2/25: Truth ever true

2/25: Truth ever true

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  1. Thank you Beth for this excellent Lift.The truths that Jesus presented to the world are as powerful and demonstrable today as they were then; for all time and place. In fact, Mary Baker Eddy gives this directive to us in S&H page 138," Christians are under as direct orders now, as they were then, to be Christlike, to possess the Christ-spirit, to follow the Christ-example, and to heal the sick as well as the sinning." This is to be applied to our daily lives-here, today!

  2. Thanks Beth, I needed that, nothing can alter Truth, Principle.What appears to be going on is not truth and has no power. FEAR false evidence appearing real !

  3. Thank you very much Beth for elucidating the nature of the unchanging and comforting "True Reality".

  4. Thanks Beth ,isn't it awsome that that no matter how we all view different issues, the TRUTH is always the TRUTH and can never be altered by time or different views and opinions.

  5. Thank you so much

  6. Yes Beth ... always here, always true .. and we can 100% depend on that pure unchanging Truth.
    Thank you.

  7. Truth is universal, perfect, eternal, unchanging and harmonious, is just true!
    "The divine image, idea, or Christ was, is, and ever will be inseparable from the divine Principle, God"... "not that the human Jesus was or is eternal, but that the divine idea or Christ was and is so and therefore antedated Abraham" S&H 333:26-2
    Over two thousand years ago, standing in the shores of Galilee, Jesus showed us the perfect, ever present spiritual reality, just as powerful here today as it was then.
    The pure Truth that was, is and ever shall be, he was showing us God and His universe... in the beginning:
    God, true reality.

    La Verdad es universal, perfecta, eterna, invariable y armoniosa, ¡es la simple verdad!
    "La imagen divina, idea divina, o Cristo,era, es y siempre será inseparable del Principio divino, Dios"... " no que el Jesús humano era o es eterno, sino que la idea divina o el Cristo lo era y lo es, y, por tanto, antecedió a Abraham" CyS 333:26-2
    Hace más de dos mil años, parado en las playas de Galilea, Jesús nos mostró la perfecta, siempre-presente realidad espiritual, tan poderosa hoy aquí como lo fue en ese entonces.
    La Verdad pura que fue, es y siempre será, él nos estaba mostrando a Dios y Su universo... en el principio:
    Dios, la verdadera realidad.

  8. Thanks Beth.
    I listened many times to this uplift and realised that each of the qualities you mentioned was part of me. God was seeing me as he created me; to be always good and true, always a perfect, present spiritual reality. I connected this with Mrs Eddy's words in Science and Health:


    Thus Jesus taught that the kingdom
    of God is intact, universal, and that man is pure and holy.

    What a blessing to begin the week with!

    Thank you again.

  9. Thank you, Beth, for “Truth ever true … the Christ … always good, always operating and governing … pure … universal … Jesus was showing us a perfect, ever-present spiritual reality … just as powerfully true for us here today as it was then …”

    Sometimes it seems as though we’re the last one in the “Telephone” (or “Whispers”) game in which “truth chatter” is more chatter – the truth having been diluted with each telling. And yet, “The counsel of the Lord standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations” (Psalm 33:11). We need to claim our rights to and take up our responsibilities for the Lord’s counsel. Today.

    Mrs. Eddy modeled a deep desire to know for oneself, by learning through prayer and study and then by testing, proving, and sharing one’s testimonies to Truth. “… I beheld, as never before, the awful unreality called evil. The equipollence of God brought to light another glorious proposition, — man's perfectibility and the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth. In following these leadings of scientific revelation, the Bible was my only textbook ... and afterwards the truth of Christian Science was demonstrated” (S&H 110).

    I found that “equipollence” refers to “not diminishing with distance” and is opposite to the “inverse square law” that refers to “diminishing with distance.” Also, a search on http://jsh.christianscience.com/ under, "equipollence of God" yielded 25 matches for further study.

    We can prove “Truth ever true!”

  10. Many thanks Beth for this inspiring lift. Yes. "Jesus 'revealed' to us the perfect ever-present spiritual reality." "We behold reality,/ Know the glory of Thy heaven;/ So we seek Thy perfect healing/ Through the Truth of Thy [Love's] revealing." (Christian Science Hymnal #85).

  11. How TRUE !! Thanks Beth

  12. That message was really clear. It came over well!

  13. Thanks for the wonderful Lift Beth, one absolute Truth, ever with us!!

  14. How inspiring, wow, I took ut up like a sponge, and need these clear harmonizing Truth very much - thank you very much, dear Beth!

  15. Thank you, what a great way to start our week. Many thanks.

  16. Thank you Beth for this inspiring Lift. No matter what the senses are trying to tell us,they cannot change the truth about ourselves and others. The greater the lie, the easier to see through its disguise... In every situation, be it difficult or easy, we must only know the truth and we"shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free". We should ask ourselves every morning: What is the truth of this case, what is God knowing about this case? We can let aside every worry and KNOW the Truth. __Once again, thanks!

  17. Beth.....thank you for the Truth..the reality..the Christ Truth forever shining.

  18. How good and appropriate it is to be reminded as many of us begin the study of this week's Bible Lesson "Christ Jesus," from the Christian Science Publishing Society, that he came not to glorify himself, but his "Father, which is in heaven," divine Truth and Love, and that this is God's will for us today and every day.

  19. No hay pasado ni futuro porque somo presente siempre, aquí y en cualquier lugar la Verdad Es Espiritualmente Única por esa razón todo ya fue, y todo ya es, porque sólo hay presente la continuidad de lo que somos, y así lo confirmó Cristojesús con sus hechos dandónos la certeza con su accionar de confianza en lo verdadero, porque el conocimiento de la Verdad nos hace libres porque nos da la convicción de lo real y eterno por eso sus palabras: "Antes que Habram fuese yo soy", y que dijo Dios: "Yo soy el que soy" ¡Qué inspirativo y cuanta confianza nos genera! Porque también nosotros somos en Él.

    Muchas gracias muy bello como nos tienes acostumbrados y como así lo hace el Daily Lift para inspiración diaria.

  20. Thank you! What a powerful Lift. Thank you for this reminder of the spiritual, permanent nature of God's Truth, which Jesus taught and exemplified-- and by which we know that love and goodness are God's will.

  21. Beth, Thanks so much for starting us out this week on the right foot. Truth is always true and it indeed will make us free!

  22. What a beautifullly presented reminder and invitation to be with the All, the vibrant, radiant, harmonious All, which is not in a place or time or in the company of this or that. An invitation for each and every being to be aware of belonging here and now and always to this "all sustaining infinite". Thanks!

  23. The 'Truth' behind the action - this is a really powerful idea and I am so thankful for it today.

  24. Thank you for this clear simple true view of Christly reality. Not location, person, nor time. Just God, Truth, forever true for all and everywhere all the time forever. The power and presence of Principle worldwide, naturally.

  25. Thank you Beth God Truth is all. There is nothing else!

  26. La única V erdad que debemos conocer, la Verdad divina la que nos conduce a la armonía, en ella
    buscamos la perfección en nuestras vidas, donde el Espiritu nos gobierna,y la fidelidad a la Verdad nos
    hace libres.

    gracias por el mensaje

  27. How wonderful to have been able to stand on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, to have been in the presence of pure Truth. And how wonderful to know that today, wherever we are, wherever we go, we are in that same presence, living the same Truth, knowing the same Christ.

    Thank you, Beth, for such a clear statement to hold to throughout our day.

  28. Thank you Beth.

  29. Thanks. Very powerful and true.

  30. How fun to be standing where Jesus recruited his first followers. “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matt 4:19 And where he showed himself to the disciples after the resurrection. “Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.” John 21:6.

    Actually, Jesus had a lot of travel tips for us. And, they continue to be broadcast on the Christ Truth travel channel.

  31. Thank you. Truth never distant nor absent, only universal. Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy were so confident of this, they loved and healed instantaneously.

  32. Thank you.

  33. Thank you for such a clear explanation of WHY we are awed and humbled in the presence of the Christ!

  34. I was standing at the Sea of Galilee in 1967 two months after my father suddenly passed on during our travels to Turkey where we were going to live at that time. I was in Greece when this happened and didn't find out about his death until a week later, because no one knew our itinerary. I remember standing at the Sea of Galilee and feeling comforted by the knowledge of Jesus and his words of spiritual healing. Thank you for your loving thoughts.

  35. Thank You Beth for a Truthfull way to start my day.

  36. Thank you Beth, and wow! what a journey to the Sea of Galilee! How those people lived on and by that great expanse of inland sea. The belief that there were no fish to be caught yielded to so many fish the boat almost sank with the weight of fish in superabundance! The disciples just needed to turn from the law of physics to the divine Law of Truth. As true now as it was then.
    Thank you Nathan and the production crew; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lift family of thinkers.

  37. I love the always-ness of this message. Thank you.

  38. Thank you for that clear and inspiring lift. I loved the thought of the principle and truth behind mathematics never changing even though our human calculations may not always get it right. Also your realization that being in the spot where Jesus did so many great works, although awe inspiring, was not really the point. It was the eternal truth behind what he taught and demonstrated that was the lasting impression.

  39. Great lift and music as I start my jog Thanks!!!!!

  40. Poignant!
    Thank you for your inspiration with the Christ
    on the Sea of Galilee
    and sharing with all of us, so we can walk our day with the same Christ.

  41. Thanks to all, and to Marita #16--yes, good questions for every morning!

  42. Thank you, Beth.

  43. Oh, Beth! What a joy it was for me, being next to you as we watched the sun rise over the Sea of Galilee! I knew you would share your thoughts in a Daily Lift at some point - and it was worth the wait! You have so lifted that precious time in Israel to a timeless, placeless awareness of Truth's powerful presence every moment, everywhere. I've watched that Galilean sunrise a number of times over the years, and one thing that strikes me each time as the sun first peeks over the Golan Heights and its bright strip of light shoots across the still lake, is that that light comes right to MY feet as I stand on the shore. We've just heard the story of Jesus' preparing the "morning meal," and his words to Peter 2000 years ago, "Feed my sheep." And yet that light, that command, comes to ME. (And, interestingly, through their own viewpoint, it goes directly to the feet of each person with me!) Thank you, Beth for reminding me not only of my own picture of the demand on each of us, but also of the everpresent Truth that enables us to fulfill that Christly demand.

  44. Our forever Leader gives, "Our forefathers exercised their faith in the direction taught by the Apostle James, when he said, 'Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father, is this, To Visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.'" (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 64.

  45. Thank you for this wonderful lift!

  46. So comforting; thank you Beth.

    Pondering the message of Jesus' life and works, yet again, makes me ask:
    I wonder...those whose lives he touched were healed of their illness, their lack, their fears...and went
    back to their homes and fields to ponder his radical/transformative teachings...what did this do in and to their ordinary lives? They continued shepherding, growing crops, raising children---except for the few disciples who "left their nets" and followed him---but with fresh new perspectives. Their sudden healings: there must be no matter, or how could it be changed so suddenly?! Supply must be instant...Jesus got his $ from a fish! The shriveled fig tree, suddenly bearing fruit?! Jesus life and words---the Christ, Truth, he taught them of --- really started them thinking. And then, through his resurrection: no death!
    And here we are, 2,000 years later, still pondering; and some are healing with his teachings about the universality of spiritual law, ever operational throughout all time and space... universal (and one could say, impersonal) truth, here for us all, forever, be we farmers or shepherders or "Catholics" or "Jews" or "Muslims" or... it doesn't matter to God, divine Love! How very comforting this
    is...and to know this transforming effect is going on, will go on, forever, "til He come whose right it is." (Bible)

  47. Thank you Beth. Your lift has made a deep impression on me and from now on, no matter what the situation I'll first ask myself, "what is the truth of this" and let the Christ fill my thoughts. No more stewing over a problem...go directly to the Truth and find peace and comfort.
    Thanks Nate for your ever cheerful introduction and to all your team for the beautiful music and presentation.

  48. Thank you so much, Beth! I always love the connection with math. It makes it so easy to share. And this one is being shared for sure. Always True.

  49. The feelings in today's society is that people in Jesus's time were different from the people of our time. Evil doings then is no more or less different now. The only difference is in technology. Well! the same for Truth. Truth is ever true now as it was in Jesus's time, except now we have the Comforter or C/S to separate the false from the true. It all comes down to what we accept as to our true nature, and that requires receptivity.

  50. A wonderful daily lift abut Truth always perfect, never changing. We actually are the very expression of Truth now and forever living in Mind. These thoughts bring such comfort and good into our days.
    Thank you for sharing your experience on the shore thinking about Jesus' life. Dwelling in Truth continually is something I love doing. Communing with God during my days and nights brings such a sense of peace and comfort like no other.

  51. Thank you Beth and the Daily Lift team. This is a perfect message to begin this week, with the Bible Lesson on Christ Jesus!

  52. Thank you, Beth! Really beautiful!

  53. Thanks so much, Beth! I loved the fact that you pointed out that it's not a physical place that makes the Truth more powerful. It's not where we are in matter, but where we are in consciousness and understanding that brings the truth of Truth into our experience. A perfect Lift to compliment this week's C.S. Bible Lesson on Christ Jesus and his constant demonstration of Truth as the law that sets us Free!

  54. Thank you Beth, your lift today said it all! Your lectures are wonderful too! To #24, Karen, thank you for the simplicity and purity of your comment, to everyone else, thanks again for the messages that abound with Love!

  55. Yes, Beth, what a grand realization you had on your wonderful journey. And the Truth to which you refer knows no boundary of space nor time does it. It's just a true here and now as it was when Jesus trod those hills, just as Pythagoras' Theorem doesn't change with time. And it's just as true on Planet X or in interplanetary space, just as mathematical truth knows no spatial limits.

  56. Thank you Beth. That's really what it's all about, huh? Thanks for the reminder, so sincerely and clearly expressed.

  57. 'Thus Truth engrounds me on the rock, upon Life's shore," Mrs. Eddy's poem goes. We're all standing on that "shoreline" today. (from "Christ My Refuge" poem) Thank you so much.

  58. Thank you.

  59. thank you. Each time I listen, I discover something different, but over all, the amazing thing is I hear this.. that there really is a sure unchangeable foundation which I can trust, no matter what is going on all around me. I, too, can reach for that still ness, just as you described, there on the shore, where Jesus walked. I am very grateful for your dailylift

  60. Wonderful sharing of your travel experience,thanks for articulating it in language we can understand. Such a grand vision is perhaps not easy to put into words.

  61. A lovely verbal journey to the holy land with holy thoughts that are eternal. Many thanks.

  62. THank you...Love the mathematical
    metaphor of our unequlvocal perfection!

  63. This Lift fit perfectly with the Bible Lesson today, CHRIST JESUS, Thanks for all the informative comments. This is my Bilbe study class everyday. Thanks with Love

  64. Wonderful! Thankyou Beth.

  65. Thank you so very much for this very clear spiritual truth..Eleanor

  66. What a beautiful thought picture, Beth!

  67. Beth, I am very grateful for this Lift. I have never been on the shores of the Sea of Galilee but here in Australia I feel identified with the presence of Christ no matter where I am and what I am doing. In my daily prayers I include all the people that are at this very moment facing the floods and devastation in this beautiful country and I realize that the Christ is present in every single one of those individuals consciousness and will lead them to safety, comfort, love and peace of mind that they so much desire. I am sure that this Lift and all of our prayers help them to perceive the reality which is spiritual and perfect regardless of the false evidence of mortal mind and as found in this week's lesson: "accept the glorious liberty of the children of God, and be free!" (S & H p. 227).
    (Spanish translation follows)

  68. Truth is unchanging,always the same, we don't need to believe lies!! Thank you very much!!

  69. Beth, estoy muy agradecido por este Lift. Nunca he estado a orillas del mar de Galilea pero aquí en Australia me siento identificado con la presencia del Cristo no importa donde estoy o qué estoy haciendo. En mis oraciones diarias incluyo a toda esa gente que en este mismo momento se enfrenta a las inundaciones y devastación en este hermoso país y me doy cuenta de que el Cristo está presente en la conciencia de cada uno de esos individuos y los guiará a la seguridad, comodidad, amor y tranquilidad de espíritu que tanto anhelan. Estoy seguro que este Lift y todas nuestras oraciones les ayuda a percibir la realidad que es espiritual y perfecta a pesar de la falsa evidencia de la mente mortal y como lo encontramos en la lección de esta semana: “aceptad la libertad gloriosa de los hijos de Dios”, y sed libres! (C y S p. 227)

  70. Thank you Beth, for this CHRIST Truth message.
    With Love

  71. How beautiful....I could just FEEL that wonderful ever-presence as you spoke... Grateful thanks.
    Love you
    Pam G

  72. Thank you for sharing your trip and the powerful lift that came from it.

  73. I really like this one; thanks, Beth.

  74. I love Jesus' promise of the forever Truth, "I will come to you, I will not leave you comfortless." And wherever we are, the forever Truth finds us, even if you've made your bed in hell, in the belly of a fish, in the belly of a hospital, in a sepulchre, if you've gone to the remotest bounds of the sea, in the middle of a crowd, or in the middle of a "waste-howling wilderness," the forever Truth is there. And it works the other way too, the forever Truth will furnish and delineate, through Jesus Christ, having met us where we are, a path
    "that best promotes our spiritual growth," (S&H) extricating us from the depths.

  75. Thank you Beth. I so appreciate your remembrance of Truth at that moment we shared on the shore of the Galilean Sea. All the best to you Beth,

  76. I am hearing in this lovely lift a message for me and that is that for all my human calculating and getting it right or wrong, there is a harmonious solution that impels me forward....and brings me back to the same idea that whatever action I take must be the highest and bless all. I am grateful for the persistent truths that stay true and that it, life, is not as much about person and place but what is the underlying Spirit expressed behind all of it. Thank you for sharing your insight from your visit to the shore of the Galilee Sea. I find this lift very helpful today.

  77. We stayed in a kosher hotel and the shore there is rocky. We had thoughts of Jesus at many points of inspiration at every stop on our trip. Then we had a good swim in the Sea, and also in the Dead Sea. They belong to Our Father. When I drank from Jacob's well was when I had a memorable realization, the water was so fresh and pure and cool, and has been for thousands of years. Amazing. Thank you for awakening many memories.

  78. Wonderful, Beth..... makes me want to go there..... but it's great to know that that same Truth you talk about is with us everywhere..... and always.....
    Thank you for making it very clear ......

  79. Wonderful...
    Thanks, Beth....

  80. Thank you.

  81. Thank you, Beth. Obrigada Beth.

  82. Thank you so much forthe helpfut lift Beth.

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