2/27: The song of the zorzal

2/27: The song of the zorzal

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  1. Thank you Mari for this inspiring Lift. When we praise and give gratitude to God, whatever our material circumstances may appear to be, we are acknowledging the power and presence of God to correct and govern our lives. Like the songbird that cant be denied its song, we cannot be denied the eternal love and care that God is providing for us.

  2. Bon dias

    Muchos gracias

    Lovely ideas expressed.

    Merci beaucoup

  3. I like what you said about prayer - that it is the constant recognition of God's presence everywhere. That leaves no one out!

  4. A clear and beautiful song of praise - let's sing along!

  5. Thank you Mari for a beautiful and musical Daily Lift! To hear the song bird lifts the heart! Just before opening the link to hear your Lift, I had been reading in the textbook, Science and Health page 240, Mary Baker Eddy's words: "Nature voices natural, spiritual law, and divine Love..." What a Gift!

  6. What a sweet lift - thank you wo very much! Very inspiring!

  7. Thank you Mari. I will hear that song again today to remind me that God's presence is here already bringing us harmony. I have only to listen for it above the tumult of mortal thought. However loud the noises of earth appear to sound, Mrs Eddy promises us:


    requires courage to utter truth; for the higher Truth

    24 lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its in-
    articulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion.

    And we are left with the song of the harmony of heaven.

    What a wonderful lift to take through the day!

  8. Right in the very center of Buenos Aires, big and busy city, full of old trees, the fieldfare's clear and crystalized song is heard. It begins early morning, as to praising God, and as the hours go by we don't hear it anymore, his song blends with the noises of the day.
    As the fieldfare, we too can elevate freely our song of praise and gratitude to God, "Come before Him with a song." CS Hymn 73

    En medio mismo de Buenos Aires, ciudad grande, ocupada y llena de árboles viejos, se oye al zorzal que no para de cantar su clara y cristalina canción. Comienza tempranito en la mañana, como alabando a Dios, y a medida que pasan las horas ya no lo oímos, su canto se pierde entre los ruidos del día. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBNS4cTWSJA
    Como el zorzal, nosotros también podemos elevar nuestro canto de alabanza y gratitud a Dios, "Con fervor cantadle a Él". Himno de la Ciencia Cristiana Nº 73

  9. What a nice way to share your Lift, Mari- through the song of one of God's small creatures. Thank you!

  10. Hearing the beautiful birdsong this morning and what you shared about prayer,made me remember,
    the hymn that tells us ( no 166) that we are "winged with prayer"
    a very inspiring Daily Lift,thank you.

  11. Thank you so much, Mari, for this beautiful message - it gives a real 'Lift' to the day.

  12. Thank you!!

  13. Thank you, Mari.

    Listening to the sweet and light sound of the songbird amidst the cacophony of the dense and heavy din of moving traffic is a wonderful metaphor for a choice that is available to us at all times. I am grateful for this lovely reminder!

  14. I remember years ago I was studying with my mom and we read: "the rooster sings before the dawn and so did Jesus thank to God before he could see the healing". Birds are still in big cities and sit on the trees and sing or find any place to make themselves home. I am working on hearing God's voice to do the right thing and yesterday my husband said: "don't be afraid of what could happen, follow your inspiration not what others say". It was like: "don't hear the traffic, hear the birds". Thanks God for all the ways of showing the reflection of Life. If I sit still in a dark corner trying to find an answer, Life still goes on like birds sing for ages. I will start my day to reflect God's ideas in my life, because Life still goes on.

  15. Our forever Leader gives, “Beloved in Christ, what our Master said unto his disciples, when he sent them forth to heal the sick and preach the gospel, I say unto you: ‘Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.’” [The First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany, page 150.] And in the Bible gospel according to Luke, Christ Jesus gives, “And the Lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.”
    [Mary Baker Eddy The Years of Authority, by Robert Peel, page 466.]

  16. Many thanks Mari for this great prayer of gratitude. Yes, the constant recognition of infinite Love everywhere, meeting our every human need." "Seeing only Thy creation,/ We can share Thy happiness,/ Share Thy joy and spend it freely./ Loyal hearts can feel no fear;/ We Thy children know Thee, Father,/ Love and Life forever near." (Christian Science Hymnal #58).

  17. Thank you for that great reminder that God is always there for us.

  18. Mari, thank you for this lovely, lovely lift. I like to sit on my patio very early in the morning when all is still. Above the busyness of everyone starting their day I can hear the birds sing their songs of gratitude for the good this day will bring and I join them. It is a wonderful time for reflection and prayer. My dog Chase loves this time so much he often looks at me questioning "is it time to go out yet?' Thank you also Glen, #5, for the quote from Mrs Eddy. Our nature friends are such a gift! No matter how dreary the day may seem stop and listen for those songs of gratitude! It will inspire you! Much love to all!

  19. Thank you Mari. My thought that I will carry today is ...awareness. Thank you.

  20. Thank you.

  21. Thank you so much. When the storm comes , the birds leave. We gather our holiness close- put on our armor, the seven synonyms of God, but when the birds sing , they assure us - all is well, that animal magnetism cannot harm us when asleep are awake. like the birds we have a safe place to go-heaven within. Is it not amazing how anything so small can sing so loud!!!

  22. Great way to start the day; many thanks

  23. The beauty of birdsong is indeed an inspiring and uplifting thing. It always seems marvellous to me, that birds rejoice in song so freely and so extravagantly. Their example is inspiring. We too need to sing our uninhibited glorious praises to our Father often.

  24. The song of the small bird heard above the din of traffic, is like the still,small voice of God heard in consciousness when the human senses are silent. There is no mistaking the strength and power of this still, small voice! Thank you for such a special daily lift and to everyone for their inspiring ideas.

  25. You put it so beautifully! Above the heavy traffic of aggressive mental suggestions our acknowledgment of God with us is heard as a "song of gratitude" which echoes back to us in the comforting music of the songbird.

    At one time I worked in what was considered a very dangerous area. The office was a trailer located at the back of a large vacant lot situated on the waterfront. Sometimes I would be there late when it was very dark outside. One night when fear threatened to overwhelm me I looked out my window at the water and saw from the reflection of a couple of lights, two seagulls peacefully floating along on the water, totally unafraid. I took that as God's message to me that He was right there with me and I felt the same peace as those seaguls.

  26. Thank you for the wonderful Lift. As this day unfolds may we all be "Like brother birds that soar and sing, and on the same branch bend."
    Hymn 30
    Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts of inspiration and gratitude.

  27. What a lovely musical Lift, thanks so much, Mari. I live next to a woods and have bird feeders in both the back and front yards and enjoy listening to the birds sing and talk to each other. The music of the heavens is forever brightening our day. And there is a hymn (if not many) to meet our every need. One of my favorites says, "I look to thee in every need, and never look in vain. I feel thy touch eternal Love, and all is well again. The thought of thee is mightier far than sin, and pain and sorrow are." We can certainly sing praises to God for His great Love!

  28. Very often birds have lifted my thoughts. I love this message and it was just what I needed this morning. Thank you for sharing it so beautifully...

  29. This is a beautiful lift that "sings" to us of praise and gratitude. We, too, can sing all day. Thank you, Mari. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  30. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks for your spiritual insight that will help so many around the world today. #5 is also a good reminder about the expression of nature in the world. God is ruling everywhere; God controls the weather, not material forces of any kind.

  31. I love being part of this community. I don't always read all the comments, but I feel they are there. And what a comfort, to have Christian Science lecturers and practitioners in my home every day!

  32. Loved it, Mari! Gratitude is like the songbird's song - lifting us above the din of mortal life. Prayer is acknowledging God's presence everywhere and saying "Thank You"! Tweet, Tweet!

  33. Thank you so much for the beauty of this Lift

  34. Thank you Mari! It's really surprising hearing the song of the zorzal in Buenos Aires! We're overwhelmed by obligations in general, and we're not able to hear the songs of the birds. Prayer provides a clear atmosphere and as you said, all our needs can and are satisfied by God! This is a wonderful Divine promise!
    Lots of Love to the DLCommunity!

  35. Thanks for this lift needed so much today. It made me feel so grateful to know that God was taking care of all my needs that seem overwhelming at times and those of all his children. After all, God is ALL and always caring for each of us. Thank you God for your tender Love and presence.
    Thank you, Mari for this inspiring lift!

  36. Such a wonderful lift Mari. I love how the zoral's beautiful song breaks through the mesmerism of matter and mortal mind. It's a song full of harmony and joy that lifts you up to experience God's presence wherever you are. Thank you so much for sharing that sweet little bird's song with us. Thanks to the lifters too with their inspiring insights. #25 Rae, you brought home the picture of the gulls, peacefully floating on the water. God's protection and joy is everywhere for us to enjoy. As we fill with gratitude we can enjoy it even more.

  37. How lovely and how important to me this encouraging lift is this beautiful morning. Thank you Mari.

  38. Just beautiful Mari, just beautiful. And a great reminder about prayer.

  39. What a beautiful reminder that prayer is not asking God for anything, or pleading with divine Love, but rather a recognition that God is ever-present & governing all harmoniously - this is our song of gratitude that brings the sweet calm of healing. Thank you so much Mari.

  40. Gracias, Mari,the zorzales, and the little birds outside my window, for the wonderful reminder that we are always under the divine law of harmony, abundant good, Love, and nothing can argue to the contrary. Isn't that the purpose of song birds early in the morning? To glorify God, all-good and set the tone or key note for every day? Yesssss! And thanks to all the lifters for sharing such joyful facts, sure to bless all.

  41. I enjoy birds so much...the birdhouses, the birdfeeders, their habits and their song. I've never heard of the zorzal, so that was enlightening and fun. Your message, though, was a wake up call to sing before the material evidence- knowing that all is well. Thank you!

  42. What a wonderful thought. Thank you

  43. Just as the Zorzal's song can be heard in the midst of noisy city traffic, so can the word of truth be heard in the midst of the noisy conflict of human beliefs, bringing peace and joy to the human heart.
    "The "still small voice" of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest bound. ... It is heard in the desert and in dark places of fear." is the way Mary Baker Eddy puts it in Science and Health (pg. 559).
    Thanks for your "tweet" today Mari. I heard the thought behind it, as well these in the tweet comments.

  44. Such a beautiful lift... thank you!

  45. Thank you Mari!
    A sweet song from the zorzal bird reminds me that Good is here, and it lifts my heart.
    We just need to listen!
    Soon the winter will be over, and the songbirds will return to Western Canada too.

  46. Muchas gracias Mari por un mensaje tan hermoso, tan reconfortante y práctico.

  47. That is why hymns are sung in Churches all over the world. It lifts our thoughts high up in the heavenly bliss where mortal mind can't have the last say. Birds are the direct symbols of such songs of heavenly bliss and should be understood as such.

  48. Thanks for your beautiful message spoken in a perfect English.

  49. Wonderful Lift, Mari! How much we can learn from the birds. The joyful burst of bird-song at dawn ~ the song of one bird, answered and multiplied by so many others ~ how can we keep from singing?!?!

  50. Thank you, Mari, for this lovely Lift and solid reminder to express gratitude in the midst of noisy busyness. It made me think of the Supplement Hymn # 462, Praise the Creator, with it's various situations one may be in and yet there's always time to "praise." I also found it inspiring to hear how effortless the bird song sounded. We can know that joyfully expressing gratitude is just as natural to us. Daily Lift team, thank you for adding more of the zorzal's song in the tag! Wonderful!

  51. I loved the Lift Mari. Birds have a special place in my heart and I love to hear their songs. In reading the comments it came to me that each comment from our family is like a song of praise every morning and it goes out to inspire and bless everyone.
    A special song goes to Nate and his team and all who bring us these daliy lifts.

  52. How lovely to hear the Zorzal. This morning while getting my breakfast in my brothers home here in Trinidad, there was a bird outside the kitchen window with its lovely song he keep on for quite a while it was just the harmonious songs and one can say "All is well, All is well' with his song,,,, how grateful for all the Lifts and Lifters and Christian Science

  53. Birds - the perfect analogy for my morning . . . . thank you!

  54. Each day when I am taking my shower I sing "In Heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear" and always so comforting. Thank you Mari for the great lift.

    The hymn quoted above is Hymn #148 from the Christian Science Hymnal.
    Daily Lift Team

  55. I've been thinking about original sin...the world belief of man born a sinner...guilty from the get-go.

    And I've been thinking of the priests who have to hear confessions of guilt from their parishioners. If those stories are heard as real history, they would tend to reinforce the false theology of man a sinner.

    But Christian Science teaches that Genesis 1 has the real record of creation: "very good." Nothing about sinning man in that record! Nothing has been created except by God. The belief in original sin cannot stand if it's not true.

    I'm praying with my little Zorzal voice to be a true witness to man's eternal innocence. Everyone has the right to claim Genesis 1 as their own history.

  56. So beautiful...thank you Mari.

  57. P.S.

    Thanks, Mari, and #43 Gary Rowland Canada...I absolutely love that quotation you've shared today.

  58. Thank you Mari for showing how wonderful God blesses every birdie. Just the other day, I was in 50 mph winds. A lady came up to me and told me I should be afraid of the tree limbs falling. I appreciated her concerned but assured God would care for me and all the birdies. She voiced, "I hope so."

    I knew so, as praise went to her that God is here. Sure enough, 15 minutes later a big tree fell down messing the street up. When I heard the "crack!" my praise to God was louder. Praise no one hurt.

    A kiddo came by and helped me move it to the curb. The cars were able to move freely. And I rejoiced like the songbird, the next day when I showed the lady the, tree limb and how Good God protects every little birdie! AMEN!

  59. Dear Mari,
    Thank you so much for such a healing uplift. Your example is so clear to understand and easy to apply in any situation we might find in our lives.

  60. Thank you, Mari, for “The song of the zorzal … a type of song bird in (the) city … heard above all else … like a hymn of praise … giving thanks to God …”

    When I was a child living in Chicago, I remember appreciating birdsong high above all the city noisiness. Birdsong like angel messages and – as you point, like hymns of praise. Birdsong inspires me to thank God immediately.

    Now I live in an area where I’m awakened each morning by birdsong. Sometimes it sounds like a large symphony chorus with each bird adding its own voice, its own song! So rich and beautiful and pure! And just so much fun, too, because God is always the Divine Conductor!

    There can be so many different sounds, rhythms, and even melodies with perfect timing – all in total harmony! It sometimes seems like improv – a jam session by “The Naturals.” I smile at “my choir of angels” and the soloists and those, who do a “call and response” throughout the day. All are reminders that God is high above all else and yet very present. In fact, there is none else!

    So, I’ll keep my ear attuned. But from now on, I’ll be thinking “zorzal!” It’ll be my new, fun name for “birdsong,” especially when I may barely hear it above "my" world’s noisiness - when I need it the most. “Zorzal!” sounds so "live-action" oriented. “Awake! Arise! Rise and shine! Shine forth! Rejoice and be glad!” And so the birds remind the sheep, "Fear not, little flock."

  61. Wow! 53 people have sent lovely responses already to this beautiful lift. Thank you, Mari, for it and for including the beautiful bird song so that we have it to enjoy as you speak.

    A phrase you used popped out to me..."...clear atmosphere which prayer provides..." What an enlightening phrase to describe what prayer is and what it does. I used to be impatient about praying and found it hard to figure out what it means to pray. I just wanted to go from a-z and skip over p r a y e r. " If truth is true," I'd think, "why do we have to pray?" AH! we need to pray because the claim is that we live under the law of all kinds of falsity, so we must resort to this "clear (mental) atmosphere which prayer provides" in order to hear what is true and to claim truth as ours and everyone's; thus denying, casting out as nothing, any false claim over God's creation. We need to declare what is true, to acknowledge it, and to accept it, to be grateful to God for it, and to thank HIm joyfully.

    We need to be grateful for the deep love and sacrifice of Christ Jesus and the patient loving dedication of our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. We need to "lay hold" and claim the power of God which destroys all error.. Thank you, Mari, for this sparkling gem of revelation so beautifully stated.

  62. Thank you Mari. I hear the birds chirping now in the bush out side my window. I can relate to your message.

  63. Dear Mari, thank you for this beautiful lift. One can see by the abundance of comments how birds and song inspire. It's no wonder Mrs. Eddy used them in several places to point our thought upward. For example: S&H p. 299 - "Angels....upward-soaring beings ...guide to
    the divine Principle of all good, whither every real indi-
    viduality, image, or likeness of God, gathers."
    and in Misc. Writings p. 356 - "the birds of the air, the uplifted desires of the human heart,..."

    Here in Texas, the purple martins arrived last weekend. It is their song you hear first and then look for the soaring flight that is their distinction. It never fails to bring smiles, joy, excitement as they come in to choose a house to raise their young. But, most of all it is their song I love to hear. It is the call that says Spring is coming. Their presence for me points to great lessons of perseverence, as they have flown acros the gulf of mexico to get here; expectancy of God's provision for supplying all need as they find their homes to raise young; etc. I could go on as they teach me countless lessons. Thank you to all you have shared your stories of the inspiration from "upward soaring" beings!!!

  64. Like the birdsong, all God's reflection can state is what God imparts, absolute Truth. That is plenty.

  65. Thank you.

  66. Thank you.

  67. I love the thought of prayers of gratitude. Thinking about birds and their songs of joy and uplift is a message that meets my need today. Thank you.

  68. Thank you for your "song" of love and joy!

  69. Thank you for that reminder that a bird can
    preach a healing sermon.

  70. No bird hesitates to share his/her song of gratitude and neither should we hesitate to share healings and gratitude at testimonial meetings when congregating. After hearing this Lift, how could any of us birds be silent about our gratitude and healings. What a joyous, happy, reassuring sound to fill the atmosphere with gratitude and glory to God in the highest. We birds are here, healthy and happy and fearlessly sharing all good we've experienced.

  71. Much gratitude, Mari, for your wonderfully clear, thoughtful and inspirational message/Lift! A spiritual & practical song-of-praise for God's Christly care of His/Her creation. Thanks, for the uplifting comments from all Lifters. Thank-you, DL team for helping us take flight.

  72. Much gratitude for you sharing yours. Gratitude disappears loneliness, fear, stress and all false belief's and allows us to be still enough to hear the birds song reminding us of the presence of God.

  73. Thank you for this lovely,inspirational lift.The voice of the zorzal was a very special treat.We all need to praise God more.

  74. Thank you for this lift. Bird lovers will enjoy this article in yesterday's NY Times. Be sure to read all the comments, too:


    Someday we shall realize that happy state which Mary Baker Eddy describes, mindful of Isaiah's milennial state, in which the lion lies down with the lamb, and nature is not carnivorous.

  75. how sweet is the song of love and happiness... thank you for this message of hope and joy. Thank God for today/now

  76. Very beautiful. The song of the bird brought soft tears to my eyes. Sing thanks to God for the peace and comfort that his love brings to us. Thank you again Mari.

  77. A gentle but powerful reminder to hear the voice of God everywhere. Thank you Mari and everyone for sharing.

  78. I thank you so much Mari for the helpful and comforting lift.

  79. Here are two passages from S&H that came to thought, when I heard the Zorzal song, however brief: “A knowledge of the Science of being develops the latent abilities and possibilities of man. It extends the atmosphere of thought, giving mortals access to broader and higher realms. It raises the thinker into his native air of insight and perspicacity."

    And this, "The 'still, small voice' of scientific thought reaches over continent and ocean to the globe’s remotest bound. The inaudible voice of Truth is, to the human mind, “as when a lion roareth.”

    With others, I love how amazingly clear and strong and effortless his song is!

    Like Mari, maintaining a high thought above "the temporal débris," in our daily travels, "mortals gain more correct views of God and man, multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible, will become visible."

    The true nature of Nature, is for us to witness the Millenial estate, and rejoice..

    Love to the D L community!

  80. Loved hearing the real birdsong after hearing about it. Thank you.

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