2/27: Spiritual conviction heals

2/27: Spiritual conviction heals

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  1. Thank you for this lovely Lift! Yes, conviction and courage are such powerful, healing qualities.

  2. Thank you John, it has much in it to help where healing is delayed, for both patient and practitioner.

  3. Thank you, John, for also mentioning the importance of moral courage. Your strength of conviction speaks very clearly and is evident in this much appreciated Daily Lift.

  4. Thank you John, for this beautiful and heart-felt tribute to he who gave his all in selfless agony for the love of God and mankind. When we think of the magnitude, the majesty, the sublimity, and the intense sacrifice of his human life, how can we not realize the incalculable debt of gratitude we and the world owe him. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Through the magnitude of his human life, he demonstrated the divine Life. Out of the amplitude of his pure affection, he defined Love. With the affluence of Truth, he vanquished error.” (SH 54: 1-5). And on the following page she writes, “My weary hope tries to realize that happy day when man shall recognize the Science of Christ and love his neighbor as himself….The time for the reappearing of the divine healing is throughout all time; and whosoever layeth his earthly all on the alter of divine Science, drinketh of Christ’s cup now, and is endued with the spirit and power of Christian healing.” SH 55: 16-19, 22-26.
    Your Lift and the conviction of your words echo so beautifully her statements above. Thank you again.

  5. Thank you John for a strong message delivered with such conviction. If we have moral courage, if we have a deep desire to live in accord with Christ that includes spiritual love of God and man, we too can heal, we can heal! Whether we encounter skepticism, hatred or some other extreme reaction, God will sustain and strenghten us as we remain obedient to His guidance. I will keep this in mind as I try to be obedient every day, every hour, every moment. Blessings to all.

  6. Our convictions are only tested when there is conflict, so that our ideas are sharpened and become clearer, more focused on the real true image of ourselves and others as the image of God, good at all times. Thank you, John.

  7. Thanks so much John for the encouraging thoughts - we too can heal as Christ Jesus did as we are obedient and follow his example.

  8. The Master understood the meaning of being God's image, God's own son, and he made it his life purpose to show us the way.

    He said, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also" John 14:12

    He was able to see others in the same light that God was realizing them, in a perfect spiritual light.
    We too can accomplish these grand task of relieving our fellow men from suffering using the same light of God.

    In proportion as we see our fellow men as he did, in that proportion we could heal.

    It requires moral courage and a deep desire to live in accord with Christ, that includes a spiritual love of God and man, and in return, God will sustain and strengthen you as you remain obedient to His guidance.

    El Maestro comprendió el significado de ser la imagen de Dios, Su propio hijo, e hizo esto su propósito en la vida para mostrarnos el camino.

    Él dijo: "El que en mí cree, las obras que yo hago, él las hará también" Juan 14:12

    Fue capaz de ver a los demás de la misma manera que Dios los reconocía, en una luz espiritual perfecta.
    Nosotros también podemos lograr este gran cometido de aliviar nuestro prójimo del sufrimiento usando esa misma luz de Dios.

    A medida que vemos a nuestro prójimo como él lo hizo, en esa proporción podríamos sanar.

    Se requiere valor moral y un profundo deseo de vivir de acuerdo con Cristo, que incluye un amor espiritual de Dios y el hombre, y, a cambio, Dios te sostendrá y fortalecerá mientras tu permanezcas obediente

  9. Thank you, John, for the quiet strength of your delivery of this important reminder that our aim is to prove the teachings of Jesus by rebuking all materialism, proving its unreality - and healing. I realise the need for a stronger dedication to scientific practice of what he taught and demonstrated in love for all mankind.

  10. Thank you for this beautiful message, which has come to me today, telling me that I can rebuke spiritually all the bribery and corruption that is going on here in South Africa today. It has given me the courage to do this, whereas previously I was afraid that some official would try to force me to pay him bribe money, before he would perform what is normally a free public service and a right. From now on wards I will prepare myself mentally, by declaring the truth about man being honest and upright and pure and expect only GOOD results.

  11. Thank you.

  12. Thank you John for your inspiring Daily Lift.

    How true when you say "you can heal,"

    This is why we have been given this effective Science by our beloved Leader Mary Baker Eddy.
    As our Master Jesus said ",,, and greater things shall ye do,,,"
    He gave us all, the permission to do it, so let us get out of our material boxes and heal the world.
    We have been told we can do it, so let us, do it Now.

    Have a wonderful spiritual adventure.

    Love in Christ


  13. Many thanks John for your helpful spiritual lift. Yes. "God [divine Love] will sustain and strengthen us as we remain obedient to His guidance." "Give us, O Truth, Thou light of men,/ Thy benediction rare,/ That courage may sustain our way/ Out of the darkness into day,/ Thy day, celestial, fair." (Christian Science Hymnal #104).

  14. This lift came to me in these early hours before dawn as God's own angel message to me.
    I am grateful to witness the moral courage that reflects Christ Jesus' own conviction of Love's omnipotence and omnipresence. It strengthens me to express this quality more steadfastly in my life.
    To me, there is nothing more beautiful or meaningful in life than to embody this spiritual conviction that heals.
    Thank you, John, for this powerful, Christ-filled lift.

  15. tThank you John. for this humble acceptable of the Christ-Truth along with the strength and conviction
    that we can heal because Christ Jesus admonished us to do so. A command, a demand. As in the Olympics, we are carrying the torch, with its light, from place to place, healing the sick, and raising the dead.

  16. Thank you.

  17. Lovely! Thank you for a great start to my day.

  18. Oh my, John, what a powerful and clear statement. It is a reat LIFT of thought and purpose. Thank you so much !!! I just went through a very strong experience of feeling that I was treated unjustly. Actually it is a fact that there had been enormous injustice. But I struggled for several days to really know that "Divine Love is my Shepherd, I shall not want..." (Psalm 23) And to be sure that divine justice is much grander than human justice. That God gives me ideas - a universe full of ideas ! That know no inflation and that come never out of value.
    And my divine identity cannot be touched, neither be robbed nor be treated unjustly.

    I wish I could get your lift in writing. Is this possible ?
    thank you, thank you, thank you . . .

    Daily Lift Team
    These fresh, conversational recordings are intended to share orally the inspiration of the moment and are only available in audio format.

  19. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that we can heal.

  20. Nice message, tone and speed, thank you

  21. Very powerful, many thanks, John!

  22. Dear John, I feel encouraged and strengthened by your beautiful lift. Also I feel that you speak these words from a realized conciousness.
    Thank you for being a transparency of Truth.

  23. Sin duda que la convicción espiritual, es lo más saludable, así lo demostró Cristojesús y también la Sra. Eddy, y así debemos demostrarlo nosotros con la misma convicción, porque la salud es una manifestación del Bien y se demuestra con el bien-hacer o sea obrando de la misma manera, entonces, ya no es solo convición, es certeza, certeza en el Bien divino, que cura todos nuestros males, donde la salud es el menos importante, ya que al curar el error que provoca el quebranto, ya nada hay más que hacer y la salud se reintegra naturalmente, porque solo había estado ausente por la creencia-erronea del falso error que condiciona, primero en lo moral y luego en la salud, a veces por un escaso conocimiento de lo real, más que por errores de mal comportamiento en lo moral.

    "Y Jehová te dé entendimiento y prudencia, para que cuando gobiernes a Israel, guardes la ley de Jehová tu Dios" 1 de Crónicas.

    "El manto ideal del Cristo es sin costura. Tú has tocado su borde y te estás sanando" MBE,

    Muchas gracias John, por el mensaje.

  24. Thank you for the inspiring lift. A clear reminder that our courage and conviction is sharpened and strengthened when challenged. Then we go up even higher and are strengthened in our healing practice. Much Gratitude!

  25. thank you so much

  26. Thank you so much for this inspiration and that touch of support for the healing ministry that it is present in each one of us.
    We are sustain by the love of God and that love is always present and ready for us to use it.
    Very grateful for your message

  27. Thank you very much.

  28. John, this is the "best". Loving the Truth at all costs means it is the only thing really important enough to devote our lives to and to be blessed immeasurbly by it. Thank you! Nan

  29. Thank you, John, for this inspiring and strengthening message and for all your contributions to Church - healing and blessing all! Thanks to all faithful Lifters and God's workers, too!

  30. Thank you, John, for your deep understanding willingly shared by all.Every step forward means we can understand more of the divine message, and frreely share with our family and friends. Instantaneous healings of smoking and drinking alcohol; migraine headaches; mumps; burns; and the overcoming of a fire spreading rapidly toward a crop of wheat almost ready to be harvested, when the wind changed direction as a result of prayer, just to name a few. Every moment spent in earnest prayer with God is bountifully rewarded.
    Thank you Nate and the Daily Liftr team; The Mother Church; "and the workers in the fields of the Lord."

  31. Dear John, as i struggle to more clearly understand the relation between the infinite All in All Good, Truth, Love, Light, and beings, and how this relation, properly understood, heals, your message is so perfectly timed and helpful. Thanks for the gift of your words, Maria

  32. Thank you, John. Your words and the heartfelt conviction in your delivery are felt and the inspiration is invaluable. Moral courage and living with the integrity and singleness of mind that Jesus did in serving God, gives man dominion and healing is the natural outcome.

  33. Thanks, John, for such an encouraging message given with so much conviction. The sixth tenet of Christian Science states, "And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just and pure." Certainly having the Mind that Christ Jesus had would include healing as he did - instantly and completely.

  34. Really well delivered John, thank you.

  35. LOVE this ,, thank you so much!

  36. Thank you John for this beautiful message and it is so true, I am so grateful to Jesus for being willing to give all he gave to us and that we can still prove this Truth today thanks to Mary Baker Eddy who gave us Christian Science to teach and inspire us to do what Jesus said we would do. Gratitude fills my heart!

  37. So well said, John, especially the part that says. "You too, can heal as you are obedient to the Christ."
    I have introduced this lift to many friends, recently, and they truly love the ideas that set their day on the right path.

  38. Thank you John and #10 Joy for your example of what John is proposing... an immediate expectancy of healing when some need comes to our attention. And, why not. We love the individual experience of spiritual good unfolding. But what about out there?

    Certainly we don't think that we are floating around in a private bubble of good.

  39. Reassuring and wonderfully provided lift today. Thank you, thank you. We are God's witnesses

  40. What a clear and profound message John.Your voice has the tone and quality God has given you to deliver the words of Truth with a sense of divine presence. Thank you

  41. Thank you for your message spoken so beautifully and earnestly, as all your Lifts are, bringing me understanding of fundamental truths. I am grateful.

  42. Thank you for this timely Lift. This is so important as we near the Easter season. I was so moved by your statement about Jesus "willingness to face his own crucifixion to prove the power of eternal Life and Love".

    Canadian Lakes Michigan

  43. I am moved not only by your importunate message but also by the knowledge that it is encircling the planet "to earths remotest borders" as evidenced by these responses from England, Japan, Australia, Scotland, Germany and the States. All bound by one great Love, all family of one Father/Mother, all loving the love. My grateful heart is singing. Thank you for this.

  44. Thank you.

  45. Thank you just what I needed today.

  46. Wow! Beautiful, inspiring, healing lift, John! We can heal and CS is healing every moment of every day. Praise the Lord! Thanks so much!

  47. Thank you.

  48. Thank you John for your understanding lift today. Yes, yes, yes, we can heal ourselves and others by, as Mrs. Eddy says, "radical reliance" on God that is grounded in "conviction" as you say. Mortal mind/error in whatever form, has no foothold in the "Light of Truth".

    Thank you lifters and The Daily Lift Team.

  49. Thank you John! Your message is so clear and powerful. I love it!

  50. Thanks for the reminder of what a steadfast stand for the Truth can accomplish. I've always viewed Jesus' stand as one for the total innocency of man and that stand as the outcome of his unconditional love for God's creation. Such love always a fosters moral courage that cannot be dissuaded.

  51. Thank you. This went so well with the lesson..and gave great insight into Christs struggles as well as our own.

  52. A clear strong delivery of the powerful Christ message. Yes, we can and do heal because of the words and the works of the Master Christian. He said do it. We do. No "phoney" lies can prevent us. Yea, GOD!

  53. Thank you, John, for your spiritual conviction of Healing in Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy talks about taking off our "lavender kid gloves" and rolling up our sleeves and getting to "Work, work, work - watch and pray." It takes courage to stand up for what's right in our branch churches and to be willing even to "overturn some tables" if necessary. Our mission is to Heal! The whole world wants what we have. To be a Christian Scientist means we have "enlisted" in that mission. Jesus hated iniquity or sin and phony living. That's the only thing we are allowed to hate and rule out of our thought in Christian Science. I feel inspired by your Lift, John, and by the Lifters' comments. I'm feeling that the courage of conviction that we can Heal is being strengthened by this LIft and through our Christian Science Bible Lesson this week on Christ Jesus. I'm so Grateful! Onward and Upward!

  54. What a strengthening and encouraging Lift. Thank you for your dedication to the cause of Christian Science, and Christianity.

  55. Thanks, John. I appreciated the honest humanity and quiet power I felt in the delivery of this message.

  56. Thank you John for such a loving encouragement I am so very grateful
    for the promise of healing through the absolute conviction of Christ's way and the only way of healing by healing the way he did.

  57. A wonderful lift to begin our eternal day. Thank you John! The Christ presence that heals is for all mankind and we are so grateful to put it into practice each day from our study and prayers of God's divine laws that govern each of us. There are no exceptions just as each ray of light shines forth from the sun, we each shine forth as the expression of God.

  58. Thank you John. This message comes to me at just the right time. I was feeling like those closest to me are skeptical about Christian Science and I was wondering if this Truth really works. Thinking about what Jesus went through, and what the Christ right now represents gives me hope. Jesus worked hard to hold on to the Truth, and I must do the same.

  59. Very helpful. Thank you so much.

  60. Thank you!

  61. Just Beautiful! ...so well spoken! ..Thank You John!...Let's all be a Christ example today! ...Loving everyone even though it may be met with unkindness but still holding to the Christ - Truth ..this is our debt to him!
    May all have a blessed day!
    Love to all! Kirsten. ; )

  62. "the lion of the tribe of Juda"
    "the cattle upon a thousand hills"
    Thank YOU thank you!
    With all my heart Thank You John for this much needed lift!!

  63. I could hear the conviction in your voice.

  64. Thank you so very much, John, very powerful and encouraging. Yes indeed, we too must and can follow Jesus' example! Much appreciated today.
    Judith from Reno NV

  65. Outstanding! This is the clearest explanation of Jesus and his mission I have ever heard or read. And the clearest definition of what it truly means to be a Christian/Christian Scientist. We are commanded to heal, in our daily walk and talk as we lay aside the material definitions and follow Christ. I'm deeply grateful for this Lift, John. Bless you and your work!

  66. Dear John,

    Your Lifts always bring a feeling of joy and conviction of God's love for us and the truth of Jesus' message. Our job is to 'follow and rejoice".
    Thank you for this message and thank you DL team and DL family for your comments.

  67. I am so thankful for this beautiful promise spoken with such love and compassion. The breath of Spirit touches each one of us with perfect grace, blessing us indiviudally and directly.A friend said to me recently when we were speaking about healing, 'IT TAKES COURAGE' - and faith, and spiritual commitment and strength. Many thanks John, the BoL and Lifters for today's Lift.

  68. I seem to recognize a common thread as I listened to your Lift. It is like a "call to arms". Then I remembered yesterday's online Wednesday service from The Mother Church as we sang hymn number 5:
    "A voice from heaven we have heard,
    The call to rise from earth;
    Put armor on, the sword now gird,
    And for the fight go forth."

    And it occurred to me that Christian Scientists are enlisted as soldiers in the battle against error. Whether as practitioners, healers, demonstrators or simple advocates of Truth, we must remain constantly engaged. But is this warfare or a positive demonstration of divine Life, Truth and Love?

    Light is not at war with darkness, nor truth with error, nor love with hate. These opposites cannot exist in the same place as one naturally and effortlessly eliminates the other.

    Just as suddenly another recent hymn came to mind, number 53:
    "Everlasting arms of Love
    Are beneath, around, above;"

    Perhaps the best armament we can have are the "arms of Love".

    Today Michael is going to put down his sword and shield and proceed forth as Gabriel, bearing different Arms.

    Anybody need a hug?

  69. Dear John, Thank you so much for this uplifting message. It is a message I needed right now. I will continue to contemplate these thoughts all day. God is so good, giving us exactly what we need all the time.

  70. This is absolutely superb! It is a gentle nudge to all of us. It reminds me of a hymn urging us all on our healing way::
    "Be firm and be faithful; desert not the right;
    The brav" become bolder the darker the night.
    Then up and be doing, though cowards may fail;
    Thy duty pursuing, dare all and prevail." hymn 18 Buckets of gratitude...

  71. Thank you, John, for your very clear and helpful message!

  72. I looked up the word conviction and found this: The act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of truth. Thank you for giving such a perfect
    example of the meaning.

    With gratitude,


  73. What a precious message — from the heart of one who has dedicated his life to practicing and demonstrating his love of God and man. Thank you, John!

  74. Thank you for your words which strengthen me in the knowledge of the importance of remaining true to my convictions of God's Truth, to remain on that path not wavering towards friend's well meaning but wrong suggestions and desires.

  75. It took a long time for me to acquire that conviction that spiritual understanding heals as no other system. It takes a systematic attitude to pray without ceasing even if the material view shows bad results. It is that very mortal sight that should stimulate any one with even a degree of knowledge of C/S not to give up for C/S does heal no matter what mortal thought puts out. Never give up.

  76. Thank you John for this outstanding , inspired, message.

  77. Beautifully and well said! Thank you John!

  78. Very powerful

  79. I love the God thoughts you share. Christian Science guides our convictions, purifying thought and I am so deeply grateful for it's teachings along with the Bible which empower our prayerful work for the world. Thank you so much John for this wonderful Lift which in deed does lift thought.

  80. Thank you. Loved this message this morning.

  81. A very encouraging message. Thank you.

  82. Thank you, John!

    Alice Suitt

  83. John. Thank you very much for the encouraging and inspiring comment. Such a practical view as well.

  84. I hear humility, compassion, and spiritual strength in your words today, John. So many thanks for this message. God bless you.

  85. Your voice emanates conviction, compassion, and joy. A spiritual life LIVED! That's catching! Thank you!

  86. Thank you for that angel message John - just what I needed to hear today!

  87. Sooo.. grateful John for your reminder
    that we can ALL follow Jesus's
    example in HEALING as he did...what a
    a glorious Miission.

    H UGS to everyone!.

  88. I think we all felt the presence and power of Christ, Truth in your voice and message, John. It brings to mind Mrs. Eddy’s statement that all real “...intercommunication is from God to His idea, man.” (SH 284: 31), so even when we seem to be speaking to one another, it is still God who speaks us. Your Lift exemplified that. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for these Daily Lifts. They are all so perfectly sequenced, with each in their own individual way carrying God’s sweet message to us.

  89. Thanks John, "...obedience to Divine guidance...." Amen.

  90. How invigorating!! Powerful!
    For me, a needed reinforcement to see only God's ideas--to see beyond what seems to be.
    Thank you, Father, for "Daily Lifts" and for all the sharing of insights by Daily Lifters traveling from sense to Soul! I am SO grateful!

  91. Thanks so much John, for this wonderful message.

  92. What a beautiful, powerful and loving message!
    Delivered with such a soft yet firm and encouraging voice, that indeed touched the very botton of my heart.
    Thank you so much, John!

  93. Illness, sin and even death are nonexistent.Thank you John! What joy! What happiness! What jubilation!
    'The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?' Psalm 27:1

  94. Remaining firm and steadfast in the face of difficulties sometimes seems so hard to do, but we have no choice as Christ Jesus showed us during his life. As one commenter put it, those "everlasting arms of love" will keep us safe in our endeavors. As we make peace in our thinking it dissolves any inharmony because the two can't dwell together. Thanks lifters, one and all.

  95. Dynamic, John..you said it all!! God bless you, my friend...

  96. Love is the victor and the victory!

  97. As followers of Christ and "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life." S&H p.497:3. Exodus chapter 17 shows Moses loving the children of Israel by praying to God to give them water, even though of the murmuring against him. And yet in the same chapter those who were with him held his arms up during the heat of a battle; Israel, prevailing as long as Moses' arms were held up. Aron and Hur did the arm holding. They knew and understood the strength and power to support Gods purpose.
    And in Jesus time he gave all of us the Beatitudes and taught us how to pray by teaching us The Lord's Prayer. Today, despite the subtle and blatant attacks on Christians in the world, we have the strength to be, and forever to reflect, the child of God's creation. Let's Do It, John! It will never be in vain.

  98. A huge heartfelt thank you for your inspiring message to us all.

  99. Much, much gratitude, John, for your deep "Spiritual conviction", as you so clearly explain important aspects of Christian/Christ/Christian Science healing and what it takes/means to be a true/sincere follower of Christ Jesus.

  100. thank you john

  101. Thank you very much....John.

  102. Thank you for sharing the example of Jesus - and his demonstration of the Christ. With the movie "Son of God" coming out in theatres tomorrow, I think it's so lovely that the Christian Science Bible Lesson is "Christ Jesus" this week. God's timing is perfect.

  103. Thank you, thank you so very much. This helps us
    to see and know that we can not only be healed but
    also can heal. How wonderful. We are God's perfect
    reflection and witness now. God could not have an
    imperfect witness so we are already free of any
    seeming error.
    Love and gratitude to all.

  104. Thank you again John. May I mention one of my
    favorite hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal,
    Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus Going on before....(No. 264)

    Love and gratitude again.

  105. this is so good - i had to listen to it again and again. Thank you for this preccious encouraging lift.

  106. Thank you so much for this Lift...It matters!

  107. John, Thank you.

  108. Thank you so much John.

  109. What a wonderful message this is. So clearly spoken and well written. I love the Daily Lifts. Thank you for all the wonderful work you have contributed to the world, bringing the truth of Christian Science to all of us. This is a great inspiration to me. Thanks, Jan VH Fairfield, Ohio

  110. WOW! Thank you John.

  111. Hello John, just heard this great Daily Lift tonight.

    Wow! Powerful, clear, and with wonderful conviction - an out of the park home run!

    Thank you for painting this powerful word picture. I'm blessed to be holding it close in my thought.

    With gratitude,

    Peter Jensen

  112. So good to have this Lift available Saturday. Have forwarded to a minister friend. Thank you!

  113. Beautiful! -- Thank you, John

  114. What a wonderful, encouraging lift. Thank you.

  115. Many, many many thanks for your beautiful words.

  116. Carol, Switzerland
    Thank you very much for this beautiful daily-lift.

  117. This shall be placed in my special collection of lifts to revisit and rehear a wonderful call to my daily spiritual duties. Thank you for the strength of purpose which you have shared.

  118. Wow... I'm savin' this Lift. Thanks...

  119. I've come back to this lift to be strengthened and encouraged.

  120. Thank you for "giving of your heart's rich overflow" (as found in the Christian Science Hymnal) with this quiet yet firm Daily Lift. Sharon :-)

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