2/21: Useful and knot free!

2/21: Useful and knot free!

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  1. Thank you Jose for this important Lift. When we change our thought from a material to a spiritual standpoint we free ourselves from the harmful effects of mortal mind. By keeping our thoughts "in check" we don't give mortal beliefs a comfortable place to reside. When our thoughts are free of knots our lives become productive and useful expressions of the one Infinite Mind. When this happens, in the words of Mary Baker Eddy, thought assumes a nobler outlook and our life becomes more spiritual.

  2. Thank YOU! Absolutely Loved IT!

  3. Thank you, that' s just what I needed today !

  4. Thank you so much for your inspirational podcast. It clearly explains God's idea of being and provides sound advice on how not to get 'knotted up in human inspired ideas of discord and anger as these ideas do not emanate from God and deprive us of our harmonious being. God bless you for sharing this with us.

  5. Thank you Jose for reminding me of what is a daily task, and one which Mrs Eddy describes in these words;


    The divine method

    30 of paying sin's wages involves unwinding one's snarls,
    and learning from experience how to divide between sense
    and Soul.

    Mrs Eddy is writing about a rope being snarled or caught around something so that progress is stopped. I like to think of this rope, or how "man is linked by Science to his Maker" (S&H Page 316), as not being snarled up or knotted around sin, and if I find it to be so then I must unwind the snarls, or as Jose put it so well, I must untie the knots in the rope.

    Thank you once again.

  6. Jose
    Thank you

  7. What we most need is mental freedom!
    Worries, temper, or any kind of suffering may make us feel that our life is tied up in knots. But God's law of good can free us from any knots of genetic, lack, fear, sickness etc., ―which we allow to imprison us in a mortal existence.
    Christian Science guide us to spiritualize thought and "shows the scientific relation of man to God, disentangles the interlaced ambiguities of being, and sets free the imprisoned thought." S&H 114: 25

    ¡Lo que más necesitamos es libertad mental!
    Las preocupaciones, el temperamento, o cualquier tipo de sufrimiento puede hacernos sentir que nuestra vida está atada en nudos. Pero la ley de Dios del bien nos puede liberar de todos los nudos de la genética, la carencia, el temor, la enfermedad, etc., ―que nosotros mismos permitimos que nos encierren en una existencia mortal.
    La Ciencia Cristiana nos ayuda a espiritualizar el pensamiento y " Muestra la relación científica del hombre con Dios, desenreda las ambigüedades entrelazadas de la existencia y libera al pensamiento aprisionado." CyS 114:25

  8. Thank you for this wonderful lift, Jose! I'll keep the knots out of my thoughts. Thank you.

  9. Many thanks Jose for this simple reminder of God's [Love's] infinite laws of goodness. In reality, nothing can bind us to the false belief of a mortal existence." "I will listen for Thy voice,/ Lest my footsteps stray;/ I will follow and rejoice/ All the rugged way." (MBE. Christian Science Hymnal #304).

  10. I love that, Jose - thank you very much!

  11. Thank you for this wonderful illustration. I love the play on words and respect myself to be "knot free."

  12. Dear Jose

    May one say THANK YOU for your very inspiring Daily Lift.

    What more can one add to this.

    Oh ,yes LET us not get comfortable in matter and unlock all those mortal knots in our thinking and be FREE, Be as He created each and every one."Perfect spiritual children of God".

    What a wonderful adventure

    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham CS

  13. Beautifully explained and liberating to reflect upon - Thank You Jose!

  14. Thank you for this lift. I love to listen to God, to be receptive, and to obey Him

  15. Thank you so vvery much for this reminder to keep our thoughts in line with Life, Truth and Love. God is governing us and when we realize that then there will be no knots.

  16. This is a wonderful and beautiful perspective to help view our true being and selfhood in God's likeness. Thank you so much!

  17. Wonderful líft! Gracias!

  18. Mrs. Eddy gives, “Emerson says, ‘Hitch your wagon to a star.’ I say, Be allied to the deific power, and all that is good will aid your journey, as the stars in their courses fought against Sisera. (Judges v. 20.) Hourly, in Christian Science, man thus weds himself with God, or rather he ratifies a union predestined from all eternity; but evil ties its wagon-load of offal to the divine chariots, -- or seeks so to do, -- that its vileness may be christened purity, and its darkness get consolation from borrowed scintillations.” (“Ways Higher than our Ways” from Unity of Good, page 17.)

    Bikers and horsemen use the Highwaymans hitch, a useful knot which remains tied but releases for you instantly when you are ready to go with only one quick-jerk on the tail-end of your rope. Thank you for the lesson.

  19. Thanks for inspiring lift.

  20. Yes! I was thinking this morning about Jesus' words: "I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." (John 5:30) God's will, God's intelligence and wisdom, empowers and establishes eternally everyone's perfection, beauty, health, usefulness, eternal worth. That's the will I should seek, not 'My' will, any mortal thought of me or anyone else standing apart, above or beneath others, not perfect, not beautiful, not healthy, not useful, or worthy, So to be knot-free, is to be 'NOT' free, to walk free and fearless in the ALWAYS of God's will be done: loving Love's dear perfection, the law of ALL.. Alleluia!

  21. Dear Jose, thank you. I loved the ideas you shared in this lift. It reminded me of Mrs Eddy's statement in her book Unity of Good where she says in part "...neither red tape nor indignity hindered the divine
    process. Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities" The MW dictionary defines red tape as "official routine or procedure marked by excessive complexity which results in delay or inaction" Yes - the law of God as Mrs Eddy discovered it in Christian Science helps us to sort out all the knots in our expereince - however complex they appear to be and whoever or whatever seems to have tied them!

  22. What a wonderful analogy to use in creating the demonstration of how to untangle appearances of false beliefs from the always present divine Truth.Thank you for that image and message today.

  23. While I was listening to this Lift and thinking how clearly it distinguishes between God's thoughts which bless, and the complexities of the human mind's thoughts which tangle us up and bind us to mortal sense, I suddenly realised so clearly that listening, in the way you recommend to do, is receiving. Seeing must be a form of receiving as well, as must be the other spiritual senses. To human belief the senses are all about impact; rays and waves and sensations all impacting on vulnerable matter, and informing man of precisely nothing at all, whereas God, Love, gives All, the very selfhood of Good, to its beloved ideas including the ability to be always receptive, the perfect reflection. I am so grateful to you for the clarity of this lovely Lift.

  24. Oh my goodness! I love this concept. Thank you Jose.

  25. Thank you for this DL and the comments. It's so good to have this way of sharing CS teachings. I love the idea of unknot, the things flow. I will keep studying to see Life as a reflection of God, where there is no fear and doubt and therefor Love is moving everything in the right way.

  26. O boy - I got caught up in a joke. You know, where the knot goes into a bar, but they won’t serve beverages to knots. Finally he goes to a bar where they ask “are you a knot?” and he honestly replies “a frayed knot” and is served.

    I had to listen 4 more times to hear to hear the real point of the Lift! The little joke was a distraction, tying up my thinking, and I had stopped listening. Isn’t that EXACTLY the point? – to untie one of the knots called distraction or perhaps self-absorption.

    Mrs. Eddy says quite simply (Un 20:4) “How is a mistake to be rectified? By reversal or revision, — by seeing it in its proper light, and then turning it or turning from it.” There are a lot of options here to take out knots.

    Exactly Robert #18 It's the rule...only quick release knots!

    Thank you José

  27. Thanks so much for a very thoughtful and inspiring lift. I reminds me of an article I copied some notes from that I have found helpful. It's "THE DESTRUCTION OF BABYLON" by Mark McCurties (Journal, July 2012). Here are a few excerpts:

    "God's design for us is never that we should be stuck in a state of sin and suffering. No matter how unpleasant things seem to get in our experience, the natural status of God's man is freedom from a mortal life." [No knots]

    "...God did not make us in His image and likeness just to watch us struggle through a discordant and unpredictable material life. In reality, God's children must dwell in the Holy City, because God could not put us where He is not."

    "..we dwell in the Holy City every day, every moment." [The kingdom of heaven is within us always.]

    I have found this so helpful when I have felt I wasn't making any progress and unable to untie the knots that would bind me to discouragement. The Truth does make us free!

  28. Thank you Jose. The knots in the rope present the same situation that a pile of entangled coathangers presents. We have to work at it to free them and make them useful.

  29. Thank you Jose,
    I always benefit from your daily lifts. Turning to God and listening for Love's angel thoughts are important steps to take in freeing us from the binding beliefs of mortal existence. I must admit though, that your daily lift brought to my thought a slight variation of Romans 8: 32. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you [knot] free."
    Again, thank you for your inspiring daily lift.

  30. I I loved your message and having started my day with The Christian Science Monitor in hand and a desire to help support good in the world, it was precisely the listening for God sharing His loving pure thoughts that kept me free from being knotted up in fear, frustration and useless inactivity.

    A unifying bond is God's, Love's knot; and seeing we are all bound together we sure have a vested interest in helping our neighbors next door and around the globe.

  31. Thank you. I loved the clear message and the music!

  32. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful message for today. I am blest by it.

  33. Thank you, José, for “Useful and knot free … thoughts that don’t come from God … can make us feel like our life is tangled in knots … turn to the absolute law of … being … God’s goodness … be knot free.”

    When I think of “tangled,” I’m filled with gratitude for my mom. In explaining and encouraging her young children, to keep thought aligned with the Truth of being, she would use the old saying, “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we venture to deceive.” Deceit includes false witness against any of God’s good creation. Inspired by the architectural integrity, usefulness, and beauty of a spider’s web, I understand those qualities as just a hint of our relationship with God/Good/Love-itself. And yet matter-based thoughts taunt and tempt.

    In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy offers the necessity of “… (sweeping) away the gossamer web of mortal illusion” (403). And, “The divine Science of man is woven into one web of consistency without seam or rent” (242).

    Years ago, I realized that I can have smoother days by “… unwinding one’s [my] snarls, and learning from experience how to divide between sense and Soul” (240). I'm not helpless and God is very present help, so that I can really rejoice and be glad every day in and AS God’s good creation.

    I love the fun way you describe a serious undertaking. “… we are not free unless we’re knot free …” Things not so smooth? Why not? What knot?

    Reminds me of: “Christians of the world, untie and unite!” :-)

  34. Thank you!These images are very helpful, Jose, and your Lift inspired excellent comments. A hymn came to mind that says "end bondage , oh be free!" (A cat is on my lap and I really should do some other work now anyway..so I'm not going to get all in "knots" about being unable to look up which hymn that is!!!!) Have a wonderful knot-free day everyone!

    Daily Lift Team:

    Hymn 5 verse 2 by Irving C. Tomlinson from the Christian Science Hymnal:

    The cause requires unswerving might:
    With God alone agree.
    Then have no other aim than right;
    End bondage, O be free.
    Depart from sin, awake to love:
    Your mission is to heal.
    Then all of Truth you must approve,
    And only know the real.

  35. Thank you for this "knot free" lift!

  36. Exactly what I needed today - helped me to untie a nod in my thoughts... Thank you José !

  37. Yes, Jose! The knots must be disentangled! It's good fun untying the knots, but so much more enjoyment in being able to proceed without being tripped or tangled in the knotty problems! In the past day or so two friends from many years ago have made contact, so sometimes the knots are not really knots, but simply tangles that fall free without seeminly any effort from oneself, Thank you so much Jose, and Nate the music is really pleasant to the ears, Thanks to the production team, to the Board and lecturers; and to the Daily Lifters unhindered on their way.

  38. Thank you, Jose', What a clear and freeing message! I appreciate, also, the inspiration Eleanor form Roade, England gained from it!
    Gracias to you both!

  39. What a wonderful lift! Thank you, Jose, the DL team and to this beautiful community!

  40. Gracias para tu's ideas.

  41. What beautiful and simple thoughts! What an original way of thinking about unwinding the tangled confusion of mortal mind thinking! Being "knot-free" is my hope for this day...a day filled with many responsibilities that can seem overwhelming at times. I know that the day will flow harmoniously. Thank you!

  42. Excellente y muchas gracias, Jose. Your lift was so clear, helpful, and healing.

  43. SO very helpful to recognize! Whether it be a claim of knots in one's body, organizational "red tape" or relationship tangles.....this is the prayer to keep uppermost in thought. Muchas gracias for this valuable uplift and for all the encouraging comments and love expressed by others, DL staff and lecturers.

  44. Thanks for the simple clarity and usefulness, Jose. It coincides with study this morning on the assurance of Mary Baker Eddy:
    "To live so as to keep human consciousness in constant relation with the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal, is to individualize infinite power; and this is Christian Science." My 160:5

  45. THANK YOU!!!! So simple yet so helpful. Sure answer to feeling that one's life is tied up in knots - and answer to life's knotty problems.

  46. Being an ex-musician I frequently had to deal with winding up guitar cords and speaker cables. With practice I learned a valuable lesson that knots don't occur with unwinding, but with poor winding. I learned that if I was very careful when I wound the cords up, the knots would not occur in the first place, and the cords would be ready for use the next time I need them.

    Taking a little care in the beginning, unwinding our snarls when they are small, and never rushing through a task we don't want to repeat again is the preventative and it's so much easier than the cure.

  47. Jose, Thank you for that fantastic lift, it lent itself to beautiful images and thoughts of unknotted, smooth continuous harmony, and to #4, Arvinda, so well said, to all other lifters, thanks once again for great inspiration!

  48. Thank you - Jose!
    Very inspiring and healing thoughts.

  49. Thanks so much. Jose!

  50. Thank you. What a great lift. "False human concepts that attempt to "tie up" thought." "God constantly shares with us pure loving and freeing thoughts - knot free. "

  51. As one gets further and further into the understanding of God and our perfect relationship with him, error is threatened into extinction. It wants to tie us up with worry, fear and doubt so that we bow down to it. Like Jesus 2000 years ago, it tried to accomplish that very thing. Jesus simply shooed it away by saying, "Get thee behind me Satin."
    And poof, IT LEFT. Don't let error tie us into that knot. Shoo it away as Jesus did.

  52. I wish to make a statement! "I TOBIAS A. WEISSMAN, am thankful for these Daily Lifts and hope they never stop. As I hear them from the Lecturers and read every comment of each Hearer of these Lectures, I learn more and more of how to practice C/S and even improve my own comments on these Daily Lifts.

  53. Thank you Jose, especially because I was getting caught up in someone else's knots and it was disturbing because I was in a position to help but had nagging feelings that my help would just enable the person to just handle March but what about April because the lessons that should have been learned were not, and there was strong indication the pattern of need was too ingrained. Growth in grace time was at hand and those knots were learning opportunities. In talking with a mutual friend, we clarified that we had provided years of loving direction which went unheeded and now crunch time would mean creative listening to God on the part of our friend. I did my creative listening after reading the first 25 responses and denied the request.

    Coming back to read the added comments, Nela's (#33) quotation from her mom was a favorite of my mother's also. I untied myself from taking on another's knots. I also like Robert's (#18) quick release knot idea so I just pulled once and slipped out. I am free.

  54. What a joyous way to start this day, Jose, with the knowledge that our freedom is a normal state of being and that God's thoughts towards us maintain us in order to keep us knot-free. And to know that any appearance of "knots" cannot hold us in prison --- freedom is the reality.

    Muchisimas gracias

  55. Thank you.

  56. This is a very beautiful daily lift. Thankyou so much, it really lifted my thought to be more aware of staying untangled and mentally free when dealing with challenges that come our way!

  57. Wow-that was a really good idea! You were listening!

  58. thank you so much. I needed this today.

  59. Thank you for the glorious lift. It's much appreciated. God's thoughts are good!

  60. I can sure relate to this Lift, because I do a lot of crochetting, and am constantly unknotting, snarls of yarn. I never thought of relating it to thought.
    What an eye-opener. I liked it so much I coppied down every word.
    Thank you to everyone comments. These Daily Lifts are blessing the world.

  61. How freeing and releasing to hear this Truth so beautifully told us.Your lovely comparison to being knotted up in mortal thought is truly perfect. It illistrates the untangling freedom of the smooth, sweet, blessed washing away of "self" which creates -the mortal knotting up. When we can LET GO , we can find the freedom of flow, sparkle and life purpose to enter in. Thank you for this liberating, and most creative and inspiring lift today!!! .

  62. I definitely/certainly second what #52 Tobias A. Weissman stated! (Thanks, Tobias.) Learned so much spiritually-&-practically from today's 'knot(s)' message/Lift! Merci beaucoup, Jose!

  63. Whenever I'm untangling knots -in a fishing line, extension cord, string or wire - I think of the phrase "disentangles the interlaced ambiguities of being" which gives me comfort and a higher purpose than merely untangling knots. The phrase is from Science and Health page 114:
    "It [Christian Science] shows the scientific relation of man
    to God, disentangles the interlaced ambiguities
    of being, and sets free the imprisoned thought."
    Thank you José for describing some of these "ambiguities of being", and how to untangle our mental knots.

  64. We often hear of a knot in the stomach due fear. Jose helps us to take a stand and say: "not me!"
    And remember the boxer who used "rope-a-dope" to try to tie his opponent in mental knots. This is another example of the "interlaced ambiguities" mentioned in Science and Health which are disentangled by Christian Science [p.114].

  65. WOW... I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE DAILY LIFTS... and like #52 TOBIAS A. WEISSMAN commented... I hope they never stop.

    Each and every lift... helps to untie... whatever (daily) knot ... seems to appear.

    Performing one of his complicated rope tricks... an expert Magician... ties a series of (tight) knots in his magic rope.. for all the audience to clearly see.
    When he has everyones attention... just like Magic... he shakes loose all the (tight) knots ... and instantly reveals a perfectly straight piece of rope... WOW !

    LISTENING to DIVINE MIND always demonstrates that..."the closest distance between two points is a straight line..." ... Revealing... that (our) ATONEMENT WITH GOD... is always intact.

  66. That was a Perfect message at the Perfect time.
    Thank you

  67. I'm loving each and every Lift! They are a daily gift, inspired and inspiring!! Thank you!!

  68. "Be knot free" makes me laugh especially since I am near Knotts Berry Farm, CA! However this is 'not' about that amusement park. Thank God I am knot free! I didn't even have to threaten knots for them to disappear, only 'not' believe them anymore. We don't have to get rid of knots, only claim our real 'atmosphere of Love Divine' . The attractive thing about Christian Science is its fearlessly gentle, loving--healing religion. There is nothing else like it. It is always recognizable.

  69. Ah . . . I think I get it: if we are not knot-free, we are not free. But if we ARE knot-free . . . THEN we ARE free. :)

  70. I love this ! Thank you.

  71. And the so called knot, is exchanged for the sense of easyness. Thank you.

  72. Yesterday, after a business conference call, I felt like my thoughts had been tied into a knot. The hour or so before I left the office wasn't very productive. In the morning, before I left home, I listened to the message how to untie the knot. It was exactly what was needed! I was relieved.

    Today in the office, as I was working on the document we had been discussing yesterday, I had two ways of presenting a particular requirement. As I remembered the knot-free ideal, I chose the straight forward way of describing the logical requirement.

  73. Thank you for helping me to be knot free!!

  74. Good advice - thank you. It's an ongoing process but it takes us in the right direction. All these lifts are so very helpful. Thanks be to God.

  75. Thank you for this inspired and inspiring Lift. I had a few knots today that were easily undone after your clear example. Simple to see through those knots.
    I also appreciated everyone's individual take on the topic, and especially Tobias, as always.

  76. Just as with Mrs. Eddy's works, the message provides the lesson or answer for our daily tasks. With my husbands recent passing, I began to become entangled with human timelines, especially Federal which assured me of a two to three month process. Along with other items needing attention, I hadn't realized that I was letting my thought fall in line. I was allowing these false thoughts to block or knot up my expressing God instead of putting him right there where progress needs to be made and seen.
    Thank you for "lifting" my thought.

  77. God untangles my knots for me and I can enjoy my friends in Tijuana, Mexico more intelligently!

  78. Thank you Jose. Very helpful to me today.

  79. Living untangled and free as God's gracious ideas. Thanks.

  80. Deep gratitude to you Jose. The thought of being all knotted up in confusion is now gone, freed by the love of gratitude. Now I am appreciating the ability to go forward with a heart overflowing with peace.

  81. A wonderfully clear analogy and powerful points are made in this Lift. It is very helpful to me to remember how useless it is to be tied in mortality's knots. Thank you.

  82. Thank you Jose, Jesus, the carpenter, didn't have knot free plywood to work with but he sure knew how to tap into God's knot free infinite Mind.

  83. Great to remember our unknotted freedom!

  84. Love the comments as much as the message!
    Thank you all!

  85. Awesome... thank you for this amazing lift!

  86. Thank you Jose: This helps me to know that the thoughts I know are only good and come from God.
    Your Lift was so clear that I shared this with my husband who doesn't study Christian Science but
    believes in God. My husband listened. Thank you for your time in sharing this lift.

  87. I loved reading the rest of the comments here with more citations and examples of knot-free living! I also want to thank the Daily Lift team for finding and adding the hymn verse to my earlier comment. It added so much. Thank you.

  88. Thank you so much for this lift and the comments also!

  89. Thank you so much Jose for the very interestant and comforting lift.

  90. Gracias, Jose! Loved the knots analogy!

  91. Nunca es demasiado tarde decir que mensaje mas util y hermoso. Gracias, Jose, y a todos los participantes.

    Our Bible lesson for March 3 discusses "entaglement" and "disentagling." Perfect!

  92. How very, very helpful!#

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