2/25: Tune-up your thought

2/25: Tune-up your thought

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  1. Thank you. My violin tells me when I am in tune.

  2. Thank you José,
    This is a wonderful example of "how to" and I am sure I won't be alone today thinking of your Lift while tuning my thought to God, the governing sense of order.
    Divine Love, Principle's government is not a far off body of elected persons, it is heaven within us, harmonious and unifying ♥

  3. This lift was very timely for me, Jose. I had made some telephone inquiries about a matter that would have been better left alone. I was starting to feel worry, where before there was none. When I read your lift, it made me reach higher and play to a different tune. Deo gratias!

  4. Thank you dear Pepe...so beautifully stated and demonstrated!

  5. What a lovely "song" you've "sung" for us. Thank you, Jose, for sharing your harmony with us.

  6. Thank you Jose.A truly remarkable recovery of a challenging situation.

  7. What a lovely demonstration! Having traveled quite a bit, I can empathize with the lost luggage situation. With Divine guidance, you were able to handle this so well and benefit everyone involved!

  8. Older model cars used to need a periodical "tune up" - cleaned or new spark plugs or wiring, valves and filters and so on - to make them run better. What a good analogy of a rough travel experience to make us notice the accumulation of material thinking and dusty events that have accumulated from our own travels. We need to shake off and sweep away the dust out of our thinking and make sure we have parts from the new perfect spiritual model. Jesus often referred to his Father and the kingdom of heaven, harmony, and Mary Baker Eddy often refers to the perfect spiritual model, "Let the perfect model be present in your thoughts instead of its demoralized opposite." (S&H. pg 407)

    Thanks for sharing your experience of resolving a rough travel experience into a smooth one by a "Tune up" of your thought.

    For another example of resolving a rough experience with a "Tune up", go to:

  9. Thank you Jose.

  10. What a wonderful reminder that we must shut out whatever is in harmonious. Anyone who has travelled can relate to this important message. Thank you, Jose.

  11. Thank you,

  12. I like the word "tune".In itself it is musical and conveys harmony,as opposed to "correct" thought,which seems more of an admonition!! however we probably need a bit of both sometimes!
    Your example of tuning in,is marvellous.Thank you .
    love and peace to all with a beautifully tuned up day.

  13. Jose, Thank you.

  14. From all negativity to total,blissful positivity thru a change of thought...what a serene message ChristianScience offers us day by day,moment by moment,thought by thought...thank you for sharing this beautiful message with us...

  15. A great daily lift
    Thank you Jose

  16. 2002, our first trip to Boston with my mom and daughter.

    We stopped in Dallas with real bad weather and were told it was impossible to travel that night.

    Disappointed by missing the big event we began to assume negative thoughts about our coming bad night.

    Suddenly my mom said: Are we going to ruminate all night on this or are we going to let God?

    Enough! to pray!“

    We pivoted.

    Right, tuning in to God was as following a harmonious sheet music; the airlines place us for free in a hotel and 15 hours later we arrived on time and well rested.

    Order, tranquility and satisfaction.

    2002, nuestro primer viaje a Boston con mi madre e hija.

    Hicimos escala en Dallas con lluvia torrencial y nos dijeron que sería imposible viajar esa noche.

    Esperando perder el gran evento comenzamos a hacer conjeturas negativas de lo mal que íbamos a pasar la noche.

    De repente, mi madre dice: “¿O rumiamos toda la noche o dejamos la decisión a Dios?
    ¡Ya basta, a orar!”

    Giramos sobre nuestro eje.

    Claro, al sintonizarnos en Dios fue como seguir una partitura armoniosa; la aerolíneas nos puso en un hotel gratis, y luego de 15 horas llegamos a tiempo y bien descansadas.

    Orden, tranquilidad y satisfacción.

  17. Gracias!!! I also tune up my violin and my mandolin. Remembering to stay in tune with

    CHRIST Jesus' way of thinking works! My own father had "divorced" me.

    I kept on knowing that GOD was and IS really MY true and his true and my mother's true

    Divine spiritual Father Mother God!

    My father phoned me last night. He also asked me if I wanted to talk to my mother!

    My mother and I spoke on the phone together!!!

  18. Soooo fitting as I had to listen to same stories of stolen things - change of thoughts ! That is it all-ways,
    thank you for your beautiful storytelling, Jose !

  19. A lovely start to my day José, thank you.

  20. Thank you very much.

  21. What a good resolution Jose. Thank you.

  22. Many thanks Jose for this reminder that the false belief in loss is only temporary. Each time my computer wireless interconnect breaks down, (which happened this morning) it needed only to be reset. "O God, by whom to them was given/ The key that shuts and opens heaven,/ Our chains unbind, our loss repair,/ Reveal Thy power through answered prayer." (Christian Science Hymnal #168).

  23. Lovely way to start the day!

  24. Thank you so much. Just what I need today to calm my thought. The words of hymn number 134 in the Christian Science Hymnal come to mind -Thy calmness bends serene above, My restlessness to still.

  25. A Beautiful Lift! Thank you.

  26. thank you I was experiencing inharmony in my consciousness I affirmed that harmony now exits in my tthoughts and I suddenly felt at peace

  27. Thank you Jose for the demonstration of divine presence always available and giving us direction for successful outcomes, peace and harmony. Oh , but our humanness can be so tempted and fooled into reacting to the appearances of false beliefs. The faith and humility of the believer always chooses God first and your story was a wonderful example and reminder of that.

  28. So helpful for me today! Thank you, José.

  29. What a wonderful way to start a busy day. Thank you very much.

  30. Wonderful. Thank you, José. What comes to mind is: "OUR Father-Mother-God, ALL harmonious."

  31. How wise of you to turn to God in that frightening situation. It's a reminder to each of us to never be afraid. He always, always loves and is caring for us!
    Gwen, U.S.A.

  32. Thanks for the reminder to tune up and for your experience of harmony restored. In Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy refers to harmony frequently, so it must be at the core of her teachings.

    This is a story in the Old Testament of music and one accord: II Chronicles 5:1 (until:), 12, 13, 14 the glory.

  33. Such a great lift and I love the idea of Tune-up with God.
    Thank you,

  34. That really made me laugh! Sorry. Good tuning though :), and thank you for a wonderful lift

  35. I always prepare well ahead when I know I'll be flying somewhere, José! I include all the air crew, and the ground staff, and of course the airlines. I missed a plane one time, even though there had been plenty of time to catch it. But the deep felt prayer resulted in wonderful harmony in the whole terminal, with babies quietening, children playing quietly, and a whole plane load of delayed passengers quietly sitting down to wait for the hour to pass. On our plane everyone was quiet and settled very quickly, and the plane seemed to arrive faster than expected. My driver arrived at the terminal at the very moment I walked out to the footpath to wait for him, and I simply hopped in and we drove home with empty roads, quiet neighbourhoods, and pleasant conversation. Since that incident that prayerful preparation ensures harmony all the way through, and for everyone concerned.
    Thank you José, and the production team; The Mother Church; and thank you Nancy Yellow Springs for the tip off to spell José's name correctly! How harmonious is that!

  36. Wonderful, beautiful Lift...thank you.

  37. Thank you. What a great way to start my day. Thanks.

  38. Thank you

  39. Excellent Lift. Thank you

  40. Gracias José por colocar el tema de la armonia divina en su correcta perspectiva.

    Thank you Jose for placing divine harmony in its correct perspective.

    Un abrazo!

  41. Thank you Jose. From harm to harmony!

  42. "In God's score, there is only harmony." Thank you, Jose.

  43. Thank you!

  44. Thank you for the morning lift! It's a wonderful reminder to tune up my thoughts no matter where I go... restaurants, shopping, etc. Everyone deserves harmony in their lives and perhaps I can add some to others. When I fly, I keep my thought tuned to the fact that God is the Principle of aeronautics and the flight is always peaceful. Blessings to you....

  45. Thanks so much, Jose, for sharing your remarkable experience demonstrating the power of correct thought.

  46. Dear José, thank you very much for this lift!

  47. Thank you for reminding me that we have a choice as to what role to play in our material life experiences. Either victim or victor! Christ Jesus taught us this and refused to be concerned or stressed out by threatening circumstances! He stilled the storms and was never afraid because of his forever closeness in thought to His Father, God. This lift really has helped me today!

  48. Mucho gracias, Jose! The tune-up is a great analogy for doing our spiritual work daily, hourly, minute by minute!

  49. If I remember to project a sense of peace and harmony by 'tuning up' my thoughts and actions, even if others around me are falling to pieces, it is possible to create the peace that the others will begin to mirror back to me. That's really a good way to put it, and remember it. Thanks !

  50. Jose, thank you. What a wonderful reminder to tune up and in to God.

  51. Thank you Jose. What wonderful ideas for those who travel a lot whether around the world or just in their own cities. God is right there with us to reveal the ever-present harmony.

  52. Thank you!

  53. As Mrs. Eddy told a visitor, "Keep your violin in tune. Keep your violin in tune." God gives us every new day to practice His strains of harmony. We can only get better and better at it.
    Thank you, God! Thank you, José. Thank you, dear Mother Church.

  54. Thank you for this Lift..this was especially helpful in reminding us to get our thoughts straight in any discordant situation. I am enjoying what the other Lifters have to say as well.

  55. Thank you, Jose (with an accent over the "e"!) When I first saw the title of this Lift I thought of Tuning up my Car. Then I thought of Tuning my Radio to the right frequency. Then I saw the sticky note on my lamp where I had written: "The purpose of prayer is to bring human thought into line with spiritual reality. To the degree we see and understand spiritual reality, it becomes reality to us here on earth." I so love that Christian Science teaches us how to keep our thought tuned to spiritual reality and thus enables us to experience harmony right here in our daily, earthly experience. "I am come that they might have Life and that they might have it more abundantly." Christ Jesus.

  56. Thank you, José, for “Tune-up your thought … to hear the melody of order, serenity, and satisfaction … there is only harmony … tuned-up thought quickly recognizes harmony and silences discord …”

    I love it!!! How inspiring!!!

    I think of how it sounds going from one station to another as I turn my radio dial. I move quickly through the static between stations and pay close attention as I’m tuning in to the station of my choice until the sound is totally static-free and pure.

    I very much appreciate your wonderful testimony of every adjustment that was made to your circumstance as you tuned-up your thought. Just great!!! It reminds me of when my kids were younger. They loved “write your own ending” stories … and the Truth shall make us free from static and “not-so-happy-endings,” while freeing us to enjoy “order, serenity, and satisfaction.”

    As I travel through today, writing my story and playing my music, I will heed the words of our pastor.

    From the Bible: “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Rom 12:21).

    Under the marginal heading, “The armor of divinity” in Science and Health (571:15): “At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil. Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you. The cement of a higher humanity will unite all interests in the one divinity.”

    Thanks again, José.

  57. I always say to make a change for the better - "it's a simple turning" to God. Now I'll add - since it's been many years since my original turning - it's "a simple tuning" - like musicians making tiny adjustments to get the sound right - to harmony which is ALWAYS there. Thank you, Jose!!!

  58. Thank you, Jose, for this beautiful reminder.

  59. God bless you, Thanks

  60. Thank you Jose. This thought really get me through the day. As i was preparing to work i got to the train and as soon as we boarded,a few stops after there was an announcement that we're going to be standing by a few minutes due to the disable train in front of us. As i supposed to be at work early, i lift up my thoughts to God. I realized that there is no delay nor lateness in God's environment. And that no services should be delayed or interrupted. The fear of being discipline by my boss was so clear that i have to tune my thought to see the all encompassing love and joy that we all inherent as a child of God including my boss. I got there in time and every body were happy and harmonious.

  61. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful demonstration of harmony in action. Where God is, there is harmony and action, and the two are really one, as you proved when you tuned up your thought.

  62. Thank you Jose. Thanks to those who have shared. This is "a parting of the waters" experience and a wonderful reminder to keep thought tuned up.

  63. The you so much Jose, this is so very helpful.

  64. Jose, bless you!

  65. Thank you Jose, so very helpful to turn to our Creator when we are in stressful circumstances. Great reminder!

  66. So very helpful. Thank you.

  67. Such a wonderful lift, Jose. I love the metaphor of "tune up" and agree with #11 that the connotation of tuning is more uplifting than the connotation of correcting. The concept seems more aligned with God because his creation is already perfect and there is nothing to fix -- just perfection to realize. Sometimes we forget to stay tuned up to it. That's all.

    Your lift is so timely for us because my husband is flying back this morning from Los Angeles. I tuned up while listening to the lift and hoped all went harmoniously for him. As it turned out, when checking in with the airlines, a kiosk took his drivers license and wouldn't give it back. He began to feel frustrated, caught himself, stopped and prayed. He said an airlines staff member just walked up to him and asked whether something was wrong. She was very kind and helpful. She had him go to the gate and soon brought him his drivers license. The score turned back into a melodious one for him.

    I told him about your lift -- which he could especially relate to -- because he's a musician. Thanks again soooo much!!

    Thanks to everyone for their insights and comments. As Mrs. Eddy tells us -- today is big with blessings!

  68. Tune up your thought when things seem to go bad.
    Then you and your thought won't be sad.
    For tuning thought as music goes.
    Your harmony for this day flows.
    God is there to be tuned in and evil to be tuned out.
    Happiness will then return without a DOUBT!

  69. Thank you Jose for sharing this lovely "Daily Lift". Indeed it does lift ones thought above the seeming chaos and temptation to feel despair and the suggestion to "tune up thought" is the perfect answer!

  70. We always need a little spark to get things moving and tuning up your engine to make it run properly always involves working with the spark plugs.

    Knowing how quickly electricity moves, it was hard for me to understand the importance of setting the correct gap (or distance) between the contact points, but this is vitally important to make your engine run smoothly, roughly or not at all.

    Tuning up our thought is the same thing and it involves correcting any gap in our thinking, any belief in a separation between our consciousness and divine Life, Truth and Love.

    There is no separation between God and man, but we must occasionally tune-up our thinking (our mental engine) be sure there is no separation between man and God.

    This is the only way we can get things running normally and idling smoothly.

  71. Love this Lift. . . . Brings to mind many times when I tuned up my thought to God and suddenly harmony …. thanks for the reminder to "tune up" . . . .

  72. Many thanks José and all, for these beautiful reminders that in the "indestructible relationship" of our oneness with God there is "no lapse from nor return to harmony." Gracias a Dios for Christ Jesus, our beloved Leader, and all their faithful followers, (including ourselves, as the children In my Sunday School class always add to their expressions of thanks.)

    Daily Lift Team:
    From "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, page 470, line 32:
    "The relations of God and man, divine Principle and
    idea, are indestructible in Science; and Science knows
    no lapse from nor return to harmony, but holds the divine
    order or spiritual law, in which God and all that He cre‐
    ates are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged
    in its eternal history."

  73. Phyllis 2/25/2014
    Thank you so much for this inspiring illustration of turning to God completely - re-tuning, and listening to His divine score of beauty and harmony. Very helpful!

  74. A wonderful demonstration and explanation of working in Science and letting God inspire our day with good only. So grateful. Thank you.

  75. Thank you! So important to always turn to God. Muchas gracias!

  76. I love this lift. Needed it to continue my day in the right way for myself and for everyone I'll meet, talk or think. Tune-up my thought make me sure I can feel and experience the presence of God. Thank you José!

  77. Nice.

  78. Thank you SO much for sharing your experience with us in this wonderful Lift! It brings to mind the promise in our textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.” (SH 261:4) I love where she says, ““Mortal mind is the harp of many strings, discoursing either discord or harmony according as the hand, which sweeps over it, is human or divine.” (SH 213: 27) and a few pages later, “Immortal ideas, pure, perfect, and enduring, are transmitted by the divine Mind through divine Science, which corrects error with truth and demands spiritual thoughts, divine concepts, to the end that they may produce harmonious results.” SH 259:26

    I am so grateful to Mary Baker Eddy for discovering the promised Comforter, divine Science, and for giving us this Science in our textbook. She has explained the subjective nature of our experience by revealing the science of Jesus promise, “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make ye free.”

    I am so grateful for this website and for these Daily Lifts. Thank you Nate and team and to all lifters for your comments.

  79. Thank you, #67 Lynn! Another beautiful demonstration of the harmony that results from Prayer, from "tuning" to God! I especially love all the testimonies about Travel, as I will be traveling overseas in a couple of weeks! I am beginning right now to "Tune Up"!

  80. Wonderful and remarkable testimony. Just what I needed to hear, thank you, Jose.
    I remember when you gave a lecture at our Church last year, it was truly love inspired, just like your Daily Thought.

  81. Yes, always turn to God if discord seems to appear! Thank you for this beautiful example of God's divine care if all His children.

  82. A very helpful thought. Thank you.

  83. Thank you for sharing your journey and travels of thought. It reminds me of psalms 30:12 and psalms 9:1, "O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever. I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart."

  84. Thank you!!

  85. Thank you for your humility in sharing this example which is healing for others.

  86. Thank you for sharing the tune-up! And the results of doing this.

  87. Very Perfect! I closed my eyes and as you spoke tune up to a higher thought(source) God I did the same .Thank you very beautiful and real ~ Janine

  88. Wow! You went from an annoying to a costly to a dire situation all while in a pressure cooker of an airport between flights! And you showed so beautifully that choosing to turn from the material sense of what was plying out to Soul - how this raises the whole situation to God's perspective of divine government, harmony and justice. Such grace in action!
    Thank you! Very helpfull. I really appreciate "seeing" this as I also am often traveling.

  89. I sure needed to hear your lift today! Thank you for helping me to shift my thoughts to God! Just right!

  90. How quickly you recognized that turning you thought up to God's truth about the situation was the answer.
    That's not an easy shift BUT definitely the right one. Thank you for showing me how you did it. It goes back to another recent Lift on "What thoughts you are entertaining" and you obviously knew which ones to choose.
    Thank you for being a part of this wonderful series. And thank you to everyone behind the scenes that makes it happen every day.


  92. Distinctive, fresh, and helpful comments. Thanks so much. Great comments, too. Very helpful.

  93. Ah . . . thank you for helping me remember my song . . . <3

  94. Ahh, just lovely! I feel more in accord after having listened to your wonderful lift.

  95. Thank you! There's a song that starts out "happy trails to you, until we meet again..." . Your lift helps remind us of a prayerful, undisturbed attitude that helps ensure our experience on all our paths is both happy and harmonious.Mary Baker Eddy writes: Sc&H 306 "undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses,Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, -- is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal". Hymn 115 (John M. Neale) reminds us to trust in God's protecting, and that "all our paths were in Thy sight". In the Bible, we read "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths".( KJV Proverbs 3:5-6). I am grateful for a lift and comments that remind us of so many other reassuring texts and songs.

    Daily Lift Team
    "Happy Trails" was written by Dale Evans Rogers

  96. Gracias, Señor José.

    When an instrument is properly tuned, the strings are sounding at intervals that sound "right" and this can be shown mathematically. That is harmony. Just so in other parts of life: if one string is flat or sharp, the instrument will not sound the chords correctly. If a discord does sound, it is not hard to resolve it into correct and pleasing sound. Not so easy, though, in life sometimes!

    A few years ago I had a condition where without warning a pain like an electric shock would go through my leg, at times violent enough that it nearly knocked me down. I prayed upn then in several phases, but most vividly with the verse in Hebrews: the word of God is quick and powerful ... piercing asunder the joints and marrow. I found that "joints" here in Greek is the only Bible occurrence. Far from the disjointing the passage describes, it really means taking thought apart to expose the error. It took some time and many more insights, but the healing came. The word? "Harmon"! My thought was "joined" in the proper interval so that I was walking with God and there was no DISjointedness and no DISharmony. A milestone of a healing!

  97. Wow, I am so happy I just checked in to hear your wonderful lift Jose de Dios Mata. I needed a lift for sure. I just had an unpleasant exchange and then your lift brought me back to God and also all the wonderful responses with quotes from Science and Health to get me back on track. So also thank you to Nela #56, Carolyn #72, Anna #78 and Ruth #95 all your quotes in addition to this lift really LIFTED me up and out of error. In this weeks lesson I love from Science and Health Page 142:31-33 "Truth is God's remedy for error of every kind, and Truth destroys only what is untrue." So we really can know the Truth and be free.
    Also I just have to say I look at those little birds on the cover of this Bible Lesson Christian Science Quarterly and really feel happy and full of joy... I think the design team is really brilliant! Thank you everyone!!! The joy that none can take away... we just need to claim our freedom in Truth!

  98. Wonderful 'tune' to hear today --- we are all 'clapping', Jose!

  99. Wow! Thanks so much for this wonderful example of God's harmony correcting what sounds like a terrible tangle of problems. What a great inspiration!

  100. Thanks, Jose! That could have been a very frustrating experience, and God was there to turn it around!

  101. As a former "Stewardess" in another chapter of my life (LOL!), I can relate to your experiences, Jose!
    We should have this message playing in every airport in the world! :-) Thank you for being the example
    of Truth in action, and this is a valuable lesson for all of us for how to rise above the "seeming chaos"
    and know the Truth. It's always there, if, as you remind us, we simply "tune up!"
    With love and gratitude....and hey....HAPPY TRAVELS, Jose!

  102. Thank you, José de Dios.
    You inspire everyone who listenijg your Daily lift.
    With patience, we need to be still to all human fears, to suffering of every sort.

    Daniel, Portugal.

  103. Just like to add my gratitude for this wonder filled uplift and for all you do for all of us.

  104. Wonderful thoughts Jose. This morning was spent happily sharing some ideas with mothers of young children about seeing everyone as the perfect "peacemaker" that Mary Baker Eddy revealed us to be, in her writings. You proved it, peacefully. Thank you.

  105. Wonderful sharing, José. We continue to recall your special talk to our Spanish speaking community along with our church community last fall. Last Sunday we welcomed two new Spanish speaking members as a result of your talk in October.

  106. A later thought: if an instrument is out of tune, the strings are not in the right tension and the instrument goes out of whack and is either ruined or must undergo extensive--and expensive--repair. Better to keep it tuned all the time. And play it all the time.

    Extend the analogy to workings of families, societies etc. and we see how the workings of gracious lovingkindness make and keep harmony. This is what we are here to do, and what a privilege to have God's guidance through Christian Science.

  107. Very helpful. Thank you. (=

  108. Thank you. I used to share some of the Daily Lifts with my son Jon while he was living in a nursing home, particularly those available in Spanish. He had spoken Spanish fluently before he lost his capacity to speak, and I would sometimes read to him a few lines in Spanish, though I didn't understand the words sometimes. Jon is now in heaven, and I am so grateful I was able to tune up MY thoughts when I was with him, always seeing him as the perfect man. Joy in Eugene, Oregon

  109. Wonderful! So grateful for this illuminating Lift.

  110. Thank you!

  111. Your 'lifts' are always so uplifting Jose - I look forward to them...
    Today in conversation with someone I was made aware of how natural for me it is to expect perfection in a 'working out' or 'moving forward'...

    It wasn't a disagreement or a dispute - just that the other person remarked that I was 'trying to knock too many skittles down with the same ball' in my expectations...in a 'cock-eyed-optimist-sort-of-way'...
    It struck me as funny, because to me the right working out always includes every right element for full progress....with no good thing ommitted....

    Right there, in that moment I acknowledged with gratitude, the peace of mind that staying close to God's perspective gives....

    I felt 'in tune' and it was 100% harmonious....

  112. As always, Jose', thank you for your clear, humble, and simple reminder of how effective it is in our lives when we feel God's presence and direction.

    I'll remember to tune my thinking regularly!

    With sincere regards,


  113. Beautiful

  114. Thank you.

  115. Thank you! Reassuring.

  116. Awesome!

  117. Just what I needed to hear. THANK YOU SO MUCH! A wake up call.

  118. Thank you so much Jose.

  119. After a day at work that seemed difficult, disjointed, and inharmonious, this Daily Lift is exactly the message I needed to hear in order to see harmony restored. Many thanks, Jose.

  120. Thank you so much for this lift - it is so helpful to know that God is ever present and we do not have to turn anywhere else but to the Divine and be guided rightly in thought ...

  121. Thank you so much for this lift - it is so helpful to know that God is ever present and we do not have to turn anywhere else but to the Divine and be guided rightly in thought ...