2/22: Secure with Christ

2/22: Secure with Christ

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  1. So reassuring!

  2. Thank you, Ginny. Comforting words.

  3. Thanks Ginny, for those wonderful words of comfort!! I, too, had a battle many years ago with panic attacks, but with the help of a wonderful practitioner I don't have to go through that that ugly belief anymore!!!

  4. Just loved your lift, Ginny. Thank you so much. Struggling with a sense of lack of love, not claustraphobia but it still met my need. The Christ love surrounding me and everyone.Thank you

  5. Thank you for the reminder, Ginny, that the Christ is always going before us to prepare the way. What a comforting thought to know the Christ is surrounding us and filling the place with Love before we even arrive!

  6. Thanks so very much!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Ginny for those lovely, comforting thoughts about the Christ going before us as we go about our day. Preparing and protecting us from all erroneous suggestions, each step of the way. So whatever lies ahead the Christ is already there, bringing peace and harmony to each one of us.

  8. Hi Ginny,

    Thank you very much for that wonderful lift. We always listen to the daily lift and each one brings our spirit up and we are always keeping our heads up and enjoying every minute of our lives!

  9. again - so reassuing! Thank you!

  10. I love old musicals, I was thinking on the words from a song from the 1961 hit, West Side Story, “We are never alone, we’re never disconnected, we’re well protected”, scientific, isn’t it?
    The boys of the story were singing about the protection of belonging in a gang, but we don’t need any bully’s protection. We all have God always with us, we couldn’t be disconnected any more than a ray of sun could be separated from the sun.
    Jesus said, “I go and prepare a place for you” http://bible.cc/john/14-3.htm
    Wherever we are, wherever we go divine Love is patiently waiting to guide us. Listen!
    Me encantan las viejas películas musicales, estaba pensando en las palabras de una canción del hito de 1961, “Amor sin Barreras“, "Nunca estamos solos, nunca estamos desconectados, estamos bien protegidos", ¿científico, no es cierto?
    Los chicos de la historia cantaban sobre la protección de pertenecer a una pandilla, pero no necesitamos la protección de algún matón, todos tenemos siempre a Dios con nosotros. No podíamos estar desconectados más que un rayo de sol se podría separar del sol.
    Jesús dijo: "me voy y os preparo un lugar para vosotros“ http://bibliaparalela.com/john/14-3.htm Dondequiera que estemos, donde quiera que vayamos el Amor divino nos espera pacientemente para guiarnos. ¡Escuchen!

  11. Thank you.

  12. Thank you so much, Ginny for this wonderful reassuring lift!

    Thank you to all lecturers who share your inspiring thoughts with every one. I am gratefully cherishing them in my mind.
    Thank you!

  13. Lovely remarks by the Lifters too, thank you Ginny, this has really helped my thinking today.

  14. Many thanks Ginny for this inspiring lift. Yes. "We can feel the assurance and grace and the power of God's love, knowing that the Christ has gone before us." "Lead us, O Christ, thou living Way,/ Nor let us from thy precepts stray;" "I feel God's presence with me here;... I walk with Love today." (Christian Science Hymnal #39 &139).

  15. Thank you for the powerful message. Thank you also for admitting that you had a challenge being a lecturer and you could handle this challenge! It's reassuring and gives me courage in any sort of problem that seems to come up.

  16. ¡Gracias por esta bendición!

  17. Ginny, at the same time as Your Daily Lift arrived this afternoon, we were concerned about a family member. But listening to your Lift I was reassured, and calmed and comforted. Understanding that the Christ goes before us and "prepares the way" with love and compassion puts fear out of consciousness, and fills the space with a sense of infinite peace. How good that we can pray to feel Christ with us wherever we are, and supporting our family wherever they are.
    Thanks to Nate and the producers; to the BoL and lecturers; and to our YDL family - how comforting to read your precious messages every evening.

  18. Christ voicing good always! Thanks Ginny

  19. Thank you, just what is needed to be reminded that the Christ is always with us and prepares the way for us and we have nothing to fear..

  20. Thank you so much Ginny for this wonderful Lift.It ia so good to know that wherever we go , whatever we do today the Christ prescence is right there ahead of us. As soon as I heard your dear words I felt a great peace come over me so a heartfelt thank you Ginny.

  21. Thank you Ginny, What one do without the Christ's help and letting Him decide what is needed and the help to be given. I often let go of things which need to be done but find obstacles in teh way! Once this so called problem has been done away in consciousness and I revert to something beautiful to think about, and followed the Christ's angle thought the result perfect.

    Many thanks again. I loved your Uplift so very appropriate.

  22. La presencia divina es permanente, el tema es que la notemos y además escuchemos, Es ese ceder como el título de la película que hace mensión #10 a ese inmenzo Amor sin barreras sin límite y sin impedimento ya que solo dependemos de nosotros mismos para llevarlo a cabo manifestando ese tan grande Amor que a veces ni siquiera entendemos o acectamos que pueda ser de tal magnitud que lo abarque todo cubriendo nuestras necesidades con manto de bondad.

    "Es científico morar en armonía consciente, en la Verdad y el Amor sanadores innmortales" MBE
    "Si soís vituperados por el nombre de Cristo, soís bienaventurados, porque el glorioso Espírito de Dios reposa sobre vosotros" 1ª de Pedro

    Muchas gracias Ginny, thank you so much.

  23. Peter Mark. Thank You for encouragement...

  24. Wonderful words!!!!
    Thank you so much!

  25. Thank you so much Ginny - just what I needed to hear. I struggle with claustrophobic behavior, and my friend just mentioned I need to handle this. Giving up the belief that I live in matter and breathe in matter, and really understanding - Acts 17: "In him I live and move and have my being" and [In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move, and breathe;
    Though mortal eyes may see it not,
    'Tis sense that would deceive. Hymn number 144

  26. So good to remember that are place is prepared for us RIGHT NOW! Thak you, Ginny, for your healing thoughts.

  27. Ginny, Thank you for this most inspired "Lift". I worked in The Prison Ministry in NJ.It was two Mximum Prisons. One prison housed two sections one for the male and another for females. To get to the ladies we needed to walk passed the male section. It did not appear conducive at all,actually rather aggressive.Tha standard rule was, that once we had been cleared at the entrance,we were on our own[not protected by the prison security]. I prayed along the line you mention,knowing there is no place were God is not present,knowing that we all are the children of a loving Father-Mother God,held in the gospel of love,[no prisoners there] dissolved any sense of fear or feeling of intimidation,and a sense of peace and love prevailed.We were able to have brief conversations and present literature during the walk passed the male inmates,who ere often busy mopping the hallways,on our way to the female section.

  28. Thank you. I was in need of being reminded that the challenges that I face today wont be done alone.
    Thanks also to #14. I always appreciate being reminded of comforting prayers in the hymns.

  29. Right on Ginny. How comprehensive a statement.

  30. This message is just what I needed this morning. Bless you and all who make these Daily Lifts possible!,

  31. Dear Ginny, thanks so much for this comforting thought. It reminded me of an experience I had back in the 1940's when I was a teenager. I was sailing with my Dad on Lake Ontario when a violent storm came up very suddenly. He was able to beach our small 14 foot sailboat safely on the only sandy stretch of beach. And on the beach was a tepee made of logs where we found protection from the pouring rain. We sang hymns until the rain let up. The lake was still too rough to sail back to our cottage, so we hiked up to the highway where my brother found us and drove us home. We were secure in the boat, on the beach, and transportation home. God had prepared for us everything we needed just as we needed it. It was a very memorable experience and proof of God's constant care and his tender Love..

  32. Ginny, thanks for your fresh take on that Bible verse. I've not thought of it in quite those terms before, but what you say makes perfect sense. Thank you!

  33. And may the Lord prepare a day for each of us around the world to feel the presence and oneness of spirit. Thank you Ginny for reminding us to REJOICE in this blessed day.

  34. That Christ goes before us to prepare a place for us ties in exactly with Mrs. Eddy's rule in the Church Manual that "The members of this Church should daily watch and pray to be delivered from all evil..." (Man. 40:11)

    If Christ has gone before us, there can be no evil, no animal magnetism, no mortal mind to influence our thoughts and actions, wherever we go, whatever we do.

    Thank you, Ginny, for this protective prayer for today.

  35. I can't tell you how perfect this Lift is for me. My husband and I recently decided to get a divorce. And even though it is a step we amicably agreed is right, there are so many uncertainties I'm faced with right now, and it can be scary. I've basically been a stay at home mom for the many years of our marriage so I'm not only having to figure out my living situation, but for the first time in my life I'm having to consider how I'm going to pay for it all.

    I must say God has been my life-line! I'm so incredibly grateful for the relationship I'm gaining with Him throughout all of this! The Bible Lesson has been my rock and has provided so much comfort. Practitioners have been such a source of angelic wisdom. And the Lifts have been a wonderful reassurance of God's ever-present love and care.

    Your Lift literally brought tears to my eyes. It has helped me to realize even more that God's not going to leave me, my children, or my husband out in the cold. Our place is prepared, and in a beautiful, complete, perfect way.

    As I was pondering your ideas early this morning I was outside and got to see the most beautiful sunrise - amazing colors softly filled the sky - and I felt such a perfect sense of home. What an extraordinary place God had prepared for me right there at that moment! I couldn't imagine being in a more perfect place! And I know this new realization will be a source of comfort and strength as I and my family proceed with whatever lies ahead. Thank You!

  36. Surrounded by the Love of God, wherever I am, what a great way to start my day. Thank you

  37. Thank you, Ginny, for that clear Uplift! Yes, we have "Maximum Security" with Christ - whether inside or outside a prison. I love that your "challenge of panic attacks" didn't stop you from going forward with your lecturing in prisons. The Christ is the presence and the power of God's love with us today! Thank you for everyone's comments and testimonies today - all expressions of the Christ!

  38. Thanks so much Ginny - just what I needed this morning!

  39. Your daily lift message calmed my fears and set my feet in the path of Truth. Sincere thanks. I can go forward today bearing the banner of God.

  40. Very humbling. It is so reasuring to have someone share their own personal experience - their own journey from darkness into light. In your sharing one could feel the love you felt.

  41. How lovely - thank you for that powerful thought to strengthen us today.

  42. To #35 The pain and fear of divorce can be completely healed. I have been in a similar situation - many years ago and through clinging to God, I found the peace necessary to move through the problems and overcome each one. The promise Ginny speaks of is true, God has prepared a place for all of us and His promises are kept.

  43. Thank you.

  44. Thank you, Ginny, for this uplifting thought for whatever we're facing today.
    In my institutional ministry as a chaplain I loved knowing that since God had put me there He was always keeping me safe and secure. It led to many wonderful encourters of the very best kind.

  45. Thank you, Ginny. "Knowing the Christ went before..." really is all we need to walk the "straight and narrow" way. We can follow with confidence, grace, gratitude, and love in those footsteps, never faltering, achieving higher heights and a clearer understanding of God's love.

  46. Thank you, Ginny. "Knowing the Christ went before..." really is all we need to walk the "straight and narrow" way. We can follow with confidence, grace, gratitude, and love in those footsteps, never faltering, achieving higher heights and a clearer understanding of God's love.

  47. I am so grateful for the Daily Lifts. They are effective prayers for all listeners. Often I stay with the inspiration or idea that comes to me throughout the day until I've proved it to be true. It isn't unusual for me to listen to the Lift multiple times in the morning until I've really soaked in the idea, whether it's because I love the idea or I'm being distracted and haven't felt inspired. But I know I need to stay with it until I'm blessed with an idea from the Christ.
    Today's Lift touches my heart because I volunteer with my church's institutional committee. I visit a women's federal institution. I love the passage from John that was shared! Right now, some chaplains would like to restrict or obstruct our healing place in the prison ministry. This Lift has given me the path of Love to pray with. So I am sure that the place for this work of Love will be provided.

  48. This morning, before I got up the thought came to me Wherever I go today, God is with me; Whatever I do today, God is guiding me; Who ever I meet today, God is with them and me. This idea surprised me because usually this time of year my first thought is "Is it snowing out," ,but I was so comforted because today I will venture out to my volunteer job knowing that wonderful things await me. Now each morning I'll listen to what God tells me before I get up.
    Thanks so much Ginny for your uplifting thoughts, and to all who send this Daily Uplift a blessing to so many..

  49. So comforting and beautiful; THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  50. I have been praying before turnng the computer on and then Ginny's wonderful Lift comes along and fits right in with the prayers. Of course, God provides what we need right when we need it. Thank you Ginny

  51. I was laid off of my day job a little over a month ago so I have been praying about employment and my right place. This message is so helpful in reinforcing the fact that God is the planner...all I need to do is listen and be obedient! Ginny - the thoughts you share rock! xoxo

  52. Thanks so much Ginny!

  53. Divine Love preparest a table before me, and in the presence of my enemies.

  54. Thank you Ginny!

  55. Good morning dear fellow Lifters. Your expressions of gratitude, your wonderful comments, and each of your personal experiences, are so helpful. They make the lift a community meal, a place of rich nourishment. Sometimes I awaken early in the morning when my lifts are posted and read what is coming in. It feels like a family.
    The fear and panic I suffered from have been completely healed. It's now a joy to go to places that at one time I didn't even consider going into. The ideas I shared in this lift have brought such freedom and joy.
    I know that whatever we're facing in our lives,, we can come through it with healing and peace knowing that God's precious love is with us.
    The Christ love is more powerful, more persistent and more real to each of us than anything on earth. We are safe wherever we go..there is no place outside of God's love and we can awaken to the joy of this reality.
    Much love to each of you and Thank you for your kind thoughts and courage.

  56. Thank you, Ginny ! I try to translate my comment in English : When I was a little girl (7 years old), a very sad day because I did not receive love from my parents, I needed my cat and its affection. But this cat had disappeared since more than a month. I was afraid if it was dead. I began to believe in Jesus-Christ's Love. I closed my eyes and said : "Little Jesus, give me my cat !". Instantly, my beautiful cat was at my feet, rubbing itself on my legs and purring. Yes ! Christ is present everywhere, where we are. What a wonderful Love He gives to us !! "Let the little children come to me, God's Kingdom belongs to them". It is necessary to have the qualities of childhood : confidence, innocence, simplicity, purity. Happy day and much love to everybody !
    Merci,G ! Quand j'étais une petite fille (âgée de 7 ans), un jour très triste où je ne recevais pas d'amour de mes parents, j'avais besoin de mon chat et de son affection. Mais ce chat avait disparu depuis plus d'un mois. J'avais peur qu'il soit mort. Je commençais à croire en l'amour de Jésus-Christ. Je fermai les yeux et dis : "Petit Jésus, donne-moi mon chat !". Instantanément, mon beau chat se retrouva à mes pieds, se frottant à mes jambes et ronronnant. Oui ! Le Christ est présent partout, là où nous sommes. Quel merveilleux Amour Il nous donne ! "Laissez venir à Moi les petits enfants, le Royaume de Dieu leur appartient". Il est nécessaire de posséder les qualités de l'enfance : confiance, innocence, simplicité,pureté.

  57. AMAZING AND AMEN!!!!!!
    Love, Kate

  58. Thank you so much Ginny - absolutely timely as my wife and I sit down to look at camps for our son this coming summer, and plan the rest of it, which includes two Associations and other wonderful activities - places "prepared" for us already.

    Much love, Jose

  59. A prepared place is such a lovely thought giving peace and strength to our view of each day. Thank you.

  60. I was reminded of reading about Mrs. Eddy pausing at the doorway before going in, and when asked about it she said to let the Christ go before. When traveling on narrow mountain roads my tummy does flip flops ( I am not driving thank goodness). I will remember this great lift next time. Thank you so much.

  61. Thank you so much for lifting my thought to the Truth for all mankind. God's law is all we need!

  62. Thanks Ginny... how comforting.....
    & sooo many helpful lifters!

  63. This fits in so well with this week's Bible Lesson on Christ Jesus where we see women taking the lead in recognizing the presence of the healing Christ and its omnipotence. It was such fun to see these women appear in every section of these Bible lessons and to know, as you have reminded us that he goes to prepare a place for us of which nothing can dispossess us. Thank you for this lovely idea.

  64. This takes me right back to what I've heard you say so many times before -- "God was there first!" How true that is. No matter what we face, we can know that the way had been prepared ahead of us, and that the presence of the Christ is there to embrace, comfort, and strengthen us to meet the challenge. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

    So much love to you -- Wanda

  65. wow - great lift! Thank you!

  66. On a prison visit, I learned that an individual on my regular visitation list was in solitary confinement. I went directly to that section of the prison and found him in a darkened cell and completely srtipped of all his belongings --- including clothing. The guard allowed me to leave a copy of Science and Health and said he would take it to him and open one of the double-doors to let in light so he could read.
    I stopped in to see the prison chaplain as I was leaving. He asked about my visits and was amazed when learning I had been in the solitary confinement section. He told me that no one was allowed entrance, or to make visits, there. Then he commented: "I don't know how you got back there, but I know why you did --- it was the right thing."

  67. To be loved and cherished wherever we go today...thanks for sharing your healing with us.

  68. Thanks so much Ginny for this wonderful DL and for all the comments. So glad to be a member of this family and to know that Christ is keeping us always in the Love of God. Hugs.

  69. This is so encouraging to be reminded of the presence of the Christ in every situation. I remember as a new Christian Scientist student and nurse in training, that my dear instructor would tell us that before we enter a patient's room to let the Christ go before us. I always found that this simple instruction made my day go smoother and made for beautiful relationships with my patients during my entire tenure as a Christian Science Nurse. Today as I seem to be facing some very tough situations I can take your instruction and know that the Christ is surrounding all of us and filling the places we go -- keeping us always in the love of God. Thank you Ginny and thank you for sharing.

  70. After just returning from a morning of shopping, it popped into my thought that God prepares a
    place for us when we are driving around looking for a parking spot!. I've proven this many times.
    Thank you for expanding on this heavenly reference.

  71. Dear Ginny, knowing your background of having locked horns with panic and won makes your lift ring with Truth...the truth of demonstrated spirituality. That is an example of great value. Thank you and much love

  72. What a Daily Lift, thank you!!! In response to #35, I, too, recently went through a divorce which showed me so much of God's Love and care. My husband was requiring that I go the medical route in order for me to get alimony. The day of the meeting with the lawyers I prayed so hard to God to show me the way through this mess. The thought came to me, "Which would you rather have, a Christian Science healing or a million dollars?" I threw my arm in the air and said "A Christian Science Healing"!!!!! In the middle of the meeting, my husband's lawyers called for a recess and came back and withdrew the medical requirement and gave me the alimony that I had asked for. I also got the Christian Science healing soon after. God is our best, our ever friend!!

  73. 56 Michelle, Yours is a "Lift"!

    What a precious and loving childlike thought. TWhen things like that happen the lesson doesn't ever leave our consciusness.

  74. Thank you for this reminder of something we know so well and can set aside so easily.

    While preparing for my doctoral exams couldn't miss the kinds of panic
    exhibited by my fellow students. An older Christian Scientist told me to
    just remember that "God goes in before I enter." What an immediate calming effect! Interviews, speeches, social and political entrances have been calmed because I always remember that fact, even if I don't outwardly remember anything else. Actually, an exam for a minor field I had not prepared for was awaiting me and another candidate, also a C.S.
    student. We had the proctor call our major professor who said for us to
    go ahead and write it. We both passed and were able to rejoice that we
    had been able to meet that challenge by relying on the One Mind.

  75. Thank you so very much for your most beautiful and comforting msg. Thank you, thank you.

  76. Ginny, what a clear and pure message. You gave me a whole new way to look at Christ Jesus's tender words, "I go to prepare a place before you." I've been going through a WHOLE lot of rearranging and preparing in my life, both in my physical house, and in my thoughts, these past few years, after children grew and left, and husband left, in a divorce unwanted by me. And now, comes this fresh and tender message, that it is the Christ preparing my place, not me. I can't tell you what sweet comfort and uplift that gives me.

    To #35 Anonymous--God, through His Christ, is preparing your place right this very moment, and I know that it is brimming with comfort and provision and uplift.

    Just this morning I was pondering the words to CS Hymn #202, especially "The Christ is here, all dreams of error breaking . . . "

    Deep thanks to all involved in these Daily LIfts. I don't have enough words to say how much they support me and truly lift me up, on angel's wings.

  77. What a beautiful, comforting Lift and responses! Today, on the anniversary of the birth of George Washington, the first President of the United States, I was thinking of how perfectly the Christ prepared a place for him to use his abilities and talents, and prepared a humble, honest, devout, and very able individual to fill that place. I am also thinking of my ex-son-in-law, a young man who had many challenges to overcome, including a diagnosis of manic-depression, numerous poor decisions, and a seeming inability to feel the love expressed by his family. A different kind of imprisonment from what some experience, but as real to him as iron bars. A little less than a year ago, he committed suicide. Today would have been his birthday.

    Two men so apparently different, yet both the image and likeness of the all-good, all-loving God. Ginny, your Lift has helped me see that they are now, always have been, and always will be held securely in the place prepared for them from the beginning of the world. The ups and downs of their - and our - human experience, whether political, medical, occupational, or personal, cannot and never could touch God's perfect, beloved child. What comfort! What security!

    Thank you, dearest Ginny, Nate, BoL, and responders. This was exactly what I needed today.

  78. Thank you for this lovely uplifting reminder that we can go out today with assurance, grace and peace, knowing God goes before us to prepare a place for us.

  79. Thank you, thank you, Ginny and my dear fellow Lifters! Your ideas bring the words, "by waters calm, o'er troubled sea, Still 'tis His hand that leadeth me," from Hymn 95 to thought.

  80. Thank you for this beautiful and much needed lift.It has filled a great void in my thinking and my life.All your lifts have been very meaningful.I appreciate your dedication to the cause of Christian Science.

  81. Who doesn't need to find this divine security.....?

    Thanks, Ginny.... for helping us know we have it.....

  82. Marsha, Burbank, California

    What a perfect promise from Christ Jesus for the prison ministry or any work one does. At 36,000ft. in an airline jet I've felt this Christ presence. There was a safe landing for all. Later a flight engineer told me that it was a miracle. Often I pray Deut. 33:27 for all mankind and the universe.

  83. Thank you so much, dear Ginny for this very helpful and healing Lift! I worked with it yesterday, and I think I worked out the right things praying this way.

  84. Thank you so very much.

  85. Ginny - Thanks so much for this. I passed it on to Pete who just moved this past weekend to San Diego and is living alone near his work and favorite surf spot. It's such a calming feeling to know that God's been there before us and we don't need to be afraid or anxious. Take good care. Marty

  86. Thanks so much for this lift! It is a great help for me, as I am considering being one of the readers who go to the prisons in our area.

  87. Thank you for this comforting, beautiful lift. Say--what is the "BoL" responders mention? Thank you.

    BoL is short form for the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. The members of the Board of Lectureship provide the Daily Lift.

  88. Good podcast for anywhere I go.

  89. Excellent , thank you !

  90. What a wonderful quote. I am getting ready to interview a state representative and now I am really ready. His office is now in my thought as "the place" that has been prepared for those of us meeting together. What a lift!

  91. thank you!

  92. Thank you so much Ginny, for the great and inspiring lift.

  93. "...preparing a place for us..." is such a helpful concept right now as I witness a friend low on funds, underpaid, and without a "place" to live with her two doggies and meet her challenges. Your message strengthens my thought so that I can better embrace the idea of her as the idea of God, always in her rightful, safe, sound place. Thanks, Ginny!

  94. Thank you so much for this lift! I will remember it always!

  95. Thank you!

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