2/22: Spiritual navigation

2/22: Spiritual navigation

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  1. So nice, Josh, the thought that native to our identity is an inner compass pointing to "good" as our North Star, that we are each "naturally drown to God." How true, Thanks for the graciously delivered reminder.

  2. Thank for this pure Inspiration!

  3. Thank you Josh, what a great Lift. Our spiritual compass is always directing us toward God, good. As we hold our thought on course we can rise above the storms of mortal belief. With God guiding our steps we can rest assured that our path is filled with joy. Should we get off course, we have only to turn our thoughts to God who will guide our every step in the right direction.

  4. Thank you for this lift. I am Love and all there is to me is Love. Love is the only direction I want to go in

  5. So young to have such a firm grip on the understanding of Christian Science. Thank you for this. I enjoyed it very much. God Bless You.

  6. Thanks Josh for the lift today. I feel richly blessed in knowing my internal compass comes from the Divine

  7. Loved the idea of having a spiritual compass within us and being drawn to good. Also, the verse from Isaiah is one to commit to memory! Thanks, Josh, for a very moving lift. (Beautiful video, too, with nature as the backdrop.)

  8. Josh, Thanks for this lift so simple and so profound. Mrs Eddy writes, “Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind”
    (Science and Health p134). I'll be able to use this today. Thanks so much for this insight.

  9. Simple, yet powerful message. Thank you, Josh.

  10. We're naturally drawn to GOD - to life, love, joy, happiness, blessings, meekness, solutions - it's really about being the child of GOD -now! Thank you!

  11. Thanks Josh for that interesting concept of our being drawn naturally to God, good with our built in spiritual compass. Mrs Eddy writes this in Science and Health, page 467 "Having no other gods, turning to no other but the one perfect Mind to guide him, man is the likeness of God, pure and eternal, having that Mind which was also in Christ" showing us that by turning to God for direction in all that we do, we cannot fail to find the answer to our prayers.

  12. Thanks Josh.

  13. Good to remember that we have no choice but to be drawn in the right direction, without any effort on our part. It's not a constant battle to remain on the right path but a natural forward movement. Thanks for this reminder.

  14. Many thanks Josh for bringing our attention to the inspiring Bible passage from Isaiah 58:11 "And the Lord shall guide thee continually..." "And still thy [Love's] light is lifted,/ O'er all the lands to shine./ It is the chart and compass/ To guide us to our Lord [Infinite divine Love];/ It is the heaven-drawn picture/ Of Christ, the living Word." (Christian Science Hymnal #251).

  15. Thank you Josh for this reminder of the fact that God is the only influence on me just as the north iffluences the compass needle. A lovely verse in the Bible explains this:

    Jer 31:3

    3 The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

    So divine Love is what draws us home to the understanding of heaven.

    I also like to think of the word drawn in this verse in the sense of designed or planned.

    God has used His divine Love to design, to draw us to be His image.

    Thanks to all who contribute so many helpful ideas each day.

  16. That was put so lovingly thanks!

  17. Josh,
    Thank you

  18. Did you ever noticed that God is like our compass? He attracts and guides us. Whenever we get sidetrack because of all the negative things that deviate our thought away from God, our Father awaits patiently for us to look up; to direct our thinking towards safety, to supply our every need.

    His loving ideas are ready to get us out of trouble... right into good.

    "And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not." Is. 58:11

    ¿Han notado alguna vez que Dios es como nuestra brújula? Él nos atrae y nos guía. Siempre que nos distraemos a causa de todas las cosas negativas que desvían el pensamiento y nos alejan de Dios, nuestro Padre espera pacientemente que nosotros miremos hacia arriba; para dirigir nuestro pensamiento hacia la seguridad, para abastecer todas nuestras necesidades.

    Sus ideas amorosas están listas para sacarnos de problemas ... derecho hacia el bien.

    "Y Jehová te pastoreará siempre, y en las sequías hartará tu alma, y engordará tus huesos; y serán como huerta de riego, y como manadero de aguas, cuyas aguas nunca faltan." Isaias 58:11

  19. In the Winter/Spring 2013 published report on rescues (and also recoveries) in New Hampshire White Mountains, The Appalachian Mountain club reports that bad judgement, lack of equipment, and in two unfortunate cases, lack of winter mountaineering experience were the reasons for what are therein referred to as "mishaps."

    From her class-book, copyrighted in 1870, Mrs. Eddy gives, "Outside the material sense of things, all is harmony," (Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures, page 489.)

    Thanks for the spiritual guidance on the trail.

  20. This message for today has the ring of the true metal...it has resounded in my heart; ...like the still, small voice of scientific thought, that "reaches over continent and ocean to the globe's remotest bound" ( Mary Baker Eddy on page 559 of Science and Health).
    A beautifully focused metaphor in word and in picture. Thanks.

  21. How lovely. God is our true North. Thanks, Josh!

  22. Good is the real attraction, the main event. thanks Josh.

  23. I think of Hagar and Ishmael as they wandered in the wilderness in the story of Abraham..

    Mrs Eddy writes in S&H : “There is but one real attraction, that of Spirit. The pointing of the needle to the pole symbolizes this all-embracing power or the attraction of God, divine Mind."

    With this inherent 'right sense of attraction," our priorities for each day is laid out before us, not worrying about anything, not even what we eat drink or wear, But heeding Jesus' instruction to seek first " the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

    Thank you Josh!
    Thank you DL community,
    Love the heartfelt comments
    That criss-cross the globe..

  24. Thank you, Josh, every Daily Lift is so helpful and your metaphor is showing me that I am on the right way to spirituality, to reflect God's principles. "The compass is built right in who we are." So I have everything I need to go the along way and the needle of my inner compass is pointing which direction is the best for me. There is no reason to fear, because I am on the right way. Isaiah 58 -11: "The lord will guide you continually and satisfy your needs". What a promise for all of us! Now I go back to Feb 20th, Mary Alice Rose: Trust, NO THING separates me from Love (God). "We are natural drawn to good (God)" this is the golden text for my weekend.

  25. This lift has been a great help to me this morning. Last evening a challenge relating to a past conflict reared its seeming head again - this had been a very difficult one to cope with, but I obviously only just managed to keep my head above water and the full healing of the hurt has not become evident to me.
    Listening to and watching this lift, followed by studying this week's Bible Lesson on Mind has spoken to me very clearly that God is guiding us rightly, and that I must hold to his fact. Everyone is always blessed, and by seeking guidance from the divine Mind - our true compass - He will give us an answer of peace. I found myself singing the hymn "I love Thy way of freedom, Lord, To serve Thee is my choice" which ends with "and I will give you peace". The right decision came to me, and I can leave all the governing and judging to God, knowing that He is blessing us all, and His will is good. I am keeping with this hymn, because I find it very powerful and ulpifting to starve out the false suggestions that try to come in.

    Thank you Josh for this inspiration, and to all who contribute their thoughts - all very helpful. May every lovely lifter follow this true compass and find this peace of God.

  26. Very clear and encouraging. A nice one to share.

  27. Thank you, Josh, for reminding us that we have the 'divine instinct' built into consciousness as part of the work of our Creator, so that we can be confident that inspiration and motivation are governed by this holy compass! - 'In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy paths'.

  28. Del mismo modo que es más fácil reconocer la existencia de Crisrtojesús que negarla, igualmente y en mayor proporción la existencia y la asistencia del Amor divino, que se manifiesta en cada ocasiión que es necesaria y es imposible negarla, naturalmente si bien es cierto que está ahí al alcance de nuestras necesidades, requiere también de nuestro esfuerzo para entrar y permanecer donde reina el Amor y donde giran las bondades divinas en un círculo interminable dentro de su propia órbita, el Amor.

    "Los moviles rectos dan alas al pensamiento, y fuerza y soltura a la palabra y a la acción" MBE
    Eso es lo que nos hace girar en la Órbita divina, y nos hace receptivos a Su Amor, y Sus derivados la abundancia de Bienes Espirituales y que son las que cubren todas nuestras necesidades.

    Muchas gracias Josh, muy inspirador.

  29. Thank you for this very inspiring Lift. We know that God will always safely Lead us home.

  30. Josh, this is such a great Lift. Thank you so much. Such pure and simple truths we can manifest in our daily life, without indecision or hesitation. It really is God's direction that keeps us on track and gives us freedom to move ahead. This has been proved so many times in my travels. You know the saying, "You can't put a foot wrong"? Well you can't. Malcolm, your choice of Hymn for tonight is really spot on. I checked it out, and will play it on disc later.
    Thanks for a wonderful week, Nate and the production team; the BoL and lecturers; and the Daily Lifters.

  31. I find the words 'already' and 'include' are so important to understanding the relationship of God and His beloved man - the real us - because error always deals in 'not yet' and 'excludes', or even tries to be final and say 'too late'. I am so grateful to you for this lovely Lift that shows us so clearly that we already include God's loving guidance, always back home to Him. The core of the word 'accurate' is 'cure' or 'care'. Thank you for demonstrating God's active, accurate, loving care for us. Christian Science puts us all on the right track and shows us 'how to go'. Thank you also to JS #25 for sharing your own inspiring demonstration.

  32. Simple and sweet message to begin our day, thank you for the directions for success. God is our guide, our source and our one true north.

  33. Thanks you so much Josh for sharing the inspired ideas as we always can guide only for Spiritual compass.
    Mario Vicencio Sao Paulo, Brazil

  34. Thank you Josh !

  35. What a wonderful thought that each of us has our own Spiritual compass! Thank you josh. Love to ALL

  36. Thanks Josh, a great lift...!

  37. Thanks Josh. I'll be heading "DUE NORTH" today. May Love bless our individual journeys.


  38. Thank you.

  39. Thank you so much. I am grateful for and value the power of this message you have shared.

  40. Just what I needed this morning. Thanks. Such a simple yet powerful truth to carry with us whichever direction we seem to be walking in.

  41. Thank you Josh for your inspiring message. The psalm XXIII reads (DIVINE LOVE) is my shepherd; I shall not want. (LOVE) maketh me to lie down in green pastures; (LOVE) leadeth me beside the still waters. (Science and Health, page 578: 4-7). So, let's allow the DIVINE LOVE all the power to guide our thoughts, actions and our lives!
    Lots of Love to the DL Community!

  42. Thank you Josh, beautiful video!

  43. I'm going to show my Sunday School class this one. Thank you, Josh, for the sincerity and conviction in your delivery, as well as the simple illustration of the natural attraction in all of us to good.

  44. Love it, thank you so much, and perfect for Sunday School students too - simple and clear. I love the fact the batteries won't run out....Happy weekend and many thanks to al the BoL and Lifters who make this so beautiful each day.

  45. Way cool, Josh! The Message translates our Golden Text the same way: "He's the one who will keep you on track." How good for the world to hear this imperative reminder today. Love and thanks to all who participate and contribute. Off we go!

  46. Love this one! I've been unable to find the Bible translation that uses the exact Isa. 58:11 wording you use in this. Could you let us know?

    Josh is quoting from the New Revised Standard of the Bible.
    Daily Lift Team

  47. Perfect! Having just returned from a walk in the woods and eager to embrace another beautiful day, your lift is perfect. I will share it with my son who is making college choices right now. Beautiful blessings to all. ❤

  48. Wow!!! What a beautiful and simple reminder of God's love for all of us. Thanks.

  49. Just what I needed this morning. Thanks

  50. thank you-wonderful.simple and powerful!

  51. Thanks, Josh, this is just what I needed this morning as I'm trying to work through some problems with my computer. What a comforting thought that God is my navigator and will always point me in the right direction. I've been singing "Shepherd show me how to go, O'er the hillside steep." I received a call regarding problems with my Windows XP program - the problems are real, but the call proved to be a scam. I did a cleanup on my computer and restored to a previous date and all has been restored. I still have some other minor problems to work out and will keep in mind that there is only one Mind, God, that is governing every facet of my life, including the computer.

    I am so very grateful for these Daily Lifts and the comments from all over the world.

  52. I don’t generally take much notice of human studies, but you’ve gotta enjoy this..…“In the end, we found that 6- and 10-month-old infants overwhelmingly preferred the helpful individual to the hindering individual. This wasn’t a subtle statistical trend; just about all the babies reached for the good guy.” Paul Bloom, 2010, Infant Cognition Center at Yale University. Ha! We arrive with a compass!

    Our compass is always with us. Hosea knew it. Jesus knew it and explained it as “my Father and I are one”. John 10:30. And more than distinguishing between good and evil, this compass means much more.

    “Jesus said, "I and my Father are one." He taught no selfhood as existent in matter. In his identity there is no evil. Individuality and Life were real to him only as spiritual and good, not as material or evil.” Un 39:13

    Perhaps those babies arrive only prepared to see the good guy!

    Good one, Josh. I'm with you Diane #32... true north.

  53. Great video, wonderful lift..thank you!

  54. Dear Josh, when I listened to your message this morning I could hardly believe my ears. Since years I am pondering a cryptic verse from the Bible with many possible translations. (Jer.31:22): "How long wilt thou go about, O thou backsliding daughter? for the Lord hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall COMPASS a man." The word 'compass' here is a verb.

    The same word is used when Joshua was commanded to conquer the city of Jericho (Josh 6:3): "Ye shall compass the city, all ye men of war, and go round about the city."

    Martin Buber in his German translation of Jer 31:22 uses the word "umwandeln". This word has a double meaning depending on the syllable that gets the stress. It can mean 'to go round about' or 'to reform'. In this latter sense it is used in the opening sentence of the chapter "Prayer" in S&H: "The prayer that reforms (that goes round about) the sinner..." Meaning that sometimes we witness an instant healing and sometimes we have to wait (actively) for it. Remains the hope that I expressed myself clearly enough for you to understand. Thanks to the lifters and the contributers am so grateful for all of you.

  55. What a lovely reminder.
    Thank you.

  56. lovely just lovely. Thank you so much

  57. With God as our guide, we can never be lost. He makes the crooked paths straight.

    The Amplified Bible gives us Luke 3:5 as: "Every valley and ravine shall be filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be leveled; and the crooked places shall be made straight, and the rough roads shall be made smooth;"

    Great thanks to Josh, the BoL, and our dear Mother Church for these daily messages.

  58. What a helpful 'pointer'! Thank you.

  59. We can never be separated from God because good is built right into us. The DL is innovative in using a compass and a video of a walk in the woods. Lovingly created and carried out!

  60. Great Inspiring thoughts... all very real, solid and true, no matter what we may be faced with this spiritual navigation will ALWAYS put us back on track (tried, tested & approved) as there is no wrong direction in God...only adventure, growth, protection and blessings to come. Thanks very much for sharing!

  61. Thank you Josh, very much!

  62. So true - thank you for reminding us of this great fact.

  63. What a beautiful and helpful lift. How great that our compass is a permanent inclusion that can never be affected by anything. It seems to me that this must always "point" to the fact that we must always have perfect balance in thought and body,too. Loved the video. Thanks! And such good comments.

  64. Quite a simple statement of spiritual fact, isn't it? Sure appreciate this gem to take w/me today.

  65. Cuando tenemos por guía o brújula al Cristo, el Amor divino, nuestros caminos o ruta serán derechos, en perfecta armonia; pero cuando desviamos nuestra mirada hacia otras direcciones( materia) nos perdemos no sabemos donde acudir. Aferremonos al Amor divino y triufaremos.

    "Envía tu luz y tu verdad ellas me guiaran"

  66. How wonderful and comforting your DL video, dear Josh,that our inner compass is always directing us to God the good. We can depend on this and listen to our inner voice within. Thank you very much.

  67. Thank you.

  68. As I look out my window at a foot of snow, it was fun to watch your video this morning with you walking through the green woods with your compass! Great to be reminded that "the Kingdom of Heaven is within us" from KJV Bible.

  69. Infinite appreciation for your true lift showing us a peek at your hike in the wilderness. "God is a light
    for my path." Psalms 119:105

  70. Thanks Josh. What a wonderful analogy between a directional compass pointing true North and our true inner compass always pointing inherently towards true God.

    I've had previous testiments to things lost that were then found by adhering to the understanding that God will point out the direction we need to look if we just listen. I remember finding a lost bracelet that was dear to me in the middle of a park the size of a football field where tall grass was growing. I went back the next day after thoroughly praying to find that bracelet, knowing that nothing is lost to God. I was directed towards that specific spot where the bracelet lay just waiting for me to come and retreive it.

    Another example was right before I listened to your lift this morning. I had a pair of earrings where one of the pair has gone missing. I had searched all the places I thought it could have disappeared to for several weeks. I'd continued to work with the fact, as in the previous example, that God knows where everything is, and everything, including me, his beloved child, is in it's rightful place now and always.

    This morning, I straightened up the articles on my nightstand so that I could prepare for listening to the Daily Lift, and the thought immediately came to me to LIFT UP THE LIGHT. I have a small lamp on the nightstand that I grabbed and quickly pulled it off the surface of the table. There was the missing earring! In that "Ah-Ha" moment, I smiled and thanked God for his ever presence!

  71. Thanks Josh for this inspiring lift...so well put. It's amazing how easy it is to reflect God and His direction while hiking...with all the tools available to us to direct us we have that Divine direction built right in and the bonus is experiencing God's beauty by getting out and really "seeing" it.

  72. Awesome message!

  73. Thank you Josh!! How beautiful, and to Peter (#4), I thank you for "Love is the only direction I want to go in", just perfect! To (#51) Nancy, so interesting and a great reminder of our natural state of being! Everyone's comments were, again, wonderful to read and overflowing with proof of God's love and care.

  74. What a wonderful and comforting message! We will archive this Lift. :)

  75. Thank you, Josh, for a very relevant Lift today. I'll "dip big" into this one to align myself with the true North Star.

  76. I love this lift and the hiking trail......so real and so immediate for the viewer. Thanks! When my mother was learning to drive ("late" in life and long before GPS systems) and navigate around the city, my dad attached a compass to her dashboard. She knew if she drove north to town, she needed to come back south and things would start to look familiar. And so with us as your beautiful lift pointed out--rely on that inner direction and the good will begin to look familiar and suddenly we're "home." Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  77. loved the citation from isaiah, the words "parched places" rung out to me. Mind's compass leads us to water, where we can drink deep. thank you for the lift.

  78. Material, physical objects that we see with the human eye are symbols of God's perfect creation. So it is with the compass directing us towards the spiritual truth that man, as God's image and likeness, is perfect in every way.

  79. Thank you Josh for this reminding lift that we naturally follow the North Star.....the good.

  80. I love the analogy!

    No confusion when following the Compass
    A needed message!

  82. Thank you Josh for such a reassuring concept which encouraged so many specific instances of our
    being led to see, locate, participate, through "adhesion, cohesion and attraction." I have had and witnessed so many, many occurrences of finding lost items by our listening, very quietly. The most
    impressive for me though is when my late sister discovered she had lost the diamond in her ring and went back to her car and found it in the gravel of the driveway! Nothing has phased me since that time or kept me from knowing I will be led, and of course, on my (God's) right time schedule.

  83. A beautiful lift - the walk in nature really enhances . .. Just what I needed as we face some big changes in our life at the moment. Thank you!

  84. What an inspiring lift, Josh! As the hiking season is just about ready to get underway for me, this is a message that is meaningful in so many ways. The video made me feel so joyful.

    I am also so grateful for the comments of others as well. To #25, thank you, as I seem to be experiencing a very similar situation, and also love that same hymn. Now I can know that I and the other person are drawn to God, good. Thanks also to Malcolm for that hymn #251.

    I am filled with gratitude.

  85. Thank you for this enormously comforting thought. It agrees with another familiar Bible verse, "I will put my law in your inward parts and write it in your hearts..." which shows how absolutely a part of us God's law and love are!

  86. Thank you Josh. It is so reassuring to know that no matter what the problem, where we go, or what we to do God is our guide and will always direct us in the right way. I have been awed many times by the wonder of His direction to finding lost things to knowing which path to take. The video was great. Thanks DL team and all the Lifters. Your comments expand my understanding and I'm grateful for them.

  87. Josh, Such Inspiration! And Scripture from Isaiah! And thank you, Malcolm, for the hymn. Such richness in all of these comments. And to the Daily Lift Team...much Gratitude!

  88. Thank you for today's Lift. Divine Love shows us the way.

  89. Cool! Thanks Josh.

  90. Very healing. Thank you!

  91. As the sunflower reaches for the sun, we naturally reach and feel the warmth of love. A mother knows her babies feel tender loving care and respond with smiles and and that wonderful glow of light. I am grateful for your comments everyone. Thanks Josh

  92. Oh so reassuring Josh!!! Thank you
    We truly can't get lost!!
    Love to all

  93. Fantastic !! I loved today's DL, Josh. I'll listen many times as it is so reassuring and comforting.

  94. Thank you for reminding me that, with big decisions to make, listening to God will keep me on the right track, following the way he wants me to go.

  95. What a simple, beautiful and timely lift. Love the video and the use of the compass. I am giving it to my grandson today as Truth delivered here is so easily understood. I appreciate your work, and dedication and joy in it.!!!! Merri

  96. Thank you Josh for reminding us of our
    own unfailing compasses!
    And all the insiteful comments from
    EVERYONE around the globe!!!
    Of course too our Bd directors.

  97. Awesome!

  98. Thank you, Josh, for “Spiritual navigation … your inner spiritual compass is intact … pointing to Good… ‘and the Lord will guide you continually’ … we’re naturally drawn to God.”

    In the teen years, one of my beloved children had a very serious fork-in-the-road decision to make. The child turned to me for guidance. Fear welled up with questions like: Oh, my poor baby! How can I save this child? Why hadn’t my guidance been sought seriously and sincerely before this point? What if I give the wrong advice? I discarded these as blaming, shaming, and guilty and opened thought instead to healing ideas. As a Christian Scientist, my chosen way is “prayer and fasting.” Stop “eating up” the matter-based reports and draw closer to Our Father in prayer – and fast! – to better understand the guidance and protection always available from God to everyone concerned. And so, I did.

    My child summed up pros and cons, which seemed to indicate one direction. Then another pro or con would be added and the direction would change. (It seemed like our compass was spinning around!) Tallying humanly-defined pros and cons is intelligent but limited. Prayer continued with a clearer sense and calmer trust (S&H 495) that everyone involved was naturally gravitating Godward. No one could be left out of God's laws of Love. As I realized, I shared the wisdom to trust God/Good/Love-itself! Trusting God? That’s “True North!” Let Love lead. Whichever direction you choose, God is there. And so it proves.

  99. Built right in as we're the very transparency for Truth, Life and Love. Thanks.

  100. Thank you for this outstanding visual and spiritual lift that comforts and heals through the understanding of "good".It was very helpful to me.

  101. Thanks for your great message and heartfelt delivery, Josh...always drawn to good!

  102. What a healing lift - as they always are.....cannot imagine starting my day without the DL.....

    68 - Kaye - being raised in our state and seeing the many pictures being sent to me with all of the snow reminded me how different our concept can be/change without what would "seem" to be our reality. I so miss those beautiful white blankets of snow and feel such love seeing Kansas at her very best.......God encompassing all!

  103. This is great. I love the message provided as you walk the trail, bending under branches, looking at the old compass and pulling out the Bible to Isaiah. Well done! Thank you and thank you to all who comment.

  104. Thank you, Josh.


    Great message.

    We need to hear more from you as the younger audiences are looking up to you as a leader in the Christian Science movement.

    Nice simple and practical message. Liked how you utilized the Bible and compass in the video while being out in nature.

    I plan on sharing this as a light should not be hid.

    Truth, Wisdom, Love and Sincerity, to ALL mankind.

    Rob Scott
    Chicago, IL

  105. Neat! We have snow here but I enjoyed walking with you in those lovely woods. And what a wonderful powerful thought using your compass! So creative! Thank you.....

  106. what a supremely simple, direct, gem of a Lift . . . and what deep comfort there is in knowing that God is always drawing me to Him . . to Good . . . drawing me home. Thank you, Josh, and every single member of the Lift family.

  107. Thank you for your lift today-it was wonderful.

  108. Mary Baker Eddy in her poem "Shephard" tells how our Shephard guides and shows us the way if we listen for his voice,..follow and rejoyce all the rugged way. In a Sunday School class a student defined "rugged" as "carpeted". if we listen to our inner compass showing true north to God the rough places can become smooth and the rugged places "carpeted". What fun we all are having sharing these inspiring Lifts and the healing that come from reading the comments and listening to the Lifts. Thank you Josh, BOL, TMC and all the Daily Lifters.

  109. Thank you from Berlin, Josh, for your navigation message. I guess it's the Christ always pointing "North", that is to Truth, Life and Love. Thank you again!

  110. Thank you , Josh,That truth about all have this innate sense of being directed to GOOD sure fits the moment for me. I enjoyed all the responses above.

  111. The Master planned that man should be able to stride with confidence-no matter what the circumstances are. I reached out to God many times when my only son served with honor in Iraq. Who else was there to turn to?

  112. Thank you, Josh -- very reassuring.

  113. What a thoroughly original attention-holding way of presenting a lift. There's no way the message could not be understood and forever remembered. The visuals were terrific in getting the point across. Loved it. El Paso Patt

  114. Josh - Every so often I keep a peridical and this one is a Journa, April, 1980 "Focus: Treatment and Healing" On page 196 is an article by Godfrey John, entitled" YOUR 'INNER COMPASS'". I just read it
    and it strengthens your Daily Lift of today. Know you will find it helpful. ... and thank you
    for your.
    Dorothy McGrew Hood, CS
    Rogers, Arkansas

  115. Thank you Josh for such a 'personalised" message, it felt like you were speaking to us as individuals, walking right along with you. A beautiful message and a simple analogy. One that sticks in thought and we can take along with us each day. Thank you!

  116. Your great lift reminded me of Dear 'ol Dad. He always said 'All roads lead to home' he also said 'to avoid getting the car stuck in mud puddles just go really fast over them.' No wonder I've been wandering in the desert all these years. I love the part that we're instinctively created to turn toward Good.

  117. Much appreciated - I need to hear some wisdom like this tonight to help me back onto the path. Thanks Josh, you are wise beyond your years !

  118. Such a wonderful lift... thank you!

  119. I agree! The thought + the video = something I'll long remember and carry with me! I'll put that little compass in my pocket and my life will be better for it! With OOOOOODLES of gratitude, Josh, and love to all who read this!

  120. Thanks, Josh! I'm off for a hike today.

  121. Thank you Josh for your practical message filled with simplicity. That's all about in Christian Science.

  122. Thanks Josh, beautiful scenery and beautiful thoughts in your lift.

  123. Wonderful Lift - many thanks, Josh.

    Thanks also to Luise #54 for bringing out another meaning of "compass." Your thoughts reminded me of Hymn #53 from the Christian Science Hymnal, which so beautifully describes God's "everlasting arms of Love" encircling (encompassing) us as "He, our ever-present guide" leads us safely on.

    And to Peter Mark #4, Malcolm #14, and Tony #15, for pointing out that it is Love which directs us and draws us ib the right path.

    And to Avis #107 for the delightful play on words. From now on, I will think of "rugged" in its "carpeted" potential!

  124. Thanks Josh, I didn't get to hear this yesterday but hope you will read this note! Remember you went with me to Camp Pendleton, Marine base in No. County San Diego? Well I still tell the new recruits what you said to them that day! They love to hear about the "gentle nudge" you talked about always setting you on the right path. You found your way out of a wilderness experience by not listening to a "gut reaction". They get it and one told of being the leader in his platoon when it was dark and they were climbing a hill. He said that something told him to go left a slight bit and when he looked to the right there was a large hole he would have gone down into. He said he felt the gentle nudge! Thanks for a continuing outpouring of good that keeps returning to bless. Sally

  125. Thanks Josh, lovely analogy.

  126. Thank you so much Josh for the nice and very helpful message.

  127. Very helpful. Thank you very much.

  128. A terrific, simple reminder! Thanks so much.

  129. Wonderful ideas and sharing everyone. It is always a joy to read these throughout the day and the weekend ;)

  130. Meenu- 2/25/2013

    Thank You, Josh for the inspiring Daily Lift. The compass which helps in our spiritual navigation is the still small voice which is always speaking to us. Listening to it and constantly acknowledging it 247 is equally important.
    The citation from Isaiah is specially inspiring.

    Meenu: New Delhi-India

  131. Thank you.

  132. Thank You, Josh. The goodness of God is a daily struggle when confronted by the circumstances of the world. Finding the inner compass and looking at it leads to a true realization of life and God's goodness.

  133. Thank you for this jewel in the forest. I have a small compass that I'm going to use in Sunday School to share these thoughts you shared with us!

  134. Thank you Josh, for a most comforting idea, and thank you, 54 Luise for giving me a wonderful insight into a promise which has puzzled me too. From that interpretation, the Bible promise could be that a woman shall reform, i.e correct the belief about, man. I have read that the phrase "a woman" used several times in the Scriptures, always indicates one specific person. Isn't that what Mrs. Eddy did - re-form the world's concept of man, including male and female, in the image of God and not material?

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