forgiveness. God has put in place the eternal nature and activity of man.
    So beautifully and gently expressed. Charles a very special, "Thank you."
    Another keeper!

  143. One of my favorite lifts ever. Thank you, Mr. Ferris.

  144. What "peace to the struggling hearts" this lift brings. Deeply grateful.

    Daily Lift Team
    The quote above is from "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy.

  145. What wonderful light and wisdom on an endlessly important subject! Thank you and much love -

  146. Dear Charles.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring Daily Lift

    One humbly accepts The Commandment, to do it NOW!!!.

    How Blessed we all are to have this wonderful Science,

    Love in Christ


  147. Dear Charles,
    Thank you so much for your sharing of these beautiful and practical thoughts that help us turn towards a true sense of forgiveness. Spoken from the heart, your thoughts touch, chasten and heal the heart.
    With warmth,

  148. Thank you so much, Mr. Ferris, for the lovely way you told me to forgive!! I must love so much that there is no room for a reason to forgive!! I look forward to listening to your lecture also!!

  149. Thank you Charles. You teach us this new and old simple love's lesson.

  150. Dear Charles,
    thank you very, very much for your wonderful words they are full of inspiration, and I will think of them more deeply.
    Loving regards

  151. Dear Charles,
    Thank you for breaking down forgiveness and delving into the freedom that we can all understand and practice daily.
    Hugs to you!

  152. Thank you for this clear message. Sharon :-)

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