2/28: Tangle-free

2/28: Tangle-free

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  1. This is the passage that Linda quotes from today:

    "The divine method of paying sin's wages involves unwinding one's snarls, and learning from experience how to divide between sense and Soul." -Science and Health, p.240

  2. Great analogy for bringing out our spiritual identity!

  3. Thank you so much for this lift, Linda. What a great analogy for all of us, esp. children who like to fish! So comforting to know that when we are presented with the 'snarls' of life, God is always there supplying us with the ideas needed to 'unsnarl' ourselves. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks Linda just what I need at this time

  5. Thank you for such a clear and beautiful analogy!

  6. Thanks Linda, just what I needed to hear - I enjoy undoing tangles in wool, thread, rope etc but had never really stopped to consider properly the quote from Science & Health - I will look into it further.

  7. Dear Linda, what an insightful and encouraging message. Thank you. Its good to hear your voice again

  8. Good one Linda! Thank you! Have forwarded it to the family in Aus, following up on your recent lecture message!

  9. Thanks Linda, a most valuable reminder and freeing!

  10. Thank you for this helpful Lift.

  11. Peter Mark Thank you for this helpful message...

  12. Isn't it great that your grandson only experienced joy. His joy has inspired me for when I have untangling to do.

  13. I LIKE it Linda! A perfect analogy, easy to follow and one we can all apply to to life's seeming tangles.
    Thank you!

  14. Thank you, Linda. I love your remark about not needing to go anywhere else, that the line is already intact, just needing to be untangled. A good "wake up" call to be patient and stay with our untangling tasks. God is right where we are, guiding and protecting our efforts. Another thought: The untangling/"unwinding one's snarls" is like "Physician heal thyself." If we are to be "fishers of men" (encouraging each other in Good), we need to keep our lines untangled. As we work for ourselves in this way, we become more alert to how to overcome any claim against harmony or direct and immediate access to God/Good. And we don't have to go anywhere else but within God's goodness. Human solutions are at best, incomplete and temporary. "Lo, this only have I found, that God hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions." (Ecclesiastes 7:29) Thanks, again.

  15. Many Thanks Linda for reminding us that "Our thought is tangle free, and spiritual harmony reigns ." "From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me,/ From mist and shadow into Truth's clear day;/ the dawn of all things real is breaking o'er me,/ My heart is singing: I have found the way." (Christian Science Hymnal #64).

  16. We have so much to learn from little children, they learn easier than adults that meek perseverance helps us undo past mistakes.
    Kids’ willingness to follow the line of Truth helps them accomplish the desired task.
    Letting go of regrets and resentment is indispensable to go forward, and it doesn’t leave us depleted because “progress is the law of God” S&H 233:6
    “The divine method of paying sin's wages involves unwinding one's snarls, and learning from experience how to divide between sense
    and Soul” http://www.spirituality.com/dt/book_lookup.jhtml?reference=SH+240:27#jumpto
    Tenemos tanto que aprender de los niños pequeños, aprenden más fácil que los adultos que la perseverancia sumisa nos ayuda a deshacer los errores del pasado.
    La disposición de los niños a seguir la línea de la Verdad les ayuda a lograr su cometido.
    Dejar ir el remordimiento y el resentimiento es indispensable para avanzar, y no nos agota ya que "el progreso es la ley de Dios“ CyS 233:6
    “El método divino de saldar la paga del pecado consiste en desenmarañar nuestros enredos y aprender por experiencia a distinguir entre los sentidos y el Alma“ CyS 240:32

  17. Thank you.

  18. Thank you so much. I love the analogy with the fishingline, it's given me lots to think about today.

  19. HI - loved your lift today !!! I am not sure if you remember but a long while ago in South Africa we had that spray called "No-More-Tangles" and it was used on hair that tangled when washed and had some sort of substance in it that made the hair unable to attach itself to another hair and thus get tangled. When listening to your lift I was reminded of this and thought "what is the substance that stops "tangling" in our human lives" It is LOVE. That is our "No-More-Tangles" and it is ever-present and always active. So glad that your lift reminded me that I have a constant supply of "No-More-Tangles" !!!!

  20. Eliminate from mortal mind all offending error [entanglements] and the body cannot suffer from them. Thank you, Linda, for your enligtening, uplofting, and refreshing analogy.

  21. A lovely reminder of God's presence in times of need, thank you Linda..

  22. Just as #6 enjoys undoing tangles, I love solving knotty problems. What seemed impossible to begin with soon gives way to a whole length of line carefully wound, and ready to be cast into the dam or river or sea. During Class I learned "Christian Science. . . shows the scientific relation of man to God, disentangles the interlaced ambiguities of being, and sets free the imprisoned thought." Which in itself took patience and quiet perseverence to make my own.
    Thank you Linda, and thank you for your lecture at Margate. What a great afternoon! Thank you Nate and the crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the Lift family.

  23. Lovely Linda! So simple, but so effective. I'll be thinking of your LIFT while pruning the roses today and seeing the basic form beneath the tangled branches!

  24. Lovely!!!! I really enjoyed this inspiring Lift!

  25. I loved that, thank you. It was good to be reminded that the line is still intact. I love 19's reference to No-more-tangles being akin to divine Love.

  26. What a great LIFT! Thank you!

  27. Oh Linda how well I can relate to this analogy with thoughts of the times I had a snarled up line while fishing. Sometimes it took a great deal of thought, patience and desire to accomplish what I knew would eventually happen-a free line. Also it's wonderful to know that my "free line" to my Father-Mother-God is without snarls, limitations or anything but a helping, loving hand reaching out to me and all mankind.

    Thank you for this lift!!

  28. Thanks Linda, that was a lovely Lift, and good see all the support from South Africa. I am a great knitter and on many occasions have had to unwind tangled wool. Great patience is required and short cuts with a pair of scissors is not the answer! So it is with past mistakes.Each false belief needs to be corrected, or untangled, in thought and replaced with what is, and always has been true. Then the mistake vanishes into its native nothingness. Much love X

  29. Thankyou, fishing will never be the same.

  30. Lovely Linda! Your Lift is exactly what we needed today, what a healthy analogy and inspiring comments your Lift' has generated. Thanks Nate,loving your music introduction. Blessings.

  31. Thank you for this great Lift. Thanks to the Lifters.

  32. Thanks so much Linda for this superb lift. Your analogy was so practical especially for the events of my and my ffamily's lives right now. So looking forward to God's endless ideas to bring peace and harmony. I'm so grateful for the daily lift, it has become my international support group. What a blessing!

  33. Visualizing success = seeing past the tangles to the perfect outcome; God's perfect Man, God's perfect plan. Thank you Linda for painting a perfect picture this morning!

  34. Thank you for the refreshing message. I will listen again to come to the finish "line" that all is well and always was.

    Carol, USA

  35. Thank you for the thought that the line itself is all there. It just needs to be tangle-free.

  36. Loved it, a thought that will stay with me, thank you Linda.

  37. Thank You !!! :-)

  38. Hi Linda
    Your lecture in Queensland is still reverberating for us here and this lovely message reinforces the importance of nurturing the childlike thought. Thank you!

  39. ¡Gracias! Muy necesario.

  40. Untangling one's snarls is a progressive process -- step by step we learn what is needed for spiritual advancement, and as we see the good, we move on to the next step. Progress is a law of God.
    Thank you, Linda, for this morning message.

  41. Deshacer los enredos que nos atan al error debe ser nuestra premisa, no hay enredo ni tropiezo ya que nuestra senda es ancha y libre de obstáculos, naturalmente "Mirad que nadie os engañe por medio de filosofías y huecas sutilizas, según las tradiciones de los hombres,conforme a los rudimentos del mundo, y no según Cristo" Colosenses, 2:8
    "Dios no esta en el torbellino, El no es la fuerza ciega de un universo material" MBE
    Él convierte el caos en orden, desheredando la ambiguedad humana en conocimiento pleno de espiritualidad, por lo tanto no hay enredo sólo hay libertad, "En Cristo que nos fortalece" Filipenses

    Muchas gracias, thank you so much Linda.

  42. Great message, thank you!

  43. thank you!

  44. Il y a longtemps, quand j'étais institutrice, j'ai eu une élève très très timide, tellement effrayée qu'elle n'avait jamais parlé. Je ne savais donc pas si elle savait lire. Je redoublais d'efforts pour lui donner de l'amour et confiance en elle. Mais ce ne fut pas suffisant. Un jour, je pensai : "Venez à Moi, vous tous qui peinez, mon joug est léger. AVEC Dieu, tout est possible". I said :"Aujourd'hui, Christ est avec (en) nous, et elle va parler !" . Cette chère enfant parla et je sus qu'elle savait lire ! Nous devons faire confiance au Pouvoir de Dieu ! Nos pensées et capacités humaines ne sont pas assez bonnes. Chers frères et soeurs, je vous envoie beaucoup d'amour.

  45. I try to translate. Many years ago, when I was a teacher, I had a very, very shy pupil, so much afraid that she had never speak to nobody. So, I did not know if she was able to read. I gave many efforts to give her Love and self-reliance. But it was not sufficient. One day, I thought :"Come to Me, all of you, who toil, my yoke is light. With God, all is possible". I said : "Today, Christ is with (within) you, and she will speak to me !". This dear child, spoke and I knew she was able to read !! WE MUST TRUST IN GOD'S POWER ! Our human thoughts and capacities are not good enough. Dear sisters and brothers, I send much Love to you !

  46. Delightful analogy! Thank you, Linda! And Hooray for all the Aussie comments today! I have found that one of the "snarls" I have had to confront head on is the one labled "guilt". Somehow when I heard or read the words, "sin's wages" in Science and Health I was always catapulted back into "old theology" where the word "sin" brought up guilt and punishment. In fact, even Mrs. Eddy's free use of the word, "sin" has always been hard for me to understand. I am learning now that, yes, we do have to go back and confront our past and see where we have gotten off the path. We don't ignore things that need healing. But we don't have to dwell there! Once we see the "snarls" or words, thoughts and actions that need correcting, we are free to replace them with the healing Truth of our Being! Thank you so much for helping us all with the "untangling"! Much Love to All! XOXO!

  47. P.S. I also want to thank #20 for his coining of a new word - "uplofting"! It takes "uplifting" to a higher sense of not only rising, but flying high!

  48. Thank you Linda,
    I just love the idea of the line being perfectly whole, already there and spiritual harmony reigns ".God is the Life or intelligence, which forms and preserves the individuality and identity of animals as well as of men." Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy page 550

    This is so helpful today

  49. Thank you Linda and all who have shared. Thanks Nate for the page number. This message is also very helpful in praying about our dear world and all the so called troubled (or tangled) spots. Amen.

  50. What a great lift to start my day, thank you!

  51. Linda,
    Thanks so much to the wonderful "Lift"...as a fisherman...I have had the experiance of getting out the tangles...WONDERFUL to be reminded that GODS hand is theONLY un-tangleing force HIS children EVER NEED...!

  52. What a great quote for us today!
    The long water hose in our barn would usually need to be stretched out once a week, straightened and untwisted. If we ignored it, folds would appear and water flow would become a trickle or stop completely. We didn’t knowingly tangle it, but that’s alright, it was easy enough to straighten it.

    I notice that detangling goes much easier when some part is secured. Also, an extra hand is really helpful and turns what looks like a chore into shared fun and ultimate success. Something to this?

    Our real being is already secured as spiritual, harmonious, and useful. If we think we are not spiritual or things are not harmonious or that we are not useful, this tangled sense of things appears to be a need for detangling. However, the free flowing spiritual consciousness is already available to be expressed in our experience. The helping hand which includes success is Soul, God - “I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness” (Isaiah 41:10). Big helping hand!

  53. At first I thought this DL had nothing to do with me, but when I read #22, where they quoted MBE "disentangles the interlaced ambiguities of being" I realized it has everything to do with me. I have been praying about something, then my body tells me something different, then I pray again and back and forth until my thought is all tangled up. What I need to do more diligently is turn up the volume of my prayer and listen to what God tells me and turn off my talking body. Then I won't have my thoughts all tangled up and will be intuned to God good alone. No tangles there.

  54. This is great! I was feeling things were very complicated for me right now and unclear. The lift and comments are perfect. Yesterday's, too. Delighted the beautiful music stayed the same. Nate, also very helpful was your article "cash" in this week's sentinal since money feels part of the decision's complexity. I feel a loosening of the
    "line", and trust divine Love's solutions are at hand. Thank you all so much. Love, Tracy

  55. Thanks much for this great lift today - much needed 'untangling past mistakes'...and how nice to hear a South AFrican accent. Thank you for the music too.

  56. Your observation that, even when confronted by a tangle, the whole line is always there, so there's no need to look elsewhere, is a very insightful observation. Images that make abstract thoughts tangible are so helpful. Thank you.

  57. Thank you.

  58. Thanks so much Linda, lovely visual and analogy! Gives me much to ponder.

  59. Really lovely! As one endeavors to see more harmony, one comes to recognize sin as the supposition it is and can rectify it. Thank you, Linda!

  60. Thank you so much!

  61. Thank you Linda.

  62. Wow! How simple is that? Have at i! Makes one want to go looking for more opportunities to clean up our act. No unemployment or under employment in our Father's vineyard. Many thanks to all.

  63. That is a wonderful lift. Thank you, Linda !
    I was thinking about another kind of "untangling": particularly at Christmas time when I see my grandchildren tearing up the wrapping paper and throwing away the ribbons. We always used to take the nice ribbons and "untangle" them, and even iron them to use them again for the next festivity. It sounds like a campaign against waste. Well, it is in a sense. And as the poet said: "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever." So untangling is a very sensible and good activity.
    Thank you again, Linda.

  64. Thank you Linda.
    Also, when I heard this message I thought of how God helps us "disentangle the interlaced ambiguities of being, and sets free the imprisoned thought" So thanks #22 Margaret, for mentioning it , and to all who shared your insights!

  65. "My pathway lies before me" and the light of Truth shines so brightly on it. Thanks so much for the lift and all of the comments. I'm moved to make the progressive steps.

  66. Thank you Linda for that wonderful analogy. Very helpful! Thank you also #14 for your reminder to be alert to claims that would separate us from God/Good. A good reminder!
    Blessings to all our DL friends!

  67. Linda, this might be one of the deepest lessons for us to learn--that our history is not in the human mistakes and triumphs, but in awakening to our present enduring perfection and permanent joy and sinlessness. Thank you for this needed thought.

  68. "Tangle free and spiritual harmony reigns" - how uplifting and instructive! Thank you.

  69. Thank you Linda,
    When I used to go fishing I would use a fish hook to untangle my line, now I use God to untangle my thought's.

  70. When we get our snarls untangled, then we can pul in the fish.

  71. Thanks!

  72. Thank you!!

  73. Untangle... I love that word! Thank you so much for putting it into my thought and living today. Not enough room to express what that means to me at this very moment. Much love and gratitude to you and all.

  74. Thanks for the subject: untangling and freeing - particularly thoughts!

    14...wake up calls are always helpful - if heard / understand while chopping one's way through the undergrowth....

  75. Beautiful, Linda! And so eloquent in its simplicity. How comforting to know that what parades as sin--so often perceived to be self-inflicted, intractible, or deadl--is really only snarls. Like discovering that sin is actually "missing the mark--and so not sharing in the prize," it frees us to get at the untangling instead of standing aghast at any wrong, our own or someone else's. Makes me think of another of MBE's gems (SH 28). Speaking of Christian Scientists, she says: "They must grapple with sin in themselves and in others, and continue this warfare until they have finished their course. If they keep the faith, they will have the crown of rejoicing." A really great payoff for a willingness to grapple with sin and unwind snarls. Much love to you....

  76. Thank you Linda!

  77. A beautiful analogy... GOD is the ONLY untangler
    of our lives. WOW how freeing!

  78. This may sound like a dumb question, but I always love #22 Margaret's comments. At the end she always thanks, "Nate and the crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the Lift family." What does BoL stand for? I've wondered this for a while and kept thinking I would figure it out, but I haven't yet. Thanks anyone who can fill me in.


    Daily Lift Team:
    BoL stands for Board of Lectureship and the lecturers who supply the Daily Lifts are members of the BoL.

  79. Thank you Linda, for an inspiring and very helpful Lift today !

  80. Thanks for this message! I just had a tangle with some extra-sticky plastic wrap and tried a short cut (oops), so this speaks to my heart of being beautifully patient with other snarls that I'm working on.

  81. Wow! Linda you really struck a chord with so many of us! Love your Lift! In our lives we sometimes get ourselves into tangles. Yet as you say, the line is already intact or as hymn 70 indicates "Clearly thy pathway thou shalt see, a line of purest light." The many succinct comments which are also so helpful are proof of the power of your inspired thought, Linda. My thanks to all who have shared their proofs and clear thinking today and every day.

  82. Thanks a lot Linda for the nice, helpful, and useful lift.

  83. Linda, each time I listen to your thought-provoking messages and read the helpful responses from all of the lifters I gain more and more inspiring insights to use when praying. I love the way you explain how to untangle knotted thoughts and experiences. I especially liked the way you compared the letting go of regrets and resentments to the undoing of knots on a fishing line. The need for "meek perserverance and willingness to follow the line of Truth" and that there is "no battle between two opposing forces, but the submission of the knot of sin to the omnipotent hand of divine Love" are spiritual ideas that I am using today. (I hope that I quoted you accurately.) I'm keeping in mind the joy your grandson expressed as the knots were untied. Eliminating tangled webs of false thinking should be a freeing, joyous experience.

    A title from an article written by Adam H. Dickey, "God's Law of Adjustment" came to mind after listening to your lift and reading the lifters comments. It is God who does the doing. The only thing that needs adjusting or changing is thought, as illustrated by the "whole" fishing line.

  84. Many thanks.

  85. How wonderful, new light on how to practice this glorious Science!
    Linda, your deep and important understanding of Mrs. Eddy's line from SH 240 is a valuable expansion on what I had always loved from a 1950s children's book "Happy Playmates" that my grandmother used to read to me. The wise mother uses the occasion of their puppy getting tangled in knitting yarn to share that quote, and illustrate its message to her young daughter who had just had a "snarl" (quarrel) with a playmate. She tells her, "snarls of unhappiness are just twisted thinking...[but really] there isn't a knot in man's thoughts, because he reflects God, and God...knows only good." Then, like Linda says, you only need a willingness to follow the line of Truth - completely whole and available! (I LOVE THAT!)
    Of course, the little girl was able to "unwind the snarl" and "demonstrate God's peace and happiness" with her playmate the very next day. What a marvelous lesson! Thank you Linda, and all who contribute to this wonderful resource.
    P.S. Thank you, too Michele - # 44 and 45 for the charming translation of your great post. What healing your prayer brought - knowing that all things are possible to God. And I had such fun breaking out my rusty French by comparing the two posts. How grand to hear inspiration with folks from all over the world!

  86. Very useful, thank you, Linda. And thank you to all of you who reminded us that the line is still intact, and that we can expect it will all work out. This makes me think of reconciling a lengthy bank statement where I work and even though there appear to be snarls, just knowing that it mathematically has to work out is very satisfying and keeps me working. The same in Science, it always has to work out because the law of Principle requires it, same as the law of mathematics. And all you who brought in the Love making the job smoother is wonderful.

  87. That's a helpful thought --- untangling snarls. I usually gripe about it, as it usually involves some form of housekeeping ; it can be seen on a more Spiritual light!

  88. Thanks so much Linda and all responders! I love the analogy so much. Gives me lots to think about. When you untangle yarn you need to keep it loose in order to see where the next snarl is going, and of course patience, patience, patience. I particularly liked "submission of the knot of sin to the omnipotent hands of divine Love.. With gratitude. :)

  89. It has been a long day, but I wanted to say thank you for the lift. It reminded me that God is working always even when it "appears" differently. I spent a difficult night and after journaling about the thoughts circling and recircling which were of a depressing nature, I wrote that I spent a night in Regret. I opened up the daily lift. It helped straighten out my perceptions. Thank you all but especially to Bev, from Sandpoint,ID and Lorell from Webster, N.Y.

  90. Very Good analogy, thank you Linda , very much.

  91. I liked the idea that it could be a delight to untangle our snarls, rather than a burden!

  92. Hi Linda I have not listened to the lifts for a while and decided to start today again, what a surprise to see your face, thanks for that inspiring food for thought.

  93. Thank you. I love all the lifts I get to hear, including this one. I do find great joy in this daily work of tidying up my thoughts and untangling the snarls until I feel the peace and sweet, calm joy of closer conformity to Christ.

  94. Thank you. Also thank you for that very special lecture we had when you were in Queensland, Australia.Ros

  95. Thanks Linda for a Lift I got late. In addition to uncountable snarls I've managed to face in life, I've much experience untangling yarn & thread, as a textile craftsman. Listening to your Lift made me realize how closely they relate in solving tangles. With yarn, find the beginning of a strand and patiently & confidently work with this to "un-weave" it from the mass. As it gets too long, I start rolling it into a ball and continue. If the mess gets too tight, it might help to find the opposite end and work some with it, too. If more than a single strand is involved, each additional strand has 2 ends (applies also to others involved in our life tangles). In life, as taught in Christian Science, we solve tangles by going to the beginning of the Bible and the Gen. 1 account of God, creation of all there is, including man (male & female). For the other end, the future called Eternity, in Rev.1:8 God confirms He is the beginning and the ending, so, as in yarn either end will get us through the tangles and free the yarn for good usage, so, too, with our lives, refreshing thought with our pure, spiritual origin, or thinking forward to where we'll end up, still with God, good, we can work out any problem.

  96. Thank you for this sound story about untangling past mistakes. So many helpful comments have come out of this in the responses here. I like especially the uplifting thought that " A thing of beauty is a joy forever." I want very much to replace my discontent with pure appreciation and my thought is leaning that way, yes. But the discerning truth is also cutting through and revealing new opportunities for communication and openings to help heal past misunderstandings and turn them into refreshing connection. I will keep praying and seeking fresh ideas. This is the catalyst for redemption and renewal, I 'm sure. I am learning and gaining so much from taking time to soak in all of the comments and lifts that I missed. Thank you very much. I am grateful.

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