2/27: All is well

2/27: All is well

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  1. Thank you Shirley for such a wonderful uplift. This is very reassuring and I shall remember this very timely
    Uplift. Blessings

  2. Dear Shirley,
    Thank you for the stirring Lift. What promise and comfort it holds.
    I was especially glad you included Julian of Norwich's experience.
    It's such a powerful proof of the Life in the words "All is well" actually
    demonstrating God's ALLNESS as in: omniscience; omnipotence; omnipresence; and omni-action, - no matter w-h-a-t the challenge, need, or demand.

    Sincerest thanks.
    It exactly met my need.

  3. WOW. That was beautiful.

  4. Dear Shirley
    What a lovely reassuring message my friend,
    Thank you

  5. Exactly what I needed. Thanks!!!

  6. As the beautiful melody of CS Hymn 350 elevates your thought with the calming words it carries: All is well.
    As you travel through trials and tribulations with the certainty that you are not alone, remember MBE's words, "It is proverbial that Florence Nightingale and other philanthropists engaged in humane labors have been able to undergo without sinking fatigues and exposures
    which ordinary people could not endure. The explanation lies in the support which they derived from the divine law, rising above the human“ S&H 385:1
    Tal como la hermosa melodía del himno 350 del Himnario de la CC eleva nuestro pensamiento con las tranquilizadoras palabras que trae: Todo está bien.
    Cuando viajas a travéz de pruebas y tribulaciones con la certeza de que no estamos solos, recuerda las palabras de MBE, “Es proverbial que Florence Nightingale y otros filántropos ocupados en labores humanitarias han podido experimentar, sin desfallecer, fatigas y exposiciones a la intemperie que personas comunes no hubieran podido soportar. La explicación está en el apoyo que recibieron de la ley divina, que superó a la humana“ CyS 385:2

  7. Good music, good message. Thank you.

  8. Many thanks Shirley for reminding us of this well loved and comforting hymn. Yes. "God [divine Love] is always good, always present and all powerful.'' "All must be well;/ Precious is the Love that healed us,/ Perfect is the grace that sealed us,/ Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us;/ All, all is well." (Christian Science Hymnal #350).

  9. I had just shared that thought with someone this morning, All is well, What a joy when I listened
    to the Daily lift,everyone was enjoying it as well, Thank you Shirley

  10. Thank you Shirley. The music got my attention, the message was riveting. Thanks a lot.

  11. thanks for beautiful lift.anger,doubt,evil temptation has no place.All is good,powerful present.Our saviour always cares for everyone.

  12. \thank you. The idea of a daily lift is surely God-given. i am so grateful for all the work that goes into it. It is truly wonderful. Much gratitude. Claire

  13. Dear Shirley,
    Thank you for reminding me of Julian and this special Hymn - All Will Be Well.
    I am so grateful.

  14. Yes indeed ALL IS WELL! What a comforting ,encouraginng thought with which to begin the week . Regardless of seeming untoward circustances and pain , ALL IS WELL ,because "In God we live and move and have our being ( Our very existence) ." Thank you Shirley !

  15. Todo esta bien porque todo es el Bien lo único que existe, y si seguimos las enseñanzas de Cristo base fundamental para un desarrollo espiritual sostenido nos encontraremos al despertar del sueño mortal y humano siguiendo esa bella estrofa del himno "!Oh soñador despierta de tu sueño levántate cautivo libre ya" despiertos ya ahora en pleno conocimiento del Bien la única realidad, nuestro eterno amparo y fortaleza, no se si aún hemos llegado a comprender la inmenza bondad de Dios porque creo que va más allá de lo que somos capaces de interpretar a pesar de sentirlo y manifestarlo, sí se que podemos sentir y hacer sentir su influencia a todos aquellos que esten dispuestos y deseen beneficiarse con ella, el Bien infinito, no importa la circunstancia que nos toque transitar donde estemos y que hagamos siempre que hagamos el Bien desde dar un vaso de agua en nombre de Él para espiritualizar el pensamiento ajeno o sanando, porque todo lo que se hace por Amor a Dios trasciende nuestro propio entendimiento porque va más allá de nosotros mismos hacia el Ser inmortal que es sólo bondad, y si aceptamos que Dios no conoce el mal tenemos que coincidir que la unica manera de acceder a Él es a travez del Bien, el Amor, pero también nos dice Eddy que debemos negar el error y sí el error material debe ser negado y aplastado para que el "espacio" esté sólo ocupado por el Bien infinito.
    !Oh amigos que bello es despertar con tan inspirados mensajes!

    Muchas gracias, thank you so much, Shir

  16. Thank you, yes ALL WILL BE WELL, ALL IS WELL. Thank you again.It is just what is needed.

  17. Thank you Shirley,
    So comforting and always so helpful.

  18. Lovely insight into "who our real friends are", namely those whose revealed words and spiritual practice indicate their "anchor of hope" was cast beyond evidence of beginnings and endings. Both Mary of Bow and her predecessor Julian of Norwich in their own ways and times offer us the opportunity to "touch the fringes of eternity" and to share the comfort and courage embued by that touch.

  19. Thank you, Shirley! I's good to know that under God's care all is well!!

  20. Thank you, Shirley, for the perfect message which I so dearly needed....

  21. Thank you for your most inspiring Daily Lift. It lifted me up into the arms of Love! The music, your voice and your words were all wonderful. All, all is well! One of my favorite hymns too!

  22. And sometimes, Shirley, it's not the easiest thing to hold fast to the Truth "All is well" as the great woman of Shunem discovered when their son, promised to her by Elisha, became so affected by the sun that he died. In spite of the physical evidence she clung to the Truth that "All is well" as she hurried to Mount Carmel where Elisha was, and asserted it three times as we sing in the hymn, and her son was restored to life by Elisha and was returned to her well. I was very inspired with this story of the Shunimite woman's trust and devotion when my own children were young and was rewarded with their recovery.
    Thank you Nate and the team; the BoL and lecturers; and the YDLifters.

  23. When Eddie was tiny, cars and trucks were how he learned words. On the freeway one day, he asked "sing about the oil wells!" It took me awhile, but I figured out he meant all is well, and we sang it again... thanks for reminding me...

  24. Thank you, Shirley,
    Your message was very timely for me.

  25. Thank you Shirley. Just what I needed to hear this morning.

  26. Gracias, Shirley por recordarnos esta hermosa frase: ¡Todo está bien! del himno 350. En estos momentos en que estoy luchando contra pensamientos de mi mente mortal, tu Lift me ha dado la fuerza necesaria para salir triunfante. Muchas, muchas gracias.

  27. Thank you Shirley!

  28. Thanks for a beautiful, comforting lift. Love the music too--thank you so much. :)

  29. Excellent , Thank you !

  30. Thank you sooooooo much, Shirley. I really appreciate the reminder that "all is well" in the present tense. Now. Each moment. The truth of those three little words is the very basis for Christian healing, as I understand it. They contain the powerful conviction that calls for a steadfast commitment to expect, witness, and express God/good ever-unfolding, uninterrupted. What seems a simple affirmation, packs a lot of spiritual power. Thanks, again.

  31. What a precious reminder that God is on the field, and only good is going on. And #23 I loved the childlike simplicity of the story of your little one. Children are such good reminders that God is always, always taking care of us -- no matter what!

  32. "All is well " . . . This is the lift I need today and will demonstrate as best I can with all I encounter this day . Thank you.

  33. I recognized the beautiful music to hymn 350 before Nate's greeting and knew I was in for a good Lift to start this week. Part of my daily praying are the closing words to this hymn,"While His truth we are applying, And upon His love relying, God is every need supplying, All, all is well." It is so comforting to know that God is supplying every need always so "All must be well." I am definitely relying upon His love throughout the day and what a wonderful companion to have!

  34. This is very helpful. At times of stress, I like to confess that "God is in control". Adding "All is well." will enhance this affirmation.

  35. Simply beautiful. Thank you.

  36. What a wonderful reminder of how much I have always loved the hymn of all, all is well. I picture myself years ago with tears running down my cheeks wanting to hold on to the conviction of just those words. And it remains so. Grateful thanks for the joy of reading and hearing these Lifts - indeed we are never alone is a repeated message every day.

  37. Such sweet comfort on a Monday morning here in the USA ! Simple powerful truths carry us through the week wherever we live, thank you and all who are part of the lift!

  38. Thank you, Shirley, for this sweet, comforting message. Its prayer of wellness is so appropriate as we pray for peace in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and for economic wellness in the Eurozone. All the world is blessed by this message.

  39. Thank you so much. I too, have loved this Hymn. It's message is vital in the healing ministery. I also appreciate your "history" info with the words, "all is well". Very inspiring.

  40. Thanks, Shirley! This is such a comforting lift, especially as we feel buffeted about by challenges that seem insurmountable. All WILL be well!

  41. Wow, I just happen to be reading/teaching Julian of Norwich's 'Revelations of Divine Love' this week. What a surprise to hear her name on the DL this morning :-) A remarkable woman who got a strong glimpse of true Love and goodness.

  42. How comforting Shirley. Thank you.

  43. Beautiful-- what a healing truth for the world, your country, your community, your family, yourself. God bless! Thank you : )


  45. Thank you for this reminder of the simplicity and purity of God's love. Despite the "but this, and but that," where Love is everywhere present, wholly good, and the only power, All must be well. No wonder you were comforted as a child by remembering these words. Childlike purity can appreciate that all is well, no matter what the calendar years announce.

  46. I have just heard of a shooting at one of our local school districts. When I opened my laptop to find out about it, there was the Daily Lift message/reminder "All is well". Thank you so much.

  47. Just whatI needed today.....Thank you!

  48. Julien of Norwich text reads,
    “All shall be well,
    and all shall be well,
    and all manner of thing shall be well”

    I love this text too. It has been used recently by a few composers, including myself. Performed in Norwich Cathedral in 2000 for the Millennium, the work, “The Logic & The Miracle” also included text from Mrs Eddy, which was gloriously sung by Airlie Scott. Julien’s Shrine is a tiny small space, not used as a centre for relics at all, but alive as a centre for prayer. Each Friday thinkers gather for an hour in silent prayer for the world. This Easter there will be a performance of a new St John Passion, which like my own composition of the ‘Passion’ in 2002, includes a musical setting of the Transfiguration. As the composer says, “It seems essential to include it”. Easter is not generally important as a festival for Christian Scientists, we are after all, confident today in our understanding of the ever present alive Christ. I just love the fact that the vision of the composers has allowed spiritual thinking in new theology to be heard. Julien of Norwich text is so pure it sings from within the so called ‘established’ church, and inspires it. Many thanks for this relevant and inspirational Lift today.

  49. Hello Dear Shirley! Love your child-like thought and voice! So appreciate the familiar hymn music this morning - so comforting! I remember, growing up, my Dad used to say - before, during and after a crisis - "All is Well"! Yes, Divine Love IS moving upon the waters of mortal mind and IS forming the perfect concept. I also thought of: "Outside the material sense of things, all is harmony." by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health. Someone told me recently about a bumper sticker they saw that said: "Everthing turns out in the end. And if it hasn't turned out - it's not the end!" Thank you, Shirley and all the DL team and all of us wonderful commenters! What a lovely Family we have! All is Well!

  50. What a lovely lift Shirley. As things seem to get harder and harder and more and more difficult in these times of financial and emotional stress, it is wonderful to be reminded that "all is well".

  51. Thank you, thank you very much! A great reminder of God's all-ness.

  52. Very helpful. Thank you.

  53. Thank you.

  54. Thank you, dear Shirley, for this wonderful, very comforting, and healing Lift! Always one of my favorite hymns, too. So grateful to be reminded of it.

  55. Dear Shirley,

    What a precious message with which to start our day, and I am sure it will sustain my husband and me (and others) as we make our way through whatever seems to come our way. Thank you so much for this rreminder; how needed it is now and always.

  56. Thank you .. . lovely message and lovely music.

  57. Lovely truth, lovely in presentation from start to finish.

  58. Shirley - I too love the power of those beautiful words. This is my dad's treatment of any problem that arises. He states very confidently "All is well" and then let's God's allness shine through and dissolve the problem. His mother, my grandmother, used to say it like this, "God will take care of it," and would never doubt that to be true. Our family went through a challenge when my mother had a sudden, severe and life threatening health issue. That hymn was our family prayer during the weeks that followed and we sang it with a powerful - and loud - rendition often throughout the days. Her healing came - and all, all is well! Many thanks for this lovely lift today, Shirley.

  59. Thank you for this powerful hymn and your comments. Years ago there was a contemporary cassette which included this hymn. One soloist sang above the others, "We expect a bright tomorrow, all, all is well". At that time I drove many miles alone in my car - singing with this cassette. Now I am reminded of the healings which I saw in my experience as I held to the Truths that, Yes - all IS well.

    Betty -- Hilton Head Island, S.C.

  60. I am grateful for the reminder of this simple but profound prayer. I will hold on to it now to sustain me and all mine and all. Thank you Shirley and all.

  61. Thank you to each of you ~ Shirley, for starting the inspiring conversation, and all who contributed. Loved being reminded of this truth, including the phrases from this comforting hymn. Thank you, too, to those who gave us more information about Julien's work, especially #48, Jana. Is there a resource for obtaining a performance of your composition, Jana?
    Much love & gratitude to this world-wide family of Lifters!!
    Linda W.

  62. Dear Shirley,
    I have loved this saying "All is well" and have used it many times. Even so, sometimes a reminder brings things into a better focus, as your Lift has done today. These daily reminders are such a blessing. Thanks to everyone involved, including the commentators so share so many good thoughts with us.

  63. Thank you so much for this Lift and a history lesson that shows the continuity of the Christ message. There truly was no "dark age".

  64. thank you so much for that up lifted and inspired truth..

  65. Thank you! As for so many others listening to this message today, I needed to hear those words. I remember one time, years ago, praying when one my little daughters was unwell and hearing the words, "I am All, therefore all is well." This really helped me to hold fast to the idea that all was well with my daughter because she was one with God and in a short time all was, indeed, well with her.

  66. Just beautiful! Thank you Shirley

  67. Thank you Shirley!

  68. Thanks Shirley

    I seemed to have a problem yesterday, but had concored the fear by evening. Your lift this morning put the icing on the cake. Love the lifts. Thanks All!

  69. Thank you Shirley,
    "All will be well" yes we have to be positive!

  70. Shirley, I have to admit that "all is well" hasn't been one of my favorite sayings but your Lift has given me a greater appreciation of these words. These words used to seem a bit superficial or maybe I bought into thinking they were a little too pollyannish sounding. Thank you for causing me to think more deeply about their healing power. I loved the example of Julian of Norwich. I figure if she could face the Black Plague and find "all is well" then maybe I should reconsider their meaning and power to transform any difficult situation.

  71. ¡GRACIAS!

  72. Important message. Thank you.

  73. Thank you, Shirley, for this lovely, lovely uplift. I was just the inspiring message I needed to hear and dwell on today ~ thank you!
    with love, Diane

  74. Thank you, Shirley - great reminder that works beautifully with the Lesson this week. "Sing unto the Lord; for he hath done excellent things:" what a perfect song to sing, All ALL is well.

  75. I am truly lifted this morning by this beautiful presentation of Truth, Life & Love! Thank you!!

  76. Thank you, Shirley, for this uplifting and informative message! I love that image of one woman's faith shining through even the darkest times.
    Thanks also for the beautiful DL music! All is certainly well.

  77. Beautiful lift. Thank you so much. It brings so much peace.

  78. I am so deeply appreciative of this lift. #70 Alexis, I really appreciated your honesty. In the past, I, too, have often felt that "all is well" was sort of a bandaid put over a problem I was actually trying to ignore. But now I am ready to hear the deep scientific Truth underlying this assertion. Picturing Julian facing down the Black Plague with this divinely inspired confidence, gives me fresh confidence to do the same.

    Nate, the music was beyond heavenly. Thank you and those dear voices.

  79. Thank you, Shirley, and all commenters! Excellent lift. Kathy #65, I especially liked what came to you when you your daughter was unwell: "I am All, therefore all is well."

  80. "All is well" We sang that well-loved hymn in Church yesterday. Such simple words -- but powerful when understood that it is the Kingdom of Heaven where all is well. . . not the material world. The Shunamite woman knew that. And the KoH is within us all, so we can say and know with confidence that indeed all is well. All must be well. All will be well.

    When I visited my mother, before she passed on from stroke many years ago, she very firmly announced "All is well". She had been working with a practitioner and it assured me that her thoughts were at peace. She knew the Truth.

  81. Thank you, Shirley, for this great Lift and the beautiful music - a wonderful start to the day.

  82. Thank you very much for this thoughtful Daily Lift.

  83. Thank you for this great reminder. I am so grateful to be able to hear this right now because I need to remember All, All is Well. I have a big challenge, I will say it all day, knowing the Truth. Knowing that
    "God is every need supplying."
    Much love.

  84. ALL IS WELL!
    Thanks, Shirley, for a most memorable story,

  85. Logically, all is well. If God is all and God is always well, then I am, by reflection...as God's image and likeness well, too. Thank you for this great reminder, Julian, and the hymn!

  86. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear/realize today.

  87. Thank you, Shirley!

    Perfect ideas to know and to share with a friend who is struggling mightily to see that All is Well!
    Thank you also #74 for the citation from the Lesson this week reminding us to "Sing unto the Lord.."

  88. Shirley, Loved the daily lift! Nate, Loved the music! Much Gratitude.

  89. This brought me into the light this morning; thank you Shirley for the reassurance. Thank you daily lift team and the music choice is so soft and healing.

  90. Do you know that for the last few months I've been trying to remember these words by Julian of Norwich but could not remember them or her name. And now here they are. The quoted words were so comforting years ago when I first heard them and had brought much comfort, as they still do. Thank you so much Shirley. God does indeed supply our every need, and I am very grateful.

  91. Thank you for the beautiful music and lovely lift.

  92. The Christ, Truth, is always giving us comfort! We sang this hymn yesterday at our Christian Science church service. It dove-tailed so nicely with the lesson on Christ Jesus, letting us know that as we recognize that our Saviour, the Christ, Truth, is here, we see that all is well. Instead of thinking we have to "fix" things, we can find through prayer that we are already at the point of wholeness in all facets of our being. We come to know the Saviour's message that we can rise from a false sense of captivity and sing that we are free! We can know that all is well because we know what is true about man (this week's Bible lesson). Isn't it beautiful how this idea that all is well is so complete in its nature- it's supplying all of us with great love and comfort, and its power of truth is in full force yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

  93. I too, like Charles#68 had a problem all day and through the night , with Fear, but the tide turned this morning, Thank God. I did turn to CS literature, and did find some confort in an article, about wilderness and vestibule, and what that word vestibule means, but until this morning, nothing changed.
    Thank you for this beautiful lift and the music. I knew that phrase and did use it on occasion, but this lift reminded me, who is the Source. Thank you Shirley and for all the commenters. I agree with no.50. For me, I need the encouragement of the Daily LIft and for all those who contribute.

  94. What a reassuring concept-even in our darkest times-that God is present with us then too-giving us rest and sustenance and support. Thanks for sharing the power of those three little words-All is well.

  95. Comforting, lovely and so true. Thank you.

  96. This was a wonderful thought from Shirley today. I wrote to her, asking for the hymn number she refers to in the Daily Lift. If you would like to see the full context of the thought, "All Is Well," check out hymn 350.

  97. Thank you Shirley. "All is well"..."Be here now." A timely reminder to count our blessings.

  98. Thank you, Shirley, for taking me back to my childhood! My parents taught us this great "truth" many years ago. With continued use into my adulthood, I began to feel the words were not as reassuring and powerful as they once seemed with my "childlike trust" so many years ago. They became a bit empty. Your reminder of the magnitude of such simple words, trusted by so many over the centuries, has revived my belief that ALL IS (and always has been) WELL! Whatever the situation, whatever the time or place, we can trust fully that All Is Well for me, and mine, and all.

  99. Dear Shirley, What an inspired talk! Many thanks!
    The dear lady who introduced me to CS by offering to call a practitioner for me when I was in need, wrote out the words from the hymn 350 quoted by #33 Lori "While his truth we are applying And upon His love relying, God is every need supplying, All, all is well". I carried it with me for a long time before I discovered it was a precious healing hymn which I had taught to my 3rd graders as "sleep my child and peace attend thee, all through the night." And yes, I was healed.
    I am filled with appreciation for this great work of the Daily Lifts and all the "Lifters" who share.

  100. Thank you so much for that today Shirley, it was just what I needed. Xxx

  101. I just had to put in a p.s. after reading Betty's comment, yes, that music reminded me of the music I played while I was carrying my fifth born child. I do not understand all of why or how, but she has always been a unique child who sees good in everyone, and I knew that prayer and the way I was carried while carrying her had everything to do with it. I just felt I had to comment, because when I first listened to this lift, hearing that music, brought me back to the peace I felt remembering that precious time in my life, 29 years ago. For anyone, so inspired, please pray for my daughter, as she has been struggling for a few years, with panic disorder and other issues. God Bless.

  102. To say, "Thank You", sounds so inadequate. But it is sincerely meant! A small, and perhaps unimportant detail about Julian of Norwich: I've always understood this inspired person to be a man! Julian is certainly a man's name, after the Roman emperor Claudius Flavius Julianus. (Feminine Julia.) And isn't that where we get our Julian calendar? But most important is the example for anyone experiencing their modern version of a black plague, All is always well.

  103. Thank you so much Shirley for this reassuring, comforting lift. And thank you Nate, et al, for the beautiful rendition of the much-loved hymn.

    It's now almost 5 pm my time, and the powerful truths in this lift are so helpful in my efforts to pray today about the shooting at a high school in Ohio this morning. As we drink in the certainty that God is maintaining all creation as well and whole and perfect and good, we can refuse to accept the awful material picture as real, and we can know that divine Love is tenderly imparting the assurance that "all is well" to those who were shot, their families, fellow-students and the entire community.

    Thanks daily lifters for your comments too.

    Love to all

  104. Thank you Shirley for this dear and comforting message. I appreciate it very much.

  105. Thanks Shirley for the inspiring message. Yes, all is well.
    This message has been helpful today. After getting started this morning with my work, prayer, I began to feel tired and unable to pray clearly. As I did pray, though, I remembered your message. And applied that important prayer, that all is well, whether the material picture agrees or not, helped me to get on with my work. By lunch time I realized I needed to demonstrate vitality whether or not there was much. So, I walked to lunch, ate, and decided to walk some more. I'm quite lively now. All of this prayer and then acting out our prayer reminded me of reminded me of a statement on page 234 or Science and Health. "We must look where we would walk, and we must act as possessing all power from Him in whom we have our being." To me this is an "all is well" and "get out and prove it" kind of statement. We muct live our vitaltiy and our gratitude. I found myself smiling as I walked at lunch time. I'd not felt like smiling earlier. The lie of unwellness just disappeared like many of the clouds that had been around earlier in the morning.

    Many thanks for the lovely comments too.

  106. these lifts are always timely - thank you for this wonderful daily gift!

  107. Thank you, Shirley! I, too, love tihs hymn and this thought. How interesting to hear the link to Gillian of Norwich! I've always admired her.

  108. Thank you for this comforting message - it helped cut through what was bothering me.

  109. Oh Shirley, thank you so much for this one! I have already played it probably 6 times! It is so uplifting to me and the music is also very, very uplifting. I also, have always loved this wonderful Hymn. Music is such a wonderful way to rejoice, isn't it?! God bless you my dear. Did you do the singing recorded along with this one? It added an awfully lot. The voices are so sweet and pure. I have thoroughly loved this entire message. God bless you. Hugs, Audrey

  110. So, so much PEACE in this lift. Shirley, thank you so much for sharing the love in your heart with us all, and for showing us that all has been well through the centuries! And thank you for knowing that all is well, and loving that all is well, in your prayers and life; it comes out in hearing you share this lift with us. And Nate, thank you for your inspired idea with the music today. It's a beautiful fit. Glory to God!

  111. What a comforting message that is for the people here in Chardon.

  112. Thank you Shirley for this comforting lift! I loved the music too.

  113. A sweet and precious Lift! Thank you, Shirley. Late Monday my sound and PC were both working, for however long, so got to hear it without phoning. I've worked with Hymn 350, one of my favorites, while struggling for months. The comforting hymn, "All through the night" with this tune was loved before finding Science, and a daughter mentioned that also to me when I played this lift for her over the phone. All will..., & all must...are thoughts working to demonstrate Truth. All, all IS... is acceptance, it's conviction facing down sometimes screaming error. It is the stand we have to take, and is not wishful thinking. It declares and rests on Truth. You presented it so beautifully, and the comments above are dear. Even when demonstration seems delayed, I've no doubt this is healing truth, a perfect treatment. Precious, comforting music, Nate, thank you and the musicians.

  114. Great message. It is what i need when working far from home

  115. Thank you and I look forward to studying the words of this hymn. I awoke sliently praying the
    words to hymns from the C.S. hymnal as my prayers tor seeing peace for family members. Then
    I was blessed and guided to listen to the daily lift at 6:00 this am. My mother told me that my grandmother
    would also tell her this statement of All is Well. I will stay with this thought today. With Love, Chris

  116. Gracias Shirley por tan bello Daily Lift!!! La frase 'Todo está bien' es de gran ayuda cuando enfrentamos situaciones desafiantes en nuestra vida diaria. Siempre que digo ' All is well' - se calma mi pensamiento .
    De inmediato razono - si Dios es Todo y Todo es el Bien infinito - entonces , ' Todo está Bien ' , ahora mismo y en todo momento . Aunque las apariencias humanas expresen lo contrario , ésta es la Verdad.

    Mrs. Eddy escribió : ' Todo está bajo el dominio de la Mente única, o sea Dios ' (cys p 544). Bajo el dominio de la Mente única - ' Todo está en orden '- ' Todo está en armonía ' . ' Todo está bien ' .

    Agradezco los comentarios anteriores.
    Un abrazo grande y Bendiciones del Amor a todos , Ma. Cristy

  117. Dear Shirley,

    Thank you for such a beautiful Lift! I love the work of Julian of Norwich and am fascinated by how some of her insights are similar to Mary Baker Eddy's.

    This hymn is also very special to me. I was once at the scene of a bad accident and while helping the lady as she lay in the road, waiting for the ambulance to arrive, her husband arrived, with their two year old daughter. He became hysterical and so did the little girl. When the ambulance came, I persuaded him to let me take her little girl home and hand her over to a neighbour. When I got into the car with the sobbing child, the cassette that had been playing came back on at a new track. It was "All is well" from the recording, "The healing Word of Love". The child quietened, I managed to find her home easily and visiting the mother later, all was well!

  118. Shirley, A great one for today and every day. All is truly well, we just don`t always know it when we get mired in issues and let them take the forefront.
    Thank you for reminding me that All is Well!! cw

  119. Just getting to this a day behind but indeed all is well. Thanks Nate for adding the music to that beautiful hymn. I'm grateful for all the comments added to your message Shirley.

  120. Thank you Shirley for a very inspiring lift and all the comments as well..I keep coming back to it.I love the music and I am so grateful for each Daily Lift and all the work connected with them.

  121. It's easy to think all WILL be well or that MUCH is well. Thanks for the good reminder, Shirley. It helps keep us focused on what's really going on right now and that all of it is just right.

  122. Thank you so much #58 for your inspiring account of healing. Good on you for singing and demonstrating that all is well despite evidence to the contrary.

  123. Beautiful! Thank you for the hymn that was sung with this Daily Lift. Gorgeous!

  124. Thank you. That maxim from Julian of Norwich has for many years been one of my favourites. It was good to hear some additional background information to give the full perspective.

  125. Oh Shirley, what an uplift. Thank you

  126. I've been loving this all week Shirley. I've looked up Julian's life and can see the Christ right there in her lovely thoughts. Truly ever-present and eternal. And I LOVE this version of All Through the Night/All is Well. It's one of my and my husband's very favorites. Love to you and all.

  127. What a lift! It sure gives me a "hand up, leg up, everything up" in the midst of a complex household move.
    So many thanks with love.

  128. Shirley, I love this uplift ! hymn 350 is one of my favorite ! and my prayer too ! love to give this comforting words to my friends also. Thanks so much Shirley.

  129. Dear shirly,
    i love thisphrase so much because it says it all,as our father is all.thank you for the reminder.

  130. Thanks Shirly...and thx Bev from Sandpoint.................re everything turns out...priceless...

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