2/28: Simple prayers

2/28: Simple prayers

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  1. Our forever Leader gives, “The multiplication of a human and mortal sense of persons and things is not creation.” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 263.)

  2. Thank you Rob, what a great Lift. The simple prayers are what most often bring us the desired results. Prayer can take many forms, but humbly turning to God and listening, form the basis of being the most receptive to good. We often get the best results when we go back to the very simple prayers we first learned as children, as they offer such clear and concise declarations of Truth, giving error no mind.

  3. The child shows the parent. Gratitude to Jesus, and thanks Rob.

  4. Precious. Do simple prayers "work" perhaps because the very act of simplifying is also one of humbling ourselves in the very presence of God and feeling Her embracing care?
    Thank you for this lovely reminder, Rob.

  5. Thanks, Rob. Yes, truth does work best when we keep it simple --- and just listen.

  6. All important to remember "God loves me" Thanks Rob. I loved the simple childlike thought which led your son to find his toy and you the missing flashlight part.It is often the most simple thoughts which bring healing and I am grateful for that reminder. Really KNOWING that God loves us should tell us that all is well, right now, no matter what the evidence of mortal mind tries to tempt us to believe, because that love of God surrounds us and shields us. "Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you" S & H 571:18-19 Thank you again.

  7. God loves me and takes care of me - thank you Rob for giving us this lovely lift to start the day. Solving difficulties doesn't have to be complicated - 'just let go let God'.I shall stay with this today. Thank you again.

  8. Perfect. Beautiful. Simple. Thank you.

  9. Oh, wow; thank you for this 'Lift'. I can identify closely with it! When about 15 years old, my family was canoeing down a favorite river with swift rapids. Rounding a bend in some very fas water, mom and I fell out of the canoe (which was always fun). Upon righting the canoe, mom suddenly exclaimed that she had lost her wedding ring. This area was about five feet deep, with water rushing -- the bottom was entirely gravel rock. She looked at me and asked me to pray with her. At first it occurred to me the situation was hopeless. The water rushing would take it far away and the rocky and jagged bottom would surely clam it wherever it landed. But it then came clearly to us both that nothing could be lost, EVER! Without looking down first she, disappeared for a moment and reappeared with the ring on her finger.
    At one time, my brothers and I raced motorcycles. We would travel the state of Missouri and parts of western Illinois in remote parts of the woods. One day while prepping the bike, I noticed a part had fallen off. It was an inexpensive part and even one that I could get by without, at least for a while. I realized that it could be anywhere in these two states and I could have easily not been aware of its missing, perhaps the whole summer. I DIDN'T buy a new part, knowing that it would be found. Towards the end of the summer, coming around a corner in the woods while practicing, I was impelled to slow and mostly covered by leaves, THERE IT WAS!

  10. Orlando, Brasil
    Dear Rob - Thankj you for this simple and inspiring message of the value of a simple prayer. As I listened I was feeling close to God, as we realy should all the time, for we live, move, breath and carry out our activities always in divine Mind. Never separated, not even for an instant of this all-caring and loving Father-Mother.
    As with the missing toy, the missing part of your flash light, so a simple little prayer can also jtake care jwhen we seem to be missing peace, joy, security or supply, etc. A simple payer trusting our divine Father-Mother, Love as a little child for there is a little child in everyone of us.

  11. Thank you so much, Rob, for this reminder: God loves me and takes care of me. I often forget that simple truth and think I have to read and study and pray to MAKE IT WORK. Children just accept these truths, don't they? They haven't learned the false sense of responsibility that we adults take on in believing that it's going to involve a lot of work on our part to heal something.What is complicated about knowing that we are loved? Let's keep it simple.

  12. Dear Rob.
    You will never know all of the feeling and emotions packed into those 2 words. But I do and He does as well.

  13. When CS found me I thought that to pray I had to go to church, get on my knees and repeat words taught to me by an 'expert'.
    In Cience we learn that God is our Father-Mother and we can trust Him far more than we could trust a human dad.
    So it came natural that 5 minutes before us leaving for the airport with my mom and daughter, (and our three tickets seemed to have evaporated) I asked, Father, what do I do?
    The answer, "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart" Prov.3:5
    We left for the airport.
    Right before boarding my mom said showing an envelope, "I pick this up just in case, do we need it?" She was holding the tickets.

    Cuando la Ciencia Cristiana me encontró yo pensaba que orar era ir a la iglesia, arrodillarme y repetir palabras enseñadas por un 'experto'.
    En la Ciencia aprendemos que Dios es nuestro Padre-Maadre y que podemos confiar en Él más que en un papá humano.
    Fue natural que 5 minutos antes de salir para el aeropuerto con mi mamá e hija (y nuestros trés boletos parecían haberse esfumado) yo preguntara, "¿Padre, qué hago?"
    La respuesta, "Confía en el SEÑOR con todo tu corazón" Prov.3:5
    Salimos para el aeropuerto.
    Justo antes de abordar mi mamá, mostrando un sobre, dijo "¿Levanté esto por si acaso, lo necesitas?"
    Ella tenía los boletos.

  14. It is simple but it is not easy.
    Keeping it simple makes it easy.
    Thanks so much for the reminder.
    Guess we all know this one. KISS.
    It is a good reminder.
    Keep It Simple Stupid.
    What could be more simple?
    Just... God loves you and cares for you.
    Sunshine and clear sky.
    All blessings to all. Many thanks.

  15. A gentle, healing message!! Thank you!!!!

  16. Peter, #13, I think you are mixed up, KISS stands for Keep it Simple Sweetheart! (It's one of God's thoughts for His loving children.)

  17. Many years ago my then 10 years old godchild came to our house for the Easter-holidays. I knew about her affection to horses and so I asked her about her horseback-riding. "Oh, aunty", she said sadly, "I didn't do riding for a long time, because of a rash between my legs. Every morning I put a large layer of salve upon it, but this doesn't help the least little bit." I told her that in our family, when a difficulty shows up, we take the Quarterly and read just the Responsive Reading and explain verse for verse to each other. Then a to me astonishing thing happened: the girl gripped the Quaterly hurried to her room and said with a loud voice: "I'll leave that room not before a complete healing has occured!" Now my thoughts: This poor girl doesn't know anything about CS, she will be dying for hunger before she gets her healing. In the next moment the still small voice made itself heard: "Don't interfere with God's plan for His child." Well, in due time the girl left the room. We didn't exchange a word about the incident. In fact we forgot about it. On Easter morning at the breakfast-table the girl declared: "I have lost something in your house." I said with impatience in the voice: "In our house nothing gets lost!" She replied: "But I have lost something nice, I lost the rash." It was a complete healing, we all rejoiced with her and thanked God who helps so efficiently the innocent children who in reality we all are.

  18. Rob, Thank you , its helpful to think how God ia always caring for us

  19. That is beautiful in its simplicity. God loves me and takes care of me. We just have to remember it. Thank you.

  20. Feel I must share this. I will keep it simple.
    Heard someone say 'today is special because all my debts have been paid off. I always knew that the Universe of Love would care for me'. I thought about that a lot. I had a gallery in dire straights with no sales happening so I had to take a temp job to pay the bills.
    Two days into the job I get a call requesting to see paintings in my new collection. So a guy visits and buys the three most expensive pictures and pays cash in thousands. On my knees in grateful prayer the first angel thought was this - 'Son, who told you that I cannot care for you'.
    Indeed we all live in a Universe of Love and we are totally cared for in all things. Such wonderful love.

  21. Just what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you

  22. Thank you, Rob. We need reminding of God's messages, which are always easy to understand.

  23. "God loves me and takes care of me." Lovely thought.
    I am in the midst of demonstrating that there is a perfect right buyer for my home, just as we have found a perfect right home to move to. We are paying the asking price and I am trusting God for our asking price. "Love is the motivator. Mind is the enabler." (from last week's Christian Science Bible Lesson)
    So grateful.

  24. Thanks Rob for this powerful reminder of Scientific fact .

  25. Many thanks Rob for this very simple reminder that God loves all of us because God is infinite divine Love." "Then, brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother,/ For where love dwells, the peace of God is there:/ To worship rightly is to love each other;/ Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer." (Christian Science Hymnal #217).

  26. What a beautiful reminder that it is God who is in control and we don't have to "make" something happen- especially when we are trying to show our children the way. Thank you.

  27. Thank you for this great Lift, yes keep it simple.

  28. Thank you! It feels so good to remember we are God´s precious creatures, that He cares for us, He cherishes us and will never, never, let us fall from His Love. Some days ago I was speaking with my husband about our little grandchildren and how they have no doubt calling their mother or father when they need something. So we too should keep it simple, so simple as Father, Mother ... Oh I loved the way this DL ended with those two words.

  29. Thank you Rob, how wonderful! I asked God for a prayer for our grandchildren and very quickly, without a pause, He said "Thank you for loving me." It's a brilliant prayer for everyone. Me too.
    Thank you Nate and the production team; the Board and lecturers and our wonderful worldwide Lift family.

  30. What a powerful lesson! Thanks very much.

  31. Thank you Rob,I will loving hold to this simple reminder today.. still in Trinidad where my mom found this lovely religion Christian Science, and has blessed two generation,

  32. Love this message today! And the comments are great! I have just printed the comments to share with a friend who doesn't have a computer. She hears the Lift on the phone but misses the wonderful comments that follow. Thanks Everyone!

  33. Good morning Rob,
    Thank you again for your wonerful insights! It keeps us all going! God bless you and your family! Reminders are always welcome
    Audrey Banfield


  34. Such a lovely lift... thank you so much!

  35. Para mi la manera más simple y más efectiva de orar es pidiendo a Dios que nos de paciencia, tolerancia, honestidad, fidelidad, generosidad, AMOR etc. etc., ellos encierran en si mimos todo lo que hay para aspirar porque con esos anhelos podemos hacer posible que nuestra oración sea escuchada ya que la misma no es un ruego para sí mismo... sino que es en procura de estar preparados para obrar de acuerdo a los atributos divinos que son los que ponen a funcionar el Bien que obra en perfecta armonía en beneficio de todos, en un hecho Único que bendice a todos por igual.

    Muchas gracias Rob, que bueno es despertar en nosotros tan inspiradas ideas que se expresan por este medio, el Daily Lift.

  36. Oh, and K I S S means Keep It Simply Spiritual. All the lovingkindness of Love; all the joyousness of Soul; all the everything that keeps us simply at one with our Father-Mother, Good.

  37. Thank you so very much rob. Early in our study of mathematics we are taught to first reduce the factors to the least or lowest common denominator to simplify the solution. A great life lesson. A quotation given in an Indianapolis newspaper in the 1950's stated, "Simplicity is the mark of true greatness." I often think of the one who taught and worked in the most simple ways. He said we, too, can do likewise as he had done, and even greater works. Wonderful. Be ever conscious of Love. That is sufficient.

  38. Light~~~in the Dark!

  39. To not have to MAKE anything work today or anytime in our human lives , that's the Truth I need to remember when I find myself efforting or trying to convince someone of God.As a counselor it's always a temptation to do this and today's lift reminds me to back up, know the truth myself and trust that God has a path to him for each and everyone of us.

  40. Thank you, Rob! And thank you for all the loving responses.

  41. Thank you

  42. 'Tis a gift to be simple, 'tis a gift to be free,
    'Tis a gift to come down where you oughta be.
    To turn, to turn will be our delight,
    Till by turning and turning we come out right.

    This little song/dance popped into mind as I listened to your Lift, and the two together make a wonderful start for the day. Thanks so much.

  43. I can't put into words how moved I was...It brought back a couple of precious healings I and around the same topic (never lost) and oh how close I felt to God. Thank You!

  44. thank you and I agree that reading all the comments is an important part of this blog.

  45. This simple prayer brings to thought Mrs. Eddy's prayer for "the big children":

    Father-Mother good, lovingly
    Thee I seek,  — 
    Patient, meek,
    In the way Thou hast, — 
    Be it slow or fast,
    Up to Thee.

    (Mis. 400:19)

    Thank you, Rob. Thank you, dear Mother Church, for this daily blessing.

  46. Gracias por recordarnos la alentadora comprencion, de la eterna presencia de Dios con nosotros

  47. Thanks so much, Rob, for reminding us that simple prayer is truly effective. The first verse of hymn 260 is one I rely on.
    One thought I have, my ample creed,
    So deep it is and broad,
    And equal to my every need,
    It is the thought of God.

    The thought of God is equal to our every need.

    All of the beautiful experiences expressed in the comments today are also appreciated. Thanks everyone for sharing. And I like the different definitions if KISS, especially Keep It Simply Spiritual.

  48. Just what I needed to hear today as I'm working on a situation of loss myself. Thank you God for sending me this wonderful lift that I needed to hear today.

  49. Thanks Rob, always love the content of your messages. I have landed on "Let Go and Let God" today based on this Lift, I had been humanly ruminating on how to deal with a relationship that would end up benefiting me!, how silly! Now I will know and trust that my tender Father/Mother will lead me into all truth.
    Thanks also for those who shared other versions of KISS, love it!

  50. Thank you, Rob, for “Simple prayers … listen … God is my Father and Mother. God loves me and takes care of me …” When things get complicated in my life, it’s a sign to me that I need to get back to the simple Truth, as you’ve explained it here. My prayers at their simplest are often wordless, as I silently “know” that our Father-Mother loves me and takes care of me. Letting that Truth wash over my consciousness, I yield by “listening” – by just accepting the Truth. It’s powerful in its simplicity. I am as a little child, just being God’s child. And that Truth sets me free.

  51. Thank you, Rob, for this wonderful reminder. And I appreciate the comment from Barbara #26 because it was exactly what I needed to hear today. I so appreciate every reminder that God's care is 100% reliable.

  52. Thanks so much......a powerful Lift!!

  53. Thanks Rob for the reminder to "keep it simple". The "connection" with the All sustaining infinite, seems to me, is engraved in our being, pre language and pre thought forming. As we grow, we complicate the simple essential "knowing", In reading, i was reminded of a story in a book by elders from the Hawaiian culture. The story told of a young man caught in a storm in a sailboat. He could not "see" because of the dark of the night and fog. He was afraid but then recalled his teacher and mentor, and as a result "connected" with the harmonious All, and was able to navigate his vessel out of the storm to safety. As "sophisticated" adults sometimes we judge these "stories" as "magical". Rob's words help me to remember that this is not supernatural magic but rather an awareness and acknowledgement of our human basic simple being within the harmonious All.
    Again my thanks to the DL team. Lately I have been marvelling at the variety and beauty of the brief but perfectly delivered musical accompaniment.

  54. Dear #14 Peter - Thank you. I learned the same meaning of KISS. I decided to change it. Would you consider KISS as "Keep it simple, Sweetie?" :-) ... and ... Dear # 26 Peter - Thank you, again, for the inspiring testimony. Yes! "Such wonderful love."

  55. What an awesome lift Rob. Truth is simple and so is love. They're already perfect. It doesn't get much simpler than that. When you turn to Love or Truth, problems vanish. God does and already has done all the work. By comparison, I can't think of anything more complex than believing you are mortal, that you are a body instead of a being spiritual idea and that you have to engage in physical effort to make something happen. What a lie factory. #1 Robert Nico Wynd, thank you for the S&H quote. It's the flip side that reminds us to turn away from lies and keep our perspective spiritual.

    Spiritual is simple. Love and love's protection. Let's keep it simple. This insight has already helped me look at several "problems" that were worry generators. Not anymore. Thanks so much to you Rob and to everyone for your insights. I so love these lifts!

  56. Thanks this is so helpful.

  57. Thank you.

  58. Thank you, Rob. " I trust in Thee"

  59. Creo firmemente, que toda oración es respondida, también creo que un pensamiento con Amor hacia otr persona que lo necesita es una forma de oración. La oración nos muestra las bendiciones, que nuestro
    Padre_Madre nos envía constatemente. Por eso es nuestro deber estar siempre en oración, no importa donde estemos, siempre elevemos el pensamiento en oración.

    Gracias por estos mensajes, y gracias porque los podamos leer y contestar en español

  60. Such a tender message. Thank you.

  61. In recent years, I've enjoyed the process of downsizing and simplifying.

    But the ultimate simplification, I'm learning, is the First Commandment.

  62. Thank you Rob for this inspiring lift. Your genuine heart-felt message brought tears to my eyes. That usually doesn't happen when I read the DL. It was a reminder that only the Divine, Supreme, Incorporeal, and Infinite God loves our world and is taking care of it. I will cherish these ideas all day. Thank you all for your messages of Truth to bless all mankind.

  63. Thanks, Rob, for the simple/profound message of our Father-Mother God's tender love and care! The grandchildren and I often share variations of the acronym KISS - from sweet to serious to silly - but always bringing light. After prayer, the Bible Lesson, Daily Lift, I was thinking about God's law of freedom promised and demonstrated by Christ Jesus and the kingdom of heaven - and just being so humbly grateful for Christian Science. Truly the kingdom is spiritual Science! Thanks again for the Lift, comments, staff, all!

  64. Thank you for that truth, Rob. During a remodel a friend who always securely puts her jewelry away in the same place every night seemed to lose a bracelet Father-in-law had given her many many years prior. She looked and looked for that bracelet before beginning a remodel on their old family farmhouse in which she and her husband had resided and inherited. It was not until the remodel was finished and she and her husband stood admiring its beauty that she felt something fall down on her shoulder and heard something bounce on the floor. It was her bracelet. It wasn't a miracle. Only the unseen gratefully seen easily and naturally.

  65. Thank you. I just thought of what I use to say, when first coming into the house from school,
    I would sing out, "Mamma"?. It was just a habit with me. That's all I wanted to know , that she
    was there. That was a long long time ago , and it brings such joy to me today in remembering that. I am learning in
    Christian Science that my Mother God is always with me. I am so grateful for the Daily Lift.

  66. Thanks, Rob!

  67. sweet!,Thankyou Lori in California for verse in hymn 260.

  68. I LOVE this, Rob! Thank you!

  69. I'm jumping for joy with all the beautiful responses to this lift. So many healings shared. What can not God do. I could feel the warmth of God's love in your lift, Rob. I also have been at the right place at the right time to be of help to someone, and to find seeming lost items by letting go and letting God talk to me instead of taking human steps first. El Paso Patt

  70. Thank you for your simply wonderful lift. It reminds me when my son was little (age 5). He was at the beach with his dad and sister. He stepped on a stingray and screamed as its barb cut open his foot. He told me later - it hurt so bad that the only thing he could think to do was to say, "God!" The life guard put his foot in a bucket of water. When I arrived, the life guard said, if he was allergic to any type of stings he would be in the hospital. My son had always been allergic to all stinging critters he came in contact with and was always healed as a result of a Christian Science treatment form a practitioner or my prayers. My son whispered to me, God was all I needed. The cut healed and the next day my son played soccer all day and all that week in summer soccer camp. That was the first of many healings he has had by simply calling on God directly.

  71. When I was a child and before my mother and I knew about C/S, I used to pray for simple happenings such as, "Please God, let the Candy Store have the Comic Book, that I want." Or, "Please God, let my friend be allowed to go to the movies with me." And my mother would say to me that God had more important things to do. Well, after C/S came into our lives, the understanding that Devine Love always has met and always will meet EVERY HUMAN NEED, was the simplest prayer of all and met all our desires if based upon unselfness. We never had to ask God for anything but only acknowledged his presence and power.

  72. Thanks, Rob.
    What a dear message.

  73. Earlier this week we had a massive wind stom, up to 75 mph. The next morning when I went outside, I was horrified to see that our swimming pool was filled with debris: leaves, branches, and garbage. The amount of work seemed overwhelming to me. I began cleaning out the skimmer baskets, but suddenly I had another sinking feeling when I noticed that my ring was gone. As I knelt on the pool deck, I said, "Father, I know that You will help me." A few minutes later, the AC repair service for whom I'd been waiting came. Normally it was one man, but this time there were two. When one of them saw the huge mess I had, he told the other one to perform the service, that he was going to help me. For an hour he netted debris out of the pool whle I continued cleaning the skimmers and bagging the debris. He was a huge help, and it was such a kind and loving thing for him to do, as if he'd been sent by God. I was so grateful. As as they were leaving, he looked down and found my ring lying in the grass by the pool. What a perfect climax to that simple prayer.

  74. I woke up this morning with the thought, "The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking..." (from the Christian Science Hymnal #412). Now this delightful Daily Lift enhances this thought. Turning to the great Spirit, we find his/her presence with us, and with those we love. And we find and see that which is lost. Thank you so much for this happy start to the day!

  75. Thanks Rob, just as others have mentioned, I really needed to hear this today too.

  76. Thank you, I needed this after a night wrestling like Jacob -- he won when God's own angel message came to the rescue. And I thank #17Luise) and #20 (Peter) for the experiences shared. I will pass them on as a sweet promise to friends. I'm sure when I have time to read all the comments there will be more gifts.

  77. Thanks, Rob! I have found, too, that just like the people in the Bible, we can have very intimate and "Real" conversations with God. I was up late last night dealing with some challenges and I decided to really be honest with God and let Him/Her know how I was REALLY feeling. Well, there was a lot of honesty in letting God know how angry I was about some things and how sad I was about others. The words and the tears flowed and I was able to get everything out on the table. Then I fell asleep until 5:00 a.m. and woke feeling Great and at Peace. I think God's tough enough to take it and it helps us too, to be honest and to get it all out. Hey, if God can't take it, who can? I think God loves us enough to let us bring everything, and I mean everything, to Him/Her. Nothing is "off limits" with God! We can keep it simple and we can keep it real, too!

  78. THANK YOU Rob. A deep felt gratitude and for all the
    helpful and loving comments.

  79. Thank you Rob, you have sparked wonderful and endearing comments from all!!!

  80. I am so in awe for this daily lift today. Like other commenters, the inspiration I received from this lift goes beyond words. I've already shared it with a patient who at the end of our conversation said, "I read it twice already". I don't know how she did that and she said, "The most amazing things are happening to me." Thank you so much for your lift and all the comments from others.

  81. Thank you Rob, perfect for today and everyday !

  82. Every time I listen to the lift it seems to bring me to just the idea that I need. My daughter is an adult and called me yesterday so upset about her financial situation.. I struggled to try to find an answer for her but ended up right in the middle of her struggle. I ended up emailing her and telling her that I was sorry for yelling and that I loved her. After a few more emails,getting angry at each other,and attacking each other. We both realized that our love for each other was the most inportant part of this experience. It would have been so much easier if I had prayed first. Thank you for this lift as a reminder that we each have our own personal connection to God. I just need to step back and get out of the way.

  83. Thank you Rob. I'm reminded of the Bible citation in II Cor. 11:13 [KJV] which speaks about the "simplicity that is in Christ." Such a precious reminder to be still and trust God, whether under a house or listening to the Christ message through a child. Much love.

  84. Thank for these powerful words!
    It´s so beautiful to know: God loves me and takes care of me!

  85. Thank you, Rob!

  86. Even the words simple prayer is a comfort to me today. I am complicating my life and worrying my sleep, instead of simply knowing that God loves me and cares for me and whatever I need to learn is going to come to me when I am ready. I am facing a couple of tough ( for me) situations in personal relations that I know there is nothing that I need to do to change anyone. I need and so want to allow the Truth to shine and come forth in my interactions with the people and situations involved. Return to that simple prayer of God loving and caring for me right now and showing me the way. This brings me peace. If only I can remain in that still pool of quiet listening and not be aggravated by allowing myself to take any of this personally. It is not about me, it is about the Spirit and Truth within all actions and words and silences. Thank you for this place to help me sort my thoughts today. A wonderful and simple message.

  87. I feel a tender KISS from my Mother Father God when I remember to Keep It Serenely Simple.
    Peaceful gratitude, Rob.for your message

  88. Thank you.

  89. I was praying early this morning to be able to feel God's love and presence with me
    as my thought was straying into very negative anxiety. A very simple thought came
    to me as I started my drive to work which brought me a sense of peace. Your Daily Lift
    today is the perfect reminder that I need that the simple prayer does meet the need.

  90. Thanks Rob ... Love making life simple!

  91. Thanks Rob ... Love making life simple!

  92. Thank you Rob and thank you God.

  93. Dear #17 Luise – The testimony of your godchild’s physical healing keeps coming back to my thought. She was so receptive to your loving response when she shared the problem. She followed through even in all her human inexperience with Christian Science and had a beautiful healing.

    So inspired, I was led to these ideas from Science and Health, “The divine Principle of healing is proved in the personal experience of any sincere seeker of Truth.” and “No intellectual proficiency is requisite …” and “… we pray in secret and let our lives attest our sincerity.” and “The best sermon ever preached is Truth practiced and demonstrated by the destruction of sin, sickness, and death.” Not the “coping with” but the “destruction!” of sin, sickness and death.

    I know I’ve said it before in different ways; but yet again, thanks to ALL in this healing community for sharing your insights and inspirations. I appreciate you all for each individual, unique, and incomparable "Lift" and “comment.” Each weekday morning, I'm so spiritually nourished, strengthened!

  94. Thank you, Rob. This goes along with a simple prayer that I have been starting my day with:
    "Thank you, Father, for I have all that I need for today."

  95. Thank you so much!!! I love to know that God loves us and is governing all the details of our lives!!
    and we can prove this every day!!! there is so much inspiration in all your lifts and lectures Gilbert!!

  96. Thank you so much for the reminder that it is in the simplicity of the Christ that we find healing and comfort. Beautiful!

  97. This was a perfect lift for me this morning. I had a very similar experience yesterday as #81 and after I got off the phone I kept thinking, as she said, "It would have been so much easier if I had prayed first." This lift has helped me to realize, once again, that God IS taking care of me, if I will just LISTEN.

    I am more grateful than I can express for all the Lifts and for all the wonderful comments.

  98. So precious Rob . . Thank You

  99. The simplicity of Truth. Magnificent!

    Thank you for saying it so well, Rob.

  100. hi i am having a good day again and i like it and i appreciate my prayer/without interruptions.sound.distractions.inconvenience/oftime.i like my pray time

  101. Rob, that was such a wonderful message today. Thank you for this reminder ! I am so grateful for your Daily Lifts and all the others that give us inspiration & joy.

  102. So beautiful Bob.
    Sincere thanks.
    Almost like another Beatitude!
    And your delivery was pure conviction.

  103. Love this! Thank you for this gentle reminder.

  104. A few years ago a neighbor of mine was afraid, suffering from what she thought was hate directed towards her.. I gave her a card with a warm loaf of bread. I put on the card the quote of the Panoply of Love. She put it on her fridge and read it everyday and told me she lost her fear and a physical problem. She was not a C.S. but loved what she read. Thanks all

  105. What refreshing Truth here in this powerful lift!! Thank you!!! Merri

  106. So delightful and so very true to our relationship to the all-loving Mind. Locating items with Love is a treat.

  107. I always like to tell the lecturer when tears are running down my face after listening to the lift. Thanks!!!!

  108. a simple but soo inspirable message,,thanks Rob for this and DL Team..I'm sooo grateful..

  109. Thank you for this great lesson in humility....the cornerstone.

  110. Dear Rob - this is so dear, so gentle and kind. Thank you!
    Quite a number of years ago one evening I heard someone cry. It was on the other side of my bedroom wall where my neighbour's 12 or 13 years-old daughter had her room. I knocked at the wall and called her. It seemed that her parents were out to a concert. So I told her somehow shouting that God loves her and that she did not need to cry. Also I asked her to pray. And I would do the same. The crying stopped and when the parents came home she slept peacefully. Children accept so easily the divine facts.
    Again, thank you, Rob!

  111. Thanks for another great Lift, Rob!

  112. Dear Rob

    THANKS for these two stories -- Simple prayer = answered prayer!
    A good WAY TO GO!

  113. And I am so grateful for all the heartfelt insights and healings shared in the comments. Like #17 Luise
    To the Board of Lectureship and the whole crew who present these indispensable,
    amazing Daily Lifts -- Thank you all!

  114. Thank you so much Rob for the nice message.' God is my father and mother. God loves me and takes care of me' So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Yes, this is it! Thank You so much for this wonderful reminder!

  116. What a simply terrific reminder of God's immediate loving care for all & everyone! The two prayerful stories were vividly reassuring. Loved reading/pondering the comments. Thanks DL team.

  117. Loved this Lift this morning and thought of its message often today. Have returned to listen again this evening. It is still perfect. Thank you

  118. When I was 16-17 years old my bedroom was on the third floor of a three-story apartment building in Lausanne.
    The building concierge (Swiss) and his wife occupied the apartment on the second floor bellow and I could hear their infant and only child crying each night in the wee hours while I was trying to sleep. I spent that entire academic year praying for that child. I knew that the child was loved and that God was its Father and Mother.

  119. Loved it! The simpler, the better. Thanks

  120. I love this lift, and thank you very much.

  121. I really loved this too. Thank you


  123. I loved this message. It is a simple yet profound reminder that God does indeed answers prayers and we can trust Him/Her. Thank you for this sweet Lift

  124. Thank you so very much. I just retired from work yesterday. There are so many changes and decisions to make, and this has such a wonderful message. Everything will come out perfectly. I will have everything I will ever need to do his work. Very comforting.

  125. Dear #93 nela, thank you for commenting so lovingly the healing of my godchild and for the passages from S&H. This evening I reread all the comments and while reading I took some notes of some of them. After I had finished reading I went over my list and now wonder over wonder I took a note from #50 nela. The word 'yield' means a lot to me. So I noted: "I yield by 'listening' - by just accepting the Truth." Now it's my turn to thank you for sharing your insight with us which is of great importance to me. - #42 Gary was noted, too, of course. Ours is a win-win community, and I'm deeply grateful for it, beyond words. A blessed week-end to all, we have so much to be grateful for.

  126. here's another sue with tears running down her face. such a beautiful reminder to get out of our children's challenges and 'LET GOD' take care .A very timely reminder for me at this moment.
    Thank you Rob, and all the team that bring our world wide'family'such beautiful thoughts every day. and thank you to all those who have shared experiences today - they have brought back some similar -to material thinking- experiences in our own family.awesome reminders!

  127. Thank you for the friendly reminder1

  128. Hey Rob, thanks a lot. The other day it had snowed and someone had thoughtfully lifted up the windscreen wipers from the windscreen of my car. It hadn't snowed a lot so I just put them down and drove off feeling grateful someone had cared for me. When I got back later I realised to my chagrin that they had also raised the rear wiper which I had not checked before driving away. The rubber blede was missing and I was cross and wished people would leave my car alone! That wiper blade could have fallen off anywhere! Then God's messge came, "You shouldn't be cross, an action motivated by love cannot cause you damage or loss". I paused for a moment and remembered all the times when 'lost' things had been found through prayer. I knew I didn't need to be concerned about replacing the blade. Then on impulse I looked down and moved the loose snow with my foot. There was the blade! I fitted it back on and this time it located with a good click and I realised that it was fixed on much better than before and that it wouldn't fall off again. I went into the house grateful for another demonstration of our Father's care. Thanks to the DL team and all you lifters!

  129. Thanks!!! What a wonderful story!!!
    Closely related with the thought that has been coming to my mind: "that we must become as children again"...Trying to awaken the child within and be surrounded by those qualities...Trusting ALL IS WELL in my mother/father GOD´s realm.

  130. I have kept a list of times when prayer appeared to me to make a difference with both physical healings and other happy outcomes. Many were the result of what I have called 2 second prayers, as simple as you described!

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